Socrative Teacher

3.1 (28)
7.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Showbie Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Socrative Teacher

3.11 out of 5
28 Ratings
6 years ago, kittykitti00
I just barely signed into the app and all ready I am not pleased with how it functions—> there is no “back button” available so once you’ve clicked on an option you’re stuck on that page unless you go to the pull-down menu and choose to navigate elsewhere. Quite inconvenient and hinders the ease of use (which makes it not-so-user-friendly).
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7 years ago, MTBeef99
Great product, but...
I love Socrative overall! I don’t use it daily, but it is my go to for reviews for my classes. My complaint with the teacher app, is that I have signed into Socrative using my google account, but I don’t have that option on the app. I can use the web-based version on my desktop or laptop, but the iPad would be more convenient for circulating around the room. Please fix!
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6 years ago, innovaden
Missing google account login on app
I love Socrative. I use it every week in all of my courses. But I can’t use the mobile app because I login using my google account. Please, please integrate it into the app or provide a work around.
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1 year ago, Irish_Guards
Can’t Log In
I can log into Socrative as a teacher via the Web but when I try to use the app it says my email or password is wrong. Even better is when I have the account open on my browser and the app still doesn’t recognize it. The student version is fine, used that many times. But the teacher app is useless.
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2 years ago, augusthoughts
Works great, missing important feature
Super useful for me to see how individual students are doing on an assignment while circulating, but it is missing functionality with Apple Pencil.
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7 years ago, kksano
Great app gone bad because of glitch
As a Spanish teacher, I have come to love Socrative. I have upgraded to the Pro version but now I can't use continue to create my assessments using photos because every time I try to upload a photo the program crashes. PLEASE fix this glitch.
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4 years ago, BirdZ0nly
No price listed? How do you know what is standard! Or Pro?
I used it in the past and it worked great. Then the school had issues with me going tech Now we are all going tecky even those that criticized me. But my only complaint is that how or where does it say the price?
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7 years ago, Steph Cecchi
Pro version
I have tried to upgrade the app from the "go pro" button and it does not work. I love how the app works, going to be using for our homeschool.
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7 years ago, Blastmaster69
The photos don't work but otherwise it's great. Don't use this with kids who can't read.
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3 years ago, AKD-M
Can’t login with Google
I love Socrative, I really do, it saved my sanity during the lockdown. But there’s no option to login using my offficial school Google account in the app. Please, please fix that!
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9 years ago, mjchemistry
Good app but could be improved
I've been using this app for about a month now and overall it is extremely useful for bell-ringers, quick assessments, and quizzes. The fact that students can get immediate feedback as to whether they answered correctly or not is wonderful. In addition, the teacher gets live feedback that allows them to see who is answering each question correctly/incorrectly. The app is fairly easy to use once you figure it out (a tutorial would be nice for new users) but lacks in a few areas. The following improvements could be made: 1) Reports will not save to Google Drive consistently from the app. (The option has been unavailable for a while now). Emailed reports work well but add unnecessary steps. 2) Availability of subscripts and superscripts need to be added to the text options for student responses (student app) and "correct answers" option (teacher app). These options are available when creating questions but are absent when inputting correct answer choices on both the teacher side and student side. This severely limits science and math teachers. 3) Option to change the "Exit Ticket" questions.
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7 years ago, Techy Bilingual Teacher
Photo attachment glitch
My students rely on visuals. Please fix!!
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8 years ago, Hammer03
Could be better.
I teach third grade and I love the idea of the app infusing technology into the classroom. I have tried to use it a few times, but there is no way to record your voice reading the question if you create a quiz and need to differentiate with some of the lower readers in class. If they would provide this option to register a class so only certain students could access the audio, Socrative would be the next best thing since sliced bread.
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10 years ago, Ms. Olsen
Ms. Olsen
I LOVE this app and agree that a voice recording option would be great! We use it for quick and easy responses, games, and practice tests. I tried to use this app to give a test, it is very simple and the kids loved it except you couldn't go back to any questions and they also would like to see their score at the end of the test. I know it beautifully shows up on the teacher iPad but the kids would like to see their own if the app is grading it anyway. I would love if you could add these items!! My school site would go crazy for an app like that.
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11 years ago, Bmit2me
Unexpected Bonus
In SocialStudies, I typically give worksheets with main ideas. Students have struggled with how to write answers to these prompts. I now use The Short Answer function and include the answer in the explanation section. Students receive immediate feedback and are allowed to log back in to resubmit a correct answer. I have seen major improvements in their work over 2 months AND I DON'T HAVE TO GRADE IT. The only flaw is that, on average, 2 - 3 student answers don't come through. I don't know if the issue is with Socrative or our server. Regardless, I wish it had a print feature for absences and tech issues.
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8 years ago, sistasallysue
Dispatch or Warm-ups
I teach math at a high school amd absolutely LOVE this app. My students use it for their warmups, and the space race feature is great for review. Last year our department used it for a midterm on the desktop computers, i wouldnt recommend something like that on the app because when i used to randomize the answer order, i got many complaints from students that the item they selected changed after they pressed submit, result in incorrect scores. Other than that, i wish it had a better way to organize the quizzes. Right now they all appear in a list, and i have sooooooo many.
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12 years ago, Norm & Eloise
Amazing! And free!
Wow. I think this app's description does NOT do it justice. It is not an immediately userfriendly interface, but after exploring my options for a while, it proved to be exactly what I was looking for!!! In addition to live responses by verbal prompts, you are also able to create own questions AND quizzes, and gather live responses from students. Love the email report feature. This is going to be used often in special education classrooms and with staff training at my school. Thanks for such a thoughtful and FREE app!
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9 years ago, Suzy5679
Multitasking on iPad
I have used Socrative in my classes for over a year now and I think it is an excellent app. I am concerned with the current update of the iPad to allow for multitasking. Now, when the students are taking a quiz, they are able to easily slide open the right side of their screen and access their notes or the internet. This is a serious security issue that I hope Socrative will address. I attempted to contact HELP but I was unable to connect with it. The site seems to be down.
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10 years ago, Mepie80
Former fan!
I am a middle school teacher who used this app all the time in my 1:1 classroom. Since the update, we have been unable to successfully use this- not even once. I'm so disappointed and hope Socrative will find a fix soon! Although the new appearance is nice, it must actually work! I realize sometimes the error is with the user, however I can assure you this problem is global. At my school all of the teachers have stopped using it for the same reasons. Problems: Crashes when opening in teacher and student mode; some students can enter the room and some cannot; entered a quiz then hit save only for it to crash with nothing saved.
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12 years ago, Nerdygirl91
Because the app was free, I was a bit skeptical of how good it could actually be. It is wonderful! I am not tech-savvy, but this app is very user friendly. My students LOVE it, and have no trouble using it. They are 8 and 9 year olds. We have used this in literally every subject, and they cheer each time I say "Today we are going to practice/review with Socratic." High student engagement every time. Thanks for a great app that makes my job easier and more fun!
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12 years ago, RickenbackerBass
Holes in it
A fun way to give a quiz is undermined by the students ability to task switch and check notes during the quiz. Also, students can quickly take a screen shot and email to others during the quiz of after. Until these types of exploits are addressed, it becomes dicey to use for any real evaluations.
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10 years ago, DarkKnight99
Terrible Update
For the second time, Socrative has released a terrible update. The first time they released a 2nd gen app it was so bad that it was almost immediately removed from the App Store. Once again, Socrative has released a pointlessly updated app. This app is clunky and has a tendency to crash, you must re-sign in every time you open the app and there is no convenient way to get to saved quizzes without scrolling through every quiz in alphabetical order. I have created 100+ quizzes using the first gen app and am completely and utterly frustrated by the lack of utility of this latest offering.
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9 years ago, Rated It-$
Separate by class
Perhaps I just haven't figured out how to do this but I cannot easily separate the data by class period. If students were allowed to note which class period they are in it would help in segregating the data. Additionally, students have to login each time they enter into the app. Doesn't sound like much but when they are new to emails it can be a chore working through the issues that come with that.
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8 years ago, Urban Casey
Needs Improvement
I have used Socrative for years. The new interface is nice, but I can no longer download students' quizzes. Support is difficult to reach, and help section does not address this issue. Please fix!
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12 years ago, Irishman2010
Great App, but one thing is missing
I use this app with my 7th graders and it works great, my only suggestion is to have the ability to insert media into the quiz so that students can pick out photos and answer questions based on those. Oh and maybe someway to integrate it with powerpoint or Smartbook Notebook. As it stands, this is a 5 star app regardless.
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11 years ago, ScienceGiant
Sheer genius
This is the app I was waiting for as a science teacher. I didn't have money to buy a Clicker system, the time to master the learning curve, nor the desire to be responsible for inventory every class. This app solves all that because students BYOD, it exports it as an Excel spreadsheet, its free, and its so simple I learned it one evening over dinner in a restaurant with free wifi.
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12 years ago, LCCS Eagles
Many possibilities!
Good app! Not sure how to view a downloaded report...had more luck emailing myself the report. Agree it would be better with ability to add images. Also think the true/false option is a little confusing. Overall a good app. Haven't been using it very long so it definitely could be user error :-)
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12 years ago, Teaching 3rd grade
I love this app. It gives me the ability to get instant feedback and does the grading for me! I am just curious if there may be a way to add images to the quiz. We do a lot of of geometry and would love to be able to use some images.
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12 years ago, Zen306
Simply Awesome!!!
This app is simple and intuitive which is something all teachers can appreciate. Love the Excel reports sent directly to my email. Can it get easier than that. The students love it as well. Best response system I've seen.
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12 years ago, Music Fessor
Good customer service
There were some problems after I updated to iOS 6, but their development team was quick to fix it with their own update. This is a great app! Every teacher should use it.
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9 years ago, Romanwarrior109
Makes assessments fun!
Kids typically don’t like ‘quizzes’ or ‘assessments’, but this app has changed the landscape and made it fun and easy with multiple options and adding a competitive element with the space race feature. Awesome tool, thanks!
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9 years ago, russj117
quizzes restored
I also thought my data was lost, but I called support, and it turned out I just logged in using the wrong email. everything was there next time I logged in
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10 years ago, Kbone2000
Great App but...
Would have 5 stars if you can make it so multiple classes can be used at once. Teachers who teach two grade levels need to have different questions for different classes especially for evening open room discussions. Please add!!!!
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11 years ago, Hidden jewel6
Mac compatible
This is great but would it be possible in the future to have the teacher be able to use their Mac/iTunes for the teacher clicker app. It would be quicker when making polls and quizzes no the spot.
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11 years ago, CMHershey
Love Socrative, just needs...
I use and love Socrative in my classroom. I just ask that you add a built in recorder to do audio recording...this way primary grades can use this to create spelling tests and it be graded automatically. It would be a bbbiiiiggg hit with many teachers! Thanks! : )
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12 years ago, stupidPerson:initWithComplaint
This is the one you want
Seriously, they got it right. Forget other clickers. There are no other options. There is no decision to be made. Just download this and be happy.
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13 years ago, hdickens
Harry D
Awesome and it is free! Wow clickers for the most part aren't needed anymore. With this app and the eClicker I am good to go! I really like that this app is not just an iPad app for the end user. So Kids bring your own device.
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11 years ago, Mgibbs0806
I love this app. I love the exit ticket. It allows students to respond honestly without fear of how their peers will view them for not understanding. I wish there was a back button for students to review their quizzes. Otherwise I like it.
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12 years ago, Jonathan Kim
I cant believe that this is available for free. Thank you! Im a teacher in S. Korea and this is perfect because it seems like all students here have smartphones.
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8 years ago, dmm227
No longer loads
Not sure what happened but the app opens and won't load. I deleted it and reinstalled and it still just stalls. When it was functioning, it was a very useful app. You could even add pictures to questions. Great website and printable versions of the quizzes as well.
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11 years ago, Mrs1H
I think this could be improved if student names could be alphabetized. I would also like to easily see the final score by collapsing/hiding the individual answers.
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11 years ago, McGeek86
I used this app in my classroom for a review session. We did a "Teacher Paced Quiz" and it was great to be able to focus on managing the class and reviewing the material knowing that Socrative was collecting (and grading) their answers for me.
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11 years ago, LabWriter
Most useful teaching app
This app is great! Students can access with a mobile device or laptop. Increases student participation.
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12 years ago, Help socrative!
I need an update!
Amazing app but I updated to iOS 6 and I lost most of the functionality. I can't see the questions!
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10 years ago, Appening
Stuck in Common Core
I admit I am a novice, but I must have touched a link to the Common Core while attempting to set up a new quiz. Now I cannot get back to the main Socrative screen. I wish the app were more user friendly for teachers who are not use to using them. I have heard great things about Socrative and I really wanted to give it a try.
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10 years ago, Bfarris5
Reading assistance
This would be a great app if it would read the questions to students that needed the extra assistance.
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12 years ago, TurtleLover402
I use this app almost every day! Now that I updated to iOS6 I cannot read anything I type in... Don't upgrade to the new OS if you use this frequently... VERY FRUSTRATING!!
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10 years ago, Niklhas
Version 2 misses import feature! too bad!
If they just listen to their user/costumers they'd have a fantastic app. They have updated and fixed some issues in version 2 but it misses TWO essential features: A) the option to erase previous reports. B) the possibility to import/export the questions sets from excel.
Show more
12 years ago, zjoyner
An amazing app
The ability to do online quizzes and show live results simply genius
Show more
12 years ago, SomeNicknamenotinuse
Waste of time
1) doesn't work after ios6 upgrade - can't read heat is being typed, can't exit activity that started 2) email results doesn't work - lost all the students' work 3) student app would not connect after iOS upgrade
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