Signing Savvy Member App

3.5 (30)
18 MB
Age rating
Current version
Signing Savvy, LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Signing Savvy Member App

3.5 out of 5
30 Ratings
4 years ago, djdkdkkddk
Good app but infuriating GUI
Signing Savvy. I am begging you to remove the "Logout" button from right above the search bar. I look up a lot of signs and I sign myself out accidentally at least 5 times a day. Why is that even there?! Why isn't it stored deep in the app settings like literally every other app? You don't need to log out every time you close the app.
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11 months ago, Yidkid
Bad App
I used to be a member. Then, after getting busy with work, I stopped. Recently I became a member again. It has been a nightmare. I certainly would not recommend it. Problems: It tells me my password does not work. I must send a “forgotten password” request. Then, I can click on it and it opens the site via the email. Sometimes it will tell me I am signed in and sometimes it makes me reset it. Upon resetting it, I attempt to sign into the app, only to be told….the app doesn’t recognize my password or my email as a member. So, in order to use the app, I must jump through a bunch of hoops to do so. No other apps cause me this much grief. I purchased a 3 year membership and now feel very conned. I have no idea what is going on and I contacted them and was told to take out special characters from my password (in other words, well….you know, make your login less security to actually use our app). I even attempted to do that, though I thought it ludicrous. Still, I can’t sign in. I don’t know if my refund will be granted (though I can’t be refunded for the time dealing with this) but at any rate, warning others of my experience might save other people from my frustration.
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7 months ago, noname2771
Buggy and Useless
I paid for a 3-year subscription to Signing Savvy just so I could use this app on my phone and iPad. It is slow (takes forever to log me in each time I open it) and the search function freezes all the time! I get half a word typed, it brings up a list of “results” (which is just a fingerspelling of the partial word I got to type), and then will not bring up th actual entry when I’ve finished typing the word. I then have to close and reopen the app, wait for it to log me in again…and every third or fourth time (if I’m lucky), it actually works. What a waste! I want my money back.
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3 years ago, amlamot
So helpful
I love this app I do it every day I’m trying to learn because my brother is deaf but for the love of God ad a slow-mo feature or something they go way to fast sometimes and I like being able to see the whole person and how to be expressive and all but I can’t see there hands very well all of the time and they move them so fast because they’re pros so I can’t replicate…and that’s the most important part!
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5 months ago, ASL Fleur
Excellent app and website
This is a great ASL site, especially when you're looking for a sign. Often a word will have several different signs depending on what part of the country you live in, and Signing Savvy will show many or all of those signs. It's user-friendly. Much of it is free to use, but I find it to be worth paying for.
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5 years ago, Signing for Jesus
It even says “Member” in the title. Just saying.
I don’t mind having to pay because I understand apps take work to program etc etc. CONS: Although mine freezes up after a bit it usually don’t have an issue after resetting my iPad. I wish they would have some examples of sentences for the words. This would help sometimes when the definition doesn’t. PROs: Love being able to make lists. I sign the songs at church and this has been amazing to be able to make a list with the words in one place. I like that the video plays on a loop. I have used a website before that didn’t do this and this has been a been help when I need to practice a lot.
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11 years ago, Jeremy_LeBlanc
I love the website, but the app should be accessible to all people who want I learn sign language. I am learning sign language myself, and love the website. But I am a registered guests. So the app does not apply to me. I would be very grateful if the people who made the app would open the app to all people, but have special benefits to registered guests such as myself, and full members. I hope this changes things about your point of view. Thank you, Jeremy (learning beginner sign language)
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5 years ago, Wnodatgirl
Does not open on iPad!
I’ve been a fan of Signing Savvy for years. Was so excited to be able to use it in my iPad, as I’ve begun interpreting in church. With so much symbolism & allegories in religion, thought this would be the ticket to help me out in a pinch. So disappointed in the lack of technology, that your site seems to have issues with mobility inaccessible. What is the point of PAYING for a service which CANNOT DELIVER !
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2 years ago, SWARGRL
Great app No support
I love this app we use it as a lifeline for our son, but we had a failed login and reset the password and now we cannot login… which means we can only communicate in a limited way to our son bc we can’t remember all the words on his lists and variation! This is horrible and we need technical support and there is none!
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2 years ago, Basil206
Great app!
I got a free account through my library and it’s been a really cool resource to have with my asl knowledge from my class!
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2 years ago, Babygirl_FL
Login issue
Why I cannot sign in. Tried to rest password. Stating network not operating at this time? This app use to be free if used normally. You have the option to purchase 3 months, 6 months 1 year or 3 years. What happened to the free use?
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3 years ago,
Great app
We love the app and membership! Any updates would be greatly appreciated (watch, widgets)!
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4 years ago, unnagirl
65 years old and losing my hearing
I want to be a member and savvy how do I go about doing it
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2 years ago, g augustus diorio
Nice app works well
Been very helpful for me
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9 months ago, Tippy4787
Account creating
I want to learn how to sign, in this app it doesn’t allow for full functionality. How do one sign up/login to create an account?
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3 years ago, Kid Deaf
This app are worthless.
Where is our freedom dictionary? Unless you pay for member to access this app tho by savvy’s website.
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4 years ago, Gabby M 23
The best
It’s a great recommendation from my teacher
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6 years ago, MirandaD06
2-year member
I like signing savvy enough that after more than two years I am still a paying member. Our world was expanded when our youngest daughter was born and has a ton of different medical complexities. One of them has caused us to learn and speak sign language within the home. Signing savvy has made it very easy and convenient to look up new signs and study. I love that I can make my own word lists because I like to make word list categories for different activities, ie: camping, birthday parties, library, etc. and add in words that fit that category. I then study those lists (if needed) before those activities, to ensure she is getting that input, input, input. Only problems I have is there are some words that are missing and word lists do not hold your place. Other than that I love the app.
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12 years ago, Grandad of deaf toddler
Great Learning Tool
I am the Grandparent and guardian of a deaf 3 year old. We have used some of the free and pay "baby sign" apps, but to move beyond just words, to learn syntax, to learn phrases and more complex concepts (things like "time to go to Church" or "grandpa is going to work") one needs training. Membership in Signing Savy- which unlocks all the features of the app- has been a great resource for me. I work full-time (and then some) so my wife can stay home with our grandson during the day and so his parents can go to school full time and raise their son when not studying. I don't have the luxury of "time" to learn ASL in a traditional teaching format. This app has provided me a tool I can use to learn at my pace in my way at my schedule. If you want something to just learn the alphabet or a few simple words like "eat," "more," or "diaper" there may be other apps for you. If you are wanting to learn to interpret or "communicate" in ASL, this is an excellent place to start. I highly recommend this app AND a membership that fits your budget or situation. This is a great way to learn.
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11 years ago, Laura_paulson
My go-to ASL app
This is my favorite ASL app. I especially like the additional information that is included with the sign videos, such as the memory aids for tips on how to remember the sign, "as in" descriptions for when there are multiple signs for a word, depending on its meaning, sign variations (ex. ASL, Signed English), and sign synonyms to view other words that use the same sign. I also like the Word of the Day and that you can create your own word/phrase lists. Although a Full Membership is required to access most of the features in the app, it is well worth it!
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7 years ago, Gettininshape
Great App
This is a great app to use for looking up signs and sign variations for ASL class. Very easy to use and I love the member features for word lists, ASL sentence, English sentence, word bank. Sign of the day is super helpful too in practicing the sign in a sentence. My one suggestion for making word lists is to be able to easily move signs around and add a new sign anywhere in the list easily.
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9 years ago, Jayperdu
Wish it were better
I signed up as a member, I love all the helpful material such as the sign description, memory aide, example sentences, alternate signs, searching...and I think it is good quality signs. I have two concerns: 1. Landscape mode: I use my iPad sometimes and I like to switch between ASL videos and signing savvy while I'm learning but I can't because landscape mode is not supported. 2. Browsing doesn't remember my place in the list: I like to scroll down the list learning all the signs to increase my signing vocabulary but when I click on back from a word it takes me back to the start of the list and it's so much faster if I could switch to the next word somehow. If these two things are fixed, I will rate this app 5 stars.
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7 years ago, IzzyGirl<3
Great Resource
I’ve use this app for years. It’s wonderful for people who are visual and need an actual video instead of just pictures. However the new upgrade does not allow auto correct. It’s exceedingly frustrating to type on such a small keyboard every letter exactly correct. Time-consuming & slow going.
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13 years ago, Palomino_Princess
Just got this app!
I'm so happy to have this for my iPhone :-) I use the internet site to study and learn new words all the time. It's so great to have it with me on my phone. I can now have my "Word Lists" that I've made - on hand to study. Thanks for making this app!!! Haven't used it alot yet, since I just downloaded it, but so far - so good.
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11 years ago, Super Signs!
Great App for anyone who is learning or uses sign!
This is an amazing App for anyone who uses sign language. When you become a member for less than 50 bucks a year, you get the App free and can have access to many features from you smart phone or tablet! What a great resource!
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12 years ago, Backgrounds Luver
Really Good...If
It's really a great tool for learning ASL. It is a bit expensive but totally worth it. And also if I have questions about Deaf culture or how to sign sentences etc. I can email the company and they will email me back with a personalized reply! I only wish the had didn't need wifi!
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8 years ago, Gary W Deal
This is an amazing app that helps those that PAY to use sign savvy online. This is not a free app and too many people have reviewed this app falsely. If you are a cheapskate looking for a free app this is not for you. If you are serious about learning signs and PAY for your material this is a great app
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11 years ago, soph6ie
It was really disappointing to find out that you had to have the full membership to use the app. The website is great, even for registered guests its pretty cool, but the fact that you have to pay to use the app is a bit too much.
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7 years ago, B.L.F.P.
Update please!!!!!!!!!
The last update was in 2014- please update this app so that it will work with the current iPhone running system, otherwise I will have to delete the app, and that would be a sad day! I love this app!!!!
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11 years ago, KadenLadenFaden
Not At All Satisfied.
This is only a good app if you're a member, and membership is expensive. I already know a lot of ASL, but stopped practicing and now I forget most. I downloaded this just to look up a few words every now and then, and it said as a visitor or registered guest it would allow me to do so, but it had lied cuz the only screen I could access was " the sign of the day." I was very annoyed, so I have deleted this app and downloaded a different one.
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13 years ago, spinwall
Signing savvy app
Love it, love it, love it. It's almost perfect. Question: how do I add to or delete from my words list? Will the program ever be able to recognize me as a member without my having to signing in? Signing Savvy Dorothy
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6 years ago, TanneryHills
Awesome app!! But can be frustrating.
I love this app! But...could you please make the Arrow, to turn go to the next flash card, larger?! If you miss it, you have to start all over :( or move it up for on the iPhone screen? Thanks!!
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9 years ago, Mathnerd1994
I like the Signing Savvy website, so I looked up the app. To my disappointment, I realized you have to be a paying member to use the dumb! If you don't want to pay anything, become a registered guest on the site so you can have a bit more available to you. Not very happy that this app is not available to anyone.
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11 years ago, Avsafety
Great for members
Worth the few dollars every year for membership. Great ASL signs also English signs also variants. I appreciate signing savvy putting their website Into this app. It works well on an iPhone five.
Show more
8 years ago, percabeth4ever1995
It's really awesome! Besides when I search lost and it takes a few minutes to load it's awesome! I'll give 5 stars when this is fixed!!
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11 years ago, pensvet
Needs some work
Good app but still needs some work. Does not offer all the features of the PC website and the app freezes after 30 to 40 minutes of use, have to reboot my iPad to get it to work again
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6 years ago, Priapizm;)
Downloaded tried to sign in with my account and it says you have to have a paid account. This is fine but now no matter if I close the app or anything it only takes you to the login screen. So no longer even to see just the daily sign. Sad but trying to log in blocks you from using it
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11 years ago, Media and App Consumer
Great website and great app
I have been a Signing Savvy website member for years. While the website works on the iPad, I like the streamlined interface of the app.
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7 years ago, Moterjkl
App Update
My iOS says this app won't work with future iOS updates. Developer, please Update this App. My daughter and I use this App to learn new signings. Thanks.
Show more
13 years ago, daughtermommy
It s the best to understand what u learn the word of sign if u don't know the word, try to use right spelling it will tell u where it's right list for u to look for the sign.. Neat.
Show more
8 years ago, Asdfghjklcw
Learn a New Sign Every Day
I like the fact that this app includes both the English and the ASL translation, a description, and a memory aid.
Show more
12 years ago, Quizikin
Requires paid subscription
This app requires you to buy a subscription to their website, there are better apps on the app store that do the same as this, for a lot less, not worth the money
Show more
7 years ago, My ASL
Love this app
I love the new features and the example of a sentence in English and ASL glossed sentence. I’ve been a member for over five years and just love it.
Show more
12 years ago, SoinzePorazo
If you're a member, it's great
Too bad registered guests and unregistered people can't use this.
Show more
8 years ago, Dogs.on.ur.block
Let guess use it!
I love this website and app! Only I can't use the app because I have to be a "full member". It's. It my fault I'm 13, don't have money, and want to learn asl. I think you should change that.
Show more
11 years ago, Ben Simanek
Heads up
Ok this app is really good i learned a lot but you have to be a member just a tip!! Have fun!!!!😀
Show more
8 years ago, veganshani
Don't get this app unless you wanna pay
Just use their website. Why create an app if you have to pay a huge amount of money. I would have bought the app for 8 bucks but a monthly fee? Nah.
Show more
8 years ago, LextheGeek
Great app except that the last update was 2 years ago! iOS even indicates that it needs an update because it slows down the OS in its current form.
Show more
13 years ago, EclecticSinger
Same sign of the day
I've had this about a week and it's been the same sign of the day since.
Show more
12 years ago, Deafsigner
Not a good site
This website was created as a copy site. They are not original nor are they Deaf. Don't trust their site or teachings. Use a good site that has credibility. These guys need to get a new day job. Not worth the download.
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