Skoove: Learn to Play Piano

4.6 (16.5K)
251.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Learnfield GmbH
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Skoove: Learn to Play Piano

4.57 out of 5
16.5K Ratings
1 year ago, 00JaneBlonde
Excellent learning app
This is a really nice, thoughtfully designed app. The structured lessons give great guidance, but you aren’t locked into or out of any material. What I really like is the number and variety of technique exercises which are included; there are lessons on hand independence, a variety of scales, finger agility and articulation. The song selection is nice, and well-categorized by skill level, but IMO it’s the exercises which really set Skoove apart from other apps in this niche. The lesson plan uses simplified versions of songs to introduce music theory concepts. More focused practice on those concepts can usually be found in the technique exercises. The lesson structure also gives you guidance on HOW to learn that will last beyond the app; practice each hand separately, then put them together, then slowly build your speed. It builds good habits without being pushy about it. I went through the free trial period of a couple other apps, and have used a method book, but switched to Skoove. I started out with the three-month membership, but recently upgraded to a year subscription; IMO, this app is worth paying money for. I’ve put roughly 150–200 hours of practice in with this app, and still haven’t reached the end of the content; there are whole courses I haven’t touched yet. Recommended!
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4 months ago, budgeting family
Great for child on the spectrum!
My 9 year old autistic son loves the piano, but he struggles with focus during in-person lessons. This app is a great compromise for learning how to use all of his fingers correctly and gives him short bursts of lessons. We have run into issues in the Long and Short Notes (lesson 3 in rock hard and note values). The app is not registering that we are holding down the key for the expected time. We tried on different devices and updated all systems. It was frustrating for me as an adult, so my son did unfortunately have a meltdown. I skipped the lesson and it worked correctly for playing the song. Other than that, I’m impressed!
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1 year ago, BonnieBruise
Who's writing these reviews??
As someone who is intermediate (sheetless) and practices piano daily, this app is useless to me. I originally hoped it would help me learn to read sheet music, but it's frustrating to try to use if you don't know sheet music. If you want it to learn songs, forget it. The finger placement previews on a lot of double handed songs thoughtlessly block the keys from sight making you guess what keys are being hit if you can't read notes. If you have a specific song in mind- you'll need to tediously scroll through 3 placement levels to find it. There's no search methods for specific songs. The notes sound sharp and cheap like a toy piano which gets annoying after guessing keys incorrectly and the narrators voice is also sharp and annoying. This app was not for me which is unfortunate because I spent money on it hoping it would be good since there's no available tutorial option. My genuine feedback is to give people a tutorial so they're not upset and feel inclined to leave bad reviews warning people about to spend money. Please have search & narrator options, maybe even some options for learning sheet music easier without trying to annoying wanna-be Rosetta Stone method.
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4 years ago, Pockets1112
Could Be Great, But Loves To Frustrate!
I wanted to bad to love this app, and I do quite enjoy it and I have learned a lot with it. There are things it does that makes learning for a beginner really hard and frustrating. It can miss reading or hearing a note multiple times to the point of I have to stop and keep hitting said note hard and loud until it decides ok I got it. As if this isn’t bad enough every 20 seconds I get a pop up smack in the middle of the screen saying it is taking longer than usual and won’t close until I click wait or exit.... Seriously are you kidding me? First of all when this pops up the app and song is working just fine and playing along..... even if it was “slow” to the app while are you telling me this? And why does it need to be in a pop up that blocks my notes and won’t go away until I interact with it? Forcing me yet again to stop playing to address something that isn’t even an issue. There is a lot this app does right, but there are some glaring issues that make continued use frustrating on a daily basis.
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2 years ago, SirGeorgeMartin
Needs a lot of work
After giving this app a good faith try for about three weeks, I’ve given up on it and will seek out a different tutorial. There are so many things I dislike about the way this app works, it’s hard to list them all. One major annoyance is having to constantly tap the iPad to move on to the next extremely short segment (some of them are five seconds or so in length, most a bit longer than that), which gets really annoying after a while. Another thing is, when you hit the start button to start showing the notes to play, it often doesn’t even give you two seconds to get your hands back on the keyboard and in place to play. For a beginner, it’s impossible to place my fingers on the right keys in that amount of time. My major grievance, I suppose, is the unrealistically fast pace that the lessons move at. I’ve only been playing piano for three weeks, I can barely play, and I’m already expected to read and play sheet music at a fast pace with two hands? Seriously?
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5 years ago, Dgdg87
Best but needs improvement
I think this is the best piano tutor app out there, but it needs work. The inability for it to properly recognize notes is frustrating and interrupts flow and learning. I purchased the cords to hook up my keyboard to my iPad, so hopefully that helps, but there is no work around when playing my acoustic piano, so I'll have to play my keyboard when using this app, also frustrating. I would also like to have more control of the sheet music in the lessons. I would like to press pause and then be able to scroll through the sheet music. Right now when you hit stop it takes you back to the beginning of the sheet music automatically. At least allow me to pause it where I'm at and practice and repeat the current notes at my own pace, or have an option in the lesson to review all sheet music and scroll through it there. For what it is and the need to purchase cords, $5 a month should be the max for a subscription.
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3 years ago, The Reluctant Critic
Short of Greatness
This app has great potential, but I don’t believe the developers are very ambitious. It doesn’t have user tracking, which keeps you from having your progress tracked across multiple iPadOS devices. Super PITA that is. Almost every other music learning app has this feature. What is the reason for this? I mean, really? Changing the tempo of songs is limited to increments of ten percentage points, though such is the case with most apps of this genre. There is one app out there that will allow one point increments in tempo, all the way up to 125%. But Skoove does have a good song selection. NOTE: I did figure out how to isolate portions of the song and have them loop. But it isn’t super user intuitive to figure out. Just click on those arrows that go in opposition directions and it’s quite easy after that. I wish you could give half stars. I’d go 3.5.
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6 years ago, Smm-37
Wonderful for a Beginner
I’m 60 years old and want to play piano for enjoyment. I purchased Skoove and Flowkey. I started with lessons in both and find both very good. I find the lessons in Skoove very doable and have made good progress in about 6 weeks. I can read music and play songs with both hands. I love it! I practice every day because I want to improve. I would give 5 stars if I could slow down playing with the band and increase the speed once I became more proficient. I find the transition from practicing to the band too challenging. I also find the messages that appear while playing can be distracting and sometimes block my view of the music. I appreciate the feedback for my playing but they appear in the middle of my playing sometimes. I like the way music theory is taught through the lesson in playing, connecting the concept to piano playing instead of separately. The arrangements for beginner level are very good and are enjoyable to play. I wish there were longer versions to play outside of lessons for practice and enjoyment. I would also like more holiday music at this level. Overall, it is a great app and I love connecting my iPad to my Yamaha keyboard through a midi cord for accuracy, although I found it also works fairly well through the microphone.
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3 years ago, userfromlosan
Lacking features
I rate this three stars because there is an annoying message every time I attempt to start a lesson saying digital piano detected. I am playing without a bluetooth keyboard nor a midi cable and am using the mic, but it asks every time whether I want to set up the audio. I could not find a setting to turn this annoying message off. EDIT: After trying this app for several hours, I was disappointed that the MIDI detection can be very finicky at times. I was doing the James Bond course and when I had to play on time, some of my keys were not being registered as being pressed. I have tried playing the same melody in GarageBand and it showed that my cable or keyboard is not the problem. In addition, my progress or current lesson does not work properly. When I try to advance, I have to find the lesson myself because the home screen did not update.
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2 years ago, BiG bOoTy JuDy!!123
The app won’t even load
I got this App a few days ago and I’ve tried on multiple occasions with different Internet services and it never load loaded whenever I tried to sign in. And I read one of the reviews that said that the app cost money and I have pretty much tried every piano app out there and I thought this was the one but I’m not willing to pay $112 for piano lessons on my phone it won’t even teach me that much will be different if they were real in person piano lessons and they were actually teaching me anything. I feel bad for giving them a bad review because I know that the app can be free because I know people have to make money. However this app just isn’t for me I don’t know if everybody has a problem with trying to sign in and it not working/loading I hope this app and get some improvements because it’s definitely not the Internet again I’ve tried it on multiple occasions and it never worked. :((((((((((
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3 years ago, your very sad friend
Don’t get it unless you wanna pay
Hi, as you can see I don’t like this app cause when I download apps I ALWAYS check the reviews and they were pretty good so I got the app. To my surprise I finished the first lesson in a couple minutes but after that it said I had to get premium to continue on to another lesson. This makes me super disappointed cause I’ve been looking almost for my whole life for an app that didn’t cost money. The only reason I wanna get a app that doesn’t cost money is because my parents don’t really have enough money to be wasting on piano lessons in person, so they told me to get a app or something so I did that, I’ve been searching the App Store ever since and when I saw this application I got it and boom there it was, telling me I had to buy to continue. Developer I’m very sad cause of this I’ll keep on searching and try to find a free piano app but for now I’m asking to make this app free cause I loved it and I just wish I could continue playing. Thank you if you respond.
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5 years ago, KC555444552698766
To all the people having trouble getting it to pick up notes
To all of the people having trouble getting the app to pick up notes from their piano/keyboard: I have had this problem with all of the piano apps that I have tried and I figured out that if I transpose my keyboard, usually up one from the default, it will register the notes. If going up one doesn’t work, I would recommend fiddling with it until the notes register, as other keyboards may be set up differently from mine. Hope this helps! Note: I am giving this review more as advice than an actual review, so I will be giving it five stars automatically, regardless of my actual rating.
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3 years ago, Rheanne K
App is good but watch out for being charged twice
I agree with other reviews that this is one of the best piano apps out there, although very irritating at how often it fails to hear the notes. It interrupts the flow of the lesson and after a while just becomes completely frustrating. I was also given a 50% off coupon before my trial expired. I used that to buy the app, but then I was charged again full price for the subscription when the trial was over. Also incredibly frustrating. It’s a shame for an otherwise good app to have these significant issues. Edit: To their credit, the Skoove team responded by email to my refund request and resolved the billing issue quickly-the refund was issued in less than 24 hours.
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4 years ago, Adia1011
The best choice to begin with
If your goal is to learn and not just "play“ a few songs using muscle memory, skoove should be your number one choice. I compared it with other options in the market, and its course development is the best. It really makes piano learning easier, without sacrificing the knowledge teaching part necessary for music appreciation or skills improvement. I have played flute and taken classes for 15 years, an I can tell that the way skoove breakdown the learning process of each song into lessons and steps, with tips along the way, is exactly what a real teacher would do.
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4 years ago, user544962
Just busted
I’ve been looking for a decent app to learn piano, and this one ain’t it. I have no issues with the content or design of the app and I think it could be helpful if it worked right. But something goes wrong every time I’ve used this app on both my phone and iPad. At least once every lesson, the audio prompts me to start playing, but nothing shows on the screen. Only when I play a random note does it correct itself and show the notes I’m supposed to be playing, but by that point my timing’s off and I’m unable to complete the lesson since it marks me down. There’s also a separate issue when you play along with music where the music is completely out of sync with your sheet music, so it's impossible to play correctly and the app marks it as a failure. Just a busted app and I couldn't imagine paying $20/month for it (I'm on a free trial now).
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4 years ago, amandae117
I love it but needs improvements
I’ve really been enjoying getting back into piano practice with this app and for the most part the more advance I’ve gotten in the app the more the bugs are starting to affect my practice. The app has a hard time recognizing all the notes when you play chords which means the lesson stops until is hears the right note, this means I have to play the same note many times until the app registers it which is annoying and messes with the flow of the song. I would also the ability to read through the sheet music on my own and practice specific parts of the song without running the whole lesson which right now is not possible. Overall I love the idea and the app has helped me but i would love to see more improvements!
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4 years ago, anku94
Designed for gratification
This is an initial review after completing a couple of beginner lessons. I’ve been using the app in the acoustic mode and it’s possible that this will change once I get the MIDI cable. The app does not hold you to any standard. You play a piece extremely sloppily - mess up the note lengths, rests, dynamics - and you still get a green checkbox at the end. It seems to be designed for the illusion of progress - to make people think they’re making progress when they’re clearly not. On top of that, its note recognition in the acoustic mode is extremely hit or miss, which totally messes up the flow of the piece. The positive is that it is engaging - even if you can only hit one note they’ll make you hit it to a backing track, so you feel a sense of accomplishment, compared to practicing random scales for days under a proper teacher. The downside is an extreme lack of rigor - you wouldn’t have developed any real skills/techniques powering through this content. If these are the limitations of the acoustic mode, there’s no reason for it to exist. If they exist with the MIDI cable as well, then this is barely a video game. I’ll update the review as I make more progress.
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5 years ago, Sunddbrunch
Very difficult to use
The app will NOT remember your progress! It will tell you that you have yet reached lesson 2 when you’ve already completely all the lessons in the whole series. It also won’t recognize some notes on the piano even though I have a very standard brand new piano. It won’t recognize certain notes no matter how loud I play them. This makes it impossible to play fluently, or to play with any rhythm in mind because you are forced to repeat certain notes otherwise the sheet won’t progress. This and the fact that they don’t provide full sheets of music but the app only progresses by listening to you make it very ANNOYING to practice with. There’s also no rewind button so forget about returning to a certain segment to practice more. Overall very poorly designed and difficult to use.
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6 years ago, Tatipu
Great for beginners — advanced players, not so much.
The interface is okay. I can see how it would benefit those who have little to no experience with piano. I’m impressed with how the app can pick up sound correctly though. For advanced players, it’s frustrating since you have to play by the tempo given but again, primarily for beginners so I can’t be too upset. I played a few things here and there. Songs are not the full piece though so I’m not a fan of it saying you played the full song. Otherwise I would definitely recommend this to beginners. It’s well worth the price. I remember having to go to an actual teacher and pay $ 30-50 an hour per week for over 15 years.
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5 years ago, pomodoroman
Skoove becomes annoying very quickly. It has a great defect that made me stop playing with it just a couple of weeks after subscribing. Skoove does not allow you to browse through the scores, so that you are condemned to boredom in the “learn the keys” sections because you have to play note by note very slowly so that the software recognizes what you play before it takes you to the next “page.” In the “play on time” sections you have to go at whatever speed is set for the piece you are practicing (no tempo settings) and, worse of all is that you cannot practice each page because if you stop, it takes you back to the first one. The reason for this one star review is that, since I am using the app at least 5 updates have been released and these issues are still there despite fixes being requested by a number of users.
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4 years ago, cjx3illo
Great lessons, terrible note recognition
I downloaded this app to relearn piano- the last lesson I had was 15 years ago and I’ve forgotten most of it, but have some muscle memory. I started on Advanced mode. The way Skoove takes you through each piece is excellent! BUT the note recognition fails (often on keys E and B) and it is ANNOYING and disruptive to learning!! Especially for both hands at the same time. It makes me want to throw my phone, I have to bang the key SEVERAL times for it to recognize it. It makes me want to try a new app but I’ll keep trying just in case they patch it.
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4 years ago, Game champ Lola
For a game that is free you shouldn’t have to pay
To play this you have to log in or sign up which means you have automatically subscribed. You have to pay $90 a year. That may not sound like a a lot to spend. But for kids that want to play piano, they might not get to do it. Some parents wouldn’t want to pay for this. I realize that you are trying to make money, but what is told about the app in the description says that over 1 million people play. So if you really need to charge that much money then obviously you are not being accurate about ratings. Yes it is okay to have a free game with in app purchases that are optional. But to have everyone who wants to use your app have to pay is not okay. PLEASE fix this . it shouldn’t have to be a problem! Please reply
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1 year ago, Sergio. C. 26
Best app to learn
I’ve tried Simply Piano and Flowkey, Skoove is outright the best one. I love uploading what I’ve learned from this app to my TikTok. I customer service is very helpful with all the issues I’ve had. But the only downside is I’ll play the right notes and it will tell me I played it wrong even though I just played the same note 15 seconds ago. Overall I have been recommending this app to my friends.
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6 years ago, Wenrl
Really Helpful App
This is a great app for learning the piano whether you take lessons or not. Very helpful for learning notes and fingering for beginners. I haven’t gotten into more advanced music, but I’m looking forward to completing everything you offer here. I would like the option of learning the full songs and the option of downloading pdf of the music learned. I would be willing to pay extra for the full version of songs and sheet music so I could practice without the app once I have played with the app a few times. Like, 1-3 dollars for full song and download from a separate Skoove site.
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3 years ago, Should be freeware
Or the best, very few song choices.
This has to be the worst piano app I have used. I bought it on Black Friday when it was 50% off. It is not worth it even at that price. I have used FlowKey, Simply Piano, and have taken a year or so off in person classes. I find this app to be both frustrating, limit, and of less value than the other learning methods previously mentioned. Pass on this, it will save you from buyers remorse. Skoove did provide a quick refund since it was less than 14 days since purchase. They were professional in their response, so I will upgrade from 1 star to 2 star since the risk is lower due to quality customer service.
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10 months ago, abbiebaca2022
Great! One problem so far.
Skoove is a user-friendly piano learning app that offers free lessons, making it accessible to learners of all levels. The interactive interface and real-time feedback provide a supportive environment for honing your skills. However, one drawback is that it uses numbers instead of letter notes, which might be a limitation for users who prefer the traditional notation system. Overall, Skoove's affordability and interactive features make it a solid choice for those looking to learn the piano at their own pace.
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3 years ago, TamaraMonkey
Fake reviews?
No idea how this app has decent reviews as I found it to be horribly confining and virtually unusable. This is another false advertising app that tries to force you into trials and subscriptions. I would happily pay a one off fee. No one likes subscriptions. No one likes trials. No one likes thinking about how greed hungry you are for constant payments while they’re trying to enjoy life and music. This app locked me into some kind of strange boring video then asked me to tell it whether the video was great or too hard for me. It was neither. It was a place I hadn’t chosen to go to. I wanted to play a piano. No idea what this app does or who it’s for. Have fun wasting 5 minutes to find out this is a scam. Sorry. Bye.
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7 months ago, scooper72
Usability issues
The lessons are quite good, but the UI needs help! Every time I start the app, I’m told the connection to my Bluetooth MIDI keyboard has been lost — but does it give me to the option to reconnect? No, it takes a bunch of taps to navigate over to “Profile” (huh?) to do that, and then back to the current lesson. Why? Also, changing the tempo on a piece: please just make it a spinner I can drag, without having to tap to open, and then another tap to confirm. These frustrating design choices really detract from a otherwise solid learning experience.
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4 months ago, Sofia Sencen
No clear level of playing
When you start it asks you are you beginner, intermediate or advanced and I said beginner and it starts teaching me what a “quarter note” is even though I already know how to read most sheet music and it teaching the same thing to you OVER AND OVER AND OVER again and it is Incredibly annoying. It also says I play notes wrong when I KNOW for a fact that I played them right and no there was no background noise at all. Also it goes from “these are the notes from C to G” then to “you have to switch hands seven times in one song play chords and we’re not gonna tell you how just tell you how to do your posture.” And it is SO FRUSTRATING.
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4 years ago, Babycammyxoxo137
I like the app in general, there are a few problems with the app.
I like the app in general, there are a few problems with the app. One problem is that I don’t know how many keys are on keyboard/piano in the lessons, which means I never know what keys that are playing. Second problem is that I don’t know where the hands are located on the keyboard which makes it difficult to follow. Third problem is the white line that clears the notes while playing. It isn’t really a problem but more of a distraction while I am playing. In all, it is a good app just a few difficulties
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5 months ago, JupiterRecognize
Recognition issue.
So four days ago there was an update on the app. Now I am having issues saying it can’t recognize the notes. Sometimes it’ll recognize them but mostly won’t. I have the three month membership and I can’t even move on in my lesson. Not sure what can be done but I love this app and I’m working so hard but I don’t know what to do now, having losing time on the membership and not being able to move on.
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4 years ago, Daisybrownlock
Too expensive
So, I got a free 3 month subscription when I got my keyboard. Didn’t think much of it, because when you log into the website for the first time, its says 8$ per month. Forgot to cancel my subscription. My bad, I usually set a reminder, but must have forgotten. I get this random 40$ charge on my bank account, have to look it up because it doesn’t make any sense and it is for skoove! Super misleading. Not cool! Cancelling my subscription. You couldn’t even be bothered to put the amount I was going to be charged in your subscription email, apparently, when you get a free trial, it’s not their basic package that they advertise when you log in, it’s the super deluxe package.
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2 weeks ago, chellynyc
I wanted to use it…
So the first couple of days that I logged on, it worked great. I spent about 2 hours on it. Really enjoyed the app and the lessons and the interface. But then I kept trying to log on and it wasn’t responsive. Tried deleting and reloading multiple times. Tried logging on using my Apple ID. Tried signing on to a new account with my email. Nothing. Just a spinning wheel. If this is what happens during the 7 day trial I don’t want to be paying $150 for an app that doesn’t work 70% of the time. I guess I’ll move on to the next app and keep my fingers crossed. It’s too bad cause I really liked this.
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6 years ago, Rosemosh
I always wanted to play the piano but never had the opportunity to take lessons as a child. Now, as a senior, I decided it was not too late. I downloaded several piano apps but found this one the best. This app has it all. The systematic way the lessons are presented makes it simple, easy and fun to learn. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this app and how thrilled I am to finally be able to play something other than chop-sticks.
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2 years ago, DoubleDrink
Can we have complete sheet music?
I use this app often and overall I like it a lot, but I wish that I could access the complete sheet music (like in a whole page format). I think having the big picture will really help with practice. I find only seeing the tiny segment at any time on the screen very limiting. It would be helpful to know what’s coming. If there is access to entire sheet music on the full screen, that’ll be amazing!
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4 years ago, Tina.Loves
Highly recommended
I have tried so many different apps to help learn to play the piano and none compare to this. I can play for as long as I like and I’m able to learn at my own pace. Going back to lessons is super easy compared to others. I really appreciate not being forced into a subscription to learn more as well. I am given the tools necessary for free and the option to subscribe for more songs and such.
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5 years ago, Khalid G.
Great but can be improved
An amazing app with a lot of potential and I have learned quite a bit so far. However, there are some issues that I have noticed. This first thing is when I open the app, it asks me to login every time and I have to go through the process of logging into Facebook. The second thing that can be improved are the bugs when I play along with the animation, it often does not follow the keys and the sounds play at different times.
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1 year ago, Jazzy girl *7@
I put five so y’all could see this but HORIBLE
They ask you to restart every single time you get a wrong and when you get the right one it counted as wrong and whenever you get a wrong one it counts it is right and whenever you do nothing it’s counted as right and whenever I play my key, it just skips the one I’m on this is a horrible game. Do not download it.
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2 months ago, SkoovePianoReviewer
Skoove Piano
After one song that was six quick lessons you have to pay for the app that they said you wouldn’t have to pay for and I was looking forward to learn piano and to find out I would have to pay $144 a year made me upset because for me that meant I couldn’t learn piano like I really want to do. Overall I think this app let me down because of having to pay for it and only learning one part of one song in ten minutes.
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4 years ago, Willliam Morales
I bought the 3 month package but when I got more into it I realized I the app didn’t pick up noice to well even with noice enhanced headphones I still had to play the key really hard or turn the volume up to an uncomfortable level. I have to slam my finger on the keyboard most of the time but, this flaw made me stutter while playing. Since I’m use to the app not hearing well, I play the same note twice sometimes. Please fix this I just want the app to hear the piano.
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3 years ago, gufvvu
Please read this
So when I first got this app, I could learn all the beginner lessons. But I deleted the app because I wanted a little break. I go back on and I can’t use the same email. But I got in. So I learn one lesson then I wanted to move onto the next. And it wanted me to pay for the next beginner lesson. I find this kinda dumb because like I don’t want to pay for beginner lessons. If you can fix that it will be great. But for now I recommend to use a different app till this is fixed. And just so you know, I am not that rich and I really really really don’t want to pay $90 a year for all the lessons.
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3 years ago, MusicLover457234
The Best app to use Piano!
This app is the best app to use piano! I have always wanted to play piano, and I got this app! I have progressed so much in so little time! The subscription is worth the price, and compared to traditional lessons, costs way less! This app teaches you piano really easily! *You do have to practice* I can now play with two hands, and recognize hand positions! Another thing that is probaly the only con about this app, is that sometime when you play a note or a chord, in sometime skips a note, and marks it as right/wrong. It is very annoying but so little of a problem since this app is amazing! I love this app! A. Piano Lover PS. I use the microphone, so it might work better with midi Cables
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4 years ago, J.Rose36517
Best Piano App
I went through almost ten piano apps before finding Skoove. I thought it was going to make me pay to continue with even two lessons like every other platform, but it has been great the past couple of weeks and I have learned so much. I would recommend this app over almost any other one on the AppStore. The instructors are great and you learn quick and easy.
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6 years ago, Cawh
Great tunes
Skoove offers so much more than other apps. I used it after not playing for over 40 years. I was able to become advanced again using it 1/2 hour daily for 6months. When my 12 year old granddaughter visits, she tinkers with it and was able to play many songs in just a few days. I highly recommend this app.
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2 months ago, reborn05
A headache from start to finish - including fraudulent charges
If asked to rate on only content, the rating would be much higher. Unfortuantely, the glitches, customer service and a billing nightmare lead me to say this: Buyer Beware. We had continual issues accessing content and getting someone at customer service was a nightmare. Needless to say, I reached out to cancel, got no response, and cant get them on the phone. My credit card reversed the charge only to have them charge again. Still waiting to reach anyone there. Next report is to the Better Business Bureau.
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5 years ago, Rivers920
Great in concept but not very useful
The concept behind the software is great but the fact that it has to hear the notes on the piano in order to move ahead made it really frustrating. It often did not hear the notes even when we had it turned up so we had to continuously go back and play the same notes. We have a brand new piano too. Due to licensing they cannot give you just the sheet music to play (it only gives you a line at a time). We pretty much stopped using it after a week. Wish we didn’t waste the money on the 3 month subscription.
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4 years ago, bbedchhedb
Hi, There is a bug where whenever I press the “next course/next lesson button, it turns into a white screen and it won’t work. If I try to reload it, it’s stuck on the Skoove startup page ( a turquoise and yellow circle zooming in and out) forever. The only thing that seems to have worked is reinstalling the app. Please make another update fixing this problem. Thanks!
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4 years ago, •EarthwormSally•
Just one problem...
I really like this app, but there is a problem.I’ve had this problem with multiple apps, but this one is worse. It doesn't hear me clearly. I have turned my keyboard all the way up, and I have tried moving my phone a few times, but nothing works. Other than that, I have not had any other problems with Skoove.
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5 years ago, tortilibilly
Doesn’t work like it should
The app won’t register notes and keeps saying the note I’m playing is wrong when I’m playing it right next to the microphone with an electric keyboard. I’ve tried turning up the volume, there’s no (loud) noise around me, and I’ve tried exiting the lesson and app together, and it still won’t work. I tried contacting staff through the conversation feature and said they would be back tomorrow. When playing with the app, it got kind of confusing when the segment of the piece restarted, as it suddenly went off beat with the tempo given in the beginning.
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4 years ago, sam3nau
Good but limited.
I thought this app would be great for picking up Piano after a long time. I enjoyed it for the first two weeks, and was making significant progress. Then I had to update it. This was a mistake because once you update Skoove, it locks up all of your progress unless you buy premium. So this app basically gives you a free trial, but is far more manipulative. All in all, it isn’t a bad app. But there is a definite level of frustration when apps like this manipulate you into thinking you might be able to learn piano for free.
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