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User Reviews for Showtime Anytime

4.79 out of 5
148.2K Ratings
3 years ago, im the chad
App Closes
To whom it may concern, I have had the Showtime Anytime app on my phone for quite some time now and now anytime I open the app and attempt to login, sometimes it will take me to the screen to choose my service provider and when I click on the provider, the screen just stalls out. Other times when I choose my provider, the app will close and take me back to my Home Screen. I only seem to encounter this issue on my iPhone but not on my Apple TV. I did notice this started after iOS 14 was released, so maybe that has something to do with the issue but the Showtime Anytime app is the only app that I seem to be having the issue. I have deleted the app and reinstalled the app a few times but that has yet to resolve the issue. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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5 years ago, Attentionspan2sec
The privacy policy is non-existent, they have gone out of control with this one
Just a heads up. This is one of the absolute worst “privacy policies” and “term of use” I have ever read in my life. Carefully read thru them. When it comes to every single thing you do online with your phone, they track it, store it and share it, once you agree to their service. Then it’s now open information to absolutely anyone Showtime decides to share it with, including BUT not limited to your internet browsing, purchases online and ALL online activity on your phone. This information can be shared with your contacts on Facebook, Google and any other companies Showtime has an agreement with at this time or on the future. They indicate you can adjust your privacy settings at EACH of any of their partners. However, you CANNOT adjust your privacy settings with them. And of course you will have no idea how many partners they are sharing your information with at all. Unbelievable, I love the Showtime content but they have lost me as an online customer and until they offer the ability to choose to share your information with their partners, absolutely no one in my house with use this App. So disappointing. I would give 0 stars if it was possible for signing away any form of privacy just to view content online that you already can watch at home. Absolutely Crazy.
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6 years ago, Cathalii
Always being logged out
I do enjoy watching Showtime, however, I am annoyed the app will constantly log me out. This is especially annoying since I need the app in order to watch Showtime on my Xbox One & I’ll be in the middle of a show then be told I need to log back in. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times and this issue still persists. Each time I have to log back in it shows my Xbox is not a registered device and I have to re register it again. It’s just annoying and the only issue I have with the app. It happens about every two days. If it wasn’t so frequent I probably wouldn’t care nearly as much. When this issue has been fixed I’ll be more than happy to change my review :) otherwise this app works very well for me and I don’t have any issues at all. Update: well, it no longer logs me out. Instead when it auto plays to the next episode, I will get an error message that something g went wrong and I have to back out to the main menu and then go back to the episode I was watching. I’ve done all the same troubleshooting steps (logged out, uninstalled, powered off, etc) and it still happens. Although I am not having to log back in, the issue has gone from every couple of days to every episode... so this is not hopeful progress...
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3 years ago, Jayhawks Rule!
PLEASE LISTEN THIS TIME. This is my serious request. When I'm watching a show on "Shameless" for instance, at times I may feel like I missed something that a particular character said. When this happens, I want to quickly go back a short bit (like 10 seconds) to hear again what little bit I think I may have missed. So I just want to go back a little to hear it again. But I don't want to have to go back 30 seconds just to hear the bit that I missed just a few seconds ago. And sometimes I may want to do it a couple of times. In that case, I'm having to go all the way back 30 seconds each time and wait until it finally gets to the part I want to hear again. That's frustrating! If I had trouble understanding what a character said, I may have to listen to it again three times (in some cases). So it's both frustrating and time consuming when it goes back 30 seconds, when all I want is for it to go back just a little bit. So please change the rewind icon to 10 seconds instead of 30! PLEASE!
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2 years ago, GypsyLove13
There’s so much I love about this app...but the biggest and by far most frustrating aspect is how it constantly and continuously logs me out of my account. I could be using the app on a Monday night, for example, and by Tuesday night, I’m forced to log in again. I don’t know why this is. My app is currently up to date, but it does this to me all the time. It also does it when I haven’t used the app for a week or so, which is still annoying, but I’m in the middle of a movie right now, and I was forced to get out of bed and re-activate my device...three times before it finally accepted it. Other than that, I really enjoy using Showtime Anytime. I do wish the closed captioning had an option to make the font bigger, though. I love the 10 second fast forward and rewind feature, which HBOMax recently got rid of, and I’m avoiding that app like the plague until it’s fixed. Please never get rid of that feature, because sometimes I miss a detail during my show/movie, and it’s wonderful to be able to quickly go back Overall, I feel like I’m getting a lot of bang for my buck since I pay so much a month for cable, Showtime included. Spectrum rarely has this much to offer when I look at Showtime on demand when I’m watching regular TV, so having an AppleTV opened my eyes to all the content I’ve been paying for, with no way to watch. Keep up the great work, Showtime. I can’t WAIT to see Dexter in a few months. 😄
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10 months ago, thibber1982
Downloads are the worst!
DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ! I am not sure if you actually paying attention to reviews here particularly regarding downloads but out of all of the streaming platforms SHO Anytime is by far the worst. Virtually unusable!!! First off, downloading is a crap shoot. Success rate is about 50%.You can never hit download and walk away otherwise you may be disappointed when it is time to watch an episode or movie you “thought” you downloaded successfully. For that reason I find myself babysitting downloads and have to restart once or twice before it actually does. When I am to finally download I often face terrible audio sync issues. I mean TERRIBLE. The audio gets out of sync sometimes by more than 30-45 seconds… I have to constantly restart the episode. I’ve notice it does this when the video jitters. Why is video jittering on a HD download!?? It’s NOT my device.I’ve tried both new iPad and iPhone 14. It’s almost as if the downloaded content is trying to establish a connection even though Im in airplane mode when this happens and off Wi-Fi. When I am offline SHO anytime should not try to connect and take me right to downloads where I should be able to watch my content seamlessly No other streaming platforms have these issues. WORD TO THE WISE - recruit and overpay a senior developer from one of the other platforms and fix yours. I am not being cheeky here, all of the big tech firms do it. This app is virtually unusable right now.
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4 years ago, Killingmachine666
Cromecast still doesn’t work. But it’s not your fault, right?!
The cromecast button is not there anymore!! Quit telling people to go to your help page. There is no help there. And then you have the nerve to contact cromecast because it not your app. If you haven’t noticed it is not just me that is having this problem! Every recent review of your app says the same thing that I am saying. It is your app that is messed up!!! Every other app I have that has cromecast works. HBO,Netflix,Stars,etc. I have a lot more than that, and it is only yours that doesn’t work! So fix it and quit with the robo response. And just fix the thing! It worked before your last update. Why you update something that is working just fine, I don’t understand! I just have to believe with the stupid responses you give, and the fact that you take no responsibility for YOUR APP that doesn’t work. That you just don’t care. So you will be loosing my business.
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5 years ago, ShayMcI
I can’t even register to activate it! EDITED
I am using Apple TV to view Showtime. It is working perfectly. From time to time I have to réactivité it but I suppose that may be because the app updated or something. Nonetheless, I am not experiencing any problems with it at this time. I have changed my rating from 1 star to 5 stars. I just downloaded this app to stream with my Roku. When I try to register, I keep getting an error right after I agree to the policies. It will not go further. This tells me that if there is a problem before I even get to use it, there will be some serious problems with the app as described by the many users that gave it a low rating!
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3 years ago, marlee.may7
Glitchy App Lacking Necessary Features
I love my favorite Showtime series! The problems with the app truly ruin the viewing experience, though. Here’s a list of issues I have with the app: - constant glitching and crashing when attempting to search for the show I want to watch (search bar/series menu) - lack of a “skip recap” or “skip intro” button - lack of 10 second forward AND 10 second rewind button - doesn’t automatically start next episode or even give option to start next episode. You have to go back to the Home Screen (see next line item for the issues with the Home Screen) and/or re-search for the series you are watching. - lagging Home Screen (for example, if I finish an episode, I have to completely close out of the app and then go and search for the next episode instead of it appearing on the Home Screen or automatically starting. Another example is the show I’m in the middle of completely disappearing from the Home Screen and I have to go search for the show in the search bar... but the search bar crashes the app) These are just a few of the issues with the app that are very discouraging. If more come up I will add them to this list. I hope the developers use this feedback to better the app so that viewers have a more enjoyable experience watching the shows (and movies) they love! Thanks.
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6 years ago, Jess110512
Why Limit Lightening/HDMI adapter Viewing ?!
I have nothing to complain about with regards to Showtime programming content obvi or I wouldn’t be a subscriber. My problem with the application is the fact that I purchased an Apple Genuine HDMI adapter that plugs into the Lightening Port on my iPhone 7+ and its sole function is to allow the user to see what is displayed on the iPhone screen on a television. This adapter was $49usd at my local Big Box discount store; pretty pricey for a cord adapter if you ask me but it always seemed worth the money as I travel a lot and don’t like to break out the laptop and hdmi in hotels to watch Icefilms and Darewatch etc... and before the recent changes my adapter was recognized and treated the same as Apple TV however now I am blocked from viewing content upon connecting it to the TV I get a message that tells me, essentially, that this app will no longer allow me to view its content through the Apple HDMI connector but I could buy Apple TV and until I do I am free to buzz off! Nice job ...,
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2 years ago, Daniels313
Glitchiest App EVER
We use several premium cable TV apps to stream and we have never had issues like we do with the Showtime Anytime App. We are logged out at least once each time we go into the App and if we are lucky enough to get our show to stream, it logs out in the middle or just quits playing. For example, while attempting to watch a certain show it just stopped streaming. No way to pause/play/etc. I tried downloading just that particular episode and it wont even allow us to do that. Ive signed out/back on. Deleted and reinstalled to no avail. I gave it two starts ONLY because when it does work, I can deal with being logged in and out 5 times a show…..but at least I can watch it in some fashion. There has to be some sort of debugging that you can do - HBOgo and others do not do this. We love Showtime. Please fix these glitches.
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8 months ago, l2abid
App fails to Login to service provider
I have tried numerous times to sign into my Verizon account through the app. I pay for showtime service through Fios, but every time I try and login and initiate the handoff it times out. I have logged into my Verizon account and retried, but still nothing. I’ve even got so far once that I actually logged into Verizon through the app only to get redirected to the home page of the Verizon app and no response or recognition of being signed in on the showtime app. I even disabled my Verizon security settings and multi factor authentication, but still nothing. Name another streaming service free or premium and I’ve logged in successfully and never had these issues. In 2023 I expect app to work, especially those I pay for. This seems to be a failed API handoff and for a premium service to not be able to login successfully to another premium service - both of which I pour money into every month - leaves me frustrated and disappointed. I am uninstalling and asking Fios to remove showtime from my account. How do you mess up something so easy as an API login? There are free streaming services that get this right. Rookie level coding mistakes. 0 stars. There isn’t even a link to support on the app. Maybe they know it’s crap and don’t want a mountain of service tickets flooding their inbox.
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2 years ago, TheGuin
Show skipping and then closing
We recently started watching Your Honor and episodes 3-7 (so far) are unwatchable. The show starts fine, the it starts to skip (random times) like an old cd, replaying the same 2-3 seconds a few times then ultimately backs out of episode, returns to the menu, and marks it as watched. It does this on iPhone and Apple TV. I’ve reinstalled both apps with no luck. Sometimes you can fast forward through it and keep watching, but usually not. We’ve resorted to watching it on demand through our cable provider, but they only offer standard definition for Showtime. All other premium channels have an HD version. So the picture only takes up half our tv screen. We’ve watched several series through the app, with only one episode of Shameless doing this same thing. Please fix the bug!!
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1 year ago, SGB 1107
Worst streaming app
I’ve had this app for years and it’s the worst out of all the streaming apps where you can use your tv provider to login. First the app continues to log you in and out. Then the downloading is the slowest and the worst ever. It literally takes days yes days more than hours to download an episode of something. It’s NOT my internet speed and it’s NOT my iPad that is the problem it’s the app. Then when you finally get something downloaded and want to watch it not using Wi-Fi on the airplane it doesn’t work! You can’t login or you get an error message that says you can’t view your downloads. It’s VERY disappointing how bad this app is. I have deleted the app multiple times I’ve logged out and back in (and when you log out all your downloads you worked days to get are all erased so back to square 1) and the app is still EXTREMELY slow to download
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5 years ago, Franjel
Unquestionably the Worst Activation Process in the Industry
I like Showtime’s content but it has the worst cable provider activation implementation I’ve experienced. On my Apple TV, iPad and iPhone I’ve installed and used 60 different television network apps using carrier logins. Showtime’s implementation is the worst and has not improved in 4 years. You can’t activate for AppleTV from an iPhone or iPad web browser. The iPhone app is required. The AppleTV app does not support integration with the stored credentials of the Television app. The Showtime app has the shortest period I’ve experience for requiring a reactivation. Any login on the iPad app or the iPhone app only works for my carrier about 40% of the time, even at times other apps will login w this carrier. This blocks me from reactivating the AppleTV app I may have activated just a week before. Anything I want to watch on Showtime, I have to figure in 15-20 minutes extra for this horrible experience.
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6 years ago, Variety_Jones
[Update] Can’t rate and app I can’t login to
[Update] I contacted support through chat as suggested by the Dev. They had me uninstall the app (had done this many times before) but the trick that worked was turning my ipad off afterwards for 5 minutes, then turning it back on and reinstalling the app. For some reason, that worked - I was able to login and can now watch my beloved Showtime. [Original] App won’t even let me login through my provider account. Doesn’t seem like Showtime cares about this app, as many many others have the same issue.
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5 years ago, haveabrainwilltravel
Truth vs. Hipsterism & Self-Indulgence/Patrick Melrose
I waited with anticipation for Patrick Melrose. I watched the first episode yesterday. What I saw was a self-indulgent descent into gratuitous self-flagellation by the Producers and Showtime. I suppose Showtime feels as if it has arrived and has no further obligation to its audience, who heretofore have insisted upon shows that earn the viewers trust and admiration, through excellence (e.g. Dexter/Homeland/Billions, etc.). This seemed to be a vision of get the right star with name recognition and buzz and throw enough self-abusive, self-indulgent gimmicks in to “wow”the counter-culture avant-garde, with no real creativity or value, and that will be enough to launch another profitable series. Reputation and excellence are not as important anymore. I like counter-culture as much as the next person, provided its intelligently and well done. Your team needs to look in the mirror on this one, so far. Hopefully, you don’t just listen to yr sheep-like sycophants. Regards, Patrick Walsh
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3 years ago, Djddjfnwjh
A very good app.
The app is good. Just needs a few tweaks. Maybe cut down the skip back time from 30 seconds to 15. Also implement a skip forward. About 15 seconds to coincide with the skip back feature. Maybe add a “Skip Intro” as well for series. The search feature should also be accessible all the time. Not just atop the menu screen showing category's. It gets kind of annoying to have to exit out of a category to search a title, unless you don’t mind scrolling through a whole library of content to find what you want. Then it’s just me lol. Other than that it’s a really good app and if those additions ever make their way to the app I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Mudcat06
where to I begin
there are a lot of little items that other content providers have that this app doesn’t but the one that stands out the most is the fact that it has no ability to resume where you left off. Don’t get me wrong one out of 100 times it actually will surprise you and pick up where you left off but you must go back into the app literally seconds from the moment you closed it. You can download something and play the next episode, Need to close the app for a few minutes and come back and miraculously this app will resurrect the episode you deleted and will pick up at some random point. I don’t expect any app to be perfect but honestly I’ve probably reviewed five apps in the last seven or eight years and I only do so because when they are so pathetic is this one I simply have to share my opinion
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8 months ago, TheBlueWolverine
Watching downloads is a terrible experience!
I have tried EVERYTHING to try to fix the problem, but it continues. When I try to watch a downloaded show, after a few minutes it loses sync between the audio and the video. The sync is off by several seconds. I can get the sync fixed temporarily by exiting and resuming the show, but the sync issue repeats again every few minutes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, deleting and re-downloading the show, making sure that nothing else is running in the background, etc. This is all happening on a iPad Pro 11”. I do not have any of these issues with other streaming apps. I have tried the same thing on my iPhone 13 Pro with the same results. Will Showtime EVER fix this problem???
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5 years ago, Sushi Sue
Enormously frustrating
I would have rated this no stars if possible, as I’ve never actually succeeded in signing into it without getting the ubiquitous “server error”. When I checked reviews, I discovered that it’s a common problem that seems to be well known by Showtime. Unfortunately, anytime someone complained about it in their review, they received the same stock cut and paste answer. At this point, that is not enough. There are so many choices for streaming television, you would think that they would care a little more than to just direct you to their website’s help page. I have serious doubts about that doing any good, I would think if there was a fix, the developers would take care of it. At the very least, someone could answer one of the many reviews that cite this problem with a solution.
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5 years ago, Jerimiahf
Forced ADs and not ideal for binge watching series
Given that I’m already paying for Showtime thru my provider, this app should NEVER be showing me promos first when I go to play a show I want to watch. I am forced to watch a 30 second promo - why? I can fast forward but seriously - I already pay you for your service, stop with the promos. Also while we are at it, why can’t you make it so that when an episode is over you start off the next episode right after the opening intro and recap. For example, I’m rewatching Dexter and when the next episode plays I still have 3 mins to skip they every time. Save me that headache and start it right after the recap. There’s another service who does this very well, take that cue as a great feature to implement.
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3 years ago, Jonique7
Loading issues
Although I love that the app allows all of their shows/episodes available for viewing, there’s always an issue with loading up the app. It constantly freezes and kicks you off. I constantly have to close out the app and relaunch it because it keeps freezing. The app also forces you to re-activate the device more than normal if you haven’t used it in a few days. We shouldn’t have to reactivate it at all. If anything just have us put our login credentials back in. This really needs to be updated especially during these times. It affects customers view of the app which could be great, if these minor issues are fixed. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Dj7:)$,hcx
Worse iOS app
I’m not one to give 1 stars but this app truly meets the criteria. Let’s start with the positive when you can stream offline it has great picture. Now the negative. So I am a commuter trying not to use all the data so I turn off cellular data with showtime. I will usually download episodes before I leave for work. One day I downloaded an episode and then went to leave. Well my phone display shut off and while that is normal the download stopped. This is the only streaming app where it will stop downloading unless you stare at the screen. Next when you watch offline they really discourage that. Not only will the app crash every 5 minutes into watching it’s almost to the second of the downloaded episodes. At first I thought it was a bad download but it has happened too many times to count at this point. My final complaint with this app is trying to log onto it with your cable subscription. Once you log on it just never loads. It’s a good thing I pay for it so I can’t watch on my phone. Honestly for a simple app this is extremely disappointing and would never recommend someone to spend money for how often if fails.
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5 years ago, DeShawndre
Fix the crashes
I love being able to binge and catch up on great shows that I haven’t been able to watch over the years due to not having Showtime (Shameless, Ray Donovan and Homeland are my favorites so far) but the Anytime app needs some serious updates. The biggest problem is when I’m watching downloaded videos offline (which I do a LOT), the app crashes every ten minutes or so. When I reopen the app after it crashes, it oftentimes doesn’t pick up where it left off and I have to scrub and search my place in the episode I was watching. And this isn’t really a huge issue but you guys should consider making the 30 second replay option into 10 seconds and also add a 10 second fast forward.
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1 year ago, Jay Rob
Streaming Crashes on AppleTV AND the website
UPDATE: The website won’t stream content either. I’ve had some success just watching through my cable provider’s, Spectrum, app directly. Thoroughly enjoyed this app for a long time up until 2 weeks ago when it would no longer play shows on AppleTV. I just deleted it because the same issue keeps happening. While the app will launch it won’t stream shows. It will load for a moment then go back to the home screen. I know it’s not an issue with my internet connection because I don’t have this issue with other apps I stream content on with AppleTV. As a result I’ve had to resort to streaming from the ShowtimeAnytime website directly on my MacBook which actually works just fine.
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5 years ago, Pasta rocks
Billions has turned into a show I watch for the writing now. I didn’t know if they could pull off a storyline on such a topic and make it riveting, but the acting is superb and the writing is brilliant, it’s the one show I can’t wait for each week. The Chi also was a pleasant surprise and am looking forward to season two. I have watched all Homeland seasons and it still captures my interest. But Billions is to me the best show they have and hope it gets renewed for at least 4 more seasons. Just fantastic.
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3 years ago, Ukako
Downloaded content disappears
This app would be great if not for two issues. 1. It happened on several occasions that I downloaded episodes, but when I tried to watch them there were no downloads. On couple of occasions it would happen right after I was about to watch the content, my phone would ring and after I was done, the content was gone. 2. Because the screen in XS Max is really sensitive, you can’t easily fast forward. When you trying to fast forward, 9 out of 10 times you are actually closing the app. There should be a 10second forward button, not just backwards. 3. The sound and picture doesn’t always correlate, making the content not watchable. (Updated) 4. The latest issue with this app is that I’m being signed off and when I try to sign in through my cable provider and go through all of the steps, the app proceeds with signing me in and then just stops and never completes the process. Therefore, right now I’m unable to download any content. I’m sorry but this app is really frustrating to work with. There’s just so many issues with this app, unlike some other similar ones.
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6 months ago, betona
Wouldn't work on an airplane
I downloaded a movie to watch on the plane, as I've done many times before with other apps. Onboard, I turned off wifi on my ipad because you can't stream on a plane. Then I started my movie and it played fine for a few minutes, but suddenly the sound and picture were at least 20 seconds apart and then it began throwing errors and finally stopped. I tried it several times, but no luck. On the ground, I deleted the movie and then re-downloaded it for my flight home. This time it immediately failed, and wouldn't play at all. So I fired up another app and watched a movie on a competitor's app.
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3 years ago, dug2020
Don’t do it
This app is worthless. I tried using it and it kept kicking me off. Used the online help and they couldn’t figure out why it kept saying I had to re register. They said they would “escalate” it. I won’t hold my breath but the HBO app works perfectly. This one is junk. And I question how they have such a “good” rating given the huge volume of similar complaints. I suspect that Showtome is planting a good review for every bad one to jack up the rating. I wasted 2 hours online trying to get this worthless app to work with what is now a worthless subscription. If the programming compares to HBO I might be inclined to remain a subscriber while they “escalate” my issue. Do yourself a favor and just go with HBO. Or any other streaming service that actually works.
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2 years ago, rcracey
Viewing interruptions
I would like to start by saying I love this app. I use it to watch my favorite shows while working out. Over the last couple weeks I have been dealing with viewing interruptions. Yesterday I was watching and at one point the show would get stuck and buffer back 5 seconds and repeat until it stopped and I get an error message saying unable to connect to network at this time. When I hit ok it returned me back to the Home Screen. Then the show would not work until the next day. When I moved on to another show, it did the same thing. Very frustrating, especially in the middle of a run.
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2 years ago, llcheshirecatll
Where is the Picture in Picture???
Why on earth would you remove this feature??? I’m pretty sure this was enabled not long ago, where is it?? I need Picture in Picture back in my life! It’s 2021...we have other stuff to do with our phones WHILST watching awesome videos. Guess I’ll have to watch HBO.. I’ve seen the reviews it’s not just me. Get your crap together Showtime! Edit: Thank you Showtime developer for your kind response and consideration. I really do enjoy your programming and other PiP, the app works great. I take back what I said about HBO..
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3 years ago, F1V3BOROUGHS
How bad could a streaming app be? Well...
Truly atrocious experience. Seems to be built on the same platform as the HBO GO app (RIP) once was, but randomly missing features (no Chromecast until a recent update). Watched Reservoir Dogs last night and the frame rate was way off - tried it through the Roku app, same deal! They have somehow done a bad rip of the very content we pay to view! I wake up this morning to find that this app has been intermittently turning on my Chromecast (and thus my tv) on and off for the past 9 hours. So now I have to pay for this additional energy cost too?? It’s an app. It’s fine. The Showtime team has not invested in their streaming experience enough and it shows. I do not blame the devs, the PMs, the UI designers... I blame the SVP who owns this vertical. Shame on you. And Happy New Years!
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5 years ago, LuluMadd
Problems logging in like EVERYONE ELSE
Constantly being logged out every few weeks. BUT NOW I cannot log back in using my TWC/Spectrum id. Odd because I have no problem logging into HBO or other cable apps but Showtime is NOT working. The help page on the website is not helpful nor is chatting with a rep who had me delete & reload app after I had already done that several times. Then he wanted the model # of all my devices w/the app Last month all was working fine. UPDATE: still have occasional issues. The fix is to manually Re-enter your info. For some reason the app no longer recognizes passcodes that are stored in your iCloud
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6 years ago, Morphenomenal
Can’t Use - Glitch in app
I have the same problem as a plethora of other would-be users describe in their reviews - when I log in I’m directed within the app to my cable provider’s website instead of the app authenticating my subscription. I’ve spent a long time troubleshooting and have been unable to solve the problem - the solutions a few others mention in their reviews have not worked for me. One reviewer said a Showtime employee contacted them after they left their one-star review and was able to help fix the issue. Please do the same for me Showtime. I will update my review if you do. I will cancel my subscription before the next billing cycle if you don’t. I’d like to watch “The Chi” - Please help...
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1 year ago, TearDropTune
They don’t got it
Like many streaming services…they don’t got it. When you finish an episode, instead of seamlessly offering you the next episode, here is what this app requires you to do: close out of the current episode, type in the full name of the show you’re watching (hope you remember what number episode you just finished because this app doesn’t remind you), click the next episode and hope for the best! Didn’t finish the episode? NOT ALLOWED! Next time you open the app you need to remember where you left off so you could start it there. App doesn’t do it for you, obviously.
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4 years ago, OneIJack
Absolute Crap
The old Showtime app was junk and I deleted years ago. Tried this new one hoping it would be better despite all the terrible reviews. Well, they are all correct - this new app is crap too. First I couldn’t sign in using my FIOS login at all until I reset my Verizon password to exactly what it was already. Then it worked. After that I had to create a Showtime Anytime account even though you have to login with your provider sign-in and not a Showtime Anytime account. Then agree to invasive terms. Finally you’re just presented with a “Server Error, There was an error on the server” message which never clears so you can’t proceed. If only Showtime could give me the last hour of my life back...
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1 year ago, Junk Yard D
Do you like frequently reauthorizing your account?
This is the app for you. On at least a monthly basis, we get asked to reauthorize the app through our cable provider. It’s so diligent about making sure only authorized users are using the app, I recently had it ask for me to reauthorize my account in the middle of a show I was watching. Talk about vigilance! If you enjoy knowing that multi-billion dollar media conglomerates are putting the protection of their intellectual property over their paying users’ viewing experience, you’ll enjoy this app.
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3 years ago, Ang57mac
Very Annoying
Every time I open the app on an Apple device I need to log in with my provider, sometimes 2 or more times. I have deleted and reinstalled the app but problem persists. Content and overall functioning is fine but the constant need to log in makes using the app very tedious. I agree with other users regarding expiration date feature. Please bring it back!
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6 years ago, Mark Landis
Best Entertainment application.
I would like to personally commend Showtime for offering the best “premium “ television application for use with my Apple TV, Roku television, IPad, and IPhone. It is the easiest to navigate, and provides several features to help me have my favorite shows downloaded automatically and ready for me to view at my leisure. The streaming always works flawlessly, and the notifications of new, additional programming is both timely and appreciated. I spend the extra money to have a blazing fast internet connection, and can download a high definition movie in less than 5 minutes. This makes it convenient to download a variety of movies, and episodes of content that I can enjoy no matter where I may travel. I applaud both the great variety of content, as well as the feature rich viewing application. To those who “boldly” threaten to “take their business elsewhere”... see ya!
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3 years ago, emaldo09
More options
My problem is with the app. It lacks on options. For example a fast forward option. Y Or option to set closed caption. If I’m watching a series and I decide to go to a precios episode. I have to go to the main menu and start from the beginning for me to get to the episode option. I was watching Shameless, and I wanted to see the previous episode. I had to go to the main menu and select shameless again in order to get to the episode menu. You should look at the Netflix options they give you. I know y’all are not trying to copy but get some pointers. I mean I’m paying for the Showtime Service.
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5 years ago, WesCandela
Where is IPhone X support? 720p max? Awful.
Listen, Where is the support for iPhone X buyers? You cannot go fullscreen on shows or movies. The highest quality you were able to watch a show at is 720 P. Why? It’s 2018. And this is the worst... you download movie or a television show you try to play what you’ve downloaded and you get kicked off the app for the program stops out of nowhere and you have to go back in to start watching again only to find out that it has no idea where you were when you were watching. So you spend the next 20 seconds finding the place you were at press play and it happens again within three minutes. After 20 minutes of this constantly happening you realize you have only seen five minutes of the show or movie you’re trying to watch. What is going on? How does nobody at Showtime see this where is the quality control? This app doesn’t need an update it needs new designers and it needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. Horrid.
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2 years ago, CarrieElle
NOT User Friendly…
Not easily navigated, could take a lesson from other streaming services! I can live with a security feature asking you to sign in every 24 hours but could you make it easily accessible?? It takes wayyyyy too long to navigate through whether no matter where you use the app (mobile device, laptop, firetv etc) I despise the fast forward and rewind buttons!! You will fast forward through the entire program or rewind through it if you’re not careful! (Love STARZ buttons, each a 10 second interval either way.. so much easier..
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4 years ago, gbbhhnjing
no cast icon
i don’t know what bug you might have fixed or update that you added but i no longer get the chromcast icon. i thought maybe it was a problem on my end but i’ve reset my router & the chromcast device connected to my tv. The other networks that i stream are working just fine. The customer service that your providing is terrible and the generated response given to the other reviewers with the same issue is a slap in the face. shame on you. we all just want to know if we can eventually or sooner be able cast with your network again because if not we can cancel showtime subscription but your stringing customers along and it’s not right.
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5 years ago, NixFranc
Laziest App Ever, Always Logging Me Out
Worst app. There are hundreds of streaming apps out there but this one has decided to pave a new path at the bottom. Logs me out all the time, and each time they make you jump through more and more hoops to re-authenticate. No, I don’t want to have to download the app on my mobile device to authenticate. NO, I don’t want to create a Showtime account. Jeez. Annoying, stupid and just plain useless. Even worse on Apple TV. Get with the times, Showtime. Irritating your customers is not the way to go. Lucky for you, Billions is back. We’ll both be gone after 11 episodes. Too bad there isn’t a way to give zero or negative stars. That one star is far too generous.
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2 months ago, Strizbiz
Hands down the worst streaming app I’ve ever used
Every time I open this app, either on my IPad, Apple TV, or even on my Samsung tv, it always has to be activated again, over and over, it is sooooooooo annoying , I hate it. I wish I could give this app zero stars. Absolutely the worst!!!!! I’m about to delete this from both my IPad and my smart tv until they get a developer who is competent, it’s beyond ridiculous to have to activate it literally 100% of the time…NO other streaming app does that. And please spare me with a useless developer response about wanting to hear more about my experience….I literally just told you about my experience.
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1 year ago, ToyCrusher
Worst App ever, seriously.
Tried the app last year crashed every single time, would not ever play on the Apple TV, figured I would try again this year, same exact result. I have almost every other steaming app and this is the only one with an issue so don’t tell me to contact customer support you can see from other reviews this app was flawed from the start and the studio is too cheap to fix it or too incompetent when it comes to technology because frankly it’s shocking a big company like showtime isn’t able get a simple app working and provide basic streaming service after all these years. Pathetic.
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1 year ago, S Rthur
I like the Showtime app
I pay for full cable. One night I forgot to tape The Walking Dead so I tried to watch it On Demand the same night but the AMC app tried to make me watch 48 commercials before the intro even came on. From that point forward I decided to cancel ,y cable and watch shows off of torrents rather than paying for cable and saying that I had to pay for streaming in addition
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12 months ago, ItsKenzyy
Logging Me Out
Not only am I experiencing this issue, but I’ve also seen many other complaints, some as far back as 4 years!! All with the developer, saying they hear us and that they are sorry that we are experiencing the same issue, of having to constantly reactivate a device due to automatically logging you out, yet in at least 4 years nothing has changed! I have to reactivate my devise sometimes multiple times a day, and honestly because it can be so frustrating I end up not really using the app like I do with other services. SHOWTIME I think it’s time that you FINALLY fix this issue!! Please!
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2 years ago, becksticles
Can’t get through one episode
I can’t get through a single episode of any show without the app going into a cycle of replaying the same 10 seconds over and over and over. I have to skip ahead in order to keep watching but it keeps happening. Then the sound will eventually go out and then I will get an error message along the lines of “Lost Connection” or “Network Error.” I quit out of the app and go back to the show I was watching and stare at black screen that won’t play. I have had to give up on so many episodes that still will not play even days after. Terrible.
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