Skyward Mobile Access

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Skyward, Inc
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9 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skyward Mobile Access

1.96 out of 5
25 Ratings
4 months ago, AnonymousLovebutHateSpotify
It’s worse than the computer layout
Ignoring all the kids who don’t like school, it’s a buggy app. I don’t like that I have to use Face ID every single time I open the app (as an only child) or any passsword. There is no point for me. And then it takes too long to load my grades regardless of where I am. Inefficient and you cannot see as much on the skyward app as you can with skyward on a computer. Had this one glitch where I literally couldn’t open the app without it crashing right away. Latest iOS + app update + tried restarting phone. Couldn’t get it to go without uninstalling the app. Lame. Instead of getting the app, I would just recommend searching up the skyward login on your browser/like safari.
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6 months ago, Jgirl2681
Worst app
I HATE that our school district uses Skyward. The app is AWFUL. I dread going into it daily to check my child’s grades and assignments. 1) it’s glitchy 2) when I select to view the app version, I get a blank white screen. Then, I have to close the app out and re-login to get it to work 3) most times I just use the browser version to avoid #2, but the format is not ideal for a mobile device and fails to adapt to the device used. User interface/experience is bad and whoever is responsible for the user experience should be fired. Is anyone looking at these reviews and making updates?!!!! I hope these schools smarten up and change what they use soon. There has to be a better competitor to Skyward out there that needs to sell their software more aggressively bc this app stinks Clicked on app support and couldn’t even get that to work!!!! For an “oops sorry” message. Is this a joke?!
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3 months ago, Booshalooo
Don’t be fooled by reviews!
My school uses skyward, so I went to download this app, and come to find out that everybody has left a 1 star review! But, none the less, I got it. My honest review is: the app is pretty good, I never had any glitches with the app, and I was able to see my grades clearly. I don’t know if the other reviews had bad internet, but with good internet, the app is usable, contradicting what the one star reviews said. The bottom line is: I don’t necessarily think the reviews are lies, but I do think the things said in some of them are wrong and the app just needs good internet to use.
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2 months ago, Elsa is queen
Super annoying
I might be biased because I hate school but this app is so annoying, I get two notifications for something that should be one. That probably didn’t make sense but it’s like it will send “__ is missing.” And then 2 seconds later it will say “__ is missing.” Like I got it the first time, plus the app in general is just bad, it’s laggy and hard to use. Also I get notifications super often it’ll be like 20 notifications in 5 minutes and one of them is class message received so I’m wondering what message I sent and it just says “error” and never tells me what it is
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1 month ago, Kddbdudndveodvd
Logged Out
I hat this app, I hate that my school district uses it. I have never had any terrible problems up until today, when I went to check my grades and it had completely logged me out. I put my password back in and it told me my account was not found. Th app had COMPLETELY deletree my account. But when I got it back I tried the “forgot my password button” hoping that it would somehow get me back in. But then it told me that I had to change my password at least 5 time before it would work. So I did, and it didn’t work. So I went back in to reset my password. But then it just gave up and told me to see the District Administrator… for my login.🤦🏽‍♂️I guess I won’t know if I am passing my classes until the end of the semester. I do not recommend this app AT ALL!
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5 months ago, mrsadingfield
Annoying Notification Icon
I absolutely love this application for both checking my children’s school use as well as my school district employee access, too. However, I had it showing an icon for 1 notification for several months now, then all of a sudden today it updated and it shows 40! I have logged in to the application and the online account, accessed all places for notifications or messages and there is and has been absolutely nothing! Where are these notifications or how do I get this icon to go away?!
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8 months ago, ALL are precious in His sight.
hyping you up
skyward fam dont get low. these reviews are a little uncalled for :( I think the app is great. Ive never used any app for grades besides this, but honestly never had a problem or wanted the school to change it. it has lots of helpful features and it’s always run smoothly for me. i like how theres a password. i like how you can change the format of the gradebook. And how you can see lots of information about the student.
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2 months ago, Swoop132
I hate this app! It’s nice to keep up with my kids’ grades, but the notifications are horrible. When the red bubble pops up (on the icon), there is no way in the app to find what the notification is all about. When a notification pops up on my phone, click on it, it won’t go to whatever initiated the notification. It tells me there is an error. In order to clear out the red bubble, you’ve just gotta go through the whole freaking app in order to find what the notification is all about and to clear out the bubble. It’s the worst app to navigate!
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7 months ago, Cjwlonghorn
Notification icon won’t turn off
I have used the skyward app to view my kids grades for years. Recently they upgraded something and now the app always shows 1 unread notification. Both I do deleted this. I’ve looked in the browser version and the mobile app. I am up-to-date on everything. I’ve even tried deleting the app and tried reinstalling it. Still the same 1️⃣ appears on my app. It’s just frustrating. I use this in on of my apps to draw my attention to things I need to look at. Now it’s useless.
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2 weeks ago, Ms. KayLuv
Too many issues
I have a child in school, as well as work for the school district. I can not access either account from the app. I can not log in to check my pay or track my work hours nor can I log in to check my kids grades. I’ve deleted the app, redownloaded it and attempted to sign back into my accounts and I can’t even do that because it freezes and crashes. I’ve ensured my phone is up to date and I have checked all my internet settings and nothing works. A functioning mobile app is a must in todays world. Work on fixing the issues before schools find alternative options.
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8 months ago, BdaWolfe
Very outdated UI
My school has used this ever since I was in kindergarten and I wish they would switch. The UI is very outdated and looks like it has never been reworked. It does crash sometimes but basic functions work fine. The way everything looks and feels is bad. They’ve finally started to rework some UI of time of the time of writing this, but it’s just the sign in screen that I’ll see like once every 6 months. Overall it’s still pretty bad
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6 months ago, KayleeKatt
Unnecessarily Frustrating
Does not work and notification won’t go away, it runs and looks like it’s from 2004, and sometimes it does not work, Customer service is also garbage. I can’t say one good or even neutral thing about this app. This app was probably the cheapest out of the whole lot and the school districts weren’t willing to pay more for something that works. Edit: the whole freaking app is useless now. I can’t check messages or anything else on the app. It’s literally a useless app! Incredible infuriating when it’s the only way to communicate with a school about certain things.
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2 months ago, she FFH ju sad
I don’t understand
I don’t understand why people are hating on this app. I mean, it’s a good app. I can see my grades and missing assignments, so I can work on my missing assignments and keep my grades up. If my teacher grades something like a test but we didn’t get it back on paper, all I have to do is check this app. It’s a super practical app to have, highly recommend.
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8 months ago, Erinvie
Never install this app.
Just login from your browser. I have never been able to get this app to work. Can't even login even though my login information is saved and it says that I am logged in at the top of the screen. Just sits there and doesn't let you access the main panel. Can't continue in browser either. Simply locks up and never lets you go forward; not only that but it eventually locks you out after you try to get in repeatedly. Then you have to reset your password. Just ridiculous.
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6 months ago, Mimi3217
I’ve used this app for several years to check things for my daughters school. Recently it’s been showing a 1 for notifications. I have notifications turned off both in the app and in my phone settings and I cannot get this notification to go away. It is ridiculously annoying to think I have something I need to check when there’s nothing really there. I am also getting notifications despite having notifications turned off for the app. Please fix this.
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1 month ago, kat barham
forced to change password several times without explanation
Very difficult to use. If you need to find a specific piece of information, good luck because this is not user friendly whatsoever. Within a year, I was forced to change my password 3-4 times, and not given an explanation as to why. I've used this since 2012, and I'd had the same password up until the beginning of this school year. The overall format is confusing. Don't even get me started on the buggy notifications.
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6 months ago, goose4099
Red Number Notification won’t clear
I have used Skyward for work and my children’s school information for years and rarely have problems with it, but since the recent update, a red notification number popped up and won’t go away! I’ve tried everything I can think of to make it disappear, and looked everywhere to try and find what the notification is, but have not been successful. It’s driving me crazy!
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4 months ago, AsherCinemaYT
When it works it’s fine
Most of the time the app doesn’t even work. The website is much cleaner and easier to navigate than the app. It’s so buggy. After you open the app and it unlocks, it always says “mobile access unavailable” and for what? You can’t click any buttons and you can see the developers don’t care enough to put proper grammar and spelling in their app description. But when it works it’s fine I guess
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5 months ago, :7:$:!
The app used to be different and better now it gives me problems. I’ve had this app for so long because of school and now it’s really bugging me with the new updates. When I enter the app and try to access my account it won’t let me. I continuously tap on the icon to access my account but it doesn’t bother. Because of this I have to delete the app and reinstall for me to access my account a few times but it does it again and again. Please do something to fix this..
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5 months ago, slimpicken
Notification icon won’t disappear
Same problem as other users. After a recent update, now I have a “1” message notification on the icon that won’t go away no matter what I do. Opened the app and went through every menu option, nothing… doesn’t affect quality of the information in the app and ease of navigation, just annoying as it gets.
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8 months ago, Skyward is awful
Disappointed, unsatisfied, angry.
It’s very common to have to use this app to check your child’s grades and see their schedule, but it’s nearly impossible to do any of that because of the app and websites buggy nature! Anytime I use it on the laptop, it says I have to “install a selection”. I have tried many times, but it STILL WON’T WORK. As for the app, it’s EXTREMELY slow. If the developer could manage to make the app faster then MAYBE it would be 3 stars. But until then, 1 star. If I could do zero stars, then I would!
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3 months ago, sap 113
Great app, but there are a few things wrong
One of the things I love about scary is that you can check your grades from anywhere at any time. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the fact that it will log you out sometimes. I just said that happened to me a few minutes ago.
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1 month ago, Crickabit
Frustrating app
This app has gotten worse over the past couple of years from my perspective. I can’t even get into it now so I have to use my laptop to check my daughters grades. The phone is more convenient during the day when I’m out and about. Not sure if the new iPhone updates have made it incompatible? It’s been completely useless this entire school year even when I update the app. Sounds like it works well for some but I think it’s garbage.
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7 months ago, booger black baba baka girl
Booger black baba baka girl
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3 months ago, Parent / teacher
New bugs
Apple device: when clicking open in browser, apple opens safari, which skyward no longer is working in. I have to copy paste to Google chrome app to get full desktop mode. Google device: even after reinstall, on school network, skyward is not working with authorization or bio metrics, it is causing user to fsa ( second sign) to the device like it’s a webpage instead of the app. But uses the app after second “really 3rd” login.
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6 months ago, Pamm5
Another complaint about notifications
I suddenly started getting push notifications from the app, which I stopped, but the icon won’t go away for me either. It’s really irritation. App is slow and bulky and the one thing I really want it to do (add money to lunch account) it doesn’t allow.
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1 month ago, Bonediggery
Useless App
Whoever the developer of this app is, they need to read the reviews. Half the time I can’t even log in. Recently I’ve just been getting a Google error page ever time I try to log in regardless of whether it’s on the app or the website. It is beyond frustrating. I tried to get my kids into an event and they needed school ID. We didn’t have ASB cards on us. This was the other option. We got turned away. Thanks Skyward for being utterly garbage.
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4 months ago, River_City
Difficult to use. Everything but a smooth transition from browser version to app version. Requires password resets constantly. The app just breaks when it needs an update rather than telling you to update. Our school probably paid millions of dollars for this feature. Makes me wonder what the point is of sending my kids to school if they are so stupid to pay this much money for such a piece of crap.
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8 months ago, day.val
Skyward made my dad turn into an airplanr.
I was on campus when I got notification from skyward and it said I had a 59 in science because I have 13 missing so I went back home and saw my dad turn into an airplane and he beat up this random kid and then a wheelchair man came out of nowhere and beat my dad because that was his son then he looked at me and said “ Kill yourself” then deleted my dad from the world now I stay up at night thinking abt skyward. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!
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2 months ago, Skullotin
Actually awful
The app works sure but I shouldn’t have to do the same thing constantly to just log in and start the app, I use this on the computer every day and HALF of the tabs are missing, where’s period 2 intervention sign up? That’s my main issue, if my computer is out of battery and I need to sign for intervention, how am I gonna do that when it’s not an the phone, my final word, the app is actually awful.
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8 months ago, PikachuLovesYoutube101
it’s a really good app, but with the new update, whenever i try to click “Continue in App” or “Open on Browser”, it doesn’t work. it might be a bug or something… otherwise, it helps me see my schedule so i can change it!
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1 month ago, nicepat
Worst UI and the app
I don’t believe we paid tax for this kind of poor app. Last 7 years, I didn’t know there are other columns when you rotated the phone to horizontal. And login is not smooth always. And each column does not represent the data clearly in the poor UI. The company web site is still under construction for years. Their leadership does not look smart or knowing the smart phone app business
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5 months ago, Michelle20031
New Version has issues but skyward won’t fix
Skyward continues to have app issues. The app shows a notification that there is an un read message when there are zero un read messages. My School district can’t fix the issue and Skyward says they have to be contacted by the district if there is an issue. I see other users are having the same issue as I am from these reviews.
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2 months ago, jason on
I little slow
The app was pretty slow when I’m trying to bring anything up, but everything was visible. The only issue I had so far was the Good Service since it didn’t have a minus sign next to the numbers. Aside from all that It’s well but not the best.
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8 months ago, Reviewer263
I can’t even get into the app
After signing up and putting in my school district it would not let me click on student access. My first day of school was yesterday and I won’t be there until Tuesday of next week so I would like to at least look at my schedule but I haven’t been able to. Wish there was a better app that my school could use.
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It notify you for non important stuff that canvas can send me and sometime it’s does not notify you when your missing something I can’t go deep enough and the it glitches out and very slow it also logs you out and works like it was made in 2004. You would think that the school district that would pay more money for something. If I could give zero stars I would
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4 months ago, SalRafati
Old version was better
Before the new update checking my schedule, grades, lunch balance, and grades was very simple but the new update throws all of that out the window. The app now feels very slow with slow response time after clicking on anything and checking something such as my grades for example is a total chore because the app is so unorganized.
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6 months ago, acnh_fan
Skyward really helps me keep track of my grades but in the past couple of days, there’s this unread notification and I think it’s a glitch. If this keeps happening to others I’d say fix it
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1 month ago, Nerbsss
Great app
This is a really good app and I have no Idea why people give it a bad review. It works very smoothly in all internet for me. Even in the middle of the woods. It’s a really good app that gives me the correct grades.
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3 weeks ago, Link Jacked
Broken Update
Ever since the update I get “Connection error could not establish a connection with your organization”. Reinstalled multiple times and confirmed account credentials were correct. Bring back the function where you could type anything in the search bar and find it; name first or last or ID number. Reenable pictures.
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6 months ago, putoamfnndn
worst app ever
Every time it gets an update it just messes the whole system up and tells you you can’t log in and that there’s an error. You then have to delete the app and re-download again. My whole school went through it thinking their information was wrong when it was just the app glitching like ALWAYS. Do better.
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9 months ago, Rednarsto
Update is a big fail
Why would you change the Home Screen to use a option for continue in app or open in browser. If we wanted to open in browser we would have started with a browser not the app. Even if you want that feature you need a preference option to st so the app will remember the user’s choice.
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7 months ago, mileyvx
Does not let student check grade.
Recently I’ve been trying to look at my child’s grades and it will not let me log into their account. This is very serious to me because I am not able to know what classes my child is passing and failing. Please take this offer of fixing your app for no more apparent ‘bugs’ or ‘glitches’ into consideration.
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5 months ago, ThatChick06
Buggy and halfway works
Downloaded this app as a way to use for when at work. My employer has Skyward and the TrueTime digital time clock for staff to clock in and out of. This app has been so inconsistent and unreliable. It’s very frustrating even after getting the latest update it still is inconsistent. Please update and fix this issue.
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6 months ago, Franx69
I am working for a school district and have used the mobile app to clock in and out, as well as look at my personal information for years. Unfortunately with the latest update I can no longer do this. Having this issue is a horrible inconvenience and would love to know when this issue will be rectified? SG
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6 months ago, MS123!
Parents and students cannot view the comments that teachers write in Skyward next to a grade. Please consider changing the app so parents and students can view the comments that appear next to grades.
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4 months ago, luvvlylia
Could use improvementtt
Overall it’s a good app..I just can hardly ever access my grades here. I always end up going to the website because it doesn’t let me access the log in page.
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8 months ago, Averyk25
Really helpful
I had no glitches and it was really helpful to find my schedule. Highly recommended to people
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5 months ago, hp20DM
Great Improvements
The recent update has proven significant as the app is much easier to maneuver and the constant lock outs are no more. Thanks!
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6 months ago, Chez21x
Notifications won’t go away
I’ve used this for 3 years now and all of a sudden one notification is showing and there isn’t one. It’s very frustrating and won’t go away.
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