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User Reviews for SimpleNursing

4.28 out of 5
897 Ratings
4 years ago, Shawn happy-go-lucky
Big Help, Need Some Work
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the content available to me on the website as well as the app. Being as though my life is spent reading small print and studying it would be a big help if this app can could be updated to fully support the new iPad Air. It will only let me view material in a portrait view and not a landscape view. The app also give me trouble when trying to expand the the videos in the portrait view to take up the full screen like the app has to think about whether or not it wants to cooperate. This app is brand spanking new and greatly appreciated so I expect some problems. Oh, one more thing, the app will also randomly log me out and take me back to my app screen on my iPad and IPhone. Everything on Simple Nursing website/app is a complete lifesaver and has become the best investment I have made while in nursing school. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND making the purchase to help you see the world of nursing in a clearer view.
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3 years ago, pink😜😁
How to Pass Nursing School with a Smile on Your Face
Y’all, if you are struggling in nursing school, you are not alone! The nurses at Simple Nursing are here to save the day. My second term of nursing school, I had pharmacology. I had NO IDEA how to study for it. One of my classmates mentioned Simple Nursing to me. I started to watch their many and extremely helpful videos for not only pharm, but for many of the other classes and concepts in school. Simple Nursing has memory techniques that will actually have you smiling while taking an exam because 1) you remember, and 2) the tip/technique was funny! I bought the subscription that would last until after I graduated to also help me with the NCLEX. They have a wealth of knowledge that is very clearly shown through their videos, their quizzes and their review sheets. I just graduated nursing school and I have these amazing people to thank! I will be utilizing them to brush up on some things as I now study for the NCLEX. I highly recommend, and good luck to all of you! Thank you again, Simple Nursing Team :)
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2 years ago, Kelley_D.
The Best!
I have ADHD, so finishing all of the assigned reading for school was nearly impossible. Mike and the SimpleNursing team make learning the content easy and stress free. The best part about SimpleNursing’s videos is that they have colorful visuals and animations that help keep you engaged and make the information easier to remember. They often include sound effects, rhyming phrases, and short mnemonics which really help aid with retention of the material. Mike speaks loudly and clearly, so these videos are also great for listening while doing another non-language based activity such as cleaning or an art project (though I do recommend actually watching each video at least once first). In addition to their excellent videos, Simple Nursing includes access to loads of useful study sheets and even more practice exam questions to help you fully master the material. With SimpleNursing, I was able to pass the NCLEX on the first try!! Thanks again :)
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3 years ago, Orozco94
Simple Nursing is worth every PENNY!
Simple nursing was the reason why I passed my NCLEX on May 2021. Simple nursing isn’t just a question bank, Michel gives actual lessons. He uses the NCLEX practice test as a source along with other sources. His lessons are extremely useful. Michael is fun, and to the point. Not only was simple nursing helpful, it was also fun. I can not speak for the question bank because since I already had Uworld before finding out about Simple nursing, I just used simple nursing for the lessons and Uworld as my question bank. (Uworld wasn’t enough for me because I needed structured lessons, which is how I found simple nursing). The only thing I would criticize is that the Pediatrics and OBGYN lessons don’t seem to be complete, but i know Simple Nursing is probably working on that. In the meantime I used Uworld for those topics. Simple nursing was worth EVERY PENNY! And more! I do not think I could have passed with out it. I am so very thankful!!
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1 year ago, WittyKittyB
I appreciate the app but…
I’m going to stick with Picmonic until the quiz bugs are fixed. I don’t think I’ve used an app with so many random bugs. Yea they usually fix them, but goodness. The quiz bank select all and video audio are currently bugging out. I’ve never felt the need to write a review about the bugs until now as I use the quiz feature quite regularly. Something I’d like to see once the bugs are fixed is an option to save the quiz criteria I’ve selected and retake it with new set questions, so that I don’t have to continually create the same quiz just to switch the questions out. Currently you can retake the quizzes using the exact same questions. Let us have the option to shuffle the question bank for previously completed quizzes at least. Oh and the scrolling that is localized on the question only is insanely annoying. A four lined question doesn’t need it’s own scroll, it just makes it more difficult to view the entire question. I don’t understand why this was implemented.
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3 years ago, Cyntory
Passed in 2 months after graduating 10 years ago
Simple nursing is amazing! I graduated 10 years ago and had no idea where to start. I'm a visual/auditory learner and found the animations to be very helpful and easy to digest. Nurse Mike kind of cherry-picks all of the important topics that you need to know from every section. I loved that because I didn't need to spend hours overloading on information that I didn't necessarily need. Nurse Mike's little sayings were also easy for me to remember. I used Simple Nursing in conjunction with Uworld and my grades skyrocketed once I started. I used Simple Nursing for about 2 months before taking my NCLEX RN. I passed in less than an hour with 75 questions. I also want to point out that I was by no means a stellar nursing student AT ALL. I really credit Simple Nursing for giving me a great foundation for content and have been recommending it to every nursing student I know.
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2 years ago, Sira1987
It has a log of amazing study guides. Has a lot of usual videos if you are a visual learner. The things I do not like about the simple nursing is the program is intended for both lVN and RN. So a lot of the questions that pop up an LVN would not be able to answer. It was information I learned in RN school and not in LVN school. The other very frustrating part is the exam prep is offered to see if you are ready to take the NCLEX, but I would say almost 1/3 of the questions are select all that apply if not more. You are also not able to see the ones you missed in exam mode. Another thing that is frustrating is when you are taking the exam it will either kick you out and you can’t see your score or it will close and you can’t see your score. As a LVN I preferred Lipoincott the point, and as a RN I prefer Kaplan over simple nursing. It definitely has a lot of great study information and great tips, but the exams themselves did not prepare me for my NCLEX like Lippincott did.
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3 years ago, Nursingstudentmom22
Must have for nursing school!
I cannot thank Simple Nursing enough for helping me get through Pharmacology and Med Surg II last semester! As a single mom who works full time while attending nursing school, I needed nursing app and website that could made the information easy to comprehend as I studied after my kids went to sleep. I was struggling to understand medications and their mechanisms of action, adverse effects, nursing considerations, and so on. The study guides and videos were life savers and grade savers for me! Simple Nursing made medications and diseases easy to understand and remember. The study guides were clear, concise, and to the point. Mike, RN, was very engaging (and funny) in presenting the material in the videos. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait to keep using Simple Nursing for my final year and then to help prepare for the NCLEX. This app is a must have for all nursing students!
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3 years ago, cindyaguilarnp
simple nursing is the best resource !!!
Simple Nursing is making my nursing school experience so much more fun and easy to understand. The way that Mike explains things is beyond fun. They have the best memory tricks. During my exams I even write down these memory tricks on my scratch paper so they actually work. It's definitely worth the money, because these concepts are critical for us to understand. The study guides they provide are seriously underrated and they're amazing for a quick review right before your test. I also love that when mike says, "don't let the NCLEX trick you" or "BIG NCLEX TIP. write this down." It really emphasizes the importance of key concepts. I've tried osmosis and picmonic and this one is the best and my favorite. THANK YOU MIKE AND SIMPLE NURSING!!!!! Nursing school doesn't have to be bland and difficult to understand so do yourself a favor and make it fun and simple :)
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3 years ago, chopin ballade
Great resource but needs improvement on the app version
I'm foreign trained nurse. I have been away from nursing for a couple years, now I'm on my way to get RN registration to practice in the States. Simplenursing has been a HUGE resource for me. I absolutely love how they make big topics into short, digestible videos. It helps me SO MUCH bc i have short attention span. Content-wise I rate it 12/10. I love the study guides as well, very visual learner friendly and compact. There're areas need improvement though. The OB and pediatrics study materials are quite old & outdated compared to other topics. Please update them. Also, the app version is not user-friendly. It crashes often, especially during quizzes. The web version is so much better.
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2 years ago, Accelerated User
Air Force Medics
I’m a medic in the Air Force studying for the NCLEX PN. Due to our job we can challenge the board to Apply for our LPN. Since we don’t have formal teachings of the material we have to look for the material ourselves. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon simple nursing because it breaks down each illness and explains the main concerns with priority interventions, signs and symptoms, causes, and more. It’s literally like having a teacher lecturing classes but way more fun. I also have a book to reference for LPN to not get confused with the interventions of RNs. But this program is great! Update: I passed my NCLEX-PN on the first try. Would also like to update that there’s no sound. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled. It still doesn’t work. I’m now in school for RN and having the app would be great to hear videos on the go.
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4 years ago, ktaylo91
Has Potential
This app has potential to be helpful for preparing for the nclex but it needs a lot of upgrades. This app might be better for someone that is still in nursing school, but not for someone preparing to take the nclex. I would not bother wasting your money buying access to the nclex content. If you need help reviewing content then purchase access to the Library content which will provide you with access to the videos, study guides, and quiz bank. The study guides were helpful. But onto the reasons why I gave this app 3 stars. The videos need to be upgraded to match the quality of the newer videos. When taking exams, the app would mark the question wrong when I answered it correctly, which isn’t helpful when trying to track your progress. Also, there needs to be a way that this app tracks what questions you complete so people are not getting repeat questions.
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2 years ago, agsndkdbsk
I passed in 76 question
Okay, now I can make a review for this app. This app helped me a lot. I used UWorld twice but didn't work, then I looked for new resources and found SimpleNursing (which I’m not confident about but I feel like I have to trust the process) plus Mark Klimek lectures and audios and it worked. There Question Bank is almost the same as the NCLEX RN exam. The UWorld gave me hard questions, harder than NCLEX but it didn't help me it just made me confused during the exam. But, with this app, everything is straight to the point and they have so many videos to watch every system of the body, different kinds of diseases/illnesses/conditions, easy-to-understand explanations, and visuals. In short, this is the best app that worked for me who gets confused easily, overthinks, and visual learner.
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3 years ago, Britteenee
Highly Recommended!! (=
I would highly recommend Simple Nursing! I honestly wish that I knew about the program setup during the start of my nursing education. I purchased the membership when I was preparing for my NCLEX and there was a lot of great content that I had just wished I reviewed as I was going through the whole program itself. I’ve come across others interested in nursing and recommend SimpleNursing to them as well. What helped me prepare for NCLEX was setting out a map/calendar to review body systems (Simple Nursing has things organized really well to go through and review) and also read a comprehensive review book! There’s A LOT of information you have to digest in nursing school and these are perfect!! Best of wishes to the future nurses out there!
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2 years ago, lrwinters
No audio on the videos.
My rating has to do with the app only. The videos play smoothly with the one exception of there being no sound. I have tried with and without headphones and my speakers work fine with other videos and music. I’ve looked online for suggestions, checked their website, and tried to find a settings menu for the app on my phone with no success. I have a 0% progress bar that I believe has to do with downloading files, but it hasn’t moved in 8 hours and isn’t interactive. So why 3 stars if I can’t use one of the primary functions? Well the quizzes are still insanely helpful, and I can still pull up the website and watch the videos through my browser. This app has great potential, it just needs a settings menu and an easier way to troubleshoot technical difficulties.
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3 years ago, crzykd4
Absolutely the best tool
I do not think I could have made it through my first year of nursing school without simple nursing. Nurse Mike makes everything just make sense. I couldn’t understand my instructors, online during Covid, but With Mike he just made it fun, and everyone in class was using his videos. (The BAM team and the SLM team, he just does things to help you remember like this) I know my class didn’t find simple nursing until the end of our first year, and we regret that. So we all plan to purchase the bundle for our last year because I honestly don’t think I would of passed my cardiac section without it. Believe me you will not go wrong with Simple Nursing. Absolutely love everything about it.
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3 years ago, Benapena
3rd Semester Nursing Student - BEST PLATFORM OUT THERE
I am now going into my 3rd semester of nursing school, and I discovered simple nursing halfway through my second semester months ago. Simple nursing is by far the best platform out there for nursing students, Mike does a phenomenal job laying out all of the key points for each of the concepts / exemplars. Also, I would like to say that simple nursing is at the top due to the quizzing platform made available, you can choose as many or as little questions, categories, exemplars, including dosage calculations, which is not covered by many people or platforms. Lastly, Mike does an amazing job of providing handouts that summarize the key information for the concepts or exemplars, which will include a definition, common symptoms, associated lab value findings, common treatments, medications, and nursing interventions for each one. I use the platform as a supplement to my program’s available information on PowerPoints and I have been able to maintain a 4.0 ever since. I plan to continue to use simple nursing throughout the rest of nursing school, and through my NCLEX exam process, you all should TOO!
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2 years ago, Foster3three
Start early
Myself as well as many of my classmates were struggling to navigate nursing school until about halfway through 2nd semester when we all finally decided to get this app. We used the study guides and videos for almost every lecture just to get to the basics of what we needed to know versus the garbage amount of info the instructors gave us. The change in instructors every semester was hard enough but simplenursing really just kept something consistent every semester. I highly recommend you use this at the very start of nursing school to really have your best shot at getting all the need to know info for your exams and most importantly your nclex.
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3 years ago, NRiv.
Worth the purchase for future nurses….
Simple nursing helped me so much retain knowledge and confidence as I am now in ny second year of nursing school in a ADN program. Study guides, videos, sample questions per subject is amazing. I wouldn’t not able to get through school without this tool. Out of all the tools we use as students this is the tool that you will use as a crutch to be a clutch student. 4/5 stars given because I have not been able to use the app on my phone their is a kink in the initial log in that prevents the connection. So I have to have desk top setting. Customer service is wonderful though.
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3 years ago, Charlottejoy_001
Held me down in nursing school
I raved about simple nursing to all my friends in nursing school. He has helped me understand complicated subjects and broke it down into simple terms. Everything he says always stuck with me during my tests. Would highly recommend for students in nursing school! I love listening to his videos when I was cleaning, driving, and in my free time. I would watch his videos before my lectures and and it always helped me follow along in class. I love that he goes over the important things and emphasizes on stuff that Are need to knows. I can 100% say he helped me pass nursing school. I will continue to rave about him to any students in nursing school! :)
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2 years ago, Janet Laguer
Passed my NCLEX with Simple Nursing
Hii I just passed my NCLEX using Simple Nursing! I used 3 previous NCLEX reviews before finding Simple Nursing and Simple Nursing was the one for me! Simple Nursing focuses on you passing your board exam by making the material you need to know for the NCLEX all in a series of animated videos. It provides helpful memory tricks to remember important high yield content and utilizes amazing visualizes and animations to help you understand the material. Also, there is a quiz hank with over 1,500+ questions to test yourself. You can review the questions using video rationales. Nurse Mike did an amazing job explaining the material while adding his charisma to make learning fun! I highly recommend it!
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3 years ago, F u l e i r o
Got my first B!
Before nursing school I had a 4.0 GPA, the first 2 semesters of nursing school I squeaked out C’s! My last week of 2nd semester I signed up for Simple Nursing and it was AMAZING! 100% worth every penny! This past semester I scored a B! I was so excited! The app makes it so easy to listen to videos while driving to and from class, and then looking through the study guides anytime I have down time at clinicals, or to look something up during study group! It took me a week or so to figure out how to navigate the app easily and once I did I loved it! Such an amazing resource for any nursing student! Thank you simple nursing for such great content that is easy to understand!
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3 years ago, APittman54
Nursing school finally makes sense!
I had been having a hard time fully understanding what I was being taught in class, especially since I was having to exclusively take classes at home during the pandemic. I needed more resources to help me, and I am so lucky to have found Simple Nursing! It took my learning experience to new levels I had only dreamed of, making hard concepts finally make sense, and making my tests seem like a breeze. I owe many of my awesome grades to Mike! If you’re looking for a solid resource, look no further. Simple Nursing has tools to help in every area of nursing school.
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2 months ago, Rio.j
Simple and amazing!
I just passed my NCLEX RN, I finished my BSN way back 2008 and it's been tough for me to remember everything. Simple Nursing made it "simple" and so easy for me to understand and remember. I used Simple Nursing every single day, at home while taking care of my kids, yes a busy mom here. They even made all the videos fun to watch and easy to remember. It's like I went to Nursing school, and for less than a year of studying just watching and listening to sir Mike everyday, I passed! Super helpful, and worth it! Highly recommended! Oh and customer service was awesome! Thank you Sir Mike, Simple Nursing, really a life changing for me.
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3 years ago, RN.22
Very helpful
Simple Nursing has helped me to excel in my classes and learn beyond the course requirements! I was really struggling on a few Medical-Surgical topics before discovering Simple Nursing. After exhausting other resources with no success, I finally got my subscription, and it was one of the best decisions I've made throughout my academic career to date! Simple Nursing has made learning hard topics so simple and easy, and I will definitely be utilizing their videos and resources until the NCLEX and probably after! I definitely recommend Simple Nursing to anyone going through nursing school or preparing for the NCLEX. I promise you won't regret it!
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3 years ago, Victoria.fior
Simple nursing is nursing how nursing school should be
I love simple nursing it breaks the material down so easy. I find it to be very helpful and clear and very direct to the point. The videos are always very easy to follow and the information is easy to absorb. I find that nurse Mike is very easy to relate to and his material is very easy to follow. In addition to he put a lot of effort into each video making sure that we understand the material that he’s talking about. You can tell that he spent a lot of time making sure that he is knowledgeable about the subject and has facts to back it up what he is saying.
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3 years ago, nickythe RN
Wish I had found this sooner.
My nursing instructors at my school were very horrible and did not teach very well. I wish that I had found this sooner. This is all I ever needed and all I ever wanted. If you pair this with a good program like Elsevier or Uworld,You will pass you’re in Nclex exam. This is probably the best app and website I have ever had. The money was well worth it. I will continue to pay monthly just because I feel like I can always use the content and refresh mymemory. This helped me pass my exit exam to get out of my school. I’m just so grateful and happy and thankful.
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2 years ago, Nico Flame
The Best Resource
I really tried every single nursing resource you can think of. Saunders, NRSNG, Cathy Parkes, Sarah RN, Lecturio, Picmonic, the list goes on and on. I remember in the begging of my third semester of school, I switched to Simple Nursing, and I was mad that I hadn’t earlier, because my grades would have been so much higher. Detailed videos, fun and interesting to watch, awesome animations, practice questions, and all easily organizable in each section. Don’t forget the study guides too!!! Seriously I have tried every resource in nursing school and nothing compares to Simple Nursing. I am a RN now because of it! Thank you Simple Nursing!
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3 years ago, BabyCint
The plug
Guys if you don’t have this app downloaded just drop out of nursing school now. Nursing school is squid games (literally) fighting for your life to pass it is so so hard and they slam you with so much material that it makes it impossible to learn all the material you need to know with the given time you have. Simple nursing breaks it down inn every way possible it doesn’t matter if you are a visual or auditory learner simple nursing breaks it down in which you can understand and see it before your eyes the videos, the study guides, EVERYTHING will be your saving grace in nursing school
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3 years ago, Josselyn Galvez
No longer struggling but passing & confident
I was truly struggling with electrolytes imbalance during medsurg 1 and I couldn’t seem to get it down, no matter how many times I read it or even talked to my tutor about it. I was able to finally get it down by watching mikes videos. Not only did I learn it but I found another video to show me how to understand and figure out ROME! Something that my teacher didn’t go over but tested me on it. I was fully prepared and this definitely helped me pass. I will be using simple nursing again once class starts again this August.
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4 years ago, Rosie_Rosie
DON’T purchase, trust me!
The only reason why i’m giving this review one star is because some of the videos were actually helpful but overall, if i could i would give them 0 stars. Don’t bother getting the “NCLEX benefits” plan, it’s pointless. The rationales aren’t accurately correct, there’s tons of mistakes with the information and to top it all off, most of the questions are copied from U-world. I would know because I also had a U-World account and would see the same exact questions with the exception of a “few words” changed to get away with the fact that they were taken from another company. Also every time I tried to take a new exam, I would see the same old recycled questions so I was basically just studying the same questions again and again. A waste of money and I completely regret purchasing from them.
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3 years ago, jaz stb
Love the app and simple nursing !!
I love simple nursing!! I subscribed while I was in nursing school and after I graduated waiting to take NCLEX. Their pharmacology videos are my favorite, it’s my weakest area, but simple nursing made it fun and very easily to understand. I love that they compared what kind of questions came up on a variety of question banks, that is a cooler approach that many nursing educational platforms lack. I would recommend simple nursing to anyone planning on starting nursing school, already in nursing school and those who graduated nursing school waiting to take their nclex. This is a great nclex study resource.
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1 year ago, brandonkewlguy
Best program
It is hard to obtain informaition that is completely new to you. If you are a auditory or visual learner, this app is for you. If you struggle with nursing school, this app works wonders! The video get the the point with the content and the study guides help you reveiw that content that was taught from either class or school. I did feel like giving becasue it was struggling bad, but until i found this app with a friend my grade did a whole flip. THANK YOU to them and school ofcourse i passed NCLEX first time with 85Q. This is useful for LPN school too. They teach RNs, but same stuff.
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3 years ago, ales Ce
Nursing School made Easy!
Simple Nursing has made Nursing School a breeze! In the world of Nursing, the amount of information that is introduced can be overwhelming. Simple Nursing has made it a lot easier to understand and retain the information and has built for me a strong knowledge foundation of Nursing. The section I used was Pharmacology. The detailed explanations on videos and study guides have made this semester a whole lot easier to understand and it has made me confident in moving onto the later semesters. I would definitely recommend this app and study guides to new nursing students! Worth the investment !!
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3 years ago, stefframlal
I love simple nursing!!
I can’t not say enough about simple nursing. I truly believe it was one of the main reasons I passed the NCLEX. I am a visual learner and their videos and study guides made all of the nursing concepts visual and easy to remember by condensing and simplifying the most important information. I am now a neuro-medical PCU nurse and I tutor nursing students online, I always recommend simple nursing to my students and many of them come back able to have high level discussions with me. Simple nursing is an awesome tool and I urge everyone to take advantage of these resources.
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3 years ago, #1DisneyChannelFan
I’m typically skeptical when it comes to these types of websites and resources, however; SimpleNursing has been such a lifesaver since I’ve started nursing school. The topics are explained in such easy ways that help me understand them better. Using SimpleNursing has helped me improve my grades tremendously. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is currently in nursing school and struggling. I’m so glad I came across this and I know this will be a great resource for me to use when it comes time for me to take the NCLEX. Thank you SimpleNursing!
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1 year ago, Its A Me Melon
Quiz Bank Bug
Simple Nursing is single-handley getting me through nursing school lol. Small bug though for me in the quiz bank section: When I try to create my quiz and I click “view more” it doesn’t show all of the options half the time. Like when I try to study Med/Surg, and want a quiz on respiratory, it doesn’t show it even when I click to view more. Hope this gets fixed, I love the app otherwise. Also to y’all asking about the audio: make sure you take your phone off silent mode or wear headphones. Audio should come through
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3 years ago, annahnguyen
Literally the best
Literally the best! As a visual learner I love seeing the video animations/whiteboard drawings and different mneumonics. I use simple nursing for all my nursing classes and they have helped me get straight A's. I only wish I discovered it sooner. Whenever a nursing student asks me for advice I just tell them "Simple Nursing." Simple nursing skims the surface of many topics and hits the high points to many topics which is why I love it so much. It truly is simple nursing. I just wish you could play at 2x speed on mobile devices like you can on the PC.
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3 years ago, Turtlegill
HIGHLY Recommend
Simple Nursing saved me during my spring semester. I’m a visual learner, in order for me to fully understand a concept I need to relate it to something or picture it visually. Simple nursing did this. Along with the videos the study guides were so helpful. The guides break down everything. When studying for my final for nursing 2, I had created a separate binder filled with study guides pertaining to the information I needed to recall. I love love love simple nursing. I recommend it to all of my nursing friends, I wish I knew about this resource sooner!!!
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3 years ago, redsoxnation78
Simple Nursing is awesome. Their videos break down complex content that helped me so much. The study guides made my life so much easier. Simple Nursing practice questions comes with a video of Nurse Mike breaking down the question and answers. Also you can do everything with this app. I can do practice questions, review study guides and watch videos. I actually listen to his videos when I’m at the grocery store, or while on break & I also play it in the car wherever I go. It’s so convenient. THIS IS A MUST BUY PEOPLE!
Show more
3 years ago, haileebro
Nurse mike is amazing!
I can genuinely always rely on simple nursing to provide me the knowledge I need in such a fun, creative, and visually appealing way! I personally am an audio and visual learner, and being in nursing school with pre-recorded lectures has taken away the “teacher” —Nurse Mike has become just that! He provides great tidbits of advice and information that will be helpful not only for exams but also for the NCLEX, hesi and notes from Kaplan reviews. All around an excellent additional resource for studying; I am always watching his videos before my exams.
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4 years ago, Hilltastic
Has potential.
This app has crashed on me several times in the two days I’ve had it. Anytime there is an ordering question, it crashes. I entered a math question correctly and it did not accept it either. On top of all that at times the app seems to lose track of the question you’re on. I noticed this while looking at the rationales and listening to the video which had absolutely NOTHING to do with maternity... I really think with all the money that nursing students dish out for access to something like this that there should be a team continuously monitoring and catching these sorts of things. Please fix this, the online material is amazing and the app could be just as great as it. It definitely needs work.
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2 years ago, carlyshepp
Sound ???
Absolutely love simplenursing this resource helps me understand the material so much better in all of my classes but when trying to plaything videos through the app there’s no sound. With or without headphones and it’s the same problem on my phone and iPad so I know it’s not my device. Also some videos are clearly newer than other because they have better graphics while older ones are slightly confusing and have whiteboards. A little frustrating, only reasons I’m not giving 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Cookie YUP
Love the cheat sheets
I do LOVE the cheat sheets offered by Simple Nursing. The videos really break down the content. I will definitely be investing more $$ when I take my NCLEX but there is not enough on here to help me with nursing school. I typed so many things into the search during my free trial and only 2 out of about 10 things I searched for came up. I figured it might be more useful for NCLEX. I will say I love how they are personally invested in those who subscribe. Right after I signed up, I received a text message that was NOT a robot and I thought that was really cool!
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1 year ago, Brandioshow
Nursing School Must Have!!!!
Nurse Mike has a way of making everything make sense and memorable! I passed nursing school and my NCLEX using my Simple Nursing membership from my first semester! He is clever, hilarious, has great visuals, and memory tricks that actually stuck with me still to this day! I found myself singing his songs in my head during my NCLEX and I passed with 75 questions. I highly recommend investing in the membership and utilizing Nurse Mike’s fun videos and study guides. He is a one of a kind and you will learn!!!!
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2 years ago, FunandFrustrating
Not as user friendly as web
Overall content is great, when you can find it that is. Can you all PLEASE for the love 🙏🏼 enable the dang search bar. It doesn’t result anything. Even content I know for a fact is there. It’s beyond frustrating having to search through every folder because you can’t remember exactly where to find something. I still can’t find one of the study guides I found online 🤯 maybe allowing for favorites would be nice as well. Or a separate folder to send things to within the app, to set aside & to print at a later date, instead of having to clutter up my device with downloads.
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3 years ago, Kitoko Lona
Flip OFF the iPhone side silent button if you have no audio
Stars updated for a quick email response!! On iPhone the side ringer silence switch silences the app audio.******** I just paid the $40 for a subscription and non of the videos have sound. The website works but not the app. I went to the help section on the website to leave a message but the website page came back as fatal error. Please reply with an email address i can report to.
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3 years ago, Jenn P 84
Total game changer for me with nursing school!
I’m in my third semester of nursing school and I didn’t find these guys until my second semester. Boy oh boy I wish I found them that first semester. I really enjoy their videos, they make learning these concepts fun and it’s really helped me to learn and retain the information. Their cheat sheets are the best!! School lectures and reading pages of the nursing books just really drained me and I often ended up confused because I’m a visual learner, but simple nursing was a total game changer for me!!
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1 year ago, emilyhsmith
Best content out there
Best content for visual learners and people who learn well with memory tricks. And the new NCLEX content is phenomenal! Best rationales of any site I have seen. You have access to the website with the app subscription, and it has even more features. if you’re going to spend money on something to help get you through nursing school and pass your boards, this is the one and only thing you need (and yes I’m speaking from personal experience)! Thank you, Mike!!!
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4 years ago, Bull lover
Content Good—>App not
Content gets 4.5 stars, great and extremely helpful(some of the older videos need redone. Has helped me on many many test. Mike does a great job of breaking it down. However the content is only as good if the app works. I have had this now for over a year. Constant issues with the videos freezing, now the sound will and won’t work. I’ve closed the app, deleted and redownloaded it and still same issues. I’ve contact there “support” several times about this same issue and never get permanent results. I paid good money, this should work. I use this app when I can’t have my computer with me to make the most of my study time. Incredibly frustrating!!!
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