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SnakeSnap Inc.
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for SnakeSnap!

4.43 out of 5
750 Ratings
4 years ago, S hail
Very helpful
I just recently, started using this app and have found it very helpful. I have always had a fascination with snake and can identify a lot of them in my area of Texas, but sometimes I need a little reassurance. I recently lost a good portion of my eye sight so hesitate to get as close to snakes as I used to . Also Jason tells me they are working hard to be able to do live time identification for emergency situations which would be awesome. I would highly recommend this app to any one needing help with snake identification. The more you know, the better you will understand that not all snake are bad and need to die. Thi app saves lives. Steve Hail Lewisville Texas
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4 years ago, Hudsons in Georgia
Exceeded expectations
My 12-year old son and I found two snakes in our small backyard of our new house in Georgia within three days. Ones was clearly a Garter snake which I caught and relocated to the pond behind me back fence. The second one we found was much bigger with a slightly triangular head. Not being very knowledgeable and thinking it could be a poisonous juvenile water moccasin, I made a quick conservative decision to kill this one since my son is always playing in the yard. We both felt it was the right decision at the time, but both instantly felt guilty for taking a life. I started researching that evening, found/downloaded this app, sent a photo in, and quickly got a response saying that it was a beneficial and harmless gray rat snake. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of these guys in the future and it is reassuring to know I have a quick resource to help make better decisions next time. Thank you to those that work behind the scenes to make this app work!!!!
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2 years ago, GiselleinSC
Great app!
I live in South Carolina, where there are many non venomous and venomous snakes. This app is fantastic at telling you exactly what your snake is! As soon as you spot a snake, take a pic, and use the app to ask the professionals! The only thing I don’t like, is of course, that it isn’t free. But I can’t blame the company when, again, they are professionals who deserve to get paid the tiny fee. I still gave it 5 stars, because even though it does cost money, the snake specialists absolutely get back to you within a few minutes with your answer! And the app is a great educational tool as well! They send you great info along the way. Overall, I’m happy with it and will probably end up buying a subscription simply because snakes are around all year long. After all , we humans have invaded their homes, not the other way around!
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4 years ago, TristaB1989
Awesome App!
I grew up knowing nothing about snakes, only ever seeing garter snakes and rattlers in the mountains. Our family now lives in Georgia and snakes are not a rarity here. There are so many different snakes here and some of the venomous ones look like non-venomous ones and vice versa. We had a snake coiled against the house and couldn’t figure out what type of snake, only that we didn’t think it was venomous, but weren’t 100% sure. I found this app and submitted a picture and got a response in minutes and we found out it was a rat snake, even getting some additional information about this type of snake. I will be keeping this app on my phone because I don’t think I will ever be able to identify a snake 100% and I feel better now knowing for sure exactly the type of snake it was. I’m sure we will find many snakes in our time and I feel better knowing I can use this app!
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3 years ago, twistedknickerz
New to area seeing animals i have never seen before
We are new to TN. I’m seeing all kinds of creatures that I have never encountered before. Bears, weird bugs, snakes. I opened up a box that had been sitting outside for a couple of months. First box had the shedded skin that was my heads up that I had better be careful opening box number 2 … sure enough there was a small somewhat menacing little guy all coiled up. First thing I did was to see if there was an app to help me identify the creature, found this app took a pic and got a very quick and informative response. I respect snakes as much as I don’t like them for they help get rid of mice, bugs and other things. But I also like to know what’s what because I’d like to avoid getting bit.
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3 years ago, rusted tree
I took a picture of a snake that turned out to be a venomous water moccasin. Great to have a resource like snake snap to identify whether snakes are dangerous or, as most are, beneficial. I pulled into my driveway and was immediately confronted with a group of crows obviously alarmed about something. One of the crows was on the fence surrounding a water retention pond, staring intently at something in the grass and squawking excitedly. The other crows were flying from limb to limb; all raising the alarm. I was able to snap a picture through the fence and sent it on to snake snap. Now that the worst is confirmed, I will call animal control to see how to deal with the problem. Crows may eat our corn but sometimes save our bacon. So kudos to snake snap and the crows as well.
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3 years ago, Statistics teacher
Wonderful app
My sister came across a snake in her yard at the beach in SC and texted me a pic, asking if I thought it wasn’t probably a Copperhead. It clearly was not, but she had no idea, and I certainly had no idea what it was instead. Still, I use Picture This all the time for plant ids, (yes, I did try it first, just in case the data might be there, and, of course, it saw no plant to identify) so I opened the App Store, typed “snake”, and the rest was history. Snake Snap currently employs a manual identification system—still in Beta, so I steeled myself to wait a day or two, yet the developer very quickly answered my query via email, within an hour or so, and the result was a happy to still be alive Glass Lizard! Thank you!
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3 years ago, Marle H
The Personal Touch
I downloaded this app after a friend sent a picture of a snake her cat apparently brought inside. She suspected it was a harmless garter snake and was able to take it back outside by using some grabbers; but there was some uncertainty. The site is entirely run by volunteers working round the clock to «manually » identify snakes. Within a couple of hours, I had a personal text from « John » telling me that the snake was indeed a harmless Oregon Garter. He provided additional details about its diet and behaviors. He promptly responded to a subsequent text and mentioned that they are fund raising to upgrade the app. It was refreshing experience to interact with real people on an app; although not as fast as AI.
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3 years ago, NAIDpack
North Georgia
Living in the foothills of North Georgia we are always having snakes cross our path. We know most all of the more common - king snakes, rat snakes, corn snakes, copperheads, water moccasins ..... but the juvenile and ones we don’t regularly see it’s nice to have this app to shoot over a quick picture and get a response in 30 min. I know the app says while under construction a reply will be within 2-3 days, but the couple times I used it the reply was very fast and I was able not to have to kill a harmless snake by not knowing what it was. I can’t wait till the app is fully functional to always get an instant reply to save as many harmless snakes as possible.
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4 years ago, Boy mom in the country
Where did they all come from?!!
We have had a huge increase of not only how many but different types of snakes already this year. I have two very curious little boys so their safety is my top priority. This app has been amazing at identifying the numerous snakes we’ve come across and to keep us informed of whether they are venomous or not. I grew up just down the road from where I reside now and in all the years there I may have seen two black rat snakes so for me, those are fairly easy to identify but outside of that, I have no idea. The responses are very informative and timely. I’m so glad I came across this app as it’s just one more tool to help keep my kiddos safe out here in the country!
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4 years ago, PrimmFamily
Harmless Water Snake
I live in lower Alabama about 40 miles from Pensacola, FL and eight miles from Mobile Bay. I noticed this little brown patterned snake had made a home on my front patio. I contacted SnakeSnap and the guys explained to me that it was a harmless Water Snake. They said these snakes spend the vast majority of their life in/near water where they hunt frogs and fish as their primary diet. They also said that it may act defensively by biting if handled or cornered, but they are not dangerous. We have a lot of green frogs and salamanders and I usually try to put clay dishes of water out for them to drink when the weather is dry. I’m an elderly lady but have loved spiders and snakes all my life. Needless to say one must know friend from foe! Thanks so much SnakeSnap 👍
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3 years ago, AnnStillman
Pool serpent
Found an undesirable serpent in my pool and after freeing to live another day elsewhere, I decided to see what kind it was. Looked online but after finding I had the most venomous creature on the planet, looked thru the app store for maybe some help. Discovered SnakeSnap app and even though there was a charge for the app, purchased and downloaded it. I had already taken a couple of the freeloader in my pool and uploaded it thru the app. Within a few mins, on a Sunday, I received a response. Much to my delight, my freeloader ended up being a harmless, juvenile black racer. Very pleased with the app and quick answer. Thanks for easing my thunderous heartbeat!
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9 months ago, ScottsSnow
Fast 30 min human verified snake at 10pm on a Friday.
My dog was barking non-stop inside, I walked in the room, heard hissing noises and she was standing about 6 feet away. Captured the snake, it looked like a rattlesnake, but then i started to wonder if it bit my dog, I found no bite marks but still panicked. I bought this app, and I got a definitive answer from a human. Snakes look very similar, thankfully, this one turned out to be a harmless snake. I submitted my photo at around 10 PM on a Friday night and got a response quite quickly in about 30 minutes. At least I’ll be able to forget about this for the rest of tonight rather than worrying about it.
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3 years ago, Gaylyn
Do Not Waste Your Money
I just bought this app to identify a snake found in a neighbor’s house. Once I open the app, it tells me this is a beta version and that, after I upload the picture, they will manually identify the snake and respond to me in 1 to 2 days! Update: I received a response from the developer saying there has been a disclaimer about the manual identification for 1.5 years. I looked back on the App Store. The disclaimer is one of the screen shots shown, not listed in the description of the app. The buyer does not see the full-size shot of the disclaimer until after they have purchased the app. Additionally, it’s been 2 days and I still haven’t received an answer on the pictures I submitted. And yes, I have repeatedly checked my spam/junk folder as the developer tells everyone to do when they haven’t received an answer.
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4 years ago, cozzeema
Great tool in a pinch!
Having lived in the same area for almost 30 years without ever seeing a snake in the neighborhood, imagine my surprise when I saw a small snake on the patio slithering between the flower containers! I needed to know what kind it was in a hurry as my hand was inches away without even knowing! The main thing I wanted to know was if I was in danger of being bitten by some exotic poisonous species or if it was of the harmless-let-it-be type. Fortunately, the app let me know almost instantly that it was a common garter snake and was actually beneficial to have around. I’m fine with this little guy living in my flower bed, but I just don’t want anymore surprise encounters with him!😄
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2 years ago, x14ralf
Very Accurate!
My family and I are are living in sub Saharan Africa, doing humanitarian aid. We provide antivenin for venomous snake bites. But I am finding out, that there are many different species of snakes here. (A much greater variety than my native Home state of Nebraska). To treat one snake bite can cost a poor farmer up to 3 months in wages. So there is tremendous knowledge in teaching the local hospital which snakes are venomous and which are not. And understanding which venomous snakes have an available antivenin. So thanks to this app, I have very recently, been able to have a spitting cobra, a night adder, and a stiletto snake (sadly no local, available antivenin covers these particular snakes that have recently bitten childen). But the childen have survived, some times the hospital will give blood transfusions which will help there blood to start to clot again. A person might think these snakes are easy to identify, but it is much harder than it seems. So thanks to this app, my life has and will be made much easier….
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4 years ago, Teabag151
Great customer service
I have had plant, sky, bird, and animal tracks “identifiers,” but I never thought I would need one for snakes. Well, the snakes are out in San Diego, and I’ve literally stepped over at least three of them just this past week. I know what garter and rattle snakes look like, but today as I was coming around a curve in a trail was one big snake I’d never seen before. I took a photo, then looked for an app that would help me identify it, and SnakeSnap was my first choice. It worked perfectly, and now I know that there are California King snakes that I will probably be jumping over. And, their customer service is great; fact response, comprehensive answer!
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4 years ago, tanksmon
Snake snap saves snake skins!
Snake snap saves snake skins! I’ve used them over 5 times because wE recently moved to a new neighborhood that is in a heavily wooded area. We have small and large snakes everywhere and some are good snakes and some not so good (because we live near a lake - lots of moccasins). So we try not to kill anything if we can and instead send a note and pic to snake snap - we get and answer quickly and concisely, saving many a good snake. So now we have ‘Blackie’ a rat snake that lives in our back yard, Brownie, a brown snake that lives in our garden, and greenie, a garter snake protecting our veggies - that all live and we coexist thanks to Snake Snap!
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3 years ago, NR194
This is going to be a tremendous help for quick snake identification
I’ve had this app for over a year now, and receive emails from the creator who gives update on progress. I can’t wait for the final product. Each question I’ve had about snakes was answered within a day. Once this gets up and running it’ll be instantaneous. No waiting to find out if that snake that just bit you was venomous or not. Joking aside, this will be a valuable asset for those who live near woods and do not know the difference between a venomous and nonvenomous snake.
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1 year ago, T43 0m3n
Okay, staffed by real people, but prefer as needed option
Seems like an okay service run by real people who are trying to help and create a successful business. But I would prefer it had an as needed option vs a subscription. Way more people have an occasional need to identify a snake as opposed to needing a subscription. But their prices are reasonable, so I suppose I/you can sign up for a monthly when you need it, cancel after and not mind paying again when needed…
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3 years ago, Euless Eric
Excellent and educational
I had no idea how to identify the snake I found in my pool. How would I even do an online search? Do I just type in “small brown snake” and scroll until I thought I saw one that looked like it? I found SnakeSnap and figured I would try it out, and I could not be happier! They responded within a day or two, and they were spot on in their identification. Not only that, but there was an included blurb about the snake, where it was usually located, what it felt on, whether or not it was dangerous (!), etc. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Marley Creek
What a relief!
I live on a wide creek and I get snakes down and near the water. I’m careful and watch where I step. Yesterday we were returning from walking the dog and there is a snake curled up on the path to the front of the house. As we walked around him to get a good look he turned his head and stuck his tongue out at us. He didn’t look like the water snakes which kinda freaked me out. So I took his picture and downloaded this app. Their response assured me it was a garter snake and it was harmless. I will use this app whenever I see a snake in or out of the water. Now I will know what I’m dealing with!
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4 years ago, auRML
Super helpful
I sent a snake pic in that I thought was a copperhead, but it was just a harmless water snake. I texted back, are you sure it is not a copperhead? And this is what they texted back. 100 percent. Notice the long tail (copperhead would be shorter and fatter). Also the bands could be confused for a copperhead but notice that they are not uniform hour band shapes. They are what's called alternating blotches as they are opposite of each other. The jaw would also be a tell for a water snake as it would have vertical markings on the jaw. But rest assure it is a water snake and harmless. This app was super helpful for me and my family.
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3 years ago, iFire1991
Seriously impressed!
I had a snake coming after me yesterday and I wasn’t sure if it was a cottonmouth or not. Sent in a photo of the snake and someone texted me saying that it was a harmless hognose snake within minutes. Very relieved, still very suspicious of all nope ropes but at least I know that I wasn’t in danger. I’m highly satisfied that it was only a few bucks for the app and it is certainly worth knowing that someone knowledgeable has my back. So happy with the service, it’s worth it. Seriously, thank you!
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4 years ago, R Hahn
Pleasantly surprised
While at our home in Costa Rica, I walked outside and saw a large snake on our patio terrace. After the initial screaming and jumping around, I got my husband outside to see it. The snake didn’t look well and wasn’t threatening so my husband managed to push it out into an area outside our patio. I took a picture and used the Snake Snap app. Within a day I received an email identifying the snake as a Lyre. Appreciate the quick response and suspect I will be having to use the app again since our home is in the jungle! I believe this app is very useful.
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2 years ago, brgal175
Awesome service!
We ran into a scary looking snake during a clean out of a shed in our backyard. Everything stopped until we could figure out if it was dangerous, because we weren’t sure if there might be others around. It looked a little bit like a copperhead, but we weren’t sure. Being able to send a photo through the app and have an expert look at it to provide their opinion was wonderful. I really didn’t want any guesswork on this one! Thank you, Snake Snap!
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3 years ago, 33Skidoo33
Great resource for Floridians
Snakes are plentiful and varied in FL. This is a great app for anyone trying to identify and learn about snakes. Have used it three times. Quickly got a response with positive identification and useful information about the snake. Took picture with my phone and uploaded to SnakeSnap app. Responses were quick. Particularly helpful when encountering juvenile snakes that don’t look anything like the adults. I look forward to learning more about the snakes of FL and am glad to have SnakeSnap as a resource.
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3 years ago, Sybil Dog
Fantastic Resource
SnakeSnap is great! It’s easy to download, install and use. I live in a rural area so frequently see snakes. I’ve submitted numerous photos and never failed to get a quick, accurate ID back. SnakeSnap’s experts usually respond within a couple of minutes. I especially like that each ID includes information about the species and that the experts will exchange emails with you. Plus, the SnakeSnap team members obviously love and respect snakes. I encourage everyone interested in snakes to use SnakeSnap!
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4 years ago, Darkburd
First, I was hesitant to pay $1.99. But, after reading reviews, I decided to go for it. They are working on an AI database, but currently identification is done manually. I’d much rather pay $1.99 and use the app 1-2 times/year than pay a subscription or something. The app says it can take 1-2 days as a disclaimer, but I found out I had a Western Pygmy in 7 minutes. Thanks! *** IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION *** Send a confirmation text. If someone enters the wrong number, they have no way of knowing and will never receive a response.
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4 years ago, m-george
Great support
We have a couple snakes who like to move about our property. The family always gets a little nervous. I keep saying it just a garter snake. Followed by “how do you know”. We I really didn’t so I downloaded this app. I took the photo at 4:22 on a Sunday afternoon not expecting anything for a day or two. At 4:27 Sean had already responded and confirmed my guess. I was quite impressed. So the family still avoids our little friend but at least we are comfortable that there’s nothing to worry about. Thanks
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4 years ago, worst cell service company
Worth every Penny!!
I submitted my photo and got a response within a minute! Not only did I learn that the snake was harmless but also learned it was beneficial to have around! I have used this app several times, especially since we live in an area where we have rattlesnakes. Every time we learn a new snake and how they benefit us. Honestly, makes us less scared of them. It is so much easier than googling a snake also! Thank you to the wonderful team at Snakesnap!
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4 years ago, Claire116098
Fast! Correct! And Efficient!
My family and I were swimming one day and we are found a snake in our pool. We didn’t know what it was or if it was venimos so we took a picture and submitted it into the app snake snap. Within 30 minutes they had emailed us back with the results that it was a harmless snake and The type of the environment it enjoys, and the food it eats. Overall I love this app and it’s super useful if you ever want to learn more about snakes or need classification of a snake!
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4 years ago, TicTocBear
Excellent, quick, life saving for snakes!
Just installed the app and had the first opportunity to use it the next day. The response was incredibly fast and accurate. Our neighbors think every snake is a copperhead. Being able to respond with an accurate identification can definitely calm fears and prevent the unnecessary killing of non poisonous snakes. All snakes are beneficial, best to be able to leave them alone, or if necessary if you have a poisonous snake taking up residence by your house, get help in relocation. This app is priceless!
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3 years ago, PennyDragon
Great response!
These guys are really on the ball! They are still working to complete the automated response in the app. The amazing thing is is that while they are working on the app, they are always right there ready to help you identify a snake. What it does right now is it sends in the snake you want to identify and they go and identify it for you and email you not only the identification but information about the snake. What I am always amazed is the very fast response!
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3 years ago, jcomp
Accurate information needed.
Before we release our next update please make sure your information is correct. Either text or email. Spam blocker is blocking texts and emails without people knowing and then giving us bad reviews. We also get a number of wrong numbers and incorrectly typed in emails. With no way of reaching out. We respond to every submission everyday and most within minutes. Cheers!
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3 years ago, Ctn412
I love this app in Georgia!
I have been using this app for several months now and find it very useful. I live on just under 20 acres and have 3 dogs that roam freely. It is helpful to use this app to know exactly what kind of critters my fur babies might come across. Although the disclaimer states it could take 24-48 hours for identification, I have usually received responses in less than 12. Look forward to using the updated version!
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4 years ago, sperdad12
Game Changer - SnakeSnap!
This app helps my education of snakes tremendously. I live near a wooded area and near water. Lots of snakes I don’t know about and have children out playing all the time. I took a few pics, sent them in not knowing how long or what my reply would be. I got a reply within 10 min that it was a water snake and I was certain it was a Cottonmouth. The reply told me exactly what it was and if it was venomous. This eased my anxiety about snakes around me. This app is great!
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3 years ago, Dabee Dabay
So helpful
I was relieved to find this app last year. We found a number of the same type of baby snakes on our property and were unsure if they were poisonous. My husband took a picture of one and I sent it to Snake Snap. Within a few days I received confirmation the snakes are harmless. Since then I have looked up other snakes in our local area and places we visit. This is a very helpful service. Thank you Jason.
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9 months ago, Jinksburg
Afraid of Snakes
This ap has saved me for over a month now. I have ran into five snakes. The last two were babies in my in-house storage room where my cat stays. She killed them. 😳😳needless to say I am cleaning everything on the floor out. I am afraid they are under a freezer and refrigerator. Glad to know they were water snakes but the others were much larger and outside. My property is sided by two large streams. Thanks for all your help.
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2 years ago, Mississippi folk
Best $ I ever spent for an app!
We found a small snake in the middle of our living room a little while ago. Looked like a garter snake but not quite. Concerned that it might be a baby version of something poisonous, I found and downloaded this app. Super easy to use. Sent in the picture, answered a question and had a response within just a few minutes. It’s a harmless Dekay brown snake. Best 99 cents I’ve ever spent! Thank you thank you!
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4 years ago, Snake Snap Big Fan
Thank You!
Within an hour of my delivering photo of snake found in our basement (where our grandchildren have a playroom) I received a personalized email with identification of it as a rat snake...I can’t begin to thank these guys enough. It truly was a wonderful gift to us to know it wasn’t poisonous, especially at this time of self-isolation, and to know it so quickly. Then they sent a follow-up email with tips on traps. They are working on a comprehensive app, and I can’t wait to see it!
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3 years ago, Ukie pne
Rapid response
I have two grandkids which love to play in our yard. However there are snakes to love to play there too. I’m not proficient in all snakes and need to have assurances from professionals that what I have seen are not dangerous to us. The people that I have submitted to from this app have responded quickly and have given accurate and plentiful of information about the snakes that I have submitted. This app is a great asset to my peace of mind.
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3 years ago, Stillwater70
Great App and wonderful support
With the warm season upon us, I have had about 3 snakes that I have seen in my backyard and Jason and team have been quick and wonderful in identifying them for us. Luckily all of them have been non venomous but it is so convenient to send a picture and get a response in less than 30 minutes from the team. Thank you for your public service. You guys and the app rocks
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3 years ago, Evvolfer
Couldn’t be more happy with this app!
Found a snake in our shed and wasn’t sure if I was gonna kill it or not. Don’t want my kids to be in danger but if it would eat mice, I wanted to leave it alone. Neighbor couldn’t identify it either. Someone responded and identified it within a couple hours and after researching what they identified it as I am sure they are spot on! Would highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, TNTIMS
Great Resource!!!!
We found the app a few weeks back when vacationing in North Carolina . We had a “ visitor” to our beach Rental that turned out to be a yellow and black hybrid rat snake . Great information returned from the support staff! We have a small farm in upstate SC and had another harmless visitor to a chicken coop -a beautiful black rat snake. Once again- a quick detailed answer from the Snake Snap crew. This app would be such a benefit to the hiker,gardner,farmer, anyone!
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3 years ago, DDLovi
Very helpful
We live in the southeast. We encounter snakes of many varieties during much of the year. I don’t wish to harm snakes but I do want to know which ones may potentially harm me. This app helps give me peace of mind. The responses that I get when I submit a picture of a snake are surprisingly quick, considering they come by email and always concise. These folks are always trying to improve the app. Great job.
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5 years ago, nobletravis
Excellent App but 1 bad down fall
The app is great and work perfect. The only down fall is it takes 1 to 2 days for someone to get back to you on what kind of snake is it. The problem with that is that am in a Snake identification on Facebook and at times I need to know what kind of snake it is within matter of minutes. It a good app and works perfect just need to know a lot sooner on what snake it is. We should not have to wait 1 to 2 days with a response.
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3 years ago, JoeinFl
Great app managed by friendly knowledgeable people.
I’ve used SnakeSnap about 10 times now. Every time I get an answer back quickly. And accurately! It’s great peace of mind knowing the information I receive is correct. Not knowing whether a snake is venomous or not is a big concern when you have an “encounter “ with one. These guys know their stuff. Have recommended the app to many neighbors. Thanks, Joe
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4 years ago, country living mama
Gave us peace of mind!
We found what we thought was a copperhead outside my house, I found this app & downloaded it, took a picture of the (dead) snake and to my surprise a real person responded quickly, let me know it was a harmless water snake and gave me peace of mind what was roaming around outside our home where my kids and dogs play. I will definitely use this any time we find a snake but hopefully won’t have to very often! Thanks guys!!
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4 years ago, luvthe outdoors
This is an awesome app!
Response time will only improve as app includes more AI for real time response. But, even now I received a detailed, accurate description of the snake pic I sent. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just interested in snakes, this app is invaluable. It will surely improve people’s knowledge of snakes and eliminate the unhealthy fear of all snakes. Definitely worth a download to experience it! I saw a 1 star review and honestly don’t understand experience was great.
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