Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar

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User Reviews for Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar

4.71 out of 5
282.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Billy Stumbliene
Happy so far
I decided fairly quickly to give this app a go above others to aid me in finally learning to play guitar and I’m so happy I did. I was immediately draw in: it is fun, helpful, challenging but no so much so that I want to give up. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and just got to the D chord section. I love that with almost every lesson you get a song or two to practice either a chord or strumming pattern or what have you. It has a feature where it listens to you play and offers correction and here lies the flaw: it often seems to be incorrect in its detection of whether you’re playing a chord correctly or not. This can be amazingly frustrating. But as you see I’m still giving this app 5 stars as this isn’t a deterrent for me. Other people have mentioned the cost and no it’s not cheap! I splurged on this app because I think it’ll be worth it. My gf has played guitar for years and years and she’s impressed with this app and the progress I’ve made. I even asked if she thinks I should add in person lessons at some point and she said the app seems adequate! I don’t know how many more lessons are left but I’m hoping to learn as much as I can and so far, the cost of the app is cheaper than real guitar lessons and I’m very happy and having fun as I go. Recommended.
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4 years ago, Puppy1ove2
I love to app as well but need help too!
I have tried everything to learn the guitar but I just couldn’t get passed my E,Em and Am cords! When I heard about SimplyPiano and what it did for my friends I wished that I had one for my guitar. When I saw an ad for SimplyGuitar I downloaded it immediately. I was so happy that I could play for more than ten minutes a day and that it would actually listen to me. When I got to the E cord I was excited to finally get passed the E,Em and Am cords for the first time in years, but every time I played the E it would say I was wrong when I knew I was right because that was one of the few cords I could actually play! To be honest I was kinda frustrated with myself and thought it was something I was doing wrong or I was tone deaf. I decided to go back to my other app and play E. It said I did it perfectly. I love this app and I want to continue to use it but I can’t if I can’t get passed this lesson. Other than this detail I believe this app is amazing and is the best way of learning guitar that I have tried. You really have ability to change the game for so many more people than than the people that reach out to you. You guys are really amazing at what you do and I can’t wait for you to make more apps in the future.
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1 year ago, Saanvi Rao
App cannot detect the guitar even at full volume, and the tuner is unreliable, do not use the tuner.
1. Awful at detecting the E and A strings, even at full volume. For instance, the guitar tab said to play 5th string 2nd fret, which is b. I played this and the app would not detect it forcing me to rewind to try again. This happened multiple times and I gave up to try again the next day. 2. The tuner does not work, it is completely inaccurate. I forces you to tune your guitar at one point, I just cheated for that because it would not detect the low E string properly, saying “too high”. Once you get to this point, please use a piano or keyboard and play the notes there to bypass this, it will still say too high or low but eventually it will work. luckily as a musician I have my own RELIABLE Tuner/metronome which showed my guitar was perfectly in tune. Other reviews of musicians with less experience have snapped guitar strings because of the awful tuner, please use a different tuner or reliable app. Memorize what each string sounds like so you know when you’re too high or low, then use met to fine tune it. 3. I’m playing on electric guitar, however the app thinks I’m playing acoustic. I’m using a pick but the app thinks I’m finger picking. It doesn’t teach you how to use a pick either, I don’t know if I have to change settings or what, because I already chose electric guitar in the app.
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3 years ago, "Fxmpd"!
Can’t Praise This Too Highly!!
This guitar learning app is simply amazing. I am 62 years old and re-learning to play after a 36 year break! I remember nothing. It’s like I have never played before. This app is actually fun. A very Small learning curve to get started. I am 62 not 42. 😎 but a highly responsive support team had me up and going in a very short time.(minutes) It actually has me giggling inside when after learning One simple chord it has us “jamming” along with a pre-recorded song. What a hoot!! I can see this being very motivating to kids and teenagers too but it’s fun also for senior citizens (me) Every time I do something right the app makes a fun sound and gives me a check. I’d play for hours if my fingers did not start hurting. Speaking of that…once I did not practice for several days (over my hurt fingers) and someone reached out to me to ask what was up??!!! Amazing!! I explained I am waiting to switch to nylon strings…..but in the meantime it got me to pick up and at least do 5 minutes per day…..until I get my new strings. I am only motivated to learn to play chords to a rhythm so I have a portable instrument to sing to. I play piano but it’s not very portable….even a “portable” one. 😎. Guitar is perfect for such portability. I feel confident with this learning app I’ll be able to learn to play to at least an advanced beginner level…which is my goal. Very Well Thought Out! Kudos!!
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4 months ago, Gtswanny
Great app for beginning acoustic guitar
First, I paid for the subscription and I think it was completely worth it. I have finished all the lessons in a little over 4 months. Without a doubt I am a better guitar player now than when I started. Second, I rarely experienced any of the issues most people have reported. The app was very good at detecting what chord I was playing, detecting if I played it wrong, and was very good at detecting individual notes. When it came to Barre chords, which was by far the most difficult part, it would detect I played the chord correctly even when I could not finger the cord very well. The tuner worked fine, but I have a tuner in my guitar too. There are two reasons I don’t give it 5 stars. The mechanics of the app still need a bit of work. There is no way to get to a song unless you scroll through all the lesson groups to find it. There should be an alphabetized directory of all the songs available. It is slow to load initially, and it’s just clunky in a lot of places. Finally, I have completed all the lessons and there is nothing after Barre chords even though it shows a line as if there are more lessons. I have cancelled the subscription because of that.
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1 week ago, Firstdna
The courses are basic/underdevelopment
Finished the courses in 2 months. I thought there was more to it, besides the many practice drills. I think the courses are not as progressive as they should be. Many times it was frustrating just doing the drills without knowing how I was improving. The drills have only background songs. They still need to add a lot more teaching lessons. I was enjoying learning to play the chords and strumming but it ended quick. I even had to check if I was paying premium. 10 minutes will definitely take you a life time, I played at least an hour for 4 or 5 days a week. I was invested in learning but disappointed in the program. The app is good. The visuals help a lot but I should be able to pause the screen and scroll to see the notes to practice. They don’t have pdfs to download. I should be able to skip levels and do any level I want to try. You can only advance if you finish each level. The app is not 100% accurate picking up the tune of the guitar but it is fairly good, not bad. I should not need join the Facebook community to be part of it. It should be part of the app. Unfortunately I have cancelled this membership and joined another online program that is helping me make significant progress.
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3 years ago, Rose7256482552
Causing nervousness panic and not helping at all.
I just recently started learning with this app and completed about 3-4 of your courses. Ukulele was my first instrument and I took a lot of time to practice my chords and get them to not mute. And for guitar it’s the same experience cuz I do take lessons and I’ve realized that. When I try to learn new chords I take my time to make sure all my fingers are in the right place and stuff and after 2 seconds then your app makes the chord appear red and it doesn’t count and makes me start over and then it happens over and over again. This is not very helpful for people with busy schedules, it wastes their time. For me I just try to quickly play the chord and it mutes and still appears red. Also, when you give tab lessons. I JUST tuned my guitar before play and when I played the 5th and 6th string it just DOESN’T pick it up. I’ve tried pick and thumb, yet it just doesn’t work. Simply Guitar is allowing me to progress slowly in stuff I could master faster if you come up with a better method. PLEASE fix these errors so my precious time does not have to be wasted and so other users who want to feel comforted and take their time can do so. If you are worried about idle users why don’t you just make a pop-up that says “Are you still there?”
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2 years ago, AlazyPotato
It’s fine but it’s frustrating
The app is nice! It really helps you learn chords, how to position your fingers, how to tune your guitar, and more! Thing is, there are a lot of flaws in the app, especially when it comes to receiving sounds. Sometimes when I try to tune the sound, it gives off different responses and I never know if my guitar is in tune or not! Not only that, but when strumming, it usually gets marked red and it keeps making me think I’m doing something wrong. Because of this, I try strumming louder, even if the phone is directly next to or in front of me. Because of me strumming louder, this caused blisters for me to form on my fingers, simply to just get all of the notes to blue and receive perfectly. Even I, a beginner guitarist, know that I should not be able to strum or hold my notes so hard to the point where I have blisters form all over my fingers only to get all of my notes blue. I’ve even asked my brother, a person who’s played guitar in the past, if it was normal to have blisters only for him to respond with, “No, you’ll only be causing unnecessary damage and pain to your fingers.”. Overall, the app is nice, and I’m happy I get to learn trending songs! I just hope you fix your sound system.
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1 year ago, ✨👨🏻‍🦲✨
One complaint
Hello, before I write this review i need you to know I know how to play over five instruments, all without using a simply app. And I already have a complaint about this app. When I first got the app it was amazing, I loved how they immediately taught me how to play chords, however I didn’t love the fact they rushed me into songs with little to know information. It was just 6 minutes ago I got frustrated with “Can’t help falling in love with you” because they rushed me into the song, I felt like they didn’t teach me enough about actually being able to have my fingers run through the strings and the chords faster. They had me play them but they didn’t have me play them faster or how to transition quickly. I wish they would add a quick unit before they rush you into these songs so they know you can play the chords and strings up to beat with the song. The least they could have done is given me a metronome. Other then that this app does teach pretty well and in an interesting way, but all I need is for it to slow its roll because some people are slow learners and need to take it steady.
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3 years ago, Radioactive A
Pretty good but I have a problem...
I’m a new user. I’ve wanted to learn the guitar for a while and as I was playing I felt frustrated. Granted, I’ve never played before and I’m the furthest from an expert but while playing I became frustrated with the way the lessons run. It’s effective but once I approached an outsider who already knew how to play the guitar and showed me what I was doing wrong I continued only to run into more frustration. I’ll keep going but most likely with less help from the app. I’ve taken the case off my mobile devise, placed it really close, and more that I thought I could do with random incorrect marks but while (with help of previously mentioned guide) playing the correct notes in a semi-correct way for someone who’s not comfortable yet I still got counted as incorrect. I was on time for most beats and thought I was doing fine but I’ve become frustrated with this app. Maybe try and find new ways to guide such as options based on possibilities where the player could be struggling? I’m not exactly sure but I’m sure there should be some better way to fix these issues or guiding beginners. I do like this app though, it’s gotten me into guitar and maybe I’ll continue in the future. But for now, I’m frustrated.
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3 years ago, Bahamat
Too unforgiving, relies on mic too much
This app is ok. But it’s extremely unforgiving with the tuning of the guitar. I’ve used the tuner app (which is slightly off of my clip on tuner, but whatever), and it has a very hard time considering my 6th (E) string as in tune. Playing the thickest two strings on my guitar has a lot of variance, so it doesn’t hold the note on exactly the correct frequency. When I pluck it, it starts out high and gets lower as over time. Because of this, the app simply doesn’t acknowledge when I play certain notes. It *never* recognizes when I play open strings, which is pretty annoying. This gets even worse as you play up the neck unless your intonation is PERFECT (which is nearly impossible), or you’re constantly adjusting the tuning in the middle of playing a song. I assure you, my guitar is in tune, and I’m playing the chords. This app just won’t let me progress and just play through a song. Really disappointing. This app really needs to be much more forgiving about having perfect pitch on a guitar, especially for a beginner app. I’m simply not going to buy a $15,000 guitar and have it professionally tuned and intonated before every practice session.
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4 years ago, pi'dpiper
It’s $15 and doesn’t recognize when you are playing
If this happens you will need to you, what fixed ours was deleting and adding it back. Then we had to start the process over of tuning but thankfully it wasn’t that much off. Not sure what caused the glitch but that is what we did. There are a few things I’d like to see improved. One being that you can go back to what you were learning. It doesn’t seem to want to all the time. I have to make sure all my background apps are closed before we start a lesson as well. Which that’s fine but the not being able to practice a lesson over again with ease is not awesome. Old post: So we thought this would be cool. Read some reviews and the first day it worked really well. My son went back to redo the stuff he learned and it was glitchy. I’ve shut down other tabs, made sure it was the only one open, turned off all background sounds, shutdown the phone a few times. Closed the program down, reopened, tried to go over other programs on it and still it will not pickup the sound. The guitar was tuned to the apps specifications. I’m a little miffed. This was supposed to be a nice way for him to learn. He is upset. One star for frustrations.
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3 years ago, Nerdy Old Guy
Thinking about getting this app?
If you’re thinking about getting this and are looking at the reviews to see what the people say (as I often do) then you’ll want to read this: This app has a subscription that you have to pay to get all the lessons. It will teach you: how to tune your guitar, everything you need to know about frets, and the Em chord. Afterwards you need to pay a premium subscription for any more lessons. This is not me complaining about this as it makes perfect sense, I’m just informing anyone who was thinking about downloading the app about it so they know about it. I myself will not be paying the subscription because I’m an unemployed teenager with no money to spend and I’d feel bad asking my parents to pay for it. They’d say no anyway. I am rating it four stars because the little bit I could do for free was very useful and pretty entertaining. The videos were informative and humorous, but deep belly laughs level but they made me chuckle. So I bet that the rest of the app is great but, unfortunately, I will not get to experience it. Cool app, if u have the money or are willing to pay the subscription I fully recommend it 👍
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2 years ago, kapon0
Great for beginners, still some problems though
I like this app and it really helped me out with guitar basics and techniques, but there are some problems. For starters, the sound recognition can get really annoying sometimes because you’ll be playing the chords or notes correctly but it can still say that you were wrong, such as playing an E chord and an E7 chord simultaneously, the E7 always says I’m wrong so now I have to mute my strings before each of those notes (just an example). Another problem with this app is the glitches, if you complete a lesson and you press skip too fast, the app will glitch and will act as though you haven’t done the lesson yet and you have to start all over. To be honest it wouldn’t be a big deal to me if it wasn’t for how tedious and repetitive the lessons get, which is my last but not least issue with the app. The lessons don’t even go at full speed, and you can only do full speed and even 120% for songs…in the training section??? It really doesn’t make any sense at all. And for the repetitiveness, especially for the chord lessons, it’s just unnecessary and with it not going full speed it is so draining.
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7 months ago, 12readytogo
I am rating this a four star because it will not let you finish the first stage without paying but everything else is nice it is just a bit hard to make it hear the sound of the guitar and one time I did it I had to do it ten times before it had counted it once I also had my case off like it had said to do I was as close to the phone that I could get so I am definitely taking the one star I took for those two reasons it did teach me a few things before it had tried to make me pay honestly though I wish I was able to get farther than I could and I can’t pay without my parents permission and we are trying to build our house so I can’t buy it and so I barely learned any thing at all so I was kind of annoyed also it said to get in a comfortable position while I was playing the guitar and the only way my phone could hear the guitar was if I was in an uncomfortable position and also super hard to get my hands on the string plus it was not letting me even play my first song so it is not as easy as advertised. And that is the end of my rating
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2 years ago, JackalPlays
Fine, but disappointing.
I’m currently taking a guitar class, and was hoping to use this app to keep my skills sharp for when I eventually finish said class. After finishing most of the extremely easy steps, it was time to finish the first lesson by playing this particular song that I got to pick from a list of 4. However, instead of playing the song and moving on, it wanted me to sign up for some premium subscription before I could do anything ( without the option to decline and play the song anyway.) I understand as a developer, premiums and memberships are a way to make money, and that’s important, but when that subscription prevents people from being able to learn using your app, it gives you a bad representation. All in all, if you want to charge money for people to use the app, I’d suggest you just have the app itself cost money, and allow people to continue on with the lessons without needing premium. While I would like to give a better review, as it does actually teach you some guitar skills, this barrier is a major turn off for me. Hopefully one of the devs reads this, but If not, I hope this helps someone decide whether or not to download this app.
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2 years ago, ufhfjfh hhg
Great app but the tuning app and the money they want for a member ship it out of this world
This was a very good app and I would love to give it a five star but honestly it deserves a 3 star so I got this app a few days ago and finished a course then it got to the part where I do the song and it pops up for the member ship around $120 dollars I think for 1 year!! No way to much money for a little app… now my biggest problem the tuning app! I used the tuner app the first time I got the app and it worked very well actually got it in tune nicely made it just sound beautiful oh well like 10 minutes ago I tried to make sure my guitar was in tune so it sound good when I play so… I tried the first string and it was telling me too low, too low, too high and so on so forth then ‘pop’ too my surprise my first string broke!!😡 and yes usually when something bad happens people tend too blame it on something else but if the app didn’t tell me to lie to high or whatever I would instead of writing this review I would be playing guitar.. I was having a lovely relaxing night until this happened😡😡😡😡 thank you for listening.
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2 years ago, Cards86Fan
Not as good as Simply Piano
I love Simply Piano, and have renewed my love of the instrument. Simply Guitar, however has many more intonation issues. It rarely recognizes notes played correctly on the 6th string, and frequently has issues with the 5th string as well. Since many of the songs are playing the base line, it becomes quite frustrating. I now understanding rock guitarists smashing their guitars! Seriously though, I have tried electric and acoustic guitars. I always tune before, and sometimes during the lesson, and the errors persist in the lower register. I have found a solution to one of the chord issues. When I played the same chord in rapid sequence, it didn’t register the second one. If I deaden the strings between, it helps, but really interferes with the sound I want. It is also extremely difficult in situations with quarter- and eighth-note timing. I’m sure developers are making improvements as time progresses, so I hope to revisit this review later with an improved score. Despite the issues, it is still worth the money for both programs. Also, response time is quick and courteous when asking questions.
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7 months ago, NappyNooch
Fun App But….
So I’ve been sharing the Simply Apps with my girlfriend (she uses the Simply Piano App) over the last month or so and it has been a lot of fun and brought ME back to the basics of electric guitar. The reason I haven’t given this app 4 or 5 stars is because of two simple reasons. Number one being that the audio recognition is not that great. I know I am playing the notes and chords correctly but the app has a hard time picking up on that sometimes which can be frustrating (My girlfriend has experienced the same issues using Simply Piano). Second reason is that I am currently and have been playing electric guitar. Going through the earlier lessons with an electric guitar is fine but as you progress and teach you “plucking” methods, it can be a bit difficult trying to pluck the strings while your pickups are in the way. All in all, it’s a decent app, you do learn some very basic and needed techniques but as you progress, you need to break out the acoustic and that’s if the app even recognizes the correct notes you’ve been playing for years…(again, same with Simply Piano)
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2 years ago, LexLor
Great! BUT…
This is a great app for beginners. I purchased the premium membership through a Christmas promotion and was using it consistently. I would have given it 5 stars but there are still improvements needed. For some strange reason the app has issues recognizing the 6th string and sometimes the 5th string. I have tried to trouble shoot per the directions in the app but the issue still persists. This issue makes it incredibly difficult/ pretty impossible to progress through the lessons. I am left rapidly/ frustratingly strumming the 6th string in hopes that it will be picked up by the app. I paid for the year subscription and its sad to think I may have wasted my money if I can’t progress through the lessons. Other than that the app has great potential and I can see if being the top app for guitar lessons. I just wish these issues would be addressed. On another note. I would love to see some progress report on the user profile. Perhaps a calendar to show how many days / total time practiced. It would be nice to see.
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2 years ago, miatitirhrgrest
Y’all are liars this app if great
So I knew I was getting a guitar so I need an app or something to learn how and I saw this and so like a smart person I read the reviews first then download. I saw that people were complaining about the subscription ( nothing in life is free, get over it) and I also saw people saying that the app couldn't hear them play, people are so quick to judge on an app like what if it’s your device that has the problem because I tried this on my iPhone and my iPad and the app seem to hear me just fine on both of my devices. All I have to do it purchase my subscription and that’s it, which I can afford if you can’t afford a subscription then maybe you shouldn’t have bought a guitar in the first place. So far it’s great app I have nothing to complain about just people need to make smarter decisions when purchasing apps look at the reviews before you purchase something thank you
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3 years ago, person with bad spelling
First of all it’s a good enough app if your a newbie and don’t have a experienced teacher but you made my tune my strings all wrong for more difficult songs you usually have to tune strings into different ways depending on your preferences my teacher does it much much deeper then you and yes. I already have. Gutair teacher who is much better then a app I just downloaded it it try it out I have been playing with her for more then 3 years but afte the first 2 I moved and when. Got back I almost forgot everything I could still play a lot so we basically started over I’m currently playing at book 2 and playing really good songs the best part is because of my adhd she listened to me better then. App and when. Had problems she listened and explained It to me if I missed some crucial detail it was in real time she was on a buggy zoom call and yet she showed me more in 30 minutes then this app showed me in 2 hours just get a Gutiar teacher if you don’t have the money then use this app but if you don’t have the time for one THE WHY DO YOU HAVE THE TIME TO PLAY A STUPID APP
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3 years ago, Hurrrrrrraaaaayyyyyy
Good but bad?
I selected electric guitar for me, it started out fine but soon it wasn’t registering anything I was doing no matter how hard or soft I strummed the string. I tried using a pick and then my finger, nothing. I tried re tuning it through the app, it picked that up just fine but when playing along, nothing again. I tried using the app both with and without headphones, I tried putting the phone on my lap then in my desk, I tried using an amp and not using one.... NOTHING. I can not explain the level of frustration and there are no helpful resources for troubleshooting this online that I could find. I had to switch to acoustic which was fine until I got to “using two strings at once” lesson. I’m playing just fine but the app is only picking up one string, I’m strumming both strings and it’s ringing out the way it should but the app is just failing to do its job..... on a final note I’m on iPhone 10, I turned off noise cancellation because I figured that may have been the issue but again not helpful. This is how customers are lost, you just can’t substitute a real life teacher unfortunately.
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2 years ago, AllAmerican TAMU
Well made, unavoidable flaws
This app is really well made. If you’ve read other reviews, you hear a lot about the app not reading cords correctly. While it’s true, sometimes it’s reading is off, it’s mainly because of the reverb. Your phone hears all the reverb after the note you play, and can read it as wrong. So it can be minimized by playing concise notes, and keeping your phone really close to your guitar. But this app is really well built, with well thought through courses and easy to understand videos. It makes learning interesting and let’s you enjoy the guitar even when you’re a beginner. Would highly recommend. (The only request I have for the app makers is the tuner. I had to get my own tuner because the one in the app glitched around a lot. One minute it would read the string as tuned and the next it would say it’s too high/too low. Not a big problem as it’s not too difficult to find a good tuner, but just for feedback if you want to improve the app)
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3 years ago, actress #1
I tried...
So I just recently got a guitar and I was so excited to learn how to play it. I saw an ad for simply guitar and I downloaded it. I learned a chord and tuned my guitar in just about 15 minutes! It was so great! Now i would give it more stars but then this happened... I finished one full lesson and was so proud. It took me only about 25 minutes. I tapped to continue to learn more guitar and then it said I couldn’t move on without getting a subscription. I looked how much money it was for a subscription for 3 months and it was $60?!?!!? I have an app on my phone and I have a subscription for $60 by for a year. And I got it for Christmas. Me and my mom got an account and it still wouldn’t let me move on. I am really disappointed in this app. But if you are rich and have $160 for a year than go ahead. Now if you have enough money to buy the subscription it teaches you amazingly. You get to learn fast and easy. If you don’t want to pay a billion dollars just to play the guitar then please don’t even waste your time. I am trying the app yousicion and it has been working perfectly. It is no money! I’m really disappointed in this app.😢 bye.❤️❤️
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3 years ago, dj4party2
Hi! I love this, but I’m irritated of one thing…
This is my FIRST review ever. I never thought I’d care enough to make a review, but here I am! I absolutely love(d) this app ❤️ but I’m stuck on ONE level for the past weeks or so… I’ve been playing it for DAYS, but any mistake I make, it unnecessary sends me back all the way to the beginning. When I need to play a few more notes, ONE mistake, and it sends me back 5+ notes than I need to. I’m not sure if it’s me, but I’ve been trying to get past this for so long. I eventually quit for a while, and decided to try it again, hoping it will get better, but it unfortunately didn’t. Plus, even though I’m exactly placing my fingers right, every single note is wrong. I tune it more, and it’s still wrong ;-; anyway, besides from that, I’ve been ADDICTED to this app honestly, but ever since that level I’ve been hesitating on touching my guitar again. This app deserves a lot of stars though, but I really hate when it happens, I LOVE and dislike you Simply Guitar!~
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2 years ago, Ghouls_x
Good, but a couple sad problems
The app is good overall, I figured I’d give this a try to play my sisters guitar. Just got to the last part in the first course and now I have to a pay a subscription to play the rest? I get that it’s a really really nice app and can’t just have anyone try it without something to pay for, but I mean, I was really excited to play this guitar and learn everything about it and such but I can’t. It kinda makes you realize that “Play any song straight away!” Is kinda a scam? Because some people aren’t going to pay just to learn through a guitar app that from what I have seen through a couple others reviews, is kinda buggy. I mean, taking in the fact that the app can’t really recognize the right tune on a guitar, I had to retune my whole guitar twice just to get it “right”. I was very disappointed when I saw the subscription menu to almost anything I touched. I can’t even use the rest of the app because of the subscription.
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2 years ago, pat dog.
Simply Amazing.
So I just want to say that this has taught me so so much. I bought the year unlimited access. So much more worth paying 160 for a year of practice (on your terms in your living room.) than paying that or more for one lesion in person. To the people saying they need to fix the mic bc it doesn’t pick up. I had the same problem. However, this is why they tell you to use headphones. So the mic picks up better. You are using a phone. Keep that in mind. Well, I plugged my amp in and out the phone on top of it and have had zero problems since. I suggest this. Pick a little guy up for 40 or 50 bucks. The amp won’t be too loud but your guitar will sound better and the app will pick it up perfectly. I would suggest this app to everyone. Also if you buy it you can add different profiles so others can learn too. Superb app guys. I can’t thank you enough.
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3 years ago, EllieFloki27
It’s incredible that they charge the same for this as simply piano! I looove simply piano, so I had high hopes for this app. I took the week free trial, and I was quite disappointed. First of all the chord recognition is quite poor. Sometimes it wouldn’t recognize a chord which I knew I was playing right, and other times it would recognize it when I knew I was playing the wrong chord. For some songs you were literally playing the same chord over and over and over, I would be playing it correctly, but because they were close together on the app, it didn’t recognize it so it would send me back in the song and I would have to play that chord several additional times. My poor neighbors! Also, there are not nearly as many lessons on here as simply piano, so I can’t imagine doing it for a year, which is 120$, and the 3 month is half that price! I would consider buying the 3 month if the price were more reasonable. Paying half the price for a quarter of the time. Simply put, the product is not nearly as good as simply piano, so why would you have the audacity to charge the same price?!!
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2 years ago, Azadam
Not enough content but what is there is good for beginners.
There remain issues with sound detection, especially the 1st string and the fact it will credit you notes even if you didn’t play them. It is a good app for just starting out and works best with headphones. While subscription for a year looks like a good deal, it is very likely you can finish all or most of the lessons within a month or two though that would depend on how much time you give it. The lessons are well done but can be very slow on tempo for certain things that are pretty easy. It is less expensive than in person lessons and you can do them within your allotted time. As a player of a few months I did learn some things and felt the trial was worthwhile but ultimately didn’t subscribe as I was able to finish half of the content within the week and so did not see the value in paying for multiple months on something I will finish in a few weeks.
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6 days ago, Camcam18:)
Amazing app but…
I’ve been using Simply Guitar for a bit now, and overall, it’s been a great experience. The app is super beginner-friendly, with clear, step-by-step lessons that are easy to follow. It feels like having a personal guitar teacher right in your pocket. The best part is the real-time feedback – it listens to your playing and lets you know if you’re hitting the right notes and chords, which is really helpful when you’re just starting out. However, there’s a bit of a catch. You get to enjoy about 60% of the first lessons for free, which is awesome, but once you get past that point, you have to pay to unlock the rest. It was disappointed when I realized I had to subscribe to keep going. But overall I think Simply Guitar is worth trying if you’re serious about learning to play. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for a subscription after the initial free lessons if you want to continue improving your skills. :)
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1 year ago, Anonymous 123678
Good App, Needs improvement
I really like this app, but there are a few things that are very annoying, first off when you start playing it asks if you want to join a premium membership or whatever and it seems like it’s one of those memberships you can be fine without it. But later on in the first course you have to get the membership to even continue playing, I find it really annoying that it tells you that you don’t need the membership then it turns out you do need it. I just find this really weird and aggravating. Like if you’re going to charge me just charge me, don’t mask it until I’m far into the course, it makes you want to buy the subscription because you want to finish the course. Anyway, my only other problem is that it rarely if ever registers my 5th and 6th strings when I play them and it can get really frustrating. But, despite those problems it isn’t a bad app, I learned a lot from it.
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3 years ago, madsadman
I think this app is pretty good and it helps to have $$$ if you want to learn from it however. I got through 80% of the first course and I was pumped to be able to learn my first song however as soon as I clicked on the next lesson for the song it just went to and ad about premium subscriptions. I had learned tuning and 3 frets and ONE CORD but then it wouldn’t let me go further with paying with the non existent money I have and frankly the amount is WAY too expensive I just want to get some ****** but I can’t impress nobody with my one cord I learned it is false advertising. I was expecting a premium subscription to be like different songs but NOT the whole app. Dear SimplyGuitar I hope you are ashamed that you are trying to prevent people like me from getting any women with their guitar skillz that they are relying on you to develop how would you like me to take away all your charm or your thing just attracts women/men to you if you don’t pay a monthly subscription for $75! I could just get a Netflix account with that bank but I don’t have that BANK!! I recommend changing so more people with use the app :( #bagel
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4 years ago, CheckOutside
Great app with major problems
Such a great app I truly do enjoy using it to learn. This being said, there are 2 major problems which are the fact that I can’t control the speed of the levels. I’m not a prodigy so being able to slow the pace down to practice finger movements while being able to see the notes go by without constantly failing would be so nice - either let me set the tempo to what I’m comfortable with or make a practice mode. The other issue is that the app doesn’t really know when you hit the note or not. The registration is terrible and I stopped halfway through a song to see the next 4/7 notes pop up green even tho I’m not even playing. Other times the opposite happens and the app just refuses to acknowledge my notes, either because I’m too far forward or behind because this app doesn’t let me practice finger movements. This has so much potential but I have lost my mind at some points trying to use this which makes me wonder why I’m spending 9.99 a month when instead I could get free lessons online
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2 years ago, GhostyMostly
It was ok but..
So this app was pretty helpful but sometimes I’ll be doing the right thing and it says I’m wrong or not playing it and also sometimes it says I’m playing two or three notes at once so it passes me through the course when I haven’t done it or the opposite happens and it just won’t work so I strum the whole guitar and it passes me. Lastly, the reason when I’m done with this review I will be deleting this app. I finished a course and it won’t let me do anything anymore, not even play the song the course was for because it says I have to pay for premium which I can’t spend money on apps. It would be nice if I could still do something even without premium. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope that you take this review into consideration to change a few things. I also understand because it is mobile it’s harder to pick up sounds and register them correctly but please try and change the having to pay to continue the app.
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3 years ago, jnic813
It’s ok, but the E Em cords cannot be picked up on songs, just lessons
I’m beginning the learning process on guitar. In the beginning this was a blast, I even decided to pay the full year subscription to keep going seeing that I noticed significant progress. Then the cords lesson began. During the lesson E cord registered through without a problem, then I noticed the app would hear the E string on the 3rd and 2nd fret. I’d play them anyway not to cheat myself, but then it would lag in play and skip forward registering the E cord 3 times when I’d only strum it once. Once the app would catch up (I’m on home WiFi so cell service isn’t the issue) all sounds registered perfectly. Then the song would come into play, from the very 1st note, and not making any hand/finger changes the app would say I’m playing them wrong. I would go to other sites, even call a buddy to see if if he can here if I’m playing the cords right. So I’d go back to tuning, and cord lessons. They would register, go to the song, the E cord will not register. At this point the frustration of this app is more than I want, and I’ll go it alone. It would be a great app, but it doesn’t replace face to face learning.
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2 years ago, your dad an mom
I like you but it’s one thing I wish It had this
I love simply guitar talk to really get up I highly recommend it I’m just one thing I wish I had ukulele lessons only because it says you have to have six strings I only have for him so I was really hoping if I can get some help on that but overall it’s a really good app if you are new to guitar if you’re kind a like a Vance we just want a little bit more help either way SimplyGuitar it’s really good highly recommend it to anyone but that’s just the thing is like it requires six but I don’t reallyHave a guitar that has six strings all I have is for him so I was really hoping if they could make lessons for that and if they do please show me where all because I really need to understand where it is because I really need help on that and I’m really trying to learn how to play I’m over it really good app really good app have a nice day
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3 years ago, L.R.W.T
I really like this app
I love this app. One hour of practice and I learned 4 new chords and more about finger positioning. I think it is very good and will probably pay the 9.99 a month when my free trial is done. My one problem is that it does not include the question “are you using a pick or your fingers” at the beginning. I think that would be fine for someone who has never even picked up a guitar or has never really done anything with a guitar but I did guitar lessons for about a year but than two years ago I moved and stop playing. However in the year where I actually did do guitar I learned to use a pick. I only ever use a pick and it would be really helpful if I could have had the option to say that I only use a pick so I can get tricks for how to position a pick instead of my thumb. But other than that I think this is a great app especially for anybody who is brand new to guitar or has not played in a while.
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3 years ago, inmutabilis
Simply don’t!
Ok, I should first of all mention that I have been playing guitar for about 5 years so this was more of a tool experiment, although I was looking to find maybe some practice exercises or maybe learn theory, since I used yousician when I first started playing and I did pick up quite a few things from that app (from the free trial and one month subscription later). Anyhow, using the app was frustrating from the start, the interface, the sound recognition and mainly the incredibly slow tempo they use even when you’re “playing the actual song”, I see how it can be motivating to be able to “play” a popular song or a riff from the beginning but how can you expect anyone to actually learn or get better if you don’t push them? Also the theory is very poorly explained and as far as strumming, at least, there are to courses or tools that actually help you get better at it, add that to their off tempos and in best case scenario you’ll end up playing a couple riffs with a band of turtles. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to invest their money in this app, so my advice: take the free trial and run!
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2 years ago, heh bjsbrbndnshr
Good but there needs to be a change in the songs.
I am not here to write about how the song selection is bad I am here to talk about how you play them. First the songs for tabs are way to easy you have to advance super far to get to the hard ones. So it is easy or it is way to hard. Also the easy songs when you play the tabs it does not really sound like the song. If I were to turn off the music and asked someone what song I am playing and they say oh that’s twinkle twinkle little star and I am like nope thats somebody that I used to know… so while the app is really good and it helping me a ton and with out the app I don’t think I could learn guitar. I feel like some of the songs need to actually sound like the song I am more talking about the easy to hard songs. Also add some songs that are not over played or 2000’s songs or just rock. Add some new good sounding stuff. Dirty head, Harry Styles NOT watermelon sugar.
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6 months ago, FaysterFay
Worth the money
I have been playing guitar for 13 weeks now with the app and I love it!!! It is fun, interactive, and very easy to learn from. Because they incorporate so many songs to play throughout the courses, I feel like I am actually getting somewhere instead of just playing chords or notes at random. I also have to mention how much I adore the freeze features. This company and app understands that there are some weeks or seasons in life when even the most committed players just need a break or are just too busy to practice. Because the freeze keeps my streak, I feel motivated to get back into practicing and learning. This is soooo much cheaper than in person guitar lessons and it truly is an absolute joy to use. Thank you to the creators and everyone who worked together to create this great resource for those wanting to learn how to play guitar.
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2 years ago, emmett3732079183755528
Won’t catch any frets
I just downloaded this after buying my first guitar. Everything was going great until I got 10 minutes in & started learning the frets. Every time I play the fret properly without a muted note it never catches the note being played but if I put my finger fully covering the bar it catches the tone - when it’s completely muted. I’ve tried it with & without headphones. It’s not working for me whatsoever. I’m no musician but I know the note is NOT suppose to sound like that. Even if I talk or make another noise it’ll give me the green light as if I played the note. Or when I mute the note it gives me the green light. But if I actually play the note properly it gives me a red light and forces me to go back to the beginning of the first fret practice. Can’t get past the first 10 minutes of this app. Highly disappointed ☹️
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4 months ago, LLBBean
Just want a free app
It only teaches you two chords, and then after that you have to pay just so that you can learn one song! I just don’t understand why the app only gives you two chords and then you have to pay for the rest. Why can’t it just be free? When your about to download the app it doesn’t say that you have to pay that’s why I downloaded the app but then after I went through only about 10 minutes for each chord to the song and I have to pay! It’s outrageous! I thought that you only had to pay for good song like songs that are hard and you could have the other songs free but when I went to check, it had all the songs that you had to pay for! Let me tell you I was so mad! This app wasted all my time please don’t download! The app is such a rip off don’t download you have to pay for everything after you only learn two chords for free! Thank you for taking your time and reading my review! The overall of this review comes to say, do not download the app you have to pay for everything, but only two cords are free. Just DONT DOWNLOAD the app.
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2 years ago, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Amazing app but I have some requests
This app is amazing. I downloaded after I bought my first guitar. I had no prior knowledge or experience with the guitar and I feel like I have learned pretty quickly with this app. A few things I would like to see in the future are more song options and the ability to customize the Chord Switching Trainer. I think it would be useful to be able to practice switching between any chord I wanted. I also would like more song options. I was born and raised in the South so I would love the option to learn some songs from people like Jimmy Buffett, Allan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, and some more Lynyrd Skynyrd. Some other artist I would love to see are Train and Jack Johnson. Something else that I would love to see would be some Christian songs for those who would like to play in the church band on Sundays eventually. If those things were added this would be a definite 5 stars!
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3 months ago, HandIman23
Joy tunes
This app. Is great and should get 5 stars. It is solid,need to work at this program. Any complaints are with the user, not joytunes! The program for guitar playing has taught me a lot in a short time. This system is structured and laid out to make it useable for students. New DO NOT USE THIS APP. IT IS SHORT WITH NO IDEA WHEN THERE WILL BE MORE. THIS IS ACCORDING TO SIMPLY GUITAR. SAVE YOUR MONEY GET A BETTER TEACHER. Refunds are questionable, so is simply guitar.I call them a scam,cheat,ripoff and other names. Waste of time. You pay way too much for this joke. You are better-off taking Gibson’s course. They teach you how to play completely. Their course is complete and informative, you can really learn to play and has more tools to use. You will have to apply yourself. You need to work at it’s not hard but follow their method and it works. It’s cheaper then simply guitar. No way should this course get any stars. This course is not complete and does not teach you properly . It is a waste of time and money. Your money and time. You’re better off with Gibson or Fender these are complete courses and will teach you how tow play! Good luck
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7 months ago, essrectfvygbijm
Beautiful and fun app to learn the guitar on! Except…
This app is probably the best guitar learning app out there, as it says in the title. The lessons are fun and easy for beginners, especially for my youngest daughter. She can play along with her favorite songs- and discover more! The chord library is a great refresher in case you’ve forgotten something, and the built in tuner is simple. Oh, and don’t forget the gorgeous graphics! But despite all that, there’s a pretty big problem that made us stop paying for the subscription: The app just can’t hear the lower strings on her guitar. (The E and A string.) I’m pretty sure that it isn’t the devices that can’t hear the noise, because we’ve tried it on all of our devices, and not a single one of them could register the sound. And by all of our devices, I’m talking ALL of them, except for the computers. We tried my phone, iPad, both my oldest and youngest child’s iPads and their shared phone, and my husband’s iPhone and iPad. My daughter has tried playing as loud as she can, putting the device closer to the guitar, and more. And yes, we have restarted our devices, and deleting then redownloading the app. Results? Zero. Zip. Nada. None. And for some reason, the app can hear the strings perfectly fine when we’re tuning. So despite the great lessons and all, we stopped our subscription. Maybe you can fix it in the future, so my daughter can go back to playing?
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4 years ago, boboo's family
I really loved this app. In the beginning, I really enjoyed playing with this app. It taught me so many good things and there were no ads. It was great. I learned smoke on the water, but every time I tried to play the end of smoke on the water it kept on making me redo that whole part of the song, and I wasn’t enjoying myself when I finally finished the song. Then, to my surprise, it asked me to pay so I could move on. And if you already know the basics and you want to skip to chord learning you have to go through the basics even though you already know them. It also cannot hear anything you play at all and it will make me replay a note about ten thousand times. In summary, don’t get the app if you want to learn. The people in the ads obviously already know how to play guitar, and they put inaccurate proportions of how long it took the people to learn a song. I’ve been playing for 4 hours and I just learned a “simple” song. I’m genuinely mad about this.
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5 days ago, Brandileigha
Solid three.
I really want to like this app. After 17 weeks of use, I’ve definitely learned some chords and plucking techniques, but I’m disappointed with how it skips around. By now, I thought I should be able to strum a whole song, even if it’s just a simple version. For the first 14 weeks, I was playing consistently 3 to 4 times a week, with each session lasting between 10 and 30 minutes. However, in the last three weeks, I’ve lost a lot of momentum and interest, playing only once or twice a week out of obligation. It would be much more enjoyable if I could actually fully strum some songs by now, even simple ones. With this app, I feel like I’m only getting bits and pieces. There’s a large library of songs to learn, but it mostly involves playing very simple chords without incorporating strumming rhythms or a cohesive way to play the entire song. Often, it’s just about hitting the right note on every fourth beat. They mix in some plucking techniques, but by now, I feel like I should be able to play something like ‘Sweet Caroline’ by a campfire. I think the app would be greatly improved if it offered more structured lessons that guide users to play full songs, even at a beginner level. As it stands, I feel like I’m not progressing towards playing real music, which is frustrating. I may need to find a new app that provides a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience.
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2 years ago, Brave_Phantom
Amazing BUT!
I download the app tune my guitar and started to do my first lesson and I did great it was absolutely amazing and I actually learned lots of stuff really easily. So then I went to do the last bit of my lesson and of course right before I was going to play a choir in a song they hit me with the subscription fees! I look at the prices and it was outrageous or was it? You will really learn lots of stuff and do really well but I just didn’t have the money to pay the subscription in my opinion the subscription is just way too much but you should definitely download it and try the first lesson to see how much you learned and what the fees areBecause if you have the money this is the best app for learning the guitar but for me I just can’t pay that much just so I can learn the guitar. The fees where like $169 a year or for 3 months $79
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3 years ago, badguyincorporated
Poor optimization for registering chords
So far I’m pretty new to the app but not as new to playing guitar and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this system has problems when listening to a guitar play chords because the way that it registers cords is completely unpredictable and completely inconsistent. In some instances it will not even acknowledge that I’ve played a chord, in many other cases it will just automatically fail me because it cannot pick up what is being played for whatever reason, and in some instances it will just act as if I played a chord when I was not even touching the strings. This is really immature technology I feel so I hope it does improve in the future and that they do listen to the feedback but it’s very difficult to get past the basic courses when it can’t even register your E minor chord. Very frustrating needs fixing hope it gets better otherwise it’s a waste of your money if you aren’t using the piano app as well
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