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User Reviews for

4.61 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
1 year ago, DanDUce!#@*()!(
Great news but there’s one thing
I love your guys stories but there’s a bug on the mobile app. You can’t scroll through multiple photos in an article without it closing and bringing you to the beginning of the the set of pictures. It’s especially inconvenient when there’s 10+ photos. Thanks everyone
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3 months ago, Matt (rollinover)
Where to start?
The app is buggy. It freezes often. When you receive a notification of a story, it often takes you to another story. The news seems to lean far left, and not balanced. Also, the stories seem to push the agenda of friends and companies who pay the paper off by posting fictional stories. Lots of errors, that go up without proofreading. Comment section unavailable. Most Story notifications require payment for the app(the stories come up free with a quick Google). Lots of spam ads. Repetitive headlines- best pizza- best donuts- best way to get fat etc. Beginner news outfit app with clickbait galore.
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6 years ago, Bill dubovsky
Very buggy
When it works, it’s great! We have had a great deal of issues with getting into the app and keeping it working. Just updated yesterday and now I can’t get into my Digital Advance subscription and there doesn’t seem to be anyone I get help from - very frustrating!
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4 years ago, maryellen437
Improvements needed
Your iPhone app frequently freezes, making your site useless. I have a brand new phone and latest app version. Secondly, without the comments section, your site is frustrating to me. There are way too many inaccuracies that I’m not able to comment on. And there is no point in reading your editorials and letters to the editor if I cannot comment. Your exclusive articles are ridiculous. I will never pay without the ability to comment on articles when I can do that almost everywhere else for free.
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5 years ago, lisaleli
Fantastic paper
They bring you top news and great stories time and time again. Great hometown news.
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5 years ago, Pepper0927
Good Young Journalists
Sometimes, I read stories that show these journalists are trying to make a difference with their well-honed skills. I would like to see the editors give their journalists assignments that will benefit the community because that’s when their talents shine. When the journalists are assigned to write inane stories, their justifiable lack of passion comes through.
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4 years ago, Uncle weatherbee
Very Poor Upgrade
New upgrade of ap is a big downgrade. Lead to stories not presented as well as older version with picture and headline below. Despite developers stating you can adjust font, there is no font adjustment, at least not on my iPad iOS operating system. So type is extremely small and barely readable. Hope these issues are addressed soon as a pleasurable and informative website is now little more than useless.
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2 years ago, Eltmore
Garbage App and App worker Notifier
The only person that spams Notification 3-7 times everyday in ONE week. No Giant company does that. Weird how there was Zero notifications the 2 days I had the app downloaded. Not sure if the person is trying their very best to get a RAISE. Must be toxic working field to go hyper gas lighting like a narcissist on notification Be careful. There is a abusive 9-5 person trying hard for raise
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4 years ago, Arsiny
Worst media app
The app is awful when I get a notification and tap it there’s a 50/50 chance it will open. Or you want to share an article and there’s no share icon on it. I have to close the app reopen find the article and try to resend. Frustrating. Tell your tech people to look into it. Been going on for awhile. Just happened to me now so I decided to write review.
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5 years ago, TampaGirl57
Hometown paper
Grew up reading the paper. So now living in Florida I still like to keep up with the hometown news
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6 months ago, sorry4ever
Thank you
I’m glad that you’ve updated the app.
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5 years ago, Artie$
The app
This app is really great to keep u up on things going on while your away from S.I
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4 years ago, jen0623
What happened to this awesome app ? I do not like it anymore and my friends all feel the same way. We click on a articles posted and suddenly your asking for money why??? And we can’t open articles anymore to read them . I may tell all my friends to delete unhappy very
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5 years ago, Nan Z
Great source of information for current events on Staten Island
Great source of information for current events on Staten Island.
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5 years ago, Jimmy Brisc
Down hill
What happened to the SI Advance? Local stories by real reporters. Now it’s wanna be reporters who want to be journalist. A successful dentist writes the social page? Plugs all her high society friends and gets jobs for her kids at the same paper? Something don’t seem Right with that story but it’s true. That’s why I go elsewhere for my news.
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5 years ago, Aniellio
Informative Stories
Very informative. Like Shawn & all the other reporters when they go live.
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5 years ago, Muzzy98
How long before the Advance goes under ?
What a shame . This paper use to be a must read for Staten Islanders . Now it has become so Liberal / Progressive it has been lumped in as “ Fake News “ by most Islanders ! They have turned it into a tabloid replete with adds !
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4 years ago, Blazinkid
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
This new app update is horrible please make an option where you can go back to the classic version..I also can’t save articles anymore to read at a later time and lost all my articles I had saved
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5 years ago, Joe tez
A good source of local information. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Ejb49
It’s okay
It’s good for quick news but half the time you can find the articles that come from the “pop up” notices.
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5 years ago, JulietteTurner
Always in the Know....
I’m always aware of what’s happening around the borough with SI ADVANCE NEWS!! Thanks for the coverage!
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5 years ago, dollbarb
Terrific -
Always alerts are immediately alerts in areas of Staten Island
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5 years ago, Knowing Writer
Soccer coaches
Nice coverage of Island news. Attention should be directed to grammatical issues to support the veracity of your reporting.
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4 years ago, NJBrandma
Good to be able to read about SI since I am now in NJ
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5 years ago, AnnieGraceSI
Rag paper.
Such biased “reporting’’ everything is anti-President. Try something new, try actually being ‘reporters’ and report the news. Your bias is showing. All we read about is your anti-Trump rhetoric. Start reporting facts. Your paper is used for the bottom of the bird cage.
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5 years ago, ktjb914
Sam Birowsku Sr.
This is an excellent way to get a consise and timely update on news and happenings in and around Staten Island!!!
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5 years ago, Rafi920
Great SI Coverage!
The Advance does a great job of covering all that is relevant and pertinent to the people in of Staten Island!
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3 years ago, Bluesgtr
Horrible App!!
This is probably one of the worst news apps available. Want to read a story - click on the link and wait about 30-60 seconds for the story to load - and that’s if it doesn’t eventually crash. Numerous spelling and grammar mistakes in the news stories. Don't waste your time with this ap or this paper. Giving it one star because it won’t let me give zero.
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5 years ago, Thegeneral68
Tom Wroblieski has an opinion on everything.
Someone seems to think that Wroblieski is an all knowing expert on all things. Enough with this egomaniac and his never ending opinions.
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4 years ago, wtfnickamestaken
Suddenly a Battery Killer
Background refresh turned off yet there was over 5h hours of background refreshes last night. Uninstalled .
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5 years ago, Roger from the Island
Staten Island
Excellent source of news and events on Staten Island
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5 years ago, blue eyes frankie
Frankie Blue Eyes
Updated Staten Island news all day
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5 years ago, Staten Island John
Excellent coverage of Staten Island news.
A real treasure!
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5 years ago, Charlie4927
Charlie DePrimo
SI Advance Is Tve Best !! My Son Used To Work There For 18 Years !! I Thing Tracey And Jan Also Steve Are Awesome
Show more
5 years ago, Cathy Perez
Luv the notifications
SILive is the heart of the greatest borough in New York!
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5 years ago, Meengeens
Why 3 stars
The search feature is weak.
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5 years ago, Emo of tottenville
excellent source always enjoy it
Show more
5 years ago, Redman712
App crashes
App crashes sometimes
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5 years ago, Poppop2653
It’s great keeps me on what’s happing in SI
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4 years ago, TA1384
New upgrade is a downgrade. Unusable
Terrible app. Nobody is buying the subscription. The new upgrade is such a downgrade. I stopped using it for these reasons
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3 years ago, glazzyw
Ruined this app ! Its horrible and glitchy and all subscription adds
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5 years ago, vote4me777
They are a biased newspaper
They don’t report the news. They are biased against the President and report fake news.
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13 years ago, I<3Lincoln
Good job
I like this app. It's very useful to read articles, check the classified section, sports, etc. I've never had any problems with bugs or freezing so I don't know what the other people are talking about. It's nice to have the Advance on the go.
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5 years ago, Art the saved
Not a good app
Not user friendly.
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5 years ago, ho zay
Get your facts straight
Ps love y’all
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4 years ago, -SLM
Vague and terrible use of grammar and spelling
Show more
8 years ago, 61Espo
So far so good..
I like the SI Advance app.. It seems to be working better and not crashing from the notification screen with the last update... It's a good source of news about all of Staten Island!
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9 years ago, NYS PAROLE
The app worked better before the latest update. I get crashes now. Sometimes it attempts to open but hen just closes immediately. Please fix. Crashing even more 1 star now. Can't get worse
Show more
6 years ago, kaf1227
APP Closes When Obit is Opened
When will you fix this? This has been an issue for quite sometime now. EVERY TIME I open the Obituaries and TRY to read an obit by clicking on one the app completely closes-to a black screen. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded again, yet this continues. Please fix this annoying bug.
Show more
13 years ago, HaggertyRD
Bad Form
Today I cannot exit a news story without clicking and then closing the ad. I'm sure they get paid for the clicks, but I'm not reading them, just opening them to close them so I can navigate away from the news story back to the list of articles.
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