4.4 (9)
25.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of California, Davis
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for SoilWeb

4.44 out of 5
9 Ratings
7 years ago, ReverendQ
Please Update!
I used this app frequently as a geoscience undergrad on field trips, and I know my soil science prof did as well because he encouraged everyone to download it. With iOS 11, unfortunately, it is no longer accessible, and I fear that students, researchers, farmers, and the curious public are now without a wonderful in-field utility and overall fantastic resource. Please update this, developers!
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11 months ago, Ultisol
Nice work
Incredible app! Go soil science. Future update should allow the “view map” feature as in the desktop version. This is essential to see nearby soil types rather than just those under your current location.
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1 year ago, killervmac
Change Soil Series Font Color
Have loved this app for years; so grateful to have it. Would like to see the soil series name in a font color other than white; very difficult to read outdoors.
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2 years ago, bpeorg
Gave soil for wrong area
The map has the correct gps coordinates, however the software gave us a physical location and soil data for an area 4 miles east of the gps location. Needs work.
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5 years ago, PaulRFinnell
A fine tool for discovering soil
Every natural resource scientist or civil engineer should have this app on their iPhone. All natural resources are dependent on the soil. This tool provides the soils information for where you are standing. The USA is the only country in the world with soils mapped border to border - with maps and a complete database. SoilWeb was developed by a brilliant PhD student that took advantage of that free database. Now, this tool puts the information about the ground below your feet into your hands. It is by far the easiest tool to use for accessing a very large and powerful database. One button search of the soils information is easy although finding the map is a puzzle. Download it and discover the amazing world beneath your feet.
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11 years ago, AKClarke
Link Issues
This is a great app that our entire team is using to find soil types but the OSD link does not work. This is really discouraging as it costs us extra time to copy and paste the link and retrieve the information through extra steps. Could you please check this out and fix the link if possible. We are trying to get our entire agronomy group and sales reps to use this information and when it doesn't work properly they choose to skip the information or make a guess at it. Thanks
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6 years ago, Support ESD's
When will you update????
I work in natural resources developing ESD’s and used the websoil app all the time. It’s was an exceptionally useful tool. Unfortunately the last iso update on my iPhone is no longer compatible with websoil. When will it be updated to a compatible version. The loss of your app is very unfortunate. Who can I contact to urge continuing support for this soil app. Sincerely Rick Peterson.
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6 years ago, DanDaMan
Very good app, could be great
Very useful app for field work. As mentioned, the OSD links do not always work, and if you don’t have good service (common in the field), you can’t use it at all. It also needs to be updated in order to work with iOS 11
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7 years ago, CrassFellow
Update please
I used this app almost daily. It was my go to until iOS 11 came out now unfortunately with the iPhone being updated it doesn’t even work😢 when you guys get around to it please update for iOS 11 I love your app and I need it back
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10 years ago, ganjaology
Excited about this app
Have not yet played with the app but am excited that it exists. Will update feedback once I experience the app. But if it's anything like the web version, it should be spectacular since I use it for my permaculture design business.
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4 years ago, ExaRox
Excellent Progression
First it was going to a dusty room in the office for soil info, then it was going online for the desktop only version. Now everything I need is on my phone, instant with GPS! Thought it had a map but that may be another app.
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4 years ago, jumbochunk76
Will not open for some reason. I’ve had this problem for about 2 weeks. Anyone know why? This app is extremely helpful and would love to continue using it!
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7 years ago, Adamar1
I need an update
I put off updating my iPhone because I heard this app didn’t work on iOS 11. I got drunk and accidentally upgraded my phone 🙃 and I can’t go back now. Please update as I use this app frequently.
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13 years ago, Alfred Hartemink
Great tool
Excellent teaching tool and great for anyone traversing the country and wanting to know what soils are underfoot. I took the train from Lincoln, Nebraska to Chicago and the whole journey soil web informed me on the soil series. Great! what is next: maps, block diagrams? Thanks Dylan for making this.
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14 years ago, Paul D Cattrone Wines
Get your vineyard geek on!
An excellent tool for investigating potential and existing vineyard soil types. Would like to see data export options in future updates. (or a mashup with Theodolite!) Great job!
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4 years ago, Guymadisonl
Worked great until it didn’t
I used this app daily for my work. Then suddenly one day it wouldn’t load then it wouldn’t even open. I deleted it. Downloaded it. Emailed the developer who didn’t know anything was wrong. So now for about 3 to 4 months it doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, loam_ranger
Dig it!
This is the premier soil inventory app! I use this regularly for my natural resources project work. Major thanks to the developers for creating such a useful and intuitive data delivery interface for USDA soil survey data.
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9 years ago, Farbjorn
Link issues
Gives one a quick idea of the soil type in your location. The app itself has not been updated and there are several broken links that detract from it.
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12 years ago, agriguy
Great app!
Love this app as it helps me identify cutomer concerns for agricultural products. however I really need it for an iPad and be able to log data points, notes, and be able to print reports from this app on an ipad.
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13 years ago, Stormstarr**
IPad version?
This is a really useful app. However, I find I have to move the window around a lot to read some of the text. Is there a version in work for the iPad?
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4 years ago, Royalme
Nice when it works
Currently crashing on opening, when it works it is a very nice little app that gives you soil data for where you are standing. The soilweb website is necessary if you want to look around thoug
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13 years ago, Aggie2013
Great app
Shows just what I need for PSC 4000 class. Wish I could select location other than my current location
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6 years ago, soilsearch
When will this software be updated where people with os 11 on their iPhone can use this tool again? I used this app almost on a daily basis!
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5 years ago, Ella's Parents
Please update
As an archaeologist, I used this app constantly and would love have it available again.
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6 years ago, erinlouisee
Please update for iOS 11??
I love this app, and it would sure make the field season a lot easier if I could still use it on my iPhone.
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10 years ago, AXSanford
Accurate Info, Poor Delivery
Hoping for an update to this app. I use it all the time, though it's a pain to look and work with.
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7 years ago, JanieO
Love this app, but....
Please update to be compatible to iOS11. It no longer works on my updated devices.
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6 years ago, Mrgreenjeansbw
No longer works.
This app has been extremely helpful to me when completing archeology site forms, but since updating my i-phone, it no longer works! Any planned solution?
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11 years ago,
I wish I could quickly look up soils in other areas. I can only figure out the soil at my current location...
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5 years ago, m.jamPCA
Here’s where to find
You can download the KML file for google earth at California Soil Resource Lab
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4 years ago, Heyuguys123
Doesn’t Open
Downloaded, wouldn’t open. Keeps crashing. Reading other comments seems like this has been happening for a while. Leads me to believe there’s no support. I’ll stick with other resources.
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7 years ago, Patotrc 7
Awesome app but...
This app is very useful for me, but it needs an update in order to be compatible with os 11
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13 years ago, Soil lover
Very useful program!
Great tool! A must for soil scientist, agronomist, horticulturalist, or even the home gardener.
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14 years ago, Curcas
Like it
Very useful app
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7 years ago, huskie27
Did work great, now it doesn’t work at all
I use an iPhone. It does not run now that I’ve updated my software
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7 years ago, Empty Now
Need update too
Can you please update the app for iOS 11? The app is awesome and those of us on the user end need back.
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6 years ago, Kamilah H
Not compatible w/ iPhone IOS
Is there any planned update to make the app compatible w/ the new iOS? That would be great!
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6 years ago, becklang
Please update
Love this app! Please update for iOS users
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4 years ago, Player56789
I liked it when it worked but now it crashes immediately when opened
I think the title says it all
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6 years ago, Lovestheranch
PLEASE Update!!!
Please update this app! Found it through my local NRCS folks and loved it (5 star level) before I updated my iphone but now it is absolutely useless! I want my Soil Web app back, please!!!
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7 years ago, cpp42
Will there be an update
Useful app. Please update.
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7 years ago, dertdauber
Update needed for iPhone
Great app until OS 11
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5 years ago, RR112811871100
Too basic
Needs a soil map like web soil survey. Pretty useless otherwise.
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5 years ago, Joker1069
IOS 11 update
Could we please get an update on this app?
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6 years ago, LarJord
Too bad it’s not updated
A terrific product and very easy to use and to locate your soil series. But why not renew it despite apple upgrades?
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11 years ago, 007800
Looking to work
Get this when I try to open Response Error. Technical description: 502 Bad Gateway - Response Error, a bad response was received from another proxy server or the destination origin server. Up and running !!!!
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7 years ago, Crop scout
New version for iPhone
Can you update your ap to match new iPhone version Nov 2017
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11 years ago, Mscool
Works great
Very helpful app for this farmer =]
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5 years ago, 81racing
Needs a update for iPhone users
Can’t use this app as Developer needs to update it for use w/ iOS 11.
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6 years ago, BoWiBoWa
Out of date
I don’t get why have take so long to update this apps. It was a great tool, now obsolete.
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