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4.54 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
5 years ago, cynthia1948
Commercial free only sometimes.
I would love to say this is a fabulous app— I do enjoy several of the podcasts; however, at least every month or so, my commercial free slate plus membership seems to disappear as I have to listen to David Plotz tell me about mattresses or google or who knows what. I can’t help help but think that next year my $59 will be donated to Planned Parenthood. I am tired of paying for something I am not receiving.
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3 years ago, practicalkats
Great articles, extremely frustrating app update
I have had and enjoyed the slate app for probably about a year now. It’s a far better mobile reading experience than browser, despite some bugs and the fact that the entire backlog of content is too large for the app. However, the most recent update has left me at the end of my rope. I have slate plus, and the app does not remember that I have logged in. Annoying, but I use a password manager. What pushes this from annoyance to unacceptable is that in order to log back in (after it auto logs me out every time the app closes), I have to uninstall and reinstall because the login page will not display correctly. To be clear, the slate plus login page will only load the first time I open it after a fresh installation. It will not load under any other circumstance. In practice, this means that I must uninstall and reinstall the app every single day to read new articles (I read far more articles than the monthly free limit allows, hence purchasing slate plus). I admittedly have a decently old iPhone (iphone 7) but my iOS is up to date and I have never had this issue with other apps. I have not been able to find a way to contact the app developers about this issue, but hopefully you will see this review and address this extraordinarily annoying problem.
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5 years ago, $/$:&@/-$
Great content, lousy app
I’ve been a fan of Slate’s content for many years and I’ve thought of them as an essential voice in the American media landscape, so when they started Slate Plus, I signed on and downloaded their app. Prior to that I had just used Apple podcasts. Their app is very weak, to the point where it significantly degrades my enjoyment of their content. It does not effectively attach to the native services of the iOS operating system, so when it’s playing audio and you want to switch to playing music, the Slate audio does not stop. Similarly, if you pause it and then unpause it using external audio controls, via Bluetooth, it doesn’t restart. Now, for the last two weeks in a row, my FAVORITE podcast of all, the Political Gabfest keeps pausing itself every two minutes or so and has to be restarted manually, which requires unlocking the phone and navigating down two levels in the menu structure (again, it does not play well with iOS). So much for listening to it while you cook dinner. The overall performance of the app is very slow and it does not support downloading podcasts in advance so you can listen to them offline. The fact that I’ve had to go back to Apple’s lackluster podcast app would tell you my standards for ease of use are low, but Slate’s app doesn’t meet them.
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3 years ago, yo czari
What are we paying for?
I have been reading Slate since it began and finally gave in and purchased Slate+ this year because they started metering and tightening the amount of free reads. Maybe that makes me cheap, but I’m a school teacher and try to save pennies where I can. IMO the writing is not what is was 10 years ago, but it is still pretty strong on the whole and still feels indispensable to me. BUT, I don’t know how they can sleep at night charging us almost $60 and giving us an app that is so legendarily dreadful. And the thing is: the app has always been bad. They fix it for a while and then it breaks, again and again. When I wasn’t paying for it, I swallowed my complaints. But c’mon! I know they had a major loss of ad revenue since Covid, which lead to the tighter meter, but can you please allocate some resources to the tech side here? I have to sign in again, every time, for each new story, and the podcast play bar only appears halfway on my iPhone screen. And the podcast does not remember where you paused. And the podcast time codes are often completely unrelated to the actual concepts of time and space. Ugh. I know I said it was indispensable, but after my subscription ends, I will learn to live without if improvements aren’t made.
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5 years ago, Diva0725
Listening to Podcasts
I’ve been a member of Slate for quite some time. When I first began listening to podcasts they’d shut off. Thinking it was my phone, I tried my iPad, with no better success. I was so frustrated, I began listening to podcasts with the commercials. Of course that led to even greater frustration as I was paying to NOT have the commercials. So I just stopped listening. I might have stopped paying for Slate altogether, but that seems wrong as I like the articles and my knowledge of politics, as well as all things current, comes primarily from written word. But these podcasts are good. So I tried again, thinking surely, they’ve got this thing fixed. Yet now it seems worse, if that’s possible. I can maybe get 5 minutes before it shuts off. At home it’s annoying, but I can go back to the app (which, by the way, completely closes out each time, requiring me to find the particular episode I want and begin again) to restart. When I’m driving, however, I’m stuck. While I like the work Slate does, I am so very tempted to stop my subscription. I think after 3 plus years, I’ve received little value but shown support. So please fix this thing or I’m gone
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4 years ago, Farewell My Friend
Why O You Want Me To Pay?
I enjoy reading Slate very much. Sadly I am going to disable the app because you won’t let me read it unless I pay. It started with Slate+ being the gateway to much of Dear Prudence and ended today when you gave me notice I had read all the free articles I could without subscribing and you shut me off. My question is: if I need to pay to read, what do you do with all the advertising dollars you must generate because there are ads everywhere? Just like many other current sources, I’m asked to pay and then wade through many, many ads to find the pieces of the article. I’m not paying them either. And I’m not paying to play games, nor do I pay to watch cable TV for $150 a month and still put up with ads everywhere. It just bothers me about you more than the others because I enjoy Slate—your writers are fantastic, the content is always interesting and compelling, and the satire suits me perfectly. I even buy things from some of the advertisers paying you to be present everywhere in Slate. It’s a shame that now you have closed the door to me unless I pay, too.
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3 years ago, Mobjack11
Bring back Mike Pesca!
I enjoy(ed) the Slate app very much-but since they canceled Mike Pesca’s podcast, The Gist, I have lost faith in the editorial decisions that are taking place at this media organization. For me, The Gist was absolutely the best daily podcast out there, offering a truly balanced look at the political and social concerns of our country at this time. I have never had any reply to my queries about why the show has been censored, nor have I found any articles about it on their site. I am extremely disappointed and without further information I simply cannot place any trust in the articles or even other podcasts that form a part of their conglomerate. I fully understand that my one small voice means nothing to them, but it is still leaves me feeling bad, which is simply not something I need to be reminded of each time I open the app. I will probably hold out just a bit longer to see if the podcast returns, or to get definitive information about why he was pulled, but then for my own well-being I need to delete Slate from my news feed and move on. It’s a strange world we live in to be sure.
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3 years ago, leahu417
Love Slate, but the app is SO buggy!
I really value Slate, and I pay for Slate Plus. On the app, I am consistently logged out for unknown reasons, and then when I press the “sign in” link, it brings up an utterly blank pop up. So even though I’m paying premium, I pretty regularly cannot log in using the app to view what I pay for. I’ve checked multiple times to make sure the app is updated, so I guess I’m just dealing with the best that it can be? One more weird thing: even when I am logged in, sometimes I open the app, and the same article from summer 2020 about age 35 being a fertility cliff is at the top of “recent” for like 2 seconds. It disappears, but seriously?? It’s not especially triggering for me, but as a woman of a certain age, I def know people it could be triggering for. And why is this even happening- an old article at the top like that that disappears? Has been happening for *months*. Otherwise, the UI design is great. Idk why the functionality is so poor.
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3 years ago, Euphorbia Monstrose
The login problems are back in this version, and it’s reeeeeeallly annoying. Why won’t you fix the app? You are losing paying subscribers. Not only do I have to disable my VPN to log in on my phone, doing the same on my ipad is not allowing me to log in - the purple page that comes up with the ‘login’ or ‘restore purchases’ option just sits there, unclickable. This is AWFUL. Fix it. —— previous review Ugh. Every time there’s an update I am foolishly hopeful you will have fixed issues with this goldurn app. I still have issues with login not working (periodically getting logged out and not being able to logs back in) and with dark mode not allowing me to view the comments I’m typing as I’m typing them. Is this really all that hard? I do not have this issue with any other app. At all. Ever. Like, not even once. Sincerely, Slate Plus Subscriber Despite Crankiness
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4 years ago, ddanneck
App is a glitchy mess
Slate is amazing and their reporting is top notch. But this is an app review and the app is a glitchy mess. It often crashes when returning to the front page after reading a single article. Sometimes it gets stuck displaying the same set of articles for hours or days at a time (right now it shows the same article at the top of feed from first thing yesterday morning, even though I’m reading a newer article online right now). One time everything displayed in italics for a couple of days for no apparent reason. Sometimes when scrolling through an article it accidentally registers a side swipe and switches to the next article in sequence. Scrolling is choppy even at the best of times. I’ve taken to reading on Safari instead, which is crazy because I’m always wishing my news sources had their own dedicated apps (looking at you Vox). Slate, it’s a great thing that you have an app and I haven’t deleted you yet, but please work out the bugs!
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1 year ago, you do not care
One of the worst apps ever
The menu to access your account page keeps disappearing on my very large iphone 14 plus. You need to go to that page to access and subscribe to Slate Plus ad free podcasts in iTunes . So after paying over a hundred bucks for Slate Plus, I cannot subscribe in iTunes because I can't get on the account page. There is supposedly a menu in the upper right to access my account, but it doesn't display on my phone, even when I make the font smaller. Another supposed option in the Slate Plus FAQS is to type in your cell phone number to get a link to subscribe. However, the keyboard to type in the number doesn't open when you click on the field to put it in. I can listen toPlus podcasts in the Slate app instead of iTunes, but there isn't a decent search feature to look for the podcasts I like. Customer service is only by email and the responses are never helpful.
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5 years ago, Philoscifi
Please note the podcasts. Good content and interface.
Please mark which articles are audio only (podcasts) with an icon, similar to the way you mark the content that is Slate Plus. I really enjoy Slate’ writing and mix of subject matter. The mobile app is solid and one of my go-to apps. Unfortunately, I don’t normally have the opportunity to listen to your audio content. I often click through an intriguing title in your mobile app only to find the content I had hoped to read is audio. I wish I could listen to all of your trenchant analysis, but I can only read it. Please help me know which is which before I click through. Thanks for considering my suggestion.
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3 years ago, 6091j
½ as good since Mike Pesca’s departure
There was a time when slate was number one for really really smart people thoughtfully commenting on the issues of the day in a way no one else was. Now much of the time it feels like ia bunch of (still) smart people shouting out ideological platitudes with no room for either dissent or any thoughtful disagreement. It’s definitely a watered down version of its former self, still somewhat readable, but only occasionally informative or interesting. Mike Pesca is presumably gone, which is a huge loss. There’s still Jordan Weissman, Christina Cautericci, the whole Political Gabfest and others to look forward to, but if I’m being honest,Slate’s not the go to it once was.
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3 years ago, Historydoll
This app is a disaster
I like Slate’s content very much, and I’m a Slate Plus member, but the app is practically unusable. I used to read Slate via my RSS reader, but recently that became impossible: Slate was requiring a separate sign-in which it often wouldn’t accept. So I switched to the app. It is equally frustrating. I’m signed in, but it seems to have trouble remembering that, especially when I try to switch to an article referenced in another article. At that point it wants me to sign in again, and doesn’t always accept the signin. Plus the search function is all but non-existent: try finding the News Quiz, which doesn’t seem to show up by itself. Finally, there are times when the app just freezes completely. PLEASE FIX THE APP.
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5 years ago, Drangundsturm
search is hidden and horrible
As a Slate Plus subscriber I have to say the app’s search function undermines any positives the app has. First they hide it. Perhaps they’re hiding their shame. Second when you try and use it, the second you start typingWhat you’re typing disappears and it starts guessing what do you mean based upon your hidden characters. Third it doesn’t work particularly well. Fourth once you’re done searching the hamburger is gone so you can’t go anywhere but to one of the (crappy) search results without closing the app entirely and reopening it. The only conclusion I can come to is that they don’t want you to search. You’re better off not using the app at all and instead using the Google app.
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3 years ago, Brn lovr
Paywall even for subscribers
I have loved slate and have been a plus member for years. Recently I am unable to read any articles as a paywall comes up, even though I should be signed in. I can’t even hit the link to sign in on this wall as the link doesn’t work. I have emailed the company and their only answer is that they know this is a problem but have no idea if or when it will be fixed. Sorry. I will cancel that membership now. Geez, get your act together!! Higher some new tech people. How many people will you loose over this???
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4 years ago, Chicago Guy 444
Great writing, very buggy app
I *love* Slate, and don’t know why their app has had these glaring issues for this long: 1. It’s one of only a couple apps on my phone that crashes—and it crashes often. The app just dies and closes, generally over and over. 2. When an article has an embedded tweet with an embedded video, I believe it’s intended for you to play the video right there, but it doesn’t play—you have to switch over to the Twitter app to play the video. 3. Some articles don’t show at all in the app (!), or are missing the primary info/images. Two regular examples are Strategist articles with lists of recommendations, or “here’s what the smartest people on both sides are tweeting” articles, during debates. 4. After a recent update, *all text* (headlines, sub heads, and body text) is weirdly in italics. And the sub headers are weirdly clipped, so the top edges of the letters are all missing. It’s weird. Like I said, Slate is a wonderful website. These are specifically issues with the app. The app has had the first three issues for years, in my experience.
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2 years ago, AlexIsAPodPerson
Can I read non-S+ articles w/o paying?
Is there any way to read Slate articles using the app on my phone if I’m not a member of Slate Plus? Right now, I am signed in on the app, and every single article, once I’ve opened them, brings up the prompt to become a member of Slate Plus, not just the ones that have the “S+” symbol. I’ve tried opening the same articles using browsers on my laptop, and I have access to them there. Other people seem to be able to read a few articles for free before getting the prompt, but I haven’t figured out what I might need to change in order to get that. If the app is only for Slate Plus members, then that should be explicit at the beginning of the process.
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4 years ago, Kakissel
App is super janky
I enjoy Slate. But this app is janky as heck. You can now read comments in dark mode… but you can’t read a comment you’re typing. Articles that are lists of recommendations for items to buy — the linked items just don’t show up, so you get a set of reviews without any indication of the items being reviewed — that’s been the case for years. And for the past three days now, every single piece of text in the app has been italicized. Headlines, bylines, subheads, body text. (Guessing someone forgot to close an italics tag in the CSS for the app.) Plus, the app crashes constantly. Always has. It seems like this app just isn’t a priority for Slate, never has been and never will be. It’s frustrating.
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3 years ago, msinert
Login/crash fails for YEARS
I’m a longtime Slate reader and have been and on/off Slate+ subscriber. I really like the content. This app is awful, and has been for years. It has always crashed on me, through my use of a variety of iOS devices - so often that I deleted it long ago. I recently re-upped my Slate+ subscription when I got a new iPhone 12, so I decided to try the app again. I simply cannot login. All I get when I hit the login button it an “Error: redirect_url mismatch” notification. Not sure why Slate can’t find developers that can make the app work. But I’m going to delete it again. Not usable. I’d give it zero stars if I could.
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3 years ago, mworkman
I see some people complaining that they’re upset that they can’t read the stories on the app without paying. I paid, and I STILL can’t read the stories. They updated their app, and now iOS subscribers can’t use their subscriptions. They’ve known about the issue and have still failed to correct it. So what exactly am I paying for? Update: they said they fixed the problem. It lasted for one use. Now, every time I want to read a story, I have to delete the app, re-download it, and then sign in to Slate+. Next time I want to use the app, I have to go through the whole process again. This app is utter garbage.
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4 years ago, MClaireBarr
I like the content but...
Most of the way I consume Slate is through this app but it’s been a problem from the beginning, crashes more than other apps, drains my battery. I’m not sure what the difference is with this from others but it’s frustrating to use because of these issues. I want to spend more time reading the content and I’d like to become a plus member but I just can’t spend much time on the app because of the frequent crashes so I can’t justify the expense if I can’t spend more than a few minutes at a time on the app.
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4 years ago, Alonzo4b
I don’t do reviews
I’ve never done a review of anything. Not a fan of the constant review culture we live in. But I feel compelled now because of problems identified by other users. I absolutely love Slate content. It use to be the highlight of my week to listen to the Political and Cultural podcast. Now I oftentimes skip trying because of constant problems with playback through the App. Essentially it is useless. I hear 10 minutes and then it just shuts off. I’ve tried to listen through other podcast apps but the process of accessing my slate plus membership content is complex and cumbersome. In this day and age it is not clear to me why this has not be fixed yet.
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3 years ago, A disappointed Slate supporter
Canceling my subscription because the app
Many other reviews point out that the app crashes daily and you have to log in every day to access the premium “Slate Plus” content. This has been happening on and off for the more than a year I have been using the app. I really want to continue to read Slate but the app is my primary way to consume content and it does not do the job required. Lately more and more content is premium access only, which requires the user to be logged in. Recommend you do not sign up for Slate Plus if you intend to rely on this app for accessing the content you paid for.
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3 years ago, Hansisgreat
Slate Plus features don’t work
I very much enjoy Slate’s journalism, but the app is a complete gutterball. I paid to join Slate Plus because they promised the app would be free of advertising and I’d have access to exclusive content. The problem is the app doesn’t work, I’m unable to log in, so I’m still seeing ads and locked out of the Plus content. I wrote several times to tech support, and an agent told Zoe told me essentially nothing can be done and I have to live without the added content I paid for. Every time I opened the app I felt like a sucker who’d been cheated and then dismissed. I’ve since deleted the app.
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5 years ago, Clare-Dragonfly
Not useful
What’s the point of having an app for Slate when Slate links—even within the Slate app itself—do not open in the Slate app? If I’m logged in to Slate Plus in the app, and I see a podcast that I want to subscribe to, I should not have to log in again, then scroll around in several places in order to find my podcast link. Slate seems to want us to listen to podcasts within the app, but that just isn’t how I prefer to listen. Two stars instead of one because it is a better reading experience in the app than in my phone browser, if I can find the article I want to read.
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3 years ago, fran.d
Five stars for content/three stars for app
Login issues finally resolved but still find that the app is slow to load and a bit quirky (ie loads its own article links into a web browser). However, Slate content is abundant and high quality. —— Log-in simply does not work anymore. Constantly kicked out even right after I’ve logged in. app is also slow to load and glitchy. Not a great way to treat subscribers. Have given up on app and using mobile web for now.
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3 years ago, arbysauce
Frustrating notifications
This app is utterly broken in the way its notifications work. I’ll get a notification about a story that looks interesting so I’ll click on it fully expecting the app to open to the article I question. Instead, the just opens and then you are left to wade through any number of articles depending on when the one you are looking for was published. How is it every othe news organization doesn’t have this problem? Please fix it before I’m convinced to quit wasting my time and cancel my Slate+ subscription.
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5 years ago, pirate jenny
Tech issues w subscription
I subscribed so I could enjoy more episodes - the content is fabulous. But I lost access to that extra content after maybe a month, for no reason I can follow. I tried everything they recommend - tried using a range of listening platforms to no avail. Spent about 40$ to listen to about an hour and then lost that time and more to trouble shooting.
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2 years ago, Mariannapher
The worst
Never has the distance between how much I love the content of something and hate the delivery of it been as great as it is with Slate. This app is just the worst. Constant bugs, ads that pop up and cause issues every time you scroll past them, lack of updates, so on Sunday morning when you are most likely to want to spend time reading, it’s never a sure bet Slate will have new content. Comments are not enabled on the app, you can’t view them or make them. I also have issues with my account and the app every time I renew my sub which I don’t know why I keep doing.
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3 years ago, Lesterland
Terrible app
I love Slate, and am a Slate+ member, but this app is terrible. You can’t search all of the Slate content, and since I almost exclusively read it on my phone this means I’m unable to access all of the articles. With this latest update, it asks me to login every single time, which is annoying enough but the link to login is super tiny and difficult to activate, while there is an enormous trial subscription button. They seem more interested in new subscribers than facilitating access for current subscribers. I think Slate may have run it’s course for me, as I’m unlikely to renew due to the app’s accessibility issues.
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3 years ago, robsalk
App does not let me sign in
I’m a paying subscriber who loves Slate content, but the iOS app continually “forgets” my login and bars me from reading stories. Often I can’t even get to the sign in screen. When I do, I have to keep producing my password because it is not cached. This is an awful user experience that needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, Scobo
What is the point of this app if it doesn’t remember you?
This app requires you to log in almost every time you want to read an article. It is constantly hounding you to either disable your ad blocker or subscribe (even if you have just logged in), it forgets who you are and tells you that you have read all your free articles (once again, even if you have just logged in) and even if you are logged in as a Slate + member you get the same deal. Other apps manage to remember who you are over the course of a week and more.
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3 years ago, sallenmd87
Doesn’t work since update.
The login function in the app is broken. I can still login just fine on the Internet using Safari on my phone, but I can’t login to the app. Just get a blank screen or an error message when I click login. Incompetent developers.
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4 years ago, stanislavia
Poor UI and jerky on iPad
I’m new to the Slate app. I like the writing and content so much that I’ve read on Apple News, I downloaded the app and considered a paid subscription. However the app is terrible on my new iPad running the latest iOS. Scrolling is weirdly jerky. There are only 5 font size options, and the biggest is still too small for my poor eyesight – especially with an inexplicably italic typeface and lines way too close together. There’s no way to filter out podcast-only news stories, you have to open them to find out it’s just a podcast. I don’t want to listen... I want to read. In short – Slate lost a paying customer here, due to a very poorly designed app. I work in app and website UI dev, and frankly somebody needs firing because they are scaring away paying customers (just read the latest reviews in the apple App Store). I’ll try back soon snd hope things have improved.
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3 months ago, AstroPaul
Unusable. Video ads run constantly in middle of articles!
Slate is a great magazine, with good political and social analysis. However, the app is unusable. In the middle of every article are adverts that are in motion. They are visually distracting. They are Google ads and have a minuscule close “x” that doesn’t work. But even if they did, that’s not a solution. One does not want to have close *every* manually. Plus, the close buttons are so tiny, one risks tapping in the advert and passing over private data through their intrusive tracking. No thanks, Slate! You’ve blown it with this approach.
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3 years ago, Beth AZ
Used to be my favorite
I used to use this app several times a day and paid for a Slate+ membership to do so. Recently, the app function has really degraded. It logs me out multiple times a day and won’t remember my password. Today it won’t let me log in at all, and just lingers on a white screen when I try to sign in. I’ll try deleting and re-downloading the app. If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll cancel my Slate+ subscription and find another source for writing like this.
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3 years ago, MarcZero
The app and content aren’t worth the price.
I read Slate off and in for years. Now they won’t let me read without paying $60/year. Your articles are not worth half the price of a video streaming g service. I read less than 10 articles a month. I’m not paying 50 cents a piece to read them in an app that almost never properly formatted the content or show embedded tweets correctly. After almost a decade, I’ll be deleting the app tonight and will likely stop interacting with Slate altogether as I only read news on my iPhone. Such a waste.
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2 years ago, Village of the Hudson Valley
5 stars for content. Minus 4 stars for the app.
The Slate app is the Startac of iOS apps. It is a dinosaur that still lumbers about the earth, but only just. I pay for Slate Plus, which means getting multiple versions of podcasts in the podcast feed. Podcasts which aren’t supposed to have ads, have ads. Some of them. Consistency is hard to find. I love many of the podcasts here, and the Plus is worth it for the bonus content from Slate Money alone. I would just like to see Slate have an app which is even a tenth as good as their journalism and opinion.
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5 years ago, blueinaredcity
Canceling my Subscription
After multiple attempts to contact Slate support, I am throwing in the towel and canceling my subscription. I can no longer access podcasts through my app without show cutting out every few minutes. I truly love the content but am done with the frustration of trying to access it. I end up going through general podcast anyway. I understand budgets are tight, but you need someone to provide technical support to your customers.
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4 years ago, CovingtonNYC
Always Intrigued
The slate app icon is like a homing beacon for my curiosity. I can click it and I might get an advise column about a 76 year old divorcee that is lusting after her pool boy, or great interview with the mother of an asylum seeker that is stuck in Mexico awaiting a hearing. There is always something to learn, something to enjoy, or something to ponder. I love it!!
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2 years ago, Robbybro
Awful app
I love reading the articles on Slate and part of the fun is reading the comments and discussions that the article generates. But recently the app “broke” and the reader comments on the articles are no longer available on the app. I emailed about it and was told to use the web version of the software. That doesn’t fix the app which no longer works like it did for years. Adding that it has been months and they still haven’t bothered to fix the app so you can see the comment sections. It’s awful.
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3 years ago, Jenabill
get ready to log in every time you use it
I decided to pay for Slate because I have read their articles for many years for free. Yet I have never had any website that wasn’t a financial one make me log in every time and also doesn’t have Face ID. Very poorly designed. For the past three weeks, I can’t even log in. The log in command goes to a blank screen. Doesn’t matter if you load a new version. Don’t waste your money
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3 years ago, thethirdmonkey
Bungled paywall - Delete the App!
I pay for content and subscribe to plenty of content creators I don’t have to. Getting a surprise restriction 4 days after an auto update occurs does not give me warm fuzzies about your writers. It makes me rethink how smart the publication is and how it values the relationship with readers (which in my case spans almost two decades). This ham handed attempt will create some short term gains, but far less than it could with some subscription-savvy people at the helm. I predict the legacy to be diminished influence and a number of highly targeted pink slips. Delete the app if you agree!
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1 year ago, Antler Queen K
Update more like Letdown amirite
Cringe review title aside, this app is annoying. - no search option??? Or at least easily accessible one - limited amount of articles you can access without trying to navigate through recent articles like a webring of days gone by. If I have unlimited access to articles, why can’t I scroll down further to catch up on things I may have missed? This has always bothered me - no rotating to landscape anymore - the ads are new, and seriously make me forget I’m using an app vs just a browser - why am I paying for slate plus if the app now has ads and I can’t easily access all the articles from the app? - seriously, whoever decided on this update needs to be fired. Uninstalling and returning to browser-based reading, which is annoying but at least ACTUALLY unlimited
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3 years ago, dg273green
The Slate app is quite buggy. It crashes frequently and requires me to sign in every time I want to read an article. Even though I have a paid subscription to Slate, I often get ads in the app. Also, the search function is terrible. The worst part is the tech team has been unresponsive when I report issues. I hope they fix the app soon as I am thinking about canceling my subscription if there continues to be problems.
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5 years ago, D-n-w
Stop shuffling the stories
I read the articles on the recent page and scroll down until I see ones I’ve already read. HOWEVER quite frequently stories that weren’t there before are now shuffled in between ones I’ve already read. I end up missing articles that I would have read. I have noticed that articles are posted hours before the time stamp on the article. How that works and why it’s done I don’t know. Please stop moving things around.
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3 years ago, Concertina82
Crashing Constantly
I love the programming on Slate which is why I became a Slate Plus member. However, the Slate app is constantly logging me off Slate Plus so I’m listening to commercials, and it’s constantly crashing or pausing in the middle of a podcast. I’m not quite sure what to do about any of this. The app is fully updated and still giving me problems. I know I don’t have this problem when I listen to Slate programs on the Apple podcast app. So….I may cancel my Slate Plus membership if they can’t get this fixed.
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4 years ago, AG 17
Love Slate, app is not reliable
Slate has been my favorite news site for years. The app is horrible. It crashes when opening an article approximately 33% of the time. The only way I’m able to read an article sometimes is opening the app and frantically clicking “open in safari” before it crashes again. The issues with the app detract majorly from my enjoyment, and I often just give up on it. I cannot understand how the app has so many positive reviews. I keep mine updated and have an iPhone XS, so it shouldn’t be so bad.
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4 years ago, CMT1990
Search freezes the app.
I love Slate and I’m a member, but this app drives me crazy. Every time I try to use the search function, it freezes. I get stuck in the search results and unable to view anything else. Each time I have to delete the app and reinstall it. It’s so annoying— just fix it!
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