Skillshare - Online Classes

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Skillshare, Inc.
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for Skillshare - Online Classes

4.84 out of 5
21.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Paprika537
You can never learn to much in life.
Learning is great for the brain and keeps you healthy too. This SKILLSHARE app is fantastic. It’s a little extra creative learning when ever you want it. Right now during our C-19 crisis this is the perfect time to schedule one in a day...or even two or three. LoL. That’s what I do and I have gained some really great knowledge. Sharped up my drawing skills in some of my week areas...which helped me out a lot and I was very impressed and thankful for. Learned great self drawn character building with different basic character drawing class based on basic shapes-CIRCLE*SQUARE*TRIANGLE and thee emotions each shape holds. Made building characters 100% easier knowing if your character was going to be bad, powerful, happy, or even confused ...the shapes invented the character. Even looking at cartoons or comic book characters the shapes speak for the bad guys right away.. I also learned VISUAL JOURNALING...which is a whole new world for me, new watercolour techniques, taking better photos with my phone, Chinese etegami painting, street drawing (building), interior design on vintage finds, Linocut Workshop, etc...etc... My list goes on and on. I do recommend this to everyone. They have something for all. I am having a lot of fun with it and how seriously involved I got. I look forward to my SKILLSHARE class daily. I. JUST LOVE IT AND SO WILL YOU. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN...BE SAFE...PEACE
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5 years ago, Emma Matrixa
Skillshare is the NO #1 app for learning new things.
I’ve tried various apps for learning, none of them have been satisfying so it was with reservation that I tried Skillshare. I was more than pleasantly surprised. The lesson get straight to the subject, the instructors explain everything with clarity and don’t waste any time on unnecessary babbling. For all that you can learn on Skillshare, I find the price to be great. I can actually afford it and for everything that you can learn, I can only say that it’s Amazing! Some of the classes are surprisingly interesting. I have found classes, for example, on designs that I’ve never even thought about. On Skillshare you can discover all kinds of classes that are completely new to you, or new aspects that you can add to skills and knowledge that you already have. If you like to learn new things, I highly recommend Skillshare.
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3 years ago, Amethyst80
Skillshare is awesome but the app is severely lacking
I love Skillshare’s service and recommend it 100%. There is so much great content available and I have learned a lot. However, this app is hot garbage. There’s a lot of functionality on the website that is completely missing from the app, such as being able to access class resources. One thing that’s missing that really irritates me is the My Lists feature. On the website, you can organize your saved classes into lists, but you can’t add classes to your lists from inside the app. There are also lots of UI bugs and/or poor design choices. For instance, if you go to an instructor’s page within the app, it doesn’t actually list all the classes they have available. The only way to see all the instructor’s classes is to put their name in the search bar and scroll through the results there. Another irritating thing I’ve noticed is that if you’re watching a class in full screen and it ends, there’s no way to exit full screen without making the class play again. It’s a small thing, but the app is full of these odd little annoyances. The Chromecast function is also buggy and doesn’t always work well. I put up with the app because I love what Skillshare offers, but it could use a lot of improvements. The website isn’t perfect either (I hate that you can’t visit a class page without it autoplaying), but it’s much better than the app.
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5 years ago, Adriane0412
Just a little lacking
I like the idea of Skillshare-the class content is great and constantly evolving, the amount of videos and topics is almost overwhelming lol..the app could use some work. I have tons of saved classes and no way to sort through them. Also, I would REALLY like a functional Roku TV app. I hate streaming from my phone and watching it on there-I have incredibly bad vision and watching things on my phone screen (which is an iPhone plus, so not the smallest screen) puts a lot of strain on my eyes. I was able to find a free screen mirroring service to stream to my Roku but it wasn’t the easiest to use and was loaded with ads. My free trial will be up in the beginning of April and I would really like to sign up for an annual subscription but I just can’t justify the cost for something I can’t stream directly to my tv, limiting my ability to really use the service. As of now I have probably 50 classes saved to my list and have only been able to watch maybe 5 of them since I signed up in January, because as I said, the strain on my eyes is too much. Please add a Roku TV app or the ability to mirror directly from the Skillshare app to any tv!
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4 years ago, nickname?geez
For hobbyists
I have just cancelled my subscription. But I am writing a review because they won’t leave me alone and is desperate for my attention. I’ve unsubscribed twice and yet daily multiple spam. During my trial, I reached out to ask if the mess of content can be organized by skill level. Beginner/intermediate/professional. They gave me a generic response on how to nevigate by category, obviously they didn’t read the content of my email. I was seeking to learn some more advanced animation techniques, digital painting techniques but only found beginner classes that cover the same basic content. In addition, most of the “instructors” are not teachers or professionals working at a high level. I watched a digital painting class where the instructor taught how to TRACE an imported photo. It was a class suited to kindergarten craft so you can bring home something that looks good but takes NO skill to make. No one is impressed and nothing learned. If you are looking to make fun art or learn a little trick or two to look like you can do something then this maybe for you. If you are serious, looking for technical content similar to a real institution, look elsewhere. Most are hobbyists teaching you basics. Really pricey for the redundant basic lessons repeated over and over.
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5 years ago, MainelyArt
Reviewing App not Platform
I love Skillshare and I have no issues at all with the Skillshare platform. The only issue I have with the app is that I cannot look at or download the class materials on the app or upload my work from the app. This is particularly annoying when the only method I have for photographing my art is my phone or my iPad and I feel like it would be more usable if I could upload directly from that device via the app versus having to email myself the photo and upload it from my computer. This is particularly painful for me because I have satellite Internet on my computer where is on my phone I have unlimited data. Perhaps I have the opposite problem of most people but I live in the wilds of Maine and there is no broadband. Otherwise the app is very convenient and I quite enjoy just watching the classes but I’m waiting in the car somewhere and can’t even do the projects. It’s a good practice to watch the prep classes before you start the project anyway. Great app and I hope that they will consider allowing uploads and downloads within the app.
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3 years ago, T'fongis
Very disappointing from a writer/digital artist’s perspective
I bought the 1 year pay all-at-once package for Skillshare, feeling confident that I’d using the resource continually to improve my digital art and creative writing skills. In the 4 months since I’ve repeatedly tried to give this app another shot just to justify my hastily made decision but the main issue for me grows more and more apparent each time. Every class is geared towards absolute beginners. So if you have an intermediate to advanced understanding of the skill that you’re trying to improve it has virtually no value. Even if you are an absolute beginner I can only recommend getting skillshare for a month just because after you’ve done that hour long class learning the basics you will have little use for the app after that point. I’m really disappointed because I love the direction education is going with these low cost alternatives but unfortunately, it’s like a guitar shop. They make a majority of their profits on people who are just starting out and buying all the equipment and chances are, won’t be playing much after that.
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4 years ago, madison mackensie
Wish I could give 0 stars
This company should not be successful, based on their customer service. After a free trial that I did not use even once, I cancelled my account and was directed to a confirmation page of cancellation (several days before the trial expired). Weeks later, I was charged $99 for the program! As soon as I saw the charge, I emailed customer service (there is no phone number to call, probably because they don’t want to deal with customers). They proceeded to tell me that I could not get a refund because they can’t see any cancellation attempts??? You can’t see that I cancelled my account, so I am getting charged? When I laid the situation out to the employee, they were completely useless. They told me they can’t help me at all and there’s no way I can get a refund for the service that I NEVER USED and CANCELLED. Why call it customer service at all? More like frustrating email clutter that does not serve any purpose, because they have no power to help you. I’m outraged and would strongly advice you not subscribe or start a “free” trial. You will lose $99 at least and their customer service will be totally powerless. Garbage app, 0/10, would not recommend.
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3 years ago, Steph42027
Shady company please be careful with free month trial
This company has some very shady tactics going on. I tried their suppose free month trial and they clearly state on your website that you can cancel anytime (within the free month) trial. I did so to avoid being charged and luckily I checked my bank account and saw that they had charged me 189 dollars! The shadiest part about this situation is that the charge they made on my bank account doesn’t even align with the suppose charge from the apple receipt which is 169. They trick you into getting a yearly plan and charge you 189 dollars out of nowhere even though you clearly chose the 1 month free trial. I reported to apple for a refund as we speak and am currently waiting for a response. If I don’t get my money back, this company will be hearing from my bank. The scariest part is that many YouTubers within the art community are promoting this app. So please, do yourself the favor and stay away. To further prove my point, you can even see the reviews that have been made on Skill Share just by googling it. They will tell you the same thing.
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5 months ago, the medôci
Predatory Billing Practices
They used to be a good company, now they switched their customer service practices and the people you get emails from don’t even respond to your issues. The billing and refund practices are atrocious which is probably they don’t do a lot of stuff through apple as apple would help you get a refund. For example they will give you a 1 month free trial while you have a month left of your actually prepaid membership. So if you try to cancel you lose your membership. If you don’t cancel they automatically charge you, but you can’t get a refund on a one month free trial… Now what do they charge? They charge you for the whole year. They will respond to you then bury your ticket. So the only responses you get are days apart and once again they don’t respond to your issues. So you are essentially getting the run around. The teachers are great but it is not worth the buy especially not the hassle when you want to end it. Also they are not upfront with the “deals” they give you, all to keep you in the cycle to try and take your money.
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3 years ago, Cassy224
10 Stars if I Could
This is the best online study experience I have EVER had. I finally found my niche again. The classes are engaging and challenging. You learn SO much. There are so many knowledgable teachers to choose from and they are SO supportive. I love that we have the class project site where we can download class materials, ask questions and post projects. Many of my teachers also offer the chance for questions, discussions and projects, both for class and extra enrichment on Instagram, Facebook and personal websites. Where the student is hungry and willing, the teachers will come. This has been so far and continues to be fan-freaking-tastick as learning opportunities and experiences go. The admin at Skillshare are also courteous and very willing to help you if you have any problems or questions.
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5 years ago, Nikohatesthisapp
Good but wish it was better
The content is amazing and I’m learning so much but for $15/month I should be able to cast it to my tv and watch the videos anywhere I want. It’s crazy to me that for a product with so many helpful tip videos the app has such a poor user experience. I can’t edit my lists in the app there isn’t a very clean way within the app to organize the classes I want to watch which seems a shame with something with so much content and more coming everyday there’s not a good way to really sift through it all. The app almost seems like it’s designed to be a one off kind of thing like use the free trial and be done there’s no incentive to keep it long term because it doesn’t make it easily accessible long term. If I want to watch 15-20 different classes there’s no way to find the one I want besides sifting through my watch later list. It’s sad that the website is the only way to manage your content like what’s the point of even having the app if it’s just completely inferior to the website in every way. I want to be able to cast to my tv and organize my classes it really doesn’t seem like a whole lot to ask if I’m paying a premium price for content in 2019 it’s not like the service is free. I mean I pay less for Netflix/Hulu and I can cast with both of those. All in all great content dumb app? Maybe the developers of the app can watch a video on Skillshare about app design?
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1 year ago, mountain girl 1952
Skillshare is top notch
The format for skillshare is great for those of us who like a syllabus or outline. You can see where you are going and what the expectations are. It appears that the teachers are well vetted. There are an infinite number of classes and many added weekly. My interest is in art classes and I’ll never run out of urban sketching, drawing and watercolor classes. You can’t go wrong with the price. If I want to take an in person art course locally, I will easily pay the same amount for one course as I would for an unlimited number of courses all year with skillshare. And I can peruse them and the teacher before investing time in a course. You can’t do that at a local gallery. My sister, an accomplished watercolorist bought me a year’s subscription and I will reenrol this coming year.
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5 years ago, thebaarmancrew
Website’s great .. app is kind of ‘meh’
I love the website & use it all the time .. sometimes even when I’m trying to use the app, I’ll just stop between videos & go back to the website. Part of the problem is organization. From what I can see, all those handy class lists that you can save to on the website (& can SEE on the app), you can’t actually save new classes to lists on the app .. you only have ‘save’ & ‘unsave’ options which is a real pain when you have a bunch of classes & then have to scroll thro the whole lot of them in order to save it to an individual list .. & this can still only be done from the website .. so if you don’t go straight over to it from the app, you may or may not ever remember to go in & look for it later in the myriad of classes you have saved. The idea of it is really great, I just think the organization of it needs to be increased dramatically in order to make it user-friendly.
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4 years ago, LiveIntoIt
Fairytales, Flowers & Moonbeams...
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❣️ I LOVE Skillshare❣️ In fact, throughout 2020 I allocated more and more of my “free time” and “downtime” to this app and painting and inking... Also when I wanted to be creative but didn’t feel like sitting down and painting myself, I would watch lessons just for the sheer joy of it. I discovered new favorite art supplies, watercolor techniques, inks, brushes, and papers. I stretched myself to put my class projects out there and I love my instructors. What’s more, I love seeing what other students are creating and I feel like I’ve found my virtual art family which has been a huge blessing for me in 2020. I took my insomnia to art classes and enjoyed the lullabies full of inspiring content, comforting voices, fairy tales, moonbeams, flowers, and sugar plums... Best investment I made in 2020!
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1 year ago, Refrigerators
Customer Service is Nonexistent
I have a paid account with Skillshare. I have been trying to gain access to my account for over a week now. I believe that it was hacked as I have already confirmed with Skillshare that the account on file under my card does not have my email address and instead has one I have never used/had ownership of. Since then I have been getting the runaround from their support team. I have submitted my drivers license & charge info & now they are wanting my ip address? They have since closed my ticket & I still do not have access to my account. Skillshare support is only available through email but will take over 24hrs to respond to each one & it’s always another agent who has no idea what’s going on. All responses are not helpful & appear to be automated as if they don’t actually read your issue. If you decide to get a membership be aware that if you have any account issues they don’t have people to help you.
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2 years ago, thegreatfulk8
Skillshare offers excellent quality, variety and value
I initially signed up for a month long trial of Skillshare to learn a bit more about painting with acrylics, but there are so many outstanding courses offered that I renewed my membership indefinitely without a second thought. The quality and variety of courses offered are impressive, and would be valuable to anyone looking to begin a new hobby, further enrich their existing knowledge in a specific field, or even learn how to turn a skill or talent into a thriving business. There truly is something for everyone, so I would encourage anyone thinking of joining Skillshare to give it a try. You won’t regret it.
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5 years ago, rneal98310
Great videos but app needs a lot of work
I recently downloaded this app for my Apple TV and signed up for the 30 day trial of premium membership. When I open the app I was excited to see the number of videos and content available on the site. However every time I went to enroll in one of the classes the app crashed and sent me back to the home screen. I then went on my home computer and iPad to see if I can enroll there and then play the videos on my Apple TV. There doesn’t seem to be an enroll option on the website itself you can play all the video there directly. With Apple TV app it locks out all the videos except the intro into you enroll in the class which can only be done through the app. I went to see if there were any updates to the app that I could download but was informed I had the latest version. I will be canceling the subscription before the month is over if these issues are not resolved.
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10 months ago, 797786
Do Not Get Skillshare!!!
It’s great until you have a problem! I had a yearly subscription for $165. I hadn’t used it in several months (my fault) I recently tried to access my subscription, which doesn’t end for about 2 months. I was even considering re-subscribing, but it said my subscription wasn’t valid. I went back and forth through email ( there’s no support phone number). I sent my last email Saturday with the screenshot of the charges and payments to Skillshare and today (Tuesday) I received an email that said since they haven’t heard from me in a few day my support ticket is closed, but I can contact support again and start over. I guess you have to pound this company with emails everyday, but I have a job. I sent them the info they asked for, so why would I email them before I received a response? I’ve subscribed to Skillshare before, but never again.
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2 years ago, Devil Dog 1036
I was looking for a platform that would help me improve my productivity. I would take on too much or over schedule myself and as a result, I would feel tremendous stress both at work and in my personal life. I needed to learn new skills to better manage my time and organize myself. So I tried Skillshare and the classes on Productivity have been a game changer. I’ve learned new tips on productivity, from managing my emails to managing my time and the results have dramatically improved my productivity and reduced my stress levels. I look forward to exploring classes on other topics on Skillshare. So far, I am completely satisfied.
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5 years ago, Rando194$2
Offline viewing is nonexistent
I love the service on Skillshare, and I always look forward to taking classes. The problem I have is that I could not get the offline viewing to work. I tried it on my phone, my iPad, and my husband’s phone and it didn’t work on any device. It was frustrating because I was taking a long trip and I wanted to use my long flight productively, so I downloaded three courses, and when I was on my flight, I tried to watch them, none of them would load. I tried to access them offline once we landed, and I was still unable to access them. I tried everything; Google had no answers, I tried to see if updating would help but it didn’t, and the Skillshare website wasn’t helpful either. I would rate the app higher if this feature they advertise worked. I pay for this service, and it’s frustrating that they advertise this feature that doesn’t work.
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8 months ago, quidderrre
I don’t even know lol
Ok so, I had a one month free trial and literally only watched like 5 minutes worth of content over the period, then I forgot about it and next thing I know I’m negative $140+ in my bank account and I could not get a refund. Now that’s my mistake and my own forgetfulness, but it was a rough start for me lol. The main reason I’m giving this 3 stars is because I cannot use my membership on any other device than my phone. I draw on my iPad and was hoping I could sign in on my iPad with the exact email and password for my profile on my phone. But behold it has an error and I can’t sign into it. The teachers on there are amazing but this definitely is not the best experience. If there’s any way around this please let me know. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Scottieboy3343
This is the most incredible place to find a wealth of skilled individuals who want to teach, and are extremely good at teaching a multitude of crafts, hobbies and happy healthy living. I’ve supported this site for a number of years now. Sometimes I haven’t had time to take more than a few classes a year, but I believe in what they are doing and how they are trying to reach as many people as possible who would like to learn to do something new or get better at something they already enjoy. I whole heartedly recommend you give SkillShare a try. You’ll be hooked from the first class you take.
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3 years ago, California teacher mom
Meh content
I made the huge error of bypassing the free trial when they offered me an additional discount. There are a couple decent classes for me but that’s about it. One of the teachers I was really excited about had barely any content and the videos weren’t even full length. Another one didn’t show the reference photo (painting course). The teacher wanted us to find our own photo but then she proceeded to say things like “do you see the shadow behind her shoulder?” And of course I could not. That was so frustrating. I didn’t know the classes were mostly about digital media either. After about ten days in I was hoping to get a refund. Nope! I keep trying to log back in and get some value out of my fee but I’m just completely wasting my time. I hate wasting my hard earned money.
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4 years ago, alX★
Great listening, not so easy navigation
This app has been very helpful for me. I enjoy listening to the videos while doing tasks around the house, especially if the content doesn’t rely too heavily on visuals. My only complaint is that the navigation system for finding new classes is somewhat outdated in terms of design. Also it’s hard to know if a class is credible, and I’ve seen a range of quality in courses. I wish there were more creators that I could trust on the platform, then I would feel like this is a really quality platform to invest in 100% of the time. But if Skillshare doesn’t get a grip on quality control, people are going to not see the point in paying for a subscription.
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5 years ago, modnana2
Love being able to learn on the go
I signed up for Skillshare via the website and then downloaded the app so I could learn what I’d like any time, anywhere. Although not as robust and fully featured as the desktop site, I’m pretty happy with the app itself. I do agree that if I could sort classes I’ve saved by topic, it would really be helpful. When the new IPadOS is available publicly, Safari will be a full fledged desktop class browser so it will be really nice to access those features you can only access right now via the desktop site, i.e. class downloads, etc. In the meantime, I love the variety of classes available on Skillshare and feel the instructors do a great job with their content. Nicely done!
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2 years ago, Nickname0004
Costs less than art school
Skillshare has been absolutely amazing for the year-ish I’ve had it. I’ve found a really great set of teachers and more classes than I could possibly watch over the course of this entire year. I love the curated suggestions and OMG the new learning paths are the best for mastering the basics of new skills. My creative side is finally being nurtured thanks to Skillshare and the flexibility it gives me to learn at my own pace while working full time! (And this is all coming from someone who accidentally paid for Skillshare and then was determined to use and now will probably never cancel it…)
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8 months ago, PugslyPuppy
This app does not show up under Apple subscriptions. I canceled my membership within the app and had not used the app for a year. I was surprised by a $165 charge on my credit card today so I addressed it with them via email (they don’t have a customer service number) and they denied my refund. I complained and they escalated it and they denied it again. My membership is cancelled and I cannot use the app. It doesn’t even allow the courtesy, like most apps, to continue using for the time you’ve paid even after cancellation. They’ve basically just stolen my money. I consider this fraudulent behavior and would like to warn people against signing up with this company. Companies should be required to show their app in Apple Subscriptions AND send a renewal notice, or in the very least, have a phone number to call. Sketchy company.
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3 years ago, BineBennett
Great Source for Learning & Improving Skills
I subscribed to Skillshare about a year ago to learn more about creating digital art in Procreate and Affinity Designer. It’s been an awesome source of inspiration for me. There are so many classes to choose from, and most of the instructors are really great. I’ve learned so much! Thank you to all the instructors who create these wonderful classes. The Skillshare app itself works quite well. I use it mostly on my iPad. One request - it would be great if it was possible to download source materials like brushes directly from the app instead of having to switch to the browser version.
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3 years ago, king louie 78
Skillshare is grrreat!!
I’ve had the app just a few days but I’m very excited about the possibilities it will afford me. We live in an amazing time and we’d all live a much happier and fulfilled life by realizing and sharing that realization with our individual networks. If you’re in the market for learning any new skill you owe it to yourself and those around you to get this app and share it with your friends and family. Seriously great work and I hope many wonderful things happen for your company because you have rewarded my life and as a result the lives of people I will interact with in the future. Educate yourselves everyone. This is the way!
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4 years ago, JJ3866
I love Skillshare!!
I can’t give the app 5 stars but the site is 5 stars. The variety of classes, the encouragement from both the teachers and the workshop coordinators, and the ability to share my projects all combine very well to keep me engaged and inspired to stay active. However, the app fails to allow me to post my projects and to access workshops easily. The only nice thing about the app is the ability to download classes to access when WiFi isn’t available. It was nice to continue classes while out at the desert camping. There is a cost for being able to continue taking all. They offered a reduced price from the $100/year cost. I don’t recall exactly, maybe $60-70. I feel like I will have definitely gotten my money’s worth based on the amount of classes I’ve taken. The 2-month trial they offer is perfect for determining if you will enjoy the site. So it’s painless to give it a try. I just suggest that if you are having any frustrations with navigating, go to the site instead of working on the app. Save the app for just watching the classes you’ve already started.
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5 years ago, Tae. Tea
Love the website but the app needs works
I love using Skillshare but the app is a little messy in my opinion. There are no descriptions in the app telling you about the class you’re going to take. The website has them and I’m able to get a sense of what is being taught. Also just a small suggestion for both the app and website if there could be a better way to sort and organize the courses one has saved or put into lists instead of just scrolling through your saved tab to find a class or in the lists you can do more than “send to the top”. We can be able to organize and categorize them a lot better please. Maybe by “a-z”, or group them by skill such as organize them by photography, illustration and so forth or let the user freely move, slide and organize them the way they want
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3 weeks ago, Nickname Shnickname
It’s all about the learning
The app has certainly gotten better, but it’s the courses that are important, and those are also getting better and better. There are really good courses out there now in computer programming, 3D modeling, VideoGame Engines like Unreal and Unity, digital art applications and art with real paint mediums. I think the SkillShare app needs improved search options, and provide some sorting capabilities. New courses need more of a callout on the app. Definitely needs an easier way to look up the instructors you have decided to Follow, and see all their courses. SkillShare does a good job of ensuring that all the videos meet a good standard for presentation.
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3 years ago, caelumfalls
App needs work; Otherwise good tool.
I mainly use this app/site for learning art techniques. There’s a couple of features which I feel should be available but aren’t or they aren’t as intuitive as I feel they should be. When viewing a teacher’s profile, you should be able to see all their classes. Right now there’s no easily visible function allowing you to see that unless you go through search results of their name or use the website. The way the website shows that info is great. Not sure why they didn’t do the same on the app. The spacing when viewing a course is good especially if you’re using split screen and have something like Procreate or GoodNotes open.
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3 years ago, Amazoning Sales llc
I have been here for 2 years .
I have grown my business and started it using this app. I got a referral from a podcast I listen to the side hustle show & watched some lessons and was off and running. I haven’t made tons of money yet but this is my second year amd I have beat my yearly salary this year with the online skills I learned . They could charge a lot more. Some of the lessons are really in depth and tell you everything they ARE NOT ..( I’ll tell you more if you pay) lessons. They are full on classes AND I APRECIATE THEM. Some of my family are here now and friends. Love it . They over deliver.
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5 years ago, Tony Samaniego
Good not great
When you increase the playback speed for a video through the app and desktop browser, the video either glitches where the audio and video become misaligned (and we all know how annoying and sometimes confusing that may be), or the audio stops playing completely while the video continues to play. Also, there should be more options through the app to explore new categories and topics besides the search option and the ‘best in’ section. I like you can look at similar video related to course you are taking in the ‘about’ tab but they should recommend more than just three videos. Overall, I think they should adopt a system like Audible where it’s recommendations for books related to the one you clicked on are pretty spot on.
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2 years ago, BelleSb00
impossible to cancel, due to negligence from help staff.
I’ve been trying to cancel my skill share account for pretty much almost a year now. I was locked out of my account and was unable to get back in so i was not able to cancel from within the account. I reached out to someone and they informed me that despite me emailing them 3 times to try to cancel my account they would not reimburse me for the payments i had to pay due to their poor communication. However they told me that it would be canceled. That was one year ago and they ARE STILL CHARGING ME. I get payed minimum wage and as someone who can’t afford random charges this has wreaked havoc on my finances. Ill be canceling my card because of skill share and having no way to cancel this account. Horrible service and just an all around poor experience.
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5 years ago, oddacity
App is a little buggy.
I’m a Skillshare subscriber and have used it on desktop, tablet, and mobile. The content is A+ and I would recommended a subscription to anyone interested in having a wide variety of fun and interesting classes at their fingertips. I’m giving 4 stars out of 5 because the app itself is a bit buggy and non-intuitive - buttons don’t always work, some button layouts are confusing. Particularly the “about” section in classes. Also the class project feature doesn’t work. It would be great if they could fix this and make it as full-featured as the desktop version.
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3 years ago, Watercolor Newbie
A happy watercolor newbie!
I’ve surprised myself over and over because of the amazing teachers I’ve been following on my watercolor journey. I never thought I’d be able to paint because I was stuck on the idea that I couldn’t draw. I’ve pushed myself to try new ideas and techniques and have stuck with it. Sometimes I’ve started a project several times over before I was able to get the the results I wanted. I’d recommend Skillshare to anyone who is looking for patient and skilled watercolor artists to walk you through the things you need to learn about painting with watercolors. I will admit, now I’m hooked!
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9 months ago, Gabzilla❤️
Yall just want money
Ok so I downloaded skillshare to increase my drawing skills but when I go to watch a video, I have to buy the subscription for the other parts of the video. And I look at every single one of the options and what do they say? BUY BUY BUY! BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION! And then when I go to try to do the free trial… it just kicks me out. But when I click on pay a month, it was just begging for my money. This is ridiculous. I go to learn a talent or increase my skills or learn a new skill but of course, because of the stupid greedy world we live in SkillShare is basically saying to my face “Oh! You want to learn how to do something? For free?? You make me laugh! Pay up!” I’m getting sick of economics.
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5 years ago, kaszy86
Love Skillshare, but the app not so much...
Disclaimer: this review is for the app only, not the platform. Sadly the last update, which claims to have fixed issues with the video controls, actually broke this functionality for my device as now video controls keep overlaying every 30 seconds or so. Is not impossible to continue watching classes like this but it is pretty annoying, especially for lessons involving color mixing as the overlay dims the screen. In future releases, I’d also love to see the same functionality for managing and adding classes to my lists that the web version provides. Profile section needs improvement too as, again, the app doesn’t provide same experience as the website.
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2 years ago, mackensie f
Makes a huge difference!!
Before skillshare I would just doodle here and there and wasn’t even thinking of being an artist as I didn’t know that I could create quality sketches. I came across skillshare and downloaded it for fun, but after only taking a few classes I can now sketch realistic portraits!! I highly recommend downloading this app even if you have the slightest interest in art because you may never know the true talents that you have hidden… all it takes is a little bit of guidance. I would give 10 stars if I could!!
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1 year ago, Isuchalady
Worth every penny!
If you are the kind of person that likes to learn a bit of everything-then Skillshare is definitely for you. Become a Jack/Jane of all trades, upload work and get feedback, and become the artist, writer, marketeer, or cook you’ve been wanting to be!!! They have cool and diverse teachers which makes it i easier to get the skills you want for your particular niche. Going on year 3 of my subscription and I reckon I will keep learning with them as long as its this affordable. You CANNOT beat this level of instruction and options for the price!
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2 years ago, tucson lynn
A Fun, Inspiring Journey for Lifelong Learners!
i have learned so much from Skillshare classes, especially the ones taught by Rosalie Haislett and Mike Lowery. Perfect for people who don’t always have the time (or money) to commit to a lengthy class but wish to learn the basics or just be inspired to try something new. Instead of scrolling mindlessly thru social media, i have trained myself to watch Skillshare classes when i have “downtime” and need something fun and creative to relax and to stimulate my brain. The affordability really helps too, as i can try out new hobbies/classes without breaking the bank.
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3 years ago, Sydneepm
I downloaded this app so I could compare each online learning apps. I will say, as an artist, I was really happy that skillshare was mostly creativity related. I will say that this seems like there is a lot of smaller courses on this app while Udemy, is more of a “big” course app where you pay for one in particular and have all the information you need in whatever you learn. I probably won’t be paying for Skillshare as I payed for courses on Udemy. I feel like if you want a lot of small courses for a good price, use Skillshare. If you want big courses for $20 dollars a piece, go to Udemy. I’d say my preference is Udemy because they have almost every topic. But I also love Skillshare.
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4 years ago, Http.Rob
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3 years ago, Ferrell I
My new, improved skills
SkillShare is a great place to come to find new ideas and improve on what you know. I have taken many classes on watercolor painting and a few in hand lettering. I love playing with color and style and I have built confidence in my watercolor painting, especially painting outdoors in a natural habitat. I think the hand lettering classes have given me new ideas and an opportunity to express myself in different ways. There are SO many things to learn and try in a short time and this is the place to find those classes that will get you started and really stretch you!
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5 years ago, KillerTofuTina
Great way to learn new skills and explore creativity
I’ve been using this service to learn how to use Procreate on iPad and the classes are absolutely amazing. Not only did I get introduced to artists like Vashti Harrison but I reconnected with my creative side again. My only request is that you allow for Picture in Picture video playback on iPad. Sometimes I’m watching a video and I would like to exit the app to try out a technique in Procreate without stopping the video but currently this isn’t possible, at least not that I know of. Please keep updating the app and adding new features as this is how I primarily use the service and I rarely go to the website.
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5 years ago, SloshWerks
Needs a lot of improvement
It is nice having this app available for iPad and Apple TV, however, it really lacks features that should be basic. There is no search function. It does not show all classes you have saved. You cannot remove classes via the app. It does not have the option to autoplay the next video in the class, which is annoying when some video chapters are only a minute or two in length. You are constantly tied to your remote to start the next video. That is probably my biggest problem with the app. But, I also want to have access to all of the classes and Lists that I set up on the website, which the app does not provide. So, I am relegated to streaming from Safari on my iPad and mirroring it to the Apple TV.
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6 years ago, Roosevelt14
For $13 a month, the app needs some work...
Overall, a decent and usable app for watching the course videos. However, some things could definitely be improved. One overall thing that’s lacking in the app is continuity. The website is noticeably more robust than the app. My first and foremost gripe, the lack of speed control. The lack of this feature inherently makes me prefer using a computer to access Skillshare as most of the time I like the lessons to be set to 2x speed. However, while I prefer using the computer I can’t always (nor do I always want to) whip out my laptop and use Skillshare for 15-20 minutes. The second issue, which is just a minor design flaw is that the categories button in the Discover tab should have the sub menus of the categories laid out on the same page. It shouldn’t take 2 separate clicks IMO. Finally, the rotation. It’s just a bit annoying how the video player will only do landscape orientation in one direction. Additionally, the app itself doesn’t have a landscape mode at all while browsing the courses.
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