Seterra Geography (full)

4.8 (12.3K)
166 MB
Age rating
Current version
GeoGuessr AB
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Seterra Geography (full)

4.84 out of 5
12.3K Ratings
5 years ago, prolly71
Have fun and learn!
I was introduced by a friend who sent a link to the Middle East geography quiz. I took it and explored from there, eventually playing so much on my computer I decided to look for the app for my tablet. I started out with the paid version because I’d already played enough to know it was worth it for me. I love how many options there are and that I can pick and choose where to focus, when to add more, when to review, and whether to be in the learn mode or the quiz mode. I’ve made great progress in learning all the countries in the world. I’m working on capitals and states/provinces/regions as well as predominant physical features. It’s really made me notice how frequently places are mentioned in the news or in stories or just in passing. I don’t know that it’s much hurt my comprehension to not know exactly where the place being mentioned was, or what surrounded it, but it has added depth and context to my understanding now that I do know where things are happening and how those places relate to nearby or distant places where other things are happening. Great app! Not sure how often it updates, and I do find it odd that the free version I was playing on my computer has at least one quiz (identify the US states by shape) that does not appear in the paid for version. I would have thought they’d be the same, or that the paid version would offer more options if there was a difference. That’s my only negative thus far.
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2 years ago, kennedydunn
The Best Geography App
I’m not one to write reviews - in fact, this is the first I’ve ever written! But I realized the other day that I’m seriously lacking in the geography area and took it upon myself to learn the basics. Of the many apps I tried, this one is the winner. You can learn every country, every city, every landmark, every nickname, every flag, EVERYTHING with this app and IT’S ALL FREE. Other apps have low budget ads between rounds or make you pay unreasonable amounts of money to learn where the United Kingdom is. This app ~wants~ you to learn absolutely every aspect of geography, and it shows. You can endlessly learn with this app and it tracks your top 10 scores and times in each category so you can see your progress as you go. It’s incredibly fun… if you’re interested in learning geography, that is. I highly recommend it and I get nothing from doing so!
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4 years ago, cello324
Great app, just one thing
First off, this app is great and has helped me reach my goal of memorizing where every country is on the map as well as to identify every country’s flag. The only thing that I feel could be improved is the variety of ways in which the knowledge of countries’ location/flags is assessed. Currently, a country’s name pops up and you have to locate it on the map or locate its flag out of a grid of many flags. However, due to the process of elimination, I feel that this method of learning the countries’ location and flag does not necessarily guarantee mastery. In order to truly know any given country’s location and flag, one must be able to name the country from memory when given either its location on a map or a flag. Thus, this issue could be resolved by adding a feature in which users may type out a country’s name from a highlighted country on a map or type out a country’s name after being shown its flag. I feel that this process of learning, focused on production from memory, requires a different mindset than the current recognition method employed by the app. While I do not believe that the current method of assessment should be removed, the addition of another way to test one’s knowledge of countries’ flags and locations (typing out the country’s name given its flag/location) would be very beneficial and greatly appreciated among the users of your app. Thank you so much!
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3 months ago, Obsessedw/tunes
Great and Educational! But pls read.
So I’m homeschooled, but I go to a home school group and somewhere else, so it’s kind of a co-op thing. Anyway, I do this thing called "Memory Master," which is where you memorize a bunch of stuff and one of those things was Geography: The United States Of America and their capitals. I was like, OMG I CANNOT DO ALL OF THE STATES AND THEIR CAPITAL AND OTHER GEOGRAPHY TOO!! WHAT DO I DO?? So my mom downloaded this app called, “Seterra.” I’m like, “Mom, what is Seterra?” Well, when she told me it was for geography I thought it would be super boring. I started to play, and play, and play! At first 9:00 in the morning, I didn’t know like any state and where it was. 10:45 and I knew all of the states and capitals and their places in all of USA! This app is so great fun and educational! My sister Addy is 9 and she’s smarter then me. I’m 14!! The only thing is one year we were doing mountains ranges and trails and stuff and it blew the map up so when I look at the real map, I couldn’t spot anything. It was really hard to re study everything with a not-blow up map so yeah. Whatever your parents say THANK YOU! this was Grace S. A.K.A. Wannabe author/farmer! Write a review with my name in it to support my dream!
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4 months ago, AppleFanboy8
Only one issue
This app is great, and it really helps me prepare for my Geography map quizzes. However, my only complaint about this app is that it is slightly different from the website in terms of features and information. For example, this app doesn’t support type-in as a mode, while the website does. Furthermore, for some reason, the website correctly marks the capital of Kazakhstan as Astana, while this app marks it as “Nursultan”????????? Developer, if you’re reading this: your website is amazing, and it is exactly what I want. However, since the website is primarily designed for desktop browsers, mobile users are forced to use this app. This app is mostly amazing, but if you can fix these issues and basically make the app the exact same as the website, I’d be extremely grateful. Thanks.
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2 years ago, ihhfh
SPECTACULAR! Extremely fun, educational, and addicting in a good way!!
I absolutely love this app! There’s nothing bad I have to say about it! I’ve known all the countries for a while but it’s been a goal of mine for years to learn where all the countries are on the map, and I haven’t quite been able to master them since I found out about this app. I was shocked and excited to find out they offer flags AND specific provinces and regions WITHIN countries! You can learn all the geography of the entire world with just this one app - which is just what I intend to do! Download this app and you’ll no longer be embarrassed when someone asks where a specific country is or any sort of geography question. I’ve already fulfilled many of my goals here, but I will definitely be a regular on this app from now on. Thank you, Seterra!! 😁
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1 year ago, Themodernworld
No joke awesome app
Ok I legit never write reviews, im a college student who’s into geography as a hobby and this app is sooo amazing. Genuinely. No ads & free to use, there are like, hundreds of very well made quizzes for EACH region of the world. You have the basic quizzes covered, but then it can narrow down to administrative regions of Norway, German wine regions, 1914 Europe, 1861 U.S. States and Territories NO JOKE. Physical features of Australia. Etc etc etc. It’s craaaazy fun, plus the cartoon maps are super cute. I also really appreciate how it can narrow down to different regions of continents. I’m trying to learn African geography & you can learn countries in the northern half & southern half separately first, then together, so you aren’t overwhelmed. This app actually has everything im not just being cliche Amazing app overall 11/10 recommend. Legit a staple
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5 years ago, Jay pawns 1125
It’s fine.
It’s not terrible. I’ve had fun playing the app and I’ve learned a lot. I admit, before I downloaded I didn’t know anything about where the states were or where half the countries of Europe were located on a map (or that they existed!) I’m definitely fond of the fact you included cities of Massachusetts, as I’m from there and enjoyed remembering each town. However, in regards to that, I would have like to be able to customize a quiz for MA with more cities than offered. That goes for all maps. It wouldn’t be impossible to make a feature where we add our own locations because you have all the political borders. It would be difficult to screw up. Also, it would be nice to be able to alter how sensitive the screen is. I’m tired of miss clicking things and then having to restart due to no fault of my own knowledge. You have to go a ton of zooming and swiping in this app so it would just make it a lot more user friendly.
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2 years ago, 37 coins
Best Geography App I could find
I tried several other geography apps, they all looked good and looked like they had a wide variety of stuff. However, once you downloaded them they had very very limited stuff available for free and you had to pay to unlock a majority of the quizzes and stuff. However, Seterra has soooo much content and I haven’t seen anything that I would have to pay to unlock. Also I don’t think I’ve seen a single ad yet either, which some other geography apps had lots of ads. This app seems to have more features and a pretty nice user interface to so I find it pretty clean and easy to navigate. I don’t think I have ever written a app review before but this was worth being the first.
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4 years ago, jsatmary
I absolutely LOVE this app BUT
I have learned so much from this app. I truly appreciate you all so much. But I want to get the developers attention by giving this a 4 so I can raise only one complaint. I play the world quiz most of the time, and when I play on my iPhone being able to go from let’s say Argentina to the next choice being Latvia, I find that scrolling across the map is difficult to go diagonally. It seems to lock in the initial gesture of going east, or north, whereas only 10% of the time I am able to smoothly go north east without having it lock in to only be able to go east or north, if that makes sense. basically I play this so often id like to be able to improve on my speed but I have a hard time knowing if my time is improving, or if I’m faster or slower depending on the mechanics of scrolling. Thank you again, I hope this gets read. Have a great one!
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1 year ago, music critic411
Best app on the market
This app covers the most things that I’ve seen in this type of trivia category and interface is really solid. Love all of the options of things to learn from flags, territories, countries, and geographic features. PLEASE add the pin hard mode from the website! As some others have noted - you can’t really master the geography of a place if you’re using process of elimination. You should be able to toggle a different game mode - one where the country is highlighted when you guess it and another where it stays blank. Also would recommend adding other territories besides those in the Caribbean and Oceania because it’s not a true representation.
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8 months ago, ADADADr
They changed this app too much
I am a teacher who has been using this app and paying for it for 3 years. When Geoguessr took over, they changed several features in the custom quiz functionality so that it has severely limited my ability to use it in the classroom. I have reached out to them several times and my concerns fall on deaf ears. It’s not correct business practice to change the functionality of a paid service like that. I am now not receiving the service I signed up for. And when I asked if there is a person I can speak to on the phone, they told me no. This is very poor customer service. That said, the format of the quizzes is excellent and I wish they would reply to my emails with more of an attitude of fixing the issues than telling me that’s just the way it is now. It makes no sense and I am left paying for half the service I signed up for.
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3 years ago, Reviewer 795
Not like the website
I had been using the web version of Seterra for a while and I loved it! With it, I was able to complete my goal of learning the geography of Europe. When I learned they had an app, I downloaded it without hesitation. But this app is not a good reflection of the full power of the Seterra website. All it is is process of elimination tapping quizzes, whereas on the website you can do a much wider variety of quizzes such as: typing, borderless, “hard” versions, etc. This is what I loved about Seterra, but the app offers none of it. Had I known that, I would not have purchased it. I suppose it’s my fault for not reading the full description, but why would I assume the app would lack these features that the website offers FOR FREE. I don’t mind paying a few dollars for the app if it had more of these features, but again, you can do more on the website for free. Very disappointed. I hope they update the app to offer these features.
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2 years ago, Dee'sFeedback
Love this!
Great app. I love the fact that there is audio for so many of the maps. It would be great if updates would continue to add audio to other versions of maps. It’s helped me a lot with pronunciation of country and city names but many of the ones that still need audio have the more difficult names to pronounce. I would also like to see updates with the more recent names of countries fixed. Specifically, Côte d’lvoie and Türkiye. Although others too if there are ones I’m unaware of. I love that there’s a review of questions missed, a variety of complexity of quizzes offered, and the ones with illustrations are extra fun. Thank you so much for making such a great app free!!!
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5 years ago, K2568
Fun way to improve your knowledge of geography
Even though I am am adult and went through years of schooling, I still struggle a lot with basic geography. I have a hard time remembering where states and countries are located in relation to one another which makes it hard to understand current events and history. I also remember less well where people are from since I don’t contextualize it well. This app has already greatly improved my knowledge of US geography and I am looking forward to seeing improvements in my knowledge of the rest of the world as well. For the first time I feel that learning this information is possible for me.
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2 years ago, GBrzeska
Excellent App But...
This honestly should be a five star review seeing as the app works well, is free, has done wonders for my knowledge of world geography, etc. etc. However, there’s a feature that could be added without (I think) too much difficulty that would make the app an even better educational tool. If when you clicked on a country a link to the wikipedia page for that country popped up under the country name, it would be that much easier to learn a little bit oh context about the country without leaving the app, which would not only make it easier to remember the country but would also deepen your knowledge just a little. It would be amazing if this could be implemented.
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3 years ago, crusty mclemons
Amazing Geography Game: One Request
I love this app! It has everything you could ask for in a free, non-advertised game. Well, except for one thing. Can you please make it so that custom quizzes are more customizable? Like drawing your own borders, placing your own cities, and naming them yourself? This app has a lot of quizzes, but it would be nice if I could make some of the ones that are missing. Like maybe I could make a quiz about Asia during WW2? Other than that, this game is fantastic. I use it everyday. Thanks to this app, my knowledge of geography has skyrocketed.
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5 years ago, TryggBunion
The best $1.99 I've spent all year.
Yes, I know it's not even mid-January. Pros: • Very easy to use. I finally learned all the countries of Africa, the Balkans, the Lesser Antilles (sort of), and other difficult spots. • Tons of stuff to learn. I never even knew there was a Norwegian Sea. • Love the "Learn" and "Test" features. Cons: • The Caribbean states and territories are hidden waaaaaay down at the bottom of the North America list, under things like "Minor Saskatchewan Villages" and "Puddles of Detroit." Please make this easier to find. • I still haven't found out where to learn the South Pacific island nations. Hmm, Australasia? Nope. Asia? Nope. The only place I've seen to learn them is on the "153 UN States" which is too late 'cause I'm already testing myself on the rest of the world. Is that Nauru or Tonga? Oops, you got it wrong! • The app seems hypersensitive to tapping, and likes to ding me when I'm zooming in on smaller states. This evening it actually dinged me for Iran when I wasn't even touching the screen! I've actually quit tests to restart when it thinks I've tapped on Benin when I was actually tapping Guatemala.
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2 years ago, kgxitsitdohc
Thank you so much 😊
So I first got introduced to Setara when my social studies teacher gave us a test at the beginning of the year to see what we know. So I am a straight A student and wanted something easier to study with. My social studies teacher told the class to check it out! I did excited for an opportunity to be able to study better and it worked amazingly! I loved the app so much i got it on all my devices so I can study wherever I want. Thank you for the opportunity to get a better grade and make learning really fun!
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10 months ago, HRpuppy
Great Resource Pls Read😀
I’m a student 👩‍🎓. I used this to help me with a history quiz. I did it online in class and when I came home 🏠 I didn’t work, so I bought the app. Works great 👍. Really helping me improve. I love ❤️ the practice part because it is so less stressful. NOTES 📝 (improvements) - I wish you could share with other people - I wish there was a setting where it would leave the spot clear when you answered it like you didn’t answer - I wish you could skip ⏭️ different questions - I wish you could add cities 🌃, bodies of water 💧, and countries all together like my quiz will be - I wish once you did the review and got it right on the first try it would become green like the other ones and you could keep doing it until you got a 100% 💯 Overall: It’s a great 👍 resource. I went from a 50% to a 95% in just one ☝️ day!! Score: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, Octavius566
Awesome app (important issue; devs please read(
The reason why I gave it 4 stars? Misclicking. and it’s not my fault. It’s especially bad on the worldwide map, where I’m zooming in and out like crazy. It almost always happens when I pinch to zoom out. I would appreciate either: 1. An optional setting where you have to double tap a country/location to select it, on the first tap the country gets highlighted. 2.. An optional zoom button which you can press on the screen which zooms the map in and out. This misclicking issue has messed up my worldwide map score DOZENS of times, especially in Africa where the countries are so tightly packed on the western coast
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2 years ago, Shilpa Kolla
One of the most useful apps
I really like the design of this app and also the approach. Recently, I introduced it to my daughter who is in the first grade. She seems very interested and kept using the app. Nice thing is she doesn’t realize the fact of redundancy and she keeps getting better at learning the states and capitals of USA. She also started learning about North and Central America countries. As a matter of fact I am also enjoying it while watching her doing it. Very cool app and I sincerely appreciate all the efforts behind the app. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Caleb091401
Great Geography practice
I first downloaded this app from recommendation of my geography professor. I thoroughly enjoyed this app and it helped increase my test scores. I have always known all of the 50 states and capitals, etc and a pretty good chunk of well known countries around the world, but with the rate at which our world is becoming more geopolitical, it is important to know where these regions and countries are. It is a shame to see how poorly my peers know geography, many people in my age group cannot even point out what state they live in on a map.
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5 years ago, Abd Dyn
Willing to pay monthly. Improvements I’d like to see.
I like your website. I would like to restart a game with few touches as possible with minimal load time because I spend hours playing. To restart a game, I currently have to deal with two flows and it takes me away from my dopamine rush. The scoreboard is not very useful to me since I’m the only person playing. I’d like to see a single player mode, that shows how accurate I’ve been recently eg:- a chart that shows my accuracy along with the time taken in the last 10 games for a map or flag. Thank you for helping me improve my geography knowledge.
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2 years ago, Tcbtiger
For anyone interested in geography, taking AP World history, or even those wishing to eradicate the ignorance of those believing Africa to be a country, Seterra is a must have. It’s vast catalogue of countries, capital, flags, and individual provinces / states makes it easy to learn more about the earths geopolitical confundes. This app makes learning the many countries a breeze, and it’s super easy to open and play when you’re stuck waiting, I cannot recommend it enough!
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1 year ago, Games and life
Decent Geography App
It works well, except that on a phone, each feature on a map is too small and difficult to click accurately. Also, the pronunciations! One one map quiz, it called the Rio Grande “Rio Grand,” which is simply wrong. Imagine saying that in real life; it would be so embarrassing! The term is from Spanish, so it is actually “Grand-eh.” I suspect that the program didn’t know that, though, and all the pronunciations are automated. They should really just put more attention into it though, especially in quizzes like Native American Tribes, for which it would be super super helpful.
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2 years ago, blindoptimism
Good but could use an update
Could really use updates to have parity with the website. Type mode would be appreciated alongside already existing pin mode. Does not include all modes from websites and flags on website are up to 270+ now so would be nice to see the new additions on here. Also a big pet peeve of mine is when dealing with small islands, the little white circle covers the island shape entirely which is one of the most practical ways to identify them, at least make the circles transparent or put them outside the image of the island and draw an arrow pointing to it or something.
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6 months ago, Nova regre
I like it just the app is different
I love Settra it helps me study for my geography class, and it’s helped me a lot. I used the website on my computer so I downloaded the app and it’s much cooler and easier to find what your looking for and I love the ‘heart stuff’ feature. The maps when you play them though are hard to click and you have to move a lot to find what your looking for. But other than that I love this app and there website and it helps me a lot.
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2 years ago, Mr Geography guy
Very good
This game is probably the best geography game out there. It helps me learn a lot about South America USA states and European flags. I highly recommend this if you wanna get better at geography. This game also has a lot of features including the most popular geography quizzes’ hardest, and easiest geography quizzes. It also shows you not just countries, it teaches their flags, where there located and they also show states/countries capitals and other cities. I highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Honors World History
I adore this app!
This app is sufficiently improving my geography skills! I have always loved geography, but needed a way to really learn it and keep it in my mind for good! Seterra is the perfect app for that. You will never regret downloading it and will never again be embarrassed when someone asks you a geography question. It is also great for kids, completely appropriate of course, no ads, and is nothing but a fun and educational app. Addicting but in a good way! 😁
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1 month ago, AlphaDog258
only possible improvements are nitpicks
i admittedly wish there was a dark mode, might make it a little bit more accessible for those with light sensitivity? and the map scrolling feature is a little bit clunky, but really there aren’t too many ways to do it and seterra’s is not bad v helpful app, pronunciations are good to know!! the reviewing option after you make mistakes on a test is v effective as well :D
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11 months ago, Pickslider
Love this. I do wish there was a reverse mode though.
By reverse mode, I mean where it highlights a country and you have to give the correct answer. Because some countries I only remember the location by seeing the name, so it would help me learn better if I could play a version where I have to remember the name based on its location. Just a want. This game is still great. Love the custom map ability especially.
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1 month ago, caileb.d
i love this app
i love learning geography and this app has everything - maps of every country, state, province, and territory. cities, flags, landmarks, national parks, rivers, lakes, oceans. ok i’ll stop listing… i’m sure you get the point by now. but the list goes on of all the things you can learn on here. the setup is very simple and user-friendly, and the best part? a free app with NO ADS… EVER!!!!! this really is the best app for learning anything and everything geography!
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1 year ago, Tik Tok forecer
Omg! I love this app! Last year in school I had to take geography quizzes, and Settera is the reason my grade in that class was high. I would do Settera every morning before school for ten minutes, and be ready for the test by the end of the week. Settera is the easiest way to learn you countries, geographical features, and many more. I also absolutely love how this app has NO adds, AND it’s free! This is the best app I have added to my phone yet
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2 years ago, SpeedT747
Very good game but add typing and more outline quizzes
This game changed the way I look at geography. At school a friend introduced me this game on the computer. It was A US state quiz. I learned all the states, then learned all countries along with flags and capitals. After that I learned China provinces and Laos provinces. I wanna learn all country outlines so please add more outline quizzes and typing. I currently want to learn all country outlines. As a Japanese male, I am now learning all Japanese prefectures and their flags.
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1 week ago, carlt grave beck
Great app
I personally love this app for school purposes. My favorite part about this app is that you can customize quizzes. For me when ever we take quizzes for social studies we don’t use all of the states or countries so being able to make one that I will actually use is very great. I just wish you could do that on a computer also. You have to pay in order to make a custom quizz
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8 months ago, CosmicApple17
Great material!
This app has been super helpful for learning geography! It has pretty much everything I need and is very customizable. The only issue I have is the formatting is a little funny on my phone. For instance, some things at the very top of the screen are difficult to click on because of the iPhone camera island. I also wish the maps could zoom out a bit more. But like I said, overall it’s amazing! Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Zindy05
Very good for the brain
I’ve always known where all the big countries are in this world, but unfortunately the smaller you go the less knowledgable I am at it, Seterra’s geography games greatly improved my understanding of geography and now I can confidently say I know every single country on earth, including all those small island countries in the Caribbean. So overall, thanks Seterra for being such an excellent app, I greatly appreciate it.
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11 months ago, NOT TELLING .COM
I feel so smort
I originally got this because my nerd, teacher’s pet friend, Christopher, was learning the countries, and I, as competitive as I am, decided to learn them all faster than him. I started out in the website but I couldn’t save my progress, so I got the app. And man, I have to tell you—I love it so much. It’s great for trivia and just general knowledge, especially if you’re going to be traveling to a country and you’d like to know where things are. It’s so so helpful for social studies class, and also impressing everyone you know (I did a lot of impressing). If I was using google and flash cards to learn geography like I had originally planned, I would have gotten nowhere. I’m glad my friend Chris showed me this app. Get it. Please. ❤️
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10 months ago, Futurity
Excellent and Addictive!
This the best way to learn geography I have ever found. It does not have any in app purchases so it is strictly a learning tool. The number of quizzes is outstanding. I had a little girl age 8 mesmerized for 20 minutes learning states with me. We are all addicted. I cannot say enough good things about this app. It is free but I think I am going to donate to the designers for providing such a great tool.
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2 years ago, Katie4468864
Hate to do this
Seterra is a great app. You get to learn your geography and it’s fun. But it lags so bad. I can’t even finish an area because it won’t let me click on a country and yet the time continues to run. Then I’ll click the one next to it and it will pick that one up, showing that it’s wrong. Also I can’t do review or learn because again, it won’t let me click. And its not my phone either, none of my other apps have any problems and I have a newer phone. I also have enough space. All of my friends have the same problem but won’t speak up. Please fix this problem and I will fix my review.
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3 days ago, CheeseKurd Republic
Message to Developer
This is honestly one of my favorite apps to use, I could honestly use it for hours. However there is some quizzes that are not on the app, but are on the website. This doesn’t bother me because I could import quizzes. However when I enter the link it does not work. Is there anything I’m doing wrong, does it only work on custom quizzes? I’d like to know. Anyways, this is an amazing app. (P.S. Utah and Minnesota’s flags have updated)
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1 year ago, Ssaltsorf
Useful for learning geography
Only issue I have with the app is that my phone screen is too small, but that’s not a fault of the app. I love this both on my phone and on the website on my computer. It has NO ADS and nothing even remotely close to anything that most mobile apps have, so it’s so streamlined to use. Can’t stop using this and I love learning about geography.
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4 years ago, sofstedad
Excellent app
Of all the ways to waste time on your phone, this is one of the few that’s worthwhile. It’s not just geography. There’s also some history. The tests vary in difficulty so you can pick your level of challenge. You can also review afterward so you don’t just pass or fail but learn. I’ve used their website for a while and just found the app.
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2 years ago, Anonymous 123 wow
Finally an effective alternative to nuclear war
As the saying goes, the only way to get an American to learn geography is through war. Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of modern science, there now exists a cruelty-free, vegan alternative: Seterra. Before Seterra, I couldn’t tell you the difference between Britain, the UK, and England. If you asked me what Liechtenstein was, I would have told you, “Gesundheit.” I thought Portugal was in South America and Kazakhstan was a lie. Now that I have downloaded Seterra, I have instituted warless Wednesday every week and now finally know where Madagascar is. Unfortunately, I was deeply disappointed to see France erroneously displayed as a real place and not the product of my fevered nightmares. Please remove France in next update.
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2 years ago, -Crabby Paty/Alejandra
And this is how I learned the U.S. capitals!
I LOVE this app because this helped me a lot in 3rd grade. My teacher showed me it and my friends because some of the class went to a gifted class, so my friends and I played this until they got back. I played this on google but not until some time I knew this was a app, and I still play this with my friends today!
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2 years ago, Carlosgalindo ama a los juegos
Really good
I love this app it’s fun and it teaches you it also shows you your top scores you can choose the 59 states and a lot more I did not know nothing about states now I know them all they also show you a learn button it’s really I love the name and me and my family could play this game to see who knows there states better thank for this app!!
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4 years ago, Garregr
I was introduced to Seterra through the website, and I immediately loved it. I learned all the countries in Africa in under a day, and I am now learning Europe. Then I decided to get the app. Mostly, I love it. It’s well put together and interactive. However, the fact that the other gamemodes that are available on the website aren’t available on the app bothers me. I’ve found typing to be the best way for me to learn, pinning is just too easy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add at least the typing game mode, preferably all of them. Other than that, it’s a great app!
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2 years ago, enderDanny, ROBLOX Fan
Great application! But..
Even though the description says, “this is the full version of Seterra…”, the app doesn’t contain all the quizzes on the website - including, for example, the Counties of Kenya quiz. This might also be quite difficult to implement, but I also believe there should be other modes for the quizzes, like a typing mode, pin without borders mode, etc., which are already on the website.
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2 weeks ago, d7mtg
Problem after each quiz
When completing a quiz, I have the option to review and to close. When clicking close, the popup asks if I want to end the session, which is weird since I’ve already completed it. Otherwise, it’s the only FULLY free app like this without ads, so I really shouldn’t complain. It works, looks decent, and has thought me a lot about flags and geography.
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