Scholly: College Scholarships

3.7 (6.1K)
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Current version
Sallie Mae, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scholly: College Scholarships

3.66 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Tuhtz
Great Idea, but maybe not worth the subscription?
I’ve had this app since I’ve started college in 2014. I’ve applied for scholarships every year and haven’t been rewarded, not at fault at this app, but still it makes me regret buying the app and putting in all that effort just to end up collecting more loans and debt. It’s a great idea, and I figured it was worth the initial pay because finding scholarships takes time which I have very little of; but with another monthly payment to add onto paying my normal bills and my school debt, even one as little as $3, adds up. It’s a great resource and gives you the chance at so many opportunities! Use it only if you’re okay with paying 😊 it’ll be worth it for someone I’m sure.
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4 years ago, PlsGiveMeAccessToFunds???
I’m a student. Do you really think I can afford to PAY to find scholarships ??
I’m really confused by this app...I was so excited to come across a platform that helps match students with scholarship opportunities! However, as a student struggling to finance an education...I cannot afford to pay a monthly fee for a service that *might* or might not help (as many of the reviews suggest it has simply eaten their money with no results, anyway.) Doesn’t this seem counterintuitive, when the money spent on the monthly/annual fees could actually go toward financing one’s education itself??? Sort of funny to target a demographic clearly in need of funds but also make them pay out of pocket when the whole premise is that they likely can’t...not everyone has parents whose pockets they can reach into. I’m disappointed. I get that the developers have to make money to keep this running— if you charged a one-time, up front purchase fee rather than tricking people into downloading a free app that requires a paid subscription to access, you would honestly get enough active downloads/users to keep your app afloat (and improve its actual functionality.) You may think it’s not that deep, but this is a form of elitism, just reinforcing the idea that success on this front still has to be bought. You can’t imagine how disheartening that is.
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4 years ago, Wife of a snorer
Worst App ever-a total SCAM!
I downloaded this App and it never worked properly from hour one. Constant glitching, the app not opening or the app sometimes opened but my phone would freeze and all open apps would crash, my screen would go to the Home Screen and I’d have to give my phone a hard restart just to get the phone working again. I followed the directions on the Scholly website for IPhone users on how to cancel my subscription and it was canceled within days. When I go to my settings and click on my name it says my Scholly subscription was canceled in March of 2020. It’s now DECEMBER of 2020 and I just discovered on my bank statement that Scholly has been making unauthorized charges on my bank account EVERY MONTH for $7.99 since I canceled it back in MARCH! I sent Scholly an email, a direct message on both Twitter & Instagram and a private message on Facebook. I got a response from Facebook with a link to where Scholly claims I could cancel my subscription but it was just a broken link that took me nowhere. There is no 800 number to call. This company should be shut down completely, it’s a total disgrace and nothing more than a scam to make unauthorized monthly charges from your bank account with absolutely no way to stop them!
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4 years ago, smithabigail89
The App Does Not Function
After having the same login issues as many others, I was finally able to get in using the “restore purchase” option. Upon getting in, I filled out my profile and answered a ton of questions. I was then taken to a screen that said, “looks like something went wrong”. From there, I attempted to close the app and reopen it. Upon reopening it, I was asked to create my profile again. The profile creation process was not easy either, as the fields do not fill or function properly. I’ll try again in a few hours, but I’m seriously disappointed in this app so far. I’m a Financial Coach, and I was hoping to find a resource to make a debt free college degree more easily within reach for my clients. I do see the benefit in paying for a service to match students with scholarships, but again, this app isn’t worth the free trial I’m “paying” for. Another suggestion for pricing would also be to look at only charging for matches instead of a subscription. This would be proving your value before collecting up to $7.99 monthly for terrible functionality.
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3 years ago, randar
Waste of time
Saw this guy on shark tank a while back and no one gave him a deal. Now I know why. But I liked the concept and it sounded promising so I bought in for a very expensive one year membership to help my daughter in her first year of college. I'm a fair-minded person and I don't write a review unless I feel it's actually warranted to serve others. So, here you go. Based on our experience I would say that your chances of getting a scholarship through this app are worse than a roll of the dice in Vegas. Many of the scholarship requirements are so specific, or so extremely vague, that it's hard to find any that would fit your student- even in the most general sense. Although we did apply for the zombie apocalypse scholarship (not kidding) because we thought it was pretty funny. That was a few months ago and nothing but crickets. Don't waste your hard earned dollars to pay for someone else's retirement fund. You'll probably find whatever exisits out there through the Google search engine.
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2 years ago, izzy._.edits
This app is an absolute scam
I was told to use this app/website from a person at my school (who clearly didn’t know you had to pay for it). My new email is now being cluttered by emails that say “someone’s name - Scholly” and then you can’t even use the app unless you pay monthly subscription like ok just take money from people that can’t afford much. I can’t even go on the app or website to delete my account to stop the emails. On the website if you login to try to go to settings it’ll just suggest that you get the app. Oh and I was doing a little research on their questions and answers section of their website (since apparently that’s the only other part of the website you can go to) and well they don’t give refunds and if you have automatic pay on for apple for a subscription they won’t tell you how to cancel that subscription. In the end I highly recommend you don’t get a subscription and you don’t sign up for this app. It’s a waste of time.
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3 years ago, JMYD49913150
I’m better off using the commonly known scholarship websites.
Okay, I decided to try this out (because looking for scholarships that I qualified for is like going through a rabbit hole). Interesting enough, you cannot make a free account. It’s MANDATORY to pick a payment plan. Oh! And that plan gives you a short “free trial.” I picked a month so I could really use all the app’s advantages. I’m here to tell you that I’m better off using the commonly known scholarship websites. I was hoping this app would help me find scholarships that are more local and/or don’t have that much competition. But majority of the scholarships that matched with my profile are just from other popular sites, mostly from Unigo. When it comes to the app: I also don’t understand why I can’t scroll down on certain scholarships. If you click on the description and it’s too long, you won’t be able to scroll down and read the rest of it. Most importantly, you can’t scroll down and click on “apply.” Another pet peeve about this app is that on my profile I stated that I’m attending a community college and yet the app keeps matching me to scholarships that are for high school students. 😒 Let’s say you tell Scholly you are from Florida. They will still send you scholarships where the requirement is to be a resident from Wisconsin or any other state you don’t live in.
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2 years ago, Carissa1398
This company deserves 0 stars
I wasted my valuable time and money not only downloading and using the app as well as this review! My mom heard about this on shark tank so I thought I’d try it. BIG MISTAKE! The app has you choose things that apply to you to describe yourself to find appropriate scholarships. That sounded great! WRONG! They had random choices like ‘lives on potato farm’. Ridiculous! Once I entered my choices, ( the few that actually applied) only 5 scholarship choices were listed! The same as before I entered any info!!!!! It’s fraud to me to describe something so wonderfully and get something that is the total opposite. Stop cheating people out of their hard earned money and their valuable time! I guarantee you that all those ‘testimonials’ and ‘video testimonies’ are paid actors. Oh and Satanic Temple is offering a scholarship for $666 if anyone is interested. That’s just appalling. Y’all who own this app as well as the 2 sharks who invested in it should be ashamed of yourselves. This is disgraceful.
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5 years ago, Christipher DiCesare
I bought the app years a go but now expected to pay a monthly fee too
I bought the app when it first released. Because I paid for it I didn’t have to pay a monthly subscription. I left a comment/review saying as much. The developers reached out to me and offered me something in a link which I stupidly downloaded. Now I am out the cost of the price I paid before and they want me to pay a monthly or yearly fee... So my review went from 4 stars to 1 star, and I will no longer be using the service. Cheap, petty and completely disgusting that these people would force me to pay monthly when I put down money for the app before they charged money. Then finding out and tricking me into downloading a “patch” that forces me to pay for it monthly know. I can no longer recommend this product. I work at a college financial aid office and I recommended this product to every student who came into my office for money. You’ve lost that free targeted marketing from me. I will from now on recommend students go elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Confused Lemons
On the border for this App
I recently saw a video that said this app is a holy grail in financial aid. I also saw that it was showcased on shark tank. I then downloaded this app yesterday and applied for the 3-day free trial and I do not mind paying $30 for the 6th month service—if it means it will work. Upon making my account, there have been so many glitches. The information is not saving properly for my categories and I admit I had to go back and keep adding my information for over 5 times. If it’s going to keep doing that, is paying $30 for this service even worth it? When opening the app, it also has been very slow in everything. Then, I came back to read the reviews and I have been seeing a lot of negative reviews that were posted recently. I am debating whether to give this app a try and pay up. I really want to(and hope these technical difficulties will stop), but my experience has been a bit disappointing.
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7 years ago, Heatherhaze33
Crashes continuously, SLOW!!!!!
I saw this air on Shark Tank. I loved the idea, and am pursuing going back to school myself. Being a former foster youth, female business owner, as well as a veteran on the military - figured this would be a wonderful platform to find a lot of scholarships... Nope. I opted for the $2.99 monthly charge, and figured it would be a smooth running app. Looks like whatever $$ was put in is long gone, and they are no longer updating the app. Not ONE scholarship was generated!! Not only that, the app crashes 8 times in the first 20 min trying to set up my profile!! And it’s was EXTREMELY SLOW!! So slow that for each block I tried to fill my would lock itself in the wait time it to to enter in information. Bottom line, save your $$. This app doesn’t work as it was designed to do so - and I’m hoping that $2.99 I spent goes to fixing this for future students who are in need. As is, this was a disappointment and DO not pay $$.
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4 years ago, REMLY13
Not Free- Costs Money
What’s the point of advertising yourself as a free app, when the minute you get past the questions they say you have to subscribe. Not only that, but they take ALL of your information first, and then turn around to tell you to give them your money or they won’t help you. This is not an even trade at all, I’m giving you something, why is their no return for it? Further, there are literal laws on this 🙄 that also lay out why you should NOT misrepresent yourself. It’s ridiculous how many apps there are in the AppStore that misrepresent themselves in this same exact way. I can’t wait for someone to get fed up enough with these apps and sue them for this BS. Also, if you’re goal is to help adults, as well as teenagers/children SAVE money by assisting them with finding scholarships, then WHY are you doing the exact opposite and taken money from them? Obviously if they’re looking for financial assistance, they probably don’t have all that much money There are better apps out there and sites to get scholarships and grants off of that are free. It’s shooting yourself in the foot to pay for an app like this. It would be smarter for this company to offer a normal, free version, as well as a premium program that maybe unlocks ad-free, higher paying scholarships, fee waiver program, etc
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6 years ago, Stargirl2
Great idea and easy to use App. We justified paying the monthly fee of $3 for Scholly, as it appears to weed out many of the sweepstakes/scam scholarships found on other sites like FastWeb. Also, there are some opportunities listed in Scholly that we did not find anywhere else. However, as we go through the Scholly list generated after completing a profile, we have come across a couple that are listed as available, but when we actually link into the application website for a given scholarship, the company is no longer offering it. Wondering how frequently Scholly is verifying/updating their list? Con: No reply when an e-mail was sent in regards to a possible technical issue. Zero response.... disappointing. Scholly developers.... are you there? E-mail sent over two weeks ago.
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5 years ago, Momaylo
Worth it if you’re motivated
Im a senior, i used to rely on the scholarship portals my university set up for me, thinking these would have everything in one place but after checking out this app I realized there are so many scholarship opportunities out there that weren’t presented to me because they are just obscure enough to not be in their radar but the app has gathered them all in one place. I’m glad this app exists and wish I’d had it when I was a freshman. If you take the time to go through it, answer ALL the questions for your parameters and it will match you with EVERYTHING, a list conveniently populated for you, updated with new scholarships, a timeline to help you keep track of deadlines coming up. This app is sooo helpful.
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5 years ago, LeftHandedCrow
Stealing my money
You guys literally have been stealing my money for a year, if not over a year now. I was using the app before it was updated and paid for the membership only to find that a majority of the scholarships were unavailable anymore due to them being outdated. Glad to the the devs actually updating the app, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that I’ve unsubscribed from the app and there has still been money taken out of my account ever since that day even after attempting to unsubscribe multiple times. I do love the idea and purpose of this app but this issue needs to be resolved, I have proof of the transactions and if te devs do reach out and work to resolve the issue with me I will more than gladly remove this comment. Until then I don’t recommend using this app unless you want money taken from your account every month for the rest of your life.
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6 years ago, Ghostsem
This app is extremely effective. It’s easy to navigate, consistently up to date, and has a large selection of scholarships to apply to. That being said, here’s how it could improve— 1. I would love to see a way to report inaccuracies or irrelevance of a scholarship. For example, if I am a high school sophomore looking for scholarships, I likely won’t be enrolled in a school yet, so I don’t want to see scholarships with that requirement yet. Scholly does a great job of this for the most part, but for the rare times the scholarship is irrelevant or misrepresented, it would be nice to have a report button. 2. What’s a Scholly Score? Maybe I missed the explanation, but I still don’t know what that is. Could you put a brief description under the scrolling “advice” place on the dashboard? Overall— great app! I definitely recommend it to scholarship-hunters. —————— Update: some scholarships explicitly require the student to be enrolled in a college/university. It would be great if people who have not been accepted yet could filter out those scholarships. Perhaps add a “accepted to college” part in the profile?
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3 years ago, Dr. KluverBucy
Sappy origin story, doesn’t help.
Guy who started it was poor and got $1.3M in scholarships Without this app. He created it to be easier for others, but charges subscription fees. Not even a free trial. The developer couldn’t have been his own customer because of the fees—- doesn’t seem like a savior to me, just another businessman trying to make a buck. If they want to help struggling students— help them. Don’t charge them. RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER: Your excuse means nothing. You use cookies to track, make users accept it & then make money off that tracking data. You offer no customer service — proven by your response to several of these concerns and comments, a YEAR LATER. Find your next cash cow— people will see through this soon enough. Shame on you. College is hope for so many & you steal money from those who are vulnerable & looking for help. Lord help you.
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2 years ago, WinterMelon12
Will not update and took away the scholarships available to me!!
I originally got this app due to many people recommending it to me, saying that although you pay for it, it is absolutely worth it. I’ll admit that at first it was amazing and I loved the app however barely a month went by after I got the app and I started having problems with it. It stopped updating the scholarships and they decreased the amount of scholarships available to me. I used to have many options available as they informed me in the app (they have a place on the homepage telling you how much money worth of scholarships you have available) however, one day when I logged into the app, that amount had decreased drastically. Unless they fix this, I would not recommend it at all.
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2 years ago, a brotha from TN
App is trash customer support is no better.
I give this app 1 star because i have to if i could I’d give it zero that’s how bad my experience was. Im extremely upset with how bad this app turned out to be. I read about the developer in my book and thought it would be helpful to me, but it was the opposite. The app doesn’t work at all. Couldn’t start the free trial, couldn't save my info to set up my account, couldn’t even pay for the membership. This app should be removed for its terrible performance. Im not usually the type to even leave a review but this app was so terrible i felt the need to save anyone from wasting their time like mine was. You’re better off looking for another app or just going online and spending hours clicking through and searching for scholarships because this app will not help you.
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4 years ago, Alfred Leshan
Racist app
Literally a scam developed to target middle class kids that can barely afford college as it is. The app is nothing but marketing tactics to nail people for their money. There’s free services that doe what this app claims to. You just have to use a web browser. This app is glorified by the “pop culture “ to gain the attention of young middle class kids. Look into it on reddit before being a sucker and paying the sub. They have little intention of helping you financially, only themselves. I mean it was advertised on shark tank for god sakes. That means the entire scam that This app is was developed to be incredibly profitable. Aren’t services that are revolutionary in aiding kids supposed to be non-profit????? They use a fraudulent free trial that is tricky to cancel and still tends to bill people after they have canceled because of the terms of service. Nothing but a couple of “Homies” getting rich off of the middle class.
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4 years ago, Zoe Egly
I downloaded this app after I heard about it from my high school guidance counselor. So I download the app and FIRST OF ALL, it is sooo confusing to fill out your information and criteria stuff. The app gives you 4 categories to fill out, academics, extracurricular, financial and personal. Then you click on each category and it gives you a list of items to select if they apply to you. Like underneath financial, an item could be “Applied for SVCF Managed Scholarship” or “Displaced Homemaker” and so forth. A few of the 4 categories’ item lists literally don’t make any sense in my opinion. Then I get to the list of matched scholarships. These are scholarships that are incredibly obscure and not professional. For example, I found a “Scholarship Program for Marketing” so I clicked on it and read the paragraph that was attached, and at the bottom it said “To know the topic of the essay or video, email us at ________”. So I did, and explained that I found them through Scholly and was eager to apply for the scholarship. TWO WEEKS go by and I never got an email back. In summary, this app is not worth it and a waste of the money they want you to pay for it (subscription) AND your time. I wish I could rate it negative stars but that’s not possible.
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2 years ago, Traci McPhoto
My son will be starting his freshman year in the fall so we downloaded this app. After completing all of the information, it continued to just show him the same 6 or 7 available scholarships, most of which didn’t relate to him at all. 3 of the 6 were for kids going to the University of North Carolina. He is not attending the University of North Carolina. Unfortunately, it wasn’t worth it for us and I’m happy I only signed up for 1 month. I was contacted after this review and asked to contact customer service; however, I had already contacted them and was told to decrease the amount of miscellaneous items selected, but unfortunately this did not help.
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3 years ago, Xmxkksjsxvnjchzjzbxjkx
Extremely disappointed
What seemed like an amazing opportunity for college payment was completely a fail. For starters, the app only works half the time, and crashes frequently. You pay the $5 a month, to be prompted with many scholarships which you will never hear from again. They offer house scholarships, which you will spend time on meticulously and hear absolutely nothing, and you cannot see progress, or even an accepted/declined option. This app gives false hope for scholarship, and overall I would not recommend it to anyone. If I was a developer I would make a selection screen where you can see the status of applications, as right now I’ve been waiting months for responses to yield me nothing.
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3 years ago, 27Corey
Functions like an App made in 2009
This app is hardly intuitive and thoughtfully functional is a major overstatement. I’ve had it for years and I think it’s functionality has gone backwards. For any subscription fee, this app should at least have a sorting function. I shouldn’t have to weed out scholarships that I’ve already included data which makes them not applicable to me. For example, I’m going to grad school, I shouldn’t get any scholarships for future high school grads or for only undergrad students. The app tells me it found over $500,000 in potential scholarships for me. But it’s showing me 30, with an average reward of $3,000 (that’s not being over dramatic and on the high side of the average). Great concept, as it was when they pitched it on Shark Tank, but poor execution.
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6 years ago, Krisroar
Convenient, Easy, and Fun.
This app has made applying for scholarships easy and fun. I never thought I would get so much satisfaction from applying from scholarships, but every time I hit “applied” I just feel this wave of happiness overtake my body. This app is convenient because it weeds out all those random “post your opinion and win $10,000” scholarships. This app offers the real deal and it helps you by setting goals and personalizing a profile so your scholarships match with your aspirations. I have applied to about 8 scholarships already and I am so excited to see what the future brings because of Scholly!
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4 years ago, aful28
Too many glitches!
I have heard good things in the past and wanted to try out the app before purchasing subscriptions for my high school mentees. I’m glad I tried it first! It worked fairly okay on the web version with the slight interface issues, which I expected because it was designed for the phone. I then tried using it on my phone and it is terrible. It does a decent job of sorting scholarships for you but does not give adequate descriptions of the criterion. That is fine, I don’t mind clicking the links but I can’t! I can’t get past the description without the app closing the description and going back to the list in a different spot from where I was. I went from hopeful to hopeless!
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4 years ago, Khark1224
Website NOT app
This app has enormous potential but falls flat. Due to it being a featured app I allowed my son to sign up for it without doing research on it. My mistake. The app easily processed our payment but nothing else was easy. He could not complete the registration process so I emailed customer service to ask for a refund. Their reply was that the ‘app’ works best when used through a web browser. We had paid for access to an app not a web browser yet that is what we got. We used the browser several times over the course of the month bc they wouldn’t refund our payment and it was nothing special. There are plenty of free websites out there that do the same thing this one does. Completely disappointed this is even allowed to be marketed as an app much less promoted as one by Apple.
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4 years ago, Itara ✨
Hypocritical to make you pay to use a scholarship search engine
I totally get that the developers need to make money. However, when the entire premise is to help those who are financially incapable better afford college, to backstab you’re customers making them PAY for the app is ridiculous. You could’ve made people pay for specific features or hell, run non-distracting ads. I truly was hooked in thought this app held great potential, but I am extremely disappointed. ESPECIALLY since NONE of the advertising I saw specified you had to pay to use the app. It tricked you into thinking it’s free. I can’t believe the CEO tried to talk about his humble upbringings of living with a single mom struggling to support her kids only to force his app users to turn into high paying customers for his own profit. What a hypocrite.
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6 years ago, Annoyed98765
Good idea, but needs some work
The concept of this is fantastic. But there are little things that make it not worth $2.99 a month. When you try to delete an option it asks you why and when you select it it says it will be removed but it doesn’t remove it. A few times it actually deleted the option below it instead. It also gave me several options for African American and Indian scholarships when I am neither and have neither on my profile. The point of this and why it is a paid for subscription is because it is supposed to weed out the majority of what you are not eligible for. But out of the options it gives me I am only eligible for about half
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2 years ago, jaguarnj
Don’t download not free
I downloaded expecting help to weed out scholarships and was presented with monthly pay to get lists options for this app. If you want to charge for your service, charge a one time fee. Not monthly. I’m deleting the app as I’m not paying monthly and then have to figure out how to stop the payment. With all of the negative reviews, you won’t be able to stop the payments. If I could afford constant fleecing I wouldn’t be seeking scholarships. Scam. Developer then contacted me because of the review , and showed how much it is to get a couple of poor scholarships on a monthly basis. Nevermind you can NEVER cancel! I recommend if you use this app use it for a month - use a prepaid visa with 5 dollars left on it and let them try to get the payments after a month.
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4 years ago, KingShpoo
Got Worse
I used this app over the course of two years off and on again. Everytime I joined they had slowly brought up the price of the subscription from $3 to $8 now. The last few times I used it, it was helpful and ran smoothly, but now it runs terribly. It constantly freezes and glitches between menu options. The desktop version is very much the same. I opted for a 6 month subscription on their website, but they charged me for it even before my 3 day free trial was up? I will probably just use it for these next 6 months and then find a more reliable tool for scholarships.
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4 years ago, Mariiesu
So sad this app doesn’t work :(
Originally I logged on and made an account with some issues during the first stages, the app was taking a while to load, kept getting stuck on a certain screen etc. I looked past it once it eventually loaded up and worked! I made an account and paid the subscription fee but when I logged back into the app afterwards it simply would NOT load. I tried to open it MULTIPLE times but to no avail. I am so incredibly sad that this app doesn’t work. I’ve tried everything and I’m so sad I wasted my money on what seemed to be such a good app the very first time I logged on. Until they fix the issue of the app not being able to work/being stuck on the “create your profile” page it’s not worth wasting your money on! Don’t get this app :(
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4 years ago, Notenoughinfo
Comprehensive Summary of reviews
To be honest, I haven’t used the app. I tried accessing the website from safari and received a warning browser notice. I downloaded the app but thought I should take a look at all the reviews. I’m summarizing what I’ve learned from reading the reviews. Everything I found said that the this was $3 a month. I came to find out that it’s actually: $5 to set up the account $8 a month, discounts at the six month and 12 month marks $5? To set up an account? $8 a month? It was $5 a month in a February 2020 review and its currently May 2020 with Covid 19 destroying economies and you decide to raise the price? (I could be wrong, I’m basing this off of past reviews for a comprehensive review) Furthermore, an earlier review mentioned the lack of graduate apps. A buggy app that freezes and delays in refunds. Overall, I’d give this a pass. I understand the need to pay staff and keep the app running. But for such steep increases and a buggy app, this seems like a waste. I’d recommend using a free scholarship. I will update this if I actually bite the bullet for it but I don’t think it’s worth my time.
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8 months ago, Mariasgfhjgbsjfkwbgny
Seemed great at first, definitely a mistake
I decided to give this app a try despite the bad reviews mainly because i wanted to form my own opinion. It worked well at first and I had no problems creating an account and signing in. It wasn’t until i closed the app and tried to reopen it when i had problems. I tried multiple times to reopen the app, and instead of bringing me to my dashboard, it would sign me out completely. Then after i signed in, the dashboard would not load no matter how long i waited. I had a lot of hope for this app because it sounds like a wonderful idea, but the app is far too glitchy for anything good to come from it. Very disappointing.
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4 years ago, luckyhusband
Doesn’t work, can’t even set up a profile
This app has a lot of bugs. It took me 3 times to try to join, kept getting locked up or saying my email had already been used. Would tap join and it would sit on a blank screen and I had the close the app and start over. Finally was able to join and start the free trial. Then I attempted to set up my profile, but it won’t let you enter a city and state for your hometown. A couple of the other fields won’t work either. Then you get to the bottom of the profile screen but the keyboard is in the way of the submit button and it won’t go away, so you can’t even submit your profile to get started. I finally gave up and cancelled my free trial. This app operates worse than a government website. Waste of time.
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4 years ago, boggled-and-bottled
Let’s forget about the whole paying thing to get scholarships for a moment. This app is ridiculously buggy. I tried to sign up several times and the log in would take SO long. I had to restart the app and resign up. When I tried to set up my profile, I could not enter birthday, citizenship status, location, and whether I was a parent or a student. Several other categories took a while to set up. And then when I tried to set up my scholarship feed, I could barely click on the categories. It was very slow and painful to keep trying to click on the tabs. And then at the end I got zero matches! So why did I sign up to get zero matches? Do I have to pay to get the matches, too?
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4 years ago, lizzede9
App worth it if it worked
The app doesn’t function. I’ve had to recreate my “profile” about 5 times now. The app keeps forgetting my information and making me start over from square one. Not to mention Ive had some scholarships saved I wanted to apply to and that information became lost as well. This app costs 4 bucks a month and you can’t even use it, also I’ve read a ton of reviews and testimonials on this app. All the bad ones essentially say the same thing I’m saying and the good ones say it gives you access to loads of scholarship opportunities, which I’m sure it does, but I’ve yet to see a testimonial that says this app has actually helped them with their debt or pay for college. In my opinion The app would be worth it if it actually worked.
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3 years ago, iSRS73
Can’t finish Creating Account
I saw this as a featured app on the App Store. As the parent of a High School Senior, timing is perfect. A few suggestions before I get to my issue (which is not that there is a subscription). When creating an account? The first page should have the selection of Parent/Student before you enter an email. Now, the real issue. I can’t finish creating an account. The app constantly returns to the top after every entry. Selecting a choice and having it save takes several attempts. At one point, you can not get to the remaining questions. July 2021 UPDATE: lowered rating to 1 star from 2. Why? Today, 9 months after my review to a real issue, I get the following response: “We are constantly working to improve the app and its functionality. As software updates are made, we are excited to meet the goal of making our app more secure and user-friendly.” Well, thanks for the non response. As noted above, in October 2020 when I wrote the review, my daughter was a senior. Way to go not answering or fixing issues. Feel sorry for those that pay for this service.
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5 years ago, MooMoonMoo
Helping those in need - at a price
Let’s get this clear - you are paying money for an app that helps students that do not have the means to pay for schooling? A lot of people applying for scholarships are in need/need based situations and just can’t spend money on an app when you can do it for free elsewhere. Read the Apple spotlight for the app and thought how backwards this was - the creator was from a low income family and spent hours applying & now he wants to help other kids... at a price. Just do what the creator did, go to the library and apply - FOR FREE. It’s like making the homeless people reaching out to the food kitchen to pay a monthly subscription fee. I have no reason to complain - there are way better resources for free elsewhere - but I just thought this was ridiculous...
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4 years ago, FernNito01
I get a lot of people in this world want to help but can’t always do it for free but this is just devastating. If you’re looking for scholarships then paying for a service that helps you find a scholarship(s) defeats the purpose of the scholarship(s) when the money spent on this service could easily go towards your education. Society is just messed up man. If you come to this app hoping for something amazing to change your future then I hate to disappoint you but you’re better off just googling scholarships because this is just heartbreaking. Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re going to invest in an app like this to help pay for school (hopefully) you might be better putting that investment towards stocks in the stock market. Just saying.
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4 years ago, EB77177
If I could rate this zero stars, I would.
I initially was so excited when I saw this, as a rising senior in need of financial aid when going to college. I was moved by the developer's success story featured on the app store but immediately upon downloading the app, I found that there is no way to use it without signing up for a free trial and paying for a pricey subscription. In addition there were many glitches and bugs from the get go. I am beyond disappointed that this is advertised as helpful to students, especially those who struggle financially. The developer charges an exorbitant fee, inaccessible to lower income families, without guarantee of success. This is essentially a scam to prey on people in need, such as myself. Do not download this app!
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5 years ago, Diddabeth
Don’t bother if you’re not in high school
I am a 40-something mom going back to school after 20 years to finish my BA degree. We aren’t rich and I’ve maxed out my student loan qualification bc of too many credits. I was excited to try this app as I’m having a hard time finding scholarships for returning adult students and I was hoping this app could find scholarships in corners of the web that I couldn’t. As it turns out, I will never know. The sign up process asks what year you are in high school. I am 25 years out of high school, and yet I couldn’t continue signing up until I chose a year. It gave me no other choices than those. I gave up after that as I don’t want to pay $45 to get matched with scholarships that are only for high school students. What’s funny to me is that the sign up process also asks what kind of degree you’re seeking, including Master’s Degrees. I would be willing to bet that there are WAY more working adults going for Master’s degrees than there are kids just out of high school. If you’re a returning adult student, find a better app and don’t waste you’re money on this one. So disappointing. 👎
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2 years ago, shxlbyscorner
First of all, I bit the bullet and got the monthly subscription so I could see the scholarships lined up (I had a few) then after I subscribe, all of them are gone. The entire process it took to find those personalized scholarships went out the window. I was irritated and then I realized the information I put to sign up for an account was gone other than my name and email. So I put in all my info and it wouldn’t take it saying that “I was missing the required fields” WHICH WAS NONE. At this point I had enough because frankly I shouldn’t have to pay monthly to see the scholarships that are for me, and to have an app that is too buggy. Not worth the time or money. It’s a great idea but it’s executed poorly.
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5 years ago, Rob56283
Don’t Forget Where You Came From
I downloaded this app because of the unique story the founder had applying to scholarships on a library computer because he was not even able to afford a smartphone. I was very surprised to see that he then wanted to charge money to use his app, as the free version has very limited resources that are not very helpful. Very disappointed in how you sold out because kids like you aren’t able to afford to use this resource. Would you have been able to use this service that costs $30, Chris? Seems very hypocritical and like you’re part of the problem, not the solution. I’d urge anyone who actually needs financial aid to use free services online that don’t profit directly off the backs of students just looking for help.
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2 years ago, FarrisFcBrian
Just make it free with Ads
I understand that y’all need to make money, but literally the point of scholarships is to literally pay nothing. Making a monthly subscription is only accessible to people who are able to pay therefore less people would use it. The company should mind as well just add Ads so its free and more accessible. In today’s world every person has targeted advertising that scatter across giant apps. Sheesh even the stupid non-profit college board sells our information. To simply put it… do whatever you can to make it free. Working for money is really hard as a student and spending it on a monthly subscription just for scholarships sweepstakes that aren’t guaranteed just makes it harder for us.
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4 years ago, adamdm
Doesn’t Work
This is one of the buggiest apps I’ve seen on the App Store in a long time. It took me 20 minutes to be able to log in for the first time. Immediately goes to payment screen before ANYTHING else...don’t know if this is by design or not but gosh could we at least get a “Login Successful! Welcome, Johnny Appleseed” screen before you tell us that this app is completely useless without signing up for a payment plan first? I didn’t think Apple even allowed that. So — against my better judgement — I signed up for a plan, just because the anticipation was so high at this point. And now multiple bugs in the “Create Profile” process — will not save selections in certain fields and cannot proceed from there. This is shoddy, shoddy work.
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4 years ago, Cadi Alistair
Glitches and fails to save info
I’ve been trying to get properly signed up since last night, I’m on the trial. I had to select it a few times so I better not get multiple charges. I can’t get anywhere because each time I make it to a new page it’s just a spinning icon waiting to load. Also in forms it doesn’t save my input. Like I put fine arts as my major. It saves it as gynecology. Really? I finally made it through the form asking about who I am and what I’m going to study. I had to input the major a dozen times, my location like 20 times. It’s crazy. I click next several tuimm m es before it finally works. It says select categories. I do. I click next. It tries to load the next screen the bounces me back. I go back and forth noticing the loading bar is increasing 20% each time. Then it reaches 100. Now its just grey. I can tap the dog icon and go to a landing page that should eventually have a list of what scholarships I’ve earned. I can click the feed to get back to where I was trying to load but now it’s not loading beyond 21%.
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6 years ago, sofia belle 2017
I heard about scholly on shark tank and as i needed scholarships i thought id give it a try. First off, it gets your hoped up finding s ton of scholarships but it turn out they are all for small amounts of money. Second, they advertise most of these have similar requirements but it is not true, i had to do something different for each, which takes a lot of time. And finally, since i applied to the 8 scholarships i found through the app I've been getting HUNDREDS of junk emails every day in my professional account i had no junk. Not only did i waste money on the app and time applying to small scholarships but now im also spending hours trying to clean my email account, i wish i could go back in time and not go for it. TOTALLY DONT RECOMMEND THIS!!!!
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3 years ago, Technie Fabien
Please save your self and don’t download this app. From the description it sounds really good and useful but it is NOT. Once you make an account you can’t go past that because it will ask you to pay a monthly fee to use this app. I am in the process of applying for grad school myself and I thought this would be a great resource to help me find scholarships but it’s honestly not worth it. If I can call it a scam I would. It does not make sense to create an app for students to find scholarships but you are charging them monthly fees just to have an account and use that account to seek out FREE money! Like come on! So please people, do not waste your time, don’t get this app. I’m in the process of deleting my account.
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4 years ago, CallmeCoach12
Do you like being ripped off? PERFECT!
Because that’s exactly what this system is. They force you into an IPhone subscription (that doesn’t activate for 3 days) before you cant even make an account until you pay for the service. But when you make an account the real fun starts...and ends because you can’t get past that part. It’s going to ask you for information about your city and school, but it won’t allow you to enter that information because their whole website is glitched. If anyone managed to make an account (which is doubtful) then all you have to do is wait for the 10 minute loading page to finally timeout and say there’s an error and the. You can reload the page to start that process over again. *In short: it’s so horribly glitched that you can’t make an account or even search for a scholarship, but they make you pay before you even get the chance to realize how glitched it is, so you pay for nothing.* Just use FastWeb or any of the alternatives. There’s nothing helpful for you here.
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