4.9 (61.5K)
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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SeaWorld

4.91 out of 5
61.5K Ratings
1 year ago, mary from Utuado
Love love
Sea world,,, it’s an amazing and relaxing Park,,, it’s my opinion) I’ve been in to all W.D.W parks and it’s extremely exhausting parks beautiful of course but they are exhausting ,, While at Sea World there’s always a place to rest,the cast members give directions they all look like they enjoy working there , while in WDW always hiding there tattoos it’s truly amazing the difference always looking exhausted ,,,,, and of course Sea World gives me the opportunity to be able to see part of the Ocean that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to see thank you Sea World
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3 years ago, xtablue
Could use a guide on where familiar stuff is now.
This app used to be helpful. Now you can only look at the current day. You have to go to the website to do anything else. I’m going tomorrow and I’m still trying to figure park and show hours but I guess I won’t be able to until the morning. Worst update ever!!! So bad I actually took the time to write a review which I never do. I like some of the functionality but not at the cost of what they took away, please change it...make it a hybrid at least that has to be better. Right now it’s a waste of space on my phone. :( After visiting the park I can see where some of the updates are helpful. I don’t get on rides so wait times don’t help me. But since the stores changed A Lot having the new descriptions was helpful. I also figured out where the link to the website was in the app to do my future visit planning so I updating my rating. I also appreciate that feedback is being read and responded to so thanks for that!
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2 years ago, Manfrenjenson
Please keep getting better!
When I first downloaded the app a couple of years ago it was nearly pointless. It didn’t even have a map it just routed you to a browser. 🙄 They have fixed that! And you can find dining now and even see the menus. But it won’t tell you if it’s closed for the day. No listed hours for dining establishments. I have the platinum pass for me and my two boys and navigating the pass benefits is so obnoxious. I have to go to a browser and log in separately for each pass to redeem options. I still haven’t been able to figure out how to redeem our free animal interaction. It doesn’t show up online only in the kiosk but they said I have to book it a week in advance online but once again, it doesn’t show up online! I’ll have to go wait in line at customer service to do it I suppose. I hate that there is no schedule in the app except for the current day. If the park has closed for the day hours ago why not at least switch to the next day? But a full schedule would be best. Many guests plan ahead. Also the photo key would be so much more convenient if it was in the app. And I would love to hide my old expired annual passes. But they still show up. I also have the year long quick queue, it would be nice if that would show up next to my annual pass but instead it’s buried in all of my old purchases. I have to scroll back through months or receipts to find it. I really am hopeful that all of this is underway though! And I still love you seaworld!
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2 years ago, Lathemaker95
I downloaded this app as I was recommended to do so from the park’s website to make my trip easier but in reality it completely hinders your experience! First of all, it will completely misguide you and tell you things are one way but in real life it completely opposite! ie. we went to the park to ride Kraken and even before leaving the house the app and website said ALL the rides and attractions where open and running but we get to the park and the ride is closed. Then the app “updates” to tell us it’s closed (after arriving and hour and a half past opening) just to give us false hope when we open it again after a show to see that it said Kraken was open! (never was) Also on top of all that, when you did eventually find a functional ride (that will not be for long) the wait times it gives you on this app are again completely wrong from what’s actually happening! Don’t waist your time with this app. SeaWorld doesn’t seem to care to much about costumer satisfaction anymore!
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2 years ago, Lilmann2013
Ok but needs work
This version of the SW and BG parks app is miles better than the last but i have two complaints. 1) The wait times. They are so all over the place and not reliable, it is so frustrating to not be able to count on the app to provide accurate or timely updated data to show how long waits are in the park. The app says one thing and then when you get to the ride it’s another. Please please please get this corrected. 2) Old tickets not being removed. So this might be a personal issue but I went to guest services and was told my old expired passes would drop off and they have yet to do so. In order to use my pass through the app i have to scroll through my purchase history and find my AP purchase that way instead of on the My visit tab. It is super annoying because every park purchase that requires separate tickets + my old expired passes are all there. How can i fix this so only my current pass is on the app and not the old expired ones connected to my account?
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11 months ago, Navoni
Wait times aren’t updating
The Sea World Orlando maps are good. The in park directions are good. The show time lists are good. The calendar is good. The Dining menus are good. Thank you. What is NOT good at all are the Sea World Orlando wait times updates. Wait times should be updated in real time if possible, or at least when the user swipes the window to refresh. That’s not happening. Half an hour and longer after a thunderstorm closed all the rides the app still reported that rides were open. Later, 45 minutes after the rides re-opened the app was reporting all rides were still closed for weather, or reported no ride status at all. I swiped the window to force updates but nothing changed. I closed the app and re-opened it, several times. The app still reported all rides were closed for weather even though they were operating. Its difficult to plan a day if wait times info is meaningless. It wouldn’t be so bad if there were signs in the park showing wait times, but Sea World Orlando just wants everyone to use the app for wait times. Not happy.
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2 years ago, Gatomcm
Worst customer service
I bought the quick queque that the person that was in customer service was really rude and apparently having a bad day, even thought that I have the platinum pass only included one quick queque so I decided to buy it, but after $160 more that I paid with my annual pass discount, first is already 5 o clock and We haven’t use it the first time because in Sesame Street doesn’t have quick queque big mistake we spend all day in lines and now that I went to ride the ice break this kids with bad actitud told me read first your pass doesn’t included this ride, which the lady who sold it didn’t explained plus I understand his a teen but still we are paying customer and we paying for good services even that I understand the pressure on a park. The worst money spend
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3 years ago, Sarduh12
This is a pointless app
Maybe make an app for just tickets and pass holders where you can actually access either of them! Why can’t I find my pass barcode?! This is so dumb. It’s like the website on a app, what’s the point of that? Does management even read these?! FIX YOUR APP! UPDATE!!!! They finally listened and made a real app that’s useful! Love that you can even see all the dining areas and their menus but MOST OF ALL my passes are available in a super convenient way!
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11 months ago, JoeBob72
App won’t update my new passes
I purchased new passes for my family, downloaded the app and logged in. In the app I can see my expired 2019 passes. When I attempt to load the 2023 passes, it states they are associated with another account, but I can see them under my purchases. I’ve called sea world twice and it’s impossible to select an option to speak to anyone and when I found a number online, the wait was 95 hours for a return call that has still yet to come two weeks later. My 4th attempt to chat with someone and I’m told I have to drive to sea world, stand in line, and maybe someone at customer service can help with the issue. Also, because of all of this, I can’t access my pass holder benefits.
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2 years ago, jlgurly1983
Needs an update
The gps section wasn’t very helpful. it didn’t guide you in certain areas. Also, When I went to look at show times, the shows disappeared and I would have to exit out and go back in for them to reappear. I had trouble uploading my annual pass because it couldn’t find it from the barcode number. Wait times for rides would be helpful. Lastly, The map needs an update on restroom locations and rides. If I had listened to the map, I would have walked to the other side of the park for the restroom when there was one next door to the restaurant I was in.
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1 year ago, Garguile
Far From Ideal for Families
The app is good for some things, for example finding your way around the park or locating the best food options. Unfortunately, you cannot log into more than one annual pass at a time so every time you need someone else’s pass information you have to log out and then sign in with their pass. They give you no option to combine passes to the same account and even though all the passes are email bound, the passes function separately from the account rendering the app useless for managing a family’s passes. If you’re an individual, this probably isn’t an issue and things should be just fine.
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3 years ago, tulanewes
Please bring back a park hours and schedule section in the app
Love the new map and some other features however I couldn’t find the park hours and schedule section. You can just link it to your website if you want. It’s way easier then scrolling around for shows. And I can’t plan for the future day’s hours unless I go to my internet browser app then go to the SeaWorld website, choose my park, wait for the ads, then click park hours and schedule. Thanks in advance for adding this into the app! I’ll check back over the next couple days
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1 year ago, ridhibond007
App is great, park is even better!!!
I’ve been to both parks and they are amazing! The App is great also. Everything is easy to find and their wait times and it’s good if your new to the park!! + the online map can give you directions. Both parks of Busch Gardens is Amazing.. Cheetah Hunt and Cobras Curse are hits in Busch Gardens Tampa and Verbolten and Invadr are good for family. I recommend going here florida or Virginia . SeaWorld parks are also amazing, although more at Busch garden park, these smaller parks pack a punch!
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3 years ago, Realagent
New version No Good (update: im told updates coming!)
Update:::: so after posting my original review, Seaworld developer for the app reached out to me and informed me that updates for Passholder info/access will be coming soon. So with that I am updating my rating from 1 start to 4 stars.. 3 stars for what the app has currently and an extra star for the quick response to my concern by Seaworld. This is why we are passholders for the last 15 years! Seaworld is awesome!! As soon as the update to include passholder access, I will update the rating to a perfect 5 star! Thanks Seaworld!! —————- Original review. The old app had its issues, but atleast I could access my Platinum Member Benefits. The new update Member benefits are missing or impossible to find.. clearly this was only thought of Day guests and Non-Faithful Passholders! Sad. Still Love Seaworld.. just not excited about the updated app.
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1 year ago, SarahB1075
Keep up the good work
This app has been getting better and better but needs more work. One MAJOR suggestion- it needs to keep the pass barcodes somewhere easily accessible. It’s VERY annoying to everyone (cashier, me, people behind me in line!) when I have to log in every time I go to pull it out for discount when I buy things. I just saw under my purchase history, it says ADD TO WALLET but absolutely nothing happens when I click it. My passes are definitely not in my Apple Wallet. Please fix that. Also, make the map a little more user friendly.
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2 years ago, DisFamOf3
Something isn't right with the app
I've been trying to use the app and the website for SeaWorld SA for a few years now and it always tells me there is an error with my email and password. I try to reset it and it takes me to Orlando's page. I can only find my account information by putting in the barcode on the actual website. That isn't helpful if we are going to the park because I have to print them out to carry around. I contacted tech support 2 yrs ago and they just told me to change browsers but that isn't helping with the app or resetting the password. I hope there is a fix because I wish it was as simple as installing and logging in.
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2 months ago, Mrs Inmon
Don’t recommend
The app would crash until we found out to turn off location on our settings. The map off to one side and when trying to make it bigger or move over to see the other places, it would immediately go back to its place, most of the time I was staring at a corner of the map. The only great thing was the show times and the character times. Also, I don’t recommend because if you’re using your phones for photos and then pulling up the app, you’re just wasting battery. I just found a paper map and deleted the app while visiting Seaworld San Antonio.
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3 years ago, mommeghane
Incredible experience
I am planning A trip to Orlando with my family and downloaded the app to start getting excited. I was very impressed with the ability to find information I was looking for quickly. I appreciate having all of my family passes in one spot and being able to map out where I want to go and what I want to see. I’m very much looking forward to all that there is to see!
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6 months ago, Jonny Cakes
Very easy to navigate. Gives you a schedule of only shows that are available
Very user friendly. Super easy to navigate with subgroups on different tabs so you can easily hear your search to show you only what your looking for. Rides, shows, animals, food. It has active time gps so you won’t get lost. It shows details of every attraction. Excellent app.
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3 years ago, JDevereaux
Definitely better but more can be done
Good afternoon - it is wonderful that the applications team is addressing current limitations with the SeaWorld app. It is great that you can book certain things but you need to be able to book: 1. Dinning - reserve seating and what kind of seating 2. Special events - if SeaWorld has events that are coming that local resident can be placed on a waiting list or get in the virtual list. 3. Being able to book rides - I did not see an option to reserve a ride. I will be testing it tomorrow if there is any GPS / location services and to see if it reduces stress, be able to optimize your time at SeaWorld, and also look at your quality management and test management / life cycle management process from the old application to the new application. The whole purpose of a mobile app - is to plan your experiences. Keep up the work. JD
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2 years ago, RickyD23
Better but still needs improvements
It’s a much better app than it used to be but there is much room for improvements. One example is under my purchases, I’m seeing ticket purchases from last year or 5 years ago. Ok fine but I don’t need it there as it’s already used and expired. Same thing with my member card, why do I need the ones that are expired still on the app?? Give us the option to erase or hide them. It just makes it confusing and I think I have other things to use.
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3 years ago, USMC Veterans
Horrible app
This app is really horrible, it’s more about soliciting than anything. Unable to add or remove Annual Pass for ones self or add family members, change login info or any of the most basic functions of an amusement park app. Even the latest update is more like a wallet, that appears to be geared towards draining it. To make any aforementioned Annual Pass or account changes, you have to apparently to to the web sight. Not really sure yet, still trying to figure it out. I think once I figure out I will become uninterested with SeaWorld again for another 10 years or so.
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3 years ago, Chey61
What happened to the schedule???
What have you done to this app?!? I can’t find the park hours or the daily schedule, can’t find the list of restaurants, it no longer lets me use my email to access my account ( I have to enter my gawd awful annual pass number)!!! I do like that my annual pass shows up but I don’t know how to get anywhere else. The last time I was in the park I had to open the website, rather than the app. The website thankfully still has the daily schedule. Do you expect people to visit the shops, purchase overpriced animal experiences, and wander aimlessly around your park? If so, you nailed it with this update!!!
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3 years ago, tektkek
A major improvement
A major improvement over the old version, this one is actually usable with times weight times and much more. That’s all I have to say about that I mean it’s an app for a park so I guess I’ll just keep going until I hit the character limit amount that will let me actually submit this app review. By the way blocked in the pile of nothing blah blah blah yeah
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2 years ago, uhmitscaiden
A few bugs
So I went to SeaWorld yesterday and there was a sign that said download the seaworld app for wait times. I did so and there are literally no wait times on the app. The app should use mostly the same interface as the website, at least for wait times. Otherwise great app and I love that you can reserve show seats on it with Quick Queue! Update on 1/8/22: Thank you so much to the developers for responding! I cannot wait to go back to SeaWorld with the Waves of Honor program! Thanks again!
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3 months ago, Shabshab04
Worst technology ever
For being a multi-billion dollar institution, seaworld has the WORST app AND website functions for member benefits. I have been an annual pass holder for over a year and the amount of frustration I've had it's unacceptable. It's not just me, everyone else I've spoken to has had the same experience. We cannot log in to see our benefits online OR on their app. If I could give this a negative star I would. My niece and I went for a day trip, and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a ticket to skip the lines. Overall SeaWorld is fine, but don't let yourself believe ANYTHING will work in your favor. PS. I never ever write reviews so...
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6 months ago, hanaah jis
I give it three stars because the wait times aren’t always accurate like one time it said that icebreaker was only 20 minutes and I get there and it says 60 and I waited over an hour for it. the rides are pretty accurate and are hardly ever wrong. it’s very detailed so I can get where I need to go or if I need to find something it’s very easy to find. I love SeaWorld overall because of the fun rides and the delicious food and all the family memories you can make.
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2 years ago, Wingnutuk
Thank you seaworld
I have been a pass holder from 2001 and my daughter since she was 1 year old in 2007, seaworld looks after it’s passhilders, celebrates Christmas for the season it is, has a heart to save animals, makes mistakes but always tries to rectify them. The one 3 park pass I have no intention giving up any time soon. Thank you for the wonderful memories
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2 years ago, raven69david
Updated app is great but could use more features
The new layout is much better as we can now see wait times and plan which restaurant to eat at in advance. I’d like to see passes added to Apple Watch and Apple Wallet as previously allowed which makes it easier to access when entering the parks.
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3 years ago, Bread5
Adding Passes
*Update* You can view passes from the app, however you can’t really share them if you purchased for a family since Apple Wallet is advertised but not yet supported. But you can print them out for them which really isn’t convenient in a digital world. Hopefully the fix comes soon. Feedback from developer: "Thanks for the feedback, Bread5. Adding passes to Apple Wallet is not supported yet, but it's on our roadmap. We're working hard to continually improve the app and appreciate your patience during the process." ————- This app is the WORST! You can’t add passes to your apple wallet even though it’s advertised. And don’t bother with customer service because they are just as clueless. This app is a waste of space on your device, don’t bother downloading.
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3 weeks ago, Annoyed package recipient
This app is terrible!
The day I needed it, it wouldn’t accept my login information. I tried resetting the password, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, and none of it worked. I know the info is correct, because I’m able to log into my account on the website. Very frustrating. I’ve been waiting hold as the first person on queue for 30 minutes and still waiting. This app needs major updates. Customer service is pathetic.
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2 years ago, RichardK229
Must Have at the Park
This app is great while your at the park and planning your day. Ride wait times are fairly accurate. The map helps a lot! I wish the app would slow you to access your park passes and perks aswell instead of just making you sign in again to the website. That’s super inconvenient since Wi-Fi and cell service in parts of the park is not great.
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2 months ago, Jenjakas
App recommendation
I love the App! I can use it at home to purchase tickets but when I actually went 3 weeks ago, the app actually did not work and kept kicking me out while I was at the park. Would’ve loved to use it during that time. Hopefully, it’s a one time thing, excited to go next time!
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3 years ago, pczr
Getting there
The developers did a good job in updating this app. And looking through the reviews, someone is listening and responding. (It’s really the only reason I’m writing this review) The app is a lot smoother and visually appealing. For a future patch/release, there should be a functionality that allows the user to buy services through the app, ie tickets, special experiences. Hopefully that’s on the works.
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12 months ago, monica🫶🏻🫶🏻
Great app!
This app is amazing because it tells us some new events coming up and informs us about sea work, it shows us a map with directions and how long the wait is… and, you can put in your sea world information to check some things! I really recommend this app for sea world
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3 years ago, Manga critic
Seaworld App
Good app. Some enchantments I would recommend is for ride times to be added to app. Some rides open up at different times would be great to know that. Also to be able to see different days show times if they differ. Only able to see current day can’t look forward to see next day. Interactive map is great. Overall really good app.
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3 years ago, A_concerned_gamer
Thanks for listening and changing the app
This app is wonderful! Pretty much everything that was wrong with the original has been fixed and now is competitive in functionality with universal and Disney! Now one thing seaworld- if you are reading this! Do this with Busch gardens too!
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2 years ago, WooMcKi123
Downloaded and then deleted
My main reason for downloading was that I thought I could add my member passes to my wallet and do other things through the app. You can not and still have to log in through the app, which directs you to the website and you still cannot save the items. While I would like to plan my day if there are certain things that you just can’t do with the app, I may as well just write them down or play it by ear. Besides that, I bought a platinum pass and I don’t want to download each app.
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3 years ago, bgoll12
App is good for show times and using the map to find exhibits/dining/shops, but does not show dining hours. I understand that some restaurants may close during the day due to low attendance but they could at least put if a restaurant closes at 3 or 4 when the park is open until 6. App is advertised all over the park, but to find dining hours you had to visit website, which if I have the app I am not going to do.
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7 months ago, cwerley
App Needs Work
The app speeds are very slow and at times freezes. The most annoying issue I have is that ALL of my past season passes continue to display, however, the current passes do not. I have to go through my purchases to find them. Additionally, why are users restricted from adding the passes to Apple Wallet. This was an option at one time, by no longer. Please improve this app immediately as can be very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Tutu GGLR 22
Happy Ambassador Working at the WAVE!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work at the Sea World Kiosks and the Park Entrance WAVE. Alex, Zack, and Devin are fabulous Supervisors. Mikayla assists us with grace and knowledge. Dan, Andy, Yadira, Evelyn, David, Michelle, Shayne, Isaiah, Kimmie, and all others are wonderful Leads. Of course I MUST thank and acknowledge Leo and Laura (HR) for their ongoing encouragement and kindness. I try to make EACH colleague Ambassador feel EXTRA special … and … of course … EVERY guest is MY priority. Thank you again for giving me this blessed opportunity to work at Sea World San Diego… after many years (decades) working as a teacher/administrator in the San Diego Unified School District. Sea World is EXTRAORDINARY! Ginny Gallagher LaRowe
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3 years ago, RYANKENSI
What happened??
What happened? One day it was the old style and when I checked- after my manta ride, it is new! I mean it’s great but I can’t access the tickets and whatever stuff I can access from the app before. The old one was fine just super very glitchy. Can I still buy or access tickets from this new updated version??
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4 weeks ago, Laiuka926
Needs work
The biggest problem I have had is that I have been getting an error message that just says “something went wrong. Check your Internet connection and try again later.” None of my other apps are having a problem connecting to cell service. Only this one. It does make it hard to rate the app when that’s all its doing. Heh
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2 years ago, Izzifish
Excellent app!
This app is a must have for navigating around Seaworld. It’s so easy to tap on an event or activity and see exactly where it is, how to get to it, and how long a wait there is. So much excellent information for making your trip to Seaworld less confusing and more enjoyable!
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3 years ago, Ldylehua
Times are important
This app was able to show me where things were and how to get there, but walking around to food venues that aren’t even open with no listing of when is not helpful. I would have made decisions differently if I knew a place was going to open in 15 min rather than passing places there were closed. Very frustrating since you can’t bring food in.
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5 months ago, RoninLu
For AP nothing works
I want to use the app for my annual passes but it only shows my old expired passes. If I log in it’s the same. I have to use my barcodes + zip to access anything and that sometimes also doesn’t work. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to delete the old information or to have my current active information show up in the account. This has been going on for years. I can’t access the discounts bc it says my passes are expired. I do have current active passes.
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2 years ago, bxjeis
Love the app, wish ride times were updated
Great app. Love having the map & show times on my phone. However, it’s pointless for the rides. They don’t update the times, at least in San Antonio. It will say 5 minute wait and be over an hour. This is all the time, it hardly ever changes. I wish they would be like Disney and keep it updated with current wait times.
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2 years ago, Noghri87
Somethings work, but could be better
The map is decent. And it’s reasonable easy to find show times, but my purchases from online didn’t show up, and the wait times are not reflective at all of the ride lengths. I also wish they would push real time notices when rides are down for weather or mechanical issues. Good attempt, but not quite there.
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3 years ago, zmayer29
Huge Upgrade Over Old App
This update is already much more functional than the old app was. Wait times and an interactive park map are great additions. Hoping to see this app grow over time with mobile ordering and other features that were hinted to for the app to truly rival the others out there!
Show more
2 years ago, Imafnafgamer
Good app but the app says that most rides won’t show wait times?
This is a good app but the app won’t pull up some rides wait times, I went to see Journey To Atlantis’s wait time, but it wouldn’t show the wait time, same with electric eel, shipwreck rapids, etc. if they are closed today then ok, but if it’s a bug please fix it. Thank you.
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