Sex Roulette: Couples games

4.5 (9K)
94.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sex Roulette: Couples games

4.47 out of 5
9K Ratings
1 year ago, jypsyswife
Love it
My husband and I always love playing games for the foreplay. This is one game we really enjoyed because of all the options. It’s very straight to the point and very easy to understand! It slowly gets your hot and by the time you start getting all the way hot you ready to get it on and forget the game until next time! It’s like it leads you right into ecstasy with your partner !! This is one of my favorite games and we have a ton of them on our phones !! We been together for 17 years and still going strong ! He is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine doing any of these acts or playing any of these games or getting hot for anybody other than my husband !! We don’t need the games but it makes our sex life even more intriguing than without them!!! Thank you to the makers of this game you have helped make our life so much more entertaining ! Can’t wait to see what is next 🤤🥰💞💋
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4 years ago, Gypsy WinterMoon Wolf
Great for long term married couples who are needing a little spice in the bedroom
My husband and i have been together now for 7years and needed to create a little excitement in our Sex life. Not that there was anything wrong with our sex life, we just needed some new ideas. And this app is great for that because it takes the responsibility or pressure off us and gave over control to this app. And we received notifications through email and suggested games to play. It’s been so much fun playing these new games and sex has been incredible. Thank you so much for taking us to a whole new level 💋💋💋
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4 years ago, Trish/Trisha
Still trying to charge me after canceling subscription
This app has not been very entertaining for me and my mate. We used the free trail period to see if it would be anything good but we weren’t pleased. So we decided to cancel our subscription. When I went to cancel, I was only offered different subscription periods with lower cost. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, we decided to get a 1 month subscription just to get more access to the games. Hoping to be intrigued but unfortunately, we weren’t so I tried to cancel but there is ABSOLUTELY NO OPTION TO CANCEL! Only options to purchase more. Even after my subscription has expired, the app is constantly trying to pull money from my account, which I did not authorize past 1 month. How can I cancel this subscription and get rid of this app??? It is now harassing to see the app trying to pull money from my account 3-4 times a daily for the past 5 days. Please correct this issue.
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4 years ago, Happy Customer 🍑🍆
The best game for couples 😘💦💦
There’s no ads, and the promotion for the paid version isn’t nearly as annoying as other similar ads. Plus, they’re at reasonable prices!! I found the variety of ideas and inclusivity for everyone involved highly appealing. You don’t even have to be a couple to play! The only issue I’ve found is with the Truth or Dare game which only gives dares/truths to the first player and no other, even with the other players’ names before picking Truth/Dare. Even with that issue, it is bearable as long as you remember who is actually supposed to be doing the truth or dare that round. Definitely the best sex game app out there by far!
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4 years ago, SuperStylistM
1:00 Review
I have decided to write this comment because going down on my boyfriend right now is not an option. It is only 9:30 and his parents are still awake, I also cannot guarantee that his little brother won’t come down stairs to play video games. However, this is a pretty fun and easy game to play. I enjoy the fact that me and my boyfriend don’t always have to do something sexual but we can do something like post a cute picture on Snapchat.
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7 months ago, Mia_20373
A very good game for couples!
There’s no ads, and the promotion for the paid version isn’t nearly as annoying as other similar ads. Plus, they’re at reasonable prices!! I found the variety of ideas and inclusivity for everyone involved highly appealing. You don’t even have to be a couple to play! The only issue I’ve found is with the Truth or Dare game which only gives dares/truths to the first player and no other, even with the other players’ names before picking Truth/Dare.
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3 years ago, tryingtosavepplmoney
How to cancel Subscription
So the game is fun, however, it is not worth the money. $5/week is way too much for a game like this. For anyone trying to cancel, the only way to do so is to go through your phone settings, click your name, media and purchases, view account, and then click subscriptions. You can cancel it through your IPhones settings. There is no way to cancel it on the app, and it does feel like the game is trying to be deceptive in how it gets money from people. A yearly subscription or a one time purchase would make this game more worth it. Hopefully this helped anyone trying to cancel their subscription.
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2 years ago, SydHawk23
All for Adult Fun
I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I always have so much fun using it. I enjoy playing it with friends and partners. I recently had the chance to play it with my boyfriend and things definitely took a turn, especially since we were in the park when we were playing 😉 I definitely recommend playing this game if you want to have some much needed fun with your partner(s).
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3 years ago, User3.......
Still charging after trying to cancel subscription
I downloaded this app out of curiosity to spice things up with my boyfriend, but it just didn’t appeal to us once we tried it. I had used the free trial but now it’s charging me after I had tried to cancel my subscription. I had only gotten the week subscription because we were only curious and would’ve changed it if we liked it. But now it’s still charging me after having tried to cancel. PLEASE ADD A CHOICE TO CANCEL SUBSCRIPTIONS. All I saw when attempting was other subscription options. I don’t have the spare money to have this app continuously try to pull money from my account.
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4 years ago, ajsnd cbshd
Great app
Love the dares and the thing I’d like to see changed is the 2 person limit to be made at least 4 persons. This would allow 2 very friendly couples to play at once.
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4 years ago, Jose fgc
Still not fixed.
Even with the latest update, the naughty scenes still ask us for stuff we don’t have even though we didn’t select them before starting, so we end up skipping a lot of spins, which is a real mood killer. Also, it would be great if the app remembered if we liked or disliked the spin, so it wouldn’t ask us to do stuff we disliked, I thought that was the whole point of having a like/dislike option. Edit: it’s still asking us to use stuff like candles even though we didn’t choose before starting.
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1 year ago, FuntimeRose
Alright, here’s the nicknames
(The game told me I could get free premium if I left a review with our nicknames for eachother. I’m a sucker for free stuff, man.) Well, I tend to call my bf ‘muffin’ a lot, he calls me generic pretty stuff like ‘babe’ and ‘gorgeous’ and all that, meanwhile, the couple on our double date call eachother basically romantic insults. It’s filthy (in kind of a hot way… hehe)!
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1 month ago, RIVER0924
I went to try the app with the free trial before purchasing full version of the app so I wouldn’t be charged if I didn’t like it but 30 seconds after accepting the free trial, not even looking at more to see what came with it, I was charged 5$ for it. They never gave me the free trial to use and see if it works like advertised promised and informed about. App didn’t even preform right cuz of freezing randomly. I even emailed them telling them that and they didn’t help me at all. Lost 5$ for nothing.
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9 months ago, Sammierenee30
I’ve tried quite a few of these games off the App Store and this by far has been the best I’ve found. Has a little bit of everything to get you warmed up and comfortable then kinky and hott
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12 months ago, LilNastyCouple
Bachelor and bachelorette
This game is so awesome i never got felt up so much. One of my fantasies is my and my soon to be wife have a bachelor and bachelorette party with no one we know personally there just escorts at our disposal and camera crew for our own video.
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4 years ago, fondria
Naughy Dare Idea for Exclusive Offer
Player 1, sit player Player 2 down in a chair, and hand cuff or tie their hands. For two minutes, proceed to take advantage of them however you please, with them being able to do a thing about it.
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3 years ago, pokocha
Can I please have a refund
I did not mean to pay for this game. The only way to test the game was to try the free trial and I didn’t even get to play it with anyone. I just got charged today for it and that was the last of my money for food and a bill I have to pay and now this charge is making me choose between food and bills.
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5 years ago, Kaya&Alora
This game is easy to understand, enjoyable & entertaining, it’ll have you begging for your significant other 🍑🍆... and laughing as you learn new things!😉 Really added some much needed spice for my husband and I! 10 outta 10 recommended!!!💦🔥
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7 months ago, Pink505050
Pink and big boss
I think this game is the most perfect game I found for me and my bf it brings us so much joy and passion it’s a way to spark up and keep our relationship burning with passion
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2 years ago, Jake the Snakes second cousin
Best way to re meet the love of your life.
Engaging ,spicy, fun and many choices of games to entertain the bored at home couples. Highly recommend it and wish u relight any fire and stay interested 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘🥰😘🥰😍
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4 years ago, ExpendableLabor
Interesting but too many issues
The truth or dare game is broken. It only gives the first player all of truths/dares. Also, the Kama roulette will, quite frequently, hit the same position three times in a row with the same people doing the same actions. The dice game is interesting but that seems to be the one part that really works. This is to expensive to have so many issues.
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4 years ago, app master2323
Best sex game ever🥰
This game is truly the best app on my phone it is just truth or dare but it will leave you and your partner on the floor trust me I would know😏all I’m trying to say is download this app you won’t regret it.
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2 months ago, Infernoking6
Forced to pay.
Says it’s free to use but once you start a few mins in you have to pay to use the app, just charge for the app instead of spinning 2 or 3 times then it says you have to spend money to keep using it. Deleting the app, it could’ve been a really good app but the forced to pay ruined it.
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7 months ago, hshdmkd
Best sex game
Me and my boyfriend were looking for a sex game that we could play and we found this one and we both loved it
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2 years ago, Tall giant
Amazing questions. Totally steps you out of your comfort zone. Makes foreplay and sec that much better. A must have for any relationship!!b who needs a therapist!!! Download today!!!😈😈👅👅👅🫦🫦🫵
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1 year ago, LineMan247 365
The hottest game out 2023!
This game has us both so happy that we didn’t know if we were fuming or going!
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1 year ago, Very-angry1970
Scam extortion: can’t stop WEEKLY renewal
I realize that me and my wife are getting charged five dollars a week and tried to cancel the automatic weekly renewal within the app and found that there terms of cancellation section had no links in it. And nothing in the settings to cancel your subscription. This is a fraudulent company out of Hong Kong.
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2 years ago, Crystal Weber
Having Fun
Me and the love of my life/soulmate tried the free parts of this app and loved it so much we got all 5. We have amazing sex as it is this just open up new doors in our sex life. Exploring new and fun ways to please each other
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10 months ago, taysueyyyy
Pay extra for premium
There’s some fun stuff you can do for free, but the app is mostly set up for people paying premium
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11 months ago, z0mb!3_pAwž💗🍥
You asked for the names💗
So I got a T or D card that said “leave your favorite pet names in the reviews” sooo i Call satsuma “pudding” and i Call uzuki “princess” and then they just both Call me “love/darling”
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5 years ago, tbnight
Fun! But needs position art
A lot of fun! But it might be easier to understand the positions if there were drawings. Obviously I’m not an expert so I can use all the help I can get!
Show more
4 years ago, Cjaderfug
Great app
She calls me the Huntsman or Prince Charming and I call her my Snow Kitten (after Snow White). Great app, and definitely heats things up. Try it! You just might find out you like it
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11 months ago, 🔥😈💗
Fun and 🔥🔥💗🍆
Love learning new things about my partner and confirming how well we know each other
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1 year ago, Noah Hesse
I want all girls to have wieners and guys to have big butts so when they run you can hear the clapping of their cheeks.
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3 years ago, hammerf1989
Great app outstanding job
This app really is lots of fun and is definitely worth trying out
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4 years ago, B37040
Pretty cool
I like being able to add people and the dates seem to make sense. The reason I gave 3stars; there should be a way to choose what gender or what individuals you are willing to touch or perform sexual acts with. I like the idea of choosing individuals rather than genders.
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4 years ago, Uvuvkcyvuzxuc
Horrible, you paid tor the app and it keeps asking you to buy more or to give review in the middle of everything. Really annoying. Also if recommends you to try a better version of the app it has the same questions
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3 years ago, StephW2
So annoying
I’m seeing I’m one of many people who have been scammed by this game. You have to sign up for a “free 3 day trial” to try the game at all and then you literally can’t unsubscribe. It literally won’t let me click on it and I’ve sent emails w no response. Cool! The games not worth getting scammed guys don’t do it!
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2 years ago, Bruiser1488
Best sex game ever and it’s so much fun
The greatest Sex game ever. We love it so much and have a great time play it. It reminds me of when I was a kid and waited all week to watch TGIF
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2 years ago, Annalisa .H.
So I’m lonely but I also have imagination so I can’t do the stuff but I just put in me and my crushes name and wish that I wasn’t lonely 🤣
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4 years ago, wshiwere1123
It made me and my wife closer and we have better sex now were both greatfull for this app thank you
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2 years ago, Firstgraders
Wow !
This fixed things between me and my ex 😌🥰definitely recommend
Show more
3 years ago, mr.skimask
I want to dominate my gorgeous girlfriend with another woman, leaving her legs shaking and leaving her speechless for the night
Show more
3 years ago, asdgfhjklpoiuytre
My nickname for my wife is CiCi’s Pizza cuz it’s an all I can eat buffet and every slice just gets better and better
Show more
3 years ago, CervixCrusader
Phenomenal. Me and my love were looking for a kinky time and this app did just that. She’s never swallowed so much love goo in her life. What a blast. 5 stars!
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1 year ago, Kat Clashin
Cute nicknames
I call her by my bosses wife name “Sandy” and she calls me by his name which is “Andy” because I do a great impression of him but sexier lol he’s from India 😍😂
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4 years ago, im00notimpressed
It’s actually a really good concept and makes it about the most important thing with sex FUN!
Show more
1 year ago, PaiHam06
Let her lick you up and down however you like for 35 secs
Show more
4 years ago, Gwksbsbz
This game is so fun and hot!
When I was doing it, I realize my crush also likes me and we did so many dirty things to~ ❤️😍😏
Show more
4 years ago, SisterSquadBella
Just wrong in sick
Why would you people want to make this for people can look at it I mean why would you want to see it for couples you cannot have sex before marriage when you’re married you can but not before marriage get a life people seriously it’s disgusting and it’s wrong
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