SLO Tribune News

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The McClatchy Company
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10 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for SLO Tribune News

1.51 out of 5
114 Ratings
7 years ago, aircrabb
Miss the newspaper style layout
It is too bad the upgrade to iOS11 brought us this change in the SLO Tribune app. It is much more difficult to find the stuff worth reading. However I did find that by using the selection bar at the upper left you slide all the way to the right and select Obituaries and More you will find an option for e-edition. Click on that and you are back to a familiar layout. With the e-edition you can even read the comics. On the upside, the pictures and access to videos are much enhanced
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5 years ago, olblu92
Why change something that worked?
On Sunday, September 30, 2019, read the news on my tablet just fine, as I have for the past year or so. On Monday and Tuesday, October 1 and 2, opened the app and still looking at the 9/30 edition. Went to the computer and found that the app changed. Reloaded the app on my tablet and logged in. The old version was fine. This version takes a second to come into focus when you change pages. Now I get pop-up adds I didn’t get before. I went to a settings page where you are supposed to change text size. Made the change and went back to a page. No change. Text is still small and you have to increase it as before except after you get the pop-ups out of the way and the page comes into focus. I took paper delivery until a couple of years ago. I went to the e-edition because I wasn’t getting consistent delivery. Now I have an app that is a nuisance to deal with. Why change something that worked satisfactorily?
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5 years ago, diggerHasley
Really awful change to the e-edition
The previous digital replica app worked really well on my iPad. The SLO Tribune has done away with that app forcing subscribers to use this one that is really awful. It forces users to a web browser with banners and ads that can’t be minimized to read a digital edition of the print newspaper. It like trying to read a newspaper through a small postage stamp window. If I zoom in, the entire web page zooms so I can’t scroll around the page with my postage stamp window. Instead I must zoom out, find what I want to read and zoom in again Really poor execution. I sent feedback, but the tribune didn’t read my comments, instead replying that I download this app. Sad.
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5 years ago, genekal
Previous version much better
I read your paper on an iPad Mini. Issues: New page comes on unfocused, takes minimum of two sec to focus, sometimes more. Wide page turning margins reduce print size to unreadable, liked previous overlapping advance button. Haven’t found email article sharing if it exists. Button at opening to go to page view too close to other buttons. Miss jump pages advance at page bottom.
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10 months ago, Bcp_mason
Can’t stay on article
I’d love to support the Tribune, but I’m probably a few days away from canceling my digital subscription. The phone app is how I access the Tribune. When I click on an article, I have about 2-3 seconds before it automatically transports me back to the home page. I can’t read anything! I was advised to delete and reinstall the app, which I did - no improvement. Come on people, make it better.
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3 years ago, gazlyons58
Literally the worst app on my iPad
It stops constantly stops working, and customer service says the same thing every time (when you can actually get them to respond) “ delete the app and re-install it. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve had to do that? This isn’t even taking into account the myriad of problems when the app actually works. They should be embarrassed.
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5 years ago, kenj44
Poor performer
I can’t help but believe the changes to eliminate printed editions and initiate the “new and improved” e-edition app are driven by anything other than increased profits. Regardless, both stink. The app is terrible for reading the printed version. A real disappointment. Difficult to read and I can no longer email stories to friends. The incessant advertising is also more than a mere nuisance. The only thing worse than the paper’s biased reporting is now it’s sub-par presentation.
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6 years ago, Straight news
Rating is for Content
The app is “ok” at best. The content is sometimes dated - online allows for up-to-the-minute, fresh content. Most of the time the headlines and articles are slanted to the left and not fact based. Just give us the factual information and let us make our own decisions. Most of us are intelligent enough to decipher facts and draw our own conclusions. You insult us with your opinions disguised as real news articles.
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5 years ago, Swoopadoop
Slow but good
No complaints with the app. Only thing is that it is a little slow when you change sections. Not bad enough to ding it a star.
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3 years ago, CynxCB
Beta version rocks!!
You’ve done everything right with this version. It was painful getting there, but we’re loving it. Thank you.
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4 years ago, SLO user
24/7 customer service phone laughable
After calling to express difficulty and displeasure in reading e-Edition, I phone the 24/7 customer service phone number which promptly told me they were ‘really’ only available M-F during normal business hours. As other readers have mentioned, the following problems exist: Endless loop of login Unwanted ads Slow
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2 years ago, Longtime Trib Reader
Frustrating experience
App update took three days to sign in, three talks with customer service before I could read the new, downsized e-edition. 1-Star for the whole situation. Had no problem with the app before this revision. Appreciate the developer response.
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3 years ago, Judi Nmi
Bad change
The new changes are terrible. I copy the puzzle page and now it does not print correctly. In addition, to read an article, now you have to touch each article to make it readable. The old edition was much better. Please consider to going back to that app
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8 years ago, Painter in the West
The Tribune's days are numbered
This new app is very poor. We are away and downloaded this new app. There is no way at least that we can find that you can actually see the paper in pages. If all you want is the highlights and I mean highlights then this is the app for you however if you want to see the contents as a whole you are out of luck. It's just a matter of time until we cancel our subscription.
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5 years ago, Mybizzwood
New Version is BAD!
My husband and I are sooooo upset with the new version! Besides the difficulty of having to keep signing in, it is always out-of-focus on our iPads. We have been using the same iPads without any problems until this new version came around. FIX IT!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, David Oceano
Using the app, I am unable to read or reply to the comment sections after the articles. I have sent notes to the help center hoping to correct this problem and have never heard back anything.
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5 years ago, NOWURK
Not Good
I don’t know who who spoke with about these changes ... but they are terrible ..... it’s not easier to navigate .. its harder .. what was wrong with the old paper .. if I can’t figure it out in a couple of days .. I’ll just cancel my subscription .... this is terrible
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5 years ago, bravobomb
New changed ruined experience
Was okay and as of today changed the format. We now only get 2 free articles a week. Not worth it to me since most of their reporting I can get for free from the news app and ksby. Sorry guys, you just lost my business
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4 years ago, paloguy
Terrible configuration
Can you please go back to a configuration where we can read the digital paper page by page with a full screen view.
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6 years ago, .johnny5
Found a way around all the annoying ads....
Hey all, I wanted to share with all of you how I found a way around all the annoying ads.... Especially the totally annoying VIDEO ads when you click on any video in any story. and here it is.... I DELETED THIS STUPID LAME EXCUSE FOR A NEWS APP!!! I find the KSBY news app a far less obtrusive way to get SLO area news. Seriously Tribune, you guys need to seriously rethink modern news distribution. You have a one star app. I'm obviously not the only one walking away.
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2 years ago, SLOjames619
News feed broken in iOS 15
The news feed no longer displays any news in the latest version of iOS
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4 years ago, Leepofaith
I’m done. Figure it out, Tribune.
I just unsubscribed. This has been a disaster of a service. I’ve loaded, reloaded, cleared caches, emailed customer service...aaaand I’m done. It still tells me to subscribe and then confirms...THAT I AM. What a shame - as a SLO native, I really wanted to support The Tribune but they’ve made it impossible.
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4 years ago, pismo pete
Change to App
I also find the changes very trying. It is almost impossible to read the paper through the small window. Please go back to the earlier version.
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4 years ago, shell beach reader
This new app is t easy to use with my iPad or iPhone . So,e days I can’t even access the paper! The first page does t come out clear until I turn the page and go back. I’m govi g it a big thumbs down👎
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2 years ago, ptsullivan79
Bad app bad paper
I’ve been sorely disappointed in both the digital user experience and the content of the paper. Cal Poly’s university newspaper has much more journalistic integrity than the slo tribune. Not worth it.
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5 years ago, Mstever007
Software for reading Tribune
Wants access to personal info on my iPad and my google account. Invasive and none of their business. Probably will sell the information to third parties. Going back to paper.
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5 years ago, Boomercat45
Very bad change
Your changes are far from “improvements.” Please bring back the ability to just read the actual newspaper.
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3 years ago, Dammit Nickname
Apple’s Private Relay breaks the newsfeed
Apple’s Private Relay when activated in iOS 15 breaks the newsfeed. The newsfeed indicates an error updating. Disable Private Relay and the newsfeed returns to normal functionality. It’s obvious that McClatchy does not like the user tracking disabled when Private Relay is enabled. So much for disclosure on the amount of these news apps track your internet behavior.
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7 years ago, caprice6
New Update Stinks
Please go back to the old app! The new e-edition stinks! I like to download and read later. If I wanted this edition I would use my computer. The update is horrible. I can't see continuing to pay for this!
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5 years ago, DalDay
Ready to unsubscribe
If I could give zero stars, I would. When I had the option of reading the Trib in a newspaper format, I was fine. Then all hell broke loose with this update. I hate it.
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5 years ago, SLO22222
Not good
I just want to read the paper every morning. Old app worked better. Many time this one just does not open
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5 years ago, HLS14
Forced to download to continue using iPad to read the paper. Never loads, so it is useless. Paying for a paper now that I cannot read.
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5 years ago, Moneytones
Subscription are you kidding?!
A greedy small time news app loaded with ads now wants users pay $13 / month. Deleting this app and downloading KSBY.
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4 years ago, SLO liver
This new app is terrible. I’m thinking of canceling my subscription. I used to enjoy reading the Tribune while on the road. Not any more! It’s too darned frustrating.
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4 years ago, mustang llc
New and improved its worse than it was
Bad doesn’t work
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4 years ago, Mr Renoob
App can’t remember who I am
I’m paying for a subscription yet this app can’t ever seem to remember that, it just gets hung up logging me in to my account.
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3 years ago, slopatty
Extremely disappointing
Very buggy, difficult to search. I have to re sign in ad nauseum. Frankly the ap is as bad as the “reporting.”
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5 years ago, Donald Keydic
Not worth the effort
This app never refreshes. The news is weeks old. Find a better news source.
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5 years ago, EmJayOh7
Awful update
Much prefer the previous format that actually looked like the newspaper. Where are the comics and puzzles?
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3 years ago, Carolina sweets
No obituaries
I am sad to see you have excluded obituaries. Cancelled my subscription after 25 years
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7 years ago, shrbrd
New up date hate it ! it hate it! hate it! Going to cancel my subscription
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5 years ago, cvdv original
Aweful update!
This new app is horrible for me! How do I get the iTribune or a full page view back??
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5 years ago, ckatchs
If you want to pay for a mediocre app and sub-par writing, go right ahead. I’m done with Slo Tribune.
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5 years ago, haciendasinnombre
New app is the worst
The new app is terrible. I’ve canceled our subscription!!
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5 years ago, ErasmusJones
This new app wants me to give up reading the Trbune and subscribe to the LA Times.
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5 years ago, AG GB
App stopped working
As of August, 2019, the app stopped working.
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8 years ago, JohnGaj3
Like it but for 1 issue
I like the feature of being able to have a discussion with readers in real time instead of the letters to the editor method of the past. Waiting 30 days to respond was annoying. The downside may just be me but frequently when I've tried to edit a response to a post before it was sent/posted the screen lock up. The response had to either go out unedited, not at all or incompleteIs that an issue with anyone else? Get that fixed and you get a 5 star review.
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11 years ago, Softballguy76
I had this app for almost a year and then they all of a sudden they start charging. No warning! Poor business practice. I had a subscription for the newspaper just for the coupons. Now I've cancelled that too. I'm really bummed because I thought that it was pretty cool app to able to have access the newspaper on my phone. I guess I'll just have to stick to CNN and the news on the Tv.
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13 years ago, Mona :)
Mugshots are great. I wish they could add a link to the story that goes with the picture. I also like that you can just read the story and not see the annoying comments from the public.
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10 years ago, tarlen5
It's so great to stay in touch with local events in my hometown through this app! Everything has worked great for me with this so far.
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