Scourby YouBible

3.4 (277)
1002.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Litchfield Associates Ltd, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scourby YouBible

3.36 out of 5
277 Ratings
2 months ago, Fill This House
Too bad
I’d read reviews of this app when purchasing it and was warned to not let it update. So, for years, I did not. Unfortunately, when purchasing a new phone, it was automatically updated. Like other Scourby Bible app purchasers, I was upset when I realized that features that I’d originally purchased with the app were no longer available to me (the timer and the looping). I only got a pop-up telling me to purchase these through a yearly subscription. I was extremely disturbed for a long time. There was no help from the reps. But, on principle, I refuse to pay yearly subscription fees for features that I’d enjoyed for many years and which were included in my original purchase. Thankfully, I can use my phone’s timer and set it to “stop playing” after the set time. Also, there is now text missing. Many verses end without completion. And there are countless errors in the recordings. And when doing searches for scripture words or phrases that are definitely in this app text, it comes up with nothing (i.e. “Lot’s wife”). Just too bad that whoever’s got oversight of this app do not bother to read, listen to, or fix these issues.
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1 year ago, WayoutWest99
Times Change
The company has now gone to a subscription based program. I wasn't very happy to discover this when I went to select one of my playlists and I got a pop-up alert asking me to purchase the functionality which I previously owned. So I tried the looping feature and received the same type of alert. I figured it was due to some type of software or network glitch. So I sent the developer a quick email asking them to please restore my purchases. The developer was quick to respond and explain that a warning was sent out a year ago with one of the updates stating they would be going to a subscription based app due to increasing costs and the level of work required to maintain the app and keep it current. Yeah, I wasn't too happy about this at first and had to consider it for a few days. However, after much consideration I decided the decision to go to a subscription based process was necessary. Each time a new IOS update is delivered I'm certain the developer must conduct a lot of testing followed by a tweak of the app software to keep it working. I never recall any failures of this app. I have tried other audio Bible apps and there is just no comparison to the high quality, user features and reliability of the Scourby Bible app. Considering the benefits I have received, I will continue to be a loyal and thankful customer. God's word is worth the subscription offerers! His word never returns void! Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God!
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11 months ago, christinaess
Still doesn't function like it used to
I gave it a chance. I submitted videos. They were not hard to understand. Since my lengthy time reviewing this updated version, my mom ended up almost dying and I eventually moved her with me. Since then not one of the fixes I mentioned over a year ago has been implemented. I will be deleting. The Word of God is important. How I read / learn / like was with Scourby before the change. I don't mind small amounts to keep things going but the other bible app I'm using now at least stops where its supposed to and goes back to where I began not past that point. I have access to all features and donations are encouraged. Like I said free Apps only will eventually cease from working. One time paid apps the same. In order to keep apps going you must help out the developers. Also... again... I am deleting because implementations were not ever done. I do think donations should be encouraged. I do not mind if its a yearly thing but instead of charging to get the item and charging a yearly fee why not build that in? $20 for the first year and $10 each additional year. It is turning some people away that think apps are forever. People need to understand that apps to keep them running are like games... yes you buy the initial but to keep tech support up they have to keep adding more content and charge for that content. However, how much more content can a person add to scourby? It needs reimagined.
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2 months ago, ER of Arkansas
No Support
I read my Bible through multiple times each year I have owned nearly every version of Scourby’s KJV recordings. First few years of this app were good, but it seems each revision gets worse. Then they started charging for these revisions. Things that were part of the app originally are no premium features at a cost. I contacted the owner and they said it was to pay for coder to do the updates. Each update offers new problems. The latest updates automatically make the program crash and require uninstalling and reinstalling each time I complete the Bible. When I do that, all of my customized playlists disappear and I have to manually reenter each and every one. It is very irritating and time consuming. Before the last update, this did not happen. I have contacted the owner about this and get NO response. Also, I have asked for a 4 month Bible reading program for past few years with no response. They offer 3, 6, 9, and 12 month plans. 3, 6, and 12 make sense as that is 4x, 2x, and 1x each through year. 9 month plan makes no sense. A 4 month plan would be 3x through each year which is what I have done for several years. I don’t care if they offer other plans, but why not offer requested plan, especially when I pay for it?
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1 year ago, N00bSl4y3R
Each Feature costs an additional 4.00 after it’s been free for years.
Whoever is behind the app has fallen on hard times and has decided to price gouge the users by suddenly making all features purchasable. This is so sad, as we’ve already paid the full price to own the app, and now all settings and saves have been deleted and reset to where all features cost an additional 4.00. Godly behavior? No, but give to Cesar what is Cesar and give to God what is God’s. I’ll pay your ridiculous 4.00 per feature, knowing Alexander never would have wanted that to be done to those whom have already paid, but I am disappointed by the greed of whomever has the update rights to this app.
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1 year ago, Amichelle22
Dishonest practices
So I purchased this app back when everything was included in the high price($20) for this app. Then with some of the recent updates it suddenly needs to be a subscription. I reached out to them the first time this happened and they never responded but my app suddenly unlocked and was back to the original “everything included” except for a few features. Now today I got back on to do my reading and it’s back to wanting me to do a subscription for something I already paid for. This is very dishonest and if this is a subscription based app it should be less than $10 for the interface of the app and then the other features (Bible reading plan, speed, etc) be subscription. Scourby’s recording has been around so long and I’m sure they’ve made money on this charging $20 for the full app. Now they get greedy and start double charging. They must not read the content of this app. I’m very frustrated because before I’ve had these problems I would have rated this 4-5 stars and only mentioning a few bugs in the system, but now it’s not something I would recommend. I could buy the recording elsewhere and reading along I’m a free Bible app or a hard copy Bible. Much cheaper and not a rip off.
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1 year ago, Peachie490
Dishonesty from a Bible app?
I purchased this app many years ago and enjoyed all the features I had PAID for at the time. Now with the update, I can no longer without a paid subscription as many other dismayed owners of the app have mentioned. Do you even recognize that people had previously purchased the app??? What did I even purchase? A more honest approach would have been to treat your grandfathered owners of the app as sincere customers and only have any new ‘owners’ subscribers to the app pay the large monthly fee while offering your cherished grandfathered owners any new features for a subscription price, features they didn’t previously enjoy. What a sign of the times it is to feel hustled by a Bible app!! I would have gladly paid $50 for the app when I bought it at the time, if that’s what you needed to maintain the app, knowing I wouldn’t feel duped years later!! What’s next? I buy my home and then am told years later that it’s moving to a subscription plan and I now have to pay rent?? I know the analogy isn’t exact but I hope you understand the frustration and disappointment. I have recommended this app to many family who decided to PURCHASE it as well, but I will not recommend it any longer.
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1 year ago, Scourby Bible App Lover
People complaining must be the competition
There’s no better app Bible App in the playstores. The Scourby Bible app is the best, no bible app has a playlist like the Scourby Bible app, and no better narrator than Alexander Scourby. All these complaints about charging a small yearly fee for feature subscriptions is quite Ludicrous. I wonder what Jesus is thinking about that? Is there any business that can sell a product one time and then expect it to be maintained for life. I am a software developer, and I know the cost to maintain software, and it’s very expensive. We all pay for subscriptions every month for our TV programs, cable net work and monthly cell phone bills, how long could those companies be in business if they just charged one time for their services? I bought the entire bundle of 10 app features, and they all work great and I believe it’s well worth the small yearly payment. Stop with all the complaining, you sound like the competition trying to attack the best Bible App In the play stores.
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1 year ago, Up&attem
I paid $20 already!
I bought this app in 2013 for $20. This is the ONLY APP IN WHICH I have ever paid so much for because I loved it and had to have it. All of the features were included in my purchase including sleep timer which I like to set to keep the app from going on continuously. The company now wants me to pay for the privilege of using certain features which were already a part of my original purchase. This is robbery and an infringement on the original purchaser’s rights. I did not rent to own the app I purchased the complete app and all of it’s components. Perhaps if additions of substantial quantity and proponents were added in and made available for purchase it would be fair, but I purchased everything offered from the get go and the company has severed it into continual profitable pieces to increase revenue without any thought or respect for the previous customers and their originally purchased app with all inclusive content. I am so disappointed! There should at the very least be a plan of grandfathering in past customers to allow them full access to the complete app that was already purchased. I feel cheated!
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2 years ago, wbnip
Very Pleased
My wife got me this app a few years ago and was very happy with it till this last update. I reached out via email to the developer and they responded with great speed and super friendly(as you would expect being it’s a Bible app). The resolved all the issues I had and even took the time to explain and instruct me in using some of the other features that had been added. I would highly recommend getting this app if you want to have the Bible with you and being able to listen to it is a plus. I personally like to create playlists of either words or phrases I am studying and I can listen to them while I operate equipment or just driving. That’s a huge blessing. Faith comets by hearing of the word of GOD. We are in a free country and we need to take advantage of it while the time is available.
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10 months ago, Weaverrt
WARNING! Legacy users beware!
Having used this app for years, I was very happy with this app. I would have given five stars for previous versions. When I chose to update all my phone apps as I usually did, I was shocked to see that this app had made a critical change without warning me that they was about to so. I had purchased this app years ago and it was full featured non subscription based. This updated removed my old app and replaced it with an app where all the nice features I once had are now replaced with subscription add on features. All those features I once had will now cost me about $30 a year to use. This is a very shady business practice. I am very disappointed that a business that sells a Christian based app would use such tactics. They should have given those of us who have purchased this app previously an opportunity to revert to our previous app. This amounts to being double billed, and if one chooses to keep those features they would have to keep paying year after year.
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6 months ago, Karas74
Double charged….
Like many others here, I paid $20 for the full app some time ago. Now, to use the features I PAID for, I have to go to a subscription to get those features back. If I had never purchased before, and subscription was the current business model, I could see purchasing the year subscription under those conditions. However, having already purchased the fully functioning app under the previous model, it’s in poor taste and judgment not to honor my original purchase, as well as the full-app purchases of others who have also expressed their dissatisfaction. Shady practice. Before I’ll buy a subscription service to this, I’ll take that $20 back, since apparently we’re now in the business here of taking away products already paid for. Based on comments in other reviews here about developer responses, this is likely falling on deaf ears and there are plenty of other good, similar options out there from people who haven’t slapped their customers in the mouth.
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3 years ago, NathanDanielG
Not a 1 star app, but the feature fail is 1 star
There is no better investment of one’s time than to listen to the bible in my opinion, although the king James has flaws as all English translations do, this is not really relevant to this app, it is mainly a purchase of the audio recording of scrourby. Whilst I appreciate along with many, the need to charge for software development as well as for audio recordings that likely have royalties needing to be paid, the main focus of the developers here should be ease of use and feature development. This is where I rate this as 1 star. Making simple changes or customising a reading plan or playlist are really the very basic plus features that would make a $20 app worth the investment. If done right they could have charged $50 for this app, but the application is basic, clunky, and really just audio attached ever so nicely to some third party reading software. Having the ability to create and edit or delete and stop reading plan(basic) Being able to create playlists the whole bible long, without doing it a single verse at a time(basic) Having a simple interface that appears to having endless options, but is really just bad design with too many doors to nothing. I would still recommend people buy this app and listen, but the developers should really do better than this and sell a grown up interface that matches the grown up content.
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5 years ago, Talitha777
Why did mine work perfectly until their “upgrade”?
I reached out to the folks at Litchfield Ltd., and they responded quickly, telling me that it was likely that I’d loaded it with “Cellular Data” rather than with WiFi, and if I’d correct that problem — they gave me step-by-step instructions, I’d have the problem fixed. They wanted me to know that it WAS NOT their app’s problem. This, of course, didn’t explain why it worked perfectly until they did their update, nor why it continues to work — sped up, and with some words missing — on my iPad. But I gave it a try. It didn’t work. At least it still works on my iPad, which was loaded with the same WiFi network that my iPhone was loaded on. Of course, it is still sped up, and it still lacks the conclusions of each and every book. But it is better than nothing. I wish they would sell the rights to the original recording to Olive Tree, a company I believe would respect the original recording enough to give it to us in its complete form. And it works on all devices.
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5 years ago, ScourbyAppLover
Scourby App is Best
Scourby App is the Best I have tried numerous apps and this app is hands done the best. In fact, I read the Theology Degrees report that ranked it No 1. No better Narrator than Scourby and the custom playlist feature is only one of its kind. This is the most important app on my iPhone. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Have there been bugs? Of course, but name one software that doesn’t have bugs that have to be fixed. I’ve contacted the Scourby company about some things I've found and they quickly fixed it, their customer support is top-notch. One final comment, when I listen to Scourby it’s like I’m there in the story. It’s amazing how he can capture the spirit of each verse and bring it to life. I could listen to him for hours and often times I do.
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2 years ago, Rjtsr
Wonderful App
I had a some trouble with the update but the same day I sent a message to the developer they responded. I was helped right away. My family and I have had this app for several years and it is an important and daily part of our lives. We love the reading by Alexander Scourby above all the other Bible readers out there. Now the app has the Robert Roberts reading plan and I am very happy about it! It is understandable that there is a great expense for this technology to be upgraded. The buffet style of choices is good, get what you want and leave off what you won’t use. I feel the price is very reasonable. Anyway I’m thankful for this app it has been a blessing.
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2 years ago, needHymn
The chronological reading plan is bugged. If you finish the whole plan, it shows the congratulations box, and then if you immediately click “play” to start it again, it starts again at Genesis 1:1, but it is bugged. If the app shuts down and you restart it, it thinks you are back at Genesis 1:1 again, and doesn’t save your spot anymore. And then if you click back button and then click the button to open the plan again, the app crashes. And restarting the app, it instantly crashes. And you can’t open the app anymore, it’ll always crashes, until you reinstall it.
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5 years ago, Sunwolfe
Problems with latest version
I love this app. I use it every day. Since the update, however, I’ve had trouble with the read aloud feature randomly stopping and being unable to open the app while on the road driving. The earlier version did neither of these things. I have had to delete and reinstall the app several times. Rather disappointing in that it worked fine in the first version and is such a wonderful resource for Bible study.
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1 year ago, BlessedbyYHVH
Chronological reading plan
I’m very frustrated. I’ve sent two emails, and my problem is still not solved. They’ve told me to tap on my purchased subscription, which I did. But on my iPhone 13 Pro, there is absolutely NO feedback when I do that. I would think that it acknowledges it somewhere. It does say purchased. So I fo back to where it says reading plans, and it gives me the same message. It thinks that I want to choose the standard reading plan. I just keep going around and around. And the email reply simply gives me the same instructions again. It should work like the YouVersion Bible with the audio narration. I’m paying to hear Alexander Scourby, because I love how he reads the scriptures. But it shouldn’t be this hard to do, in 2023.
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9 months ago, KJV_bb
Charging more for additional features
This is by far the most expensive app I’ve paid for. But I do believe the word of God, the KJV, and narrated by Scourby is worth it. One of the features listed on the App Store is the timer. I thought this would be great for listening to as I’m going to sleep. I purchased the app, hit the timer button, and then it stated that feature was an additional fee of $4. I think that’s a pretty dishonest practice. I understand that $4 is not a lot of money. But that should have been listed up front. At least to where there was an option to buy the “full package” of features at $25 or something. For a company providing the word of God, please consider using more godly principals. God doesn’t add “upcharges” after salvation! Jesus Christ paid it ALL!
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5 years ago, Dawvidjr
My go to Bible app
I use this daily, as I love to listen and read simultaneously. I was disappointed with the latest version, because the index search had the screen for the Bible books completely blank. As it turned out was NOT an app problem, but an iOS 13 problem. I got prompt response from the developers, to change the Apple settings from dark to light, which immediately fixed the problem. The app is even better now, with a speed selection option for $4.99. It is well worth it to me. Thank you for helping me keep this great app in top condition for bible study.
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5 years ago, Sully97
Good but Needs Improvement
** Update: Shortly after I left this review, and update was issued and I have been using the app with NO ISSUES for a week or two now. I’m glad that they were able to resolve this! Original Review: I love Alexander Scourby’s recording of the Bible and this is the best way for me to listen to it. The app looks a little dated, but is overall clean in appearance. Navigation is pretty straightforward as well. The only problem is this app crashes all the time. If I start playing it and then pause it, inevitably, when I come back to start it again it will crash. Everyone I try to open the app after that it crashes! It usually will do so until I restart my phone. I thought that it might be my iPhone 6s, but when I upgraded to the 11 pro, it did the same thing. This is totally unacceptable for an app you’re paying $20 for. I love the app and want to continue using it. I hope they resolve this soon.
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5 years ago, Ralane12
Weak App for $20
This app has a volume issue and navigating isn’t too convenient either. The volume so low on this app that I really can’t hear it when it’s synced to my truck unless I crank the volume all the way up. And then if I get a call or navigation speaks it blows out my ear drums. I’d emailed them about it and they said to look for an update but that’s never happened. I love Scourby’s voice but what good is it if I can’t hear him. The search option I wish they had is being able to scroll and click on a verse and start from there. As it is you must skip forward it back verse by verse or go to the search page and find the book, then the chapter, then the verse. It may not sound like much but I’d rather use the other apps that are easier to navigate and volume is better.
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9 months ago, Elli237
Unbelievable, shocked
I purchased this app many years ago. I have purchased it several times as a Christmas gift now with a new update the app is asking to pay $3.99 each to use the features. Those same features came as part of the app from the beginning. I already paid not understanding why you’re asking us to pay again and not just once this time any year. I contacted the developer and he stated ” can’t make money that way” I suggested he create a new app, and ask for him to restore my purchase as other apps do. He said he can’t do that. Contacted Apple. They said the best thing to do was leave a review. Makes you feel like Apple promotes bad business is. sad you can’t even trust Bible developer.
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1 year ago, Green1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣#
The subscription took away my features
Was a great app and for new customers that want to pay a subscription im sure its great. But I bought this app years ago and paid $20 which was a lot for me to spend on an app. Maybe I paid to upgrade for faster reading etc. but the cost was fixed. Then all of a sudden my Bible reading plan had been erased and he reads so slow it’s not usable. Original customers should have been grandfathered in. I would have never paid for the current version of the app. I don’t know if you have to pay $20 for the app still then subscribe but I paid for a version that was better and now it’s totally different so it feels like I got ripped off.
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4 years ago, Jake12399
Best KJV app ever!
I’m KJV Only and I have tried all the apps in the app store. I am reading the bible for my 16th time cover to cover. The 90 day audio program has really helped me. This app is worth the money. I do not recommend it for bible reference but I do recommend it for heads down daily bible reading. Dear developers, if you made another KJV app I would buy it too. Thank you for updating the app with every new version of iOS. If you need money please ask before ever shutting the app down. Blessings!
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4 years ago, drennon way
More reading plans
I wish I could choose to create multiple reading plans because I like to separate my reading throughout the Bible not just start in one place and go the whole way through. I like to read my proverb and New Testament in the morning and psalms midday and Old Testament at night before bed but it doesn’t allow for multiple reading plans so I’m constantly having to skip around and remember where I left of. Please please please add this option
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1 year ago, Matt the Emoji man
Best Bible app best Bible version!
Thank you for making this available! I grew up listening to Scourby read the Psalms at night and now use this along with my Bible reading. It helps me focus to not only read the words but hear them audibly. Love that I can slow down his reading and the time between verses. Love Gods word! Love the King James Bible! Love this app! “Read them over again to me, wonderful words of life! Let me more of their beauty see, wonderful words of life!”
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5 years ago, Stevearcher
Delighted to see and hear this latest upgrade!
I don't study the bible using KJV but, after decades of listening to Scourby and others, his rendering of the audio bible remains the best! (Interesting anecdote... Many years ago, I worked on some projects with a brilliant audio engineer who had, in his past, worked with this man. He described Scourby as a down-to-earth professional who talked like a regular guy until he sat before a microphone. Then he cranked up that magnificent voice that put everyone in awe.)
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1 year ago, Michael Bigelow
If you purchased this app with full functionality and those features were locked up then I recommend contacting the iPhone App Store and getting a refund. When I paid for it thr features worked. I expect the features to work now. The developers business model is unethical. Stop offering an excuse as to why you’re going to start charging previous customers. If you want to charge a subscription model to new customers you have that right but let prior purchasers have what they paid for. Why am I being charged for features when I already purchased the full version ?
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2 years ago, Wendy's Dude
Paid perpetual but now subscription
I really like this app and use it daily. My favorite features are playlists (I use them to help me memorize scripture) and the ability to slow down the audio of the verses (so I can better understand what is being read). But I paid for the app a couple years ago but now that they have switched to a subscription model without warning, I feel like I am paying twice.
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7 years ago, John Choque
Update 2017!!
September 2017 updated... Still using this program! I am still enjoying listening to Scourby read the KJV. His reading is the finest in the world (to me). I've tried numerous Bible programs and this one is the best. Why? I think it's because the sole focus is only on God'a Word. Plus, the King James Authorized Version is truly the most accurate, sophisticated and effective translation of the Bible. It just is! God bless... The following review is well over 2 Years ago... Just downloaded the Alexander Scourby Bible APP. Nice first impression. Lots of good tools. Audio sounds good. General overview is good. Pleased with the APP. I'm a trucker and have Scouby's CD's, the rig beats the cds up a lot, then decided on this app. Well worth it. The cds was $100 I think, this app is only $20, a good deal! Enjoy your own app, I recommend it. Preacher John
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5 years ago, Saved & Sealed
Best Bible Devotional
Thank you for providing a great app to enhance daily Bible devotions. I enjoy reading from my leather-bound Bible while listening to the app on my iPhone. Thank you also for the recent technical support. Your app wasn’t working properly on my phone. You helped me realize all I needed to do was delete the app, restart my phone, clear the cache with a soft restart, and reload the app. Your app works beautifully now. Thank you so much! God bless you! 🙏🏻
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5 years ago, rlwnel
Not pleased with the pause between verses
This app has been such a blessing through the years and I’ve gifted to several people. But I’m disappointed in the breakdown of functionality and the need to delete and reinstall after every iOS update. The longer pause between verses is distracting and makes reading time longer. What happened to the “End” option for adding verses to a playlist? Adding through the Select option still yields individual verses being added. I can’t recreate my daily Psalms and Proverbs playlists after having to delete and reinstall.
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5 years ago, Big Schwantz
Longtime Scourby Bible App User
I’ve been using this app for a very long time. Since I’ve used the app, the developers have made several interface improvements that make using it easier. I’ve never had an issue you with until the recent app update (5.0.1 build 357). After downloading it, it kept crashing. I e-mailed support, and they were very fast to respond concerning the issue. They provided continuous updates and assisted with different solutions until the app worked properly. Currently, the app works perfectly. If you’re having issues, contact the developers. Their customer service is top notch. After downloading the app, I had to turn of the “Cellular Data” permissions for the app. Thank you Scourby App Team for finding a solution.
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5 years ago, Joyful in Florida
An Excellent Choice for Bible Study
I am thoroughly enjoying my Scourby YouBible app. It is helping me to attain my goal of listening to the reading of the entire Holy Bible several times a year. A minor glitch in the recent upgrade was immediately corrected when the upgrade was downloaded via my WiFi at home instead of my LTE data plan. The Scourby app was a sound investment as an adjunct to my other Bible study resources. Many thanks to the team at Scourby YouBible. ~L. Taylor, DeLand, Florida
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6 months ago, ThePOTUSof2020
Every feature cost money!!
Best Bible app simply because the audio is Alexander Scourby. I can't even share a verse without paying 3.99 for that feature. I mean seriously you can't even share a verse that tells you that the people who own this company are all about money, money, money, money, money. I pray that whoever owns this company. Will lose their ownership of this company or have a change of heart, because the Bible was freely recieved, and should be freely given. They're excuses for cost are ungodly at best. They already charge for the app now they charge for everything within the app.
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11 months ago, Dannymooo
Worth the money
I use this app constantly. I noticed a few other reviews complaining they had to pay twice. Yes, I think I did too but who cares. I got a new phone a few years back and it wasnt updated with the app. My mistake so I bought it again. For the price of a popcorn and drink at the movies I get the best Bible reading on the planet. Easy decision!
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5 years ago, Lpinkham
Updated app
After I had a update my app would not work. I sent a message to the developer and the told me how to fix it. When it still didn’t work I called them and they told me to do a hard reboot on my phone. It fixed it. The customer service was great. I use this app every morning seven days a week. I really enjoy this bible app. Thank you for having such a great app.
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5 years ago, pavement plower
Best app on the planet!
I have had this app for a few years now and it is by far the best $20 I’ve ever spent! Have tried just about every audiobook, as well as different versions some dramatic and this is definitely the best Bible app I’ve ever came across! Easy to navigate through and with the new update The sound is crystal clear! Thanks Rob and everybody involved with the production of this app- Josh / Truck Driver
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2 years ago, Jjnoname
Recent Update, not good. Don’t upgrade app.
After the latest update, my Scourby Bible app lost the feature which has a countdown on the daily Bible reading. This feature was great because it gave a daily timer countdown based on the reading plan chosen and it showed how much time you needed to read for the day. Now that it doesn’t show this feature, the app just keeps reading over to the next day, and it doesn’t show when the daily reading is done. I reached out to the app support team and explained the problem and they couldn’t help.
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5 years ago, TruthAmongLies
Version 5.0.1 does NOT work with iOS 12.4
I have enjoyed this app for a long time and prefer Alexander Scourby far more than any other Bible reader. It was sad for me to discover that the “updated” 5.0.1 version falls to work on the iPhone iOS 12.4. It appears to come up then goes away. Oddly, it still shows when swiping between apps but will not come to the forefront as the active app, which means no functions can be used. Thus, it is utterly useless. I tried to reload the app multiple times and hope the bug is soon fixed.
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5 years ago, John6:38
Best Audio Bible
Even though it’s King James, Alex Scourby has hands down the best reading of the Bible ever. It’s not cheesy and has no weird background music and he reads it like he actually had a relationship with God and an understanding of the scriptures. At one point in the book of John when he reads “ greater love..than to lay down life ..” it seems like he almost starts to cry.
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2 years ago, Ike'
I like this app, I listen to my bible through 3-4 times a year along with endless studying where I listen to the same chapter over and over to study a new concept with the context. I would have gladly paid $200 for this app free and clear maybe more instead I was billed $25 free and clear for the app. Now I wake up this morning to all of the features that I paid for being canceled and the app now wants to draft my account $40 a year for the same app that I have already purchased. I am not a review person and tried to give feedback through the app to the owners to get it worked out but along with the apparent update of the app the link to send feedback was broken. I will forgive this but I will unfortunately be looking for another bible reading app that does not have a monthly/ yearly subscription.
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1 year ago, marilee@65
A bit to much
I can’t believe after buying this app ( the bible) you have now added an additional charge for the sleep timer. I’ve had this app for two years with out having to buy it. Now you charge an additional $3.99. What a bad testimony! Charging for the Bible in the first place. Shame on you! Really, after not charging anymore for the sleep timer you now decide to charge for it. How much money are you making off of this app? Remember that you all ready made us pay 20$. Shame on you!!!
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2 years ago, Zelotes1
Best Biblical Narrator
I had a friend from Bible study tell me that I was a walking biblical encyclopedia. It’s becauseI listen to this so much I know that when I get to heaven, I feel like it’s gonna be this voice I hear speaking the word. I go to sleep practically every night listening to this app. I love the timer feature.
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2 years ago, cameo bible
I bought this app a few years ago and suddenly I can’t use the audio playlists I created unless I purchase a subscription! I hate subscription based apps and never purchase them. I guess I’ll just have to delete this app. BYE!
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5 years ago, Brimmboy3
Crashes after latest update!!!
UPDATE 2 on August 27, 2019 So now we can’t even access customer support. You have a serious problem w your app, which costs $20, that renders it useless and you won’t respond to our notices to you, plus you have a customer support link that is not working. This is not a new problem. It has been going on for a while. Please fix the app. Thank you! UPDATE ON August 27, 2019 PLEASE FIX THE APP!! It won’t open. Crashes every time! Original review... Has been a great app! It constantly crashes since the latest update. Can’t even get it to open up without crashing. Hope they fix this soon. I would love to see them add more Daily Reading Plans. An example would be to read the NT through in a month. Just a variety. Thank you! Look forward to the crashing issue being fixed so I can use the app again!
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5 years ago, Scottkoh
What happened
I have used this app daily for many many many years. And now with this update it crashes upon opening. I have read the other reviews about downloading over WiFi instead of cellular. What type of app developer designs a app that way. I only have cellular connections, even with my home WiFi. So your telling me their excuse is that it’s not the app but how you downloaded it. They are nuts. I’m so sad to see this same comment over and over. This app could be and was the best bible app out there. I hope they get things fixed.
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2 years ago, ImLovedbyHim2
3 days ago, some of the features became “Subscriptions”!! That’s not fair to those that did not agree to this when originally purchasing the app. This was by far the most expensive app I ever purchased, and I want the features that I paid for. They were not “free” since they were included in the purchase. What if every app developer decides they are going to start shaking down their customers and inventing ways to charge for what was already purchased?? It’s the same as car manufacturer deciding that now it wants to charge for a monthly subscription for the use of my radio or the use of the windshield wipers. If that’s something you want to do going forward, that’s your business. But to start charging for past purchases, that’s just not good business.
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