Skinseed for Minecraft Skins

4.1 (11K)
89.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jason Taylor
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skinseed for Minecraft Skins

4.08 out of 5
11K Ratings
3 years ago, Eyeeyeayeayeii
Good, but experiencing bugs.
I like this app a lot. I used it to both download and create many of my own skins when i was younger, and I returned recently to get back on making my own skins. It has the good capabilities of many skin creators, including changing brightness, darkness, and saturation, and editing lassoed areas or filling areas with color boundaries. However, my main issue recently has been importing skins from the camera roll. when I exported a photo from skindex and imported it into Skinseed to further edit, the transfer didn’t work. The skin didn’t load. :/ Other than this bug, I’ve liked this app fairly well, and although it has its limitations such as only showing one surface face at a time, overall this leads to better accessability. If you are new to Minecraft or looking for a good skin app, get this one. Even if you don’t like to make your own skins or pixel art it has tons and tons of skins to pick from. Keep in mind most of the community skins only work on pocket edition and not Java (on computer, uses a launcher.) My main issue is importing skins from photos not working. Please fix this devs.
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4 years ago, 3star86
Great app!
I would like to give a few update ideas, 1. Polls, they would be like things you can put asking your followers what type of skin you should make next. 2. Random skin generator, since it’s kind of hard for new creators to get a lot of people to see their skin there should be a button you can press to see a random skin. 3. Live-streams, now before you just look at that word and totally discard the idea here me out. Once you hit like 1000 followers you should be able to live stream your skins if you want. I don’t mean talk and stuff while your making a skin, I mean like if you livestream your skin people can see you in the making of the skin. 4. I think you should add some currency called diamonds (also hear this idea out) every 1000 subs you get you get 1 diamond, you can also donate people diamonds if you want. Every 10 diamonds would be equal to 1 dollar (still listen) this money would only count to being able to buy mine coins, Windows 10, and a Minecraft Java Edition acount. They wouldn’t count as real money so it wouldn’t take anything out of your guyses pockets. That means if you get 275k followers you would be able to buy a Minecraft java edition acount. I think that’s a fair price considering how much follows you would need to get. Thanks if your listening to this and if you are please copy this and also repost it so other people can see this and hopefully the developers can and add one of these ideas
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2 years ago, SiriusBlackRules!!!
The “New Update” and Reviewing Homophobia
I love this app, it works fantastically for creating custom skins and finding them as well. However. The update from 3 months ago came with a huge issue: the reviewing. I understand why and the concept behind it, but I have skins that are completely fine and appropriate but haven’t been reviewed yet. I tried to post one right after the update came out, and it still has not been reviewed or posted. This feature is really annoying as a skin creator who wants to do requests (said skin is a request) but the app just won’t publish it because it either hasn’t been reviewed or is deemed “unsatisfactory” to the skin reviewers’ opinions. The skin that’s causing major difficulty is a requested skin that is a pride cape. Of course, my mind has come up with a few reason of why this skin hasn’t been allowed through, or even reviewed at all. This update caused major hinderance for creators, and is extremely annoying to deal with, so if you intend on installing the app with the idea of being a skin creator, don’t. UPDATE: I tried to post a normal skin, not a pride one, and it was posted within a few days of me sending it in. This brings new concerns, very clearly with homophobia in the reviewing. People from the queer community get enough disrespect and discrimination already, without it infecting a place like Minecraft skin apps. I have a huge issue with this, and I hope someone notices and puts it right. Discrimination is never ok.
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3 years ago, Oh, You nana??
9/10 honestly 😌
I love this app- literally. i got this app when it first came out, i’ve had it on multiple devices and honestly it’s really fun making skins and making new friends. It’s always been a nice place to go when i wanna talk to someone. I do have a few complaints; I’ve been wanting to sell my Kindle fire but i want to continue to change my profile picture to an actual picture- I really hope soon you guys fix it to where you can use a Mobile device & not have it glitch a bunch. ,, Another complaint is that there are no censors for commenting- some of the community has gotten older now (like myself) but have been making inappropriate skins(such as sexual content or racial content) I hope you guys add some speech control for people who like to use the N-word all the time. ,, One more thing is that i would like to see a better content blocker in the future; a lot of people put other people down (just like in any platform) but obviously this is directed to be a kids app, i see a lot of fat shaming and racist people on here. it’d be nice to talk to some friends without having someone spam you about being fat or american. Anyways overall it’s a really nice app and i hope to see more updates soon! (p.s,, if your kid is younger i’d watch them on here.)
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4 years ago, Lucy3547
Good app, needs moderators
I really enjoy the app in total. I’m not a huge fan of Minecraft, but the art styles people make here are amazing. But, when scrolling through the new post page there are some deeply disturbing posts. Such as nude, cussing, and sexual things. If you have moderators looking at the posts I’d be very appreciative. Young children who come on just to mess around shouldn’t be exposed to the things adults see. The blocking system isn’t working well either. I have recently seen very disturbing posts and blocked the creator. I go back on the recents and still see them on there. It would be better if you could block them so they can not see your posts, your channel, and you can’t see their posts, and their channel. But, overall I love the app. Most people are very kind and supportive. Pt.2 I just went into settings. I hope everybody that has this app reads it. In settings you can hide inappropriate content, cussing, etc. But some things I have seen as an adult, I wish people would just keep it to themselves. The posts I’ve seen before adding this filter are perverted and unneeded in such a beautiful community. I still hope that you can add moderators. Thanks for adding this filter.
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3 years ago, MeasleReviews
I mean, the skins and the making is cool. but everytime i enter it flashes. Did it again, flashed again. I tried this for 24 times And ir still flashes. Please fix this. And when I go to Minecraft to use a nostalgic skin, it says, OOPS, THATS NOT A MINECRAFT SKIN SILLY! And the skin was from your app. The skins and the skin making is pretty cool though. I feel like my rating for this app is perfect. And I get ads ALLLLLLL the time. Then in the middle of a like 50 minute ad, I flash, and flash again, and flash again, and flash again. And that was the time I ACTUALLY was able to get in for the first time in forever. I was gonna get this Kawaii dinosaur skin then I got a stupid project makeover ad. And other ads too. 2 stars will fit this. Good skins, but too much ads and so much crashes. And some of the ads are unskippable. I WOULD give it a five star if there wasn’t so much crashes and so much ads. But the skins are really good the people who made these skins are talented. The ads and crashes are really bugging me. So please fix it. These ads are getting in my way and everytime i enter the app it just kicks me out and I can’t edit/find a skin to use for me. Please fix this I would give it a five star if it doesn’t crash as much and if you don’t add so much ads, I would rate it a five star. If you want a lot of ads still, please make them skippable. Thank you and please fix this
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3 years ago, • BunBun YT •
Best Minecraft Skin App Ever! +suggestions
I’ve been using Skinseed for about a year now. I love creating skins, searching for skins in the community, sharing skins, downloading different kinds of skins and wearing them in Minecraft, reading comments on my skins that I shared to the community, posting comments on others’ skins, and so much more. Skinseed is actually one of the best Minecraft Skin Editing apps I’ve ever seen. I just have one suggestion though. Could you maybe please add a feature where users can switch between “Light Mode” and “Dark Mode” in their Settings if you haven’t already added that feature? I’m not a doctor or scientist, but I think this feature is important to have, because everyone’s eyes are different. A user who uses Light Mode a lot can hurt their eyesight if they had no choice but to use Dark Mode. A user who uses Dark Mode a lot can hurt their eyesight if they had no choice but to use Light Mode. That’s why I think it’s important to have the option to switch between the two modes. Other than that, Skinseed is amazing so thank you for creating it! Thanks for reading, and have a good day/night. ❤️ Review written by: New Moon Animations
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4 years ago, Katiecupcak
Needs a few tweaks.
Ok, so let me start off by saying that your app is great. I love being able to get skins and create my own. But a have a few ideas for things you could make better. First of all, the reporting system. There are so many skins that people have made that are SUPER inappropriate. There is also swearing in almost all the comments. Could you at least blur them out? There are so many little kids that use your app, and imagine if they saw these things! Next, remove links! People put inappropriate websites, face reveals, swearing, and more things that I would not like to discuss. Maybe even remove the comments section. I hate when people will say things like “Hey! Check out my skins or _______ will be in your bed tonight!” Or when people have arguments and start swearing. Lastly, you know how you can see all the skins you’ve liked in your profile? Could you make it so you could see all the things you’ve commented on? I hope you can remove these things, I bet a lot more people will download your app!
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6 years ago, Minuet Hills
Pretty good but I wish the game would load
Okay so I just downloaded this game and I was all like “Yay this will be amazing” and I opened the game and it looked awesome and I tried to open everything and each time it said unknown error and today I tried again on everything unknown error again and I tried to search skins and got that I “didn’t use the right format” and I even searched something that I knew was right and it didn’t work so I’m pretty sure it was just another unknown error 😞😒 I even tried importing my own photos that I knew would work it said it wasn’t the right format but the basic idea of the game is great but I wish I could do something besides just make the skins myself or import them from a website I’ve only had this for not even a whole day yet and it’s already getting annoying please fix this ps. I even tried to make an account and it said unknown error PLEASE 😩 fix this so I can play this game properly if it works I’ll give it 5 stars but for now I’m sticking with 3 just please fix this and I’ll be very happy sorry this was so long but I just had to let you know please write me back when you can try to fix this
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5 years ago, Anonymous User 😺
I love this game, but....oh god.
Dear the developer of Skinseed, I absolutely LOVE this game!! I've made me wearing cute sweaters and my fav, a Dino onesie!!! It's just that, some of the people in the community (not naming names) are quite dirty with their language and with posting inappropriate pictures and drawings on their skins. I know that you've recently updated, but I want you to either fix SkinseedBot again to censor the disgusting images for every users' eyes (including mine, it was not a pleasant view), or to track down every user who posted something rude that made the people angry and SUSPEND THEM FOR GOOD. You should add a friendly disappointed message to the suspended users like, ' "Hello ______. You have been suspended from the app because of the following, _______. It would be for the best if you stop using our app once and for all. You've had plenty of time to clean up your act but alas, time's out. It's still time to clean up your life. Thank you for buying our app etc." ' Hopefully my message has done you well. Thank you, Anonymous User 😺
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4 years ago, TheEmster3000
The freezing!
I really like the Skinseed app! It’s helpful and it works well! I have some problems but there are also good things, too! Problem #1: The freezing. When I go to edit / make a skin I get to do a little bit before it freezes! And it’s not just for like a minute. I had to delete the app and restart everything cause it won’t even let me leave. I mean I can go to home but it won’t let me leave editing! If I go to home then back it will let me interact for like 2 seconds and in those two seconds I can’t leave! Problem #2: “Comments”. Every skin that someone posts you can comment freely. It seems nice but some people swear and bully. I mean you can say something nice like “ Oh I love you skin! 💕!” But still a lot of people swear and criticize skins! I would recommend filters or if the creator is seeing to much hate they can add a feature witch can let a skin maker turn off comments. I love the app though and if you can fix the freezing then I will make this rating better!
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5 years ago, Ultra Creeper
Best skin app
This is the best app for Minecraft skins. First, the commenting system is really good and functional but, the moderators should at least censor the curse words. I think when someone's being "rude" it just helps the creator. Banning inappropriate skins should be considered too. Second, I like that you are able to make an unlimited amount of skins, unlike many others, without being charged. Third, woof. Fourth, the simplicity of creating, naming, uploading and/or posting is awesome. Creating and uploading skin packs is pretty cool and simple too. Fifth, taking someone else's skin and making it into your own custom skin is very cool, and I have gone through at least four skin creators, and works quite well. The fact that there's a community is cool and allows us to get more inspired. If a liking and disliking or rating system developed, that would be very much appreciated. And the last thing I'm gonna say is, play more Minecraft, I want Mojang back, and sub 2 pewd.
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4 years ago, ・Hot Choclate Edits・
four stars ⭐️ there is some problems
okay so i gave this app four stars, why? well yeah, i’ll tell you and maybe this can help you decide to get the app or something. alright, now to the point, this app is really great, its an app where you can make skins share them with community's, advertise, and more! which is great and all, but we all know not all people are gonna be super mature and nice on skinseed, what do i mean by that? well, this app is rated 4+ which means 4 year olds can play it, but i think it shouldn’t be like that, why? well first of all, people on the internet can be mean, and with a platform like skinseed you can basically say anything to anyone, and little kids could give out personal info to hackers or little kids could get really scared from people being mean on here, which is pretty often sadly, and the worst thing is people are doing weird roleplays on this app where they like make out with each other and its gross.. also lately this app has been having really slow connection! and its not my connection because every other app has good connection and well, yeah. so yeah, it started pretty recently too, so yeah.. idk! but its pretty annoying tbh, also i hope the skinseed people see this so they can maybe change it to 12+ and try to fix glitches, also i realize that skinseed is trying to take down all the inappropriate content but yeah, there is a lot so don’t send them hate and stuff, okay, bye!
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3 years ago, killapurnz
Really Great App!
Okay so this app I love the most, I made my dream skin it’s completely free you can do it offline, creat your own skin like wow it even works on java! Just submit to MCPE it should take the skin on your photo gallery then plug your charger to your pc then go to McJava launcher hit skins then search on browser it should take you on your files then select this pc or whatever you can find your phone file then double click the first file that pops up about two times or three depending on what laptop or pc you have the find your photo that you saved in your gallery before (if you can’t find it wait for a while to load) the hit select photo then it should be loading now you can only select your skin online or load it online then you can turn off your WiFi then it’ll still work!! I love this app so much I’m sorry for miss wording or spelling lol I’m rushing here, Using: Phone: IPhone 6s Laptop: windows 10
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2 years ago, Gabzu_exe
I got a few words to say, so please listen
I appreciate your efforts that you guys do to get rid of the horrible the things created by the bad side of the community, and it’s actually effective. I mean, there’s no nudity, racism, pornography, etc. in the recent tabs. But with that, it creates a few problems. The obvious problem? Having the skins manually approved. Some users get really impatient with it, and I bet that approving skins manually might be difficult as well. But that’s not the main reason why I’m writing this review. I’m actually writing this because I have an idea to add. What if you add an option where users can see the submitted skins. And maybe it can show which skins have been approved and which skins have been rejected by the moderator! I am saying this because I have this skin that I submitted it for review a few days ago. It isn’t inappropriate or anything, it’s just a black and red dress with a black jacket on and high heels. The outfit I created is based one of the user’s skin, so I made sure to credit them. But the skin I made haven’t been on my page after a few hours, so I waited the next day. But it still wasn’t there, so I resubmit it like a few more times within the past few days. So to add to the idea I proposed, when the skin gets rejected, maybe moderator need to add a reason to why the skin got rejected.
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4 years ago, kingjoshua2k
Great App for Skins.
This app is nice for skins and all but the bad thing about this app is the amount of annoying advertisements people basically are when you post a skin and the fact people post skins you made by just taking the skin and changing one little feature and don’t even credit the original owner. I think features should be added that can only people to download skins but cannot upload that skin without permission or copy anything from that skin and be able to paste it onto other. I also think it’d be a good idea if there were folders or like albums for the Wardrobe so that it could be easy to sort and store skins and actually be able to edit them without them always going up to the top of the Wardrobe and having to drag it back down to make it line up how you want it to. I believe this is a good idea and it’d be really nice to have as a future update. Thank you for a good Minecraft Skin App, nonetheless.
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5 years ago, roblox user maggie peanut
Great app, but fix some things
First of all I really love Skinseed it is a great app for making my skins, but I have a few recommendations for this app. There should be a copy all button because it’s annoying to get a base and have to find every little piece and paste it in the correct spot, second I really think there should be a disable comments button and/or a block button because sometimes people are being really annoying and mean to creators as well as Inappropriate, lastly I think that moderators should have to see the skins before they are posted, like you press the share to community button and it says sending to moderators, will be posted shortly so that all Inappropriate skins won’t be posted and as soon as you get an Inappropriate skin the creator would get a notification saying the skin you posted (skin name) was Inappropriate please edit the skin before posting again. That is basically it, I love Skinseed and I hope that you add my recommendations. 🥳
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4 years ago, StarDoritos
Great App! But a few things to address
This app is great I Love it! I found someone realistic skins that I would never find anywhere else! But people are swearing a lot in the comments and it’s not good. I also kinda don’t like how there are base like they have the outfit but no head or arms or legs. I mean it’s creative to like let people there own, but sometimes you kinda just want to just have they fully done. But this app is really good! I would highly recommend getting this app besides the swearing. The base part is my opinion. Also the thing that is really is that. There are ads like on everything you click! I mean I’ll expect some ads but then, I don’t want ads on everything! It just makes people annoyed and anyone even want make/export skins anymore. I’ll give this app a 4 star because of the swearing and the ads. But if you don’t like getting bullied or people swearing or their being to many ads don’t get this app. But I otherwise I would get this app!
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5 years ago, TheSecretGirl101
Pros and Cons Like Any App
I’d say that this is the go-to place for Minecraft skins. It has a great community and layout, with easy access to practically any skin you want. You can make as many skins as you want for free, and you can create a profile people can come to if they want skins. I’ve had this app for about three years, and it has changed over time to become better. But, of course, there are cons. If you are a parent, I suggest checking the settings and putting some restrictions. There are some inappropriate stuff on, but the curators are taking good care of that stuff. There are also swear words, which some parents may not like. With the restrictions in the ••• menu, you can enable the app to block skins with bad words. You don’t even have to create a profile, unless you want to like, comment on, and/or post skins. Overall, it’s a great app, with an ongoing community of great people. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for great Minecraft skins.
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11 months ago, OlyaCat
Its Great!!!✨
I love making skins even though i don't have an account, i wish there were no chats or comments thought. Because there is it sort of makes it like social media, a deadly place to be in, so i just refuse to get a account, sure my review wont change anything but whateves. I really like how the developers decided to do the Review thing, i haven’t published anything but it came up in a news thing it sound safe. Also yeah there are ads but i dont mind they are really quick and i can skip them within 5 seconds. Sure no ads would be nice buuuut im not willing to pay $2.99 for an app i wont actually sign in to.(there is a payed Skinseed,the red one) honestly i love love love the skins, I usually make skins and i love how when i use them on servers on Minecraft people can actually see my skin unlike my bro who uses Minecraft already made skin astronaut and u cant see it all u see is some random character, so shout out for the developers to make that work!!😁 IMPORTANT UPDATE: when we creat skins from scratch, lets say we use the base skin from skinseed, why can’t we have an option for 128x128? It would be nice not having to look for a base already made by someone else and then erase everything and make what u want to make. Like maybe you can have a question go like “would you like 128x128 or 68x68” or whatever type of thing. Otherwise GREAT app, 😁✨✌🏻. Kindly, me.
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4 years ago, 1life :)
Pretty good.. but there are bad parts to it.
I personally really like this app, but there are some more negative sides to it. To make it easy on me and the people reading this here are some pros/cons! Pros: - the layout for making skins is (in my opinion) very easy to use and well made. - you can make both 128x128 pixel skins and 64x64 skins. - you can see different styles of skins to inspire you, and you can download any skin you want to play with in Minecraft! - I actually use some of the skins I make in game and it has always worked for me and my friends that use my skins. Cons: - there is cursing and sometimes inappropriate pictures and names in the app but you can stay on a cleaner side of the app to try to stay away from it. - a lot of people copy other people’s skins and can easily get away with it.... - like anything people will put you and (if you make skins) down and say mean stuff. My main problem- It is very hard for some creators to get big even though their skins are amazing. Skinseed does do “creators on the rise” to highlight some creators that have usually 100-1,000 followers but to get up to even 50 followers can be very hard and take a long time. (Maybe make rising creator thing to highlight smaller creators??) Anyway I hope this helped! If you want to use it just try to stay on the clean side and don’t focus on mean comments!
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5 years ago, Glitterglue5
Ok so this app as amazing, its completely free, and you can make the BEST skins. The only problem is, there is a lot of people acting way to mature for this app. It has gotten very bad. There is millions of skins that have a bed on it, with the title saying- Wanna? There is also a lot of cussing and a lot of people are mentioning politics a lot. People are also using this app for popularity. I know over half the people on here don’t play Minecraft at all. This app is a kids game for kids to make skins for Minecraft, instead it has turned into a very mature social media. I remember first getting Skinseed and it was very calm and kid friendly. I took a break for a little while and when I come back on Skinseed there is cussing in the title, description, or the comments and almost every skin is way to mature and inappropriate for children. Can you please make these things stop Skinseed! Like finding all of the inappropriate creeps and banning them or something. This app has gone from cute Minecraft app to scaring kids if they are not careful. Help Skinseed!!
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6 years ago, everyday honest 21
Someone was NAKED! Find out what I did here....
I went onto Minecraft one day. As usual I go to Mineplex, and then Cake wars. To my surprise I looked at a guy on my team. HE WAS NAKED! Um, boy body parts showing... I gagged and typed “Put some pants on!” Thank god he did. I’m just saying... you should fix the very weird skins... or block them. Oh, and Game Developers please don’t send me an Email saying “Thanks for the feedback” and crap. I think its creepy, for I gave my info to download this game and your using it to send me an Email. How do I know your not hackers? Anyway I’m sure your “thankful” for others feedback but your not going to want to hear the truth about your app. Some of the skins are cute and I enjoy making them but really... you need to fix this hack, for there may be 10 year olds and younger playing and looking at these naked skins. I hate these skins. Fix them. If you can because the Game Developers need to fix how they think people are gonna have FUN looking and making weird skins. The age rating is 4 and up. WHAT A RIP OFF THE SKINS ARE SO WEIRD! I JUST WANNA 🤼‍♀️ THE GAME DEV FOR DOING THIS! FIX IT! MAKE THE GAME GET A LIFE! IM SORRY FOR MY ANGRYNESS.
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2 years ago, NyanPoptart2000
Barely worth it
I’ve had Skinseed for a few years now. Not because I like it, but out of pure necessity. Throughout my time on it, it has continued to be a frustrating and deeply unsettling experience. The only thing it’s good for is editing skins, which there are other applications for. However, it barely even does this right. The app drains battery power faster than actual Minecraft, it’s controls are confusing, and the app crashes somewhat regularly. Venturing anywhere into the community past the popular tab is bound to be an unpleasant experience. NSFW and hate speech are common to see on the recent tab. I understand that it’s difficult to automate moderation for a platform that shares art, but some of these post are so blunt with what they’re trying to get across. Even banning simple words or phrases would help. Not to mention that some of these posts are old. Posts made a few hours ago are just a few scrolls down the page. Even having just ONE moderator would stop there from being anime honkers from showing up on some kids ipad. By god, please just fix your app.
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5 years ago, DaLivingIceCream
Hey, I think this is a pretty great app and all, but I have some problems. 1. Skinseeders are saying bad words on an app for like, what, 4+? I’m 16 and using my little sisters I pad. It is my job to go through her iPad and make sure she isn’t doing anything bad, and sometimes people swear on her skins. I would like you to restrict swearing, please, for the sake of the children. 2.i hate adds. I mean, why do skinseeders even post adds? Don’t force people to follow or like your skins, and it’s just sooo annoying! No one cares about liking your skin! 3. This one is for me. On my phone, I have this app to make sure my little sister is behaving on it when I’m not checking her iPad. I have some friends that have wanted to text me on skinseed messenger, but for some reason, the app store won’t let me get the app. So I was just wondering, could you add in DMs?? Like, so you can make group chats and stuff? Ty I completely understand if you don’t fix this, but please, at least try to make this app a little better? If you use one of these, I will rate your app 5 stars ( not that it matters, considering you already have a star rating of 4.1 )
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2 years ago, Emflo1087
AMAZING app, but…
This is seriously the ONLY app that actually works properly when it comes to Minecraft skins. Heck, they let you go above and beyond by allowing you to post them! AND comment on others! AND allow you to make skins with more pixels than usual, which most other(crappy) skin apps could never compute with!! Plus, I love that there’s only unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen and basically all features are available without needing to pay. One problem… PLEASE make the video ads automatically muted, I was scrolling through skins in silence for a while until I hear “SHAYU, AT YOUR SERVICE” RIGHT IN MY EARS AT FULL VOLUME, AND HOLY CRAP THAT SCARED ME 😭😭 I also get this “parasite” minecraft mod ad a lot that also plays audio when you scroll past it, and it involved lots of screaming. So yea, I know it’s petty, but just please automatically mute the ads 💀
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5 years ago, ...anonymous...QUEEN👸🏽
Great app, needs a lot of worl
Ever since I’ve gotten the app, it’s only gotten better and easier to use. I love the editor screen and the community setup. I have some complaints though. 1) the theft is ridiculous. People constantly steal with little to no consequences. Nobody respects other people’s artwork. Reporting often does nothing. 2) most of the community just reposts from other people. The entire recents page is unoriginal reposts. 3) people can basically say whatever they want. There are plenty of racist trolls who use the app to “trigger” people. It’s aggravating. 5) the credit button can only give credit to one person, and that person is whoever it was downloaded from. It’s easy to lose track of the original maker when everybody’s credit box says something different. 6) People disappear from your feed in a matter of days. If you don’t post at least once a week or so, people can no longer see your skins on their feed unless they visit your account. This is really annoying because it makes no sense to expect someone to upload that much, and you won’t be able to see content from the people you follow as easily. 7) there are certain users on the app that will make thousands of fake accounts for likes and follows. It’s so aggravating that they can just create all these bs accounts and become the most popular skinners. Overall I think the app desperately needs moderators and should fix a few annoying pieces.
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4 years ago, app reviewer 29
Everything is amazing expect that one thing
What I really like about this app is that there is a wide variety of skins to choose and their also organized and not mess up . I also love that you can create your own skin which is so much fun in my opinion. You can also make friends in this which is a little bit odd since I’m only here to find and make skins , but is good . But there is that one thing that really bugs me which also makes this app not perfect is the comments . I don’t like that people can judge your skin because not everyone is nice on this Earth and can hurt other people feelings. What I also found out is that you can edit other people skins and making it as your own skin which I found it very rude . Over all I think this is the best app for your Minecraft skins since you have so many options of skins or you can make your own . I give this app a 9.3 out of 10 , amazing.
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2 years ago, Duck_Lover18
Really fun but I can’t post
I really love this app and how you can create and discover Minecraft skin from across the world. My only problem, I can’t post. It was fine at first, I was posting skins and everything was okay. But one day I tried to post a skin, it never posted. I tried multiple times but it just never did. I thought it was just the skin, so I started working on a new one. After I was done with that skin I tried posting, it wouldn’t post. I tried posting even more skins, but none of them would post. This is over the expanse of a month and I’m still not able to post. I would really appreciate if you could fix this so I am able to post skins again in the future as I liked being able to share my own skins with so many others. Anyways if anyone ever gets around to reading this, I recommend this app if you like creating Minecraft skins. I just hope what happened to me doesn’t happen to you.
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5 years ago, ~***Kitten***~
Couple things, overall good app
Don’t get me wrong, this is a really good app. It just, idk if this is just me, that I have to keep constantly exporting the skins I want to pe, because after awhile they stop working? Like, when I go to change the skin, I’ll tap the picture and the little thing will pop up, but it’s invisible. And it doesn’t show up when you select the skin, it’ll just keep the skin you had previously on. Which I guess wouldn’t be THAT bad, but you have to watch an ad Every. Single. Time you save/export it. I can deal with some ads, that’s understandable, it’s just every single time can get annoying. Also, you REALLY need some more child safe precautions here. I haven’t seen anything really bad yet, but in other reviews I’ve seen, it can get bad. Maybe also add in a way so where you can report stuff? It’s mostly children that will use this app, so please pay more attention to that. It’s a really big issue. But, besides that, this is a really good app
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6 years ago, taytay33_
My Opinion
I really loved this app, I’ve had it ever since before the community was a thing. When the community became a thing I was one of the first people to get an account. I was never really followed by people surprisingly tho because I didn’t use promos and clickbait, you have communities that like porn and crap and it’s disgusting. You have hate accounts, people who brain wash others, and just a bunch of messed up people on there. I made absolutely AMAZING friends on there but soon...we all just floated away...things got messy and...that’s why so many people are leaving. NOTHING on this app is regulated at all, at least by real people. So this app is completely out of hand. It should go back to where it used to be except you can still contribute skins and REGULATE THOSE SAID SKINS. You need to fix the bugs, get real people to regulate your app (this will also help the economy by creating more jobs), and you need to actually listen to people. You haven’t made updates to improve this app either so what’s the point of this app?
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2 weeks ago, omg u are amazing
Good, but needs to fix this
I like this app, a LOT. you don’t have to buy skins on Minecraft with money and you can just download some skins on this app or make your own. But one thing that has been bothering me lately, is that only YOU can see your skin, I was playing with some friends and they said. “Why are you Steve?” I was very confused, my skin was not Steve but it was a girl from genshin impact with glasses. This problem also happened to my sibling when he used this app. He used a skin as duo lingo, and guess what? I couldn’t see his duo lingo skin, instead I saw Steve. You guys seriously need to fix this, as I also want others to see my skin. Not just myself, please consider fixing this as it has been bothering me and a few other people. I love this app, but it has a lot of bus, if you want to wear a skin that YOU and OTHERS can see. I suggest you to not download this app.
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6 years ago, Loivia
It’s okay...
I’ve loved this game for a long time. It gives you full creative control, and has a large ‘recent colour’ section so you don’t have to colour drop. It has multiple layers, it’s easy to use, and all in all, I love it. A few things are a tad annoying though. As I’m sure many have stated, there is adult content in this app. I’d consider asking for an age range, and blocking that out naturally, depending on the age. Or maybe adding to the age limit. I don’t mind what you do, as I personally don’t run into the ‘porno’ skins a lot. I mostly make skins on Skinseed rather than look for other people’s. Which is great, I love the creative control I have, but recently I haven’t been able to use my skins? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t have any updates, I’ve restarted my phone, I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app and nothing has work. Apparently they’re corrupted skins. I don’t know if this has to do with the app or not, but please look into it, perhaps the compatibility changed or something. It’s just a tad annoying when I make skins and I can’t even use them. I spend hours making them and it feels wasted. This game is still amazing nonetheless. They even allow you to make it look less amateur by having a water drop effect, which gives it more texture. It’s an amazing app and I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, luner 3clyps
Great, just wish I could still use it.
So I recently started playing Minecraft again and I used to use this app a lot before I stopped. When I used to use it, it would give me only one add once I clicked “export” and then I could use it on Minecraft- but now when I click export, it gives me a million adds- it literally doesn’t even let me click “export to Minecraft.” To sum it up, it won’t let me even use the app for what it’s intended for. I would recommend it around a year ago, but now I’m just being bombarded with adds every time I want a skin, and every time I actually click export, it gives me another add until I finally just give up. The only reason I gave this a three-star rating is because of how many amazing skin creators are on here, and I used to really like using their skins. Anyways, thanks for reading my mini-rant, I usually don’t even review apps but I thought at least some stranger on the internet should know about this lol.
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6 years ago, The surfing unicorn
Look this is good for skins on Minecraft but.... There is lots of racist skins and inappropriate ones. When giving this choice to users they do have a choice to make skins that might be R rated. And there is many skins that can make that player revealing. Many users try to make "hot" skins. Craft it's not about having a good looking skin Minecraft is for creativity and it sometimes a social games not supposed to be a game where you "hook up".And most of the skins on the popular page are not skins at all some just say click on edit to see something funny or like if you love animals they are not even skins. And they’re is some that say God is not real and that’s rude to people who are Christians and believe in God and if you believe it keep it to yourself. AnywayA great way to find skins and just for all the new users out there just stay away from those skins. Sincerely the one that complains a lot
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7 years ago, Swifty😉
I love skinseed! I've made so many new friends on this app and it's a great way to make and find minecraft skins. There are three things that I wish could happen. First off I wish I could follow more than 5,000 people. I have a following all account and I hate that I have to stop following. The other thing I wish could happen is you could see who downloads your skins. I would love to know who is using my bases or editing my skins. You can see who follows you, likes or comments on your skins, and even when you are mentioned in a comment. Why can't we see who downloaded our skins. This would make finding a skin thief much easier. One last thing is I hope you can fix the current bugs that are not allowing skinseed to load. It's quite annoying when it doesn't load and I have to stop and wait for five minutes. ~Mr_Farmer
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5 years ago, Browns Music
Things that we need I this game
Don't get me wrong I live this game!But some things could be added...For example people who have been on this game longer used to have r skinseed messenger and was able to make their profile pictures of something the found on the internet or had on their phone, while people who are new to the app aren't given the chance to do this. When you edit your profile you should also be given a "photos" option so new people have the ability to change their profile picture however they want. We should also be able to like comments, this would help us figure out which comments help us with a skin. I'm hoping that at least the profile picture update will be met eventually, or maybe at least bring skinseed messenger back to all types of phones,tablets, and computers. Thank you.
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4 years ago, AnaSorn
User friendly app for beginners but not PC friendly
I love this app because you can have skin, hair, face, and clothes bases that you can easily copy and paste to combine skins. It’s very easy to use even on the phone and isn’t too crowded and over complicated while still giving enough utilities. Buttttttt I really wish it was more PC friendly. I have MC bedrock on the laptop, and I can barley use these skins because anything that is “transparent” just shows up as white, which means I have to go into a separate skin making software to delete all the white spots. Plus the photo/export of the skin comes out so blurry and you can see the smurring of the colors on the skin. I would recommend that the app add different export features, such as saving them as files rather than jpeg images. I also wish there was a feature to copy and paste EVERYTHING on a skin (including the sides of arms and stuff), because that would save a lot of time.
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4 years ago, Sgt. Zman101010
Attention: App is crashing every time
On both this version and pro version the app crashes every time I try to launch it. Now I have an iPhone 8+ that is not really old so I don’t see why my phone would be the issue. However this appears to be a one of those rare chance bugs. Also deleting the app and reinstalling it does not seem to fix the issue, nor does restarting your phone. I don’t know if this bug is happening to everyone or just certain people but please FIX AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! A bug like this prevents people from using your app, which is something you definitely don’t want and neither the people using it. So because of this bug me and possibly other people or maybe everyone can’t use it. If anyone is gonna reinstall or get this app or the pro version I hope it works for you.
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4 years ago, Chuca bibo
Horrible, please read.
Okay this app has great skins and you can easily edit and make skins. It’s not the performance of this app, but it’s the content. People on this app are constantly stealing other people’s skins and taking them as their own. I know that’s not a big deal but it gets worse. People are constantly posting inappropriate skins with descriptions that have inappropriate content. The skins themselves include pictures that are inappropriate. People have learned how to insert an actual picture on the skin. Little kids on this app could come across anything. But there’s more to this app than stealing and inappropriate content. People are constantly getting harassed and made fun of for different reasons. Arguments fill people’s skins. People’s pride is hurt and this is causing the whole skinseed community to break. Everyone at this point has dealt with people harassing them “exposing” them for nothing. On another note, people are getting their accounts hacked. Similar to that, people are making fake accounts for fake likes, fake followers, fake exposures, etc. Do you want our children to be exposed to certain content? Do you want young ones to have miserable lives? If not then I suggest to not get this app. I am only 12 years old and I have seen CRAZY things. I’ve had to ask my parents so many questions and they didn’t even know how I got those questions. If you are young please, I can’t stress this enough, do NOT get this app.
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3 years ago, Cool Cat 697
Great app! But I look like a Steve.
The app is super good. It’s so easy to find a skin and one I like. When I was young I chose a skin that would be mine forever but that’s not the point 🤨. The problem is that I would show my friends what my skin looks like but every time, it’s like my skin is a Steve 🤔. If they actually joined my world and saw me I looked like a plain Steve skin even though I swear I chose the skin in settings 😳. The weird thing though is that on my screen i looked totally like the skin I chose. I didn’t look like a plain normal Steve on my iPad. I looked just like the skin but on my friend’s devices I just looked like a plain normal Steve. If you guys know what’s going on or what the glitch is I’ll be all ears 😄😄😄. Still tho it’s a great app. I just wanna show off and show them my skin.
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7 years ago, Courtrysweet918
Amazing! But...
This app is truly a great app for getting skins for MC. I totally recommend it but the only things that bother me is... People who are racist and do rants about stupid things: I've seen rants about babys and people with orange colored skin. This is off of topic but i'm a Christian and ive seen people make skins about, "GOD IS NOT REAL!!!" I get they have their own opinion but if it's something like that just keep it to yourself. Porners: People on this app tend to post inappropriate subjects or do inappropriate things. I've seen people, u know... do "it" and other creepy things. In my opinion i'm fine with online dating on this app as i have done it before. Skins on pop page that aren't even skins: So there is something on Community that is considered a Pop page where popular "skins" go. All that i see on it is "Like if you like dogs" or "Press edit to see something hot" And the things that are actually skins on there, the people actually care about other people and not just being popular. (Last thing) Adds: There are way to many adds then there should be. If they did an update where there were not as many adds, this would be a 5 star app. Other than those things i would totally recommend this app for anyone that needs skins! ❤️❤️ ~Lizzie👑🍃
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3 years ago, 6719eddies
Great app!
This is a really cool and creative app. Hi I like this app a lot I use it daily but I had a few things I wish were in the app 1. Is that I would like to privately talk to people on the app. Like you could even make a spot like how you did with the wardrobe and liked skins and so on you could make one that’s called Friends so you can easily get to your friends accounts and talk to them easier. 2. It would be nice if you were on iPod like I am that you could upload a picture from photos on to a skin that you we’re making or somthing. I think that’s it but I hope my ideas helped and maybe you could add them idk it’s totally up to SS but I hope u will consider them. But overall I really enjoy this game I still use it till this day but ya thankyou.
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6 years ago, Awesome boy52
Good... but bring back old edit
I love Skinseed. Honestly. It’s a great app for creating skins to represent you. However, after this “big update”, I do not think that it helped. I suggest you should make it easier to edit/create skins. I actually find it more difficult to create skins now. Some of these difficulties being; -Having to select a body part through the “edit” function. What I mean is you now have to select a body part through a scroll, instead of just tapping the body part, and selecting the area. -Being able to edit immediately once tapping the “edit” function. This I have trouble with often, when I accidentally drag my finger across the front and it ends up ruining the front of my skin. This app is great, and I 100% recommend this app for skin creation. Though there are problems, all in all, it’s a great app.
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4 years ago, HermioneGKtM12
Come on Skinseed!
Okay, I love Skinseed. It’s my favorite app. I play it more than I play Minecraft itself. The only problems I have are these: A lot of people on the app are jerks. I just found out that someone stole my most popular skin that I posted. When I asked them to give credit to me, they deleted my comment and blocked me. On my other accounts I reported “their” skin an insane amount of times, but Skinseed has done nothing about it, which really pisses me off. In addition, many people curse on the app. It’s a kids app! Why do you have to curse?!?! People also are really sexist and homophobic. Also, there used to be an app that let you change your profile pic in Skinseed to an actual picture called Skinseed Messenger. It was taken off the App Store and now there isn’t a way to make your profile pic a real picture. To the creators of Skinseed: please make there be a way to do this either in the app itself or bring back Skinseed Messenger. That’s pretty much it. I would’ve given it five stars or at least four if Skinseed would do something about my skin that was stolen, but I’ve been trying for a week now to make them do something about it and nothing has been done. Edit: I went down a star since still nothing has been done for about 2 freaking months. Seriously, Skinseed? Do something about it! Edit once again: yeah, skinseed’s the worst at responding to reports on the app or any complaints. ITS BEEN AT LEAST 4 MONTHS JESUS SKINSEED!
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4 years ago, iivi0l3t
Gone Downhill
Skinseed has always had some downs in the community (inappropriate skins, hate and bullying, stealing skins, etc.), but ever since I re-downloaded it a little while back it looks like it has gotten worse. The moderation needs to be fixed. There are way more inappropriate skins compared to back then, and the moderation is more nonexistent now than it was before. After coming back to the app after years, some aspects I loved about the community back then have disappeared, but I believe that’s more on the end of people moving on from the app itself. Talking about the actual features of the app, once you learn how to shade and all that, it’s pretty fun to go crazy and make whatever skins you want for you to play as. I’m not as much of a fan of the newer skin-making interface, but I’ve gotten used to it. The 128x128 skins I see posted everywhere are nice, but when searching for specific things, I never get any 64x64 skins to show up, even when I use the filter. I used to be able to find what I need, but now I can never find any more 64x64 (I prefer it more than 128x128) skins or bases that I would’ve been able to find before 128x128 was added. I’m not sure if that’s a search/filter problem or things being deleted but it’d be nice if something could be done about that.
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4 years ago, BATTLE NUB.
This needs to stop.
I like this app a lot, but ever since 128x HD skins were added I started to avoid interaction with the rest of the community. People started to copy and paste pornographic images onto the skins, or have really rude headings on skins and even links to things like websites no one wants to go to in the description. Please moderate the skins more, and maybe add more SkinSeed bots because one is definitely not enough, and add a filter that can detect this type of stuff? And this app started crashing a lot for people including me which is another reason I stopped using it as much as I really want to. And it’s not my device because I have a fairly new device that I use and barely has anything on it. So please fix these things, fix the Alex skins and then this app will no longer be my least favorite place to find a skin.
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5 years ago, The 'G' Girl
i was going to try and email you guys about this, but it seems that feature is also broken. this app is great and i love making skins, but there is a bug with it. whenever im making skins, the app ‘freezes’ and i am unable to use it so i have to close it and reopen it and it makes it challenging to make skins. the thing is, this happens every three minutes, its real annoying and almost literally impossible for me to do anything at all. i use skinseed on an iphone 6, is that the problem? i also have a request, if this is possible; could you guys add the ability to import 128x128 skins like you can with 64x64? (I forgot to mention when I last wrote this, it doesn’t only freeze while I’m making skins, but it ALSO freezes while im browsing the community page, it happens when I do anything.)
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6 years ago, Activeboiler3001
Good app! But...
First of all, good job! This is the first app I got that actually lets me A, look for good skins from good skin makers, and B, let’s me make my own skin for free! And I would give this rating five stars if it wasn’t for one problem. I absolutely HATE it when people keep asking for likes! I only make skins for fun, and if someone out there actually wants a skin of The Winged Beast (one of my recent skins). Don’t get me wrong, I do like it when people like or download one of my skins; it means that their enjoying my skins! But, I’m not okay with “follows for follows” or “Like my skin and I’ll like yours!” I believe Skinseed is about a community looking for quality skins, and giving positive feedback from said skins. If you could do something that can filter out the like hungry skins (and also vulgar hate comments), I believe that Skinseed will become a great app again!
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2 years ago, sqndcolor
this app is legit, literally. it’s easy to use, and simple to export skins to minecraft. i’m pleased that there are two formats— 64x and 128x. i’ve been using the app for quite some time, and i understand that there is a new moderation system, which is a pain. unfortunately, many of my favorite skin makers are unable to post due to this update. anyway, i have a great suggestion. most players in minecraft use 3D skins. there’s other formats like 4D and 5D, which i would love to be able to use in skinseed! i’d want perhaps cape templates to be able to use and create from, as well ad 4D horns, cat ears, dragon wings, angel halo, et cetera to add to a character. i’m hoping to upload these features on skins as skin packs in minecraft. i truly hope you read, but you most likely won’t…
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