See Tickets Box Office

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Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.2 or later
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User Reviews for See Tickets Box Office

1.1 out of 5
229 Ratings
6 years ago, I just want my tix - Rob
The instructions in the email I got after purchasing my tix said to download this app and pull up my tix. After failing to log in thru FB, you eventually have to reset the password for the app. Finally logged in. No tix to display. When I pull up the event, it only gives the option to purchase the tix again. I closed the app and opened it again only to find it wouldn’t accept my password (no data found). Let’s hope future events I want to attend have nothing to do with this app.
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5 years ago, Deeyugee
App simply doesn’t work.
Having the same issue as every other user review. Ordered tickets, got email with pdf, able to log into their website to see the order/tickets. App just says “no data” and search does nothing. I’m going to have to print the PDFs like another reviewer said, “like a neanderthal”. Worthless app. Don’t waste your time people. Developers and Apple should remove it from the store until they can actually get it to work.
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3 years ago, pdiejdjfj
Literally trash
This is the worst app I’ve ever been on, you can’t even log in or see you account. If you’re ever able to it’ll also say error and you can’t access anything on the screen and the only choice you have to go back out on the log in screen again. I can’t even access my tickets or my order sooo, I would stay away from here if you don’t wanna lose 100 dollars :)
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2 months ago, I want to die23467
Absolutely useless
How is it that 5 years after a mountain of bad reviews this app is still busted? Screenshot every email confirmation you get, because the app will only timeout, regardless of how many times you reset your password and update your phone. Not looking forward to the gates of the show I’m going to this weekend. No one should be using this ticket service ever.
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12 months ago, ngtubbs
App Is Junk and deserves zero stars
So after reading the bad reviews, I would think it would of been fixed after four years. Nope, log in and get an error pop up that no data available. Lucky, I still have the email from my ticket purchase as proof of purchase, but this app is kinda useless.
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4 years ago, blandine16
Not working
I’ve had this app for a while but never use it, because every time I open it, I get an error that says no data found. Yet at the same I’ve got the emails that show the tickets I have purchased. Also it would be great if see tickets could link to Apple wallet, cause all my tickets from other companies automatically ask to add there...
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5 years ago, 615Boss
pure trash
Just as others have said this app is pure trash! when you login with your account information “error no data found!” is the only message you will see. Just go on their website and do your shopping and click print download ticket then screen shot that. For future advice to this app developer: -Fix it to where it doesn’t have an error as soon as your member signs in! (that is so embarrassing for y’all) -Make it to where your customers/members can add tickets to their apple wallet!! (ticketmaster has this as does ticketfly, you’re way behind on your app usability already!!) -Stop embarrassing yourselves!
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5 years ago, college professor
Sad joke of an app
Bought tickets to a music festival. The email receipt said I could access the tickets on my phone through this app. I created my account, downloaded the app, logged in, and there’s nothing there—no tickets, no events, can’t even search for the event. App is a waste. Will have to print out my ticket and show it to get in, like a Neanderthal.
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5 years ago, ROBPERAL22
Doesn’t sync with email login
I purchased tickets from the queen mary horror nights website and the site rerouted me to see tickets website and after downloading the app to review my tickets at the entrance it shows there aren’t any tickets in my account. Luckily I printed out my tickets and left them in my truck. Would not recommend this app.
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5 years ago, MichaelA330neo
After creating a See Tickets account online from my desktop computer, I downloaded this app from the U.S. App Store a few minutes later. By using the same email address and password that allowed me to create an account and sign in it on my desktop computer, I failed to log into this app. Ludacris
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5 years ago, JTorres18
Doesn’t allow you to see tickets
I purchased a ticket for an event! I got a new phone so I downloaded the app on the new phone, entered the correct login information and it said it was wrong, so I reset my password and after resetting my password it still didn’t allow me to access my account!! Please fix this
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7 years ago, Candii12
This app doesn't work
Once I click on sign in with Facebook it gives me a box saying data not found. So I tried multiple times and gave up on that. So I tried by creating my own sign with the app and still no luck I get the same response so the app is not usable if it won't allow me to sign in. I give up
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2 years ago, dawlyx
Not sure what it’s supposed to do
I just now downloaded it after purchasing a ticket from their website and printing the ticket from my mobile’s browser. I logged in with my email credential and it has nothing to show me Nothing DeletIng app now
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5 years ago, audiobookjunkie
Does not work
I can log into the website just fine. It shows my tickets. But when I log into the app it shows no events found. That’s it. No other pages available. It would be nice to be able to add my tickets to the wallet on my phone. The site does not allow that.
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4 years ago, Bearkat21
Straight trash
What a terrible app this is. Why even bother??? Just take the message off the website about getting the tickets through the app and tell everyone you are the one ticket service that can’t figure out how to enable mobile ticketing. Hell my kid’s high school theater has mobile ticketing. What a joke.
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5 years ago, Icabod369
Same as other review exactly
Don’t know what to do... my ticket that I already purchased on my home computer does not show up on this app. It just reads “error- no data found” I also agree that in the future, will be avoiding this service. Would give no stars if I could
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7 years ago, durkheimdoll781
No Data Found
I'm not sure there is the bandwidth to sync information with the email address. Thankfully they also just email you a PDF when you use their platform - good ole fashioned printing. I'm sure if you use the barcode in the email you can avoid the whole printing thing.
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4 years ago, billifer410
I want my money back!!!!!
Bottom line for my ticket to get scanned and could not even get in because the app kept telling me error no data found!! I purchased the tickets throught the blissdc website then after downloading the app I could not access them what!!!!!
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5 years ago, carm7842
Same experience as every other reviewer. You log in from the online account you create when you purchase your tickets, error message immediately says “no data found” can’t locate your purchases or even search for ANY events. Garbage
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6 years ago, Zeus_Steinars
Never going to use it cause it doesn’t work
Logged in using my login info. Shows no data and tells me to press checkbox to move on. The problem is there is no checkbox. Pointless and useless app. Hope no one got payed for creating this app. If so he/she should give the money back.
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2 years ago, Tosh G.
Worst app available?
Nothing works, and it’s extremely frustrating to use. Suggestion to developers: Just delete the app until you can have an intern build a better one.
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6 years ago, Independent Movie Lover
Can’t log into app
Have he same issue as the user posted June. Not even sure I am logged into the app. It shows me no events and the 2 events that I purchased do not come up after a search. I can see my info on the website, but the app is useless. Sorry.
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6 years ago, Joker54974
No data found
Despite all the reviews tried to give it a shot. Successfully log in, and instant error ‘No Data Found’. With an error vague immediately being displayed, I would not feel comfortable spending any money on event tickets using this app.
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12 months ago, Reyna D. Reyes
No ticket history
Useless. I’m able to log in no problem. But it says error no data found. So my tickets are not displayed. Downloaded and immediately deleted.
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5 years ago, ahhh blah blah blahhh
Account Not Shown
I’ve been buying tickets from the website for a while now and whenever i try to login on the app i always get an error message. I have an account that shows but i can’t get onto the app with it.
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6 years ago, RadioGuyChris
Signed In, Nothing There
Downloaded and signed into the app expecting to see the tickets I just purchased, but it says no data is there. Seems like everyone is having this problem. I hope my tickets are still good.
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2 years ago, Crawdad1757
Garbage App
Garbage App that won’t let you login to view your tickets when you clearly have an account and have purchased multiple tickets through See
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7 years ago, Tinder is a wasteland
Literally useless
- Unable to login with Facebook. - Once logged in using email you get a "no data" message - When using the website ticket history doesn't show current purchases - Worst app I've ever used.
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5 years ago, Oliver queen 01
Apple Wallet Function
The wallet function has not been function since the release of this app and it would be greatly appreciated if this was fixed.
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2 years ago, Matt_555
After re downloading multiple times and resetting my password, still can’t find my tickets. The app is garbage, just print out the ticket to be safe.
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2 years ago, okay i rated it for you
Doesn’t work at all
Why release an app that doesn’t work? Useless. Have to log on to their web site. Log in on this leads to an error message - “no events found”.
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5 years ago, roxanne harrington
I also had the same problem as rob!
Same exact thing happened to me! Same exact thing except I didn’t log in through Facebook I did the whole process and nothing!
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6 years ago, mewsick_lover
This app is 💩 crap
His app doesn’t do anything but take up space in my phone!!! Had to delete it. To quote this app (with one added word in all caps from me). “This app is NOT everything you need for a true mobile ticketing solution”. Useless app really.
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6 years ago, mcnails
No data found
I experienced the same problem as the other reviewers—the app did not show the tickets I had purchased. I will used the PDFs that were emailed to me instead. I wish I didn’t have to waste the paper!
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6 years ago, alyssak1m
No data
Once logged in, it says “Error: No data found” and it seems like many others are having this problem as well. Why promote an app that doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to do? Very upsetting.
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2 years ago, bonzes420
Not one thing about this app works, can’t sign in, can’t load events, no data found on anything I try to search… Helen Keller could’ve made a better app
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5 years ago, brutedawg
The other reviews aren’t exaggerating..
..this app is literally quite useless. It launches, it lets you log in (supposedly), lets you reset your password, and gives you an error the second you do log in, but that’s about it.
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6 years ago, lizz1980
Don’t waste your time downloading this app. This app is crap doesn’t work and it even said I had no tickets purchased when I just bought them. Don’t even waste your time I would give 0 stars if it was an option.
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5 years ago, OhSchnizzle
I can’t log in.
I have tried multiple times to log in with an account I made that day, and the app always displays an error. What kind of app is this and why am I supposed to trust my money with these people?
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2 years ago, mementomorgan
I just keep getting an error when trying to login. Even reset my password. Am I really going to have to print my tickets like an old? Boooo
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3 months ago, Alain-Christian
App doesn’t work
Just check your email or use the website. They not updating this
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5 years ago, 1337cNcer
It’s trash! The app will allow me to log on but keeps giving me an error with no data found. Can’t find any tickets on the app at all and it’s completely non functional.
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7 months ago, jejjsjsbwhjwa
Doesn’t work
The app legitimately does nothing. You log in with your email and only get error messages after.
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2 years ago, rave5213
I have an account but everytime I try and login is tells me ‘error’ and shows absolutely nothing on screen
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5 years ago, ZombieFarm lover XOXO
Not working
I believe the servers for this app are not even active. I'm having the same issues as everyone else, after log in is says "error" no data to show.
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7 years ago, !Timmy
Error no data found
Bought my tix online but expect to see them in the app but like everyone else can't see anything. Do you have to buy them in app to appear??
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3 years ago, Caribeincali
Don’t bother
You make millions of dollars scamming customers and you can’t afford pennies to fix your crap app? You’re obviously ready to be out of business real soon…
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6 years ago, StephyMarieee
App doesn’t work
This app is ridiculous and It doesn’t even work- I’ve tried to log in so many times to pull up my ticket and I can’t even do that. Waste of my time for sure.
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2 years ago, DCG627
Doesn’t work
Apps just gives a message of ‘Error: no data found’ when I log in.
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7 years ago, Jetaime<3
Can't see tickets
Even though the app lets you log in with Facebook now; it still doesn't allow you to view your tickets. It'll just say " error".
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