Searchlight with Jon Courson

4.9 (50)
29.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Searchlight with Jon Courson

4.88 out of 5
50 Ratings
6 years ago, RekushugaHope
Great App, Great Food for the Soul
The Applegate Christian Fellowship has been such an incredible source of encouragement in the Lord for me and my family. Jon Courson is the most gifted teacher I’ve ever had the delight of hearing- so meaty, deep, and rich, yet so impactfully simple. So much so that we’ve often contemplated moving to Medford just to join that fellowship. But with modern technology, such as this awesome app, we can hear Jon, Peter-John, and Ben anytime. The app is easy to use and navigate, and it offers many options. It’s a blessing! You should also check out the Hope Gen app by Ben. I play Ben’s teachings all through the week for my children and me to listen to. His energy and zeal for the Lord are infectious! We are hope dealers over here! 👊🏼 And if anyone from Applegate sees this review, give my sweet girl Kelly Matthews a hefty hug from me!
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1 year ago, My dog is pooping
Great content, poor app
Jon Courson is my favorite Bible teacher. I’ve been listening to him for years. I started out with the tapes, then moved to the MP3’s, and then on to CD’s. Now that he’s gone digital, it makes it so much more convenient to listen to his teachings. That’s why I hesitate to review this app, but I think it’s necessary, because it could be so much better. I’ve been listening to literally hours of his teachings daily, and here’s the problems I’m seeing with the app: 1) You’ll be right in the middle of a teaching, and the audio will suddenly stop. It still shows it’s playing, but…nothing. 2) If you stop the teaching and come back later, when you click on the app icon, sometimes it will refresh the whole thing and you have to try and find where you left off at. 3) If you back out of the teaching to look at other content, it takes you out of the sermon completely. 4) Sometimes you can hit the play button to resume a teaching, and it will not show that it’s playing, but if you turn your screen off and then on, it will show that it IS playing, but there is no sound. To fix this, you have to refresh it altogether and try and find where you left off. 5) If the phone rings, it will not automatically resume once the ringing stops. 6) There is no option to download any teachings, so you always have to be where there is internet service. All in all, the app itself just seems to be very weak, and I believe it could be improved for much better performance.
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6 years ago, David.x.Lopez
You can find a teaching on almost any bible verse!!!
I live in LA and Pastor Jon has been of great encouragement to me and my family in these 5 years of my walk with The Lord. This app is a perfect way of getting a clear explanation for specific bible verses I am studying in my own devotional time. Expository teaching of Gods word and partial application of it leads me to rate this app. Thank you Searchlight! “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” ‭‭Numbers‬ ‭6:24-26‬ ‭
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5 years ago, #777
Wonderful Teaching
I love this App for Jon’s wonderful teaching. There is one small problem. If the iPhone screen is locked or goes to sleep, the Searchlight App stops playing until you unlock the screen. You can’t listen while going for a walk unless the screen is unlocked
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4 years ago, Bug/Issue
Hi great app but there is an issue when I try to listen to the audio “through the Bible” series. The audio cuts out about 25 seconds after my phone turns off, but the stream continues. I have to reopen my phone in order to make the audio return. Thank you
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4 years ago, kreedbadger
Love the devotionals and access to incredible bible teachings!! 5+++ stars in my books..
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8 years ago, Andy2theT
This app is so great! I love pastor Courson's teaching - he opens the Word in such a non-assuming way, sharing ancient wisdom in historical context but also giving practical application for Christ's followers wherever they may be in life. This app makes it easy to access the teachings on the go, or have a devotional time wherever I am in the morning. The only feature I'd like to see added is the ability to download sermons, so that I don't have to use data when I'm listening while walking the dog. It seems there is a place for downloads, but no way to download sermons.
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7 years ago, BrooksGibbs
Essential App
"A Courson a day keeps the devil away." Seriously though, my wife and I love this app and thank God for the remarkable life and teaching ministry of Jon Courson. We listen to at least one sermon a day and are constantly sharing insights that he gives from Scripture. Jon's style is very balanced. He loves topics related to Israel, messianic prophesy, gifts of the Spirit in the early Church, growing in grace, end times happenings... but all of those topics are on a short leash tethered to Jesus. So while there is tremendous depth, you won't stray far from the simple Gospel message. My favorite thing about Jon is that he is committed to believing and teaching only truths rooted in biblical texts. No drama or agenda. Simply teaching the whole counsel of God's Word... simply. May God use him to bring other pastors/teachers back to this refreshing simplicity.
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11 years ago, NJ Christ Follower
One suggestion
Thank you so much for providing this app. I thoroughly enjoy Pastor Jon's verse-by-verse teachings. So I just downloaded the app, and while listening to a study, my phone rang. When I went to resume listening, the app forgot my place, and I will have to scroll through the message to find out where I was. I know it is possible to add a utility to the app so that it resumes where you left off, because another Pastor's app I use frequently -Chris Swansen / Calvary Chapel Chester Springs - his app has this utility. Thank you for your consideration.
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9 years ago, MichaelSPaul
Excellent through the Bible teachings!
I have been listening to Jon and his teachings for 20 years. He is an excellent teacher and is dedicated to giving you the Lord's word through the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you want to grow in the Lord, this is an excellent app for your daily devotions and commitment in getting deeper in your walk. Blessings!
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7 years ago, Mistyluv
Love Pastor Jon!!
Love love love his teachings!!!! Thank you for making the app!!! So much better than trying to listen directly from the web on my phone and lose my location when I jump out of safari and try to go back!
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8 years ago, Outdeep
Not a help
What I was hoping for was an app where I could download (and be willing to buy) messages not currently featured on their podcast. This app is merely a frame that points to their website. I can already get to their website using a browser so an app does not add value and is less feature rich than an ordinary browser. Added value would be the ability to download so I can listen without being connected to the Internet. Thank you.
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7 years ago, DRo dRo dRo
Top notch
Love Pastor Jons teachings has taken my personal devotions much deeper and given me a RICH understanding of Old Testament typography and understanding in prophecy, as well as confusing passages (at one time) bringing clarity and the richness of seeing Jesus Christ in any area of the word. It's a must!
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10 years ago, Fishcart
Great content but
Please update! The app doesn't function well. Bookmarking doesn't work, navigation is poor, no back button, etc. Needs to be updated. Look at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia's app as a guide for updates - it's similar to this one but functions much better. Hopefully you can improve the functionality soon. Thanks!
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8 years ago, lacoqui
I want to give the app a 5
When you guys get to roll out the option to download. The reason being is that, I am most interested to have the opportunity to listen to Pastor Jon Courson when I don't have signal or internet available.
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9 years ago, Kowgurrl
Very Convenient
I LOVE Jon's teachings. Before I discovered this app I had been good back and forth from his website, to podcasts, to his hard cover commentaries. LOVE that it's all in one place now. Very convenient. God Bless your ministry Pastor Jon!!!
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10 years ago, Salsore
Pastor Jon Courson is the best teaching pastor I have ever known of. I used to listen to his teachings on the computer and I am so glad that i have access to everything on my phone now!! Thank you for making this app!! God bless!
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10 years ago, Dragon2593
Best App ever
Pastor Jon is such an awesome pastor! I have been listening to him for over ten years and he has taught me so much! This app is so resourceful and necessary for everyone!
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9 years ago, Full of Glory
Story times of Jesus
I love Jon Courson!! This guy reveals Jesus Christ in scripture more than any bible teacher I've heard share. Also if you love history, this app is for you!
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7 years ago, OhDear 623
One of my favorites
Good bible based teaching. I like listening to it as I get ready for my day. Just download it!!!
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10 years ago, Dali_Lop
Pastor Jon Courson is an amazing teacher!!! When he goes through the scriptures it's like you are there!!!
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8 years ago, Big time 47
5 stars
Love this app, Mr. Courson make the bible easy to understand. Great sense of humor.
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10 years ago, surfergrlntexas
Oh yeah best bible teaching app, I love it
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10 years ago, TrishMQZ
Haa Haa Haa
Awesome App
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