Sex Games for Couples - Spicy

4.9 (16.9K)
31.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Sex Games for Couples - Spicy

4.89 out of 5
16.9K Ratings
2 years ago, heybae98
I’ve already paid
I just loaded the app and I wanted to unlock everything so I went ahead and paid the 50% off introductory price of $8.99. Now, when I log back in, it keeps saying that all these things are unavailable and I have to pay for them, so did It not give me credit? I don’t wanna be charged twice, can you please look into this. Thank you
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2 years ago, ropee bunny
So I normally never leave a review but this is definitely worth it . I already sent this to 3 of my friends and I just downloaded it. I may even buy the other levels because I enjoy the free ones so much . I plan on making this a drinking game as well. Thank you, please do not change anything about it.
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2 years ago, neongeniziz
changed my life
i played this game with my wife of 5 years. Honestly we have been going through a lot of troubles during these last few years and this game has truly helped up. We are no longer seeking divorce. This is reignited the love in our relationship.
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3 years ago, Cheryl Cheryl bo barrel
Wish there was a bonding mode
This game is great for starting a conversation, but since it is truth or dare, once the dares get started there is no more conversation. The way the in app purchases are framed is also a bit misleading. If you choose to buy everything, you are only buying all of the truth or dare or all of the dice games, but not both. Another note about the dares is some of them are liable to get you arrested or on the sex offender registry. Dares shouldn’t involve the neighborhood.
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1 year ago, Leafieg
Cute little app for couples
I like that this app has a free version of it. The questions are cute and thoughtful and there is an option for additional content for a small charge. Finally its inclusive since it have options for different sexualities. Good app.
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2 years ago, weertyyuioo,mnbcc
needs improvement
I get that the whole point of making a game like this is for it to be soft as default and then you have to pay to get better options, like most apps. But i feel like for starters you should at least let people get some good things off of the soft option.
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3 years ago, animeblacklove
This is a great way to get hot and heavy
Fun to do and it will create a lot of laughs! Me and my boyfriend didn’t get too far with the game because some of what it asked us we just ended up doing the hanky pinky after playing for just 10 mins lol
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2 years ago, Jkthesnk14
Very misleading to get more money out of you. I paid for the “unlock everything 8.99” the app using the word everything theoretically should be what the word means everything right? No go to the doc end out of the truth and dare of the app and to unlock the next level and custom dice another five bucks . Misleading in app purchase makes me rate this a one star . I want a refund because of this yet there’s no option to request that either .
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2 years ago, senkoooo
Just a question
Is it possible you can add other thing to buy like no ads because me and my girl want to use other ones but only have access to soft
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8 months ago, Raja333726
I tell ya!
I can say it is interesting, fun, and sexy to play with your partner or anyone down that wants to try something different being intimate with another person. Plus this game is versatile with same sex partners / playmates lol
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3 years ago, deniseisgay
I’m traumatized
So I’m a little stupid 13year so I saw this and thought (oh it’s just a fun little game of truth or dare ) I saw the two people kissing and the preview than I opened up the app put my name and my crushes name)I pressed dare than I kept pressing dare argot more traumatized so if your 18 or up younger I mean if your 18 you can but not 17 I’m literally gonna cry bro I traumatized for ever now please don’t download if younger than 18 -Danny
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3 years ago, whydoineedanickname010101
Simple, yet fun
I really love playing this game when hooking up because it’s a great way to heat up and create tension. It has very simple mechanics and it’s easy to play. Y’all did a great job with this one 👌🏾
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3 years ago, mammanurse5
Love this!
So far just the soft level is cool! I’m seriously thinking of buying the whole thing to play this when my husband and I are alone on vacation!
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8 months ago, Mili4556
I cannot cancel the subscription
I downloaded the app and I wanted to try the other features, so I pay for a month. But now I want to cancel and there’s not option to do it, I try to do it using the “contact us” option but there’s no response. They’re going to keep charging me even when I don’t want the subscription anymore? Don’t pay anything!!!
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8 months ago, Joe Joe da pro pro
Well I love it but wish it was free
Couples don’t want to pay to turn each other on but other than the money part sweet app
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2 years ago, bollywood_star
Such sexy game much fun with lovr
It make things very hot in the room she getbdare to stroke my face for 67 minutes and declare her luv for me. I get dare to ding dongs in my under garments and she lock me outside for being too hot. Soooo good and hot
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2 years ago, SpectorOG
Almost 5 stars
Fun app, but I you cannot use the game without an internet or data connection. This would be perfect if you could access the game offline.
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3 years ago, 1DmARrYmEhArRyStYlEs
Best app
This is the best couples app and the purchases for the higher levels are 100% worth it. Would recommend to everyone.
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3 years ago, proud mommy manda
This App is Super Fun!
The date doesn’t get boring when you have an app like this. There something mew at every turn.
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3 years ago, BOOMHeadShoT_CLE
Very fun!
This is a great app to bring couples out of their comfort zone and sparks a different level of intimacy. I do wish there was a timer on the dice or atleast the option to have one.
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3 years ago, bbcoley
Super fun !!
Paid for the extreme and it had things I wouldn’t have even thought of. Love this app. Definitely worth the $4
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3 years ago, QTLE718
Unlock Levels
So I paid over $13 bucks completely on accident thinking it was a free trial, whoops. Ok no problem, I figured to check out the levels only to be asked to pay more. The questions weren’t bad but the price is killing me! Why so much for an app??!
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6 months ago, Ump23a
Review of Game
I just love the sexual inferals of the questions I get genuinely aroused playing the game with my partner. I think we will improve our sexual experiences together.
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3 years ago, ashqueenr
Do I have to pay monthly to have next levels or just once?
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3 years ago, EPozar
Best Couple App!
I think this is the best couple app ever made! Love the customizable dares and dice! Customizable truths would be a great addition! Thanks for spicing up my gf’s and my sex life. :)
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1 year ago, Maximo.ave_pct
Very nice
Very nice app! Specially If you really get into the game and also have fun, spicy a little...than is a double like for sure! Recommended
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1 year ago, kmaxx054
Great game!
This game is very well made. It is easy to use, not confusing and definitely opens the lines of communication between you and your partner.
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2 years ago, Fukre
Love this app
Creative and so fun, it’s nice to have a drink during each level then when you get to extreme it’s real fun
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3 years ago, AnonymousPlayer100
Game is awesome
I did this for my friend in need and he had 48 bodies right after. I strongly encourage you to try this with your stepsister
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1 year ago, jacinda2fab
Best App EVER
I NEVER leave reviews but this app is worth every penny! Spent $9 to unlock the full experience and it was AMAZING. 10/10 recommendation from me!
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1 year ago, Valiant Vetter
Not very impressed, but levels? Not without more examples!
Pretty unimpressed with the basic “free” level truths or dares. Certainly not enough to fork over $10 to get higher levels. Need to see some examples before forking over cash. Deleting this app.
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1 year ago, tiffa_e
Payment issues?
Paid for full access, but I only have full access to half the content.
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2 years ago, S4VAGExFRICKx
Too much fun
I give 5 stars, thanks to this fun way to spend the evening I have 3 new babies
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5 months ago, Chonchovano
Good game
The only thing is they need to keep updating everything, so new things are added
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3 months ago, deassfrw
It’s awesome. I recommend it to everyone. It’s fun too and lots of entertainment
Try it out, you will love it
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3 years ago, Simon8763
Amazing app
Great app to excite and bring excitements. Purchased full package instantly after download. Good UI. Only request is to add more truth questions and dares, otherwise, perfect.
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2 years ago, HAHAHAX DEEE
Love this game!
Something the whole family would love!
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2 years ago, super mega black man
Best game ever
Me and friends and wife played this gamrnrmemememe and it was fun must download this if you want to get a bonner and make out with girls
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7 months ago, Nova but nova was taken
My partner bought the all pack and it never went through it looks like such an amazing app but I wish it would let me buy the thing😭
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4 weeks ago, Big Sid 74
Start at extreme and do all the dare you’ll think me later🥵🔥
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2 years ago, JakeTh3Dad
Duplicate app
This app is copy and paste the same as the truth or dare app advertised. I was disappointed after paying for both to realize this and being refused a refund. Avoid my mistake and don’t assume the other app will have any additional content.
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1 year ago, yueronga
The mailbox was returned and I wasted money
I bought all the sincerity risks. When I changed my mobile phone to 14promax, I told me to buy it again. I clicked to resume the purchase. I spent a lot of money on the phone, but now I can't use it
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3 years ago, bagof dicks
Turns on the heat
Makes you laugh and have fun!!!( Try it I dare you!!!)
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3 years ago, Katie❤️❤️🥺
my bf and i were trying to get our jingles jangling with this fun game but we’re extremely disappointed and dissatisfied. you have to pay for any other levels than soft and my adventurous self wanted to go all in. Bad game. no buy. sad face emoji
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3 years ago, DocCiber
We didn’t really get to enjoy the game, because the quality of the overall game needs to be enhanced! Especially at the very beginning! Thanks
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3 years ago, Hector7949
double charged
i bought the game with $9+tax a year ago, and i forgot it to used it. When i comes back, everything locked and they tell me to pay again to play.
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1 year ago, Billy BL
Love this app
Every day I play with the sexy lady I married 50 years ago !
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6 months ago, Ice cream😜
A game changer
This is opened up new doors for my fiancé and his lives. This game is amazing.
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3 years ago, hoffybigd
Pretty fun. Just adding something to our already electrified sex life !!!
Show more
3 years ago, Cgotti27
Not good
Very “teenage” level. Extremely disappointed that I paid to unlock everything, but the challenges are like “massage your partners leg in front of someone”. Not very hardcore or really even sexual. Would love a refund for my $9.
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