SmartFind Express

4.5 (15.1K)
12.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
PowerSchool Group LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for SmartFind Express

4.49 out of 5
15.1K Ratings
9 months ago, fly162
It works sometimes
This app is not the greatest and the website is just as fickle. It is a good resource though when it is working : to see available jobs and their locations, view your active jobs and check in as well as check out, and see your completed/finished jobs. I like that it does give you the option to filter results and view any instructions if left by the school or teacher. The website is faster and more responsive. I’ve experienced with this app though that it does not load completely , my active and finished jobs list will be empty the entire day up until 20 minutes before shift starts and if it’s still empty I must use the website to login and check in. I don’t like the loading speed of the app either but it does populate with available jobs if you wait for the loading circle to disappear. I do not take calls from smart express - I solely use the app to schedule my shifts and when it’s time to check in , If I can’t on the app, I use the website.
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10 months ago, MommyMuses
So hard to log in! Updated after a year of use.
I don’t understand why I would need to log in literally every single day on this app. It’s terrible. And the constant phone calls and voicemails. This should be streamlined and not something that takes several minutes each time to log in. I love subbing but I hate using this system. One year later: it’s still terrible. My school system is now using rapid id to login and I have to keep accepting permission FROM THE APP to use it. Then it has multiple screens to input login information. How is that any more user friendly than before? You should have a system in place that will remember login information on trusted devices. I should be able to see more than a certain date in the future on the list, I shouldn’t need to comb through the calendar view to see all the dates for jobs that are in the future. As someone who can’t work spontaneously the day of because I have to schedule childcare this is a terrible system that prevents me from working as much as I would like to. I literally would never see the jobs in advance.
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8 months ago, Mama's Safe now
No Heads up for Grade Level at ES
This app is great to locate and submit jobs you may want to accept. It can be potluck though. If it’s ES though, you won't known if it’s 1st or 5th. If early ed is not your forte that could be an issue. Also when I used to submit a request for a guest teacher( aka sub=sub sandwich?=subpar? Hate that name!) I would attach the plans so a guest teacher could preview the plans the night before. So on a computer at least you find the name of the teacher, but still no available plans. On the app you won’t get the name of the teacher or a plan to preview. This may not matter to everyone but it does for many.
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1 year ago, miapar3
So bad I’m writing my first review ever
This app is so egregiously horrendous and I’m so absolutely fed up that I’m writing an App Store review for the first time in my 12 years of iPhone ownership. It logs you out in the middle of using it CONSTANTLY. Constantly. I can’t set my availability, scroll through available jobs, literally ANYTHING without getting randomly logged out in the middle of using the app. It’s infuriating. And it’s not like there’s a minute or even a few seconds of inactivity—I’ll be actively trying to move as fast as humanly possible to finish what I need to do before getting logged out but every 30-60 seconds I’ll click on something and get the dreaded screen with the long error message and forced back to the district selection page. It makes me want to flush my phone down the toilet. I REALLY REALLY hope my district will consider switching to another hosting platform like frontline, because this app is so comically horrific that it feels like they’re actively trying to prank us. There’s no way someone whose job it is to make apps and gets paid actual money to do this could have possibly effed this up so bad. I truly despise and resent you, SmartFind express.
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2 years ago, Cosmic Changes
Will spam you if you link a phone number
This is a terrible app. Their service will spam your phone with phone calls (I received 20 calls in less than 20 minutes). I ended up blocking the number altogether while I was getting spammed at dinner, BUT even that didn’t work. Apparently, blocking a number on an iPhone will still allow them to leave a voicemail. I quite literally had my voicemail box full for weeks and didn’t know because once I blocked the number, the calls weren’t showing up but could still leave voicemails. After having blocked the number, I had 32 voicemails from SmartFind Express, all were from the same day. What a pathetic system. I shouldn’t have to adjust my do not call hours to avoid this, as even during the hours I would want to be called, I dont want to be spammed like that. I reccomend logging onto the website and deleting your number from your account altogether. There is never a call time one would want to be spammed like this.
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9 months ago, KungFuSoldier28
Good resource that adds clarity
It’s helpful to be able to track down positions as a Substitute Teacher, but the app could be more streamlined; currently, I can select specific schools under Locations on the web page, but not on the app (The only option that shows up is All Locations). A map of the area and available positions would be a fantastic upgrade to better understand travel times associated with the particular position one is looking at relative to our respective home neighborhoods. The loading times for active jobs are about as painful as the cutscenes for the remake of Chrono Trigger on the PS1.
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3 years ago, Matthew T. Adrik
Not remotely user friendly
This app could not be any more frustrating! It takes forever to load and 80% of the time I’m receiving an “Unexpected Exception” message and the available jobs won’t display for hours (the website is just as bad). Whatever changes or updates they made really messed things up. Go back to the old format; at least it was reliable. Other subs are also having similar issues. I have tried everything! Updating to the newest versions on my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling, etc. and nothing is working. Ugh! :(
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2 years ago, Davidastronomy
Works but needs enhancements
While the app works well for finding substitute jobs, it can be improved. First, make the filter selections permanent so the user doesn’t have to select them every time after logging in. Second, enable notifications so jobs fitting the user’s criteria/filter selections can automatically be sent via text or email. Third, it often takes several seconds to conduct a new search, so the user has to wait for the system to reset. This also should be corrected if possible.
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1 year ago, Wbgkgrrl
Poor Usability
I agree it’s frustrating to use on your phone. It won’t load all the jobs available at once and makes you scroll up and wait 5 seconds before trying to scroll down and load more jobs. Before I figured out this hack I spent hours frustrated that I could only see jobs coming up immediately and could only get jobs for say May to load sometimes before the system kicks you out, makes you re-login and start all over again at the top of the list trying to load jobs future months. You need a filter by date function as well as location and teacher.
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3 years ago, frustratedsub
Does Not Send Job Notifications
My school district switched to this system last year. I can not even begin to describe how frustrating it is to not receive notifications for jobs. I am set to receive calls and notifications at all times, but it rarely happens. When I am requested for a job, the app does not notify me. Logging in every ten minutes every day to see if jobs are available isn’t practical, uses data to send me text messages to verify the log in , is time consuming and frustrating. School has been in session since August and out of all those days the system has called maybe 20 times which equals to about one fifth of the time. In addition, the app rarely sends me a pop up in regards to jib notifications.
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4 months ago, APR812
Seems worse with every update
I don’t know what is going on with your developers, but what was once a fairly reliable app (although it’s been close to a year since I would say that was true) is now just complete trash. No longer do I get notices from it, at some point after the last update it just stopped. Also, the login is terrible, probably 2 out of 3 times it just sits at fetching data from server message. Also if I try to update my call/do not call times under scheduling it just gives me an error when I save. All I can do is turn that option on or off. Can’t set a time. So I end up just logging in on line when I have time. So much for making things easier to access.
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3 years ago, rick's gal
Lousy app with poor to non existent support
The mobile app provides little help for Subs. To specify an ongoing day each week that I am Unavailable for jobs should e done in Profile Settings. When I set that I am unavailable on all Wednesdays I am still getting calls and texts. The online system does not reflect my preferences that I set in Mobile app. Using Filters is another problem. Instructions are unclear as to whether I am selecting preferences for Locations or eliminating Locations for potential jobs. Lastly, you can’t find anyone to call at Power School who supports Smart Find Express and it is not in their list of products on web site or IVR answering menu.
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3 years ago, Jamestoyou
Not User Friendly or a time saver
Very subpar to Frontline app. Archaic experience. Every time you log on you have to go through steps to filter for the schools you wish to work at. Seems no way to lock in your school preferences. Logging in, filtering, is time consuming when you are having to compete for jobs. With Frontline, jobs can be easily linked to your cell’s calendar; not so with SmartFind; a must if working multi districts. Wanted to link my Frontline District with the SmartFind District but seems can’t be done. Log on time, no multi district view, and having to manually load jobs to my cell calendar is a problem. Too easy to make a mistake and book 2 schools same day. Rethinking working for a district using SmartFind. Too cumbersome.
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2 years ago, Superdome5
Whew…this is so much better!
The mobile app is so much better than the old one. The only thing is we were without a working app since the roll out of iOS8 and the new app is ONLY surpassed by the laptop/desktop version. Good job! Is it perfect? No, there is always room for improvement. I think the functionality of this app could be expanded (thus increasing it’s value) using current technologies, to make our jobs easier, especially when it comes to the increase in security since the tragedy in Uvalde. Thank you.
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1 year ago, RSWilletts
Needs Updating
Been trying to log on all morning for teaching jobs I have lined up this upcoming week. Continue getting an Error message that says “ERROR: Please update your version of SFE Mobile.” However, there isn’t an update available. I have restarted my phone numerous times and deleted and reinstalled the app. That has not worked. I’ve been using the app for a year, so I know it’s not user error. Prior to this, the app has been great. But they need to fix this issue asap. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Old Savy Sub
Not User Friendly For Substitutes
Has stopped working at all! I’ve contacted my tech support and they confirmed that it’s nit working and it’s now necessary to use the website rather than the mobile app….This app requires a tedious logging in and a range setting every-time you want check for assignments. The filters need to be reset with each log in. It is so time consuming when all you want is a very quick check for available assignments. Further, it has no ability to push notifications that an assignment is available! So antiquated! Best I can guess is that it must be more “cost effective” for the school district over other, more efficient, applications.
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2 years ago, Missing Bubble Frame
Super helpful, could be even better
This app is the only tool I use for jobs and I sub every day. It’s easy to use and has some great features. I love the calendar, but it could be even better by going back to show past jobs as well. That would make double checking my paychecks so much easier. I don’t love that I have to refresh it constantly. I’m stalking that thing all day, every day. I would love to get an instant push notification when there’s a new job.
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4 months ago, Subme7373727
It works better than a person calling
I like this better than a person calling. It could use some improvement. One, it needs to tell what grade or subject a teacher is as that helps me know if I want to sub for them. Two, the repeated phone calls for an open position is obnoxious. One text is plenty as I am not able to know ASAP if I am available when I get a phone call. Three, the wait time for searches on the app is also annoying. Four, it would be nice to block out certain dates I know I am unavailable.
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1 year ago, IntercessorCA
Check In/Out
I enjoy using SmartFind - generally. However, I have one major concern. Specifically , the checkin and finish job feature have issues. ThThere needs to be improvements within this system. Moreover, when I enter my check in time, it seems to change automatically some point later. It is critical that I always chk my hours by the weekend. Pls try to improve this feature of SmartFind. Thank you .
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2 years ago, MarziMarzipan
Could be improved with some key features
Would love to see the following features: - access to full settings available on desktop - ability to sync with google calendar to instantly set unavailable dates and to add assignments to my personal calendar - ability to ask questions about an assignment within the app - ability to only get app notifications and no phone calls
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2 months ago, Ski-ski5
Fetching data from server… delay issues ALL THE TIME
I can never use this app. And it’s something that needs to be very reliable. As I log on it, it always grays out the screen and spins stating fetching data from server… with everything grayed out, I can’t even click on other options to see my current jobs, my account info or messages. Every blue moon I can get it in. This is very frustrated trying to see upcoming available jobs when all it does is always states fetching data from server and you can’t use any functions in the app. This app needs a major tuneup. TY
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2 years ago, Yupyup64
Slow moving and unreliable
Every time I search I have to apply filters for location. In such a large school district, it’s be nice to be able to have filters set since we tend to sub in certain areas. Also, if we want to start a new search, we have to wait a set amount of time before it will let you do it. Why?!? And for a week now, jobs for the school I sub at won’t show up. I reached out to the district and they say it’s a glitch that smart find has at times and there is nothing I can do. So now I can’t see jobs where I’m able to work. That’s a problem.
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2 years ago, undk757jgv
Improve it already!!
Finally the app is available to us but there is much room for improvement. A search feature is a must. Second, how about the courtesy of a phone number or even an email address for questions? The available job list also does not refresh. By that I mean if there are 10 jobs when I leave the app without closing it - there are still 10 available jobs when I bring the app back up 2 hours later. The problem some of those jobs were taken but the app failed to refresh the screen.
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1 year ago, Cherry🍒Jaguar
On the fritz?
Typically this app doesn’t give me too many problems. Aside from taking a while to load… But today, for some reason none of my active jobs show on the app, despite the fact that I know I have jobs for this week, and it’s only registering the press of my finger for a certain sections of the app. For example, I’ve tried updating my schedule availability, but when I press the Save option… It doesn’t register it at all, but it seems to be perfectly fine with me exiting out of the page so that I can go back to another section of the app without having saved the changes I made in the first place. Anyone else having this issue? I have been on top of updating the app and I do have the most recent iOS on my mobile devices… I don’t know if maybe that might be part of the issue or not but…?
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3 years ago, Shriwas
Helpful App for substitute teachers
Thank you very much for this app. It helps the guest teachers to choose the job they can do or they are interested in. At this time I couldn’t think of any suggestions to improve the app. However, as I use mire, I will definitely contribute providing feedback on how to improve. Thank you very much and I really enjoy using this app which is very convenient and time saving! Thanks, Sangita
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2 years ago, SWicAkh
Don’t receive the job offers
It is frustrating that when you booked for a job I don’t see the other available options for the same day/time in case i want to change the job or location etc, i have to cancel the accepted job first to see the other available jobs for the same day/time, please correct/improve this fault, thanks
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2 years ago, Substitute330
Jobs won’t load
The job search for substitute teaching jobs is taking several minutes to load, then comes up with an error message of unexpected interruption. This is very frustrating when you are trying to book in a popular district that several substitutes want to work in. I’m missing job opportunities because the app won’t load. Out of a 12 hour day, the app seems to be loading jobs 2-3 times. I’ve tried to load in several different areas, full signal bars, and even wifi; it just won’t work right. It used to be a great app, but the last few months have been awful.
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3 years ago, 👩elleng417
A sub’s best friend
What’s great about this app is everything you need to stay organized is right here in one place: a calendar, new job offerings, jobs you’ve accepted, plus everything you need to know about each job assignment. No more post-it’s or other ways of keeping track of your week. If you’re a busy substitute teacher like me, you’ll love this app and all its practical features.
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2 years ago, Meno C
Works okay but could use some improvements.
The app works great for picking jobs. It’s simple and straightforward. However, my only issue is with the phone calls. If your call availability is set for a certain time period expect to be called frequently and often back to back. You can however set no call availability and accept jobs whenever you browse what’s available. The only issue is that if a teacher requests you it will not call you or give you a notification. If you enjoy working with a specific teacher it’s far easier to communicate through phone and instead have then assign you to the position directly rather than you accepting through the program.
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1 year ago, Betsy29605
Frustrating. Can’t find “help” feature. Want to change filter for date range. It defaults to a two week range and I need to plan me life out further than two weeks. I constantly have a problem with this. Also, if I cancel a job I would like a field to write a reason other than the list given, or even an “other” choice.
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3 years ago, Rhib5
Love the app but….
I love the app but I miss out on jobs without push app notifications. Our previous system had notifications sent to our phones and I worked every day. While subbing I don’t have the time to log in every 10 minutes and check for available jobs. I used to get notifications on my watch and could reach my phone and accept. I know several subs have complained to our HR department about this issue and pleaded with them to go back to our old system. Hopefully notifications become available soon!
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5 months ago, Chey61
Does not work for subs
App does not work well for substitute teachers trying to acquire jobs. It does not update available jobs unless I log out and then log back in. It often gets so bogged down that I have to completely shut off and restart my phone. I cannot use this app at all when the system is calling out (5-10 PM and 6-9 AM). Even though it is clunkier to to sign into the website, I often need to do that rather than use this app. Apps are supposed to be easier than websites when you are on a phone. You folks have failed miserably with this app.
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2 years ago, 카사린
Not terrible
There are some annoying bits. It doesn’t always let you look for specific schools that you want to work for. Schools frequently have a hard time finding me via my ID number, and It takes a really long time to load. With that said, it works on an iPhone 6 and it does the job it’s meant to do you just have to be patient. Look for work while you’re making coffee or loading the washer and eventually it’ll open. :)
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7 months ago, A loyal sub
Good data to find sub jobs but way too slow
Although this app is good for finding sub jobs it has very poor performance. Opening the first page at sign on takes way to long and only returns a small number of records. Querying up the second page takes just as long. I don’t know if other school districts have this issue, but mine sure does. If the developer solved the problem with speed and increased the number of jobs returned with each search, this would be a five star app.
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4 months ago, Faithcats&stories
Not great but no choice
The app leaves a lot to want. Even though I put in to be notified of jobs, it will never notify me. Even though I put in filters, it ignores them and shows me jobs I wanted filtered out. Once, I was requested for a job and it would never let me click and accept it. I always have the most updated version and these glitches keep happening. Currently frustrated because I need to cancel a job and it won’t let me. Wish there was a better app but this is the app my district uses.
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2 years ago, rachelahosier
This app will crash constantly, takes forever to load jobs when you scroll down. One time it deleted all of my upcoming jobs and I had to delete the app and reinstall it for it to work. It won’t let you sign in at least 5 minutes before which is awful because when the bell rings, I have children in the room and the last thing on my mind is to sign in. It’s also not user friendly for administration and they have had a hard time adding in jobs.
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6 months ago, fdghcfghctjb
Latest update is a downgrade!
***Update Sunday evening 12/17. App finally seems to be working! We're back in business! App was more user friendly than the site, other than the app calendar not showing my dates off. (Please fix that and it will be perfect!) Since this latest update I can no longer access the app data, it just keeps reloading in full site form.
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2 years ago, Sub411
Rarely Loads Properly
I have been using this app for a year now. It is great in theory, however the app rarely works properly. I have to wait for it to load and then it tells me I have to wait 10-5 seconds to refresh the sub openings. Last night the sign in page did not work for 10 minutes. It would be nice to filter by location but that feature doesn’t load properly either. While this app looks like it has a lot of features that would be valuable, they are only for show. I wish my district would find a better option!
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3 years ago, ocymor
Substitute App for Lee County FL
This app takes longer to navigate than the previous one we had last year. The second top bar on my app is missing, no way to place do not call dates, so I have to turn off my phone to avoid getting calls at 5 in the morning and 6 in the evening. In addition, no way to cancel jobs, if needed. Also, it tales too long to load jobs. This app is not user friendly at all. The app we had last year, everything was right there when you signed in. This is the worst app I’ve experienced in my 14 years as a guest teacher.
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5 months ago, KSJMD
Awful. They RUINED their own app!
I’m unable to stay signed in to the three districts I sub for through this app. If I put in my user ID and password for one district, it automatically populates to all three districts- yet each district requires a different ID and password. As a result, I can no longer CONVENIENTLY check for jobs on all districts. I’m missing work opportunities every day since this app was screwed up in Dec 2023. By the way, each district tells me they have to contact IT for me- I, the actual user, have no way of contacting the app for support. Way to mess up a good thing. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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2 years ago, Kiddocullen
Missing features
It would be nice if the app would have the feature where we can search for assignments and not just seeing the active/non active and past assignments. At the end, what is the true purpose of this app that will only take up space in my phone and it only works for seeing assignments that are active, past ones, and canceled one. It also have the options to cancel an assignment which is good thing.
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3 months ago, LynnBan
Poor layout. Can't save login. Inaccessible sub plans.
Can't believe there layout on many screens. Have their developers looked at the app on an iphone? Words on top of words, inaccessible buttons, links to sub plans that always give an error. Do they have a user interface or user experience team? Have they tried their own app? I log in every day, many times to look for sub positions. Can you make it so I can save my login credentials? Powerschool needs to do a deep review of their own product.
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1 year ago, big red 725
Missing some options
I would like the ability to email or text the contact to ask questions before I accept. An interested button would be nice to allow for the questions to be answered before I accept or to signal school to reach out to me. Some days I could be available for a partial shift and I would like to be able to easily communicate that interest within the app.
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7 months ago, California or bust
Doesn’t always work
The app doesn’t always work. I’ve deleted the app and started again and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. For example, it will load the available jobs, but won’t let me do anything else in the app. Yesterday, I had to go into my laptop to “finish” a job to be able to receive payment for working. The app continued to spin when I pressed the “ finished “ section. A lot of times the app won’t allow me to filter my selections.
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2 years ago, Stephdancemonky
Keeps freezing
Keeps freezing and my jobs don’t load up some days. The location look up freezes and I tap and tap on it and nothing happens! I get calls from all the Broward County school board and when I log in all the available jobs in Broward come up instead of the “location” I have chosen on the app and System. It didn’t use to be like this until Kelly Education took over. At this point concerned that I am going to show up at a job site and won’t be able to check in since my jobs will not load on this app.
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3 months ago, Brianwang1
Truly the worst app I have ever used
I substitute often and have experienced good and great substitute management systems. This is by far the worst app out there for subbing. It often crashes before I can even log in. Plus, when there are jobs available, I can’t even accept them because they are being offered to people over the phone. So then why even have the app?? It seems futile to rate the app since I don’t really think anything can be changed, but if there’s anyone out there who reads these and can do something…please do!!
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2 years ago, MsAKYork
Substitute Teacher
App needs to offer an area that gives only a start and end day. This app “makes” you start and end a break….even if you didn’t get one! I worked with Autistic Kindergarten students for two days in a row. I didn’t have a break. I sat with them at their lunch table to help open their containers, drinks, etc…. I also had to constantly get up and chase two children to bring them back to our lunch table.
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3 months ago, DOE sub
Needs an upgrade
This app needs a severe upgrade. Too slow, limited setting options. Its only good use is to view jobs but it only works best for the next day. You can not view any other possible job dates. The calendar function is useless also. And forget about having the option to block future calls, you need to log into a computer for that. This app is very basic and it’s very slow. It’s a shame that for a large city, large population, we have poor technology for city workers.
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2 years ago, Carla V J
The site does not tell what position a teacher is teaching. Many substitutes want to know what grade or subject they are agreeing to teach. The notification of a new job does not immediately notify you that a new job exists. It only notifies you if a job has not been taken for some time and I haven’t been able to determine how long that is. It is not user friendly to enter a non work day. The calendar is small and a job is noted by a bold numberCar which is sometimes difficult to see. Frontline was so much better on every level.
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5 months ago, sunny988
Terrible app
Absolutely terrible. It does not ever load available jobs, just a constant error message. I even tried deleting and downloading the app again twice and nothing. There isn’t even anyone you can contact for support. I eventually found an email to contact from their website and they said they only speak with people directly at the school district. My district has specifically stated it does not offer support for the app, so there goes that. If I could give zero stars I would.
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