Shroomify - Mushroom ID USA

4.7 (1.8K)
97.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Simon Grogan
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shroomify - Mushroom ID USA

4.68 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Garspan
Shroomify can be your buddy!
This is not a “point, shoot, and here’s your answer” app. I’m delighted to have found Shroomify. The devil is in the details as with many things. In this case, misidentification that can lay you low. Shroomify requires careful examination of physical dimensions, features of the stem, to characteristics of the underside of the cap! Knowing this, along with other distinguishing traits, not only helps with the name of the one in question but teaches the user to be observant when identifying the next mushroom. Clear indications of ones considered edible/desirable versus the ones that are poisonous, even deadly, sets a proper tone. Because of slight variations between the good, the bad, and the ugly, Shroomify stresses getting final confirmation from an expert before loading up your spaghetti sauce with a killer!
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2 years ago, kuiters
Best app ever download NOW!! 🍄🍄🍄
This is the best app ever since the apps that you scan require an iOS update or 13, Whatever old phones can’t do that and can’t have those apps so you can’t identify mushrooms this one you can! And you can even learn more in this app than those other ones and completely ad-free and even if you don’t have the premium you can still learn so much! I love this app when I got it this is my favorite app! Please download this app you will not regret it!🍄Stay healthy and don’t eat poison mushrooms!🍄 :) (and creater, don’t let anyone make you feel bad,i know how that feels and it does not feel good so be nice and stay healthy thank you for making this app. :)🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄
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4 years ago, Nat7477
Good not Perfect but what is?
I can tell this one is by genuine people and it doesn’t try and clobber you with expensive subscriptions. It didn’t get my Boletus perfectly but it was close enough to help me narrow it down. I like the multiple options and the fact it said edible or not edible. I appreciated knowing the Devils Boletus isn’t in my area. I used to mushroom hunt in Czechia as a child and the same ones grow here in NJ so I want to eat them again. Never eat anything if you aren’t sure especially if it has gills. Keep activated charcoal in the house for any mistakes or food poisoning as it can save lives. I also think picture ID is hard - as mushrooms are identified by characteristics best. That’s why I liked that this asked a number of questions about each fungi. Doing it just by pictures could be dangerous so I used this along with a common ID app. I LOVED that it has which ones are available in which month and location which the Chinese subscription apps won’t have as they weren’t created by people with experience. Would also love if they did a state by state most common but I know that’s a lot of work. Download!
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2 years ago, Jess3116
Really good digital guidebook!
I’ve carried a lot of physical mushroom books/pamphlets with me when exploring, but now most often default to this app on my phone. It’s super easy to use and has so much information that’s easily accessed at one time! I love that you can filter it by your region as well, and it also provides info about common lookalikes. Depending on the type of mushroom, the articles written in this app have even more detail and factoids than books I’ve used in the past, as well as other mushroom ID apps! I do wish it had a feature for photo identification, but I can just pair it with a different app or past experience for that.
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2 years ago, Jeannea707
Complete beginner and I love this app
I love this app especially the common mushroom of the mouth section. I know very little about mushrooms but love to walk the trails in PNW frequently. I don’t pick any mushrooms (not brave enough) but I love to check the app after I walked to see what common mushrooms I can actually remembered. Recently, I found myself on my walk saying “I remember that one from My mushroom app!” Love this app and share it with anyone I know who is interested in mushrooms. Thank you for creating it and creating it well/simple. -Forever a newbie in the mushroom 🍄 world
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4 years ago, ♦️♠️Gambit♣️❤️
Good reference with obvious holes
I like the fact that there are links to references. I like the presence of multiple photos. The app located your area and gives you an immediate listing of mushrooms to be most often encountered in your area for the particular month you are in. Decent identification guide with similar species listed. Links for these similars with photos should readily available. I always type in Amanita thiersii for specific identification on these apps and when nothing comes up that is a huge red flag for me and should be for others interested in foraging. The parasol will inevitably be investigated by users of any mushroom identification app and all look alike should be thoroughly outlined and referenced. I hope my four dollar donation will help in the correction of this obvious issue.
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2 years ago, Marley Hope
Love the categories
This app is a great addition to any foragers resource list. It differs from others that snap a pic and take a guess. This one will tell you identifying details, links to other expert sites and categorizes the fungi into edible/toxic as well as peak times for locations and season for most harvest. When foraging for edible mushrooms it’s important to cross reference your sites and this is in my top 3 for in the woods info! Oh.. the opening sketch is also beautiful
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5 months ago, Jacob Leafwing
“When in doubt, throw it out!”
Missing some Northeastern mushrooms of the USA, some that are toxic and can be mistaken for an edible that is not found within the app. I advise any users to use the app with caution, and the developers to find and add more mushrooms, especially any recent. A book I have called, “Mushrooms of the Northeast,” by Teresa Marrone and Walt Sturgeon show many mushrooms, including some that are not in the app. I also want to advise any beginner foragers to talk to an expert one on one. These apps can make mistakes and if in doubt, throw it out!
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2 weeks ago, hayguay
My favorite ID app!
This is a must have for anyone curious about fungi. Easy to use, even for a beginner. As a teacher, I love how it helps guide detailed observations! One thing to possibly improve - adding the ability to select multiple options (i.e. brown & orange color cap) to show species with either or both characteristics (rather than just choosing “don’t know” to get slightly more specific results?)
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2 years ago, dominus :D
Mushoom Shenanigans!
Overall, I like the app because I live where mushrooms are common. But, it'd be nice if the app had a free camera identification. The app is well-made, accurate, and has helped me identify mushrooms. Even helped me identify turkey tail, but one more problem. I’ve found some orange mushrooms (all the same) and the app doesn't seem to know what it is. But really, this is a good indentifier.
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2 years ago, Nathaniel777
Good but needs improvement
Not worth paying for the $4 upgrade. It only adds a few pics that are barely any more helpful than the free amount. I’d like to be able to zoom, I’d like more pics, and I’d like to search by region. There needs to be a way to look at a region map that the community can update so users can share common locations of discovered shrooms (this could be a paid feature)
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2 months ago, Callsignraven
I love it so far
I haven’t had a chance to actually go out and forage yet, but I adore the information on this app. It shows the poisonous mushrooms, the edible ones, which ones are in or out of season, where they are commonly found, AND it has foraging tips. So I am already in love with this app. It makes me feel almost ready to go out and forage
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3 years ago, Roosterduckbunny
This app doesn't require in-app purchases like most other identification apps. I recently joined a foraging group and was having trouble identifying mushrooms or keeping up with the lingo, but this app has helped me and educated me so much! The app is organized and efficient, I believe even the smallest of children would understand how to navigate the system.
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10 months ago, holly_bean_
Fun, easy to navigate, and educational!!
Love this app. The questions it asks you about mushrooms are so specific that the results I get seem very accurate in general. Whoever made this app knows what they’re doing with mushrooms, and whoever designed it has lovely taste. Sometimes I just hop on and read about mushrooms (an AWESOME additional feature) for fun. Love it
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3 years ago, A F'n N
The App is Set for UK and I am in US..
And there is no way to change the location setting. No app icon shows up in my Settings and there is no option to change location on the App. My phone is set to not track location. But even turning location back on, it still shows for the UK. So, I deleted it. I am using an iPhone SE. Maybe it doesn't work properly with the more limited phone options that affords? Either way, even using the identification feature limits the options to what grows in the UK. So this is not useful at all to me.
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3 years ago, AnnMC.
I love to hike when the weather allows, and this app is a MUST. It’s always nice to be able to learn more about the things that grow in your area, and this is by far the best app I have found for it. There’s literally nothing wrong with it in my opinion, all I’d want is a bigger database. Download it for fun, and your curiosity will grow from here.
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3 years ago, plucknut
Great app
I like this app for three reasons: 1) It gives you geographical and season specific information which makes identification so much easier. 2) The layout makes finding info very easy 3) The largest plus is no intrusive adds that reduce the functionality of the app.
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3 years ago, leafstang
Provide Enough pictures and information for hunting mushrooms
This is exactly what I needed for helping hunting mushrooms, and with fair cost. I hunting mushroom weekly, and this app provides all the information of edible mushrooms for me to make a decision with one time fair payment! Not crazy periodic payment like some other apps.
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3 years ago, dinamoaly
This is an amazing app. I am a novice at foraging but I see so many different kinds of mushroom where I now live and I have always been curious which ones are edible. This app has helped me to stay away from the potentially poisonous mushrooms and Reade arch and learn about the potentially edible ones!! 5+ stars from me!!
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3 years ago, Frog mailman
A great app for foragers!
If you’re curious about a mushroom you found or like to forage, this app is great! There are many steps in the identification that are simple and easy. My only criticism is that you need to pay money to see a second photo of any shroom, which is annoying but understandable.
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2 years ago, SjCouillon
Forager’s Bestie!!
I like to say that any day I’m using this app is a really good day! Definitely worth it to get the paid version with all of the extra photos and information. Really helpful app that gives me confidence to conclusively identify mushrooms. I recommend it to all of my foraging friends!
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11 months ago, tdsdh
Great app but one very annoying thing…
Once i leave home page to look at anything in menu, there’s no way to get out of that part of menu and back to home page. I have to close the app and reopen it every time. Ipad pro.
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3 years ago, jjr9373
I never leave reviews but I absolutely love this app! It’s very well organized and quite informative. It’s also quite visually appealing. I am an intermediate mushroom forager and I love that it has more of some less common mushrooms. This is a excellent app for quick reference out in the forest.
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1 year ago, 8))7&’nd
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I first got this app I love mushrooms and so I thought it would help me find me the motions in the wild. My grandma has the words in the backyard so so that’s what I found good mushrooms and I love it so much this is why I love mushrooms in this is a good app for people that like it to.
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10 months ago, TooQuickToBuy
Just loaded the app and found there to be only one image per species (and an offer to upgrade for more pictures @$3.99). I upgraded it and was disappointed to find that most species gained only one additional image (though some got two). I hope the app is good but my expectations are low - usually when the “Offer” turns out to be misleading things don’t turn out well….
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3 years ago, Rdunn47
Open my eyes
I have found this app to be very interesting. It’s allowed me to consider other mushroom species I’ve never tried before and opened my eyes to a great many new mushrooms I previously overlooked. I like the way it is formatted.
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1 year ago, jsc53know
Just downloaded
So far I like what I’m seeing in this app. I’ve try two dozen other; which I deleted each within an hour of use. Thx for your app work…
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3 years ago, Wronglebowski1986
I want to buy premium but it won’t let me
Great app. I would like to buy the premium version for the cost of a cup of coffee but nothing happens when I click on it.
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2 years ago, yxngflow
Overall great app
Easy to use, accurate, and functional app. I purchased the premium upgrade since it was such a great price and wanted to support the developer.
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9 months ago, mslisamc
What just happened?
Love the app and have been using it for years…. However quite dismayed that I swiped over to see if there were any additional photos and automatically got signed up for premium with a payment of 3.99$. I don’t think this is fair practice and quite Unfortunate. No longer will I rave about this app.
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10 months ago, Spotted Cort
Very few species!
I appreciate that this is based on a keying system, rather than trying to ID mushrooms automatically from photos. However, it contains VERY few species. I just tried it on three of the most common species I’ve been finding this summer and it only had one of them. (Had Baorangia bicolor, did not have Suillus spraguei or Harrya chromapes.)
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3 years ago, HAHAHA Im lonley
Amazing though could use some improvement
I love this app but would love it if you don't need premium to see more than one picture.
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3 years ago, m n str
Loving this! So much lighter to carry than a book!
I recently bought three mushroom books. This app has more practicality than all three books. I’m loving it!
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10 months ago, CVG2.0
Love it!
This app is very easy to navigate with tons of info, I check with it first when checking out the safety, edibility, etc. of mushrooms I run across.
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11 months ago, Rigby47
Vastly prefer to AI apps! Actually asks questions to narrow your search based on observational data. Information provided is also among the best I’ve seen in an app.
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5 months ago, aslazer
Great app
The information is great, pictures and links to quality sources and the price can’t beat it.
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2 years ago, fibromyalgia kills
Not bad
It’s got the basic down if I had to change anything it would be having lists by location but otherwise pretty good
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2 years ago, Me2Trixie
One of my favorite foraging apps! I love how it tells you what may be common, by the month. Great helpful pictures for IDing, as well as written descriptions.
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3 years ago, bigmouth10
So far it’s good.
Just beginning to use the app. The information seems very complete. The photos help a lot!
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2 years ago, mushroom/fungi
Amazing App
I go hiking in the forest and saw many mushrooms. I wanted to know what they were so I downloaded this app. It is very accurate and I know if it is dangerous or not.
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4 years ago, Sarin Satanas
Fantastic App
This is a true field guide! Full of SUCH great information including seasonality, environment, edibility, toxicity, or psychoactive effects. Lists similar species and defining features including spore print to facilitate positive ID. Don’t go hiking without it!
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8 months ago, Greatvalleygal
Great photos and descriptions.
How handy to have this app to identify the mushrooms on my forest hike. Love the photos and describe data. Like a field book on my phone!
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3 months ago, Jonny W. Johnson
Fast and full of information
This app is super useful in documenting what types of mushrooms are in your geographical area as well as their fruiting seasons. Love it
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1 year ago, Stormtroopersofdeath
Great tool to add to your kit
Helps you narrow things down and get closer to a species when you’re unsure where to start.
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8 months ago, cookiemaster999
The only reason I didn’t add the last star is because you can’t scan mushrooms with your camera to identify them
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10 months ago, Sensei Wayne
Helpful app
I find this app very useful hen I am hiking. I have not eaten any of the mushrooms thatI have found, but I do like to know what they are and IF they are edible.
Show more
1 year ago, LucasBradley01
Best Approach for Mushroom Identification
The other apps try to use ml with pictures, but it just doesn’t work. This is the best approach. Love this app!
Show more
2 years ago, Lovefrasl6942
I already paid for the premium now it’s trying to charge me again
I’m being charged for something I already paid for
Show more
3 years ago, Faunce
Good stuff
Went to Idaho on vacation and wanted to identify a mushroom growing in the airB&B lawn we were staying at. This app did the job. I felt like an elementary level mushroom forager.
Show more
4 years ago, andrewbernard122
I’m new to shroom hunting so I would really love if this app had the ability to tell me what mushrooms grow in my location.
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