Socrative Student

2.3 (615)
7.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Showbie Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Socrative Student

2.29 out of 5
615 Ratings
5 years ago, jordonjackson
Two Years Without Updates
This app hasn’t been updated for two years and it’s telling, given that it does not utilise the screen real estate for newer iPhones. Two stars.
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7 years ago, Justinbeibersucksbevers
People who are using this app and leaving reviews are using it wrong. My history teacher uses this for quizzes during class. They give you a room number and you type it in. They set up a quiz and you automatically get sent to it after you type in your name. Please understand how Socrative works before writing reviews on it. It works just how it's suppose to. It is not Quizlet or anything like that. This is for school purposes only for your teacher when they want to give a quiz and quickly grade it!
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7 years ago, Sunshinegirl puppy love
People giving this app 1 star aren't using the app correctly
My teacher (high school economics) uses Socrative everyday! It's the first thing we do when we get in his room. We complete a 5 question "quiz" on socrative. Usually later in the hour he'll put 20-30 questions reviews on socrative. Teachers-this is a GREAT resource, it's helped me score higher on tests. A great feature is also "space race" tons of fun!
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6 years ago, kait103
Great App!
The Socrative app is great! I'm a college student and have been impressed at how well it aids my professor in the learning process. This past semester, it was used in class to gauge how well the students were understanding Chemistry concepts. We answered multiple choice questions for practice problems. The way my professor used Socrative worked very well, and I would highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, FBI Agent #8,000,000,000
It’s Great
I’ve seen a few reviews on here saying that “you can’t see the questions you missed” (You can actually, it’s the Teachers choice), or “it just makes more work” Seriously Guys? If it wasn’t a Socrative test, it would be a paper test, and I prefer it on technology, so... Deal with it
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6 years ago, Minkiemonster
This app made me cry!
When it says to enter name a lot of the names are from Doctor Who. Today in class I went to log on and it said “Tyler,Rose” I started crying because she’s my favorite companion. I loved her run with 10. The girl who waited was the next name. Way to take me on an emotional Doctor Who rollercoaster today.
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7 years ago, AwesomePro64
I'm a student and my teacher told the class to download the app I saw it had 2 stars.I've only used it twice but I've taken tests with no reason for the app to be 2 stars!(PS all the people rating it 2 stars are because they don't want to take a test Tests are throughout life people's!!;!,!.!,$.$&/&/&,$,$,)
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9 months ago, Sanjay Tirupattur
this app is terrible
If i could give it zero stars i would. The app is slow and repeatedly kicks you out of rooms whenever you close the app instead of simply having a leave room button. all around terribly designed
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7 years ago, R3ich3ru
It's good
The majority of people writing reviews are just angry that they need to take tests and quizzes. The app itself works just fine.
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6 years ago, Lindower
Just a lil’ Easter egg I found
The “enter name” section uses examples from Doctor Who Tyler, Rose Oswald, Clara Harkness, Jack I just thought that was kinda cool. Didn’t expect to see references like that in a school app!!
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7 years ago, monco8
No auto correct
I’ll be typing and it won’t put apostrophes and stuff like that. It gets suuuuuper annoying.
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6 years ago, caitlyn:)
Great app!
I think the app works perfectly, and I think that it is just sublime and superb. #loveit!
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3 years ago, 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓
It will freeze at random times, and it takes awhile to fix. This seems like a big issue please fix this
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8 years ago, 🗜⚙🔨 Fix it NOW!!!!
Not happy
I got this so I can use this for school but today I used it for Spanish 1 today it was horrible!!! Teachers if u are teaching Spanish don't let your students get this app even don't urself this app either it is called Socrative Teachers!
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5 years ago, xxxxxzffch
This app need further development
I have used this app in class to take attendance and it is nothing but problems. It converts to Spanish and I cannot read the questions. And it does not take my attendance.
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5 years ago, soonerskins
The internet is better than the app
My students cannot access the split screen on their iPad while in the app. Most every app has updated with the iOS. Socrative has not.
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5 years ago, rdyotz
Horrible app
This app does not support multitasking and also makes it a pain to switch between apps. If it wasn’t required for a class, I would not use it.
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6 years ago, ghddihgdd
Yugioh is better than Pokemon!
This app makes me smarter.
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7 years ago, Faraz chaudhry
Missed questions
The main problem I have with this app is that you can’t see the questions you missed
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6 years ago, Rusman2003
My teacher uses it so it is good to use
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6 years ago, h.eathe.r
iPhone X
I’m only using this because of my classes, but please make this app more comfortable to use for other iPhones
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6 years ago, rjdidndkdn
I am using this app to help teach my Honors Lunch students and they get super frustrated when the screen freezes and it buffers all the time
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5 years ago, hiimanub
Ten out of ten
My favorite part was wen I gotted an M on gender
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I got this because my Spanish teacher had me download it for class. I wouldn't recommend it because it just means more class work. IF YOU ARE TEACHER STOP NOW AND SAVE YOUR STUDENTS FROM THE PAIN!!!! -shout out to banisha
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4 years ago, uf asabema kharab kad
Does not work
Worst app ever! Does not work most of the time and therefore I can’t submit in class assignments.
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7 years ago, Zack Zens
Great app
An alternative to Kahoot and Quizlet. A feat tool and very useful.
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8 years ago, Oodlesofpoodlesusa
Great app
Very beneficial for class discussion
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4 years ago, Xoch2008
This app always gives my the wrong grades when I enter my assignments
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9 months ago, msbrooks001
Worst app I have ever used please do not buy this
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4 years ago, Tec vi
Not greatly designed like other education apps...
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7 years ago, ThisAppSucksGiveItHalfAStar
This app is hard
This app so hard to use, please do some bug fixes!!!
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7 years ago, Yud21
This app is so freaking slow.
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4 years ago, bastaninfaris
Nice aplication
All who download this aplication have some brain problems. Thanks
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6 years ago, 6969669on da regular
This makes school worse
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7 years ago, Lolilililoloopop
Cruel form of quizzing. No way to change answers
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8 years ago, Student3674215789
This app is not helpful and I got a 60 :/
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10 months ago, Mjasari
This app is bad
I made a poo poo in my pants because of this app
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4 years ago, gerbilfart
get rid of this app no one wants to do a reset during online school
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5 years ago, king of kins
It truly is!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Big Cheto puff
Didn’t like it
It was not very great
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4 years ago, hiloness434284
I love it
It is the best app ever and that is why i gave it 1 star
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6 years ago, da boy23
Can’t log in
So I can’t log in
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7 years ago, Baseball fan 365
It's bad
My teacher told me to get zump pump
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4 years ago, jijijijiankaoakkwpwl123
Best app
Best app for exams
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7 years ago, ChairFloorTable
This app is bad dont get it
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7 years ago, SurvivorIsReal
This app is trash
This app makes me sick 😡
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3 years ago, Potato1458828478376357
Potatoes are good
Potato’s I have to go
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6 years ago, heianwb
Its trash
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7 years ago, Broden Rogers
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7 years ago, Psjebsnsnj
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