1.5 (305)
2.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cambium Assessment, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.7 or later
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User Reviews for SecureTestBrowser

1.54 out of 5
305 Ratings
1 year ago, Stop this test
This should stop
I think we should stop taking these kinds of test’s because kid’s might not be good at these tests and might be good at different ways of testing. This test only good for some kids. This test is like if you made a shark fight a lion on land. The lion has a advantage over that shark because of the different environment for the shark and the lion can thrive. But if the lion fought the shark in water the shark would thrive but the lion wouldn’t. My point is that everyone is different in their own why’s and it’s unfair if only some people thrive and others don’t because their brain thinks differently. We should all thrive and if some still do this test they can but other should have time to shine
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5 months ago, zhmsbs
Eduction is good!
I’m sorry to hear that people are refusing to take these tests because they are so challenging. I think this kind of state testing is good because even if things are challenging, we should try to work it out on a paper. I would say this app is not bad, but when I took this state test, it was alright. People who just always don’t want to try are saying, “This is a bad ‘game.’” Some people just want to relax and do something else, but if you are in a certain grade, you should do this testing because some teachers think this is actually good! Your test browser is actually good for taking state tests because it is “secure.”
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5 months ago, I love this😍😍
(Pls read before getting this app)
So in this game gives you a test and I don’t know if it’s really a game but some kids don’t like test like the STAR TEST and TELPAS TEST and in my opinion it’s a bad app for kids and after your done taking the test it doesn’t even give you your score wether you fail or master and I don’t know why some kids like taking these types of tests and by the way this app should only be for school but some kids take these tests at home to practice their test at home because they don’t want to fail the test that they are taking at school but the test that is the TELPAS TEST is easy I mean a baby can do that so if you want to get it please don’t download take care😊
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2 years ago, Nalaam
My opinion
I'm a child (12) who took a test, and i found that this was a dedent app. it served it's purpose. I'm writing this simply because i don't feel like it should be removed from the app store (it may get removed if it continues to get more negative reviews.) why don't i want it to get removed? Because i usually do my work on a mobile device and it makes it much easier using an app rather than a website. Either way, this is just my opinion.
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3 years ago, LMSturm
Built in. Tools are lacking
This app does not allow test taking skills to be applied. I can’t circle an angle or underline important info. I can’t mark out extra information or draw lines to count sides on a figure. I cannot write the measurement next to the object when the problem has multiple objects to measure. Labeling my graph is impossible. App designer needs to take a look at Prodigy and see how they incorporated the ability to use pencils on screen. You want all of the 8 year old students and up to test online, fix this. Some of us still use paper in school.
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3 years ago, hibobyomama
People are saying this is a horrible “Game” but it is meant to be a state test. And people who say the test are hard are dumb because these tests should be easy if the teacher thought them well. The app works well, if you have a good iPad it should not crash or anything. The test works well and doesn’t glitch. Before writing a bad review think, is this your problem or the apps.
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2 years ago, JCLpizza
ok so i downloaded this app for school and i went home and grabed my phone and started playing clash of clans and it was like 3am and then I was still playing games and I heard footsteps in my house and I thought it was my mom coming to ground me cuz I was playing my games but then I realized I lived alone so i hid under my bed and the kidnappers came in and they saw me and they were like “lol ur gonna die! lol lol lol lol” and then the next day i was diagnosed with lymphoma and I died the next week💀💀💀👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡😡😡😡💅
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3 years ago, Jonahzilla
Should be banned
So I tried to get the first part of my test done which took 3 hours cause it didn't work then i spent 1 1/2 trying to understand my test question then once I figured out what it means I literally cried. And our teacher told me the rest of my class burst into tears as well. I’m just 12 years old! And it wants me to write a like 500 word document that could be summed up in 5 words. This is horrible.
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3 years ago, croysop000
The plan
School: huh what are we going to do to torture the students this year That one nice teacher: maybe we should go easy on them this year School: NO (slaps teacher) Covid: I got an idea School: whatever go covid Covid: let’s make them get a new app that is so glitchy it can crash their ipad School: ooo ye- Covid: Then the parents have to buy new iPad bc there kids come home with tears in their eyes bc their iPads don’t work School: I like the way this guy thinks Covid: Then the people who are quarantined have to stay on zoom for 8 WHOLE HOURS! School: yea okay guys that the plan for this year
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2 years ago, Sxnny Roblox
Stop Joking
This app is for tests. Other reviews are saying they hate the app just because they don’t want to take a test. Or people saying it’s a bad “game”. It’s just like any other testing app.
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2 years ago, robloxlover1784
Cool, it actually works!
The reviews on this app: 50% students that just hate tests 49% fake crash reports 1% me saying the app works fine
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3 years ago, lover#1234
This is horrible
This app is seriously awful for your health. Kids should not have to be able to take this test. This makes me so sad to see kids struggle when taking this test, and especially how there making kids take it after a year of quarantine.
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3 years ago, Student. K
Bricked my (other) iPad
I was doing the test and I pressed questions to see my previous questions and the iPad went to Lock Screen then froze there for 5 minutes before shutting down and now I’m trying to force reset and all the methods and the iPad is just bricked.
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2 years ago, stop please stop now
fake it till you make it
Do not fake it till you make it you will be dumb
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3 years ago, Michael Roacha
I cried
When I was taking a test it kept on crashing and when I finally got it working we had 10 min left and it crashed when I answer d the first question so I started to cry. I’m 13 I don’t deserve this kind of pain.
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3 years ago, cheetobreath42
Doesnt work
It froze my ipad i had to buy a completely new iPad because the apple store couldn’t fix it. I am very unhappy knowing that this has happened to other people and they haven’t fixed it.
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2 years ago, SpookyHalloween13
App doesn’t work
the screen is black and there is nothing i can do, i already shut off my ipad and my teacher is confused
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2 years ago, the ugly Peep
It’s not letting me use my name it keeps saying name not formatted properly or no match
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3 months ago, AlIigator..!yassss..,1QuEeN
I tried to take this test in peace but then a donkey started chasing me down the hallway. Now all I hear is , “in your walls. In your walls. In your walls.” This app made donkey go bad bad and mean. Donate 4 robux to da cause. Send me a new donkey. I’m diagnosed with schizophrenia. IM NOT CRAZY.
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2 years ago, mikiophojiday
Secure test browser can track you location and it has a true dark story about it
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2 years ago, Anderswn kate
cant get access
At school today I get on the app and so I get on the app and it says “not supported” or something and I’m on the latest apple version 15.5 so idk what happend
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8 months ago, V Sterling
App does not work
It is a horrible way to test students. Does not allow them to show their skills
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3 years ago, ok boomer boyo
During the test a cat came in and captured me, please send help, he hasn’t been feeding me and I’m forced to use his litter box to bathe in, if you don’t send help you a communist.
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3 years ago, hijibshdjdjfjbdjx
Never would get this app if i wasnt forced to
Im scared also this app gives literal depression because its math and school and everything bad in the world
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2 months ago, Kalee Shepherd
50% of the reviews: opinion or don’t wanna take a test 30%: saying it’s fine 🙄 19%: it’s crashes and lags 1%: terrible for health .. yes I did the boring math
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3 years ago, 123444455566
Locks your screen
There’s a black screen so you can’t get out of this app and tell you do word says To do it literally holds her iPad hostage do not buy repeat do not buy
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3 years ago, #736$6474
This is terrible
I used to be smart but after this test I lost the ability to breath and died from dope drug overdose. I took dope to be happy because the test made me sad.
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2 years ago, Ninjahud!
Omg it's hacking!,1!1,,,
The app is hacking me I have a virus after trying to install windows 12... I wasn't even taking a exam it must be hacking it also 360 no scoped me!!! Aimbot confirmed ⁉️⁉️⁉️😰😰😰😳😳😳😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👍😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💀🐰
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2 years ago, ax'"idk
Horrible App
This app makes the schools track your device so watch out
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1 year ago, 7i90
Get rid of this app
I am a student who uses this app every year. I hate the fact that this app exists
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2 years ago, Davey Jones Locket
Plz remove from App Store
It takes longer to set this app up then it takes Pat to get to Dom’s house on a cold winters day.
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2 years ago, Goodw_m
This app is creepy.
This app knows my date of birth 😟 why do you need to know someone’s date of birth to take a test!?
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3 years ago, Econjohnaz
This is terrible
Just don’t even think about installing this
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3 years ago, Aiden Stivers
I hate this is app so much. We have to take these test in Indiana and it’s HORRIBLE. I’m confused why we have to take these trashed test. GO AWAY ILEARN
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3 years ago, Aj is not my name
This is horrible and the creator should be punished for making kid do this garbage I wish I could give no stars
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3 years ago, annieeee:))
delete this app!
school is terrible. please don’t get this app. even if I liked school, this app is VERY laggy.
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3 years ago, jkjkkiii
Don’t buy this game it’s a waste of time and locks ur screen it’s bad for testing and it glitches horible app and deserves 0 stars
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3 years ago, glizzy1744
I want to die
I want to jump off of a bridge when I am using this app.
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2 years ago, hehdjdjj djcdgysvytjyw
Thx bros
Amazing, i love torching people!
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3 years ago, That.Guy.With.No.Life
This is an awful app it brings pain and suffering, everyone give it a 1 star so it gets removed.
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3 years ago, RyanTheTitan
If you have to get this app I feel bad for u. This in the literal definition of a trash can in a iPad.
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3 years ago, Gffhhgdjjgf
I am disappointed on how bad this app is it gives me goosebumps every time and I’m like how bout that Holme blie Cause of how bad this app is holy sheeshhhh
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3 years ago, ShreksyBeast101
Gives me depression
This app makes me sad and I don’t like being sad
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5 months ago, AWESOMEfIRE2800
Made me do big fard 🤓💨
I was testing then it made flash screen 🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥵 moved my bowels then i do fard big fard in pants jk no pants tehe 😎😎😎😎😎😎……… Fatalities in Rabies: 59,000 Mortality Rate: +99.9% Once you notice symptoms of rabies, there is no cure. It is past the blood brain barrier, and no cure can past through the nerve net
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3 years ago, this is dum 18302
This is trash
We don’t need school because this test is dum and I want to start a riot who’s with me
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2 months ago, ninjawarlord9999991
way overhyped
What a boooooring game! 😡😡😡No points or scoreboard or fun or joy. I did not find meaning👎👎 waste of time ⏰💀💀
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3 years ago, ava pup
🥀living hell🔥
Experts say that being on your screen for a long time burns millions of brain cells, therefore, this app burn MILLIONS of brain cells!!!!! THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO SABOTAGE US, WE ARE SCREWD!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, ihatesecurebrowser
Bad app
This is just a very bad app I highly don’t suggest it.
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3 years ago, mikejutsu2333
Trash i dont want to take an algebra state test that’s 3 hours long
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3 years ago, Sweatcoin Expert
This is crap take it off!
Please write a review with one star so they take it off the App Store!
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