Screen Mirroring - TV Cast

4.3 (59.4K)
80.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
LQL Studio One Member Company Limited
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Screen Mirroring - TV Cast

4.33 out of 5
59.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Emilade
Worked just fine for me
I did enable the trial mode to give it the best chance I could. Connecting was easy, streamed a 40 minute video from Facebook to my TV with no issues and I was still able to use other apps on my phone while it played. Only giving 4 stars because the video quality wasn’t great but for the video I was trying to play, the visuals weren’t that important. My expectations were low and this app exceeded them decently.
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5 years ago, Green Pencil
A+ for effort
You seem to have many user issues. I believe my current issue is with my WiFi signal but I’m not sure yet. However, for someone to give you 1 star because they made the mistake of clicking on the trial is as dumb as many of the other things people are complaining about, especially after you didn’t hesitate to approve a full refund. They should’ve amended it. I felt the need to offset this, albeit my vote won’t make that much of a difference. I don’t think the issues stated in the negative reviews are all necessarily inaccurate. But I feel they are overreacting in an unfair manner. That being said, I hope you are able to work out all the bugs. It can’t just work. It has to be simple and easy. From the standpoint of customer service, you guys seem to be top notch. Keep trying. I love the willingness to respond. I’d suggest working toward an effective app; one that you can provide all available features free of charge. I say this only because of what you’re competing with. Best wishes.
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5 years ago, geek_grrl
They need a zero star option. Seriously.
I should have read the most recent reviews before I wasted my time. Fortunately I cancelled my subscription in the app store before even three hours went by let alone three days. I have an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 13.2.3. All my apps are up to date, as is my Samsung Smart TV. I followed all the instructions and waited for it to load the phone screen. As soon as it was almost loaded, I received an “invalid URL, closing in 5 seconds” with the countdown then nothing. Oh the app didn’t “crash” by closing itself per se, but if you can never get the screen from your device actually loaded onto your TV what’s the point? This app might have been great when first released, but the devs have failed to keep up with the changes to iOS and/or Samsung TVs. Either way, charging $3.99/week is ridiculous unless the app was totally flawless but it’s not. Why would I pay a $200+/year to watch my iPad on my TV? I don’t even pay that much for Netflix or any other streaming service. Also, note to devs: Your canned responses to customers with real issues is pathetic and patronizing. Try making sure the app works. Either the devs haven’t kept it up to date or you need new QA testing staff. I would never let anything this bad out of my sandbox let alone into the wild. This is charging customers to do your Alpha testing. Don’t insult the intelligence of your customers. My 2 year old Great Nephew could do better.
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5 years ago, Dan-O112454
Almost but not quite
I figured out how to mirror from my iPhone 7 iOS 13.1.3 to Samsung 6 series 60. 1) Pictures . Maybe something i’m missing but I thought I would be able to scroll through pictures and not have to preselect them before casting. 2) video. Same. But all my videos display on there side 90 degrees off. And no way to fix this. 3) screen casting. Not clear how to make this work. When I select screen casting it Takes me to a screen where it says optimize Speed optimize quality. I tried both. Then says to select screen mirroring and select broadcast. Then stuck . Doesn’t make sense. I select Screen mirroring within the mirroring app the purple icon in the middle at the top But that just shows me whether I want to connect to my Samsung TV or my Roku. I wanted to like this app. I felt like it was close. Please fix these issues and make it more user-friendly and intuitive.
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4 years ago, Chimbombó
The video resolution was very bad, but was especially noticeable on my 4K Tv. The photo resolution was acceptable, but the image displayed on 1/8 of the screen. Full screen viewing will probably be very poor. It did not really mirror my screen since full screen viewing of a photo displayed the photo on 1/8 of the TV screen. Lifetime cost of $40 was not worth it. Easier and a better value is to just go buy a chromecast or equivalent hardware device and avoid the risk of having your videos and photos saved of this sites server. Security risk moderately high to high. Free was costly! I should have read the large number a bad review. But i was very impressed with the effort of the developers to respond to the bad review. I really think that an app like this one, when it finally work better, and for a lot less than $40 is needed.
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4 years ago, Diehard craiglister
Shattered mirroring
I am requesting a full refund. I spent 3 hours after downloading this app to try and get it to work. I have a new Samsung TV and an iphone 7. Everything we tried failed to work including your instructions. I googled various other websites/user instructions to see how they had obtained mirroring and tried their instructions. Nothing worked. Then after hours of struggling I removed the ability to do in-app purchases on my iphone the same day to hopefully prevent a charge to my account by your app. I had to turn on “ in app purchases” just for your 3 day” trial” to download your app. I was suspect after that. Sure enough 4 days later I get charged for a service that doesn’t work. I would highly recommended you list required equipment (tv models), IOS versions and better instructions and any tertiary equipment needed to make this work like a wireless network etc. I would like my money back too.
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3 years ago, BlaiseBix
Poor picture quality, won't do full screen
On my Samsung smart TV, both options for how to display had pixelation and hiccups in both sound and picture. My phone was only four feet from the TV and there were no other EM sources nearby (e.g., vacuum cleaners, space heaters, etc.). Also, unlike other screen share apps, turning your phone to horizontal/landscape does get reflected on TV, so although the image on your phone is landscape, the TV shows only a narrow, vertical image. I also need to join those who complained about the free trial that isn't free. The blurb did not mention anything special that needed to be done --- so unlike other free trials, I was charged one week's fee for what I thought was a free trial. Tell me: if this wasn't a rip off, why was I automatically charged for one week rather than prompted for which of three payment plans/spans I wanted? Beware!
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4 years ago, Ggffhjhjkhv
It’s was good.... but it’s not working anymore
At first I really enjoyed using your TV app Because at first it worked but now all of a sudden when I’m trying to pull a video up onto the television it’s telling me that I need to download a VPN. If you guys know anything about that please let me know because the app was working really good before and now it’s not even working at all anymore. The video I wanna watch does not come up on the TV screen. Can you please tell me how in the world can I fix that, because other than that your app is good it’s really good but I just need to know how I can have my videos shown on the television. Please respond to me ASAP because I have a few shows that I’d like to be watching right now!!!!
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3 years ago, Mindalish55
Do not believe the free trial
I downloaded this app this morning to try. I could not make it work because the video I wanted to watch requires a subscription. So what did I do? I got the "free 3 day trial" tried to cast the video online. NBC requires me to sign up for something else. I'm over it. I made sure to Cance subscription. About 30 min was the length of the app. 8 hrs later they charged me for the week at 4.99. I look and show I cancelled it properly in my subscriptions but the screen shot I took this morning said enjoy until 3-10. Now it says enjoy until 3/14 cuz I was charged a week. I DID NOT APPROVE THIS PURCHASE AND I WAS ROBBED!!!! I canceled this. I have submitted reports to Apple for fraud and refund. They don't like I canceled after trying to stream a video ? Tough. Don't offer a free trial to see if we like your stupid app. Crooks! DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE
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4 years ago, Flesh-eating bacteria
Tried and Tried but No Joy
After two nights I finally gave up on trying to install this app on my iPad and iPhone without success. I use Tidal Premium and had been mostly using the Tidal app on my Roku 3 and Premium + devices but had noticed that what I am served just logging on to the Tidal website from the iPhone (6s) and iPad Pro were much different from each other and both different from what I’m served through the Tidal apps on my Roku devices. I much preferred what was offered on the first two. So this is why I tried. I never could get anything to go the the TVs through the Rokus using this app. The only sound comes out of the iPhone and iPad. I have been having some DNS issues lately be have seen no clear sign that that is the problem. Guess I’ll have to keep looking fir a way to get what I want out of tidal.
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4 years ago, Llana__96
Way too buggy
Everytime I boot this app up it lags, it’s got a cool 5-10 second delay (which in all honesty isn’t that big a deal to me, but the constant buffering is what kills me. And if I’m going to be paying for a service I’d expect it to be better). All that aside—my number one issue is how it just pauses itself! It stops to buffer and then it disconnects itself, saying it’s an invalid stream. It sends itself to a screensaver, ridiculous. I can’t even get 5 minutes into my video without this issue. I’ve been fiddling with it for a while now and I’m absolutely frustrated. There’s no way I’d spend my money on a product that doesn’t even *work* and no, it’s not my internet, I have no problems streaming to any of my other TVs without delay, it’s only using this app I have issues. 1/10.
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5 years ago, Jgreen2310
Does Not Work
Greetings! I have the model of 55LF6100-UA and everything works well except for the most important feature: Screen Mirroring. What happens is, when I select the option to”Optimize Speed” - my TV screen goes black as if it is about to work, and the opens up the internet browser for the TV. If this is designed to project my iPhone / iPad screen to my LG Smart Tv, then it isn’t doing so. I’m able to project my images and videos to the TV, but the Screen Mirroring seems to want to work, but cancels. I’d be more than willing to try and willing to pay for a longer subscription, but thankfully, $3.99 isn’t much of a loss and it’s been successfully cancelled. Thank you for trying and I’m willing this feedback assists you
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5 years ago, BenRC24
Doesn’t work on my TV
After trying the app, I realized it didn’t work on my model TV; the tv will either not load my screen at all or when it does it’ll say something like “invalid URL” and close out anyway. I bought a lifetime subscription because I thought it came with a free trial but it charged my card right away. I want a full refund for the subscription, nothing against the app it just doesn’t work on my model TV so I want my $42 back. Update: every time I request a refund, right away I get the message that “We’ve determined that your purchase doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund.” How do I fix this because the app simply doesn’t work on my TV and I never got a free trial, so I’d like a refund.
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4 years ago, PhoenixGTR
Nothing happens unless you go premium
Updated for clarity: This should have been clearly listed as a trial version, with the trial part easy to access. I did not get the three days free trial. It says it's connected to my Roku, but nothing happens. I enter a URL in the web browser and all that happens is it prompts me to try premium. I click screen mirroring, and again it prompts me to try premium-without mirroring. When an app says it has a premium level, I expect it to have a basic level of some sort too. If it's a trial version only, I expect it to say so clearly on the app's home screen, and in the app store description it really should be one of the first things you see.
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2 years ago, joeart4365
Good but question for developer
The app works well as my Samsung TV does not show up for ScreenMirroring and there is no lag. My one question for the developer is how can I pause or rewind or forward a video I am watching off of browser? I do not know how to access these controls and all I am able to do is start the video from the beginning if I missed a part. This will help me read this as a five star product.
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4 years ago, AnnoyedRishel
Better off buying a cable!
I didn’t even bother completing my free trial. It’s so slow, laggy, and glitchy that I gave up entirely. On the rare occasion that it did load, there would be nearly a full minute of lag. I might have been willing to give two stars and keep the app if it were free, but the subscription price for the quality is completely unacceptable. I can spend the same amount on the one time purchase of a cable that works far better. And before anyone chimes in about my connection, as I’ve seen in other comments, I can guarantee that it’s not. Even with optimal connection, I still experience lag and long load times.
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2 years ago, peepeeboy69
Haven’t tried, but it probably works.
I’ve read some reviews of the app. Some are pretty negative, but I’m sure the app works just fine. I’m just 14 years old and wanted to play the second Sonic movie for my little brother, since I recorded the entire movie in the theater to replay it for him. Since I’m 14, I don’t have any money, but if I did, I would support these people, because they seem very polite in the replies of the negative reviews.
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4 years ago, Marnold2006
Easy to use but lags behind phone
This was easy to use and worked for video chatting with my niece. The only reason that I didn’t put 5 stars is due to lagging behind phone by several seconds. We could hear them talking and the video on the phone was on time but the tv was several seconds behind the phone.
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4 years ago, T452020
Pay BEFORE you get to use it.
So lame! You have to purchase before you get to use it. A lot of these “screen casters” are very similar! Like if it’s a scam. I’ve used multiples and after ONE cast they don’t work anymore. It’s always the same price and three days free BUT NOT REALLY. I don’t expect things to be free “forever” that’s stupid! I DO expect to try something without having to give my card info first. Three days isn’t long enough to even get your card info back from the company. Anyhow. I used it and the app STILL SUCKED! Stopped casting after the first use. Also HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!
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4 years ago, Eman-ken
I understand that the only reason you f developing apps is to earn some money regardless other ethical reasons that ypu can come up with. But I don’t understand why you force me yo subscribe and add my payment methods even for the free trial. Why you don’t just give me a trial ( for any number pf days) and then you let me choose if I want to buy it or not!?. It’s annoying after I downloaded the app I found that even to see how it works I have to submit my subscription! This is actually the raason for giving you one star because I couldn’t have a real survey unless I pay!.
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4 years ago, SDKMB
I cancelled my subscription within the hour that I downloaded the app because it didn’t work for me. At least I thought I unsubscribed. Today I got an email from you. From it I can’t tell if you recognized my cancellation because the email just gives me different options for continuing. On the email it says “ To learn more or renew your subscription” to click on that, which takes me to another opening that says nothing about unsubscribing. You should be more clear in your correspondence. I am hoping I am truly unsubscribed and will be watching to see if I am unsubscribed or charged.
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4 years ago, Kazacka
Can’t test it!
You falsely advertise that the app is free. It’s not free. I couldn’t do anything with your app. You require I submit my credit card and agree to pay. That’s not free. With any app, I can call the App Store to cancel after paying if I don’t like it. You don’t allow users to try it. It’s a huge hassle to call the App Store and cancel the auto renewing subscription you require. I just want to know if it works...... but I can’t tell. I need to try it for ONE HOUR. THATS ALL. A totally free app for ONE HOUR would be easy to offer, charge after that, It looks like it doesn’t work bc you won’t let people test it HASSLE FREE.
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3 years ago, D3r3K_N13
Hello app developer, I bought the trial that automatically took ten dollars out of my account, which would’ve been fine if the app worked for what I wanted it to :( I’m hoping I can cancel my subscription and get a refund, in hopes of finding a different mirroring service that better suits my needs.
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5 years ago, GFG_CHOPPY
This thing doesn’t work with Roku
This app is a piece of garbage. Not only does this app not screen mirror, but their “3-day” trial isn’t even a selectable button. It brings you to a 1 year full price checkout screen instead of just continuing the 3 day trial like I wanted to. Now I’ve been charged because of my finger print authorization. Super disappointed this app has been created to deceive people into buying a year subscription. Not only that, but I still can’t screen cast to my roku+ as advertised. I would really like a refund....
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4 years ago, ZacharyLars
I cancelled my free trial but I bought the lifetime deal. Please HELP!
So I’m only rating this app four stars because I’m so unsure. When I cancelled my free trial after purchasing the one lifetime deal, it says it expires in three days so I don’t know if the lifetime deal will work and considering I bought it for 20 dollars, I really hope I didn’t waste it. Please help (:
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2 years ago, Ceeeeooooooooo
Will not let you use the screen share without subscription
Deceptive app. Once you download it and try to use the screen share, it only provides you with the options to optimize for speed or quality. When you click those buttons, a pop up appears that asks you to sign up for a free 3 day trial or their full subscription. If you close out of that pop up, there are no options to use the screen share
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4 years ago, Tenchii2
Try before you buy
I want to make sure the app works before I buy it, and this one seems to connect for 3 seconds and then disconnect, why would I buy your software if the trial doesn’t even work? Not very good business ethic if you ask me, here buy my broken product. That is basically what you are selling, a broken product. And if you ask me you can’t even go off of reviews from other people these days because of all the fake reviews, there is no one to trust out there nowadays.
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4 years ago, Csilverbug
Doesn’t work
I too wish I had read things more clearly. I thought I had cancelled the subscription but apparently didn’t, and have been being charged $4 a week for an app that doesn’t work. I downloaded this to aid in home schooling, to be able to broadcast videos from my iPad onto the tv, but it is blurry, it is constantly buffering, the audio doesn’t keep up, just all around a very poor product and so completely grossly overpriced. Never again.
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3 years ago, yueokn
No thanks
Wouldn’t let me try & connect to my tv unless I paid a 3.99 (per week) subscription. After I paid I went back in the app and it never connected my apple phone to my role TV. Went to check my bank account and it had charged me 5.00$ so I went and cancelled the subscription
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3 years ago, real user1232423
Don’t get it
I downloaded it just to see my iPhone screen on my tv and then it did what it’s meant for but then when I started the screen cast it made my phone record and I didn’t notice until I opened up Snapchat and snapped people back and watch their stories which notified the person that posted I screen record there snap/story . Plus I don’t even know where the recording is stored to it’s not on my photos nor this app.
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5 years ago, nessting
App never worked for me.
Really wanted this to work so I could stream a show from my phone to my TV, but my TV would show under devices and never connect. I’ve paid for a subscription to this app for multiple weeks and never got it to work. Not sure if it was a WiFi issue because both were connected to the same network, and the TV would show up as an available device, but once I clicked on it nothing would happen.
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3 years ago, Am@nd@P@nd@
How is this app 4.5 out of 5?!
All I see is 1-2 star reviews! I should have read the reviews before even downloading this app! It is terrible! You can’t do any of the functions that it says you can do but luckily I cancelled before it charged me. There are quite a few FAKE 5 star reviews on here and you can tell which ones they are. You guys are all just scammers! Build a company off of honesty, and fair dealing, not crooked, and shady scamming! PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! ITS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!
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4 years ago, あや幽霊
Works with 6 second lag
Easy to use and actually works with no problems. The quality isn’t fantastic and there’s a 6 second lag, but I had no connection issues while using it. Also, you don’t need a second app on your tv. This is the best roku screen cast I could find.
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4 years ago, ryanlindzscr
I am still getting charged never used and it’s deleted
I wish the developer would contact me and at least tell me how to use since I don’t have the app anymore and am paying for it
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3 years ago, Klunkee H
Free Trial didn’t work, so why would I pay??
I got the app screen to show up on my TV, but as soon as I tried switching from the app to watch a video, it would disconnect. I had high hopes and would have been willing to shell out $20 if it had worked, but the free trail wouldn’t even work, so I didn’t want to risk wasting money. I have made that mistake before, thinking- OH, maybe if I spend MORE money it will work. Nope.
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5 years ago, Ariadne41
Slow, Useless and Pointless
This app is the worst! It’s slow, useless and pointless. I was able to mirror a video on my phone browser to my LG TV... for ONLY 10 SECONDS. After that, a pop would show up on my phone asking if I wanted to connect to TV..I mean it’s already connected so why the pointless pop up? anyways, ignoring the pop up stops the video on my TV. Clicking ‘yes’ blacks out my TV screen. I can’t believe I just spent 30 minutes trying to make this useless app work.
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4 years ago, MashkaNYC
Have to sign up to even try it once
When u try to open a website it blocks you and asks you to sign up to a plan. It gives u option to try it free for 3 days and then it will be whatever $ a month. Just wanted to see if this was an ok app to stream to Roku from web but it’s not that serious to get into and then later w in only 3 days try to get out of, a contract with money involved.
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2 years ago, Proud US Army Vet
Identity theft threats
I just paid for the lifetime subscription and immediately after downloading it would not pair to my smart tv, then, a sudden predatory malware popped up asking about my detailed personal info, it seemed to be flowing smoothly out of the purchased app, till the form asked about my full social. I called apple since I have an iPhone, they helped me change few passwords and helped delete the app I just paid for .
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1 year ago, Lower the price or free
So sad
I don’t like it so far you have to pay so much just to connect you phone to the tv I’m so disappointed, it’s taking so long just to mirror on my tv it’s just ridiculous I hope they can lower the price and plus I’m under age to be paying for stuff like this like bro I just want to watch my movies and put my videos there so my family can see the power point I made for them.
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3 years ago, YOLO2C
Not a free app
As far as I can see this app is not usable on any lever without a purchase. That is fine but state it up front. I don’t like downloading an app that requires a monthly fee to use not knowing it ahead of time. I never tried it, just deleted it so can’t say it works or not, I don’t use any company that starts out this disingenuous. Update: as you can see, I got a response. Maybe not surprisingly they missed the point. Cost was not the issue.
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1 year ago, D. Weikle
Was easy to navigate!
With other screen mirroring apps, I used to have problems casting to just TV. With ScreenMirroring, all those problems were laid to rest!
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5 years ago, Morty_and_Jimmy
Doesn’t support Samsung Lanscape
I purchased this and when I tried to get my iPhone 11 Pro Max running on iOS 13.2.2 to mirror in landscape mode on my Samsung UN55JS8500, it doesn’t work. Also I have tried both modes ((optimized for speed and the other mode). I tried to contact customer support via their support form and haven’t received an email reply in over 12 hours. I can’t get a refund on the Apple App Store either. $40 bucks down the drain.
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4 years ago, 😈Supreme savge😈
It’s ok but the name off it makes no sense
If your going to put up an app and name it let’s say “sponge bob cooking town” you can’t jar it so that you can’t play the game unless you pay for it when the download was completely free, I know that’s how they get money through the app but this is insane and I do not recommend getting this app, it’s my opinion but I wanted to share this with you before you get it and then fell disappointed it’s not what you want
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4 years ago, aaa1199
This app is as bad as I read about...after I downloaded it:(
I thought I had found a good way to stream things like Disney Plus from my iPhone 8 to my Samsung tv. I saw the $3.99 trial followed by weekly pricing OR $42 for a lifetime subscription. I tried to stream 2-3 different shows / movies from Disney Plus and...AWFUL! Sure Photos. No issues. But movies or TV shows. NO! As another reviewer said, “$42 down the drain.” DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP - YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. I will be asking Apple for a possible refund.
Show more
4 years ago, Kat8110
Regret buying this!!!!
I bought the monthly subscription and I regret it! This didn’t work for me at all, I couldn’t connect or play any videos this is honestly A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY! I wish I could get my money back for real I’m so disappointed especially because I wasted money on this. So unacceptable DO NOT BUY THIS OR DOWNLOAD IT. If I could give it zero stars I would but unfortunately for the sake of getting my review up to warn others I had to give them 1 star.
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5 years ago, Threat Muscle
Are you ********** kidding me
Great it found my tv but there was nothing I could do after that BECAUSE of the ************ pop ups and forces you play a game. There has to be a BBB for app sharing/selling. This app now has my IP address along with anything else that was shared in the 42 seconds. Start a free trial , free trial to do what? Play 30 games I have no intention of playing? I couldn’t even get past the endless bs to see if this app even worked. Lucky for me cyber Monday is tomorrow and I’ll just a new Samsung tv. Just wanted the app for Disney+ but thought this stupid piece of garbage app would help. Developers can force you to play a game in order to continue, I’d like to force my I phone somewhere before they get any of my info. Fair is fair right?
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5 years ago, M4133679
Extremely Disappointed
Extremely disappointed that I wasted my money buying this app, when it does not work on my Samsung Smart TV. I have tried numerous times broadcasting to my TV, and I continuously get the message, “The file you selected is not currently supported” on my TV screen. Therefore, it is unable to mirror my iPhone to my TV screen. This is the REASON I bought this app, and since it was not able to mirror to my TV, it was a waste of my money.
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4 years ago, Nik2121138
Doesn’t do ANYTHING!
I have an iPhone XR and fairly new TV. I got the 3-day trial, the app said it was connected to my TV, and when I pressed play on a video, it gave me the option to click “Cast” (or was it “Cast on TV”?) But then absolutely nothing happened on my TV at all. Edit: I appreciate the developer response, so I’ll add a star for that. My TV doesn’t have AirPlay. It’s just barely old enough to have missed out on that.
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4 years ago, ssb530
Does not work and endless frustration
Spent several hours trying to get this app to work so that I can screen mirror movies from my iPad to my Samsung LED 40. Tried every workaround to no avail. Great idea, but what a waste. Had purchased lifetime since only alternative for free trial was weekly subscription (would be over $200 per year). Unable to cancel through subscriptions, since not showing in list. Sent message...very disheartened, frustrated and angry.
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5 years ago, YzZzAaJj
Be very careful — you might end up paying for something you can’t use .
Not for iPhones ok , I tried the app to see if it works, it doesn’t work at all , it offers a free trial which i thought is a good thing do you can see if is a wing for you , well I got charged right there and I got charged twice never ever got the trial but I paid twice in less than 15 days ... be aware ppl you will pay for something that you can’t use .
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