SC DMV Driver Exam

3.2 (46)
4.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for SC DMV Driver Exam

3.22 out of 5
46 Ratings
10 years ago, spideyparker202
Thanks SC DMV, but...
The questions on this app are great for practicing, but I'm concerned that not all answers are correct. Some reviewers said this, and I would appreciate it if you looked into the problem. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Jimmy Leggs
Definitely has issues
I've been working with my son in studying for his beginners permit and while using this app I've found a couple incorrect answers. So far only a couple but there is no reason not to expect 100% accuracy. This isn't a game! 1 question said solid yellow line on your side and broken yellow line on other side meant you cannot pass. The other said that how fast you drive will not affect the distance your vehicle will travel when you need to come to a stop. Hard and fast rules, not situational or judgement call type questions.
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3 years ago, Glitter Star on Youtube
Great app!!!♥️
I think that this app is great! It’s 100% free!!!!😁And I tried to use another app but I had to pay to finish using it so I am glad that this one is free:) So I would recommend to still study the SC manual and use this app!♥️♥️I hope that all of y’all do well on passing your permit!!! Have a great day!😊
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10 years ago, Sijifredo munguia
Awesome app!!!
Sijifredo munguia and Apache(Marco Antonio Hernandez) told me about this app which is very awesome because they tested their driving skills in North Carolina which most of siji's birds fly away to since sijifredo which is apaches husband always forgets to lock the bird cage. Therefore, this app is awesome because sijifredo and apache found their birds in North Carolina, which their names are Chepo and copetitos.
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7 years ago, Trainmanone
Problem need update
I try open have be new systems program Apple mobile need update I need this thank you
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11 years ago, Jackiemmeyers
Not that great
Many questions need to be reviewed. I answered 3 or 4 of the questions correctly (double checked them with my driving manual), but they were graded as incorrect on the test. Found a better practice test that actually has all 200 questions on it. Glad I didn't pay for this app.
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11 years ago, Billy Bizmo
Great App
This app is very useful and helps with studying. But it needs to be more like the real test other than that I give it 5 stars
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5 years ago, Joshua Bratton
Some of the questions can be answered wrong due to the entire answer not being shown
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4 years ago, 🌻🤡🌸👊🏻
Not all answers are correct.
Learners DO NOT need to be studying incorrect questions. It will not only confuse them and prevent them from getting a license, but also increase the danger they will be in on the road. Please check up on all questions.
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1 year ago, yourmumgayandhasligma
They need to update it
There’s barely any questions on the road signs in this and as far as I’ve seen there’s absolutely nothing on bicyclists in this
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1 year ago, Pavo223
Passed my permit test thanks to this app
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4 years ago, Icoolerthanu
Only was one or 2 of the questions
I practiced this test and got 80 to 100 every time but then I went to dmv and the test was mostly other questions
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11 years ago, Andrew Reyes
Quick easy and straight to the point.
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5 years ago, OverpayRoseBud
It gives you a 15 questions test and the driver manual has 200 do you see the problem. Implying that the 15 i study are the 15 i get on the test is not smart
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10 years ago, RubLes19
Horrible App
Questions don't even come from the Drivers Manuel Book! Waste of time. Do not download this app !!
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4 years ago, we jerk fr to
There is a new and more accurate app on the market this one lead to me failing don’t use
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2 years ago, Victoria Kern
wrong questions
the questions on the app are not the questions on the test. answers on the app was right but in the test those same answers are marked as wrong
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11 years ago, Dswanso4
Not a good study aid
Many questions are graded incorrectly. Do not use this app to study for your driving test.
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12 years ago, Monkie86
Could be better
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12 years ago, Jacs1997
Didnt even work
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