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Scratch Foundation, Inc.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ScratchJr

4 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Amy Hua Kitty Cat
Awesome, simple, and fun. Fix something though.
There is this mail letter thing, you can choose different colors for it to trigger a signal in your coding thing, or, whatever you call what it does. There is only a few colors, not a lot. I don’t like that part, because I have a lot more things to use that mail thingy than just 6 colors. Can we maybe put a text, instead of colors? Like, any text. For example: “car”. And on the character, you put the same text on that mail thingy. And the action happens. Also, why only 4 scenes? Can we add more than 4 scenes? I also want the audio recording quality a little better. There is this noise sound, it makes the recording sound a little glitchy, I also want to have a feature where you can just get audio from your audio library, or video library. Thank you, I just want an improvement to make coding better. Overall from this, this app is great! Thank you for reading.
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1 year ago, Izzy928
I kinda like it
I like it but it just needs more sections or whatever you call it, so here’s the sections I need so operators but it’s renamed math, sensing, and variables and more blocks in the sections like repeat until, point towards mouse pointer but renamed as point towards hand. And also remove the end blocks replace that as my blocks if you want. What should be in the math\operators: a plus sign, a minus sign and finally add times. Also add clones, delete clone, when start as a clone. Just add everything what scratch has only some stuff.
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2 years ago, FrozenFriedChicken
Works okay buut..
The drawing tool is hard to use and you can only have four frames. When you draw to create or edit a character, the app distorts the lines you draw and doesn’t allow you to draw anything small. If you draw a curved or squiggly line, it’ll often straighten the line unless it has very dramatic squiggles. Your drawing of a parentheses may end up looking like a straight line or a less than sign. If you’re drawing the letter E, it’ll often connect the lines and make it look more like a box with funny looking triangles. If you’re drawing a tiny circle, it literally won’t appear unless you draw it larger. It makes it frustrating to draw anything. In addition, projects are only limited to four frames, so you’re restricted to making only incredibly simple games/stories/etc. A small selection of only 40 colors also limits creativity. But overall, if you’re making small, short, simple projects with the pre-made characters, it’s an okay app.
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12 months ago, Aaron - Address boy
Love it!
This coding app is awesome! My computer hobby is coding, and I really like Scratch. So I downloaded this and it’s so fun the only thing is that why can you only make 4 pages? Here’s an example I made a project called around the world and so it has multiple countries that you tap on to go to that country. Countries: USA, Brazil, UK, China, Vietnam (where my parents are from), Japan, Australia, Canada. But I only could make 4 pages: countries, USA, China, Vietnam, so it makes it impossible to visit the other countries. So please PLEASE can you add the ability to add multiple pages? And you could just scroll down to see the other pages! Anyways, I love this game! Thank you, Scratch Team.
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4 years ago, Dexoli
😻😻😻 AWESOME!!!
WAAAAY easier than normal scratch! Totally awesome, nothing bad to say! But I wish normal scratch said what blocks do. I know what some of them do, but not all of them. Scratch jr. is something all kids should try. If you don’t like it, normal scratch might be better. One of the best things about this is it’s free. I like normal scratch, but this is easier. Just... more messages and maybe some variables (but don’t call the variables!) and this would PERFECT!!! Also I want more costumes. And more backdrops. And I want the characters to be able to say more. Hmm... I also want characters to change color and also be able to change costumes. I can’t remember what I was gonna say.🤦‍♀️ add badgers.
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6 years ago, NEED MORE THINGS!!!
I love the game but I wish it had animals and backgrounds and, MORE ITEMS!! Like more items for the house and what if you want to have a barbecue outside but you can't because you don't have the right item for it? And what if you want a house and a couch and a TV and food and other stuff you need in the house? And What about pets like cats and dogs and hamsters and rabbits and birds Farm animals like cows and sheep and roosters and donkeys and what about the backgrounds what if you want to go on a camping trip or you want to go to a horse race or a battle arena or a animal shelter? You really need to add more things ☹️ please do add more things in the next update please 😜
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3 years ago, EMO howler
Amazing Game!!! 😱🤩
Hello, this game changed me, I loved Roblox but now I am in love with ScratchJr today at school we could do this I asked my mom if I could get the game she said yes and I am now in love with this game thank you for making this amazing game and when I was making a fairy on the moon a glitch happend BUT a amazing one that made the head go off of the fairy so now it was “ apparently” decapitated by a car windo! Lol!!! Well that’s all for me! Thanks for reading this review pls get the game you will definitely fall in love! -Alien_ALF12
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5 years ago, LiveWireCS
Why would you get this
The app is fine, it’s a good app for little kids but there is no need for a Scratch Jr because it’s just Scratch with less blocks, more bugs and just less everything, really. Scratch doesn’t even cost money. AND scratch is already for children! Tap the letters and they make funny sounds! Click on the face and it laughs! DRAG THE BALL WHEREVER YOU WANT! Those are all what Scratch Jr can do, but scratch can do things like: Press certain keys when the game tells you to! Hold this key for a certain amount of time! Griffpatch even made geometry dash! Just put normal scratch on the App Store. We don’t need a bad version of scratch.
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9 months ago, Baby531
Great but Some Wants!
I would like more pages to make more characters more backgrounds for things, then, for the characters are you want some animations straight I kind of sounds weird why are you do that? I like it but I want animations for like a tab that says animations for characters. If you turn on it will allow the characters to have great animations also I want people to share their projects like a normal scratch, please and thank you. 😎🤩😀😃😄😁😆
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2 months ago, RandomSheep1424
Some bugs that ruin project.
The Block Speed block has a bug that if you leave a project that has a speed block set to slow and then come back to it later, those blocks change to normal speed blocks. The rest of the game is just fun. However, the paint editor sometimes locks a piece of your sprite into place. If you want to change it’s place, you’d just have to ruin it with the move/line changing tool and then fix it up.😕 Please fix. I’m tired of it!!!
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3 years ago, Chloe Flynn sun
Some fun things
My four years old little brother just loves this game. On scratch Junior you can make stories and if you don’t like the color of the character then you can change the color. And if you do not like how small it is or how Big is it then you can change the size. It is The coolest game my brother and I have saw. You can also change the background. The coolest thing you can do is make the characters move around. Another thing is that can make the characters talk.
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1 year ago, Weekshopping
Please do this to the app
I’ve been wanting to create more scenes but there are only 4 scenes. Many people are begging for you developers to create more than 4 scenes. Can you at least make projects have unlimited scenes? I really want to make a game where you play in a home with many activities, but I just don’t have enough scenes. We love this app and just really want more scenes. I’m not the only one asking for more scenes so please!!! I will rate you a 5 star if so!
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5 years ago, go-girl480
So in school we did it in technology and once I got home I zoomed to my iPad and downloaded it. Once I finished homework I went to my iPad played scratch JR and made a lot of them the more I do the better it gets! I recently made a game on scratch JR and I think it is cool there’s just one thing though... you can’t make it start off small or keep it hidden or rotate it. But one more thing (compliment) The cat is amazing the cat on real scratch is ugly. (No offense) thank you so much for making scratch jr
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2 years ago, Finneganowen
Can it have more than 4 scenes?
So I’ve been making a game on ScratchJr and it’s a great game - it just doesn’t have a menu page because the limit of scenes is 4 and I made 2 levels on this game so I think there should be a update for that - also, I want clearer sound recordings that don’t sound glitchy and one last thing, I want more color envelopes so I can make more buttons. Everything else is great on this app and bye!
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1 year ago, Ms. T Aragon
Video Export
Great app for the young learners. They make such creative stories. The one downside that has prevented users from continuing using this app compared to other similar ones is there isn’t a way to export the final product out as a video or mp4 file to easily share. It only allows airdrop and email which students don’t have emails and airdrop only allows it to be open as a scratch file.
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2 years ago, 4cgh345==/(6
Meh 😒
Ok! Hi. I’m a person who tends to love everything. Buuuut….this game is constantly kicking me out and making all my little movies I’ve made DISAPPEAR! I’m like great, I spent an hour making this and now it’s gone! The whole idea of it is pretty nice. It’s Scratch for younger kids! But the glitches and lag and making me so upset. The characters are cute and the backgrounds…ITS JUST THE GLITCHES. Fixes are necessary and would be much appreciated. P. S. The device I’m using is not old it is an apple Ipad from 2021 Christmas Sooooo….
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2 years ago, i exist did anyone know ehehe
Can we have accounts
I really want accounts on this game. Why? Well, one time, I had these series of countless projects. One series called Quality Pizza, and the Edited Cat series. Me and my sister loved making them. But one day, my iPad restarted. It devastated me when I found out that my ScratchJr progress was restarted, too. I don’t want to go through that again. So can there be accounts? Thanks!
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4 years ago, geshj11
Knew how to fix Undo Typing problem!
All I have to do is go to settings —>accessibility —> Shake to undo! Great! But... I would like to have a copy feature and paste feature in case I wanted to duplicate my projects! And I would like my character to stay where it is if I move on to the next project! That’s all I need! Thank you for reading and let me know by responding below this text!
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6 years ago, Musashi 1583
kids love it
super easy to learn even for a 6yo... great fun and educational for kids importing images for both backgrounds and characters would be a bonus and one badly missing part if this is meant as a programming teaching tool, are the logical blocks. even simple thing like “change direction” IF .... yes, it would “complicate” thinking’s but it would allow more creative stories to be build... looking forward to new version
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2 years ago, unicorncidyAC
Good but,
For some reason, I found a glitch and I keep taping the green flag and it does not start the project. Well the good news is that it only happened in one of my projects. I still recommend the app for little kids. I also have suggestions for the app. 1. Custom colors 2. duplicating stuff 3. no making straight lines in stuff I hope you find this helpful!
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1 year ago, Nextlesson
New button on project screen
Just a heads up, there seems to be a new button on the projects pages next to the create project button. The version history for the app does not mention this at all. Can you please document this properly? I would not call it a minor bug fix.
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3 years ago, Jaybiz
Music Never Fails......
Hi! Isaiah here. So guess what! I’m not going to scratch anymore because this sandbox is FINALLY done. So...I’m not DELETE IT because............ I CAN’T FIGURE OUT! (unless I escape for good.) Sorry....But I’m giving this game a 5\5 instead cause music never fails......... Isaiah- P.S. I will never return until now....
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4 years ago, Nor Cal Bdub
Yep, building is my thing
I don’t need pbs kids scratch jr., because, I already have this, plus, the fun streak never ends. The last best things: I’m a 7 year old, but I love changing colors, making credits, and last but not least, making messages. If I put them all in one, I can change the world! So that’s why I don’t need pbs kids scratch jr..
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1 month ago, I do not like paying
Scratch JR is great! But I put on the home setting and I don’t have the microphone asset. Is this an iOS glitch or something. I am working on a project and I need the microphone asset. So can you guys fix the glitch. If it is not a glitch can you please add the microphone to the home setting. Other than that, Scratch JR is the best! Thank you.
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3 years ago, Cozy1971
I have a few things to say
1. So, I was on scratch one day, and it said instead of real seconds, they’re TENTHS. I just want them to be normal seconds, please. 2. Is it ok if you have it able to import/export images? If you already have this, that’s ok and you can just ignore that. 3. This is great! I’ve been using it when I was 6, and it was good. Then I found Scratch, and sorry to say, but that was a whole lot easier since they used actual seconds. And that’s when I found out #1 was true. So anyways, those are just thoughts of mine that you can probably put into ScratchJr. Thank you for reading this, Brooke
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2 years ago, jdidijddj
Amazing but…
I love the app but there’s one thing I still want to see. An app for Scratch! No I’m not talking about ScratchJr. Like SCRATCH scratch as in a app just like the website. And for some reason the google play store has it but us Apple users don’t. So scratch, please try to do this…
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4 months ago, Neville Corbett
😍 This app is so cool
On scratch Jr you can make your own characters I have made like 20 characters. Scratch Jr is a coding app for kids Why every time I start an image or story always starts with a cat? I would rate this app 4.75 stars but I can’t do that so I’m giving it 5 stars
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12 months ago, 64rtben
Mamma Mia
I’m giving this rate as a four because that I don’t know the riddles you even know that it’s just 2d well I want to 3-D so I can know where it goes can you please please read us whoever made us make fixes do everything that you can
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2 years ago, farfeli
Too little options.
I know this is a Game for children. But there isn’t enough slots for more scenes. And they are not options like scan or teleport I feel like that there isn’t enough creativity that you can use with this app. I’m a home user and I got this app for the reason that I wanted something to be able to use my imagination. But instead I’m stuck by the limitations of The app.
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4 years ago, durnrinsl
Pleas read for your own good
I like this game it’s just like scratch a junior at school a.k.a. cline elementary I’ll like it there you get to play scratch Junior scratch Junior is fun because whenever you just want to create something you really want to do you can just create it it’s always so fun to play!
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3 months ago, Clouds float in the wind
This is great, but you can’t delete anything
The only reason I got this was because I wanted to try at scratch The controls are so confusing but I know I’ll get the hang of it sometimes when I need to delete something or something I don’t want you cannot delete it at all The game is fun and all it’s really good not so bad😐
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4 years ago, LeaperXR
Great, but very limited
This is a great software for small children and beginner coders. I like how you get to create create your own animated and games. But I think there is something missing. Sprites need animation frames. The animation would then change whenever there is a change. For example, forward, sprite a, jump, sprite b. This would make things more logical, instead of dragging that cat around.
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2 years ago, Riley!🌸
Needs more frames
I really want to make a game where you have to click on stuff and it brings you to another page but we only have four or five frames and I can’t really make a game withFive or four frames it’s still a good app but there’s no scratch on the App Store so can you please add more frames for the possibility
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1 year ago, AKL1479
Scratch jr is amazing but…
My 8 year old says “I love scratch but the limit on backdrops are to low so can the creator add a larger backdrop limit or a block called “ go to project” and type in the project name.” I think it’s awesome as a teacher it helps A LOT thanks for the app.
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3 years ago, BEST.... CANT SAY IT..
When you want a break, you have or not have one. I want publishes and around the world. I made a cats world game. But I still like it I knew it when I started (on computer also and iPad).im great at building its my love.
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3 years ago, gamer 4526
Good game but needs more panels🙂
So first I would really like there to be more panels because this one day I was going to make a game where there’s levels and signs that say “you win!”but their’s not enough panels so I can’t make it so...yeah🥺
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3 years ago, noturaveragerick
It’s eh
It is good but it gets glitchy when your game is better and there is not a lot of choices you could use but overall it’s a good app because my laptop is broken and I can’t go on actual scratch #PutMoreSignals / MessageS in the game please
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5 years ago, Ipismom
It’s cool but...
I love the idea of making games early but we need to see other people’s levels because we can’t just always see our own because we may soon run out of ideas so we need inspiration from others
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12 months ago, FuzzyJB7_15
More options
Scratch Jr. is good for younger kids but why only 4 scenes?! Plus, no sharing?! Why can’t I share like the original Scratch? And also make a website for Scratch Jr. There is just a homepage website for the Jr. version. And I cannot make a game for my nephew to play on his phone. Otherwise, this is okay!
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4 years ago, iris afton
I love this ❤️
Here is why 1.i use this in school 24/7 2.its not complicated can learn how to make really good animations 4.SO ADDICTING we had an animation contest at our school and who ever won gets to share it to the school and so I won by doing a drug awareness animation ^w^
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4 years ago, sabrina is cool dab
Just one thing that I want
When you want to go to the next page with the button the character should come with
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4 years ago, laedc$dscasdccsad
Good but I want to know how to do something
Heard of a feature that allows you to record voice and can’t use it. but I still like it
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3 years ago, cool dude0622
Good but the blocks can’t stay!😡
So the first time I played this game I was putting a block down but it teleported back were I got it from I worked for days trying to fix it but it never worked so can you fix this
Show more
2 years ago, ryson hager
It is not the same..
I was checking if there was a scratch for mobile, to my suprise that it was so I downloaded it and then to my disappointment there’s fewer blocks and it wasn’t the same and if you try to draw a sprite, it checks what shape and trys to correct it if it looks off when its not, you’re making so that’s why that your sprites look so off. I was not drawing shapes
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2 years ago, i love and like this
This is good
This is good and all but can you add a character so like you add a photo and the backround of the photo gets deleted but the character dosent that would be better
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5 years ago, reviewergirl#025
A small problem with the app
Overall, this app is great. But, there’s a problem. You only allow 4 frames per project. This is hard because you can only do 4 things per game. Please make an infinite amount of frames.
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11 months ago, Ethan160416thepro
This is one of the best educational apps
And I was wondering if you could’ve brought back the voice microphone and make letters like the real scratch
Show more
3 years ago, khiuy)
Developers can u
Developers can u fix the problem where this is the mistake in every codeing chaecter only one sound work but every thing else works so four star review
Show more
6 years ago, wettsokks
Meh it's ok
Look, it's ok but we need actual scratch. My computer doesn't even work! We need the REAL DEAL scratch this is just for beginners. (like 4 year olds) but me at school I am a real Scratcher! But this is just sad ಠ╭╮ಠ. We need this to be the real deal not 4 year old edition. You got that... Right? But if it where the REAL DEAL then 5 stars. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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6 years ago, DinaElla
This is great
A lot of people are arguing but this isn’t supposed to be for grown ups or teens this is supposed to be a kids app even though I’m older than the age rating I still like this app.
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