Sora, by OverDrive Education

3.7 (217)
10.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
OverDrive, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sora, by OverDrive Education

3.71 out of 5
217 Ratings
6 months ago, Equestrian_gan9
Hey 👋
Ok so I’m a student and I used this in elementary and it was good but….. ITS SO ANNOYING WHEN YOU HAVE WAIT FOR 13 WEEKS!! that really ticks me off. I mainly read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson right know Percy Jackson it really popular bc of the new series which is really annoying and I have been waiting for 13 weeks!! I get the realistic vibe of checking out books but it’s really annoying that you have to wait sooo long for one book then you don’t want the book So I hope you read this and find it useful 😊
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1 year ago, Montsam
Sora: an app for books that’s ACTUALLY amazing
ppl are saying it’s bad when it’s not??? it’s actually SO good. i’ve given up on reading online after my favorite sites were taken down, stopped being funded, etc. of course, i don’t mean that i’ve stopped reading AT ALL, but rather on my phone. to be honest, i actually dislike reading online. but the formatting of this app is easy to use, good-looking, and overall enjoyable to use! it’s easy to get the hang of it. there are lots of different kinds of books here, from popular ones to even manga! and Sora has a lot of manga! the only problem i have with Sora is the fact that you can only “borrow” books for 20 days…but whatever! i still love this app. i CANNOT thank my best friend enough for telling me about this app, and sharing her account with me!!! ilysm <3
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7 months ago, You live you learn
My hole class loves it and we will beg to read on it. For the people that have issues with it sry but I LOVE it 😍😍🤩🤩 I have read like 55 books with no problems and it’s probably just a internet issue or something and don’t be sry about making us get it. Also whoever made this app I LOVE IT don’t feel bad about the glitch in there system. PS I am in 4th grade so I LOVE It to right a report on it so don’t worry mcs Elementary school has NO bad things about Sora.
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5 months ago, Vuvguvfyvguvgybyggy
Sora is amazing
I love sora and have used it for years. I don’t read books, I listen to audiobooks. I have finished hundreds and have had only a few problems. First, I think that you should be able to speed up past 3x speed because I would love to listen at 4 or even 5 times speed. (Yes, I know I sound insane) Also some books just cut out at parts so maybe look into that. Overall, great app.
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1 year ago, blackishfan
Great Book App!
Sora is a great app for all ages to read any genre. My school library doesn’t have all the books I like, but that’s not Sora’s fault. I’m honestly a Wattpad reader but I like the books you can find on Sora. One thing though, I know it’s a library but why a waitlist? You can’t just individually copy?
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8 months ago, estie✅🥐😀
I think the idea is pretty good . I would love though if there were more copies of each book for example every month my reading teacher picks two books that most of the grade has to read. A lot of people borrow the books on Sora but you usually have to wait along time for them sometimes even after the month is over .but yeah that’s all bye
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7 months ago, HWilkes@04
I Loved it, but then love started dying down
I loved readin off of sora because i can read a book before actually getting the book, but then all of a sudden i tried borrowing a book but the thing said for me to sign in again but this time my district im in isnt on the list for some reason. Im hoping you could help this out and so i can start reading my books i want to read.
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11 months ago, HO game enthusiast
I love this app I love this app
Hi am I love this app I hope you know that you slay for making your boy or a girl I love it and you stop all day I never stop using it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it you get them and I just really like it you know I am I don’t think you’ve ever gotten review like this anyway love it
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9 months ago, 🏒😇😂😅🏳️‍🌈🕵🏿‍♀️😃😄
Dumb 1 star reviews
WHY ARE PEOPLE GIVING A 1 STAR TO THIS APP AND THEY SAY, “I hate reading.” Bro, do you know how this impacts the company and the overall rating. Also I recommend connecting to your local library instead of a school library since it has more books,
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5 months ago, Ijsmx
This is one of my favorite apps
I’ve used it for the audiobooks but it’s much better than reading and get to experience it by listening not just reading I love the app and I hope I can inspire you to try it
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7 months ago, bubblegum:3
It’s good
It’s great I use it for school and battle of the books but I don’t get the wait list when the books are online I recommend if you don’t want to pay for a book app and your school provides it
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1 year ago, Tate Korn
Doesn’t work
Long story short, THIS APP IS BUGGY and shouldn’t be used. This app is just horrible. Every single time I check out a book and begin to read, it never saves the spot I was in. I constantly spend so much of my reading time just trying to find my place. Also a couple times the book I’m reading will just close automatically and then bam I have to find my page yet again. Would not recommend.
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5 months ago, Riceinibiza
Very Good app
I love this app especially since it has most of the books I want to read and most of the time the books are available
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2 months ago, andebl004
This is the only way I can read a book and an interesting one I just wish they had more options for my age
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4 months ago, A kid in elementary school
Pretty good
Ok, I’m a kid who uses this app in school and there is one big problem that needs to be fixed. I wanted to check out diary of a wimpy kid and I realized that it wasn’t in the app, but then my friend checked out the very next day, but my app was up to date with the latest version. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM.
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2 months ago, Book worm3444
Sad book worm
I’m very unsatisfied because I use to love this app but ever since it’s new update it has kicked me out of Sora! All I see is the guy in the cover while all the books I was reading were getting back to the library and that’s it I can’t take it I’m gonna delete this app in 4 days if don’t get better!😡
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3 months ago, rosegassman
I love Sora butttt
I love Sora don’t get me wrong. Buttt I hate having to wait 3 weeks for a book that got returned because I didn’t finish it within the wait time.
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7 months ago, docivjfnejskcovjrbc
i looove this app and use it every day for audiobooks. my school library bought 100s of books for sora and it’s super helpful how you can assign books. the only thing is i wish it was supported with Siri so you can tell Siri to play a book on sora.
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4 days ago, Andrew Kats
Can’t use on other devices
Great app but a hassle to log in on any other device than your school device. Also it’s online why do you have to wait for a book?
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2 weeks ago, krishkar999
Life changing
Sora is a life changer and so much better than Epic and Reading IQ There are so many books and badges to earn and reading.I love it
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12 months ago, sendagiman
Can’t log in after most recent update
Can’t log in after most recent software update. It’s middle of summer break; can’t check out new ebooks, audiobooks or magazines. Can’t renew books. No one to check with at school bc: ITS SUMMER BREAK. Very disappointed. Hope my students are having more luck.
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7 months ago, lightweight time waster
What is being collected?
Downloaded app but can't continue until I agree to Sora collecting information about me. No option to opt out, no details I could find letting me know what information they are collecting, storing, sharing, selling. Disappointed.
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9 months ago, Master mage of magic
I’m on this app like 24-7 I love except literally one minute ago it deleted my account I think, so me 😡
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1 week ago, Puppy lover arar123
I just need some help
I can’t see the New York City Department of education. My teacher said if I don’t see it then click my school isn’t listed, but I still can’t find it.
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11 months ago, Circle fish
Dismissive “support”
Great when it works however it has been crashing all summer. After taking recommended steps for problems on the sora website I contacted sora and they were dismissive and no help. “Ask your teacher or tech support,” was the response?!?!
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2 months ago, 🐢🐘🐘🦏🦘🐓🦞🐍🐢🦗🕷
I use sofa on my computer all the time but on the iPad my passwords are NOT WORKING!!!!!! Do not get this app unless you know what you’re passwords are. The only reason I gave it stars is because I like it on my computer but still PASSWORDS!!!!!!!!!
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3 months ago, ELLIOTT<*(((}{
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9 months ago, oliviakaeley
broken for NYC DOE
please please fix this sora your app is genuienly easy to use and i love reading on it, but the young adult romance i want to read is unavailable for me. i’m in high school and i’m in the allowed age to read these books 😭😭 it’s really annoying please fix it
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2 months ago, monkeyisburnt
Could be better
This app had a very good potential but there is a limit to how many people can take out a book at a time. This makes no sense because it is online!
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10 months ago, Sirius1183
No longer works with NYCDOE
No longer works with the DOE to allow staff and students to borrow books, which would have been great for the summer. First could not borrow books. Now cannot even login.
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11 months ago, i'm a among us fan
Amazing APP
Some glitches though
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9 months ago, Deardeuff
The app is okay except for the fact that you have to WAIT for a book if someone is reading it even though it’s an online app. Idk I just think it’s stupid. :|
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2 months ago, Lover Taylor Swift fan
Great app but😳 😳
I was just going to say I love the idea
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3 months ago, aahil 's new game
The problem
So the problem is that I can’t find my school but if I type my school name there’s none of the above.
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5 months ago, Stanghythesad
It’s good but bc of a bug I can’t use my account
It logged me into my sisters account and I can’t get back to my own
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1 year ago, LolNUBG3TW33CKED
This app is terrible. I apologize for all the students forced to get it.
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10 months ago, jamal sethjon
More like Dora like who needs books L app rate it 1 star
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Hate love Libby
Not loading
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10 months ago, Ayden Marlowe
Glitchy bad
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12 months ago, Happywithapps1024
Amazing simply amazing
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3 years ago, JustSaying🦊
Great App!
This app is really great and I’ve been using it for a while now. However, I have been experiencing a bit of trouble recently. Everything was fine, and I had just gone into the app, when I realized that all the books I had borrowed were gone. I figured it might just be a glitch, so I went in and out again, but it still wasn’t working. So I tried to type the name of a book I wanted to read, and it started to load for a while, but then it said “could not load this list. Please try another”. I’ve tried all kinds of different books, and nothing works. I even deleted and reinstalled the app, but nothing is working. I was wondering if there was a way to fix this, or if I should just wait for a while. Please reply back soon if you can fix it. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Poppoyice
Not the best app
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9 months ago, concerned aj adult
uh uh
WHERE IS MY SCHOOL. u dare disclude MYY school?! the sheer audacity ADD IT NOW >:(
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4 months ago, nicexollieo
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1 year ago, dill dough😜
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1 year ago, i like joy doodle
This app is amazing!
This app is pretty awesome! I just started readied a new book called: RESTART! On December I listened to the Christmas Carol audiobook which was three hours long, but even though it was quite lengthy, I loved it the whole journey through! I’m also reading Cam Janson, I also read the silly alphabet song, do you know what has a trunk, is a blue whale the biggest thing there is, music, music, music, a picture book of Martin Luther King, Jr, dogs, guts, sisters, smile, ice cream, mickey’s Christmas Carol, bad case of strips, the book with no pitcures,, (I started reading stay where you are and then leave) and also the couch potato, the great egg scape, the bad seed presents the good, the bad, and the spooky. And also the smart cookie, the good egg, the bad seed, and the cool bean! Ha! and those are pretty funny books! And I know this review is not just supposed to be about the books I read, so I will tell you some things. I hope this app will allow you to have profiles of pitcures you have saved in your photos, instead of just profile pitcures the app has given to you. Anyway, other than all of that, I think everybody should own this app!
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4 years ago, ModerateSketch
The concept is nice but...
I only recently got this app and I’m hoping to be proven wrong but right off the bat I see some issues. For one, even though they have access to your clever account, which I believe has your grade and lexile score, I was recommended books for 3rd graders despite being in 7th grade. And even the books that were “on level” had lexile less than a thousand and-age counts not reaching 200. My lexile score for the record was 1413. This is the thing I have the most trouble with on kids websites. They seem to assume all of us are below average and group 5th graders in with kindergarteners in reading level. The next thing is the “fantasy” section. I have read many a book in this genre written in the last decade. So why are all the books on the websites not? I know old books can be good, but by now the writing pales in comparison to modern books that actually engage the reader. I can name hundreds of modern fantasy books yet they don’t have a single decent one. I’m not sure how this works, and if it’s a problem with the rights and copyright and stuff that’s fine, but please make your system see what grade and lexile score your on. No dignified 7th grader is going to be caught dead reading “Spongebob: Surfs Up!”
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3 years ago, KC Coder
Perfect! But could have a few better features
I’ll start out by saying I love this app. As a huge reader I found it really useful to have my entire school library on my phone. One thing is if I was waiting for a hold, I wouldn’t find out my hold was ready until I opened the app to read something else. I think it would be really useful to have notifications that would send out to alert you when a hold was ready or when it was almost time to take a book back. Other than that, it’s a perfect app for students like me who love reading on their phones. I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like reading as much because their are audiobooks as well as ebooks. Anyway please look into the notifications thing and thank you for your time!
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3 years ago, Cam Cam 32
Pros and Cons
Pros: Feels authentic Books read from electronics No need to go to the library Audio books Cons: Hold placements: why do you need hold placements on an electronic book app? The book isn’t exactly an object you picked up from the library. It feels like this app could have accomplished so much more is this wasn’t a feature. Electronic books should not have a checkout line. Interface: the interface is glitchy at worst, an annoyance at best. Sampling: when I sample a book I have to return to where I found the book instead of just being able to borrow it right then and there In all, I feel like this app should be an alternative if someone has already borrowed the book you were after in the library, it shouldn’t function as if it were a library itself, at least not with the extreme downsides of the library
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4 years ago, Rishaan Reader #2
Fine App, but needs work
Sora is an excellent app for students to read books they pick and that their teachers assign. But Sora’s interface can be glitchy. On the achievements page for students where they can see reading achievements they earned you cannot scroll. If I open the app after it’s restarted and immediately go to the achievements page I can scroll down and up but if I open it again after going to a different page or I open the app before it’s restarted then it is frozen with scrolling no scroll up no scroll down. And it’s extremely annoying that you need to restart the app to scroll in your achievements. Also I started reading at 11AM and finished at 11:30AM but it gave me the achievement “Early Bird” for reading before 7AM?! I couldn’t find any setting to change the time so it now has no idea of the time. Please fix these glitches.
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