Sony Rewards

4.5 (29.6K)
205.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sony Corporation of America
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sony Rewards

4.54 out of 5
29.6K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Mosaic_Hyde35
Ghostbusters Frozen Empire
Spoilers!!! While I realize that the movie isn’t doing as well as expected, I absolutely loved it. Too many people just need to chill (that’s a joke) and not be so critical and just enjoy life. The movies are there as an escape from our daily troubles so we don’t have to drag real life into the theater. For myself, one part of the movie was personal when Melody checkmated Phoebe with her black knight. My avatar online is a black knight (also perceived as a dark knight) because I solved my first ARG (alternate reality game) back in 2009 by guessing correctly that the solution was a dark knight image. This was an ARG promoting a series that premiered a month later. As for perceiving the correct image of a black knight also as a dark knight, it was because of the then show runner being David S. Goyer. I won’t say the film trilogy here but allow you to think of it yourself. I also figured out what was the hidden theme to the series was two weeks before it aired. In conclusion, my suggestion is when watching a movie at the theater to find something to connect yourself to on a personal level to enhance your enjoyment as I did. I loved the entire movie and especially how it ended by having Melody striking her last match to both save the world and allow herself to move on to become a part of the fabric of the universe.
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2 years ago, BananaFZ
So Convenient
It’s literally a great way to save. All you have to do is log into your sony account and all the unexpired points from your playstation transactions are already there. You can just forget about it once in a while and like today, i remembered the app and i had earned enough points for 50 dollars in playstation credit. Not a coupon that applies to purchases 50 dollars and up, actual credit so i can get my games completely free every once in a while. And its even better that you can receive physical products too!
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3 years ago, BryanBenson
Needs A lot of work
I love Sony and PlayStation but frankly this app is terrible. It’s filled with captchas which are very buggy so it’s difficult to even login. Plus the app never seems to save my login state so when every time I do open it I’m forced back to signing in and the annoying captchas ensue again. The app also doesn’t provide support for iCloud Keychain on the login field so I have to look up my password every time rather than using Face ID. On a different note not related to app development, the rewards seem prohibitively expensive to unlock with points. I’m sure you would earn more with a Sony branded credit card which I don’t have but I have been a PlayStation plus subscriber for the better half of 10 years now and I have a pretty large library of game purchases that should have been linked to the rewards account. I’ve also bought consoles directly through Sony and yet the highest reward I seem to be able to earn is a $10 PlayStation store credit. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful but that kinda seems like a missed opportunity to reward brand loyalty IMO.
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1 year ago, Tari Tenshi
No Longer Receiving Points From Purchases
I joined a bit ago because of a recommendation from a Sony rep that used to visit my store. I also play a game that I constantly put money into, and was told I could sync my store account to receive points. I was receiving points in the beginning, however that recently stopped for some unknown reason. I even linked most of the other accounts that were offered, and bought the PS5VR2 which never even registered the purchase (so I won’t be receiving points for that quite large purchase). On a separate note, the redemption store and FAQ pages are also broken to where you can’t read descriptions or information on the products/questions. (They are just entirely not there) I was hoping to continue to use the app, however if points are no longer building up on my account, I think this is where I will be saying goodbye to the Sony Rewards app. I hope it eventually gets fixed or updated.
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2 years ago, Exceedtoday
Scam! Beware of The Rewards Program!
Beware! They will lock you out of your account and steal your points. Don’t believe me? Just google search “locked out of Sony rewards” They will lock you out and offer no help to access your account. You will be told over the phone. “ it’s being escalated “ and NOTHING will be done. Dozens of movies with all those points unable to be accessed. The customer support is a joke. Call them and they will answer but just put your request in a “everlasting support loop”. Kinda like the everlasting gobstopper in the Willy Wonka movie except this one does not have a tasty end. You will be roped in and let down unceremoniously. This is not a rant, this is a logical approach to looking at this app as well as the lackluster Support of SonyRewards program after WEEKS of emails and calls to a support center that does not support his client. Shame on you Sony for creating this fraud of a program and poor quality app to go along with it.
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2 years ago, Ryanup4
The app does not recognize prior Sony purchases. It claims to connect with Movies Anywhere, which it does, but doesn’t give you credit for movies already bought or owned. The app does not connect well with standard sign in online. The website will not allow me to log on even though the app is connected to the same log in information with my email address meaning I can only log in through the app on my phone. The movies rewarded for making purchases are a joke and are third rate movies. I earned a free digital movie but was only given a choice of about 9 different movies to choose, all of which were third rate B grade or worse movies. That doesn’t make me want to buy more Sony product. Disney’s rewards program is better. I can actually get good movies with their rewards (I.eMarvel and Pixar).
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4 years ago, Flooderdooden
Downloaded the app because I have a PS branded credit card, and I was alerted to the fact that I could submit receipts for Sony/PS related purchases to receive bonus points. Downloaded and logged in fine the first time. Begin putting in relevant receipt pics and information for points. Switched away from the app for a moment to take pics of the remaining receipts, only to see that I have been signed out of the app when I get back (around 5-10 minutes later). I try logging back into the app, but now it just times out and the app resets to the starting log in screen. Perhaps it’s entirely coincidental, but it feels a little like the Sony’s app is making it tougher to redeem my bonus points for purchases. At this point, the app is a solid two stars, because what good is an app if you can’t even sign in or use it?
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2 years ago, mmeechyy
First off, in a few days, you’ll need a SONY credit card receive reward points. Sorry to most of you already that can’t get that. There’s no way to add past purchases which is ridiculous because of how much money we spend & everything is hidden. So if you wanna know more, too bad, you’ll have to waste a lot of your time to figure out a tiny bit. I’m a hardcore gamer, so for my first issue to be 3 controllers and 1 game series worth over $600 can’t be added was heartbreaking. I was sure to be followed by many more disappointments. I’ve never thought this in my living life but maybe Xbox and Microsoft really are more caring to their customers and more dominant than PlayStation and Sony. I hope you all at least take this to heart and think about who you actually wanna be giving your money to….. Exclusives are fire tho
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2 years ago, freemyheart
2-step verification is a hot mess
Only way to verify 2-step is authentication app. Well, if you buy a new phone and don’t have backup codes, you’re not getting back into the Sony app. (Or your PlayStation account, for that matter.) My suggestion to the developers? Have more than one option to verify! Text. Email. PlayStation serial number. Television serial number. Alarm clock serial number. Carrier pigeon. Anything! Will remove this review (and 2-step verification) if I’m ever able to access my account again. Sony support on this matter is non-existent. (They hang up on you if you call about the matter. Sit on hold for an hour (not exaggerating), when they come on the phone to help, start telling them what the issue is and as soon as you say “2-step verification,” they hang up. Attempted multiple calls, and this was the response. Couldn’t get the full sentence out. Is this policy? Not to help consumers get into their accounts? What? Very frustrating. Just goes to show — and a warning to others that might see this — you don’t need 2-step verification for everything. Will make me think twice about ever doing 2SV again (Is the only way to verify through an authentication app? Nope, don’t need it!)
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4 years ago, BobbyP311
Super easy to use!!
Not too many rewards applications are as easy as this one but Sony sure has it on lock. I’ve been a long time Sony consumer and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. This app helps keep everything all in one place neatly organized and never messes up. Highly recommendNot too many rewards applications are as easy as this one but Sony sure has it on lock. I’ve been a long time Sony consumer and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. This app helps keep everything all in one place neatly organized and never messes up. Highly recommend
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3 years ago, Max M4780
1 problem
Since Sony rewards is a thing I figured it would be better if there were better earning offers like instead of the ones I we have now like the tell us about your self and the watch videos for 50 points I tried to do it and it takes me to earnings and I have to select it but once I watch it and go back to it to see my progress it doesn’t show it but it says for me to click one to watch then it basically does the same thing repeatedly
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2 years ago, robgotsauce
Very clunky & not very useful
The app itself is super clunky compared to every other credit card app. Honestly I don’t really have a super positive opinion on the Sony Playstation credit card simply because you have to pay and monitor through an off brand bank’s website which is far from user friendly and the fact that you have to submit your purchase to get points for them is just silly. Kind of a gimmick of a credit card. I recommend just plugging the card into your PlayStation account and putting on auto pay. You also get quite a bit of rewards for paying your internet bill with the card, so I recommend that. I get about 250 points every month for it.
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1 month ago, Jammac042010
Great Rewards and Prizes ,But…
I have been on here for a while and I started pretty good I got a hundred points plus 35 for the quiz. So, I wanted to spend some of these points on rewards and prizes. I got the Prize 2: Traveler Photographer and it was for 25 points. I was stoked when I saw this so I got and It said It will be delivered in 7-10 business days. On the 14th I check out the window for the delivery trucks ,but they never came so, I waited a few hours then after that It still didn’t came. So, It’s the 16th and It has been like 12, 13 days and it still hasn’t came yet hopefully it will come soon.
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2 years ago, Darth hopekiller
Sony Rewards is the best “Rewards” there is.
I’ve been a long time Sony fanboy and loyal customer, audio, consoles, television.. etc I have became a digital addict and am constantly buying copies of games via the PlayStation store and this is a great bonus to get back what I spend only to be able to redeem to get even cooler and more stuff? and stuff that isn’t even Sony/PS exclusive.. there’s a ton of rewards and gift cards to choose from and I love that you can get games, dlc, and Sony cash to use on the PS4/PS5. What a great app, wish I had known about it sooner!
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10 months ago, FELIX_WORKAHOLIC
Anybody else not get their Credit Card?
It has been far to long a wait and I would like to use it asap for the promo offered to me which is the main reason I was willing to take a hard inquiry … smh then I get emails talking about all orders are final was I scammed? I then saw the promo for the discounted final fantasy ps5 bundle purchase so again decided to apply and was told I already have a Sony Credit Card then out of fustration. No console, ptsd, you get the picture. Yet I will always be a Sony PlayStation Fan for life.
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3 years ago, Godis@mazing
Sony has forever been apart if my life Since I can remember back when the PlayStation 1 came out it’s been part of my family and has only created bonding and joy. Ever since owning a PlayStation one we have bought and owned and played PlayStation all the way up to the current console with the exception of the 5 due to family complications. Every time I think of Sony and there entertainment products it gives me an overwhelming yet nostalgic thought of family time and enjoyment.
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1 year ago, Sean Digity
Their rewards system and customer service is terrible
They have a limited amount of movies that are eligible for rewards. They only allow 10 movie redemptions per month but customer service won’t tell you this because they want you to keep buying movies and not get rewarded. Their customer service will not help with anything, I’ve contacted them several times and when you can actually get through they’re unwilling to help. The best I’ve gotten from customer service is them putting in a service claim for me that hasn’t been responded to. I have 17 movies that have been rejected for rewards and they either can’t or won’t say why and aren’t doing anything to help with the problem.
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3 years ago, t0nee
Doesn’t work good
You can’t register products or do any bonus point claims because those services are bugged on the app. All the text is white so you can’t see what you type also always get a error while submitting. This needs a fix ASAP. Other than the functionality of the app which is garbage, the rest of it works good for looking at how many points you have and the rewards.
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3 years ago, wateryspit
It’s an ok app
This app needs to be cleaned up, things are hard to find. I went to see the movie demon slayer with my son and his friend and can’t upload my tickets. It’s hard to even find where to upload the tickets in the first place. Also I purchased a ps5 3D pulse headset and I had to leave this app to even buy it. Why even use this app, why is the PlayStation store not tied to this app, why do I have to go to earn and search to try to upload tickets, why doesn’t this app have a option for uploading tickets on the main screen. If anything this app should be migrated with the PlayStation app and the PlayStation store and make one great app.
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4 years ago, Cranky face
No points with purchases
I’ve made multiple purchases from my ps4 and have yet to receive any point toward those purchases. I have reached out to customer support multiple time regarding this issue and the first response was “ any purchases after the app is installed will point be given.” Ok, I’ve made purchases “after” the app was is stalled and still nothing. I reached out a second time and the second response I got was “ the system is having issues with issuing point and that Sony is working on a resolution, sorry for the inconvenience.” I recently check my account and still no point! To bad I guess. I was really excited about this app because I make a lot of purchases through my ps4.
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4 years ago, scarsurface
SONY Delivers at last
As a long time member of the Sony rewards card I was longing for an app that is easy to use, and has all the functions necessary to keep track of my points, redeem and explore rewards. Best part is that it keeps me logged in and I don’t have to enter the password every time I need to get in it. Overall a nice experience navigating the app. I just wish the reward merchandise was more abundant, it’s a bit skinny on electronics... oh well.
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11 months ago, Ghost_003
About the app
It’s rather well designed and seems quite fluid. The app runs kind of as expected with one major drawback being that it crashes every now and again but unlike other apps you don’t have to sign back in (usually you don’t but once in a blue moon you will) otherwise you only have to sign in like normal when you close it out and don’t use it for awhile. All in all it’s a nice and well rounded use and experience.
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2 years ago, idkwtph1234
Microsoft rewards is 10x better
I love Sony and the rewards thing is an amazing idea but they didn’t do it right at all. For example on Xbox you can earn points my filling out “punch cards”, earning achievements, you can also do daily and monthly quests. even searching things on bing will give you 10 points .they have monthly and daily quests. Yea on xbox you have to have 9k points to redeem a 10 dollar xbox gift card but they made it so you can earn points for doing pretty much anything I think if Sony makes a few changes to this system it can and will take off. Please make it easier to earn points
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2 years ago, Shadowedknight84
Stability issues
Too often I have to keep pressing “try again” because of “oops something went wrong”. I press multiple times, close app and restart, for something to keep happening. I’ve deleted and reinstalled. Still same chronic issue. Other than that I think the app itself is useful for what it represents. Would be ideal if it worked for me at least majority of the time. But if you want something that allows you to track your points and redeem items with ease. Then this is what you’ll want to use on the go.
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3 years ago, ChiRaq071
Sony is one of the best in the business they treat you well
I recommend anybody who play video games to come join Sony they have it going on to where you actually get a Sony car you can earn points is so much different things going on I can’t put it all just know they do best and can stand behind him 100%
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2 years ago, josephk07
Horrible I am stayin with Xbox
First off this app is horrible they are no ways to get points unless you buy games movies or you upload movie receipts. It is pretty plain and boring. Plus Xbox has better stuff. I think I will stick with them until Sony does a better job of offering people more points to get free stuff like on so many trophy or for daily score ranks. Like for example you do certain task you get 3 trophy’s then you get like a 100 points. Xbox gives you 50 points for achievements each day. Plus they have special things for doing it through the week. Sony don’t. So I am staying with Xbox.
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1 year ago, bigdrew1478
Review not on app functions
The app seems to work well, but it took me 9 months with customer service to finally get Into the app! They merged accounts which were nice, but 3/4 of a year went by with constant phone calls to get in! NINE MONTHS!!! That is crazy to think about. And each time I called, I was told…” give it about two weeks” now the people I talked to were pleasant and tried their best, but what ever workflow they have for tasks was either overwhelming or horribly structured!
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2 years ago, j37573
Can’t get my points for watching videos or use points to purchase store codes
Every time i try to get my points for watching videos it says an error has occurred. Every time i try to use the points I have it won’t allow me and says not to use a “vpn or proxy” which i am not using. Have tried other alternatives to the mobile app to make these things work such as using my computer (which isn’t using a proxy or vpn) and other browsers and still have the same error. What’s the point in trying to get points if Sony makes it impossible to earn or use them?
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5 years ago, Christopher from los angeles
Missing points
I’ve registered my Spider-Man: into the spider verse ticket and I still haven’t received any points from it. I also have earned a ton of gold and silver trophies since linking my Sony rewards account up with my psn account but I’m still stuck at 15 golds and 55 silvers. I also linked my account up so I can get rewards for purchasing items of the ps store and never was rewarded for that either. The last thing I have to say the spin the wheel thing only gives out sweeps can I at least get a poster or something else?
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4 years ago, aKwiks
Difficult. Clunky. Crashes.
I use Sony Rewards a lot. Buy a lot of Sony products. The login is a pain; you have to type in your email address each time as this app lacks a “Remember Me” button. It only properly loads up less than half of the time and freezes when you attempt to login. I have tried getting points via passes and purchases and it doesn’t show up. Fix a couple issues and this would be a sweet app. Do like looking at all my points and seeing item(s) I’m working towards with everyday purchases.
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3 years ago, _Daxam_
Feels like a scam
Would be nice if Sony actually let you trade your points in for what you want. Though they are frequently out of stock on the things you’d actually like to spend your points on. This wouldn’t be so bad if you could wait patiently for the item to come back in stock, however Sony deletes your points at certain intervals of time. So you are stuck with spending your points on items you don’t really want (or anyone else for that matter) or hold on to them and hope Sony doesn’t erase them before the items you do want are back in stock.
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4 years ago, The Moofboy
Horrible app, horrible rewards program.
Rewards points are useless if they don’t accurately update your points. The app also consistently crashes, which is ridiculous. If you call in, their basic response is that they can’t help you (unless you are lucky enough to get a rep to hear you out, which took over ten call ins and over a month for my previous issue). Currently, they refuse to update points on a program that ended and I more than fulfilled requirements. Now they won’t honor the points. Time to start calling in again.
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4 years ago, idkomwtfyb
Really sketchy
I’m about to close my PlayStation visa because of this app, which I just opened the card account yesterday but I will no longer consider using this if I don’t see a change, I see multiple reviews about people trying to redeem points and as soon as the try to the app “crashes” and shuts down, as soon as I even tried to complete my profile and all I have left is to upload a profile picture for 100 points I click on upload photo and the app crashes? Are you serious? Get things fixed seriously
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2 years ago, CNUTZ23
Only da BEST!
Sony has always been doing great things. I have been a Sony person since the 80’s and I have to say, they never let me down….from the Sony Walkman, CD players, Sony Bluetooth speakers, Sound Bars, Movies, TV’s to the PlayStation…..etc. And now this….an App (Sony Rewards), where you can earn points and win gifts, nice! This is why I consider them only the BEST!
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3 years ago, Prof. Buni
One of my passes is stuck
I can't do the "Complete Profile" pass because I can't change my profile picture or do anything to remotely try to completely my pass. All the information is filled out, and I tried searching for a fix online, but I can't find anything. If I could fix it somehow then I would give it a 5 star.
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3 years ago, HaxzorJimDuggan
Got CC earned free $75 game, nothing to buy.
Signed up for the credit card and spent enough to get a free $75 game. However, every game I want is sold out some how. Why not let me redeem a digital copy of the game? Why not let me redeem for $75 of PlayStation gift cards so I could buy whatever game I want from the store? Makes no sense to me. I received a $50 PlayStation gift card for my first purchase and it was redeemed easily. Now after spending $500 in 2 months I have to constantly check to see if anything I want is in stock just to use my “reward”.
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2 years ago, DeezNutesjsj
Pretty Good
It takes awhile to get all of the points you need to get something, for example most of if not all of the games are 5,999 points which is a lot. So the items are expensive but you’re also getting them for doing surveys and stuff.
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5 years ago, Green Lantern Jay
Pretty Meh
I’ve gotta say. When I originally saw that they were releasing an app for Sony rewards, I thought, GREAT! But after using it I feel very different. The app isn’t very up to date when it comes to point earning. Especially with the passes where you complete certain “challenges” like getting 100 silver trophies. I’ve had my psn linked to Sony rewards for over 2 years and yet somehow, my trophy count along with points haven’t ever updated. Even now I still have gotten trophies in game and nothing. Should really be fixed. Or honestly, what’s the point of the app?!
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2 years ago, Tweety1976
Filter on TVs
When you try to filter TVs by size, price, or whatever, you can’t scroll down to see all the filtered items. There’s a “pop up” that appears when you scroll up on an unfiltered list and after you select a filter, that same pop up appears and you can’t scroll down. The filter function stinks and is useless unless your filter brings up only one TV.
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3 years ago, D3AtHrAiN333
Sony Rewards Passes
Everything about the app is great. Easy to navigate and easy to redeem and earn points, in points activity there could be a little more description on where the points come from with purchases and it would also be awesome if they brought back the trophy passes to earn points to give a reward to the challenge of 100% game completions for game lovers alike.
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2 years ago, ajcurrier
Thoughts on rewards app
The app has improved but still has glitches linking accounts sometimes, also I find it difficult to verify that when I complete a registration that it is recognized within the app. It is user friendly overall just not the high marks I attribute to most Sony I use.
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4 years ago, jsffndehc
Has potential
This app has a very good lay out and nice color scheme my only problem is that the whole point of the app doesn’t even work. I have completed so many challenges to earn points and I didn’t get them I have also bought a couple of games on the ps store which also did not give me my point until almost 2 months later. Overall I don’t recommend this but please Sony please fix the reward system and try to make my point in for games a bit faster.
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1 year ago, MikealKorbinDavis
I love Sony, but…
The app is great at getting me excited about all sorts of upcoming Sony products, productions, and more. However, the layout of the application is very 10 years ago. This app is in need of major reconfiguration. Sony tech team! Please! Listen! Get some design changes and quicker loading times IMMEDIATELY! Your competition is really winning on these simple things. TRUST ME, it matters WAY more than you might think.
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5 years ago, Gekko-Amario
Nothing lower than 1 star?
I’m filled with regret knowing that 1 star is the lowest here. Since the app came out all it says for me is Oops...Something went wrong. Since it came out! And now, i thought it was my phone, i had an old phone, the first iphone 6, but now i have the iphone XR and yet nothing. Maybe its because i live in Puerto Rico and the app does not work, but that is BS cause Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. Sony please, just shut down, leave this crap to someone who knows what people want now in 2019. You guys are put of touch and are doing things like in 2003 or something.
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5 years ago, Landercello
Rejected Ticket
I upload a ticket for points and the app kept freezing when I tried to load it which caused it to duplicate the submission. So I reached out to their customer support and they still rejected the ticket for supposedly not being clear enough in the photo. The ticket was centered and clear so it made no sense. I reached out to their customer support again and they blew me off with now saying they can’t discuss it over email because of privacy legislation. Don’t waste your time with this app. It will just frustrate you and the customer support is a joke.
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2 years ago, Bdrums2112
Good for the most part EXCEPT
I really wish the page wouldn’t refresh while I am scrolling on items in the redeem section… Also they have been trying to “fix” the add a profile picture option so that members could complete there kickstarter pass for their rewards for OVER A YEAR now.. other than that, I guess I can’t complain too much.
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3 years ago, Friendly & Helpy
Cut Off And Incomplete Text.
Headings, for instance the Activity area of My Account, are cut short and when you click nothing expands to give you the full text. So one frequently has no idea what anything is in a list. Notifications area also has no on-tap behavior; there’s just a cut-short heading and when you tap it doesn’t open the message (rendering that whole messages/notifications area useless and pointless).
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5 years ago, Ty Lesure
Too many Bugs and Glitches
I’ve tried to upload movie tickets, however there was only movie option available. The other movie options weren’t available for upload. This is a glitch on the App. I’ve contacted Support, and they literally did nothing. Many are also having issue with signing in. This App feels incredibly unfinished, which makes no sense because Sony took over 6 months to remake the App. Sony Rewards is a great system, held back by a garbage App.
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4 years ago, Zenaaabena
Horrible Operation/Rewards Program
I’ve been having the Sony Rewards app for a while and for most of the time it hasn’t worked AT ALL. The app barely opens or loads. The reward points for doing things within the app don’t register to the account. Linking the PlayStation account is pointless because it doesn’t register that either. It also is supposed to let you register devices that were purchased, but that process is difficult as well. Honestly, I don’t even know why a reward program exist if it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, Behind That Curtain
Great Concept, Decent Rewards.
I love that you can now get Sony Rewards much easier than in the past and without needing to sign up for the credit cards offered previously. The app seems to work great I’ll say and the rewards system seems decent so far. Planning to update this review in the future.
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