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Seesaw Learning, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Seesaw

4.77 out of 5
100K Ratings
5 years ago, C.Oleru
Best Ever!!
I teach 1st grade, and I love the way that Seesaw allows my students and me to share what is happening in our classroom. My students are able to record their voices, take pictures of their work, and share their thinking with me and with their families via Seesaw. It is also a really fast way for me to communicate with parents. I use Seesaw to send out my weekly class newsletter and to send out last minute announcements, as well. Great way for teachers, parents, and students to stay connected! Also, it is a great place for teachers to share things with each other. I use so many assignments from the community of teachers on Seesaw to advance the thinking and learning in my classroom. The only thing I wish were different about Seesaw is I wish I were able to assign things just to certain students instead of to the whole class. It would help me differentiate my assignments better. Maybe there’s a way to do that and I just haven’t figured it out yet... 🤷‍♀️ Not sure. But overall, Seesaw has been such a neat tool and resource for my classroom!
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2 years ago, Kay1268
New Messaging Update is Awful
I LOVE this app and have been using it for 7 years. I was so excited when they said they were merging class and family into 1 and updating. The update is awful with messages though. I am a kinder teacher and it used to be so easy to find and message parents for my class. Now I have to jump through a ton of hoops to even create a message. I can’t just scroll through parent names of my class to send a message I have to actually know their names and search which often times in the beginning of the year I don’t off they top of my head. I have parents emailing that they can’t write a message to me or reply. They used to easily be able to just type under any message I sent and it would go privately to me. I have watched the video on this over and over but it doesn’t match what they see on their end. I love the idea of group messages but the rest of this is garbage. I was also hoping families would be able to add to their children’s journal since they help with the homework at home. Now they are having to log between student and family accounts. I hyped up this app to my families like I do every year but they are frustrated and not impressed this year. I hope they rework this or go back to the old user friendly way or we may have to find another program.
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3 years ago, charcoal:p
Seesaw is stupid, TEACHERS PLEASE READ
Hello! Those of you who think Seesaw has a perfect Instagram- like setup, and super fun and easy, you are wrong! Seesaw is annoying. The computer Seesaw is better than the app one, but they are still stupid. Teachers, kids are allow to make random videos. Just imagine the inappropriate issues your trouble-making kiddos would do! Plus, there’s no preset comments. Those trouble-making kiddos in your class could swear or hurt someone’s feelings. It also encourages kids to sneak and watch classmate’s videos instead of doing work. There’s no way to ban video making. Kids reading this, you don’t want to have Seesaw, it’s little-kiddie. The grade ranges that do enjoy it is K-1, 2nd+ just hate it. Schoolagy (did I spell it right?) is more ages 3rd grade + and is perfect! It’s harder to make videos than just tapping a button, and you can like videos. Kids have fun doing that. Teachers can also make great videos. Teachers, if you prefer Microsoft Stream, when you are showing your students how to get to it, there will be a little button in the corner to view the video on Microsoft Stream! Teachers, video making on Schoolagy (if I didn’t spell it write, I’m sorry) is amazing. Do scratchy sound issues like on Seesaw. If you are a K-1 teacher, use Seesaw (it’s the best you got) Thank you for reading
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3 years ago, Kaumualiʻi
Behavior Management
I really love how engaging Seesaw is for the kids and how many options they have to show their work. The ability to add voice instructions to assignments are very helpful, especially to us who work in Hawaiian language immersion. I wish Seesaw had a resource for behavior-management like ClassDojo, where they accumulate points depending on their behavior. If there was some way this platform could incorporate that, that would make this app the BEST! The “Skills” resource is extremely valuable. That is what separates Seesaw from the rest, being able to give the students quantifiable and qualitative feedback on specific standards. This Is the second time i am writing a review and I still wish that seesaw would add a behavior management resource to show the children and parents how they have been behaving. I do appreciate some of the updates made to editing and creating activities. I would appreciate if the activity didn’t change so much when I create it on my laptop to when the students work on it on their iPads. The dimensions differ I imagine and then certain text boxes move
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4 years ago, lmhoug
Best platform to use for elementary school
I have always loved Seesaw, but when we suddenly got thrown into distance learning I had to think on my feet and use Seesaw on a whole new level. Seesaw did not disappoint! I was able to use it to assign activities to students on different levels, on different days at different times. I could provide feedback and interact with my students either through text or audio recordings. I even could record myself making changes to their assignments so they could see how to do their assignment. I also created a class blog so that my students could interact with each other while at home. This allowed them to post pictures or videos and comment on each other’s posts. I was still the moderator on all of those. I raved about it so much that my district has now purchased it for all of our elementary schools to use! I highly recommend it!!!!
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2 years ago, hhmmttmm
Disappointed in the Updates
I have been using Seesaw as a teacher for 7 years and I love Seesaw! However, many of the updates this year are not user friendly for teachers or families. The update that I am having the most difficulty with is the new way teachers comment on student work on my phone. It is just a running line and there is no way to view it before it is posted. I know you can edit it after it’s posted but it makes the process inconvenient. In previous versions you could see your whole message and were able reread it before posting. This makes me not want to check Seesaw posts on my phone which puts me behind on checking my students’ work. I always have my phone with me but I don’t always have a computer. Whenever I have a free moment I would check it. I know many teachers who prefer to check their Seesaw on their phones. Can we please go back to the old version of commenting on student work? I want my students and families to see my feedback in a timely manner.
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3 years ago, #Unicorns are awesome🥳🤣🦄
I’m a student and LOVE this app!!!
Covid has really affected how we learn, we had already been using seesaw occasionally in class so it wasn’t a surprise that we used it for online school. I loved seesaw then and love it even more now! Teachers can send assignments to students individually, or send them to everyone. The app is easy to use and for me, using it was a price of cake. I mean I am good at technology anyways.(outsmarted my parents 43 times but who’s counting?) 😂 No one in my class had much trouble with it and everyone loved it. Of course except the kids who hate school and did like no homework cause they were ‘busy’ but there’s always at least one of those kids in every class! Over all it’s an AMZING APP AND I RECOMMEND IT WEATHER YOU ARE DOING ONLINE OR IN PERSON SCHOOL!! Also I love you Mrs. Young and Mrs. Smith! I will miss you when I go t middle school next year! -Kara H from spring creek elementary 💚💙
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4 years ago, anomly1
Decent for distance learning
Like many, I’m sure, I have been using the Seesaw app for distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Overall, the app has been beneficial for the teachers to share the lesson plans and we utilize the app similar to a social media (FB) platform by responding to the teacher’s posts with the completed assignments. Unfortunately , this is also why I only rate the app 3 stars. The issue is that once I’ve responded to an activity posted by the teacher, there are no indicators that the particular assignment was completed/responded by me resulting in a lot of time spent searching through activities that need to be completed. I liken this issue to having read an email in Outlook and then going back later for that one email but all emails are marked as “unread”. It would be excellent if the developer were to create a means for the completed assignments to be highlighted that it has been responded to/completed. Further, it would be additionally helpful if the app indicated that the instructor reviewed the students work and whether it needed to be redone.
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2 years ago, dayzines
Seesaw has been a life saver since COVID!
I’m a Kindergarten teacher who is SO grateful for the Seesaw app! 🥰 When the COVID shut down of my school happened 2 years ago, I was in a bit of a panic as to how I was supposed to teach kindergartners online and give them learning activities that would help them practice the skills I was trying to teach! I was introduced to Seesaw which my school adopted as a mainstay to our remote learning. I love the easy access for both teachers & students, the fun & engaging learning activities and videos and I love the tracking system for completing the assignments. I also love the feature that allows teachers to leave comments, edit activities & make corrections for quick feedback to students and parents! I also love that the parents can see their child’s progress and receive/send messages too! 💕THANK YOU FOR CREATING the SEESAW APP!
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4 years ago, Not Picasso
Best Educational App Bar None
I am an experienced teacher, and I’ve been using Seesaw for years. It’s always been wonderful. It is the most helpful technological tool I’ve ever used by FAR! It’s always been fantastic, but they are always making improvements, and they respect teacher input. Since the pandemic, they have been incredible-dealing with an influx of new users and going above and beyond to meet ever increasing needs. I never want to stop using Seesaw. It’s excellent for virtual teaching and face to face teaching. It’s got outstanding tools and features for teachers, AND it’s user friendly for teachers and students. I use it with Kindergarten students, and they get the hang of it so quickly. They love it. It’s engaging and fun, but it truly enhances and improves their learning. The people at Seesaw truly want to do the best that they can for teachers and students. It is by far the best technology I’ve ever used in the classroom.
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3 years ago, Henry A. Sayers
Seesaw is a great school app in my opinion because it helps you learn a lot of stuff and it is a fantastic way for teachers to create assignments for students. And those assignments are actually fun a lot of the times. It also is a great app to store all of your hard school work you’ve done and chat with friends! I loved Seesaw in the year of 2020 and 2021 because it helped me create lots of great friendships and it helped me a lot with learning. Though I did want to be at school in person, it was certainly a great learning experience. I am looking forward to being back in person in 6th grade, but I will miss Seesaw that’s for sure. It is such a great learning and school tool that I will look forward to using it again!
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4 years ago, jimiamoore
Decent App. Needs to handle submission errors more gracefully!
The app is good. It could be great if developers could enable the app to auto-save or at minimum handle submission issues more gracefully. Over the past year and a half of use my tech savvy kids have lost hours worth of work due to issues with submission. If they happen to be outside of WiFi range for a second during submission or if Seesaw is having an issue on there end their completed assignment will be lost completely. The app needs to hold onto the completed work until it confirms a successful upload. Currently it does not do this and if you click submit and encounter an issue you will almost certainly loose everything. I am an IT professional with enterprise grade access points all over my home. I trust the development team is aware is this issue and is working on it. Until they fix it I have tried to coach my kids to continually save a draft of their work so that a submission issue won’t be quite as devastating.
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4 years ago, Inspiredjenn
Option request
Dear developers, as a teacher engaging in distance-learning I am regularly teaching parents and students how to use your app. It would be a wonderful feature if I could toggle between the student view and the parent view in order to seamlessly demonstrate where to go in the app and how to use the app. My families struggle to learn the basic features of the program but in order for them to support their students and communicate effectively with a variety of school professionals there are more advanced app use skills that I need to teach them. Same with the students. They need frequent re-teaching on how to use the features to complete assignments. They are learning environments are very busy homes with many distractions I need to be able to show them exactly what they are going to see. Some students with disabilities need further re-teaching. I would so appreciate your consideration of this request.
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2 years ago, pizza_dough
Terrible security and student privacy
Seesaw uses a single login credential (unique hash / ID) for students to log in if schools configure it to. If these are shared, as some generally naive teachers may do for every student to their entire class, they cannot be reset / regenerated by the student (or parent). The result is (as in our case) kids, even in 3rd grade, “hacking” or threatening to “hack” each other. Absolutely terrible. This is where your kids put their class work, comments, and private communications with their teachers. I am disappointed that my kids’ school uses it. When I log in as my child I see nothing in account settings that would allow me to change the login mode to email/password. This choice should not be teacher-controlled once accounts are given to students. Frankly this choice should not be available as it is inherently insecure. Schools, parents, students (etc) have a tendency to print spreadsheets of credentials and leave them sitting around.
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3 years ago, atumn kitten
It’s great but it’s better on a computer though but that’s really fine though people say that there is no WAY to crop but there IS a WAY how to crop you just click on a photo and on it then you move it to the side and when it has the green plus you let go of it then try to find the photo then you just click anywhere and make it how you want it to crop and when there is a blue square (it can be any shape) then on your keyboard you click control v then go to seesaw then to your assignment then when your there you just click control c then it’s there! There is SO many ways to do things on seesaw and I have no idea why they just don’t wanna figure out how! So this is definitely a five star app.
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4 years ago, Gauri12985
Great application
I enjoy using Seesaw for myself as a parent and for my child as well. It’s been a great tool this past week as we started distance learning. Communication between students and teacher is made easy and submitting completed assignments is literally a piece of cake. All in all a great user friendly app for schools and students. Definitely beats Schoology!! The only thing I’d really like added is a way for my child to keep track of completed vs not completed assignments. With online learning there’s sometimes 10+ assignments every day and they’re impossible to “mark as completed.” If the developer would find a way to improve the app in this aspect I’m positive you’d make all of us parents lives easier as we push through becoming homeschool teachers with no qualifications. 🥴
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6 years ago, Reinaag
Such an improvement!
In my previous review, I had written that while Seesaw had many amazing features, it was missing a feature that was important to home-school communication: the ability for parents to send pictures through private messaging. Now, the latest update gives that ability and more! Not only can parents/teachers send pictures through private messaging, but also videos, pdf files, and others! Now, my one remaining wish for Seesaw is to have something to the School Story feature similar to Class Dojo. This feature will help schools share school-wide activities/announcements to families. Seesaw is amazing!
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5 years ago, Derek Smalls On Bass
Amazing app for the classroom, but...
I love everything about See Saw as a teacher, however they have made a change in that when I try and share a picture from my phone with my student’s parent (via the app), it no longer allows me to add a simple caption below the photo. This is important as I need to be able to give a brief explanation to the parent as to what is occurring. Rather, when I select the photo(s) from my phone’s camera roll to share, the app only lets me select the student’s name/family to share with, but then immediately posts the picture before I am given a chance to add a caption. This never used to happen last school year. Please, developers, make the fix to change it back to allow adding captions from my phone app. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Jazz Pasco
Great, but I’d like some additions
Like many other people, I use a lot of SeeSaw during this pandemic, so I have to deal with some issues that get pretty annoying when I deal with them every day. First of all, a button to hide the tool bar would be helpful. Second, you can’t do anything to videos that are recorded, like cut out parts or crop it. Third, you can only post videos individually, so I have to make a video separate from my post. Fourth, an auto save would be helpful because if I accidentally close the app or something, all of my work is erased. Last, this is a small thing, but when I scroll down, then go somewhere else, I have to scroll back down and find the assignment. Other than that, it’s a helpful and easy-to-use app.
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2 years ago, disney vet
So good
We will get back to the house next weekend if you want it will let you know soon love love it I’ll get it back together for dinner, (Monkish bypass the new home for the next few weeks so I can go back in and go get it soon if I get it I’ll get it back in a couple of days then I can get back in to get a few weeks to go back home soon I love it I’ll let you know if you have a couple of questions I love it I’ll get back in love you soon I’ll let you know if I need you soon love love it I’ll get it soon love you have dinner with my friend and then we can get dinner and I’ll get back together and I’ll get together for
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4 years ago, lillianj29
I would like to see some improvements
I have had a pretty good experience with seesaw so for the most part I am very happy. I just had 1 concern. So when you are looking at your assignments at the top right corner is a calendar sign and I was very exited. So I clicked it and it showed me what I already sent. I was a little confused. I would prefer if it showed when my assignments were due. I think it would help a lot of people I would defiantly use it. I would like if it also had holidays like Christmas or memorial day when most schools have it off. It would surely help. But otherwise seesaw is great. I hope everyone is doing great. Have a nice day! ❤️😀
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4 years ago, jack12344321$$
Work in progress
Seesaw is great for casually keeping parents in the loop with their kids work in school and some limited amount of outside of school learning. It is not great in how it organizes content or in how it lets you search for content. It is mainly set up in a blog style format putting the most recent assignments at the top. Unfortunately by default it resets you to the newest item in the “news feed”. This can make navigating to old assignments very difficult. There is a calendar view for completed assignments, but not for assignments in the “news feed” queue. Some schools are trying to stretch seesaw into their primary distance learning vehicle and that is clearly not its intended purpose. In order for that to work the basic interface needs to be evaluated and updated.
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4 years ago, Mrs. Saxophone
Not user friendly.
Seesaw is a great program. There is nothing can replace it as there are tons of options for teachers and student to interact and show learning. However I find that the program is not user friendly. As a teacher I wish there was a way to message my students. Instead of having the option to send a message I have to go into post student work then select note then the green check a couple of times then select the student that I want it to go to. It seems like there should be an easier way. That’s just one example of how the functionality could be much better. My students are submitting things to me by accident all the time because it is clearly marked how to save without sending.
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2 years ago, chdhda@bembwk3k5
Why you hate the app
You don’t need to say stupid and please reed the class if you don’t do seesaw you be bad at school to be poor or rich you can do fun stuff to learn at school to know the things when you grow up you could get sad if your poor when you grow up you need to reed the discription and only for 5 grades or 4 grades all the grades you do for class and don’t hate it I try it when I was 6 you can only try it for homework don’t hate it it’s the grate app guys I know that the others likes it but why you hate it guys its the best app ever🥺😢 don’t hate this app and please read the discription 🥹
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5 years ago, Mommycam
Teacher approved Parents begging for more
I looooooooove using seesaw in my first grade classroom. I use this app as a communication tool between myself and the students families. The kids and I love making videos of our learning to send home to families and I take pictures a couple times a week to show families what we are doing in the classroom. I also love how I can send reminder messages to the entire classroom , just the families, or individual families when I need to. It is so easy for parents to use and they are always begging for more. I can not imagine not having seesaw in my classroom and love how easy it has made the school home connection.
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6 years ago, Aidnduqodn
The BEST app for primary grades!
I have always had two problems with independent work in my first grade class: I can’t check up on them without having them hand in a worksheet, and I can’t always be there to give them directions again in case they forget, especially during centers. This app solves both those problems!! I can be at home on my couch checking their independent center work, I can record and write directions so that children of all ability levels can understand what to do, and I can turn just about any assignment into an authentic assessment instantly! Could not love this app more!!
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4 years ago, Mmmmmqwerty
Buggy and Unreliable
Our school uses Seesaw for managing remote school work. However we (techie adult included) are having a hard time submitting homework. I get “Error. Item not found.” Seriously, couldn’t you catch these errors and handle them gracefully for grade school kids? It had come to a point where I needed to help my son redo his hard work because we couldn’t submit and had to redo the work. Couldn’t you at least save the work locally (on device) so we can recover previous work? The most frequent issue is that my son finished all his art work and then he cannot record audio (pause button is showing instead of microphone) and again he’s stuck and we have to redo the work. Such a frustrating and unreliable app. And it’s only the 3rd day of school. This app makes remote learning frustrating. Screenshot is more reliable.
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5 years ago, Kelsie.Kilber
I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to make students have to sign in and out of their “student account” every time they log in (instead of when they are ready to post) because it is the most INCONVENIENT thing ever. When I have multiple students doing an activity they need to go back and forth to the QR poster, sign out and sign in just to be able to post. We were able to hand off the iPad before. Horrible. Also with the update, you are not able to go back and add drawing to your post once you have recorded. An example of this would be that we do fluency passages. The students record themselves reading, listen to their recording and rate how they read. Now after your record you can’t do anything else besides submit it. Love seesaw. Hate this update. Please fix these things ASAP for teachers sanity.
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4 years ago, yolyesc
I don’t think the program is user friendly with all these codes. Parents struggle to get their kids logged on when using google accounts in second grade. Also, the video to teach parents to login should be your first step in the process. I’m highly disappointed that districts teach the content of the Seesaw program before demonstrating to teachers and parents how to login to the program. That’s the biggest hurdle!! One other thing, the page in seesaw is kind of confusing, not visually appealing with all the different tabs. 😐
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4 years ago, this is frustrating me
Not as good as it used to be
I don’t like how limited the text box options have become when embellishing a photo. The font choices are very limited. I don’t like that I don’t have more control over the text box color scheme or the saturation level of the fill. I really miss the freedom and creativity I had a long time ago😟, just haven’t taken time to write a review. I used to use the text box feature ALL the time. Now I don’t use it at all. I have switched to google slide. I also don’t like that the caption feature overlaps the bottom of the picture. It would be nice to have embellishing capabilities in the note option.
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4 years ago, TerylH
Great for little kids, would love dates on posts though
My kindergartener can use this app pretty intuitively. My only wish is that all posts for assignments, journal entries, notifications, all included a date and time when posted and replied to. I just went back and forth with my son’s teacher thinking we didn’t receive the posted assignments for the day, but in actuality he did them all by himself. When I looked in the completed assignments folder there was no way to tell which day they were posted and completed. So, A+ that the app is easy that he can do it on his own, but please help parents know that critical bit of info so I can more easily track!
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4 years ago, pdxgirls
Great app, but wish it had one thing!
We have been using seesaw family and class for over 2 years. It is fairly easy to use and very helpful. Now that we are using it everyday, I’m REALLY wishing there was a place for the kids to check something off as completed without adding a response. Sometimes, a response is not needed other than just marking it as completed. This would help the students (and parents helping younger students) to see accurately how many activities are left in each class. Also, would also not add more work for the teachers. Is it possible to upload a video without breaking it up into parts?
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4 years ago, jonokca
You guys have to allow for local storage
There is a huge flaw in your system... unless I’m missing something, if the internet goes down (a daily occurrence now that everyone is working from home) and your child is trying to upload their work you have two choices: 1) delete and start over - throwing away whatever your child has just done, or 2) turn off the device stop school for the day and wait for the internet to come back on so you can upload and go on to the next task. Maybe you could add an option to store the item locally and have an “upload later” button. Just a thought. There are many other frustrations with the UI but that is the killer flaw right now.
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3 years ago, LDavila777
Nice but over priced for what you get.
The extras, are not worth what they are asking. I paid it hoping to find it to be super helpful, but the price does not at all match what you get. Disappointing, especially since it is glitchy in those areas too. Before you go charging over $100 for something, you may want it working properly? Update: When you enter an activity page, and add page, you should be able to upload in each individual tab a new document. I don’t want to have to edit, and create all the content before I can even enter it into the app. It needs to be more functional. Like, upload option in each tab.
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4 years ago, coven26845
As a parent that has had the torture of using the seesaw application daily for 3 weeks now, for two kids that are home due to school closures during coronavirus, this application is awful. It’s not intuitive enough for my kids to use on their own and half the time I’m clicking between several sections to try and locate the correct lesson or video. The lessons we have completed are mixed in with the lessons we still need to complete unless the teacher goes in and archives the old ones. The whole application is a huge stressful, confusing mess. Let alone having multiple children that need to use it and you have to scan two separate codes every time you want to switch kids. Thinking about withdrawing them and homeschooling because that would be better than having to use seesaw every day.
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2 years ago, the game is bad with bits
Seesaw is is the best app for on campus and online school
This app is just amazing, easy to understand, and easy to use and handle. Unlike Schoology, posting assignments doesn’t take minutes and just automatically posts the assignment or image. It very easy to use, given how compacted it is and isnt just a bunch of slides that are 8 PT and cant even be read by people with eye conditions, and I’d say is just really recomended for schools since its very easy to set up, and it’s really not fustrating sisnce it never failed me once during 4th grade, and just a good way to start socializing.
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4 years ago, Liza Edgell
Awesome App
Ok I am a Kindergarten Teacher and when the school closure happened I wanted someway for the class to connect with me and the other students. One of my coworkers told me about this app and I set my class up and have been loving it! The kids love it! It is easy for them to easy use and they are enjoying the tasks and interacting with each other through videos and voice recorded comments. From a teacher’s perspective it is age appropriate and easy for them to use. It has lots of fun activities to assign to the class and it is easy to make your own activities. Great app.
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7 years ago, From an Tech Administrator
When you run into issues, you CAN NOT call them for support. You have to do it via email and it takes DAYS to get real issues resolved. I usually get ONE response a day from their support people. Case in point, I opened a ticket with them on a server error we keep getting on Sept. 27 (over a week ago) and I am no closer to getting this resolved (it is now October 5th), then when I opened the ticket. As a support person, I am used to calling in issues and getting it resolved either on that phone call, or shortly there after (maybe a day or two later). This has happened now mulitiple times since we became a Seesaw For Schools building. The teachers who use Seesaw, absolutely love it, and I understand why, but coming from a support perspective, my view of Seesaw is quickly diminishing!!!!!!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Groovy Cool
Great for Special Needs Classroom
SeeSaw is fantastic for providing digital documentation of student work. Many of my students don't engage in paper pencil tasks, but in more hands-on activities geared toward their individual goals. SeeSaw allows me to post photos of them working, their successes and their joy of learning. It's a great way to share with parents who rarely know what their child does at school due the lack of "work" being sent home. I love that SeeSaw maintains student privacy by only allowing parents to view items in their child's portfolio. Thank you for such a great tool.
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3 years ago, S&J
Better Apple Pencil/Stylus support badly needed
App is slowly getting better and better. We started out rough with lots of lost school work. Trying to finish school work within the app with our second grader was an exercise in patience. That seems to be largely fixed but it seems like the app bogs down depending on how many drawing objects there are on a page and objects in general. We finally bought an Apple Pencil to make it easier to do work in the app but there are still problems: 1) Palm is constantly triggering the tools on the bottom and right side of the app. Palm also triggers markings. This was the case even without the pencil. 2) Writing sometimes is not fluid, skips, or doesn’t register or is DELAYED. Almost seems like the app is freezing or bogged down. (We have the latest iPad and pencil). We know it is not an issue with the pencil and IS an issue with the app because when we use the stylus with other writing apps it is like a whole other world in terms of usability and performance. PLEASE work on making this a better experience and changing the interface design to be more user friendly!
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4 years ago, bdubya86
Overall nice but could use a little work
The text entry can make many of the assignments difficult to complete especially for younger children. For example, when filling in the missing blanks of 1-100 chart, a child must somehow draw in all the tiny numbers with a difficult to control mouse or fingertip drawing making them barely legible or running into other numbers. The only other option consists of creating and resizing 50+ separate text boxes for 2 character numbers which becomes quite tedious especially for a 7 year old. I’m not sure the solution but I’m begging for one.
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4 years ago, IAMKrow
Seesaw deeply flawed
The application creates workflow for children and educators that allows parents observe. Assignments are created in app, and children are expected to create PowerPoint like documents for each assignment ( which is tedious and pointless for many subjects ). The app freezes frequently when children try to save their work ( small children will become tired of this quickly). Sometimes homework saves and sometimes it does not. Every so often it only saves some of the work. Assignments are handed out as todo, which never time out ( any extra or optional work just continues to pile up ). I am amazed at all of the positive reviews for this app, because I just don’t see how anyone would give a 5 star review to app that fails to work as frequently as this app does.
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6 years ago, MollyBeccca
I gave seesaw 3 stars because, well, to me, Seesaw is like “class instagram” I like how you can post things educational and that you can get in touch with your class mates on a device. But, I’d not do “teacher approvals.” It can take days to write a comment or days just to have a post be approved. Also, How come parent’s comments have to approved too? It makes no sense. It’s not like their going to post anything bad. Also, parents can’t post either it would be fun if they did. But still, just for the kids that want mothers and fathers to post on seesaw. I hope reading this response will have you with suggestions. This is just me though, I think seesaw is good though.
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4 years ago, Mrs.S and the Tigers
Best Communication for Kindergarten!
I absolutely love SeeSaw for sharing work and communicating with parents! It has everything I need to have students show their hands on work in class and now that we are learning at home, it’s such a great platform to assign things to work on and upload videos. I can pick from any of the amazing assignments already created or create one of my own. I could not be happier with it and I will continue to use it in the future! Thank you for giving K-2 teachers such an easy way to keep our kindergarteners independent!
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6 years ago, Lo Schneider
Great tool!
This app has been a wonderful component of family school communication. It helps me more frequently update families about happenings in the classroom, send informal notes, and document student work. It’s also helpful with very anxious parents who need fast feedback in the beginning of the year. Thank you for adding pictures to announcements!! This is really helpful 👍🏻 I would like a couple issues fixed: 1. When you take a picture and are in for example the morning class you are not able to switch to the afternoon session without deleting the picture. This actually happens frequently and is annoying. 2. It is easy to forget about messages from parents in the inbox because once they are clicked on you aren’t really aware of them anymore. I think it would be helpful if the messages were sorted like an email format instead of by individual family members. This would make responding more efficient.
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3 years ago, izzy_eight
I kind of like it
I like seesaw I do it on a Crome book and it’s kind of hard to get my sparser to go somewhere in the text box like when I click 10 times somewhere it needs me to delete the space in between and there is one thing if you change it it would be nice if you could press the red x without having to delete all your work so you don’t always have to put it in draft I mean I like to draft my work and all but maybe in instead you could change it into a button that says delete so than people will know that that button deletes your work. Oh and happy st. Patrick’s Day I hope you find a four leaf clover 🍀today.
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4 years ago, Cricketwhistle
Needs more scheduling options
I like the app. However, I need to be about to create an announcement, schedule it, and then select multiple classes at one time like assignments. It is extremely frustrating when you posted an assignment to multiple classes and realize you need to change it. Well, you would think you could edit it in My Lessons and it would change it. NOT! It’s not a living document. You have to change it in each class or delete it from each class and reassign the new one. OMG! And you can’t delete an item from multiple classes at once. Again, get ready to click your life away.
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6 years ago, kalissalll
Parents love it!
This is our second year using Seesaw. Parents love it!! It’s ‘instagram’ style feed allows for ease of use and visibility of pictures, announcements, and notes. I only with they could merge with remind for the benefit of importing a calendar and sending reminders automatically. With 40 students between my two classes, I wish there was a way to upload more than one picture at a time (similar to how Instagram lets you create a series) or create a collage of a few pics that represent students work on a certain activity. Finally, we purchased the Plus feature to help us with our Illinois KIDS portfolio artifacts, unfortunately the ratings scale is set for you and you can’t change it. It lets you use 4 stars instead of the 6 levels we need. Overall, a great basic app to help bring the experiences in the classroom home and vis versa, send announcements, and keep communication visual. Hoping for the silver bullet of apps to help meet the needs of busy teachers and bustling students!
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2 years ago, KCL 6748
New Update
I’ve loved seesaw, I’ve used it to connect with my kids teachers for a few years now. I absolutely HATE the new update and everyone I’ve talked to about it does too. You can’t click and zoom in on pics, when you zoom in on the frame that’s there it’s next to impossible to move the picture around. I feel like I’m always searching to find messages. The message center looks and feels like complete chaos and it feels like it takes forever for things to load. If you don’t change it back at least fix the picture problem.
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4 years ago, FutureNurseSteph
I’ve never hated an app more
We have to use this for my kindergartener’s remote school. It crashes every single time we try to open a new work/activity. It doesn’t save your spot in scrolling so you have to scroll all the way each time. There is no way to make an activity go away from the “waiting a response” unless you respond to it but some don’t need a response like read aloud, so I hate that those don’t go away making it look like you still have many activities still waiting to be done. Not all activities have the same options like video, or upload, or to draw, etc. My kid’s work would take leas time if it didn’t take forever dealing with this poorly designed and glitchy app. Did I say I hate this app?? Yeah, HATE it.
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