Simply Piano: Learn Piano Fast

4.7 (554.4K)
350.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Simply Piano: Learn Piano Fast

4.67 out of 5
554.4K Ratings
3 years ago, bicoastalite
I can’t say how much I love this app!
I took some piano lessons as a kid and played for a few years. But I was never excited nor did I practice much. And, honestly wasn’t very good to at playing the piano. Forward 35 years (in the midst of Covid 19), I had an intense desire to play the piano. And I had the time to learn and practice! I purchased an electric piano online and downloaded Simply Piano. I realized as I went though lessons that I was relearning everything. And they do such a nice job of keeping me engaged. I was enjoying it! So much that I started to look forward to learning new lessons, which opened up more music to practice and etc. As much as I love classical music, learning and practicing modern songs that I quite well has been really fun. I can’t wait to learn the next set. And I can’t wait to get further along in the lessons to play more complex versions. The app isn’t perfect, sometimes I get frustrated when the app dings me for playing the wrong chord or tempo- when I am sure I didn’t. And it takes forever to get through it. But at the same time I guess I am getting practice... With that said, I do miss having real time feedback from a piano teacher and hope to hire one when it’s safe to do so! But bottom line is that even though the app does have an expensive subscription fee, I think it’s absolutely worth every penny. Thanks for helping me find my passion in piano!
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1 year ago, Paypay friend
Great for beginners but needs improvement
This app is great for people who are new and willing to play piano, it gives great step by step, reminders and an amazing list of songs. The problem for me, is that I want to skip the basics because I am already in 4 years of piano so I had to go over the basics and waste 10 minutes just to unlock the songs. Also, I know that simply piano adds songs every week but right now I’m on the 7 free day trial thing so I can’t really try out the new songs, but please add an advanced section because everything is not my level, it’s too easy. I understand that this is a paid app because it easily helps beginners form their journey to become a great pianist, but other people have been reviewing bad ratings because it is paid, and they want it free - I kinda agree but it’s also kinda worth it. I don’t want to be harsh but if simply piano doesn’t add harder songs, I’ll probably delete the app so that means this company will make a bit less money because I was actually expecting more and already planning to pay for the app, but I think I might’ve changed my mind. PLEASE TRY TO ADD SONGS MORE OFTEN! Even though I do know that songs take a while to make, just even 1 new song everyday will make a change. If this updates, I will pay and give it a full rating. Please know that I am actually giving out my personal opinion and how you can make it better, and that it’s actual advice if you want to improve the app.
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1 year ago, Ashlee The Theatre Kid
This app changed my life, please read.
Oh my God, I can’t believe how much this app has changed my life. To be honest, when I just saw the ad for this app, it said that one day benefit better. After a month… After a year… And I was like, I’ll download it, but only because I know it’s not gonna work. (If that makes sense) so I downloaded it! And I thought in my head, it’s just an app it’s not gonna teach me how to play. And after one day, I had already learned piano basics! I was really surprised. And, for Christmas, I got a really great present. My mom bought the one year subscription for this app! I’ve only been playing for a week now and I already know how to sight read. You might be thinking, how did this change my life? Allow me to explain… So I take voice classes, and I do voice competitions. End of this year, I could only be in the competition if I knew how to play piano. And I could proudly say that I can play piano, things to this app. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if this app didn’t exist. I cannot explain how grateful I am for this app. It sparked a new passion in me, and now I can do so much more. To the creators, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for making this path. I just… I’m so grateful. Thank you thank you thank you! To everyone else that’s reading this… Get. This. App. Right. Now!
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2 months ago, BringBackHarryPotter
Has potential
It’s a useful app. I’ve been playing piano consistently for 7 months now partly because of this app. However sometimes it just seems like the app avoids obvious things that would make it better. All the lessons follow the same blueprint, and that blueprint goes something like this: You’ll work on one bit of the song starting with the music waiting on you. Then you’ll graduate to the second level where the sheet starts moving and you have to play it in time and everything. Once you can play it like thrice in a row with few mistakes you’ll move on to the second bit of the song. This pattern is repeated for all bits of the song. Then it will just immediately make you play the song fully. That’s what confuses me the most about this app- there’s not a single point where it focuses transitions. Another weird thing is mobility. Once you select a song, sure it will allow you select the chorus or verse or whatever, but those sub levels are divided into smaller bits which you can only go through in order. It’s really annoying when all you need to focus on is the end bit of the chorus but to get there you have to go rehearse the whole chorus just to finally get to the end bit. This is also applicable to the scales levels. I’ve already learned half of the scales on my own but the app still has to “teach” me all the scales that I’ve already learned in order to get to the others.
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2 years ago, Nice silly funny girl
I’m forgetting about getting piano lessons now!
Ok so if you are like me and have been looking for someone around your area that teaches piano but they are too overpriced or you simply just can’t find anyone who is professional enough please just stop and get this app. It’s only like $10 USD a month and teaches skills much faster than finding an expensive piano teacher who will just keep teaching you the basics for months. This is like my 5th or so day playing and I’m surprised to say I can already read sheet music very well and I’m already playing whole songs with both hands. Don’t listen to the reviews that are complaining about the fact that this costs any money at all because this is teaching things that you would usually have to pay a TON more to learn. It is incredibly cheap and works wonders. Like I said, stop waisting your time looking for piano teachers because this app will probably teach you better than a teacher could believe it or not. 100% 5 stars!! I wish I could give more!! I am so thrilled that I can finally play my piano after years of wishing I could!! I definitely see myself using this app for years instead of ever getting in person lessons!!! Never been so satisfied with an app in my life there are like no flaws!!!! :D Happy piano playing! ❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, trust me ik ik what i am doing
It was good at first but then
So one night I was playing a game and this ad shows up and it’s for simply piano so I was like you know what let me just get it because I was kind of bored and didn’t really have anything else to do I grab my keyboard piano thing out and get it set up and then I downloaded the app and it loaded and then it give me a few lessons and let me create a profile create multiple profiles what age you are I really liked that it was cool you know I really liked their lessons were like really helpful and they went slow like they actually helped me to do it but once you finish most of them like the first big lesson and then you choose a song it says that you have to pay which I just feel that is dumb because I wanted to have fun and just experiment this I have a new hobby but literally it cost money I know that’s what games are kind of for but I was really hoping that this one like didn’t have money requirements because I actually did want to play piano and like a learn how to cause I’ve always wanted to but like they just like I thought I could do it but then after I saw we had to pay I was just no so if you wanna learn somethings just just go on there do the first lesson but you’re not pay for it it’s not worth it and you shouldn’t have to pay for something an app to do this I think it was really dumb why they did this so I liked it but then I had to pay so I didn’t
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6 years ago, CoolUnicorn11
I like the app but doesn’t work sometimes..
The app is helpful and easy to understand. Which I do like, however, the app detects I’m playing a whole different key. It is hard to learn the piano on this app when it is saying you are playing a key wrong. I’ve learned a lot from this app but it is frustrating I have to play the key multiple times to move on. I’ve studied each key, to make sure it wasn’t me playing the wrong key, but it wasn’t. On the bottom of the screen it shows the keyboard, and when you play a key it shows which one you are playing, so when i play the key it wants me to play, it says I’m playing a different one. And to move on, I have to play a key that isn’t required. But on the bottom of the screen It says I’m playing the correct key. to play, I either, play the wrong key and it moves me on, or keep playing the right key over, and over, again and then it moves me on. Sometimes it doesn’t even move me on so I HAVE to play the incorrect key. So this will not help me become a better pianist by telling me the correct key is the wrong key, and the wrong key is the correct key. So I think they should fix that. But other than that it’s is a nice app. It is helpful other than the wrong key thing. It’s easy to understand which is great for young kids who want to learn by them self, like myself. But I really hope they fix that so I can give them a way better rating. If this wasn’t a problem I would give them a 5/5.
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3 years ago, linniekaye
Affordable and interactive!
Although I really don’t like all of the songs offered (because my children shouldn’t listen to some of them) I do admit this app has been really great for me personally. I was about to hire a piano teacher and found out it was $50 per session for my little family. If I would have gone through with it, would have been $1200 per year for 2 sessions per month. I came across simply piano randomly while looking for piano lessons online, and after session 1 I decided $150 was way better than $1200. Best part is that after I learn something I can practice what I learn with my children and they in turn can start their practicing on the app separately from mine. If you add up the costs this app is 100% worth it. I do wish they offered more child friendly or non lyrical songs on here. It would be nice to have a choice to learn more classical music vs modern, I’m a woman of faith so it’s hard to listen to some of that stuff. I just turn down the volume and go for it though just to get through. Hoping in the future they are able to offer different options for those who don’t like that music in their home. Modern or Classical options please! I keep reading reviews that comment everything’s expensive for subscription- please read my review again. An actual teacher costs far more!
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1 year ago, BlinKnDasH
Could’ve gotten 5 stars but
This is an excellent app to start learning the basics of piano playing and it has kept me busy and mostly happy. The choice of songs is vast, although a little too much on the newer genres and not enough on classical, but that is my personal opinion and is in no way a downside to most. Unfortunately acoustic piano sound recognition is subpar when you reach higher levels that are meant to have multiple notes at the same time and that leads to many repeated notes until the app finally recognizes which is frustrating and ugly to the ear. It’s very hard to learn music that way, and doesn’t make for a relaxing experience. The biggest pet peeve I have is that after being a paid customer for 2 years, I have noticed many benefit from “test” programs that have ran more than a year, if not 2, with no implementation to the rest of the customers. When you ask customer service, they will say it no longer exists when many screenshots on their FB page prove otherwise. Not very transparent and honest to the customer base who pays the same price and should get the same product. A printable version of their sheets would also be a bonus. There are only a very limited amount and they unlock after most course completed, but none once you complete all of their course. “Play” is nice, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to practice without using the app, especially when your iPad/tabloid is out of juice ;)
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2 years ago, Natalie dodoy
AMAZING! But one suggested.
( ◠‿◠ ) I loveeee this app. It’s amazing for all levels of piano players. I’m only 10, and I started about a year ago, but then my keyboard broke, and I got a new one for Christmas , and completely started over, now I just finished Essentials 3. But anyway, here is my suggestion, caould you make it so we can skip the reminder? I just started Intermediate 1, and I have to do left hand reminder, right hand reminder, left hand flash cards, right hand flash cards. And I JUST finished Essentials 3, and it’s so annoying when I already know all them, it is useful when you haven’t played in a week, but not if it’s five minutes after you finished the previous stage. But overall I would HIGHLY recommend getting this app, if your seven or up, I think it would be good, my little brother who is six, is struggling, but that’s not the app. I think smaller kids just don’t have the attention spand to play it. But if you have a keyboard or piano, and, well it’s COVID. So you can’t really get lessons, download this app! Though, you do have to pay money to unlock all the courses, you get to play the beginner course, and the payment isn’t really unreasonable for what the app gives. Over all, I give two thumbs up 👍 👍
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2 years ago, mj46😇
this whole thing it will tell you everything you need to know
At first you will get like a couple seconds maybe minutes of trying this app and you’ll get the first two seconds off and then you need to continue the trial not the child but like something fun to buy premium and this is kind of like normal piano lessons but online if you want to get the whole year one is $143 I think so if you’re willing to pay that much for this do it it’s all you but if you’re not willing to pay for it then don’t get it you’ll never be able to continue playing after the last part of the night the last part but the second to last part so if you want to continue doing that buy it done easy over with continue if you don’t wanna do it then you’ll just get the forest for five of the practice and then you can’t do anything else so what you need to do is delete it or buy it you can’t do both or you can’t just do it for free so I was pretty bummed out myself I am pretty young like am I tween years but if you are willing to pay a lot of money do it it’s not a lot of money if you really think about it the the first three months one not the first three months but one of them is three months you’re paying at least $25 a month for it soIt’s it’s that that’s that so if you want to do that do it Lastly look at all the other reviews before you download it I’ll tell you other things
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3 years ago, Julka shadow
This game is so stupid!😩😡
I just spent a while going through as many piano games as I could most of them said theyAre free but then they make you pay as soon as you start the game but simply piano it makes you think you can pay for this to get a premium access to a whole bunch of their stuff and then you can say you don’t want to in so it’ll start up the game like normal and then once you’re almost done with the basics it tells you you have to pay to get done with the rest of the game and it doesn’t even let you learn the rest. I feel like this game is just trying to Clickbait people into saying it’s free but you can pay if you want to and then it ends up being completely lying it makes me so mad and I kept on trying to play and my sound on my keyboard was almost turned all the way up and it kept on saying that I couldn’t pick up my sound because either the microphone wasn’t working or my keyboard was too quiet. So basically it’s a scam and it has bugs😡🤬and I’m just so glad that I didn’t have to pay for it and I deleted it before I actually got desperate. Because I’ve heard a lot of people spreading rumors saying that this takes your data and uses it for its own reasons so basically it’s taking your private information and stealing it but I’m pretty sure those things aren’t true so how about you just download the game and try it for yourself but don’t pay for it yet! Only do it if you’re 100% sure it’s worth it and there’s no other way you can learn
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4 years ago, Lia Anne
I’m Disappointed.
When I got this game I was excited, super excited, but not long after that I got really disappointed, let me explain why. So I downloaded thinking, this is awesome, I’m gonna learn how to play piano and be able to read the music. I was super pumped about it so I got on right away, when you go in they have you creat a account which was super easy and I had no trouble with it at all, though It did ask if I wanted to go premium and of course I put no because I don’t have the money to spend on an app, I mean if I had the money for the app I would just go to an actual piano lesson, not to mention the prices are pretty high, but anyway I was on the app for about 5 minutes because that’s how long the app says I should practice for, and then I was done, super easy super fun so I got off the app and went on with my day. Later that evening I wasn’t doing anything so I did it for another 5 minutes and after that I finished the first whole lesson and I was like wow I really like this app, I learned a lot and it doesn’t take forever, little did I know that after you finish the first lesson you have to go premium to do anything else and that makes me very frustrated because there are a lot of teenagers and kids and some adults who can’t afford lessons and this app might as well cost the same as an actual lesson. But I’m sure it’s great for the people that can afford it. I just think that they should say before you download that you only get one lesson.
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2 years ago, slime35464748494032 246533
Anyone who says that this is a bad game is a liar
First of all people say that you have to pay money and you don’t it’s actually free. Second of all I came into the game not knowing where middle c was i’m almost completely done with that game and to meet that’s kind of sad but like and now I can play songs by Beethoven I can play a song called fur Elise and it’s really difficult but I can do it because of simply piano it’s just the best game ever and if you want to learn how to can a duet like you have to do it. also you have to trust me on this one there are no ads no ads at all but there’s just nothing there’s no ads. OK now I’m gonna tell you what you do in the game so there’s like stages and the first stage is essentials one then Essentials 2 the essentials 3 and then after that something interesting happens you get to choose what you want to do you can learn classical music or you can learn chords to play all kinds of music I personally do classical first and I would do that because it kind of set you up and the chords can get boring quick and frustrating quick but just like take a deep breath and remember this review when you wanted to when you wanna quit anyway bye for now.
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2 years ago, Ditto3D
Dyslexic help please
Hey so I have dyslexia, and it was really really hard for me to learn how to read when I was younger and I’m experiencing the same thing with learning the piano and that’s why I never learned it when I was younger and stop taking lessons and this app has really helped in a lot of areas and it’s almost perfect but please I really really beg of you simply piano team to put in a one color line somewhere in the notes to help differentiate line 3 and five out of the others because my eyes and mind gets so so confused on where the note actually is especially now that I am in essentials 2 and there’s way more notes now if you could have that toggle feature somewhere I would really really appreciate it doesn’t have to be a drastic difference it just Has to be enough difference for my mind to not start scrambling all the lines in notes together into one and to create some contrast and if you could change it also to the finger position having the letter next to the number too if you could have that as a toggle on and off that would should be a tremendous help because I really understand where the C and D key are don’t need help anymore with that but the rest I do. would love if it could gradually disappear as I got more comfortable and made the piano 2nd nature
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5 months ago, Google Photos Nickname
Worst app ever. :(
I’ve been using Simply Piano for several years now, and I found out 3 things about it: First, it’s a whole lie about learning piano the right way, secondly, there are rude people and hackers everywhere, and third, the lessons don’t help anyone in my opinion. I used to only use Simply Piano as my piano learning, but then my parents made me take private classes with this really strict Chinese teacher named Mr. Guo. I was learning piano the complete wrong way, and Mr. Guo, thankfully, helped me finally learn it the right way. I found out that you were supposed to make your hand like a roof of a house, and actually focus on the music more than the piece. It seemed like Simply Piano’s teachings were long gone by then, because of whoever made it just wanted people to play piano the WRONG WAY. By then, I was already really mad at whoever made Simply Piano, and I was ready to delete the app. But then, I got into the same sharing as four other kids, and one of them are just rude and is a hacker. For some reason, Simply Piano lets you go into other people’s accounts and actually edit their profile and play piano in it. And, guess what? The first day sharing an app with that jerk made my streak go down. Also, the lessons are trash. They barely even help your piano skills and bring you down in your piano grade. Simply Piano is the worst app I’ve ever downloaded, and it deserves to be removed from the App Store. I’m planning on getting rid of it as well. 😠
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2 years ago, laterallongitude
This app really shines for the first third or so of its courses. After that, things really begin to take a dive in quality as they lose sight of how to actually teach and prepare you for the piano. After a certain point, they stopped caring about lessons taking time to sink in. With song after song they skip over crucial steps: they introduce a part of the song to learn and then immediately move on, leaving me with absolutely no muscle memory as to what I should do. The last three songs they’ve introduced a treble section and then just assumed that I knew the song at this point. This was fine when the songs were easy, but with a difficult piece, it’s a demoralizing disaster. One thing this app does is it has a library of sheet music, which is excellent, but their actual course has gotten so bad that the sheet music has become a far better tool for learning and improving than the supposed ‘teaching’ part of the program. And if just plain sheet music is better than your course is at teaching the piano, you’ve got a problem. They need to go back through the songs that are in the course and slow down. They need to really *teach* you the right hand portion of the song, and the left, and then put them together. Until then, this app is an exciting entrance into learning the piano, ultimately followed by a disappointing exit from it.
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2 years ago, TheCavazosFamily
Musically Challenged and LOVE this app!
The story of how this app came to be downloaded: I am not a fan of downloading apps or paying for apps, but here I am. My kids music teacher had them practicing Christmas songs to play for their recital on a keyboard that sat in my kitchen. I was amazed how fast my 7 year old and 10 year old were catching on, but me playing the piano seemed very far fetched as I never played instruments. Enter COVID. I was bored beyond belief and needed to diversify my daily activities. This app flashed as an ad on Instagram. I figured, “If they can do it, so can I” and pressed download. I have been practicing for the last 5 weeks, 4 times a week for 30 minutes (read: 1 hour…I lose track of time sitting behind the piano and while I don’t really have an hour to spare, now it’s less time scrolling IG and more time playing the piano). I somehow know how to read the notes and shockingly figured out how to play the basics. If I can do it, so can you!! My husband said it no longer sounds like I’m banging at the keys and when I’m learning songs and now they start singing along as I’m practicing. 🤯 This will be the biggest accomplishment I never set out to have, but here we are.
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4 years ago, Graceskyoo
No Regret At All (Really Great App)
Technically, I would just rated 4 stars for this app since there is always room for improvement. However, I rated it 5 stars for a very personal reason. I learned to play piano on and off throughout my childhood but gave it up during my mid teen. Thinking I will never be able to play perfectly, I even began to hate the instrument since it kept reminding me that I have no musical talent. I even tried to avoid anyone who can play like my friends and cousins (when they play). However, I have come to realise that nothing is actually stopping me from finding musical talent but myself. So now almost 28, I decided to start again through this app. I initially hesitated due to the price and that often times, subscriptions are hard to cancel. But surprisingly, I have come to love it. Now playing it almost everyday whenever I can, the house is filled with simple melodies. I don’t mind not becoming professional as long as I can play for my parents, especially my father. He has always hoped that one day, his children will touch the keys again. I recommend this to anyone who are struggling to reconcile with piano and music. Keep the app running for old iOS please!! Some of us still use old iPads. ❤️🙏🏻
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1 year ago, Veggiebandit
1 year of using app
Must have app! I Started using this app 1 year ago. I had some familiarity reading music from playing instruments during my elementary-high school days but after 20 years of no playing, I was very rusty & had never played piano before. After 1 year of using the app I am confidently playing the piano with both hands. I am not able to practice every day and very often I can only get 10-20mins in 2x/week. I know I would be even further along if I had more time but I am impressed with how much I accomplished & owe it all to Simply Piano!! It’s amazing that I can learn at my own pace and don’t need to leave my home for lessons or have someone come into my home to teach me! Theres a wide variety of songs & I enjoy the challenges that are added every so often too. The Disney & holiday challenges had such fun to play songs!! I look forward to seeing where my progress is at in another year. My 6 year old son is also learning piano from the app and can do so on his own with ease. We plan on trying to learn guitar w/the app in the future too! I Highly recommend this app for any adult or child who wants to learn or needs a refresher!!!
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4 years ago, Elisionsly
An unforgivable frustration
I really like this app. It has taught me a lot, and I think it is a great tool for learning. However, there is a major flaw that drives me insane every time i use it. No matter how quiet the room, how loud my keyboard is, or how on tempo I am, it constantly does not pick up some notes (mostly eighth notes—specifically if they are in a sequence of eighths). I’ve been playing music for a while, so I know my beats and tempos. I’ve tried everything from making sure the room is silent when I play to turning my keyboard up to the max (deafening) volume. It seems to help a little bit when my keyboard is very loud, but the problem still persists. It’s just so frustrating when I just need one more star, but I can’t get it because the app won’t pick up notes that I know I’ve played correctly. Also, I’ve noticed that some songs seem to be a little off. I understand them from a musical point of view, but it may trouble a new learner. They might not be able to hear the medley and play something different during the first few lessons. I was a little long winded, I apologize. The pros do outweigh the cons with this app—as long as you’re okay with listening to (honestly) bad singers. I’ve been able to learn a lot and it has helped me with playing with both hands. I’d give 3.75 stars. 4.5 if the note thing gets fixed.
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2 years ago, Orange Sloth Frog
Questioning This Download Just A Tad
I’m really sorry to complain, because I can understand that some things aren’t avoidable. But I guess I should jump straight in. So, I downloaded this app after seeing the ad maybe a million times. I open it and I just created an account and a profile. Not bad, right? I do an entire lesson, and I am already learning a lot. Then before I can even finish it, it offers me the subscription. I just x-ed out of it thinking that I could just continue without the full version, but no. It won’t let you do ANYTHING. This is so disappointing, because their competitors, Ultimate Guitar are already doing way better. Ultimate Guitar, which has a piano feature, is cheaper and is useable without the subscription. Additionally, the addition of a placement test might be helpful. Other than that, I have no complaints and I would like to congratulate the people at Simply Piano on a successful app, just maybe you all might want to work on making it more affordable and useable in a limited version for those of us not looking to spend $12-$20 a month on an app. (Also, this is coming from an almost 13 year old who asked her parents for this and that said “Absolutely not! That’s the most ridiculous price ever!”)
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3 years ago, ϔ
Amazing and fast to learn, but…
So I think this app is amazing for how much easier and more enjoyable it is than any other alternative that I’ve tried, and it’s been really easy for me to learn and how fast it goes though. I do have some problems I want to point out though, such as sometimes when I get introduced to something, they don’t explain it before first showing something sometimes, and it isn’t much of a problem for me at least, but it can make things more difficult sometimes. Also sometimes when I’m playing, the notes will automatically think they heard me play when in reality I didn’t, and it just skips notes and I need to skip ahead to keep playing, and it gets aggravating for me because I want to be able to do lessons on my own pace, and this bug isn’t very helpful. Idk if it’s something wrong with the calibration if I’m able to change that, or if it’s something else. Either way, this app is still very cool, and it has made me very happy to finally start learning piano again, and is also in general making my life more pleasant especially in the time I’m in school, making me feel more confident in my schooling. Over all, an amazing app, with its every day bugs that can be fixed.
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4 years ago, 🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🦖
Amazing app
So I just started playing this it’s really fine but at the same time a little bit hard but you should definitely try this app it is amazing I have it’s like a little bit ago but it was hard for me but now I’m seven and I was six when we first got it and I really love it now it’s amazing I had another one but then it start to not work so then I wanted to try this again and I’ve been playing for about 15 minutes now and I already love it so this is a very cool app you should definitely get it at first it will be a little bit frustrating but then you would actually be able to do a lot of stuff like it’s difficult and then you get used to it and then you will be able to do it so I recommend you to buy this app like it is amazing like when I first started I didn’t know how to play it but now I do so it’s really amazing is it home to me only in 15 minutes so you should deathly get this app and if you were kid reading this you should show your mom and you should deathly get it like it is amazing when I first started it was just difficult but then you’ll get used to it so you should get it this app is amazing🤪🤩
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3 months ago, im unaliving myself now
Don’t like the payment options
I think this app is great for beginners and it breaks things down nicely, but I have a problem with the payment plan options. Right now I’m on a 7 day trial but I plan on canceling before it’s up because of this. My problem is that they advertise their plans as “9.99/month,” for example, but in reality you’re paying a yearly subscription fee not a monthly subscription fee. The fact of the matter is I cannot afford to pay $200 right now on this app. It would be much more affordable for me if I could opt to do the monthly payment plan instead of yearly, even if once I feel like I can cough up $200 at once I choose to switch over to the yearly plan. I also have an issue that as an individual I’d have to pay for the family plan in order to learn guitar or singing. I don’t have anyone else who would want to learn so if I wanted to learn guitar, for example, then why would I want to buy the family plan? The app is fun though and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the basics, although personally after reading all the reviews on how it has a hard time hearing certain notes or chords I think it’s probably best to cancel after you learn how to read sheet music. Maybe that’s why the subscription plans are only yearly options…
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4 years ago, AppStoreExplorer
Extremely Unreliable
Hi, this is coming from a 13 yr-old kid who plays piano (currently learning from a teacher), trumpet, and guitar. I started playing piano when I was about 5 or 6, and tried picking it up about a year ago, first with Simply Piano. This app is definitely not worth the price. I must admit, the app’s quality is very pristine, but in terms of teaching the user about music, it is stupid. First, one major thing that is missing from this app is time signatures. In my experience (I sadly was very gullible and paid for this), the only time signature that Simply Piano seems to have is 4/4 time. If students learn piano entirely from this app without any musical knowledge and they go out in the real world of music where time signatures such as 3/4, 6/8, and 5/4 will occasionally pop up on their sheet music, they’ll be bamboozled. Second of all, key signatures. There is no key signatures, just open, and again when students read try to actually become better after Simply Piano, their gonna be dumbfounded when they try to play anything other than C•maj/A•min. They don’t teach barlines until later in the app. Also, can we talk about the ads for this app? They are absolute cringe and extremely manipulative. They try to lure in people who don’t know much about the process of learning music. My advice, don’t use it, and if you’re already learning with it, you might as well quit and actually learn from a teacher as soon as possible.
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6 months ago, Awsome Rae
😍 Love the app, but…
I love this app, highly recommended it to anyone whose considering getting it. It has sheet music, takes you step-by-step, and by the end of all the lessons you’ll be a pro! It goes from Essentials I, to Essentials II, to Essentials III, then to Lead sheet I, and so on. But there’s one thing that I would like the creators to fix. When you are on a course, like, for instance, course “lead sheet one”, you click the circle, “left hand chords”, then click, “chord reminder right hand only”, then when you done with that section, and you decide “I wanna be done with this section for now”, but it won’t let you click the arrow back to the course, it will automatically go to the next circle called “left hand chords” and then you have to wait till it starts, then click the pause button, then click the exit button, and then your out of it. So I would really like it if the creators fixed that. If y’all (the creators) don’t understand, I’ll send you a video. (If you haven’t gotten the app it’s OK if you don’t know what this means of course. I still recommend getting it.) Thanks! Ps. Also, I agree with what bicoastalite wrote! So true!
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2 years ago, puppypower7314
This is a total scam, do not download this app!
Before I even start anything, I wanted to say that I have been playing music since I was a toddler. I wanted to download a app to see if I could learn anything new and I have been seeing this app pop up everywhere. Lets start listing the bad side. This app does not let you skip ahead. When I downloaded it, I wanted to get to more advance stuff but I couldn't I had to sit threw every single lesson. About 10 minutes later, I finished my first lesson. So, I just wish that I could be able to skip ahead. Two, you have to pay money to move on. After finishing the first lesson, I was finally going to move on until I realized that I had to pay money! This is just seriously unfair because in no where do they say that it you have to pay money (I think they even said that it is free in adds)! These two reasons are what I think is wrong with the app. Now lets move onto the adds. Just to warn you, its usually not the person in the add that is playing the piano. People who play the piano can obviously see that. They are sometimes not keeping up with the tempo, or they are playing the wrong notes. So the adds that say “beginner, intermediate, professional” are pretty much all lies. Not going to lie, I want to hear how the pianist actually sound when she is actually playing. Anyway this is why you should not download this app.
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8 months ago, Best Review Writer.
Really good so far
So, I downloaded this app because after previously had learned piano but then quit after not learning much years ago, I decided to try and learn again. So, when I got this app it gave me a TON of really helpful options to help make it possible, and I do have my own keyboard at home. It told me to find middle C, and I had thought I had it right but I was one key over, and it immediately just told me which one was middle C when I played the wrong one, it listens to you play the keys and tells you if it’s right or wrong. It also gives you practice playing actual songs, and gives you practice just playing the keys with no time limit and just learning them. I think this app has been extremely helpful to me so far. And one more detail, so far, ZERO ads, and it’s 100% free for as long as you’d like. Another plus is that it also has family accounts and profiles so that multiple people can use one account with different profiles so that it’s at your own level. So, if you’re looking for a good app to help you learn or even re-learn piano, then get this one. ITS AMAZING!!!!
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3 years ago, spunkiesteffie
Great but can be frustrating
I have enjoying using this to learn to play piano, and it has greatly healed, but as someone who has musical experience this app creates an major issue for me. As I am playing the practice pieces and the notes will also play of what I am to play, they are always a beat behind when I am supposed to play. This creates a major challenge when trying to learn something new as you are now having to not only focus on the positions/notes/rhythms being taught, but you are also having to use part of your focus to try and ignore the same melody you are trying to play being played a beat behind you. For me this is causing me to constantly mess up as I keep trying to play with the beat playing which puts me behind in my tempo, or it causes me to completely mess up a portion because i am trying to play what I see while hearing a different melody playing which ends up confusing me. It’s not bad once you know and understand what you are playing, but as a beginner piano player, this is very challenging and honestly becomes very frustrating when I keep messing up simple parts because I am hearing what I should be playing also playing in my ear a beat behind.
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3 years ago, javeryh
Fun but raging
So I chose the blue path, and when I was trying to play somewhere over the rainbow, it legit wouldn’t show the notes and when I tried again it somehow thought I needed to play the 16 steps again before playing the song. Developers, if you read this, please respond and PROMISE me you’ll make it so if you’ve already completed the steps and are on the song and you exit or it glitches, you don’t have to go through complicated and long steps. I JUST WANTED TO MOVE ON, ITS NOT THAT HARD, THANKS FOR NOTHING. Besides from that, I recommend you Simply Piano. It gives you a very confident boost and a very good start. Even if your just doing Simply Piano for fun, and you don’t want to learn anything, you are. I’m up to F position, I take piano lessons, but none as good as virtual lessons. Well, technically, I do have virtual lessons because of the big fad sickness, COVID-19, but I mean not talking to anyone or being corrected to harshly or having homework. Oh, the homework is a bonus. Well, in my opinion I have homework from an APP, but that’s just me. And if you want homework from Simply Piano, try everyday at 3:30 reading sheet music. Anyhow, very good confident start, and I hope you respond to my raging. This is getting pretty long so imma end it here. But listen to me.
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3 years ago, ijustsingintheshower
I hate it
Find all the notes it is and even make you the song the truth it doesn’t even let you play it just shows you the notes and then you have to pay like $15 a month maybe more maybe more than 15 maybe 25 I do not recommend it it’s super bad maybe just let me play one song but anyways please do not download this ever all these babies must be fake or they’re probably the developers who made it a download it along time ago when I said basically learned it only help me find the notes it just told me how to get this free trial and then I didn’t want to so then I just kept on playing and acting it out but then it charged me after I got all the notes done also that’s why you should go to Piano Academy it doesn’t charge you just click X on the free trial and then you will be playing piano playing so much so I even lived with my left hand I know where all the notes are located I don’t already know how to play sheet music without cutting any money so I think you guys should download Piano Academy and please do not come sing to me you’re sorry no blah blah blah 👎 go to Piano Academy you don’t need to pay anything if you want a free trial on there can you please do not take it on Piano Academy and he will be playing with both hands it’s amazing piano academy but instead of simply piano you just have to pay so yeah play Piano Academy thank you for reading this
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2 years ago, hsbxygdbxksgrbcbndhfbbcmx
My daughter just spent a while trying to figure out how to play simply piano and then she finally figured it out she got through the first lesson and then premium membership came upand her dad was like don’t get that that spends money and then she said OK then she came told me. I said I would write a bad review because it’s not fair that all these kids and parents and teenagers that want to learn how to play the piano they want a good app for it how to spend money I mean some people can’t even afford it and it’s just too expensive people can spend a while trying to find a good piano teacher when they could just be using simply piano but those who can’t afford I can’t even learn how to play because I mean simply piano it’s just the same amount that any regular piano teacher it is and so it’s not fair and then she deleted it the other day and then she just said that I’m getting a new game I said OK probably better off than having simply piano then she got this Encanto game and I’m not even gonna mention about that but so we got like 45 or 46 commercials for simply piano and then she just laying on the floor and crying so simply piano what a shame of you what a shame it is not fair at all to have people have to spend money have to see a bunch of stupid commercials and have to have so many Bad days just because the simply piano😡😡😡
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2 years ago, airport airport airport
Well one day I just download simple simply piano and I didn’t have a piano yet but I am going to take your lesson so I wanted to practice but then I wanted to do face screen and it literally just put me in Piano again every single time I tried again and again and again and again and again but nothing would you the press the thing so it’s always say sorry you cannot play it on you need to get the face and I was like I am on the face thing I don’t have a piano so then I didn’t know how to deal with so then I just rest we’re doing things with my mouth I was like dirt dirt dirt dirt and it didn’t work I said like why would I even have this app if it won’t work I tried to delete it and say maybe this might work better because I just had this too much so I just deleted it and made it like refresh and I pressed I do not have a piano and it I press the keyboard I don’t have a keyboard and I said no but it still said oh sorry it says you are I want to compressing the keyboard you can’t play this you have to get a big screen so what’s going on with it I am definitely deleting us so I think you need to make an adjustment for her to stop doing that because it always happens to me and also a glitch so yeah I really want you to fix this because I really want to traceable piano with the thing please and thank you if any of you can reply to me
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5 years ago, Yingqian (jasmine) Jiang
PLS READ Perfect at first, now Regret
I have seen thousands of ads about this app and I decided to try this for myself when I got it I immediately fell in love with it . it was everything I expected and a better . It was perfection . But then I started learning chords on the piano . It taught me well but when I played it on the piano it kept saying I was wrong, even when I was playing it correctly . All 3 or 4 keys at the same time with the same amount of force and at the right keys and position. It even shows me where on the piano I'm supposed to play the chords . But no it kept saying I was wrong and it wouldn't let me move on . And when I was actually wrong it said I was right . this mainly happens when I'm using both my left and right hand to play chords . If I'm playing the right cords with my right hand but the wrong key with my left hand then it says I'm right . Now I purposely played the wrong chords to see if it says I'm right and it did . We payed a YEAR trial for this app and I have already sent a message about a month ago and never got an reply . I haven't been playing for longer than a month now, and I'm PAYING for this . If you can't fix this then at least give me my money back . Thank you .
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4 months ago, Tam5121
How good this game is
It’s a 10 out of 10 game I don’t know how to trend any better if you have it might cost money but I am if you have the money I’m definitely recommend this because it’s so fun and it’s so easy to learn piano. You can do guitar you can do singing and so much stuff I need to know where to begin but I I love it I’ve always loved it. I just don’t know how to explain it but if you want to game that teaches you how to play instrument and if you’ve been running an instrument like that you can do it it’s like so easy whenever I start learning piano home I really do not know how to be hard for me but with this app it makes it better 1000 times better no way I could learn the piano. I am actually writing my own song on the piano and I played other songs and I love the piano. It is just 1000 out of 10. I mean sentence I don’t kno. I am how do you explain this I’m sorry I keep on saying this, but it’s just so awesome, so awesome I am really good at piano know I think you should get it if you don’t want it because the money is a little pricey for this, but I mean, it is fantastic!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Squeekie23
So fun - lots of Christmas music
I honestly can’t believe I can play piano with two hands now. I’m nearly done with essentials 3 and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned. I really love being able to read and play regular sheet music (it’s included within the app), which was always my goal. My only hesitation on recommending this app to everyone are some of the music choices. I’m not religious but there are a lot of Christian songs to work through, carols especially. I don’t mind them, as I know them well and that makes them easier for me to learn, but if you’re not Christian or don’t know carols at all it might be a barrier to you. One more note, the further I get in the course the more I’m wanting a keyboard to plug into (I’m using a real piano). I feel like sometimes it can’t “hear” the notes when I’m playing 4 at a time for example. This is something that Simply Piano acknowledges but I feel like I got quite far without one. As for the expense, my whole family is using it and we’re now playing lots of sheet music. Other sites have sheet music for about $5-6 a song. I think for all of us using it and getting sheet music it’s a great deal.
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4 years ago, xX_WolfyPlayz_xX
Good but why do you have to pay?
The simply piano app is good, but why do you have to pay? I know that sounds like a dumb question but why? I don’t know why you have to pay to learn piano. For example you want to learn piano but you just can’t effort it every month or you just don’t know how to pay it. Like, if you just want to learn piano you can just make it free. It’s just that I think it’s better to make it free so more people can learn piano without paying. But, what I do like about simply piano is at the start, when you download the app you get this guide and then you start learning piano but, when your done doing the piano stuff or the touch screen piano you get this guide about you can pay or get a free trial but, I just don’t get why. Like, if you want to learn piano and you do all the piano stuff and you feel like your ready to move on but you don’t want to pay or have your credit car information on the app. If you don’t want to pay or have your credit card information on the app you can’t learn piano and your just stuck there repeating the same stuff that you learned on Simply piano. I don’t get why you have to pay. But, that’s why I don’t think you should pay just to learn piano. But, if you don’t agree with me I understand.
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3 years ago, natoinal champs
100% recommend you download!!
This app actually helps kids/teenagers/adults learn how to play piano. At first I hadn’t known whether this was a good choice but within the first day I had known how to read mild music. It’s offers are unbelievable and completely awesome. I also completely love how after long breaks have been taken it gives you the option to back track. After about a month of a little break as I was busy I had decided to check SimplyPiano again and play for a little while. I had picked up everything as if I hadn’t stopped. SimplyPiano helped so much with the process. I played for so long tonight, I was addicted it’s so awesome. SimplyPiano not only teaches how to read music but offers to play it for you before you get your chance. To help with timing of specific notes. It’s a complete help and I really hope that anybody who really wants something to help them learn complex piano will consider this app. I don’t understand how everybody is upset because you need to pay. IT IS WORTH IT! SimplyPiano is one of those apps where paying is the least you can do!
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2 years ago, CuteKoala1999
Love this app but there’s a problem..
Hi! I’m Kaitlin and I love playing the piano. Ever since my dad got me a keyboard, I wanted to learn new songs and learn new notes. And then I kept seeing Simply Piano ads on every app I played. So I decided to check it out. And then my dad got it for me. So I started learning new notes and then I finally was ready to play the song I chose to play. But then it said I need a TRIAL. And then I got annoyed. And then it said that there’s a 7 day free trial and then the other two trials DIDN’T HAVE A 7 DAY FREE TRIAL!! And those trials cost SO MUCH MONEY!! In the ads I see, I believe that people get paid to say good things about Simply Piano. And this app is great! But still, SO EXPENSIVE! 🙄😔 Now my parents don’t want to pay and now I can’t use Simply Piano anymore. In my opinion, I think that this app should be TOTALLY FREE! That would make mine and my parents life SO MUCH EASIER! But now I can’t use the app and I’ll never find a good enough app to learn piano like this one. I just think that it should be free or very cheap, so at least I could use Simply Piano, be happy, and have my parents pay for a trial that’s cheap. So, that’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading! 🙂
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2 years ago, 8037410521345
Only Facebook to search discussions?
I have used for about 15 months. I have learned how to play using this program. Except for timing- you will have no idea where or why you are off time because this program probably doesn’t want to pay for the patent on showing why your off time. Other programs show when and where you are off time. This program is not for serious learners. I probably would have learned more and earlier if I could have searched discussions. I have unsubscribed and will continue to use for my remaining subscription. I will not continue to support something that I pay for that I can’t access one of the most important aspects of learning- the discussions. I am certain I can find another piano app that doesn’t require me to access Facebook for features I paid . Even more egregious is the developer response that I should just email them questions. That is exactly the problem- I paid your fee to learn piano and one of the features of learning is to access all of the discussions- but the developer wants me to join Facebook or just email them questions? That is not the same learning experience as paying a developer that actually provides a complete learning experience free of Facebook or with the ability to learn from others by reading through the discussions.
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4 years ago, Frankie2120
Thank You...
Played the Piano, and percussion from like 5-14 years old.. then nothing after that.. 42 now.. forgot all music reading and was always too intimidated to learn again.. didn’t have $25 to shell out a week for lessons nor the time with my career and two little kids.. stumbled across simply piano one weekend w my out of tune acoustic piano.. a week later I had the full digital set up w a Yamaha delivered so I could get the correct feedback from the app.. a week later.. life changing.. I’ve always had music in my head and wanted to be able to just play along with songs and read music... this app is amazing.. with patience and lots of repetition it’s all coming back to me.. I never would have got this with lessons because I don’t have the time.. going at my own speed at 5am before work 30 minutes... I couldn’t be happier now.. Piano is meditation.. if your not present when you are playing it can go south quick... lol... looking forward to the process... enjoying every moment of the journey back... thank you Simply Piano.. you’ve created pure magic into people’s lives...!! 💪🏽❤️🎹👍🏽
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4 years ago, SUJovian
This app is an absolute steal
I bought this app because Covid lockdowns forced a suspension of lessons with my kids’ piano teacher. We paid her $60/week. With this app, the kids are learning faster, they’re more engaged with practicing at home, and my wife and I have even picked up practicing our own rusty piano skills. It’s brought joy to the whole house during quarantine frustrations. At 1/20th the cost of in-person lessons, I’m not sure we’ll ever go back. There is one thing I really don’t like about the app. it’s not enough to warrant stripping off a star, but it is worth mentioning. A lot of the songs have an accompanying drumbeat track with a tempo that is completely mismatched with the music. This causes unnecessary frustration because you have to mentally block out the drum track rhythm and follow your own, because if you follow the rhythm, you’ll fail the lesson. In a way, it forces you to focus and tune out distractions which adds to the challenge, but it should be an option to turn it off. All in all, if you have a piano and want to improve your skills, this app is a no brainer and more than worth every penny.
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4 years ago, BlueEyedRedhead
Very Useful and Cute
I really do love this app! It’s cute and useful and it’s designed beautifully. The lessons are good for beginners and it’s easy to use. The only reason why it falls short of five stars is for two reasons: the fact it doesn’t register the audio of my keyboard very well and makes me do practice mode even if I’m hitting the correct keys and that since the keyboard used in the app is 49 keys long and mine is 61, the placement of where my hands are aren’t the same as on the app. For the last thing, I know it’s out of my control the number of keys on the keyboard, but it would definitely be easier if there was a setting you could change where you could say how many keys your keyboard is. The way the app sets you up to learn is by your thumb being 1 and your index finger being 2 and so on, and on my keyboard it’s in a very uncomfortable and awkward position to play in and I bet the people who are in the same position as me can agree. Also, I have tried turning my phone’s volume down and the things the app suggests but it still tends to be a bit glitchy. Other then the two little things the app is good at what it does and I recommend it for beginners :)
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3 years ago, SammichTheSammichSammich
Pls read if you’re getting this for your kid
I’ve been struggling to play piano for a while and I was like oh I should use this app! And you know what, it was decent until I needed to pay premium to continue on with my lessons. That’s a big no from me, but my little brother was super interested and he hasn’t played piano once in his life. So I thought well, I’ll get as much out of this as possible. I set up a new profile and everything, and thought he would at least learn a few things, but man it was way to fast-paced for him. The ads are all like “OMG THIS SIX YEAR OLD LEARNED HOW TO PLAY PIANO IN A FEW WEEKS” and my six year old housemate rage quit as soon as he was thrust into the side scrolling play along with the music thing. He’d been getting by by looking at screen, looking at hand, squinting, pressing key, moving on, which was pretty slow. I tried to calm him down but little brothers are the worst. A few days later he tried again, and got further, I guess. Let’s just say that taking a mini child through this app results in much angry piano smashing and “I PRESSED THAT KEY!!!!!” and tears. Basically, no, your toddler is not going to learn piano with this app. I’m sure there are more kid-oriented versions somewhere, but don’t believe the ads with a little baby jamming out to baby shark like a Mozart
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5 years ago, Shy_n
Motivation to learn piano
This app is simply a motivating tool to learn piano and it works pretty good. I had a little problem with recognition, not enough to complain. Choses of songs to practice are great and you feel like a rock star on Essentials 1st level, because you already got to play Imagine. The system is neat. Each chapter teaches you a new skill and very visual concept of it makes me motivated to get all notes right, so I get stuck hours playing same song until perfection. I also try to play sheet music for beginners and oh god, how boring those are, so I switch to the app. There are few minuses... Sometimes I feel that finger positions are odd, but you can go ahead and figure out the way you can play it more comfortably. I would like to be able to see songs as a sheet too, so it’s easier to learn them by heart. Otherwise, this app is great. It’s a bit expensive, but teacher would cost much more. I think if I ever get to a higher level in the app and then go to the classes it would be a perfect way to polish my knowledge, but at this point I do feel that I am growing with every lesson I take! Great job
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5 years ago, Jaimie Emily Rose
Good app but w/ a MAJOR issue
Giving this 2 stars (generously) for how great of an app it COULD be; if my issue were fixed it’d be 5 stars. The app showed its potential and was great until about halfway into the first lesson. My audio all registered fine at first, passed all their audio sync tests, no issues. Out of the blue it was no longer detecting that I was hitting notes. In the app when you fail a part of the song 3 times it sends you into a practice mode with a metronome. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice feature when needed. HOWEVER, I didn’t need it making it SO FRUSTRATING to keep having to repeat this painfully slow practice mode. I even had my mom who has been playing piano for decades sit and try to play the simple song and it did the same thing! There is nothing I could do at this point; if you can’t pass the song you can’t move forward in the app. The funny thing was on the practice mode it registered all the notes just fine, then it would go back into the regular song and would glitch again. I had to delete the app and start using Yousician which is good but limits you to only 10 minutes per day unless you pay. I don’t like it as much as I did this app which is a shame. Hopefully, this can get fixed as I saw a few other people mention similar issues.
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3 years ago, blASSter
Terrific starting point
I auditioned a number of learn piano apps — like Goldilocks looking for the right fit. Simple Piano’s design and personality struck the right chord. (The music wordplay just writes itself here, folks!) I pair my app lessons with some heavier theory learning found in a Hal Leonard book for adult beginners. And after four weeks, I able to read basic sheet music and play tunes that actually sound something like the source material. It’s amazing. What really makes this app shine are all the little gamification surprises unlocked with a subscription. All of which keeps you engaged and motivated to continue learning. You get weekly theory emails and practice pieces. There’s a smattering of digital sheet music to noodle with. A holiday music challenge opened up to tie in with season. And now I progressed far enough to access their PLAY beta - a real-time feedback sheet music library that grows each week, and features tunes from a wide array of styles. Will it replace traditional lessons with a teacher? No. But if you’re goal is to get familiar with this beautiful instrument and make music, you can’t go wrong with downloading this gem.
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12 months ago, PMRedruj
A nice toy
This app looks really nice, and is useful for teaching very basic piano, eg, for absolute beginners or children or people who just want to play a few notes. Unfortunately the app designers prioritize aesthetics over pedagogy, e.g., the concept of tempo and the meaning of "beats per minute" - one of the most fundamental concepts in music - isn't even mentioned until several hundred hours into the course, and then only in passing. Worse yet, there is never a clear click track - just annoying repetitive and distracting computer drum tracks. And worst of all, in no place can the learner set a chosen tempo. This failing means that you are constantly forced to learn new music at one of their three chosen tempos, which causes great frustration through repeated errors from being forced to play faster than you are ready. It is a shame that their goal is "lets make beautiful looking app" instead of, "what's the best way to teach this person to play?", and, "What tools does the learner need? I used the app for a couple years, but nearly all of my learning and progress came from self-teaching the provided sheet music, using my own metronome, not from the extremely annoying screens they use to "teach", which I only suffered through. Look elsewhere!
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4 years ago, CinderCat<3
Good for learning but frustrating and oh my god the ads
I like the idea of the app but it could really be executed better. First I want to talk about the ads as a side note. I feel like it might be possible to grow fast but come on, not a five year old in less than a year with complete knowledge. I know a lot of little kids and none of them can sit down for long enough when they have a choice to play more than ten minutes each day on the piano. Tying into that, the app is frustrating. I swear, practice mode is nightmare fuel. And for a beginner it’s so hard to see which notes are which. I think it would be worth a feature that lets you see the letters corresponding to the placement on the staff if you choose to display it. Maybe the notes are just me but as a beginner I have trouble every time. Also having songs locked behind courses is frustrating. If I want to realize that I’m not ready or am ready I’ll do it before I finish a course. I like how you can slow songs down but the menu you can pull up is not ideal, especially if you are just pausing it to go do something. You have approximately two seconds to put you hands back in position. Good luck. Overall I’d say the app is kinda average.
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