Sex Dice - Sex Game for Couple

4.5 (3.1K)
53.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
GS3 Web
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sex Dice - Sex Game for Couple

4.48 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
5 years ago, patriotpassion
The idea is great, but too controlling...
I like the concept, even more I love being able to change the dice to fit my relationship, except when you change too many dice it kicks back no action found even though there were, it just seems to tight, it needs to loosen up a bit. I use mine for reward and or Punishment for my submissive! Which works because if she has been good girl she can spin, if she’s been a bad girl she spins, either way she never knows what the great wizard of inner web is going to give her! So many possibilities and her nerves match her heartbeat. So it has great potential!
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7 months ago, Mudman_9
So far good
So far it seems ok. I was able to get new spins added without going to premium. Will just have to wait to try it out
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11 months ago, NlGHTFORCE
Easily customized, let your imagination run wild!
So I was looking for dice online and stumbled across this app. What a find. Most of the dice online have multiple sides for stuff we have zero interest in. With this, we put in the things we liked, the things that tested our limits. Now we can change up the game any time we like and we always have it with us, no need to pack dice.
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2 years ago, Halt69
Good app
It’s a good app to use to spice things up in the bedroom but I think it would be even better if you added a time option as well. It would tell you the three things to do and the time one would tell you for how long to do it for
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2 years ago, Dix Enormous
Group of people is the way to go.
We had a great weekend with this game! Upgraded to the premium completely worth it. I am sure it would be nice with you and a partner. But with a group you find out who are the naughty people are in your life. Pro-tip: don’t play with family.
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6 years ago, bwhitecpa
Best by far!
Go ahead and count on purchasing the premium version, then you have access to full customization. Haven’t even used it yet and we’ve both gotten turned on while reading the possibilities.
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3 years ago, keith and pam
My wife favorite game with friends
We play once a week now and my wife invites a couple of my friends. We have an amazing life together since she started being part of the guys card night
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2 years ago, Jackbauer12291218
I’m horny
I’m horny writing this review so please everyone get this app. It’s amazing for the guys and gals to get both of you off. My wife came hard after we played this game last night. It game will open open your boring nun wife.
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2 years ago, Slik Bongos
Mind blowing
I’m just a day old to this game but this looks really cool and mind blowing. I’m adventurous in nature and likes trying new stuff but this is one of a kind indeed. Finally I guess It’s good bye to boredom and can’t wait to explore more of this new spaceship
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7 months ago, PricelessSmiles309
Very adaptable and fun
I love the different things you can do to change the dice and players it’s very in depth that way. It’s also a great way to spice things up for free if you don’t have something like that physically
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2 weeks ago, BIG Daddy D $420$
Sexy game
This game is tight for couples. Brings the freaky out in your relationship, if you had no freaky’ness in your time together…you will now, i made a few dice also. Just need to figure out how to start the game.
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6 years ago, Icy21cold
Exactly what Your looking for
Me and my Wife use it every chance time we get away from the kids we love the fact that you can adjust the settings and rules to your exact preference ;)
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4 years ago, !! loving it
Have you putting anything together to help with the suggestions on setting the other dice up if so I would appreciate a copy great job though the customization is what makes it thanks G
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3 years ago, diaphanouskloud
Great app at a low price
Can’t wait to use this over and over again with my husband!
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1 year ago, Dr. Disco NV
The game is basically an ad for 2 other apps
The game itself is pretty straight forward, but the “dirty dares” and “truth or dare” is nothing more than a link to two other apps. The dice game itself is pretty tame (and lame). If the preview (free version) was better, I would be more likely to purchase the premium version.
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2 months ago, TonyXXX69
Fun Couple Game
This game is so much fun. Customizing all the dice, in the Premium edition is easy and let’s us add our own touch. Definitely will play this a lot!
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5 years ago, NAZTLANG59
Had fun
Me and my girlfriend had so much fun with this game even without the premium not to many adds and just down right fun would recommend to anyone
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5 years ago, Noskstre
Need the ability to edit existing die
Please add the ability to edit current existing die. I want to remove a default die or two, and edit if I made a mistake.
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2 years ago, Bancamp1990
Awesome game where you get to customize the dice, allowing you to pick what route you want to take.
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2 years ago, forsure2121
Great app!!
Really like that’s its customizable. Definitely worth the money to get the premium option!
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2 years ago, spotticus366
Great app
Love playing this with my wife. We can customize the dice to anything which really spices things up!
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7 months ago, topher2389
This app is stupid.
These dice will have you do things like “touch hand softly” or “bite face in bed” great game if your playing with your grandmother or a vampire. If your a couple looking to shake things up, this app is about as spicy as ice water. Don’t waste your time unless you want to “massage hand fast”. Seriously! A sex app created by virgins and the socially awkward.
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2 years ago, smudgy65056
Very customizable and easy to use
Me and my partner can’t wait to try this out
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2 years ago, Booksex throme
Incredible games if your alone AI should talkback
asking us some Parntership don’t get right now
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10 months ago, sktbrj
Good. Wish there were more free features
Good. Wish there were more free features
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7 months ago, The-welderguy
Great app
Easy to use, great way to change things up
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2 years ago, Namethingema
5 star!!
This is perfect! It’s so easy to set up and play! Whomever made this did a terrific job 👏😍👍
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5 years ago, Mckt1993
I haven’t played it yet but as soon as I get a chance to play I’ll make a better review
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6 years ago, samalues
Needs update, fix bugs
It’s a good app but need to fix premium purchase. It always says i need to purchase premium to use second bonus dice, But I've already purchased.
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6 years ago, Ctierneysd
Awesome! Allows customizing
This is a really cool app. It allows you to customize in the free version, which is extremely rare.
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4 years ago, trick2802
It’s ok
It’s fun enough, the links to the other two sites should integrate into this app though.
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5 years ago, ugkcgjdvwjcdbiuwcbdkhadvc6
Fix bugs
Not really happy with the fact it keeps making me download other others and kicking me out! Need to fix bugs and get more choices on the dice!!!!
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1 month ago, A&J2223
I paid $6.99 for the premium cards and it definitely was not worth the money and now I’m out $6.99. Would not recommend this app at all to anymore, highly dissatisfied
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3 years ago, Vitoman and vitomanski
Great App.
The Apps basis I pretty simple to follow and get everyone involved and excited.
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5 years ago, rerickstar
Nice dice
Look forward to using them.
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3 years ago, xxpnutzxx
Awesome had a blast
Lots of fun. Glad you can edit
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5 years ago, 2REDSOX2
Can be good
Good if you get premium. But you have to have a creative mind with premium to make it good.
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5 years ago, GregChupp
Lots of fun
I like the customizable options
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4 years ago, Npuente
Worst app ever total scam
Looks super simple but “can not locate any players” even when you customize it. Then you buy premium and it does literally nothing. Not sure how this got stars but I’m getting a refund
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3 years ago, Dualmate1
Needs more options
This was a decent game but more Dice are needed.
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8 months ago, juju4L._#
Lack of options
why does it not have an option to show you how to use it😐
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3 months ago, ElJefeTX
Same as other apps by this dev… free version is lame which makes it difficult to justify buying premium without knowing that the content improves substantively.
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4 years ago, qazx88
Love that you can change the dice
Show more
4 years ago, JSully 615
It’s awesome!
It’s fun and we love it! It’s definitely a perfect game to spice it up a little. 😁
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3 years ago, kemarlindsay
Put dice animation when ur pressing play
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4 years ago, Slimpickens365
I like that you can customize the dice.
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5 years ago, lorainjeeper
Great for starters
I wish there were some more explicit commands
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4 years ago, zct2000
Amazing game
Amazing game it really spices things up
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5 years ago, comfirs nkkkss
I clicked on up grade and it kept wanteding me to resubmitted
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2 years ago, dhdhrjjejeje
Just a digital version of the cheesy real dice. Not bad though.
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