SmartPass Mobile

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SmartPass, Inc
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SmartPass Mobile

3.36 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Clindyrn
Needs to be tweaked a little
Need more control over length of pass and who can end it. Some passes are round trip and need to be changed to one way. Having difficulty accessing notes to teacher. Love seeing a picture of student associated with the pass and where they are coming from with time left and approved destination.
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1 year ago, 1SOrchestra
Smart Pass - A Great Tracking Device
At our school, we started tracking student’s activity in October of this year. Throughout the year, we have been able to track students activity to the bathrooms, media center, and many other places in our school. The best feature is the encountering prevention for students who do not need to be in the bathroom or halls together. The reports are very helpful to teachers so that we become aware of student’s activity that they should not be involved in, especially with other students who also have encountering preventions. I hope we can tweak Smart Pass even more this coming school year.
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10 months ago, daepicduck
Great for knowing where my students are at all times even at home!!
Every once in a while I get curious about what my students are doing (I know I’m a little bit of a helicopter teacher🙈) I log on to smart pass on my computer and access my students cameras just to see what they’re doing (especially if they’re cheating on my homework😢) and then I check they’re search history through the new cross platform data tracking just to make sure they aren’t searching up answers on google🤬. Thank you smartpass for allowing me to check what my students are doing at all times!!!
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1 year ago, SaltyBeach94
Great App!
SmartPass is something that our school started using this year and it’s been amazing. Honestly I was going to do 4 stars, but I didn’t want to take a full star away from a great app that’s super easy to use just because the issues syncing to my apple watch. I get notifications, but can’t do anything with them other than knowing someone has sent me a pass request. Overall, it’s a great app. It’s easy to use and quick to work
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1 year ago, Jaynevk
Great way to keep students safe!
This app is a great way to keep track of students in the building. Since the dashboard allows staff to track who is out of class and for how long they have been out of class, staff is easily able to monitor student whereabouts. Staff can also monitor how many students are out of class. This helps keep bathrooms and hallways clear from large groups of students hanging out together during class time.
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1 year ago, ImSoWeird
So useful!!
I just started teaching (I came VERY late in the year) and getting use to all the newness had been a trip. They introduced me to the SmartPass system on desktop. Its very easy to use! However, having to drop everything you are doing to pull up page especially if you aren’t right next to your computer can be a little time consuming. One of my students told me there was an app and it had been a LIFE SAVER!
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1 year ago, C_Topete
Amazing class/campus management tool
I used SmartPass at a previous site I worked at and it was! Super helpful features. They get 6 stars in CUSTOMER SERVICE! Always great, ready and willing to help! I highly suggest this program. The only thing that I had previous issues with is pulling reports, but I understand they have worked on them and am looking forward to checking those out.
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1 year ago, Jennajaystin
High school passes
Use this at our high school and the program is very easy to use and makes monitoring the halls easy. The only issues we have is user error or more so people who just don’t want to use it. If everyone uses it correctly, the program is great and having the app on your phone makes it super easy to make sure where a student is supposed to be
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9 months ago, Dr. Kade Griffin
Amazing product
This product has been transformative on our campus. Being able to know at a glance exactly who is out of class, where they are going and how long they have been out of the room has been a game changer. It has already cut down on so many issues we were having last year and made such a significant impact.
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1 year ago, KryshelleC
Makes my teacher life easier
I don’t have to keep a clipboard for students to sign out and remember to sign in. We have prevented fights and other issues by using encounter prevention. The students have their classmates keeping them accountable to the time spent in the bathroom for the next student to go. I could go on, but many have probably stopped reading by now.
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10 months ago, gkbrooks7
Great electronic pass system
I am a teacher and this is the easiest electronic pass system I have used. I can either be a hall monitor and know exactly where my students are and how long they have been gone. I can also easily create a pass for a student in the app in just a couple of seconds. Schools really should consider using this system and the app!
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5 months ago, Floppy-Ears
App is a major upgrade to SmartPass
Having the app on my phone has made SmartPass integration much easier. I now receive a notification when students make a pass which I can see on my watch. This saves me from being anchored to my computer and needing to check up on students who have been gone past their pass time.
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5 months ago, KatieDegs
Effective and Responsive
I love having the app as it is easily accessible. My only desire would be to have a push notification to ‘Accept’ a request. Currently, students can tap submit or start their pass in their own device; I would like to be able to deny a request if we are doing initial instruction or a test.
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8 months ago, TMBopper
Smart pass
Our first year using this APP for bathroom pass and drinking fountain. I like that you can monitor who is out using there smart pass. Only issue we have is when students don’t have a school issued iPad or forget there iPad at home and student(s) forget to stop pass time once they return back to class.
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1 year ago, fuducjcigufusydu
This app trapped me in the backrooms
I was at school & used this e-pass to go to the bathroom. New school policy. When I opened the stall door though, my phone glitched and I found myself in these infinite corridors. The buzzing lights are driving me insane and I think there’s someone following me. The carpet won’t stop squishing, but I don’t think it’s water. The app stopped working. Nothing is working. I think it broke my phone. I don’t even know if anyone will get this message but if you do, PLEASE DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I’m scared. Something’s coming. let them in let them in let them in
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1 year ago, EhBoone
Useful for school
I appreciate this as a teacher, helping me know where students are in the school, and when there are too many students in an area to send another student from my classroom. Encounter prevention is particular helpful, keeping troublesome students from skipping class together.
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1 year ago, over it 1212124
Works great, wish it were more customizable
Working great for our building, wish it was even more customizable to allow passes by time, restrict in certain settings and times, and more. There’s a “In process queue” but they have only rolled one thing out useable for us since we started. Hopefully it will be ready to rock next school year
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5 months ago, goopywoopy
It was a thursday morning, i felt the familiar rumbles in my stomach, mid history class. I tried to hold it, i pulled my pants over my stomach too. But it didn’t help. So I started up a pass and made it for the maximum time (12 minutes.) As I made my way to the bathroom i saw the timer go down, how am I supposed to help the fact my class is so far from the bathroom? I sat down on the toilet and let it rip, sweat dripping down my forehead as held on for dear life. Thats when it happened. All the sudden the timer started counting down in a miscellaneous voice.. 5..4…3..2..1 I started falling, and falling, my pants falling more and more down with each mile I fell— then i landed. BOOM Clocks everywhere. Timers. The pass ended. I write this not as a friend, not as an enemy— but as a victim. They're coming for me soon. I can hear the stomping. It's too late for me.
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9 months ago, Unsure24
So easy to use, lack of integration
I love how easy smartpass is to use and all of the data we can pull from it. I am disappointed that we were told it would integrate with our LMS when we bought it only to find out afterwards that it was a “coming soon” feature-hence the four instead of five stars. Overall, very pleased!
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1 year ago, SwaggGod(666)
Great App!
The interface is convenient and easy to use. The app allows me to track all my student's activity throughout the day. You can even block students from being in the hallways at the same time! Life-changing app! Schools, if you can see this, incorporate this app into your school.
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9 months ago, Fæux jr.
I couldn’t save him
I wanted to download this app so my parents knew when I had explosive poo. I looked at the reviews and saw one that said something about a guy getting trapped in the back rooms??? I knew I had to help, so I downloaded the app. I signed in and set up a pass. I walked into the stall in the bathroom, and my phone started glitching. I found myself laying down on a wet, dirty, yellow carpet. It looked like a maze that was very old and worn down, only it was infinite and all yellow. I heard this strange sound, almost like a demonic roar destroying my ears, followed by screaming. I walked for hours. It felt like I was just going in circles. Then, I walked around the corner and found this black figure standing over a crippled body. It turned around and saw me. I tried to run but it was too fast. It got me. Let them in. Let them in. Let them îēÿùíœßæçžå. Help me…
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1 year ago, HelloMrWallace
Good for Tracking Students
We have used it within my school. It helps with students. Issues with using the mobile app and logging in, but is fairly consistent most of the time. Could use a tutorial video for students to help walk them through creation or a demo mode for teachers to help show students how to use it.
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5 months ago, beckyharvey
Things are so much better with SmartPass
It makes it so much easier to find and track students. I love that we can make passes ahead of time and for groups! And I also love that we can now see who is abusing the privileges of using passes to leave the classroom! Game changer, for sure!’
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8 months ago, Teacher0
Does the job
Im a middle school teacher. As advertised it allows you to track who leaves, when they leave, where they leave from, where they go to, and their history of passes. As a team we’ve been able to isolate students “abusing” their hall pass privileges and hold students accountable for their time outside the classroom.
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1 year ago, Jdlee22
Review for smart pass
This is the first year our school has used smart pass and when used correctly it can be very supportive to the school settings. But when teachers don’t use it properly there can be an issue but that’s operator error not the program.
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9 months ago, OKempKing
Smart is an understatement
This is really going to up the safety at our school once all teachers are using it religiously. We love that we can set limits on numbers of students out in an area and even create problem groups that should not be out at the same time.
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10 months ago, BryanBr1
Great program-Responsive company
SmartPass is a great program for schools looking to move away from antiquated paper pass systems and want to use data to improve student engagement in classes. The company is extremely responsive to its users and is rolling out new features to meet the needs of schools.
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1 year ago, DLMcCoy
Essential part of school management
SmartPass helps our entire staff with consistency. Being able to manage who gets passes and when is amazing. We can have intelligent, real conversations with parents about students being out of class with this tool. Essential!
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1 year ago, Lena_m91
Easy to track students.
This has really helped to track students and know where they are at or how often they need to go to the bathroom. It has also helped reduce vandalism because we can narrow down students that were in the bathroom.
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9 months ago, TheGreatZibbleSnorp
Help Me
I was using this app in class, and gave myself five minutes to go to the water fountain. The water from the fountain got inside my shoe so I slipped onto the floor. I couldn’t get up for three minutes, so my pass ran out. After that I was transported to the pass rooms. Endless green corridors with timers counting down till nothing. I heard a noise. I turned around and a huge smart pass entity was right in front of me! I ran but couldn’t escape, as it was sucking me in with its luscious lips. It got to me and trapped me in green forever.
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1 year ago, SmilyShana
We have love SmartPass
As with every middle school, we had trouble tracking students leaving class and monitoring how long they were gone. We all knew we needed a solution, but didn’t have the answers until SmartPass! It’s awesome! Highly recommend this to schools.
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1 year ago, Camlcar
WBL Coordinator
Love that I can see when students are reporting to me. I am not in a typical classroom so knowing when a student is on the way is helpful. I like that I can decline a pass if I’m away from my office. I also love that I can create passes in advance to request students from a class.
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9 months ago, TheMusicBehindTheMelodee
Smart Pass works for our school! - GAME CHANGER
No more paper passes! Aaand you can download the app on your phone and computer! The students can see when it is time for them to go to their destination and the timing that is allotted! This is an awesome app! Keep doing the great work developers!
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9 months ago, msndisnue
I love this app
max and SmartPass fell deeply in love, their hearts intertwined with a bond that could never be broken. They embarked on a journey together, facing life's ups and downs with unwavering support for each other. Through their shared dreams and aspirations, they built a life filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures. As time passed, max and smartpasses’ love drowned out. Smartpass started seeing hall pass more, and stopped being so affectionate to max. So, smartpass divorced max and took the 4 kids. Max was very sad, but I guess she just made a smartpass out of her bad life.
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9 months ago, Sir Florida the Mad
This is exactly what we need to make our lives easier each and every day. At all times we can know where all our students are in this is important. Keep in keeping everyone safe thank you.
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10 months ago, Lilliepad25
Teachers lives made easier
The app Is simple and easy to use. As a teacher it’s quick tap tap and the kid is on their way. No wasted paper or gross bathroom Passes full of germs. It also allows others to see who is in the hallway and keep students accountable.
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1 year ago, AbbyS_1317
Great on IOS
This app was definitely made to be quick and fast on IOS. On windows or desktops it can run a little slow but I appreciate the smoothness and speed it took to download, set up and get back into the swing of thing on my phone. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Game girl 90000
Easy and helpful
This program has been very helpful keeping track of where students have been and where they are going. I’m not messing with signing and writing 10 passes every day. Highly recommend.
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9 months ago, shellhick
Very useful
Using SmartPass helps to see who is out of the clsssroom and how long they have been out. We like it because we can also see if there is a pattern to kids leaving the classrooms and if they are meeting up with other students.
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11 months ago, BlaqGhozt
This app works great overall. Significantly better than having to write a pass! The students like using it easier. The reason why I took it down a star is that the notifications do not always show up when a student makes a pass request to go somewhere.
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11 months ago, JMDaf
Impressive - highly valuable
Easy to implement. Easier to use. Enables students to manage their own destiny while also ensuring teachers are keeping kiddos safe. Love the automations and also the flexibility for individual accommodations. Encounter prevention is key as it helps prevent disruptive and/or unsafe behavior.
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9 months ago, the space
Great way to keep track of students
This allows you to know exactly where students are going, where they’re coming from and a timeframe. Using exact locations, you can determine whether a student should or shouldn’t in that location.
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9 months ago, S_S_S94
Great Asset in School
This program has single-handedly cut down on kids leaving my class by 60-75%. My students are not missing as much instruction time when they do go, and I can see who’s supposed to be out in the hallway when I’m on duty. It’s great!
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8 months ago, PaulV617
Makes scheduling easy
SmartPass makes scheduling passes for students easy. There are some things that we as school staff still need to figure out, like how to know when there is a line for the bathroom, but overall it has been a helpful tool this school year.
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1 year ago, Mozymandius
I have been using SmartPass this last school year and it has been a great way to keep track of where students are and how long they’re out. I will definitely keep using it next school year.
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1 year ago, PRRoesler
Has helped clear out the halls
SmartPass has given us a platform to not only help with crowded hallways but it has allowed us to track usage and student time in class. It would be hard to ever go back to paper passes.
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1 year ago, JClaw12
Teacher/user friendly!
Very easy to pull up on my phone to approve/deny requests during class without having to wake a computer. I also like that my watch links and I get a kick for requests.
Show more
1 year ago, wy259
Makes my life more difficult
As a teacher it was way easier to have a student take one of my laminated passes then to fill out a smart pass. It usually does not show up on the dedicated chromebook, so I have to pull up the app in my phone to see the pass. Very unreliable. At the administration level I’m sure it helps to track student pass usage, but as a teacher I don’t see the advantage.
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5 months ago, danad jones
This app is great to monitor students that are not supposed to be out together, etc. And truly helps take all the guess work off of supervision of students while allowing them the opportunity to use the restroom.
Show more
9 months ago, Theblkkatt
It seems to be working OK but not all students sign out and I’m sure that most of the teachers are not making sure that they go to the closest location as far as for the restrooms they come from the hallway all the way to the commons instead of stopping by the closest restrooms
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