Skyward Mobile Access

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Skyward, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skyward Mobile Access

1.96 out of 5
25 Ratings
3 weeks ago, Cjwlonghorn
Notification icon won’t turn off
I have used the skyward app to view my kids grades for years. Recently they upgraded something and now the app always shows 1 unread notification. Both I do deleted this. I’ve looked in the browser version and the mobile app. I am up-to-date on everything. I’ve even tried deleting the app and tried reinstalling it. Still the same 1️⃣ appears on my app. It’s just frustrating. I use this in on of my apps to draw my attention to things I need to look at. Now it’s useless.
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1 month ago, 🐒🔫🗿
Sussy Sausage party
So the night before this happened I was at a party and there was a sausage but it was lookin at me funky so I told it to leave this party because I didn't invite it and it got made and it grabbed my sausage and threw it. When I came home sausage less my mom was mad she said that being sausage less was not okay so I went on a searcj to find that sausage and instead I found my sausage. So we got down to the digits specificly 6 and 9 and then the sussy sausage found us and told us to stop being so sussy and I was like 🗿 but then it told me to go to pizza cream to get donuts and when I opened this app I told the donut hut worker that the app wasn't loading so he took my phone and turned into the sussy sausage and now I'm donut less sausage less and I still cant English right thanks alot skyward 🗿🗿🗿🗿
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4 weeks ago, ALL are precious in His sight.
hyping you up
skyward fam dont get low. these reviews are a little uncalled for :( I think the app is great. Ive never used any app for grades besides this, but honestly never had a problem or wanted the school to change it. it has lots of helpful features and it’s always run smoothly for me. i like how theres a password. i like how you can change the format of the gradebook. And how you can see lots of information about the student.
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1 month ago, BdaWolfe
Very outdated UI
My school has used this ever since I was in kindergarten and I wish they would switch. The UI is very outdated and looks like it has never been reworked. It does crash sometimes but basic functions work fine. The way everything looks and feels is bad. They’ve finally started to rework some UI of time of the time of writing this, but it’s just the sign in screen that I’ll see like once every 6 months. Overall it’s still pretty bad
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1 month ago, Erinvie
Never install this app.
Just login from your browser. I have never been able to get this app to work. Can't even login even though my login information is saved and it says that I am logged in at the top of the screen. Just sits there and doesn't let you access the main panel. Can't continue in browser either. Simply locks up and never lets you go forward; not only that but it eventually locks you out after you try to get in repeatedly. Then you have to reset your password. Just ridiculous.
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2 months ago, TerrifyingMauveCat
Not working properly!
With the newest update, in the grading folder there is an error when you click on grades to try and see the breakdown of grades for individual classes. This wasn’t the issue before!
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2 months ago, Skyward is awful
Disappointed, unsatisfied, angry.
It’s very common to have to use this app to check your child’s grades and see their schedule, but it’s nearly impossible to do any of that because of the app and websites buggy nature! Anytime I use it on the laptop, it says I have to “install a selection”. I have tried many times, but it STILL WON’T WORK. As for the app, it’s EXTREMELY slow. If the developer could manage to make the app faster then MAYBE it would be 3 stars. But until then, 1 star. If I could do zero stars, then I would!
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4 weeks ago, day.val
Skyward made my dad turn into an airplanr.
I was on campus when I got notification from skyward and it said I had a 59 in science because I have 13 missing so I went back home and saw my dad turn into an airplane and he beat up this random kid and then a wheelchair man came out of nowhere and beat my dad because that was his son then he looked at me and said “ Kill yourself” then deleted my dad from the world now I stay up at night thinking abt skyward. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!
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2 months ago, PikachuLovesYoutube101
it’s a really good app, but with the new update, whenever i try to click “Continue in App” or “Open on Browser”, it doesn’t work. it might be a bug or something… otherwise, it helps me see my schedule so i can change it!
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2 months ago, Reviewer263
I can’t even get into the app
After signing up and putting in my school district it would not let me click on student access. My first day of school was yesterday and I won’t be there until Tuesday of next week so I would like to at least look at my schedule but I haven’t been able to. Wish there was a better app that my school could use.
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2 days ago, KayleeKatt
Unnecessarily Frustrating
Does not work and notification won’t go away, it runs and looks like it’s from 2004, and sometimes it does not work, Customer service is also garbage. I can’t say one good or even neutral thing about this app. This app was probably the cheapest out of the whole lot and the school districts weren’t willing to pay more for something that works.
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2 months ago, Rednarsto
Update is a big fail
Why would you change the Home Screen to use a option for continue in app or open in browser. If we wanted to open in browser we would have started with a browser not the app. Even if you want that feature you need a preference option to st so the app will remember the user’s choice.
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1 month ago, Averyk25
Really helpful
I had no glitches and it was really helpful to find my schedule. Highly recommended to people
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4 weeks ago, XXXTENTAClONXXX
this app sent a bulletproof man to find me
I was using this app when i got a notification from it that they will “get me” because they didn’t like my skin color. They showed me a video of the big bulletproof man getting shot at and not getting hurt so I ran and hid inside of a dumpster, that’s where I am at this moment, I think he’s in my house.
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2 weeks ago, lisaucf
They need to fix this app
Please fix your app so we can actually view our student’s grades. It worked great last year and at the beginning of this year, but whatever update you did broke the whole thing. Yes, before you ask, I have updated all apps and removed and reinstalled the app.
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1 month ago, iknowthings.4awesome
this app ruined my life. this app deleted my family, deleted my life savings, and deleted my hair. i got stage 4 cancer because of this app. this app is gonna steal everything you own and make you wish you were never born. this is the last thing i may ever type, since skyward stole my charger…
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2 months ago, Neon_Kitten
New layout is significantly less clean
As the title states, the new updated layout of the accounts section is just objectively a messier design and less appealing
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2 weeks ago, RYgamer129
Recent update
The app used to be full of bugs, but now, the recent update has made it unusable. If I click on a course, I can’t see my grades without downloading something, and the download doesn’t even work. I use the online version now.
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2 weeks ago, caiden mccarley
FIX THE downloads
I’ve been trying to view my missing assignments and what I got on tests and quizzes for 3 weeks now. It still says download incomplete. Please fix this bug and once it’s fixed I will remove this review. Do better!
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2 months ago, nicknameisunderme
Academic Institutions 🤓☝🏾
This mobile app is tom foolery i tell you it's nothing but i few tabs and missing work that i don't care for. Please don't waste your time and dont use it on any other mobile platform besides your SCHOOL COMPUTER Sincerely, BOB anathema 🤑
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2 months ago, Hazelfries
Pretty good
The app feels out dated. It's not terrible though just hard to figure out at first.
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3 weeks ago, D Brownlee
Internal Error on Links
I just ran the update that was supposed to fix the bug related to the internal error when clicking on links and it’s still happening. None of the links work.
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3 weeks ago, Heels1983
Bugs fix nothing
Even with constant bug fixes you’re still not able to view details on grades. Wish the school would use another app.
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1 month ago, dhweezy
No customer service
I updated app and now notification shows up and there are no emails or messages. I can’t get it to go away and emailed customer service and no response.
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4 weeks ago, imfrodoh
It was a chilly autumn evening, when my grandma asked to see my grades, I complied and showed her. The second she saw the website of skyward, she had a heart attack and died! Due to how old the website looked. 5 stars would recommend!
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2 months ago, Pbsandies
Crystal flake disapproves
I am a very mature student and upon using this application this august evening I noticed that it seems to be the stinky winkies. Please Configure this application as soon as time permits so that I may be able to access it another daylight. Tidy yo!!
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2 months ago, scoot 4 life tvps
Relentless crashing
Whenever I try to select the new “continue in app” or “open in browser” feature, the app crashes. Please fix.
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2 weeks ago, Laggity181
This app ruined my life
I woke up one day and I checked my phone and it killed my parents my mom was gone and my dad too I checked my basement and my brothers body was gone! This app ruined my life!
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3 days ago, Groovedaddy24
Terrible app
Been using for who knows how many years with no issue. All of sudden I have been locked out and cannot log in……
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1 month ago, Auricle//not the singer//
why in the flip flop would i want to use the BROWSER if i downloaded the APP? just make it like last year then you would be okay. i need to see my grades pls and thank you (not)
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2 months ago, UrinalPooper
Whoever works for skyward is making easy money sitting around not making the website better
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2 months ago, Sunghoon l2
wont let me see my student Id
When I logged in to check my Id for lunch it wont show up terrible update need old one back.
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2 months ago, BrendanHappyFlower
This is great for me to see/check my grades 👍
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1 month ago, Colchis liker
This app is the reason I blow my laptop
I was in class one day and then I checked my grades and I had all f’s and then my teacher was so mad she ate a girl named reef and then proceeded to blow up my laptop
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1 month ago, skyward user very unhappy
Absolutely horrible the grade website is super unhelpful on seeing what assignments were graded as well as finding teacher on this thing and so much more. DO BETTER 😐
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4 weeks ago, Rykerytheruler
My dad shot me in the knee
He came home from work one day and picked up his pistol and shot me two times in the kneecap. He didnt even look at my grades
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1 month ago, YeeT 123$$
My school uses it and it’s awful. It’s so confusing and difficult to log into in the app
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2 months ago, Kawehíkulaníka’ahele
Honestly the worst
This is the worst app I have ever downloaded. I can’t wait to never need to use it again. -1/10
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1 month ago, AjAl;:4)8)52
Does not work
I wanted to use this for work but I can’t even click my area. It will not let me.
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2 months ago, Hiplikeangieee
App keeps crashing on me
Everytime I try to open skyward so that I can clock in, the app crashes on me
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2 months ago, Roblox needs to change!
Terrible app
This app is terrible I can’t even log in I just want to see my classes and I can’t even login.
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1 month ago, edward marko
Doesn’t work
How is this app in Apple Store? I thought Apple is rigorous in selecting apps that gets added to the Apple Store. Skyward is the worst school app I ever used
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2 months ago, LittleGhostHollowKnight
Not working!
Button to continue in app doesn’t work!
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2 months ago, Ihatethisappsmbro
Annoying, very annoying
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1 month ago, Poor Application for families
My district has used this since my son started there in second grade. Terrible app.
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3 weeks ago, avakin life@
They ate
This app is so slay the house boots down gaga mama bad romance 7rings periodt mocha latte 😝😍💗💗💗💗
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1 month ago, Dw & n
New version is horrible
The old version was great. New version doesn’t work!!!
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2 months ago, 31CLucas
I love skyward thank you skyward ❤️😘
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1 month ago, jace isidb
Just use browser
Genuinely amazes me on how terrible this is. Cant see my grades in my class
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1 week ago, NeverYaya
ok why would you ever want to go on the browser if you literally downloaded the app that feature is so dumb
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