SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver

4.2 (41.8K)
187.7 MB
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Current version
Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SnapCalc - Math Problem Solver

4.23 out of 5
41.8K Ratings
6 months ago, Belles is here
It keeps telling me to pay and pay, so basically I do not know how to use this but I would recommend it for people who know how to use it unlike me, I thought this would help me finally understand math but it didn’t and the worst part is I failed math every single year of being in school but I would definitely recommend it if you know how to use it bye
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3 years ago, the juge of Amazingness
Somewhat thoughtful but...
I’ve had this app for awhile and I just want to address something. When I saw the app and the name it excited me and I thought I was gonna be able to use the camera like crazy due to stress with math lately even though I should try to learn what I’m struggling with I had found the app and thought I could relax. The app was helpful for a few hard questions on my math test but it only lets you snap a few questions before continuously asking to start a plan and pay money which I know for every app there’s something like this but thats really annoying. I only got through like two hard questions on my test bc it wouldn’t let me continue unless I pay which disappointed me. The quizzes are somewhat thoughtful and I like the idea of also having quizzes to practice so you understand. Also the “learn” area is also pretty thoughtful. I think it may be useful for kids and even teens and adults, specifically directing this to some that I saw like “Do My Grades Really Matter?” And another one I saw which I couldn’t help myself to read was “Noise Distraction”. As I think it was very nice to do that I’m still very upset that I can only use the camera only a few times.
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6 years ago, Disney fan 1973
Failed to provide provide steps
This is going to be somewhat of a long review. This app is a great app, but after a couple of weeks of using it I started getting a message of “Failed to provide steps, please try at a later time. So I did this several different times and got the same message. I deleted the app and reinstalled it thinking that would help and it didn’t. So I had emailed customer support two different times and still have not heard back. I really do enjoy the app and it was very helpful with my class, but when the app provides just the answer and not the steps it really defeats the purpose of learning how to do algebra not just get the answer. Unfortunately I have already paid for the app and now there’s only 3 weeks of my class help. So hope this review will help in case any others are having the same issue so the developer can figure this glitch out and get it fixed.
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2 years ago, littlederosa
NOT FREE! $weekly!
I saw app had in app purchases so I assumed it was free since it looked like every single free app I have ever downloaded and did not show price like every app I had to pay for a subscription! HOWEVER half way threw the download, I read a pop up that said it was a 3day free trial only and then around $5 a week after that! I DID NOT FINISH DOWNLOADING SO I CAN NOT REVIEW THE APP CONTENT OR FUNCTIONALITY OF IT; (however it does look like a well built app &others reviews seem positive but For the hand full of times I’d use this type of app a year the free app would suit my needs and yet a student would benefit by paying for the service but still I’d look into one of the free apps first) I’m writing this review because regardless where the info came from I just wish I had known about the price Deception before hand, so I’m giving you all the review I wish I had read!
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5 years ago, Menope7170
Great tool if you want to skip a hard question
I like math, most of you hate it or like it, and I like it, even though I like it, some questions are too hard for me, so I secretly take my phone out and take a picture of the problems I have trouble with, thanks to this app, I was able to solve problems while learning too, thanks to the person who made this, it’s also fun to write random problems in my notebook and scan them, the funny part is when I my friends wonder why I have so many equations, anyway it’s a good tool for math, improvements can be made though, there some bugs I ran into that glitches my calculator not gives wrong equations, ok that’s all
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6 years ago, Gddgdjjddjdjddidj
Im not the brightest when it comes to the subject of algebra or math in general. I tried a couple of applications and this is not one that I would recommend, it’s simply a waste of time. Though it does follow through with the claim that it solves math equations and explains the procedures of them. Some features that i would add is take away the premium version because it is simply a waste of money to show you how to solve a math equation. Also another feature is the auto solve and steps. By that I mean not having to click a button to solve the problem because yes I do what to solve not just look at the problem again. It’s takes a couple of seconds to get the answer as well. I would rather much use photo math because it does the same but better and no need to pay to solve a couple of math problems.
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4 years ago, Inshaal123563
Not worth it
The app helped solve a couple of math problems I had trouble on but the developers are extremely money hungry. As soon as you launch the app, it comes up with a screen saying buy their subscription service and there’s no clear way to decline it until you read through the text and find the tiny sliver of dialogue that says ‘Or continue to classic version’ but the classic version helped me out for about 3 problems before prompting me to buy the subscription if I needed more help. Use Mathway instead, it’s free even if you have to go through more steps to get an answer. Now I’m stuck with a 3 day subscription of an app I don’t need and one without any form of log in so it’s not like I can sign into a website to cancel it, I’ll have to do it off my Apple ID. I’d avoid this app.
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5 years ago, Loren🎀
This app is good if ur struggling with math. But what really bugged me was that I wasn’t expecting that I had to pay like some other apps. I had read all the comments and NONE of them said anything about paying so I was happy until i saw u had to pay there was two options it was pay for a month if I’m not mistaken or get a 3 day free trial once my three day trial expired I got an alert that my purchase was almost completed I was so confused cause I didn’t remember paying anything until check orders I had made recently and it had the name of the app so basically it purchased by its self I don’t now if it was the actual app or my phone so I had to go through a struggle to cancel the order before it fully purchased. So my opinion is purchase the app if u want but MAKE SURE YOU DON’T reach the third day.
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5 years ago, robin hart
Not good
I got the app and I did not read any of the reviews I thought it was going to be good and I did not have to pay for anything before I was able to actually use the app I had to pay either a month trial or I would have to pay a three day free trial so I was just going to pay it but I was going to cancel it before three days were over so now when I try to do it I did a word problem and it kept saying that I couldn’t find it so I try writing it down and it gave me the wrong answer for the problem so I don’t know what’s going on with the app maybe if you just need to fix it or something but that is not good I am not recommend you guys getting this app or even wasting your money on it so yeah thank you.
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4 years ago, sissygirl888
It’s terrible
I tried using it so that I can get help with math problems but once I get in it shows that you need to buy subscription and there’s a little silver thing and it says continue with classic and then it only helped me out with three problems and most of the problems I asked for it said it couldn’t worked and then when I tried to do the next problem it’s on you need to buy subscription and when I click continue with classic it didn’t solve the problem and I kept clicking on continue without subscription and it didn’t solve the problem so basically you can only do three problems without the subscription
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4 years ago, mAdDiS00nN.
ok so i do Really Like this App i had it for a while Now but there are some problems... some times when you want to know somthing let’s say you write on a paper and say 3x4 it will said 34 as a glitch and we all know what 3x4= 12 but Alos that’s say you don’t know the answer to a problem it will say the answer is right but when you ask someone like a teacher or do it on a Calculator it says a different answer so they really do need to fix glitch ... another problem is that you have to pay monthly for an App to know a answer to that’s really annoying.... mine as Well use a Calculator if that is the case ...thank you for your time 😅😍 .
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4 years ago, jdksnnsn272
I’ve tried to use SnapCalc multiple times to check my answers, but every time I take a picture I can’t see the solution to any of the problems unless I pay for a subscription. It allows me to continue to a limited version, but apparently the limited version doesn’t include the solutions to math problems, which essentially makes the app useless unless you’re willing to pay $5 per week. I originally downloaded the app to solve algebra problems that other apps can’t seem to process, but it doesn’t seem to work unless you buy the monthly or weekly subscription. It’s disappointing, to say the least.
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4 years ago, KÀŸŁÀ_RÈÑÈÈ
Very disappointed
I originally downloaded this app that had appeared to have multiple 5 star ratings. I needed to teach myself an lesson that I had to learn immediately before the test. The app worked great and I had only downloaded for the 3 days I needed to learn the concept, which is also the same 3 day FREE trial that was offered. I selected that I did NOT want to subscribe to this app and deleted it right after. Apple attempts to charge my card , and the representative from Apple informed me of the app to have automated subscriptions upon installment and that it was nothing that could be done through Apple and that it had to be taken up with the company.... I HIGHLY DO NOT APPRECIATE THIS , and would NEVER recommend this to anybody...
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4 years ago, nicolettes04
Stoped working
I don’t know if this happened to anyone else but this is my second or third day with the app I didn’t check any reviews but I saw it had a good score. basically the problems started today, I was trying to do the math gave up and went to use this app and every time I took a photo of the math and tried to press “solve” it would just take me to the subscribe or 3 day trial page. Ever. Single. Time. When I would click the grey thing saying to continue with the basic one it would take me back I’d click solve and back to the subscribe page. It doesn’t let me do anything and it’s pretty frustrating. I tried deleting it and adding it back hoping that will work but nope.
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4 years ago, elmo4president
love it
Let's say I'm not the smartest in math, i've tried abunch of different apps to help with math and none of them worked like this. It gives you different answers depending on your subject and steps to explain why, on my quizzes i am able to score way higher thanks to this app. Some people have complaints on the glitches but i have not experienced any. The only thing i don't like is the subscription but it really does help and is worth the money.
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6 years ago, balloutchevy
Made my account go negative
You guys charged me 2 times and I already unsubscribed way before the renew period and my account went negative because of you guys didn’t seem so care about me not wanting to use the app anymore can you plz stop charging my credit card I do not have any subscriptions with this app any more but you still proceed to charge me for it Yes you guys did charge me I can show u my bank statement and I been unsubscribed way before the trial end date and do not tell me to contact apple directly because that is one of the first things I’ve done and they promised me to refund me the amount you guys charged me which I never got but it’s ok I just know now not to trust certain apps
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4 years ago, The Fax Teller
Read Before Getting!!!
This app over all may work for some people. But not for me. When you first open the app there is a page that asks if you would like to pay for an upgraded version I just clicked use regular version because I don’t need anything fancy. After it solving a few problems it would not solve any more and kept on bring up that page where you had to pay for the upgraded version. And it would not solve anymore problems. So if you are willing to pay for the upgrade it may work better for you. In my opinion this app is not the best and is kind of a scam.
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4 years ago, hdjdhdjxkjshsb
Ok why do all the good apps have trials on them?! it’s like thx for the “Free trial” but I have to pay once the trial ends. I got this app thinking it would be a great help with my math but no, straight when you get on the app get “full access” like bruh I DONT HAVE MONEY i am a child and i dont really have the money for this stuff, also most of the people who download apps like this are people either in collage and lower you have to understand we most likely do not have enough money to really spend on apps even if they are helpful ones . I dont want to be a hater or mean to be rude but I really thought this app would be an amazing helper for me but I was sadly mistaken and disappointed:(.
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5 years ago, Brayden Dempsey
This is my 8th grade year and math got hard real quick but with this app I’ve been able to find stuff out without having to be babied by the teacher. I wish everyone realized how easy it is to learn new things and new solutions to my problem! Thanks! My school just started a program that allows students to text their teachers for help but I don’t feel so comfortable doing that! So this app is now my new solution!
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4 years ago, Anthony Walding ll
This application failed to solve a simple linear function coefficients (from equation)
I’m a senior in high school, and I’m taking an ace algebra, Functions, Data analyst course. It’s been a rough year living anywhere and school doesn’t really ease my anxiety and depression, so I decided to download this application and give it a try, but every time I used it the application failed. Every module test has a submission button; every time it renders the question the app gives up and try to solve the submit button instead of the question. So it is very frustrating when you can’t even have one nice thing in this world. #2020🤦🏻‍♂️😪
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5 years ago, zezo2003
Easy to use
This app has helped me with my homework soo much since I have downloaded it. I use it almost every time that I have to do math on paper! It shows you the work after unlike other apps where you have to pay for them to show you the work.😁 The thing that I love so much is that it can do variables, so I would recommend getting this app over any other one!
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4 years ago, krissylynn74
I will even pay for this cause it’s so much money and disgrace to the world
This app is pointless and I hate it it cost me $50 a month and I agreed to it to pay $50 a month and I didn’t do anything I got it wrong on all my tests and it did not work out it charges you $50 every single month just to get you an F 100% a disgrace to this world the worst I’ve ever seen in my life or even heard of and if I were them I would shut down the app and I would encourage you not to get it pointless in the worst app ever you will regret all your life decisions if you buy this app and it doesn’t tell you that you have to buy it
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6 years ago, EvarisTe Ga1ois
Nothing you can’t do with a calculator
I wouldn’t mind this app existing if it weren’t for the fact that you have to pay for its services. It only solves basic problems, not graphs or functions or whatever, only very basic problems. It cannot even do algebra. It stops working if you give it a basic 9th grade algebra problem. This app would be perfect for students in middle school and below as a substitution for a calculator for their more simple problems, however not worth the price. It’s advertised as able to do algebra, calculus etc. This is not true.
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5 years ago, @aperseon
Pretty great BUT
The answers are accurate, and it takes the picture well, the price isn’t bad, just 5 bucks, and if you’re broke you can just not upgrade to premium. The reason why this only gets a four star is because of the steps. The steps aren’t the greatest though, when your trying to do Algebra II, it gives you Pre-Calculus steps which annoys me.
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3 years ago, Za'Rya200007
This is all some but....
This app is all some you just have to pay for it and what if we just going to us it for one question then say ok I’m done then delete it I’m 12 and I don’t have a card so that’s why people have to make apps for kids that need help and don’t have money and they can have good grades and then get money
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4 years ago, nico1po87
Don’t force people to buy your products
Don’t make people pay for a monthly subscription just to be able to solve more than three problems a day it’s not mature. A suggestion would be to make the app cost $1.99 andr be able to solve as many problems as you want but the premium adds the option to do algebra and graphs as well as showing the work. If you decide to change this then I’ll be willing to give a 5/5 star review, but until then, would not recommend. If you take my recommendation into consideration I would be happy. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, Hydfysshgas
I don’t normally write reviews, but I had to write one for this. This app is helpful because it gives you the right answers, but when i need the steps it’s shows me like 20 steps that are irrelevant in the solving process. I think that this app should just give flat out simple explanation steps instead of stressing people out and having their teachers wondering why they have 20 steps for one problem. I know that i’m only complaining about the solving steps, but the steps are a huge part in solving the problem. So therefore i only have one star for the accuracy of the answer.
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6 years ago, elbacaif
Deserves NO STARS
When I was trying to check a problem and the add for snapcalc premium kept popping up every time I tried to solve the problem. The calculator does not have the right solution that I need. This is very frustrating. This app is a complete waste of time. This app can’t even read the problem. I purchased the snapcalc premium and I doesn’t help or fix any thing!!!!!!!!!! Everyone who is having a hard time with this app for fractions, multiplying, adding, subtracting, dividing, or putting numbers in to lowest terms I recommend the app Fraction Calculator Plus. That app is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!! This app is horrible
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2 years ago, Cleopatra peanut
The first problem I tried skipped about 15 steps. I KID YOU NOT!! It Just went to the answer. What a frickin waste of money. I PAID TO HAVE THE FULL EXPLANATION PER THE APP CLAIM. SAVE YOUR MONEY. THIS IS GARBAGE. I HAD WATCH TWO VIDEOS TO FIGURE IT OUT MYSELF. App was of no help. I CAN SEARCH A VIDEO I DONT NEED TO PAY FOR IT. 🤮 By the way not cheating on my homework, studying for a state test and reviewing things once known but long since forgotten. Edit: thank Tried a second Problem. The app would say it recognized the problem but the words were all in one word then click solve and the app crashes. I WANT MY MONEY BACK !
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5 years ago, Zap zachattack
Love the app however they should add a upload photo button
I love this app so helpful as a high school student, however in saying that when I have to do work on my phone I wish I could simply screenshot my screen and upload the photo from camera roll. If they added this I would rate 5 stars the only other complaint is some problems can’t be solved by this app that I’ve tried it’s kinda hit or miss id say 70/30 but that’s still a very useful tool.
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5 years ago, seriousissue
App doesn’t work unless you pay
I tried to use this app but it would not solve the answers. Whenever I clicked solve it would always ask me if I wanted to pay $5.99 per month, which is not worth it. I clicked use the free version and it would always take me back to where I took the picture each time and never solve my problem. There’s really no free version if all I can do is take a picture of my math problem but not solve it. “Premium” payment just allows you to use the app nothing else. People who don’t wanna pay 6 dollars a month are doomed
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5 years ago, Michael in 7th grade
Why I have As
I was really struggling in math and my teacher was one of those teachers that just handed out Work and when you would ask her for help she would end up solving it and not helping but with this app it gives me the answer and it also shows the steps and it is all free just take a picture and you have an A
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6 years ago, sixthpathofpain
Remove premium
This app is wonderful and I do not think that you should have to pay for premium this app really helps me and other people a lot I really need this app to help me get through high school and I would really like being able to solve questions unlimited times and I think other people would want this as well.
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5 years ago, 4567890sister
Not satisfied with this app
So I got the app thinking oh this is so great and I used it for the first time and it was amazing, however when I tried to use it the next day I took the pictures of the problem but every time I hit sold it would go straight to the “ try the three day trial for free or pay $3.99 a month.” I could no longer use this app because every time I opened the app it still went straight to the purchase options. If you are looking for a good FREE math solving app I would not recommend this one UNLESS you are willing to pay $4 dollars a month😞.
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5 years ago, Dikodahan
Misleading children!!!
I saw a charge of $64 (!!!) come in on iTunes today. When I checked I noticed the charge was for this app. Over the weekend my 3rd grader daughter downloaded this app to help her with her math homework. I did not know that at the time. When she had me review her homework I had to redo about 70% of it again with her because of mistakes made... (so much for this app being helpful...!). It turns out that the app blocks many things and pops up premium request to unlock them. Being a young child she did not know what it means. And then I got a $64 bill I’m stuck with... COMPLETE SCAM!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, mdirnekmdije
At first I was like ok great another app to take up space and then u got it and it said it needs to access camera so I went and bought a brand new camera and I am 67 so I know how to use technology period anyway asked the cashier and she said I need another app for this app and I was like wow this is hard don’t tell my fourth grade teacher Miss Smith I said the word hard no wonder she is single then I just deleted the app cause I was just done trying so then I went and bought a different app called dating for seniors it is way better then this app period !
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5 years ago, Chief,exe
This is life Hacks
This is legit the biggest cheat you can download. Like I don’t even know how much struggle I would be in without. Even if you don’t want to cheat through homework’s or problems, you can use this devise to learn actual math. This taught me a concept in 2 minutes compared to my teacher who struggles to teach the class for a week.
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6 years ago, angry person 😊
I just got this and thought that it would be amazing but NO. It does not let me do like anything unless I pay which is ridiculous and don’t even get me started on how it is 40 dollars for 1 year that is insane and not ideal for just a calculator. A reasonable price is like 10 or 20 dollars because I bet like no one is going to pay that much just to get the answers without doing any work. Yet it is a very good idea and can be very useful but if your not willing to pay 40 dollars then this app is not for you and will be a waste of storage.
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3 years ago, Sofia_thefirst
I love this app so much. Since I struggled a lot in math, this app helps me understand the steps to get to my answer. So it not only gives me the answers, it always shows me the steps in order to get the answer which I think is so helpful because while doing my work, I also have to show my work.
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6 years ago, owhssammysnaps
Omg get this right now!!!
This app is so amazing it’s like the answer to all your problems literally! If you struggle in any math class or just want to make absolute sure your teacher is impressed get this app! The only thing is the monthly fee maybe just make it a one time payment of like $7.99! But whoever invented this I praise you!!!
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6 years ago, Barundonthetechguy
Limited answers...
I loved this app until it started bugging me for premium with no answers until I buy premium. I believe you should be allowed unlimited answers without paying a high monthly fee. Or make premium a one time payment of around $10. I would love to get premium if it was a one time payment though. UPDATE: found a FREE app that works just as well with unlimited solutions called Photomath. The only thing is that it takes ever so slightly longer to scan, but it is about 1-2 seconds longer. Other than that it is much preferred
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5 years ago, Unimerkittyusus
My parents are usually working while I do my Algebra homework and can’t check it over with me. This app was a really helpful to make sure my answers are correct, and show me steps to learn where I went wrong. I would definitely recommend this app to others! (I’m only in 7th grade so don’t judge my grammar)
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5 months ago, Cooking jobs
Unfair amount of calculations
This app is great and all, it gives me the steps and solved it for me when I don’t know the answer. However, if I want to do more then 2 or three calculations, it says that I have pay more then 10 dollars per week to get unlimited calculations. And when I first got the app, it charged me for premium even though I didn’t say to. If you think this app is worth one calculation per hour, fine. Buts that a lot of money and I think a lot of other people agree with me
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4 years ago, opznbdb
•You can only correct to problems till pay!!•
I do and don’t recommend getting this app because it gives you answers to the first to problems it gives you then you have to wait 56 hours till it can tell you the next problem. I was doing my homework and I need help on just three questions but when I went to submit the third one it wanted me to pay the app!!
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4 years ago, Colonelperson
Decent for a time period
I really liked this app, but there is one main glitch that happened to me: after a day of having the app, it wouldn’t let me solve ANY equations. Instead of solving the equation, it took me to the upgrade screen. I tried taking a picture of the equation then going to the history to solve it, but that also immediately took me to the upgrade screen. It is a great app with much potential, but I wouldn’t rate it very high until this glitch is resolved.
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3 years ago, Unironically_Ian
Y’all this saved my LIFE. I’m possibly the worst person in the world at math, especially Algebra II and Pre-Calc but this app.... I swear the six bucks a month is SO worth it. I’ve never even written reviews before but the smoothness and simplicity of this app- I had to write one this time. It’s so worth it
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4 years ago, Jaylabayla😇😇
Failed to provide steps
I used to like this app but now I don’t because once you join the premium you stay on there. I feel like if you want to leave the premium you should be able to because now apple is trying to make the payment but it keep saying decline because I don’t have enough money on my card. So, if somebody can help me please do because I really want to leave the premium.
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4 years ago, si(he£
It’s ok not the best app
They only did two helping questions and then they told me to pay and then I only had 52 more minutes and to get this offer and I tried it it did not work that’s why I said do not use this app if you’re trying to use a really hard equation or anything just don’t use it it’s a bad app but I do like it it does the answer for you and you could understand how to learn it also.
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4 years ago, MattHam44872
“Free” Version
There is no free version to this, after the first scan you’re immediately thrusted into a screen prompting you to start a subscription. Even if you click continue you can’t actually see the problem you’re trying to solve, I can understand trying to get people to purchase the app but how are you supposed to advertise with only one problem. At least give a decent amount of chances BEFORE making it impossible to continue.
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4 years ago, Faith Rainwater
This app is the worst!!!!
I downloaded the app thinking it would be a great help o for my math class. What i didn’t know was that as soon as you download the app it automatically makes you do a subscription. You then have too go in to your settings to unsubscribe. I think that the app should be responsible for the fact that they never say an automatic subscription is there or that a subscription is required to download the app. I lost over $40 to this app. The subscription doesn’t cancel even if you delete the app.
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