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User Reviews for Scripps News

4.73 out of 5
9.7K Ratings
4 years ago, @SongDuck
Newsy is Fast Becoming My Favorite Source for News
I found Newsy while channel surfing on cable TV. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of their stripped down newscasts - not overloaded with unnecessary graphics and information. However, within a few short months Newsy has become one of my most watched news networks. Newsy reminds me of what news was like in the mid twentieth century (1950s-1960s) when news broadcasts were on black and white TV. Nothing fancy, just the news, and opinions were clearly noted as such. I’ve been watching Newsy on cable TV and via this app. The simplicity of their newsroom set is a welcome change from the noise being spewed on most other networks. Keep up the good work. I’d give you more than 5 stars if I could.
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6 years ago, G̃R̃ÃB̃ĨẼL̃
User friendly!
Excellent app to use for quick snaps of information and customizable to the user’s interests. No ads, that is a huge plus side to the news world, as I feel like I can trust the content is is geared to inform the consumer of both arguments, as well as provide the information needed to give the user an educated thought, while provoking the thought of finding out more. The only reason for rating it four stars is the push notification functionality. I fine on my iPhone 8, that when I push to open it plays the same video twice at the same time with an echo. I’m watching the one, while there is another open and playing, causing an echo. That leads me to close the the app and search for the story, which can be time consuming. Otherwise, it’s an excellent way to be informed and super easy to use!
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4 years ago, J and K Prince
Finally, somewhere to get news, not agendas.
For the last several years I had actually stopped listening or watching the news. It didn’t matter which major news chain I watched, every single reporter had to skew the facts to forward their own opinion or agenda. I just want the facts and be able to make up my own mind. I hate the belittling and negativity that comes from anyone with an opposing opinion (regardless if that opposing opinion was liberal or conservative). All major news chains have succumbed to this poor behavior. And it is unfortunate. I’m grateful I found a news station that just states the facts and I can now, once again, be an informed citizen.
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2 years ago, Makkenai
Ios feedback for Voice Over users
Hello, i am writing through this applet cause the feedback option in the newsy app doesnt work it will not accept email from an unknown sender any reply i try through that option comes back undelivered. Anyway.. As a blind accessibility user with Voice Over from Apple which let me run my finger over the screen and gives audio feedback to blind people knowing what is on the screen, its awesome!! Unfortunately the newsy app will not give audio feedback on the 'watchlist preferences' so its impossibble for a Voice Over user to know which topic or item is selected On or Off, the app works great except from that part and i like the content newsy is giving me. Just a little reminder :) thank you so much if you could address this issue Mak
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2 years ago, NOMAD_7
Trusted news source
I did a class in undergrad titled “Media, Politics, and Propaganda”. The primary focus of class work was how media influences thinking, not only in what is carried as “newsworthy” but also what isn’t, and how these choices influence political thinking and discourse within society. For those who aren’t aware, “Public Relations” and “Influence” are the watered down, “politically correct” terms for the concept most laypeople call propaganda. I’ve found nothing from this news service to indicate biased reporting - that doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but it means that to a somewhat educated eye, it’s not completely obvious the way other providers are.
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3 years ago, AppPERFORMANCE
Recognizing Reality
Unless we can all agree on what the FACTS are, and how FACTS are DIFFERENT from OPINIONS and CONSPIRACY THEORIES, how can we ever hope to move forward. It seems as if Newsy presents the facts very well (to quote an old TV show: “Just the facts, ma’am.” The one problem: with people actually BELIEVING these conspiracies, REALITY will be a “jagged pill” for them to swallow. They will probably just turn the channel to a biased one. The internet especially, as well as multi-channel cable, always give people a choice to ONLY listen to others who say what they want to hear. HOW can we fight this WITHOUT impinging on freedom of speech?! Does anyone have an answer?
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4 years ago, Musiklubber
The way news SHOULD be delivered.
This news organization reminds me of how news was somewhat delivered decades ago. However this channel is better. The news back in the day was still propagating the government spiel, which demonized other nations and always put the USA on a pedestal. Whenever I need to understand the big picture of any issue, I turn to Newsy. They provide complex factual information with an simplistic orderliness that I always walk away better informed. With CNN and MSNBC one gets mainly opinion interspersed with sketchy factual information, such that it’s impossible to understand what is going on. This is purposeful by the cable news outlets because one keeps watching different show segments to try to glean what’s happening— but they are all providing the same opinionated journalism.. Newsy presenters are young, and look like the diversity of what America is: an array of races, not just white faces. It’s my new go-to in the morning. Kudos to Newsy.
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1 year ago, Thesis hilarity
Perfect video nuggets for mobile consumption
Quick videos nothing in the way. Compared to cbsnews or abcnews l just deleted those (30 second commercial for 29 seconds of video forget it, I don’t need the accompanying text either, and their technology is inferior it takes seconds to even start up the video widget). Newsy and google news are all I need. I like the curation, the broadcasters and the coverage no complaints. I do miss Lauren Margarino from the broadcast newsy. What did Scripps do fire everybody?
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12 months ago, KathyMingledorff
Scripps News Live
I have just discovered this feature on the app. I cannot complement enough this news feature. I have learned so much, and have appreciated the knowledge that I have gained by watching Scripps News Live. Thank you so much for providing an accurate, fact-based news source. Thank you to all of your reporters. You’re doing a fantastic job and you are very much appreciated!
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6 years ago, Kakcpw
Biased just like all the rest
It’s sad to see all the reviews from the lemmings claiming Newsy as neutral or balanced. I will admit, they are smart to present the news in a very plain, no frills manner. It gives the impression that it is pure, unbiased news. But it only takes a few days of consuming their news to realize they are very much left if center. It shows how the media in general has made most of the population unaware of other points of view. People will just accept anything coming from organizations like Newsy that claim to fact check all their news. It is sad that the general population cannot even see obvious bias when it is fed to them 24 hours a day.
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4 years ago, Hezmana
Auto Play-misleading rating screen.
I like the app, but..... you can turn off auto play for the next story, but not for the first story you click on. I personally find this annoying, trying to read while a video plays. Second issue is that the app asks you to rate it, which I did in the pop up 3 stars. Instead of sending you to the app store to post your review, it opens an email window asking to tell them about the rating. I very much like the app and would use it if the autoplay issue is solved, no autoplay unless I ask. The rating issue is just annoying.
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2 years ago, kickintheeye
Great idea, tinny sound
I have been using the Newsy AppleTV app and have enjoyed it almost every morning the past few months. It's great to see local news broadcasts collected into one interface. There is a problem with the sound quality of Newsy broadcasts, but not the other station broadcasts. The Newsy broadcasts have an echo or tinny sound to them. It reminds me a a low bit rate internet stream. The quality is annoyingly poor. My internet connection is 100Mbps through Spectrum.
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6 years ago, botoichi75
Great idea but the liberal slant ruins it
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and I really enjoyed it since I can get the different types of news conveniently. Over the course of time, I’ve noticed a liberal slant based on the types of news being reported which I didn’t initially mind. However, recently there is a huge liberal slant in the reported news and it gets to a point where I just close app and think of deleting it. I just want no spin news. If they want to be fair then cover both sides not just one. I turned off all news relating to politics and see if that helps. If not then I’m deleting it.
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4 years ago, Migwood
Best News App Without An Agenda
I saw Newsy on someone’s TV and thought it was very interesting and refreshing. It had short news bites that kept my interest flowing without all the injected journalistic agendas found on all other News. I noticed a caption to download the app and I did. Now I can have better news anytime I want it. The best part is it’s format is the one I missed the most without all the newscaster personalities to deal with. If u remember when cable news 1st came out and gave you news bits from around the world this is it. But it’s even better than that as you can easily pick which news you want to view as well as it goes in-depth too if you want more on a given news topic. Bottom line... Newsy lets you pic your news without an agenda or attitude.
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4 years ago, Sandrajreynolds
Newsy review
I give it 10 out of 10 starts! Love not having all the political redundancy on. Keep doing a great job! Really honest news all the time. Best news and current an updated. Not partisan but REAL NEES, NOT a FAKE NEWS channel! KEEP UP THE GRAT WORK. Does fake news broadcasters make $70 million and up a year, I hope you on Newsy become The real journalist as you are Making the big bucks get those stupid fake jerks news salaries one day, and still can be honest.
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7 years ago, Jmuscato
What a great news site!
I love watching Newsy stories. When I have a few minutes, shaving, etc. I’ll flip it on and learn. The stories are long enough to allow depth but not so long they get boring. The feature on climate change by Zach Tombs was fantastic. The app has some technical challenges (sometimes blank to start) so that needs ongoing work. Keep up the good job. No other site like it.
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3 years ago, f**kyoudad
The ghost found this app
So the way I found newsy was from a ghost. After playing in the living room I went up stairs to grab my phone and I enter my room and the TV is on I find this weird because I remember turning it off so I ask my brother if he downloaded the app and he said no then I look at where the remote was at and it wasn’t in the same spot as where I put it last. The ending is that there are ghosts following me and they want me to watch the news
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6 months ago, coffinwheezin
Great app, Balanced fact-based objective content
Easy to use. Best news content in an app. Balances national and world perspective. Reporters are allowed to tell the story, and presenters ask thoughtful questions. When the anchors interview, they ask difficult questions and follow up. Interactions and reactions seem genuine and offhand as opposed to the glib scripted comments that seem so false on other networks.
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1 year ago, Mr_xoxo69
Once was my #1 news source 🪦💔
This app rocks! It's my main source for news. New version has ads now 🤦🏾‍♂️ . They took a great news app and messed it up with countless ads before each news clip. Then the ads freezes the app every time to where the news don't even come on at times 😡 Update: RIP 🪦💔Newsy I will miss you 😢
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3 years ago, Ms M-H
Newsy is used in my classroom for students who have a very short attention span. These men/women are juggling the care of spouses, teaching their children, and tending to the elderly all while working full/part time jobs during this horrible pandemic. They also requested listening to a news outlet that reports neutrally, not left or right and that refuses to endorse any one political party. Newsy is strongly encouraged to watch outside of the classroom, and to share with their friends/family. I wanted a news program that provides an honest reporting of the news with facts not rhetoric. I find that newsy does just that. WE also love the fact that all of your reporters are young, and culturally diverse just as our country is.😊
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2 years ago, Lslyan3
Complete sell-out to big pharma
I used to enjoy newsy because it reminded me of what news used to be which was unbiased but now it’s too many ads too much propaganda too much pushing of the government agenda. I think they have sold their souls to the companies advertising on their channel now you only hear stories about how the vaccine is a success where are the stories of failure. Where’s the story about a whole school district closing because the faculty had adverse reactions to boosters. It’s no where because it doesn’t fit the agenda. Don’t watch this channel it’s no longer unbiased.
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6 years ago, Crimson Blade
Been with the Newsy app from the beginning. It has always been one of the best and most concise ways to catch up on the news, and it keeps getting better with the slicker interface today. All of that before mentioning the expansion of the news team and great journalism investment. Still my go to for binging the news.
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2 years ago, SBP52
Today, I met with one of Newsy’s reporters at a restaurant in Nashville. Stephanie is a consummate professional that exudes all levels of fair reporting to all. I was so impressed. I love the way that Newsy is tackling the tough issues and this app will make it so much easier to wade through all the “fake news” that we all see and hear out there. Way to go!!!
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2 years ago, HappyMe%
Caught a broadcast by accident
Wow! Remember when cable news were about the myriad of news from around the country? Well thank goodness for Newsy! They state the facts from a collection of local news stations. Opinions are clearly stated and do not last a half hour! Refreshing news broadcast that actually reports the news.
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2 years ago, fhyyfc
Love it.
I was channel surfing to find something that would automatically come up on my tv and provide a morning news update and discovered Newsy. Really enjoy it. Turned on the tv the other day to pick a movie and never left Newsy! Very informative and seems to be fair. Just downloaded app on phone.
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6 years ago, beyourself1st
Not entertaining just informing the way it should be, not perfect dolls on the news here actual people, short, sweets d to the point, not bias that is my favorite no freaky bias!!! Sometimes you can tell certain ones lean one way or another but the whole channel is not in your face political one way or another for a refreshing change!!!
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3 months ago, 1948andy
Unbiased reporting!
A friend’s wife recommended Newsy. She just wants a honest, distilled report of what’s happening. This reporting is exactly that. From what I can see the reporting/interviews are straightforward with the reporter NOT attempting push any agenda. I don’t have to mute it because the broadcaster heckling the person being interviewed to advance an agenda. Thank you
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4 years ago, Pollinee
Love this news program
Love this news program for straight unbiased , news in short precise news clips that give you the important facts without fluff added. It’s my go to in the morning to find out what is happening. If I want more info they give me the intro for me to further explore the topic at my choosing. Thanks Newsy!
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2 years ago, Josie-o
Thankful to Newsy
Enjoying Newsy - just listening to how to distinguish between Fact and Opinion in the segment on National News Literacy Week ! With all the information/ misinformation we need to slow down and know how and WHEN to evaluate. Appreciate NEWSY - finding it news and not opinion. Thank you! Joanne Osborne
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4 weeks ago, DongiorgioSD
It is MY watchlist NOT yours
The app always opens on my watch list, but prepopulated with articles of the apps choice. But these are not articles I wish to watch. So what it’s going on? The first thing I have to do is to deleted all the unwanted articles to make room on my watchlist for articles that I wish to watch. What a mess. Also, email sent to the feedback email address get bounced as undeliverable.
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3 years ago, Drpink
Real News. Not Opinions based on your party affiliations.
News only not opinions based on Party. If you watch partisan news channels you are just being fed that you are right and the other side is to blame. Watch the news and make up your own mind. Newsy is a breath of fresh air.
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3 years ago, offthecuff8
Best News reports
Always loved Newsy on TV. Sad to see it go. It’s the only channel I have watched the news on in the past 4 or 5 years. Hate mainstream news channels. Too bias. I just want the news and interest stories. Give me the facts and keep your opinions to yourself! Kudos to Newsy : )
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2 months ago, dylanation37
Solid, but…
The coverage is fine. As long as it is unbiased, that’s all I want. I want facts, not opinions. The problem I have is that every single time I get a notification and want to read the article that the notification is addressing, it opens the article in a browser instead of in the Scripps app. It’s very annoying. It needs to direct to the app. It’s never worked for me.
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4 years ago, Jimsasya
Finally! Unbiased news.
One of the biggest plagues in America is the big agenda pushing news outlets that put on a show of being unbiased. This happens on BOTH politically-leaning news networks. They are ALL guilty of it. Fox, CNN, MSN, etc. If you care about unbiased, objective news, Newsy is a source you can trust...for now. We’ll see where it goes.
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3 years ago, sickofpolitics1234
Good but not totally unbiased
I was excited to see a news app that less bias toward any political party. I would rate this center to the left. They are showing advertisements for a Democratic Fair Tax in Illinois which I feel makes them bias. The stories are definitely clear and lack diatribes which is good, however very disappointed to see that they accept money and advertisements from Illinois Democratic leaders. Can’t say you are non bias then.
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3 years ago, Narinee
Political correctness appreciated
NEWSY provides me with the best factual non-biased news reporting and is always including stories that are heartwarming and also motivating. I can easily get through my day with updated current events from around the world and nationally as well. Thank you for helping to restore my faith in humanity NEWSY
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4 years ago, Aosta4me
This a very refreshing look at the news. I am tired of the emotional tone of both CNN and Fox. Here is news that is presented clearly and lucidly. The staff appear to be young and they have a clean way of presenting information. I’m a 58 year old college educated female and find this young news source to be my favorite.
Show more
4 years ago, MrsSnazzyB
They make the news easier to hear
The reporters are young but very knowledgeable. The stories are spot on, no fluff or opinion. In these troubled times it is our “go to” news channel. Thank you young citizens of the US for being so smart and sharing that with us in a clear, concise, unbiased way.
Show more
6 years ago, Laker hat
News without Ads ❤️😎👍
Love the simple clean format of the app. It gives the news in short burst of video and text as an option. Also it dose not feel like your watching CNN or FOX, just feels like you are watching the news.... with zero ads popping up.
Show more
5 years ago, Buster Sixkiller
Biased! What happened to the neutral Newsy I thought it was?
When Newsy was first founded, I found it very refreshing to hear what I thought was a neutral take on important topics. Now newsy is just another left leaning social justice proponent pushing an agenda that divides listeners and feeds this stupid victim culture. If you keep trying to make everyone believe they’re victims of idiotic ideas like “toxic masculinity” or “gender discrimination” because a boy opened a door for a girl to be polite and forgot to address her as “Zee,” then you’re no better than CNN. You’ve lost me for good.
Show more
4 years ago, flowersforlife
True to statement opinions
Great reports .. shows facts and no opinion.. would love to see this in print form.. I personally process better when I read.. and so far all is videos.. Rey well done and much needed news like when o was a kid., allows you to form your own opinion.. thank you
Show more
4 years ago, can'tthinkofadamnknickname
No options
When I was young, in the 60s, I thought I wanted a photojournalist until I saw how the news is really reported. I was appalled. Newy is the closest thing to real journalism out there. Average looking people just reporting the news. No opinion. Most news today is entertainment not journalism.
Show more
4 years ago, zdmop2019
Fact based
I really enjoy listening to the fact based news that Newsy has made as its foundation. Delivery only facts without opinion, like 98% do not! I believe this is the most unbiased news delivery I have seen in my 51 years of living. A nice cup of coffee & NEWSY in the morning to start your day 😎
Show more
2 years ago, crackberry
Great news app / very repetitive ads
Solid news, very middle of the road and just the news. Free is great! But playing the same ad over and over quite a few times in a row is very distracting. It’s hard to keep watching after a short time. If the ads weren’t so repetitive, I’d have no problem rating 5 stars. This is for Apple TV app.
Show more
6 years ago, ScarletUnderground
Great news reporting
Great news. I am so tired of FOX, CNN, NBC. They repeat the same things over and over and consider their opinions “real news.” I watch NEWSy and I leaned about algorithms, stuff that other stations don’t mention and more. I’m an old demographic, and love and respect this great format, news reporters and their reporting.
Show more
3 years ago, Param07652
Interesting approach to delivering all sorts of news to you in a refreshing and thoughtful manner that makes reading the news effortless. And they don’t require you to make an account to enjoy the app. Excited to see how much the company and the app grow.
Show more
11 months ago, progressive cat
unlabeled buttons
I am blind and use the VoiceOver screen reader on my iPhone. There are two unlabeled buttons at the top of the app. I cannot find a buttton to watch live. I suspect that it is one of the unlabeled buttons, but since the buttons are not labeled, VoiceOver just says “button.” If the buttons become labeled, I would gladly change my rating to 5 stars.
Show more
2 years ago, Say so......
Now this is Journalism!
Like others, this viewer happened to flick channels and walla! A real news reporting show and not an entertainment talk show........if you want to get the news without having to listen to an opinion show, then Newsy is it!
Show more
2 years ago, Laecamder
One of the most honest; accurate , and inspirational, news outlet , that I have ever watched! I support and promote this, app to any and everyone. May God Bless, His Business’s in Jesus Christ Namesake alone! Thanks for being what matters most, right to me each and every morning!
Show more
6 years ago, sparkyparks
Fair and balanced...mostly
I enjoy Newsy for Apple TV. True to Pulitzer they make a decent attempt to report just the facts. An occasional left leaning bomb is thrown but not as bad as the big boys. At least they refer to the President of the United States as President Trump and not “Trump” like many media outlets. Funny....I don’t recall any media outlets referring to President Obama as just “Obama”.
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