Smartify: Arts and Culture

4.6 (7.3K)
45.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Smartify CIC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Smartify: Arts and Culture

4.56 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
4 months ago, Ahlam97
Good job dev team 👏
I like this app! The scanner works, I get to save my favorite paintings and artists… many paintings come with a blurb, even shows where they’re on display, plus the app looks good :) The search function did take me a few tries to figure out. Say I look up Monet, then Fragonard, the app would search for Fragonard in Monet works 😅
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1 year ago, Sh4veD4ve
Audio re-routed away from AirPods at each station
Used at Taliesin West - headphones are required for the audio tour, but the app would switch the audio from AirPods to speaker when it switched “tracks” at every station. Maybe the app tried to force set set wired headphones even though we were using airpods?? Happened 16 times on both my iPhone 12 and my wife’s SE v2 - we each have AirPods Pro (v1). Report a problem in the App Store also does not work -app cannot be selected from recent purchases, so the ‘next’ prompt never goes active.
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6 years ago, doleary830
Didn’t scan my tattoo nor give story behind why I got it
Imagine if this app could be used to scan everything you happen to see on any given day? Check the list of locations the app is currently available in so as to avoid making yourself look like a moron lol.. great app I was impressing my gf until she caught me using it lol
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5 years ago, Fakename1234567
Lacking many artists
Lacking many artists and struggling to detect art. I have a Francis bacon art work book and it can’t recognize any of the photos. There’s a painting at my local library I’ve always liked but the librarians don’t know where it’s from, and the app doesn’t even detect it as a painting. The system linking artists to art and recommending others is excellent though so the functionality of recognizing art gets a 0 and the rest gets a 4
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3 years ago, luckyandruby
Absolute life changing App!
I work in the art field and just found this app! I had a few paintings that I didn’t know who painted them. The app not only brought up the name, date and artist, but also a complete description of the artist life!
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1 year ago, Swiftgator96
Great for us non-art people
My wife is an artist. When we go to museums or art galleries she knows all about the paintings. For me, this allows a simple way to find out about the art.
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1 year ago, Subdrums
I was excited to download this, as there is a piece of artwork that I really want to find out the artist on. Unfortunately, I tried several times to scan the image, and it never would scan it, even though it was completely clear. Also, why in the world do I need to stand for 5 minutes holding my phone perfectly still?? Why is there no option to upload an image? That’s a huge design flaw.
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5 years ago, danielcockerspaniel
Doesn’t work
Held my phone pointed at the painting for over a minute while it said “scanning “. App is poorly designed. Should be able to snap a photo of the painting and then let the algorithm process it, rather than having to stand there holding my phone forever on the painting. I am pretty sure that the app was never going to identify the painting even if I had waited an hour, but at least work from a photo instead of me trying to point my phone at the painting indefinitely. Lame, go fish.
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5 years ago, Jeanniekess
Hmm not what I was hoping
Scans quickly on art that it is more famous. Doesn’t recognize some famous artist paintings that where not as notable. This app I think is just to be more acquainted with the artist etc. would be better if it had a larger database of artists at museums or in art books. I scanned my art book but only a select few came up.
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5 years ago,
Classroom in an app
I love this app. I listen to random works of art when I'm just trying to pass the time One thing I would really like is if there was an option to save the museums that I would want to visit someday. So if I ever go to that city I know where I would wanna go to and actually see the works of art.
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3 years ago, frustratedartloverinoklahoma
Can you help?
I couldnt get the app to scan a painting we have in our home by a Gaston. I realize there are lots of artists by that name. I tried scanning other prints we have that are well-known like Monet or Grant Wood. On each occasion it just keeps saying it is scanning but nothing comes up. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
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1 year ago, mitcoyote
No way to take a photo for the app to scan. A green circle appears, but it doesn’t do anything. No shutter button. I don’t know, but I suspect it has a library of images and if you’re trying to ID something that isn’t in it, you’re out of luck. Doesn’t seem to look for style, painting technique, color handling, or brushstrokes to match a likely painter. Nothing I can’t do with a book. And better.
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3 years ago, MrCrownCity
Scan doesn’t work
I have a print of Van Gough’s old man with the yellow hat - literally one of the most recognizable works of art in the world. Scanning scanning scanning. I don’t know how long it’s supposed to take, but I gave up after about a minute. Tried a Salvador Dali print also... same. Killed all apps on my phone; turned phone off; turned back on; launched this app only. Same. I don’t know what the intended use is for scan, but to me, this was a waste of time.
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1 year ago, Aripanda
Many works and artists missing :(
I love the concept, I love the interface, but unfortunately so many works and artists that I would like to favorite are not among the collections on this app. For example, I just recently saw a wonderful exhibit with a hall of María Berrío works at the ICA in Boston, but I could not find them here.
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2 years ago, bbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
I was searching for a good day and a half for just exactly this app. You can’t imagine how grateful to have found it help me with my art class tremendously!! Thank you.
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4 years ago, boog451
If you are a art lover....
.....this is the app you will want. I don’t think they have missed any gallery. You can travel to see the major works in museums in every corner of the world.
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1 month ago, Chuckyg2
Not What I Hoped For
When I visit a museum, I normally purchase a book and pick out what I want to see—and then plan. I thought this would help, but it doesn’t. I would like it if I could pick the museum and then the artist and have the app list the artist’ works in that museum. But, it lists the works all over the world. I love the favorites function but wish I could group by museum.
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3 years ago, cmrodz
Simple to Use and Accurate
Very friendly app and works nicely with good information of the arts
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7 years ago, Rumithepurr
They made comments to themselves on September 20th. 5 starts and all saying ‘great app’ when you go down you will find real feedbacks from real people about the app. I saw news on Twitter and I loved the idea even though app Name was kinda ridiculous and lame. I tried to use app but it definitely has problems like not instant scanning. I hope someone else gonna make this idea better with a better system and name.
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2 years ago, The Lord of Awesome
App Reload
When I go away from the app it reloads from scratch every time, making it take longer to scan the next image. This is a freedom choice that needs removing or ax way around the behavior needs to be executed.
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5 years ago, Mr.Arf!Arf!
Change title to “scan art IN MUSEUMS” or..
This app could be great, if they listened to feedback and changed their business model to sell in app purchase to let you identify ANY art ANYWHERE. Currently it only works in select museums on specific pieces. They say this is due to “copyright”, however the art is shown in books and online, so there’s no reason you cannot provide information ala Wikipedia..
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12 months ago, ToughestGuyInTown
Does nothing
Simply does not scan. Like a gag app to get you to hold your phone at a painting like an idiot but nothing ever happens. There’s no scan button or UI. Just opens a camera and you hold the image in the box but nothing happens and there’s no indication it’s doing anything. At the MET trying it on famous artwork and it just does not work at all.
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7 months ago, cozmoio
I am not the type of person to go traveling or anything, I just wanted a function that can have access to your photos and knows it’s name from my photos gallery, the fact that this app doesn’t have such a feature is kind of depressing, developer please add such a function.
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2 years ago, Jh9126
It’s cool
I really like the app but when I tried to figure out who the artist of this sculpture it didn’t work
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4 years ago, Killer wolf 4.9
Not really worth it.
The app seems great for known art, but it has trouble doing art that isn’t well known. I have supposedly and original art piece that I cannot find the creator of. The signature is not very helpful. I was hoping I could find the artist with the app, but it didn’t happen. I hope the app becomes more universal so people like me have more luck finding the unknown artist.
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3 years ago, Ojack007
Unbelievable a vacation on your phone history and art wonderful application…
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2 years ago, Jarrod1212
Thank you
Amazing app, remodel looks and works great, thank you for all your hard work
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5 years ago, Pyrotoad
Taking too long to scan
I was able to get this app to scan one painting. That was it. This app needs better development. I was initially so excited about the idea of being able to find out about different works of art. But, ended up very disappointed in the end.
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1 year ago, AugODaug
Poor ordering
When you view a list of artists, it is in some nonsensical order and there is no way to order them, not even alphabetically. If you search for an artist by name, again the results are not ordered and many artist of other names are in the results.
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2 years ago, Pippin's mom
Buggy search
Downloaded app and went to a museum page. When I tried to search the collection the keyboard disappeared after typing one letter. Had a hard time trying to do a search.
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2 years ago, Allen ketchum
Pretty much useless
This app is made entirely useless due to the fact that reverse image search exists. It was unable to find a single piece of art that was not easy found with reverse image search. It also spent more time scanning the photo than it took me to find it on a search engine online
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6 years ago, Mug620
This app is a data mining scam
This app ADVERTISES that it is to identify art- when you download it it will not even start without granting location access- reason being that it is only for museums and needs to know which museum you're at- get the F out of here with that, like the museum is going to fail to identify its display pieces. They just want access to your data.
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1 year ago, Ozzy Kopec
Completely useless
Tried scanning an oil painting to try and determine the artist and age of it. Gave up after waiting and waiting and waiting some more. It would be so much easier if you could upload a photo and see if it at least get a hit.
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4 years ago, Joe’s Dilemma
A very well-thought-out app
If you love art, you NEED to have this app on your phone! If you [ever] go to museums at all, you MUST have this app on your phone! Stop asking why — just download and start explore the labyrinth we often call Art World. Note: some of the audio guides are not free, but totally worth it!
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6 years ago, vogt_v
This app is crap, doesn’t scan anything
Downloaded this after professor mentioned it, but she hasn’t used it herself. I’m at a museum and have limited time. No scans so far.
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2 years ago, shultquist
Not helpful for guidance
Do not expect this app to help you find art while in a museum. It’s intended to give you information on the artwork, but does not combine it with how to find artwork while you’re in a museum. I expected it to do both.
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2 years ago, Otaliema1
Not worth the space on your phone
Got this to see if anything in our house was from a recognized artist. Kept coming up empty. (No surprise). Just for a fun I scanned and photo scanned a replica of Starry Night by Van Goh and it came up empty on that painting as well. Suggestion add a signature scan so unknown paintings can be tied to an artist.
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1 year ago, wandering light
Art is a window to our soul.
Magnificent beauty to those who appreciate the hand of God behind the artist.
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2 days ago, chickabee1216
I’ve only used it, or rather tried to use it 3-4 times but it has never “worked”. Not sure where I’m going wrong. Frustrating.
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4 years ago, verkingetorix
If you have a picture saved on your phone it is a terrible tool for identifying it. It just zooms in on a random part. Of course it won’t identify it. It doesn’t allow you to scale the photo to fit the tiny window that’s analyzing the photo. When I lived in China they had a great app for this. This one is terrible.
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3 years ago, $nApChAtL0v3R
I was taking a test and forgot the name of the painting and the artist who created it.. Downloaded this app as a last resort and it worked PERFECTLY! Awesome app!!
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1 year ago, chmakn
I had to give it a rating because every 2 minutes the pop up came….so frequent that I can’t even explore the app properly. So, 1 star only. Would probably be higher if I could actually use the app!
Show more
5 years ago, Dovertower
Work from photos?
Would it be possible to scan art photos taken before the app was installed? I occasionally visit private collections.
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2 years ago, OtterPirate
Unable to scan
Was trying to find the artist of a particular Madonna and child and the app happily gathers all my personal information but has zero functionality. Not even sure what actually works
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3 days ago, Andysreview19
Very cool
I used this to scan a oil painting at the Musée d Orsay and it gave me a description and artist. Works beautifully!
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7 months ago, Cube444
Can’t support it
I put Smartify on my phone. It did identify a couple of prints I had but for the vast majority it couldn’t identify well-known famous art. Then an ad start playing that I could not shut off. Google lens did better then this app.
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3 years ago, Angelzmarm1
Not perfect!
Sometimes we give up after 5 to 10 minutes on focus! Quite frustrating.
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6 years ago, melody ann bejin
Great concept if app didn’t crash when it opens
Never got to actually test this because it crashes upon opening, tried 2 diff phones, so it’s not my phone. Maybe it needs bug updates? Would be nice to actually use the app...
Show more
6 years ago, Chubby Honey Bunny
Thanks for this app!!
It feels great to know about artists and painters and their output. To get to know so much more. To appreciate more.
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1 year ago, CriticalGilMars
Scan these
Scan feature is basically worthless. I scanned 2 paintings from an unknown artist and 3 famous reproductions and the scan couldn’t recognize any of it. Waste of 30 minutes.
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