Silverspot Cinemas

4.9 (1.7K)
75.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Silverspot Cinema
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Silverspot Cinemas

4.87 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Daniel Campaneria
Apple Pay
People should be allowed to buy tickets on the app with Apple Pay because some people don't want to use their credit cards to buy tickets but when they check if they can use Apple Pay they can’t. So I know that Apple Pay will allow your theatre to share its name
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6 years ago, Heather58585
Great app
I like the ability to see and purchase tickets in advance, still have not figured out the purchasing food in advance. Does not always show the menu options. Only item it does not appear to do is allow you to link your rewords card for SILVERSPOT to the app account so that all of your points can be in one bucket. Would be nice if in an update it gives that option under the personal details section.
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10 months ago, Artem Akimov
Rude service and bad quality in halls
- The cinema is in need of renovation. - The seats in the halls are so old that all the cracked leatherette remains in pieces on my clothes. - Not attentive staff when delivering food to the place - very often the ordered food items are not put in the order and this is repeated every time. - Absolutely not friendly staff on the ground floor - they never smile and act like I owe them something. !!!!!The only exception is the food vendors in the kitchen. Always friendly and responsible.
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3 years ago, Jellometer
App barely works
Seldom a time I use this app and don’t come across a problem which doesn’t allow me to buy tickets or add food or beverage items to my order. What’s the point of even having the app if you have no intention of actually having it work properly? It updates incredibly slow, doesn’t even show you all options on the menu and forces you to close it and open it again just to take something off the order because you’re not even allowed to review it due to an error it constantly has.
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6 years ago, GadgetGeekWare
Delivered! (REVISED for no Apple Pay support)
REVISED: No Apple Pay support (reduced to 2 stars). So while the food ordering option is very nice, the checkout experience is archaic and has a lot of friction. I will be using Fandango instead until the Apple Pay option is added. INITIAL: We just moved to Naples and I really enjoy the Silverspot experience. This app delivers on the quality you would expect. We ordered food from the app in our seats and it was delivered fast and hot. You cant beat Silverspot and innovations like this app keep it at a higher level.
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6 years ago, sonofmaug
Sometimes very slow to respond
Not sure what’s going on, but moving back via the back arrow in the upper left hand corner of the interface is frustratingly slow. It takes multiple taps (sometimes 5 or 6) to move back one section. Kind of annoying. Otherwise a great app and I look forward to Apple wallet and Apple Pay support soon!
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6 years ago, purplesandwich
great app for a great theater!
i knew Silverspot was going to be my new favorite theater just one visit in, and i always order food and tickets through this app. if i had one complaint it might be that the runtimes are mostly inaccurate, they all seem to be 2 hours long for some reason, but its whatever. love love love Silverspot!
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6 years ago, 244sugarfly
Much better than website!
The website via my desktop or iOS devices always gets stuck on the page where they’re offering gift cards. Can never get to Checkout. This app is clear and efficient.
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6 years ago, Retired CFO
Much improved
The new app is much improved over the previous one. I like the idea that you can preorder concessions and they will be delivered to your seat. Except, it didn’t work. I made sure our tickets were scanned when we entered but no food, even though prepaid, was ever delivered. Whoops. Plus, there’s no way to cancel seats or concessions within the app.
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6 years ago, gmac921
Easy to use, very convenient
Very please with the app experience so far. Makes it super easy to pay and check in to your movie. They just added food ordering from the app for my theatre and I'm looking forward to trying that next time.
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1 month ago, DaChefOne
Movie time
This is the best way to go to the movies no hassle no fuss everybody gets what they want is paid for and you can do the tip. Don’t have to take any money with you. Just your cell phone. Enjoy.
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6 years ago, Mr. 27
Missing a few things
I love that you can view movie times and purchase tickets in advance. My issue with the app is that ordering food is not easy and you can’t view the menu on the app without already having a ticket purchased. I’m a rewards member and it would be nice to see the rewards through the app so that everything you need is in one place. Definitely needs an update
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2 years ago, nadhevand s
Took my money..
This app took my money, payed with a CashApp card ( debit ) just for it to say it took the money out but yet it’s pending. Went up to the Silverspot around my place, just for the seats to be open, no money went through and I ended up having to NOT purchase my tickets again, thankfully after paying for my tickets n showing them I’ve received the tickets for free just with an email/phone number.
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7 years ago, Sluggrrr
Book in Less Than 60 Seconds
Once you set up this app, it's so easy to get the movie tickets quickly with the ticket barcodes right on your phone. It's worth coming out of the dark ages into the tech age to use this app.
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6 years ago, TypicalTemplar
Best App for movies theaters
App is so user friendly and easy to navigate. It has made buying tickets and snacks a much faster and hassle free experience. Would recommend to anyone going to a Silverspot location!
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6 years ago, C-Drizzle
Great app, but needs better seating guide
This app is super easy to use for booking tickets and using rewards points. One improvement is when on the screen for choosing seats, indicate which seats in the front row are double/love seats with the ottomans. Helps to avoid accidentally booking a shared seat with a stranger.
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5 years ago, Kndjeowdjdkelandkealabb
No Longer Functional
We are regular Silverspot movie-goers and we rely heavily on the app to get tickets and place our food order ahead of time. The last 3 times we have gone on the app, I have taken the time to place everything in my order only to get an error message and be unable to check out or reserve my tickets. Attempted to reinstall app and now I receive error messages just from attempting to sign in. Please fix!
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2 years ago, Blobyblobbloby:)
Cosmetic changes needed
App is great and we use it a lot but they NEED to change the colors indicating whether a seat is available or unavailable. The two shades of grey are far too similar and it’s hard to tell if the theater is almost all full or empty. There needs to be a more distinct color like red or blue
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5 years ago, Alexandra LA
Needs Work
Overall the app is not very user friendly and often doesn’t work. After you purchase movie tickets it is very difficult to go back and find them once you actually arrive at the movies. Many times when I try to preorder food I get error messages. I have to delete the app and redownload often to make it work.
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7 years ago, Jbhill
Works very well
Much better than the one is version. Only issue: the seats are too tiny. Thy to upgrade to allow for view expansion.
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2 years ago, JACELB
Used to love
This app used to work great! I could pre order tickets, food drinks and treats. But now I can put all those things in my cart only to have them error out. I can’t actually purchase anything on this app despite it having worked well in the last. Truly a waste of time now.
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6 years ago, Plain Jane
Very problematic
I often try to book tickets and get “error 69” which is when the amount it is charging doesn’t match the amount my card is paying by $0.02. Of course both figures are controlled by the app, and there is no way I can fix them. I wind up missing an event because the app is AWFUL. This especially happens for the opera, which sells out before I can get it fixed. Maddening.
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6 years ago, McIfty
Great App
Super easy to book and now you can add food! There is one upgrade I’d like to see conceding the front rows but other than that it’s fantastic.
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3 years ago, ATMblaze
Don’t work
I purchased my tickets off this app and ordered my food and it kept declining my card but it took the money and put almost $200 on hold because I kept trying to get the app to work. Just go to the place and order your tickets and food in advance because this don’t work.
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6 years ago, Positivizzy14
Great App for Movie Lovers
Easy to use and no wasted paper as the tickets can be scanned right on your phone.
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7 years ago, bdanker
Much improved
The app understands that I want to find a movie, at a theater, on a specific day, and navigates you right to it. Much better than other movie theater apps I've had to use.
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1 year ago, sillybilly2021
Bet theater
This is my new local movie theater spot to watch movies with my family.
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6 years ago, Needing peace
Great app to quickly purchase tickets!
Great app to quickly purchase tickets!
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6 years ago, Apple Core 1
Great movie app
Easy to use and a convenient way to insure you are able to get the seats you want. A neat way to order snacks for the show.
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6 years ago, Lazy and stupid
Actually works well
They have ironed out some bugs and now it usually works fairly well
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2 years ago, Entaum
App remains broken!
Ordering food was the one good thing about it. Now it won’t work at all and always throws an error. For tickets stick to Fandango, better experience and allows refunds.
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1 month ago, acebooncune
Great App
App is excellent to use, and the movie theater is great and clean. I love terrific Tuesdays. Affordable movies for a great price!
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6 years ago, FckSilverSpot
App Is Worthless
The app doesn’t work, I am sitting in the theater right now and I can not order food to my seat. This was the biggest waste of time of my entire life and I would recommend never giving any time to the this cinema, go somewhere else.
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1 year ago, Pele#1
Great service! Excellent staff
Great staff! Everybody is super nice from top to bottom.
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6 years ago, delta687
Good App to have!
This app works great!😃Very convenient, however I don’t like paying a service charge...😕
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6 years ago, MsZmZm
Great app !
It's super fast and easy to get tickets using the app ! Glad to see it's working so well!
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6 years ago, JRLevenson
Add Apple Wallet Support!
Please add support for Apple Wallet so movie tickets can be stored in the Apple Wallet. Allowing users to save their movie tickets to Apple Wallet makes it much easier to retrieve tickets and keep track of tickets.
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5 years ago, Johnw7486
Login fails
App requires email, not user name which is what their website uses. Frustrating, and prevents Norton ID Safe from successfully opening app. What a pain!! And why no iPhone face recognition like most new apps?
Show more
6 years ago, Bdhbnxonehejd
Best app ever!!
Can not get over how easy and amazing this app is, Love it!
Show more
6 years ago, Elspeth9
So easy
And fast, efficient.
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6 years ago, CuteEver4
Easy app
Great! Very easy to use!
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2 years ago, R.Strong
Weird App
Never allows me to login even after I reset my password. Even as a guest it doesn’t open in the theater.
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3 years ago, AnaBJorge
I bought an icee and it didn't arrive, I lost my money
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6 years ago, Nicole colleen
Rewards redemption
There’s no clear way to utilize your rewards during the check out process.
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6 years ago, Creeper Sheep
I think this app is great
Show more
2 months ago, GaryGTRS
Nice movie theatre
Nice spot for movies
Show more
3 years ago, electric scooter reviews
Perfect experience
Best movie theater ever
Show more
10 months ago, JovaB.
Love it
Love the food and adding wine hummmm yummy
Show more
5 years ago, Dammit_Dan
Bad update
Can no longer order food through the app. 👎
Show more
6 years ago, Ragozino7
Great app. Easy to use
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