SenGram - Sentence Diagramming

3.5 (139)
11.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for SenGram - Sentence Diagramming

3.51 out of 5
139 Ratings
5 years ago, TCHR1
My kids enjoyed it.
I purchased this app to have my middle school son play. I wanted him to gain an understanding of various sentence structures. My hope was that it would help him with his writing skills. My son loves puzzles and has really enjoyed the app. I am frustrated that I spent $4 and the puzzles included in the price we’re completed within two or three days. Having to purchase additional content doesn’t quite sit right, and given the limited number of sentences, I don’t believe it’s worth it.
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6 years ago, MissTeeTeeNY
I think this is a great tool. It is a game and not a sentence diagram generator although that would be way cool. From reading the reviews, I see there is a great need for an actual sentence diagram generator. It is clearly stated in the app description that thins is a game. It’s ironic that people who wish to write their own sentences didn’t read the description but chose to write a negative review. 🤣🤣🤣 It looks like there is money to be made the only question is, “Who’s going to make it?” The app I mean. Thank you, SenGram for responding so positively to my email. You made my day. 🤗🤗🤗
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2 years ago, Tdf02a
Great for practice, less great for learning
This is a great app to practice what you already know or to teach yourself to be a grammar mystic, able to diagram by intuition and audacity, but it does not offer a "why." If it had pop-ups telling me why the a server are what they are, it would be exemplary.
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4 years ago, L8x1
Not enough content
The app is good for reviewing grammar, but less so for newbies. There aren’t any grammar explanations or instructions. I like how easy it is to do the puzzles, the interface is simple but works well. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough puzzles, not really worth it with how little you get. You go through them quickly and you have to pay to unlock more. That might be okay if there was quite a number more, but there are only a few new topics and you can’t see what you’re being asked to pay more for. I do really like this app, so it’s a shame there just isn’t enough content.
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6 years ago, Murakami8000
Don’t believe the 1 star reviews
The 1 star reviews mostly seem to be from lazy people who want this app to do their homework for them, and it’s a shame the devs have to be punished because of this misunderstanding. This app won’t diagram your sentences for you. Rather, it’s a tool to challenge and teach you how to diagram. If you are looking to brush up on your grammar, then this is a wonderful and fun way to do it.
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3 years ago, Jfpjfp
Outstanding app outstanding support
I had a problem with my iPad. The SenGram screen only showed a vertical line. I sent an email to SenGram support and they responded within a couple of hours. With the tips they gave me I was able to use the app. I have found this a very easy and enjoyable way to learn some difficult grammar concepts.
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3 years ago, personwhowritesreviews21
You have to pay for app and to access certain levels
I brought this app to work on diagramming noun clauses, and verbal clauses. I normally do not like paying for apps, but because this was for school I decided to let it slide. Turns out in order to use the noun clause, and verbal clause level you have to pay. I am not please about this. They should have written that this app contains in app payments in order to use certain levels. I don't like being lied to and this app/ company has done just that. I would like a refund please and Thank you!
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3 years ago, JAJA210
Fantastic Tool
I have learned a great deal about structure of grammar using this tool, and have revisited it off and on over the years for reference. Plus, I just found it fun trying to solve the puzzles. I would love to see the puzzles expanded.
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4 years ago, Headingtohawaii
Great review for diagrammin
This is a fun review for diagramming. I teach diagramming and I re-learned some things through this for some of the more complicated sentence structures which usually get little attention at the end of a course or book. I recommend it to my students.
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5 years ago, Megartisty
Excellent teaching or self-teaching tool AND fun
Such a help in learning English grammar. Fun to ‘play’ and easy to learn as you work your way up the levels. I’m a high level academic and SAT/ACT and recommend this app regularly to my students most of whom have little or no grammar instruction taught to them.
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3 years ago, Ethelberta12
Fun app
This app is fun! I’d like to see an added function that lets you input your own sentences and diagram them. That would rock.
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4 years ago, Beezer88
Great for my students
I recommended that my students buy it because we learn sentence diagramming. Some did, and they really like it. They find it helpful. I told them to buy it because I really enjoyed the gaming features.
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6 years ago, Prenez
Wonderful app
Would like to see a non skeuomorphic version with flat modern ios design and more regular updates to the sengram store. But it’s a great concept and a very nice app. Everything works just like it should.
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6 years ago, Laflemm
Addictive Game
I am in English teacher who likes sentence diagramming so I might not be representative, but I think this app is a good way to teach grammar. Dare I say it? It actually makes grammar fun, and I plan on getting students to buy it.
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6 years ago, Dolleluia
Not fun enough - needs some celebration or points system
While this app is great for me to brush up on diagraming sentences, it’s not really fun enough for my daughter and she was my targeted audience. If the makers made it more like a game with levels and achievements and added some rewards when you got it right it would be great. Otherwise, it’s just me testing her.
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6 years ago, Trey_D777
The challenges are bad and I tried to use this to study for my test and I did poorly on the sentence diagramming section. You should give them the sentence and make them MAKE the lines and MAKE them drag the words over. I ALSO don’t like that you have to put the words in order. that was also a waste of three dollars I could of got on something else. NOT a good app.
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7 years ago, ndawg123
Thanks for making this app!
I haven’t diagrammed sentences since junior high and this was a fun way to remember how to do it and brush up on my grammar skills. Would happily pay for more puzzles.
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6 years ago, B. Lou
3 Stars
Having to pay 4 dollars for a good learning app is reasonable. It comes with two topics and about 12 topic lessons to start with (basics and clauses). But, if you want to diagram sentences with verbals (witch is the only reason I got the app), it will be an extra 3 dollars. Good app so far, but the price it isn’t worth it.
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7 years ago, Bettejane
Old School
The SenGram app is fun and easy to navigate. Understanding proper sentence structure is a valuable asset in creating documentation that is concise, informative, and impressive. I'm not ashamed of being a Grammar Nerd.
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8 years ago, Paleo Child
Excellent but too much $$$$
Well designed, operates smoothly. A phone screen is generally too small, but the zoom is helpful and works well. For the price, I'd like to see many more sentences. Additional functions, such as allowing for writing your own sentences or requiring you to build the scaffolding, would obviously entail a vastly more complex program. But, then, for the price you pay...
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3 years ago, 5 star No star
Not user friendly and false advertised
Would not recommend this app at all. It is difficult to figure out, not user friendly. And you cannot use your own sentences to diagram. I was under the impression this app would diagram sentences for me.
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6 years ago, ShereeC64
Love it
I’m an English teacher and really love strengthening my own skills with this. Please consider developing a sentence diagramming tool!
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2 years ago, Danielrev
Good app
I enjoy this app. However, in my opinion, it It would be nice if there were more examples. Thanks 😇
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4 years ago, alicemae66
I enjoy this. It’s like a puzzle and it helps with parts of speech.
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1 year ago, Nick_Nam
Great idea!
This app is so useful for reviewing sentence structure. Please add more sentences to diagram.
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5 years ago, crystaltwilight
Great app
Love this app! It’s just what I need to drill sentence diagramming! It’s my new solitaire!
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7 years ago, absmit
Good app
I downloaded this to brush up on my grammar skills. It's a good app.
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5 years ago, LizS1977
Loved these as a kid!
I loved these as a kid! This is a lost art. Can you add more puzzles?
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6 years ago, Jenna_grace
0 Stars
I would rate this 0 stars. I purchased this to check my daughter work when she diagrammed her sentences. I was no help at all don’t waste you money!!!
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7 years ago, Person who wants a permit
Fun way to learn how to sentence diagram
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3 years ago, Bible reader old guy
Not automated
I was looking for a basic tool to automatically diagram a semi complex sentence. This is not that tool. This is a training toy for kids.
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5 years ago, CAROLINE TIPS
I bought this to help me with my home work and it is just puzzles
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10 months ago, DKWolf
Installed on Ipad. Doesn’t work..
App crashes hen ai try to use it.
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6 years ago, Janetfitz
Bad app
This app is very disappointing. Don’t bother. It was designed by someone very lazy.
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7 years ago, TellingItLikeItIs
THIS APP IS A GAME not a sentence diagrammer! The developer does not make this clear. Wasted four bucks!
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2 years ago, Sengramsucks_
I hate this
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11 years ago, sydneykiqq
This is a wonderful app. I enjoy playing with it, and I use it in my ESL class of beginners. I wish I could enter my own sentences, so I could use the vocabulary and sentences from their readings. SenDraw hasn't worked for me. Sentence diagramming has allowed me to show higher level sentence grammar in that I can use the graphics to eliminate a lot of metalanguage. The students enjoy going up and working out a sentence with the cool touch screen design, but most of the sentences are too high for my students. What has been especially nice is having a way to show parts of speech as phrases, with main constituents above the line and modifiers below. It's also the easiest way for me to show how prepositional phrases can function as adjectives and adverbs. This app always works and it's unique. Sydney University of Oregon Sydney University of Oregon Sydney
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8 years ago, Landshark of Holt,FL
Too much cost for too little product. And then they ask for more money
The app works well, but for the price I expected much more. Then for a demand for more money to unlock the last few levels? Ridiculous. I completed the app in less than an hour. Not worth the money unless you have nothing better to do than re-diagram the same sentences over and over. Utterly disappointed. Honestly, I would have given the app a 3 if it hadn't been for the greed on top of the limited product.
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12 years ago, Understanding Latin
Wow! This will be great when it is tweaked a little!
I was looking for some app to do sentence diagramming, and I came across SenGram. Wow, it is really cool. It has a few glitches that need to be worked out, but I think that it will be a great addition to the educational tools available on the Internet. Congratulations to the creators! I'll be looking for updates. LatinMom
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11 years ago, avp8536
I use it as much as possible
Please complete levels 3-6! I love this app!! I've enjoyed doing and redoing the many puzzles given and am close to mastering the constructions taught. I now have some confidence in diagramming sentences fitting the patterns presented in levels 1-2 and am hungry for the rest! I think this is a wonderful introduction to learning sentence diagramming! Please finish it!
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12 years ago, rachel_519
Ok, needs improvement
I went through the puzzles fairly quickly; it would be nice to see some more advanced puzzles. Also, the sound was annoying. It makes a dinging noise whenever you finish a puzzle, even when the volume is turned off on your device. I could not find any option to turn these noises off.
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12 years ago, Lipbomber
Montessori Teacher
Yes! A diagramming app that correlates with my teaching curriculum! Very clear, simple, and fun. Would really appreciate more complex sentences, including poems. Thanks so much for creating this app--my upper elementary co-teachers and I are geeking over this! We love grammar and loathe ads. This app is free and without distracting (and annoying) ads. From the minds of like-mindeds! Kudos*
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11 years ago, Nickle Robbin
Hate way set up
I love to play the app but it should be upgraded for iPhone 5 & iPad because it looks like an iPhone 4 version and if you fail one problem when we redo it it should give us a silver star thrid-gold fourth-bronze medal and fith then a bomb and that's when you will get your money worth and more buys and five star rating so let there be an update soon...... But I almost forgot ADD MORE LEVELS I BEAT THEM ALL IN 1 hour
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11 years ago, GhostLXXVIII
Great class resource
This has been a good resource for my grammar class. I only wish SenGram Maker was available on platforms other than Apple. If I could design SenGrams specifically for my class, This would be a great resource. Still, it has helped my students a lot.
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12 years ago, Above_u2
Great for visual learners
I detested the specific grammar rules throughout undergraduate and graduate school until I was introduced to sentence diagramming. Sentence diagramming is an awesome instructional method to teach language arts to visual and logical learners. I wished the app had more sentences to diagram or a way to insert self-made sentences for diagramming. However, I am delighted with my purchase.
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10 years ago, mklmt
Perfect practice
This was exactly what I was looking for! I used to love diagramming sentences and this was such a great refresher! Just wish you didn't have to pay extra for the third level. For the price it really should have more anyway.
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11 years ago, Ed BEMIS
This app was very helpful, but kind of confusing. I'm at a very basic grammar level, but with this app, you have to know certain things in order to understand what to do. But overall this was a great app, and I highly recommend it!
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7 years ago, Marmee1952
Good app for practice with diagramming pre-selected sentences which range from simple to very complex. Easier to use on iPad than phone due to screen size. My email inquiry for technical assistance was answered promptly. Good tool for working with students.
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12 years ago, Mist&Shadows
Syntactical gaming
A fun initial effort that cries out for more Advanced and More Advanced sentences. Where are the appositives, the expletive "there" vs the adverbial "there" ("There are six boys" vs "Six boys are there"), the rhetorical flourishes, the sentences from Dickens, Shakespeare, and Churchill? I hope the "to be continued" sign was just left out inadvertently.
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12 years ago, Viskid
This application has been used to great effect in my classroom. Used as part of the daily warmup, my kids are becoming so efficient at this oft forgotten skill. 5 stars and a hip-hip-hooray for this app.
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