Sketchers United

3.9 (202)
18.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sketchers United

3.87 out of 5
202 Ratings
4 years ago, ✨Rat Goddess✨
Missing something..
I've been a part of the Sketch community for a very long time. It was one of the things that helped me get comfortable with drawing. When the old app went down I was absolutely crushed. A community I had been in for so long just got destroyed with little warning. That was why I had so much hope for this app. The posting features are great, but it still doesn't feel like Sketch. It's missing the drawing tool. I had the app for a while when it first came out, but uninstalled after a bit. It wasn't the same without the drawing features. Im hoping that is in development. It also greatly needs the collaboration feature back. That was how a lot of artists like me get started. It helped us build our confidence with bases and art critiqing. Without the ability to collaborate on art and the drawing tool, this app just doesn't feel like Sony Sketch. I hope you'll take this into consideration.
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4 years ago, FNAFboi
The beginning of a great community.
I was (and still am) a huge fan of Sony Sketch. When I heard that the mobile division of Sony wasn’t doing well I began to worry. At the end the inevitable happened: Sketch was removed. I’m glad to see that the developers are still trying to keep Sketch alive. I love the community feature. I really missed it! And I’m glad that it’s back! But I wish I could also create my art from within the app. I like to share my art, but I’m not very good with professional drawing apps. What made the old Sketch appealing was how it was a two in one app. It was a simple and accessible drawing and photo editing app and a community. I’m going to hang on for a while because I’m a big fan of Sketch. I hope that one day we get a drawing tool like the original one. Something as fun, inviting and easy like the old Sketch. Something that makes me wanna draw all day long! (with lots of wacky brushes please) I really miss that.
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1 year ago, such Fuchs BBC vv
- slides (multiple pics in one post) - more groups (like diy and photography) - make app less plain and boring - add challenges and artist of the week and stuff like that (or maybe post of the day) - enforce age restrictions - when I block someone, I still see their posts, so try to fix that (in the latest posts section) - add an in-app drawing program - move the bio and make it automatically visible so ppl actually read it - advertise this app bc it’s low key dead - fix bugs and lag - have a place where u can directly link other socials (different than the bio) - make the community more safe - have a visible place to put why the post is a sensitive post (not the title or description) - donations (FOR THIS APP so it don’t go bankrupt like others) - public chats (and the option to create one urself) - have the description not show when a post is put as sensitive but doesn’t have photo - have the background be everyone (like behind ur posts and stuff) - add videos (and speed paint/timelapse’s group)
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4 years ago, The Raz Dazling Razbarrie
A lil problem
The app is great honestly..nice people and no toxicity in general..but there is a small problem. When I try the click on my post the app automatically closes..same thing with my home page, if I try to access it it also closes the app..idk if this is a bug but please fix it
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5 months ago, Bdydhducncu
Ok so bruh
I rlly enjoyed this app I had 2 accounts that got suspended cause I’m under the age of 12 and yes I’m 11 but can I get us suspended cause my birthday is like in 5 months? And I rlly wanted to post poppy playtime chapter 3 art and btw my accounts names areGamecreatorfs and GAMECREATORVR. I told my friends this and they thought it was awful. But how come when your suspended you can’t even follow others? I don’t see why your not aloud to follow ppl that you wanna follow. So on my 12th birthday can I pls have my accounts back? I rlly miss posting on there and I was devastated when I saw that both of my accounts were suspended like it rlly hurt me like a sudden emptiness in my body. Pls
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4 years ago, xXStardustowoXx
My user is ‘Lmaø :P’ and Ive been on sketch since 2016! I really loved sketch and was sad it ‘Left.’ I started today and was extremely excited to finally start my art on here. A thing Ill say is that I highly recommend this for artists that are starting both on art posting and just art in general. The posting template is like sketch and it’s simple. There’s not exactly anything bad for the app that Ill state out but just two things id suggest that you should add in the app if you ever get a next update for it! 1. The ability to post more than one picture? That would be nice for people who would wanna post blog art or comic strips! 2. (Probably will take back this idea since its kind of gone from sketch) The drawing part of the app! For ppl that want to just draw on here...idk- Anyways I seriously love this app and Still recommend this to multiple ppl when posting art.✨ Keep it up!
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4 years ago, Carlei H. S.
Fantastic app, just missing a few things
Yes, this app is amazing! There’s little to no toxicity and everything runs fairly well. I just wish there was a drawing tool and the collab button! And maybe fix the quality of the drawings being posted on here as well, if that’s possible? It often looks really pixelated or “fuzzy”. Other than that, Sketchers United is very welcoming and you can meet some great and amazing people on here, and even make some new friends ^ ^ Keep up the good work! You guys are great :D
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4 years ago, Warriorcatsquid
Wonderful so far!
This app is obviously a work in progress, but it is still a great community and place to post art!^^ I like how the images are lain out on the profile page. However, if there would be a thing that could be improved, it would be to make it easier to be discovered and to discover artists. Maybe have a popular or trending page? Or a featured page? This would enable artists to have a bigger chance to be discovered, and to enable them to share their art to more people!
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2 years ago, HoneyCake🌸
App keeps kicking me out when I tap the chat icon
This bug has happened out of nowhere, I click the chat icon and the app suddenly kicks me out, I try again about a few times and it’s still kicking me out. I’ve tried resetting my device and it doesn’t work, tried deleting the app then waiting for a few minutes or hour and re-download yet it still keeps crashing. Could you tell me what could possibly the problem or tell me how to fix it?
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6 months ago, LilHelecho
Great app! But did it shut down?
For some reason it won’t let me open it, not even the website in my browser. I tried using the app on a separate device but even then it won’t work. My wifi is fine and I tried restarting my device and it still won’t open. Is there a problem or is the app shut down?
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2 years ago, Brynn.Auz
I was a sony sketch user since the beginning, and I was absolutely crushed when I found out it got removed. So I moved on to this app later on and I was pretty excited thinking it was going to be like sketch, sadly not. The drawing feature isnt in this app and this app just feels dead compared to the other one, and I went into the app and it said something like “Service not available” I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it still said the same thing. Fix this please.
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1 year ago, codsimp
this app has a service problem (and its not about connection)
literally its been 3 days, 3 DAYS since this app has been out of service recently.. im really concerned about my account being banned because of whatever is happening with this app. my wifi is connected already.. so what’s the actual problem with sketchers united?…
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1 year ago, hollow something lol
Anyone else just NOT being able to get in anymore?
It’s been like, two and a half days and this app has been on lockdown ( assuming that is what is going on) and all it says is service not available. All my other apps are working fine so I know it’s not my WiFi? I just wanna know when it’s gonna boot up again yk? Overall an amazing app!
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1 year ago, hararga
This app close down PopJam
I swear I hate this app so much because it closed down pop jam. Everyone should dominate this app and tell it that it’s bad because it is and PopJam is way better. I hate this app so much. You guys should close down this app because it’s so stupid for closing down my favorite personal social app. This is stupid because pop jam was the best bad review zero stars this app is the worst this option immediately close down. I hate this app so much, I don’t care if I’m criticizing the app. It’s stupid because it may pop jam shut down PopJam was way better than this crap 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡
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9 months ago, SevenGalaxies
Some things need to be fixed
I’ve loved this app for a long time but things r going downhill after the og owner gave up on the app and there’s a new admin, pelunkey. Ever since he tricked people to get home admins things have gone downhill. There’s more GORE images being sent out and he’s highly rude and there’s as well copyright in the app, a traced drawing from an og disney art. This is insane. I don’t recommend kids under the age of 14 to be on here because of the fire images being sent out as well as the horrific moderation
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3 years ago, PyroGaming123
i quite like it :)
after i learned my usual art/social app ,framecast, was being shut down, i noticed alot of people saying that sketchers united was pretty good. not wanting to lose some of my mutuals, i moved and man, i like it here! everyones so friendly and sweet, the art is great, and its overall easy to manage! i like it :D
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1 year ago, Hard knocks 69420
hararga please listen to me
Popjam is a great app and I’m so sad that it shut down but this is the only one I can use that so close to being popjam-like if the creators of Sketchers United is reading this, this is a really great app, but can you make it a little more like Popjam? Where Like you can draw on the app
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4 years ago, VeeSStuffS
chat not working
i like this app a lot since its really easy to make friends and talk to people, but one of the things that allow you to talk to people... doesn’t work for me at the moment, it worked fine when i first got SU, but it then started to crash whenever i would press on the chat icon, everything else works fine but the chat... i don’t know anyone else that has this bug though..
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6 months ago, Rat_meat
This app really need an update
Almost every time I tried to go on there the same thing pops up “service not available” currently it hasn’t been working for at least five hours now and nothing is working at all like I enjoy the app but this really needs update like it’s really old and the app is always going down and I know some of y’all can relate
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4 years ago, RMNTM
Update problems
It's a great app! But I have some few problems with the update whenever I try to go on other profiles by going on the following or followers way it goes back to my profile. Im wondering if this is a bug or something?
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4 years ago, brainbugss
unable to post on mobile
the app itself has been amazing, easy to use, easy to find things, quick to load, just generally good quality, my only issue is that i’m unable to post any of my pieces to my profile. whenever i try to post it says “you are not allowed to do this” i checked my settings to make sure it wasn’t an issue on my part and i couldn’t find anything. if you could please respond to this with a way i could fix this issue, i would greatly appreciate it!
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3 years ago, Colt with a Colt
Bugs but still my favorite.
I use this app alot ( now i do) and i love everyone using it, but there are multiple bugs, but i wonder if im just the only one... 1. I cant post collabs anymore. 2. I cant POST anymore (maybe because of my spam posting...) Idk if there is anymore but PLEASE fix them asap
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1 year ago, Jrandalexmom
App won’t open.
I’ve been on the app for a while. When I try to go in, it says “Service Not Available.” The website says 502 Bad Gateway. I’m wondering if I’ve been IP banned, (which doesn’t make sense because I haven’t done anything that would warrant me being banned, especially IP banned) or if the app and website shut down, perhaps? My user is JrTheKid please help me out.
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1 month ago, Buhubuh
App is great but their is a crash/softlock error
Everytime I open the app, a “service not available” bubble pops up and shows. It gives me no access to the app. I hope this bug can be fixed.
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5 months ago, oiFelix007
not available??
The app is decent, miss the og sketch app but rn even with wifi, phone restarting and everything, everytime I open the app is says “service not available” :( hopefully this gets fixed soon
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Nice! 👌
I've been part of the sketch community sense 2018, Sony sketch is where I grew up. But this, sketchers united is different...some mods are kind of toxic! Tho I respect them, I'll respect our community and say nothing, tho there is a lot of drama, not the developers fault tho, it's more so the people
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1 year ago, jdfyghtdyvh
I love it 😍
I had popjam for a while and although it was very strict and heavily censored I still loved it, but then they closed it down so I downloaded this and I love it ♥️ I hope the community keeps growing!
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2 years ago, Patchy_whytho
I’m not exactly sure what happened but I Put the word ‘Muffin’ in my post and now after it goes up I’m suddenly not allowed in the app at all. Was it overlooked as the other word. I am uncertain of my situation. Otherwise amazing app
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4 years ago, Neptanuii
Nice! But,,,
Maybe try installing a drawing portion to the app like the last app? The app also downgrades drawing quality so maybe either try to fix that or let people upload bigger files. That’s all!
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1 year ago, Not_Lynn
Amazing art community
The people on this platform are so kind this app is very easy to use and very fun. However I think it’s currently down (not permanently). :)
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2 years ago, Lovely_thecat
I do love sketchers, but it does always break on me, saying this service is not available something like that, so it gets annoying- I don’t know how to say it but it could just us a few bug fixes with that ;) but anyways it’s a great app!!
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3 years ago, vinecent marucut
I got banned again...
Sketchers United was like my home place, I had so much fun and new friends in that app, please, give me another chance, I won’t harass anyone again, please, I am sorry
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6 months ago, Gen:o🥺✌️❤️
Need more fixing
I love this app because I can talk to my friends and meet new people, but it keep crashing out of nowhere,afterwards it work and crashes again so I really hope it gets fixed some how. But overall it's an amazing app and I love it :)
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9 months ago, I lovê this game
Severs not working
This is a good app it is just when I tried to get in it would not let me
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4 years ago, Cyron A
I would like to create the art in the app!
I like the app but it needs to be like Sony Sketch was and I am not the person to share my photos with people, so please add this feature. Thank you! -Cyron Aiden A
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1 year ago, Hfbbdjsn
I’m sorry
Sketchers please let me back into my account(s) please I didn’t do anything wrong please I beg of you :(
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6 months ago, Eemma275
Bugs/App not working
App is not working, says “service not available” even when I try safari still doesn’t work. Been like this for a day and I’m not sure what’s going on with it.
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1 year ago, Ixie Toca Reporter
It won’t work for me on mobile😭
So I just got the app. It only works on my iPad. It won’t work on my phone tho. I’m rlly mad.
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4 years ago, TTSWire!
Great App!
Honestly, It’s Pretty Sweet So Far, Though the Collabs and other stuff on the original Sony Sketch App are missing I’m sure they’ll be added eventually?
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4 years ago, Mimi Drawing 💖
Update requests
I had sketch before and i loved it so much until it shut down that really broke my heart, But! I do have update requests! Can you please add collabs and drawing on there! I would really appreciate that ❤️✨💖❤️
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4 years ago, mercy. drawing
I miss being in Sony Sketch or Sketch
I get so nostalgic by looking at the post of my oc your oc it makes me sad that there is no hashtags, collars, and other stuff that Sony sketch had
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7 months ago, The cat boy killer
Roy mysterious
One doesn’t get to 220 followers without making some enemies 😈
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4 years ago, sosososososososososososoosz
This is kindaaaaa annoying.
I just want to chat with ma homies but this thing keep crashing my boi
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3 years ago, Adrianna Gallardo
Look, I love sony sketch and still do! The app is really coming together! But I miss the drawing tool! We need that back!
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3 years ago, skssksk@"19129292
It says service not available
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1 year ago, Virus1195
I need to be able to like ppls comments💔
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1 year ago, mrssears1
This is one of my favorite apps, it’s like twitter, pinterest, and wattpad combined in my opinion lol
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4 years ago, Just some average guy
Big yes
7.8/10 too much water. Oops wrong game
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1 month ago, safdouadshfouasdhf
Can’t open
Used to be able to use this but now I only get “service unavailable errors”
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4 years ago, Russian_ Jeffy
Oh my god Sony sketch is back I thought you were gonna be gone forever
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