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Showbie Inc.
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9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Showbie

3.58 out of 5
73 Ratings
4 months ago, Teacher-Teacher*
Good overall
It is user friendly for students and teachers alike. It also allows students to write directly into documents, video, and record. Students usually are able to submit work with little to no glitches. Over all, it is a great product. It could be better if : -it allowed teachers to assign groups and group assignments. -it allowed teachers to know what edits a student has made to late work so that partial credit may be earned. -it allowed teachers to create an assignment for multiple classes at once and to schedule those according to the scheduled time of each class.
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8 months ago, ErraticHare1599
Not the best
In my experience its not the best tool to use. First of all it glitches and show that you turned in your assignment even when you haven’t. Second of all when a file cant be correctly imported it glitches and shows a error screen for a frame on the screen. Third of all editing on showbie its buggy and not great. For the first while of using it it seems fine but when you use it for 3, 4 years you start to notice the cons
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8 years ago, MR. Ab Watkins
Quest to Paperless Classroom
iPad has been a powerful tool for taking in and producing information for my kiddos. Showbie has helped me close the loop on my paperless classroom by allowing my kids to submit work created on iPad to a central place that I can now access from my 1 iPad (instead of pecking around in each little iPad or dealing with a stampede of airdropped files). The added bonus is that when I post, grade, and leave comments on their assignments, parents can see if from home! I wish the app supported Pages/Word uploads so that I could work with students via Tracked Changes. Maybe in the future. Also, making sign in easier for multiple users would be so clutch! (Ahem, useful).
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3 months ago, 3rd grade- Kaz class
So helpful
To Whom it may concern: Showbie is awesome. Though sometimes you may glitch, overall it is extremely helpful in our classroom. Showbie is very similar to Google classroom, but the ease of use is superior. One improvement that we suggest is the assignments can become “buried” in the folders. Another improvement we have is if work could automatically save, rather than having to submit or press “done”. Sincerely, Mrs. Kazanecki’s third grade class
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1 year ago, Profesora C
Showbie is a perfect way to share documents, audio files, etc. with my virtual tutoring students. I like the ease of sharing assignments between students.
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5 months ago, Sharon purdy
Hey, I absolutely love your app! But the text box feature is majorly glitchy. It keeps kicking me out and I have to log back in.
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10 months ago, sum_170
Worst app i have ever used. This app has deleted my work THOUSANDS of times. Everything about annotations is sooo much better on competition apps such as Notability. Sometimes work doesn’t upload. The SLOWEST app interface and its THE MOST GLITCHY.
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1 year ago, LegendaryWølf
It’s a good concept, but sometimes it glitches and I get missing assignments.
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3 months ago, Jaqavion.
Horrible app
This app has cause me depression and anxiety that I started doing therapy because of my suicidal thoughts, I have to take pills now and I don’t know if I can do this anymore…
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7 months ago, Toasted Aces
Showbie ROCKS!!!
Absolutely love the simplicity & user friendliness of this app!!!
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4 months ago, u5743
Glitchy mess
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1 year ago, i mqm h
just no
it keeps giving me errors and kicking me out
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8 months ago, imnotneptune
hate it
caused me mental illnesses and it is very glitchy 0/10
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1 year ago, Katie A. C.
To hard
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2 years ago, bugdonut
Dunkin Donuts
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9 years ago, GranandShan
Oh My Goodness!!!
This has been my first year having iPads in my class room and one of our training classes exposed us to Showbie. I was slow to adopt it but in the last two weeks I am finding numerous ways to integrate Showbie into my classroom. (A note of interest before I continue: Showbie is available as an iPad app and can also be accessed by laptop or desktop computer for students who don't have an iPad at home). Showbie is very flexible app. Last week I used Showbie to upload an essay for my students to read and create a written response. Later in the week, they used Showbie to answer questions from selected textbook and internet readings. This week they have been using showbie to take lecture notes, write comments on videos and accomplish their bellwork. I have become so excited about Showbie that my fellow teachers are probably tired of hearing me talk about it. I strongly recommed this app for any teacher wanting to digitize their class. Unlike many other applications available, Showbie is very easy for students and teachers to learn and use. It's flexibilty is such that several teachers in our district have gone completely paperless, using Showbie for almost all of their assignments.
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9 years ago, StraffordNDN
Great app for the classroom!
If your goal is to use less paper and make fewer copies for your classroom, Showbie is an app that will help you achieve your goal. The teacher can upload assignments to Showbie and students can complete the work on their iPads. Teachers can see how many students have completed the assignments and which assignments have been graded. Students can type or use a stylus to write on the assignment, and the teacher can leave comments on the graded work. I especially like that I can add an assignment or test and archive it until I am ready for the students to view it. It is also great to have all the assignments I need to grade organized on my iPad instead of in stacks of paper-clipped pages. Students love using the app and not having so much paper to deal with, too. The folks at Showbie welcome suggestions on features teachers would like to see added. I have a 1:1 classroom, and Showbie works great for us. I would recommend it.
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9 years ago, 42knit1
Efficient, simple way to ‘flip’ your classroom
This app has completely changed how I can deliver content to my students in grades 4 & 5. No more having to run to the copier, wait in line and devour a ream of paper! With Showbie I can upload all the documents I would usually print and hand out to students, but they are delivered immediately to each student’s folder. Even better: I can modify assignments as needed, and give written or audio feedback in a flash. Comments, reminders, clarification, rubrics and more can all be shared instantaneously with students (and their parents). Students can have access to their entire class ‘folder’ through Showbie whenever they need to. No more lost papers, and time stamps on all files makes it easy to see when work was submitted. I recommend this to colleagues in my district all the time, as it’s become a huge time saver and a real convenience for us!
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9 years ago, MrsTurcotte5
Revolutionize your classroom
Ready to eliminate lost assignments, last-minute trips to the copier, increase student engagement, give and receive immediate feedback, and allow your students to share their knowledge in a variety of ways? Then this app is for you! Remarkably easy to use, incredibly versatile, and a must have for anyone delivering instruction via iPad. My 5th grade class is on year 2 of going paperless with Showbie. We had NO lost assignments last year. Everyone turned in everything via Showbie. Formative assessments are a breeze and feedback for extensions and reteaching happens within minutes of students submitting their work. My students love it. Kids who miss school can access work at home via the app and the website. You just can't lose with this app.
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9 years ago, MandytheTeach
My classroom has been revolutionized. With the addition of Showbie to my classroom my students are able to get their assignments both at school and at home. No more tracking down students for late work or for missing work when they are absent due to illness or school related activities. The amount of feedback that I am able to give my students creates more connection and better understanding within the classroom. It's also very helpful when it comes to parent teacher conference because the parents are able to see the entire body of work for their student. On a personal level it allows me to grade much quicker. I'm an English teacher and it gives me back my time on nights and weekends. Well worth the price.
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9 years ago, Matrixthedog
Perfect for paperless
I love this app because I can quickly and easily distribute math assignments to my algebra 1 and geometry students. I generally give them the choice of doing their work directly in showbie using the pen tool or doing it on paper and taking a picture of their assignment to attach and submit to me. The part that my students and I love is that there is not a complicated 'submit' process. They simply click 'done' to save their work and the file automatically updates on my end. I can give students participation points based on how much they were able accomplish in any given amount of time if needed and they can continue to work and correct their mistakes as well. Basically I love everything about this app!!
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9 years ago, dbteal
Chemistry teacher
This is the app I have been looking for!!! It allows me to post lab data sheets and worksheets, have my students do their work on the actual sheet, and submit completed work to me. It has cut down on the number of paper copies I use, and I can grade on my iPad using the app. The turn-around time from grading a paper to going to the next paper is very short. It is almost as quick as grading hard copies and doesn't require me to carry around a folder full of papers. All I need is my iPad. The grading time is improving as I get used to using the app. Only a couple of clicks are required to re-size the paper and write comments/corrections! I love it!!! Thank you Showbie!!!
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8 years ago, MathTeacherinNeed
What An App!!
I have been trying to find apps that will make my classroom more and more technology literate. We have had eBooks for the last 4 years and I have been trying to encourage my students (7th - 11th grade) to do more and more of their work with technology. ShowBie is perfect because my students can work on their math together on an iPad and then submit for grading (which can be easily done on the app). They are beginning to submit homework through ShowBie as well, and we are having so much fun figuring out all the different things for which we can use ShowBie. I am so excited to get my fellow teachers on board with this app. It has such potential for school wide use.
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8 years ago, MsUlmerSocialStudies
Perfect for Primary Sources
Teaching Social Studies in a 1:1 iPad district and having ditched textbooks long ago, I searched for something that let me easily give feedback to students as they analyzed primary and secondary sources. Other teachers suggested email assignments, but it drove me crazy to have my email full all the time (even while using filters to send those assignments to folders…). I used a variety of LMS’s, and eventually stumbled upon Showbie. For the past 2 years, Showbie has been a go-to for grading writing, map analysis, etc. It allows me to give immediate feedback in written form as well as voice notes! I cannot recommend this enough.
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9 years ago, Noris Frades
No more clutter!!
Since using Showbie, my paper piles and clutter have practically disappeared!! No more misplaced assignments! With Showbie, you set the deadline. It will show you which students turned in their assignments on time. It also shows you when students have gone back in to an assignment that was already turned in. It lets a students know when you have checked an assignment. Showbie also allows you to plan ahead and leave your assignments locked until you are ready to use them. For those of us that teach more than one class, you can just copy an assignment with the click of a button. I love Showbie!!
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9 years ago, bballance
Paperless Classroom with Ease...
I love this paperless classroom. The way it can organize a “stack” of assignments helps, and the fact that everything is time stamped is a plus. I love how I can now add narrative comments on a desktop instead of just an iPad. I also truly think that the tech staff is really attentive to our needs. Keep it up. I think I’d love it more if it allowed students to create more text boxes on a document instead of just using comments or handwriting.
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8 years ago, Beanie25
Showbie: A Must for Teachers!
Showbie is one of my favorite teacher tools which helps not only me, but students as they try to utilize their phones not only for entertainment, but for learning and education. My students are encouraged to use their phones as educational tools and they voted Showbie as the #1 app of their choice. They find Showbie easy to navigate and complete assignments and beg me for more "paperless" assignments all of the time. I, too, am finding Showbie to be one of my top three teacher tools that enhances my teaching and helps me and my students become better at utilizing our mobile devices for the classroom. Thank you.
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2 years ago, gajdhwhdhdishcd
Extremely glitchy
This app was made with the intention of making as much money from schools with the minimum effort. There are numerous bugs that never got fixed for even after a few years. This app lacks very basic features that every basic document editor has. It’s so poorly made that it can’t handle 5-10% of a page being filled up with annotations without lagging horribly. With constant crashes you can be sure that your work never gets saved. Even if you somehow manage to get through all that, more than a third of the time your work just simply does not save. It either flips pages, deletes random blocks of text and annotations, or just gives up and deletes all your work!
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7 years ago, JayBirdCeltics33
Free Version Limited/Pro Version $180 per Year
This is a good little app. The free version is limited but serves a purpose. If you're trying to go paperless, this app is a good way to distribute work to your students. The free version only has one color ink and line thickness available. The text feature is limited too. I've found that I need to use Showbie to distribute work and have students use another app, like Notability, to do the work. If the free version had slightly more options available I would rate this 4+ stars (or if the pro version was less expensive). Showbie Is easy to learn and use, easy to sign students up, and easy to create and distribute assignments.
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9 years ago, LVGael
Showbie is fantastic. It streamlines the process of collecting work and makes it easy to grade papers, no matter where you are. It is great for keeping parents in the loop and for tracking students who fail to turn work in or chronically turn it in late. The staff is quick and considerate with their response to questions or concerns and really do work to implement suggestions. Showbie has changed how things work in my class and helped me to be better organized and more on top of my grading. It has been nothing short of amazing.
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11 years ago, Naps1995
Great Solution for Going Paperless!
Showbie is giving me everything I need for a seamless paperless workflow. I can push assignments out to students, collect them, annotate them, and push them back out all through the single app. No more downloading from dropbox into an annotation app and then back into dropbox -- which can take FOREVER. If you're looking for a way to increase your productivity, check out Showbie. The support is awesome too! I have had immediate responses to my questions and suggestions.
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11 years ago, CDCD
Many many glitches and bugs!
PDF documents open up as a black page. I can't view any of my own documents or my students' work without opening them up in another reader app. It will work for a few documents after deleting and reinstalling the app (having done this 5 times already in the past 15 minutes), but always goes back to blank screens again. Another glitch is the message that I can't edit any work because it is already being edited in another app (this is upon opening the document for the very first time). I have the Pro version, and this app is proving itself to be worthless unless these numerous bugs are fixed. Not worth the time or money!!
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8 years ago, Deirk
I have tried multiple ways to go paperless in a classroom but this is by far the easiest and most efficient way I have seen. Coming in a building where they use this application, I can see why they choose it, its quick and easy to become well versed and proficient with the application. Not to mention the support staff is always their to answer a question when you have it. Amazing application, I would recommend it for any and everyone.
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9 years ago, Cody St.
As teacher’s digitize their curriculum, Showbie is an amazing tool to lean heavily on. Students LOVE to turn work into Showbie. It is so much quicker and easier to grade than any other app that we as a district, have come across. I highly recommend a trial run, especially if you use pdfs in your class. Also, if you have students that are hesitant or cannot use the iPad for schoolwork, have them complete it, take a picture of it, and still turn it into showbie!
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9 years ago, iTeachJrHighTech
The Best Lightweight LMS for iPad
Showbie is a fantastic paperless solution, as they say, but it is also a great lightweight LMS (Learning Management System). If you’ve ever tried to submit an assignment from an iPad to Moodle you know how frustrating the process is. For those that aren’t aware, it’s like 10 steps! Showbie bypasses all of that by using the iPad’s built-in sharing system. Almost any App can share to it - iMovie, Pages, Notability, you name it! Kids and easily submit any kind of assignment directly to Showbie.
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8 years ago, Tyler LV
Essential app for the paperless classroom
A great workflow app that helps transition towards a paperless classroom. Allows teachers to post assignments and resources, which students can then edit in Showbie or other apps. I love that Showbie let students edits and turn in PDF documents right within the app. The new greeting features allow the teacher to quickly check the same page I'm PDFs for each student in the class and give valuable feedback.
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9 years ago, OneTimeHiker
Paperless is amazing!
I'm a high school physics teacher and just collected, graded and returned a set of homework assignments, before the class period they were due! Now I know exactly where my kids stand and can lead meaningful discussions about their assignments. I used this all last year, but the new grading upgrades make using this app truly stand out. Students also find it really easy to use and they can't "lose" their assignments.
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9 years ago, MShippee
Even a Kindergartener can do it!
Showbie is an easy and useful app that allows my kindergarteners to share and create things. My kindergarteners and I are able to upload books made in book creator. We can complete and check phonics worksheets, math journals and even upload pictures of more tactile activities. Showbie has helped keep my students accountable for their learning. I can not say enough how much we love Showbie!
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9 years ago, Mamalu13
Awesome resource!
I use Showbie daily in my classroom. I teach Spanish and not having time to test my students weekly on pronunciation and speaking they submit a weekly Showbie and they have improved by leaps and bounds. I also use this to save on paper by uploading readings, vocab lists, etc. My district also incorporates eLearning and students have to submit materials electronically and this works wonderful. I don't know how I taught without this for years!!
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9 years ago, mrvesco
Going Paperless Has Never Been Easier
I heard about Showbie at a conference this summer. It looked really simple to use and set up, so I thought I would try it out with my classroom. BEST. DECISION. EVER. My fourth grade students can easily turn in any assignment. Everything from green screen movies, to photos of projects, to old fashioned worksheets. It's so easy to use. My students and I really like how they can annotate right in the app. It's awesome. Check it out!
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10 years ago, Txpu
Great for language classroom
I teach a 1:1 Spanish class. The voice note feature is great both for my students and for me to leave feedback. It's so much easier for them to hear pronunciation corrections that to try to decipher them in written form. My one recommendation would be to add a scoring feature. I can't see grades I've written without opening up each individual document again.
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6 years ago, Trohn
What am I doing wrong
I log on and the menus are the LEAST user friendly ways to navigate through the app! I’m glad I didn’t pay 💰! However if I could get the app to do any of what has been claimed, it would be a bonus. I have not uploaded any worksheets for I don’t know how. I would love video tutorials. I gave this app 2 stars because I still believe in the potential it has to revolutionize my life as a teacher. If I understood it, I would be using this on Monday (today is Saturday). Out of pure frustration I gave it 2 stars because I haven’t made any progress with it.
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8 years ago, Ksmif
A very useful tool for my classroom
I work in a district where each middle school student is given an iPad. This app is perfect for my band and orchestra classes. Students are able to submit their goals and send recordings to me and receive feedback much quicker. I would give 5 stars if it didn't crash at home for students. - this may be a district problem though. Overall, a great app that helps me feel more connected to my students.
Show more
9 years ago, Carligu1a
Great App for 1:1!
I'm a high school teacher and this is our first year as a one to one iPad school. This app has been great for all of my classroom needs. I moved from using Dropbox to this app because of its efficiency. The app is easy to manage and the ability to grade directly and even leave audio recordings very helpful.I have found that my students really enjoy using it and find it easy to navigate.I highly recommend this app!
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11 years ago, Secondary math
This app has worked well for me. The only thing I would like to see is an email generated if a student turns in an assignment late. For example, when I finish grading a set of homework, I want to be able to tell Showbie to email me if any assignments are turned in after a particular date. This way I would get a notice if a student who is absent turns in a homework that I need to grade.
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9 years ago, Bmontycds
One Truly Amazing App
Showbie is an absolutely amazing app! It has completely changed life in my classroom! We are so much closer to becoming paperless - which is an incredible accomplishment for which I am thankful. My students really enjoy using Showbie. I am hoping to upgrade to the pro version for the next school year. I would highly recommend the Snowbie app for all classrooms.
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7 years ago, Aaron.ab
Over 200 kids, this app is great
I have a lot of kids in every grade, K - 6. Showbie is an excellent tool for handing out PDF handouts, providing project instructions, and giving students and parents a place to see exactly what is going on in school. My fellow teachers can point to a late, time-stamped, or missing assignment when students ask about grades. The tool does exactly what it is designed to do.
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8 years ago, Science and Bow ties
Great! Give me a Calendar?
I'm a high school science teacher, and I've found this app is a wonderful one stop place for my students to find their assignments, turn in assignments, and find their grades after I've graded right in the app. It's everything you need, and nothing you don't. One desire that I've heard from students and parents: if they could optionally see their assignments in a calendar view somehow, it would be magic.
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9 years ago, gblakney
I use Showbie for my 7/8 Math class; two sections of 7th grade, two sections of 8th. It’s very easy for my students to use, it saves me so much time with grading, and it allows me to set up other smaller classes to support my challenged kids and my accelerated kids. It fires up easily in class, and works great on both their iPad and my laptop. It’s really made a big difference in my workflow.
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9 years ago, SuperburritoGaming
Amazing School Tool!
I use Showbie for school and it makes the students lives and the teachers lives easier! Even for a student, this app is TOO good! It says when assignments are turned in late D: The only thing that is bad about it, is it is hard to take notes! If Showbie and notability combined, schools would be all over this app! Good luck Shownie Inc! Looking forward to more updates!
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