Soap Opera Digest

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American Media Inc.
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for Soap Opera Digest

4.6 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Super Gud 1970
Latest update still doesn’t work
I got an email at about 2:30 CST today saying to update my app to the latest version released to day and I should be able to access with no issues. I did it 3 times and even restarted my phone to see if it would help, but no. It no longer crashes, but all I see is white squares. There are no options to tap on anything or trouble shoot. This is beyond frustrating and incredibly disappointing. They raised the subscription rate so much higher and this is the service we get. Got another email to do the same thing. At this point, I just want my money back. Last Friday I opened the app and the issues loaded. I thought wow, they finally fixed it. I went out to walk my dog and when I got back, it was white squares again. I can easily say this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
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4 years ago, liar you are
Awful customer service hate it
The worst customer service ever! I couldn’t receive on iPad for 5 weeks and not even I’m sorry! Never receive any notifications, even tho they are marked. I’ll never pay for it again. .now that’s it’s supposed to be fixed, it still won’t notify when it’s available or on line. I’m so disappointed. I take 3 news papers daily without any problems. You need new and better people to work for you
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8 months ago, Paule689
Terrible customer service
I canceled my long term subscription to the physical magazine because of repeated delivery issues. Decided to give the magazine another chance via the app. No consistency to when new issues are available. If the Facebook account can post about their new issue then it should be available to read for subscribers. Not the case. I ended up cancelling my digital subscription also after multiple delayed issues and no resolution to the complaints. Apparently I now won’t even get the last issue of my subscription because it won’t be available until their digital person returns to work after the long holiday weekend. I’m never wasting money to support this magazine again.
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4 years ago, DML50
This update is worse than the one 2 weeks ago
What is the matter SOD? Don’t you test these updates? Nothing works now! I have an iPad mini 4 and an iPad 9” and an iPhone 11 Pro and get the same result on all 3. Unable to download magazine to read offline and nothing but white squares. Deleting the app and reinstalling does nothing. Nor does rebooting device. Update SOD are you going to fix this? I am now 5 issues behind. Nothing works. Update All seemed to be working with the latest update until today. I always receive the new digest on Fridays. Today is Friday and no new digest. I also would like to see the page numbers on the thumbnails at the bottom of the page for fast scrolling come back. I miss them.
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4 years ago, rider-up
Issues with receiving my subscription on line
I enjoy reading the issues when I get my up to date copy having trouble getting newest copy what I’am I paying for this keeps happening and it is frustrating please send me my resent copy of sod thank you
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6 months ago, LadyAnjel
Soap opera digest app
The app is terrible, it’s so basic and the images aren’t clear. Also, if an image is between pages there is not way to see it without the page break. I hate that! If you turn the iPad long, you can read it easier but the images are still blurry. I am going to miss amazons newsstand. The images on kindle were better and you could size up and down without lost of resolution, and no stupid page breaks ruining pictures. Ugh. I may opt out of this soon and forget about spoilers. Very disappointing.
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8 months ago, drtvt
Not happy when digest is not available and there isnt any reason given. I normally get my digest on Friday’s like clock work. Several times it has been late not receiving it for any where from 2 days to over a week. I pay good money and expect it to be available or at leadt to be notified as to why not receiving. I think we should be prorated and given some compensation. Ive lost almost a dozen issues because of lateness. Its like why read it after the fact when the episode has already played on the TV.
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3 months ago, vallecitogirl
Horrible now
I’ve had this subscription for quite a few years now and off and on I had problems with it but they were always fixed by removing the app and then adding it again. But not now and the customer service is awful, they don’t help at all! It’s been at least a month now and the new issue will not load. I think I’ve missed the last 4. I am going to cancel the subscription and would recommend against purchasing this!
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1 year ago, GuyT.
Can’t buy single issue for 4.99
I tried to buy an issue for 4.99. I’d click on the 4.99 and nothing happened? The 4.99 disappeared for a few seconds and just came back with the issue still locked. I’ve had a subscription through iTunes before but I canceled cause I wasn’t reading the issues. I wanted to buy the individual issues I wanted.
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3 years ago, Mindysimo
Great magazine
I’ve been reading this magazine since I was a teenager and having to be able to read this magazine on my iPad and it has a fantastic yearly price. It’s like $1.24 an issue. Great magazine and worth every penny.
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3 months ago, Math Teacher 61
Where are my issues?
The customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. I am paying for a subscription for a magazine that rarely gets delivered to me. This is week two of no new issues and it is ridiculous. I am fed up with the lack of support from the company. What am I paying for? I have emailed them twice over two weeks about this without no response. This happens about every other week now. Absurd…
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2 months ago, Icupeachez
Worst customer service ever!!
I am beyond frustrated!! My subscription is paid through August 2024. The last issue was November 13, 2023. I have written at least a dozen if not more messages with no response! I have canceled my subscription. I am out the money I’ve already paid. There good at taking your money!! How do I get a response? If I could I would give a rating it would be ZERO! I want my money back! What a rip off!
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6 months ago, VSNEL427
Unable to download issues
Update: this weekends download is last weeks issue that you already sent. Lately my issues are late. Please correct this! It has been 2 weeks now that I can’t download the issues I am paying for. I emailed the app maker MAZ a week ago and still no response. What is the problem? I hate to have to cancel but why continue to pay for what I can’t read?
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3 years ago, EMSAK127
Doesn’t Update
This app worked great at first but over the last few months it’s stopped posting new issues until days after they’re released. They publish a new issue every Friday but aren’t available on the app until days later. As much as I love the going green aspect, what’s the point of paying for a monthly subscription if I’m not even getting the magazine?
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1 year ago, Vibcent
Can we get a little more consistent with the magazine? Sometimes it’s release Thursday evening, Thursday night or Friday afternoon. It would be nice to get it at the same time every week at the same time that others get it. I check the app often because it never notifies me, but it’s such a mess.
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4 years ago, Colleen S A
Look forward to each weekly issue
Love reading on my iPad and keeping up to date.
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2 years ago, CNessa56
Horrible App - Doesn’t Open
This is a horrible app that won’t open after several tries. It needs to be fixed. I’ve tried deleting and uploading but not difference.
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2 years ago, demar97
No stars!
Horrible! I paid for monthly payment for this soap opera digest. I can’t even get it on with iPad and iPhone. I thought something was wrong with my device but soon realized it is the soap opera app doesn’t work properly. I just gave it another chance this morning and guess what? It still doesn’t WORK! Ughs. It is hard to get in touch with soap opera digest customer service! Lazy or just being rip off!
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3 months ago, Lyn1350
iPad app is AWFUL, stopped working last month
And “Customer Service” (if you could call it that) is non-existent. I was a print version subscriber for decades and went to digital for convenience. Now I’ve gotten neither. Last edition was November 12th. Restarted my iPad figuring I’d try to refresh, now app won’t even open! About to cancel! How do I get my money back for non-delivered issues?
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9 months ago, Disappointed & aggravated
Always having issues
This is the worst app, always having issues, it takes me at least 3 days of trying to finally get issue and then it’s time for the next. Customer service only tells you what you already know. It’s cheaper to stand on line at grocery store read it then put it back.
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4 years ago, csf333666999
Love / hate relationship
I love soap opera digest but every month I can’t access my issue at the end of the month. My payment is done automatically but I’m still prevented from seeing that issue until the payment is done a week later ( when payment is due). I finally paid for a year in advance and I’m still being prevented from seein the new issue. It is ridiculous.
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4 years ago, ANYABL
Another issue since the update.
How do you get the bottom scroll to go away when reading the magazine? It cuts off all the content on the bottom of the page. This is new since the update.
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1 month ago, Cancellation problem
Soap Opera Digest cancellation
This app stoped publishing a weekly issue with the November 13, 2023 edition and I just found out about it today. I renewed my subscription approximately 2 months ago for one year and paid for this year subscription. I am requesting a refund as I am not able to access this subscription. Thank you Elaine Walmsley
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2 years ago, mehrunes
App will not load
Have not had access to the magazine I’m paying for for a long time! App won’t even open! Can’t cancel cuz I can’t access the app. Tried on 3 different devices, still the same results. Clearly, from other reviews, this is a big prob that is not being fixed!
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4 years ago, Aaroxyo101
Love the mag, love the app
This is definitely my guilty pleasure app. Love reading through on the train or waiting for appointments, super easy and I got it for my phone and iPad at home
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4 years ago, TxChiva
Since the app was updated 2 days ago i am a satisfied customer again.
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5 months ago, Scraptamhagg
App slow giving current issues
It takes days to get the new issues. It’s at the store, being advertised on social media but doesn’t show up in the app for days. Customer service ignores you. Not worth it. Don’t waste your money.
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3 years ago, my name on the game is marylin
I do not receive new issue on time. So frustrating. Please help. I love this magazine.
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2 months ago, Naiveandused
I have not received an issue since the 10/13 magazine. Unfortunately, I renewed for the year in October. I emailed through this site about my problem and got no response. I used to enjoy reading the magazine every week, but this is a ripoff. I would like my money back.
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8 months ago, wacker2865
Customer service is non-existent and they have been late with online issues for their subscribers! They advertise on Facebook that their new issue is available, but where is it? I message them and they are never courteous enough to respond.
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3 months ago, Latifahh3
Soap Opera Digest
Love this magazine & look forward to reading this every week,Please bring it back💝🩷
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4 years ago, Soap fan!
Awful App
This is worst app of any magazine. It freezes and crashes. New content does not come out till it’s been on the newsstands for days. Every update is worse the last. A complete rip off for subscribers. Support is not helpful despite continuing to report it. I have given up and canceled my subscription
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4 years ago, Bella7161
Love The Magazine But...
Hi I love your magazine, however too much Days! Concentrate on the Soaps that get the highest ratings! Thanks!
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4 years ago, mad soap fan
I’m not happy and want a refund. If it doesn’t happen here I will dispute charge with my credit card. It’s the worst update. You can’t access latest edition. Also charged me more than the stated price. It continues to ask me to pay for a single edition when I have a paid subscription.
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5 months ago, WS LeeMa
Late downloading current issue
I rarely receive it timely. I usually complain when it’s late. I am paying for the magazine and it is frustrating to receive such lousy customer service. I’m sorry I let it renew.
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2 years ago, Dollsnroses
Never loads properly
Today it’s trying to get me to subscribe while I already have a subscription. I usually have to delete to app & reload it in order to get it to load. They seriously need help with this app
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4 months ago, Trusoapdiva2
This app has gone downhill
This app is the worst. Magazines are always late and customer service is completely useless. We should start a class, action suit, and Sue MAz for taking our money and not providing their service.
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3 years ago, Lbl2078
Unable to open
I am unable to open the app once downloaded. The app won’t open for anything or on any device. I did all new updates to my devices and got nothing. Haven’t read the magazine in over and month.
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4 years ago, PalmLagoon19
SOD is great, This App is awful.
Every week, I do not get my edition. Can you please fix this, I am supposed to receive on Friday. I report that I did not get it, it then takes you until Monday or later to get it fixed. I am so frustrated with this app. I love SOD, but do not like your app at all.
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5 months ago, Noonie40
No new magazine
I don’t know or understand why I don’t new my new issue every Friday like I am suppose too.
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5 months ago, shellyeeree
App never works
This app never works. Won’t load. Many issues. Only keep because when I can get it to work like reading about my soap and doing the puzzle.
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1 year ago, @kmg365
Won’t Download
The magazine does not download each week. One week it is fine the next it isn’t. So tired of paying for something that I don’t receive.
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4 years ago, SOD reader
Won’t unlock my issues
I paid for a subscription. It says I have an active subscription but it won’t unlock my issue. I can’t get help because I don’t have an active email account on my phone
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4 years ago, eeeii
Unable to access on IPAD
This has been going on for several months. I have tried rebooting several times and still not working.
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2 years ago, J-Bobbuddy
Impossible to unlock my subscription.
This should not have to be this difficult.
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4 years ago, Clark NY
Great app
Been a subscriber for years. Always great
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5 months ago, Tttbird329
The new issue is never available for you to read until the storylines have passed. There is no customer service support. DO NOT BUY.
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3 years ago, cld6458
Won’t open
Very frustrating-can’t get app to open. It’s a long time problem that doesn’t seem to improve with updates
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2 months ago, PJF76
Issues not coming up
I am not receiving the latest issues.
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4 years ago, CowgirlUp49
Bad App
Once again the app will not let me read my paid for issues and no one answers my emails. Poor customer service. Very disappointed SOD.
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