SCEL Players’ Club Rewards

2.2 (526)
111.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scientific Games International
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SCEL Players’ Club Rewards

2.19 out of 5
526 Ratings
8 months ago, wtmfn
Ticket scan failure
App frequently, and I mean frequently mis-scans my tickets. What happens is it scans one but when scanning subsequent tickets it often does NOT display the new ticket and re-displays the information from the previous ticket. You might have a winner but toss it because the app says it’s not a winner. Be sure when you scan it shows the current ticket and scan each ticket multiple times. If you have several PB and MM tickets alter them to make sure it says Thank you for playing “Powerball”! (or Megamillions).
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12 months ago, Whocaresdou2
Weak - Needs Major Improvements
If you want to check your tickets to see if you won anything, this app is for you. That’s it, that is basically all this app does. I live near NC and when comparing this app to NC’s app it’s like night and day. There is no option to purchase tickets on this app like in NC where I can load my balance and purchase tickets for consecutive drawings in advance. NC allows you to play quick picks or select your own numbers. It was 2023 the last time I checked and this app is still living in 2005. It is so outdated and behind in technology. There is no rewards program. You can’t play games or read articles to earn points toward second chance drawings. There is no option to check which scratch off cards still have winning tickets available for purchase. NC also offers occasional deals where if you buy a certain number of tickets or a group of different game tickets they will give you a few dollars off. This app gives nothing but headaches, as it constantly has glitches, such as not scanning tickets properly and just not functioning well. Once this app is brought to the current technology level, then maybe it will be beneficial.
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8 months ago, Pennybink
Uninstall first and update app
I like to close all apps and whatever is open. Delete app. And go to store to find app to reinstall. With this update I initially accepted update opening app. Took me to the store but wouldn’t open. Only a blank white page. But once I deleted the app etc. Reinstalling it worked fine. My only issue is when I checked a scratch off it showed not a winner. And offered to enter a second chance. It didn’t not have the means on that page to click to view past winnings left. Made me search for it in Scratch off promotions. And I don’t think they list ALL promotions that tickets are still being sold. But I was able to scroll and scroll past many to find each 5 dollar scratch off to finally find the one I had. Use to be you could just click to view 5 dollar scratch offs and see all to scroll past. Now you scroll past 10, 1, whatever. To spy a 5. That likely isn’t it. Repeat scrolling with all mixed together to find what you are looking for.
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3 years ago, IMVeBee
OMG love this App!!
I love being able to check my tickets at home to see if I have a winner. No more fiddling with the store scanner. I can also enter my second chance tickets quickly! I did have trouble signing in when I first downloaded the application. It wanted me to change my password but would not let me. After a few unsuccessful tries, I changed my password using a regular computer. Then I logged back into the App using the new password. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Can’t wait for more cool features.
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2 months ago, TheHorta
Will NOT scan tix without REGISTRATION!
This app is a borderline scam. Not only is it one of the most poorly designed and counterintuitive “Official” State lottery apps, but this is (so far) the ONLY one that actually *requires* you to register a full account before it will allow you to use ANY feature, including the Scan Ticket feature. Add to that, the scanner is massively bug-ridden and frequently reports innaccurate results (iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 17.4.1) and this app seems to be running close to outright fraudulent and legally actionable. SCEL needs to get their technology act together, because this is a sham and I can’t see how there isn’t legitimate legal exposure peddling this piece of garbage as their “Official” lottery application.
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2 years ago, Magnasty
Too many error messages and the ticket reader is erratic
I like the fact that I can scan my tickets at home. However, on too many winning tickets I receive an error message. Today I tried to scan an Instant Millions card and while it said I am not a winner, it would not let me enter the second chance drawing. Once again I’ll have to delete the app and reinstall it. Makes me wonder if this app has improperly scanned winning tickets stating they are not winners.
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2 years ago, amurphree39
Needs improvement.
I love the fact that I can scan my tickets on here for the second chance promotions and to see if they are winners or not. The reason I gave this app 2 stars is because I keep having to delete it and reinstall it to get it to even work sometimes. Its constantly not allowing me to log in and I also keep getting "error" messages when checking my tickets. Only to have them be read properly after I reinstall it.
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2 years ago, MsMissyKnows
App is bogus
It seems every few weeks the app will shut down and not allow me to check my tickets. I tried to log in, reload the app same thing. Waste of gas on going to store all the time.. thought apps were to be convenient.. only good for see the draw numbers and tickets still in play
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8 months ago, sammyv96
Just as awful as SC’s roads and healthcare!
The South Carolina lottery app is a masterpiece of frustration. It navigates just like a road under construction, reminiscent of the state's questionable infrastructure. Attempting to scan tickets is a game of chance itself, often resulting in an ear-piercing beep that could shatter glass – a feature seemingly designed to make you question your life choices. It's like the app took lessons from the healthcare system on how to leave users feeling utterly defeated. Good luck navigating this digital labyrinth without losing your sanity! This state cannot get anything right!
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2 years ago, Don Savant
May I Offer A Suggestion???
I rated this app 5 stars just on the basis that it actually exists…. Now, I’m aware that other states app actually include an audible announcement when you scan a winner. For instance, the app for Texas say Woohoo!!! If ours would at least offer the CONGRATULATIONS YOU’RE A WINNER!!! Like it does when you’re in store, that would be awesome.
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4 months ago, switch_pete
Drawings not updated until the next day.
This app is called Players Club. In my opinion that implies “special privileges”. Maybe it does provide exclusive access to certain functions and features. However if all you really want to know it tonight’s drawing/ winning numbers don’t look here, you will have to look online at other outlets. This app waits until the next day to post the latest drawing. That’s kind of opposite of special players club privileges if you want my opinion.
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3 years ago, Dntdodgeitramit
Fix the log in bug and this app is 5 star!!
Unable to log in so I can scan my tickets. It was working great, but now you can’t log in so this makes the app pretty useless. *** I just deleted the app and reinstalled and it fixed it :) back to 5 stars!!
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2 years ago, ugpatel
Needs improvement
I’ve been using this app since day one and had no problems but the recent update with app has everything messed up. The app doesn’t work like it used to. I’m constantly having to log in because biometric don’t work properly. You guys really need to do better job with app updates.
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2 years ago, mdregister
After Update it no longer Works
Absolutely loved the app until I had to update it about a week ago. At first I was able to log in but my saved E-play slips would no longer work. However now I can’t even log in. I tried to re-register but after completing all of my information it would not let me submit via the register button. I then tried to connect via Facebook but again, that wouldn’t work either. PLEASE FIX!!!
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2 years ago, Ckt1988
What Happened To This App!?!?
I loved this app because we buy lots of lottery tickets it made it very easy. This app use to work great I could scan my tickets really fast and not have to go online and check all my different tickets numbers or have to go to the store to scan them. Now I can’t even login the button doesn’t even let you click it anymore. If you don’t login you have no access to the scan ticket option. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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3 years ago, ProudtohaveSeRvEd
Finally got it right!!!
I love the revamped app! To be able to check tickets, create play slips and scan in my second chance tickets is spot on! I have not had any technical issues and the app is visually appealing. Good job on this version!!!
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2 months ago, Twight145
What a waste
This app only has 20% functionality of the website. The most disturbing part is the talent running SC app and Website are so under qualified the app or website only works parts of the time . This is a example when you worry about equality instead of qualified people . The website and app use to run 100% accurate until they made changes just for spite. The citizens of South Carolina are so ashamed of what this outfit has become!
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2 years ago, E.Class
This app and the SC lottery is a joke.
This app is so limited just like the lottery that it’s ment to support. The NC app is to the point where you can buy your tickets with the app. But always behind state of South Carolina I have to go to the store to pay with cash, CASH! , in other states you can use your card and better yet it’s a machine that does it for you you don’t even have to talk to a person. You think they would be better at finding ways to take ppl money 🙃
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12 months ago, Gilbert SC
App works well and provides quick barcode check
The app speed is good, the ticket checker can be a little slow during busy times, but overall works well for lookups and checking on your account and promotion statuses.
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3 years ago, jshaw2525
Thank you!!! Finally with the latest update we are able to scan at home and see if we overlooked any winners! I went through a pile of my “losers” tonight and now have $45 to cash in tomorrow!!
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3 years ago, Mbishop2008
The app was working great when it first came out. I’ve noticed a few little bugs here and there… for example, if you’re trying to check a scratch ticket after midnight it says to “contact player support”. I didn’t mind that. Ever since the last update, I can’t even log into the app. I click login, it pretends it’s going to login but it doesn’t. Basically useless now
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3 years ago, twinklinstarr
Getting there
I am glad you can finally check your tickets with the app, even though the app automatically closes after you do. Also, if you click on powerball to view the numbers the powerball number is cut off. You can only see the white balls.
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2 years ago, Joeybike
You need to fix having to log in again after updates
Whoever the geniuses are behind this app need to realize how frustrating it is when you update the app every time it kicks out your password please fix this annoying problem not everyone has their password at hand whenever they update the app it’s ridiculous fix it
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2 years ago, Birdyladycruiser
Used to be good. Not anymore
Used to love this app cause I could scan all my tickets and not have to stand in the store double checking. The update that just dropped makes this totally useless. I click on login and it does nothing! Honestly, you shouldn’t even have to sign in to scan. Please fix, soon
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4 months ago, AngelaHope71
The app upon opening has me stuck and unable to exit a second chance promotion. Already tried the uninstall and reinstall. Suggestions ? Thanks
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3 years ago, matthewtissy
App won’t even open
This app use to be good but it’s gone to crap it won’t even let me open it it just keeps loading and loading not worth your time to be messing with this app just take your ticket back to where you got it and have them scan it or just take it to a gas station and they will scan it for you it beats trying to mess with this app
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2 years ago, MKN22
Terrible app
This is a terrible app. Most of the time, you can’t get it to login, and once you can, it’s hard to get the app to work. I like the features, but if you can’t get them to work, what’s the point. Maybe spend some of the lottery money to make a better app.
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3 years ago, pdpsc
Wheel has been spinning for an hour
I can hardly see the results of the new spin games on my Iphone with this app, and now, I have been able to see that I have a winning ticket, but the wheel has been spinning for over an hour, so I don’t know how much I’ve won. This is annoying and frustrating and ridiculous. This App is not user friendly at all!
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3 years ago, JSoubirous
Unable to change password
The App states I have an account, so I attempted to change my password, but each time I do (over the course of several days) I receive the message, User Does Not Exist. Then I attempt to register an account, and I am again told that I already have an account and that I should tap the Forgot Password link. Round and round. Brilliant programming!
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3 years ago, Mbifalco
New app! I like it!
Previous reviews are from 1+ years ago. New app scans tickets to see if winner, if not, it will add to second chance drawing if applicable . Saves lots of time. I like it!
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2 years ago, pagalinsc
Horrible app
This app was only good for checking tickets but now that will not even work. Considering how unreliable this app has been, I’m now wondering if my losing tickets were really all losers. Have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but have now completely given up on it. NC’s lottery app is great. SC really needs to get with it and catch up. Unreliable and untrustworthy app!
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2 years ago, JodiMoSi
Log in problems
I can log in (unlike a lot of other reviews) but it no longer remembers my log in or allows facial recognition unlocking. I have to type my log in information in every time.
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2 years ago, Kokoa 01
App was working good before the update, after update scanning tickets is not working correctly, always asking to use a light, e tickets not working correctly, etc Please put it back to the correct way so customers can begin to enjoy the appt again!!!!!’update does not improve the app made it worse!!!!
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2 years ago, f&@kthisapp
No scanner
App advertises a scanner but when you download the app there’s no option to scan your ticket! Like this it’s 2022, why am I manually looking at numbers and not able to scan directly from the app! South Carolina needs to take a tip from Georgia and other states; get a decent apps that helps people check their tickets.
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2 years ago, skillzthatthrill
Used to Love
Since the most recent update, I am no longer able to log in. I can’t enter 2nd chance tickets, etc. Please fix asap!
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1 year ago, DebWest1172
Winning tickets
I have actually found winning tickets that were once said we’re not
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4 months ago, Just a girl who came by
Total Frustration
Ever since the new 1 mill ticket was announced I’ve been trying to access the app. An overlay pops up and I can’t get past this screen. I’ve called and written and it appears that I’m just shouting into a void and no one cares. Again, I can’t get past this overlay. I can’t sign into my account. No one cares.
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2 years ago, Steve11b
Complete garbage of an app
This app barley works, and when it does it’s unreliable. Ticket checker does not work half the time and when it does make sure you scan it a few times to make sure it’s not a winner. Had to scan a ticket 4 times for it to finally show that it was a winner.
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2 years ago, needmorebank
Always an issue
What is wrong with this app today? Trying to scan tickets and a gray screen appears with nothing on it. At times I have to scan my ticket several times and each time it says something different. Ridiculous!
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1 year ago, f6palley
Pathetic and amateurish
Once again I have to reinstall this app…once a week it locks up the app and on more than one occasion it has locked up my phone!!! I use the app to check my tickets but it just doesn’t seem like the lottery folks care about accuracy and professionalism…damned shame.
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1 year ago, farmerAl57
Locks up!
The first time I loaded this app it worked 3 times and than it stopped working. I deleted it and did another download and it’s locks up on opening. Bottom line this app doesn’t work for apple phones.
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3 years ago, lovelaceway
App can’t be reused after being closed down
For some reason after you finish scanning and close the app, the next time you need to scan it will not open. You have to delete app and redownload... I really like the concept of the app if it would just work...
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2 years ago, AmericanPegasus
So slow and broken, how can this be the official app?
I’ve never seen a lottery app this badly designed. It wants me to log in every time, even just to see the powerball numbers. Logging in takes forever, and half the time is broken entirely. This app needs to be redesigned, it’s truly garbage.
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3 years ago, Frustrated ex SC player
Incompetent Developers
App either spins or just won’t open. Compatibility is not the issue. It is intentional non-development. This is evident due to the number of complaints and length of time problems have existed. I am now playing across the line in GA where I can easily scan a ticket online with their app.
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8 months ago, Simplyuniquegal
Used to Work
App used to work but now since the update tickets don’t scan on iPhone. Just going to take my tickets back to the store at least their scanners work. Uninstalling this app.
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2 years ago, Larry-O Callas
Will not let you login
Application was working till Christmas Day. Tried to Login and it will not go to that screen. Deleted application and reloaded to no avail. I email the technical support and no answer. I hope the state didn’t pay the developers much of my tax money for this.
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2 years ago, dpainter2
Worst app I’ve ever dowoaded
Takes FOREVER to log in… when I go to submit a ticket for a second chance promo, the app basically locks up. Pretty much a useless app. With all the money that the lottery brings in, you would think they could develop an all that actually works.
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2 years ago, Beachbaby6061
Lack luster
This app would be great if worked properly. It’s at times sluggish and sometimes incorrectly reads a scan. Says it’s not a winner when it is. Whomever is in charge of this app needs to address and fix this app.
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1 year ago, Vitotane
Did not detect winner.
I had a card that was definitely a winner. Scanned card several times, keeps saying not a winner. I checked with store and was a $20 winner. I try to look really hard at all cards, but sometimes one can slip by. Hope I haven’t thrown away any winners. Not good!
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2 years ago, JustPostReviewFFS
Bad Update
The app prompted me to update yesterday so I did. Now everything seems locked a few days in the past. The furthest out next drawing is the 22nd even though today is the 27th. So it’s pretty much useless until they fix whatever is going on.
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