Sound Board - Comic Effects

4.6 (768)
14.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tom's Apps, LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sound Board - Comic Effects

4.61 out of 5
768 Ratings
3 years ago, Lafayette🥥
Every time I think something deserves a sound effect I say to my friends “ it’s time” and I push a button. They get really annoyed with me but I’m obsessed. I also use this to make horror movies less scary and more funny. My parents say that I have “a way with sound effects” I am never getting rid of this app.
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6 years ago, Rickc519
Real nice app, fun!
Great clear sound. The best part is that it’s free and the advertising support, while always there, is not obtrusive. For the advertisers, I’d be much more likely to respond to ads this way as opposed to ads that stop you from using the app to watch a ‘short’ video. Other developers should do it this way.
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3 years ago, NotOllyFishy
Great app especially because it is free, and there are no adds! Perfect for annoying your family and teacher! The only thing that they should add is the crickets sound effect.
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4 years ago, g33kp0w3r.
Great for meetings
My only criticism is that it should have a crickets instead of Beep Beep.
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4 years ago, HippoDude24
Love it
This app is amazing I love using the applause whenever I enter the room😂
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4 years ago, Cdip1
Sound Board
This app worked for about 5min Then it stopped loading Piece of junk At least I only wasted time not money
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2 years ago, warrior61102
Add more sounds
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4 years ago, Spanky_666
Great 👍 app makes me laugh 😂 get the app and make you happy 😃🤜🏿🤛🏼👍🤩🤩🤩
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4 years ago, bbbbxcdb
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6 years ago, Starwynd
Doesn’t work
This was my go to sound app but all it does now is crash at startup. Disappointing.
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9 years ago, PeoplecallmeJAZ
Works Like a Charm
Simple layout. Easy-to-use design. Perfect amount of samples & a great collection of effects. Of all the sound board apps available, this is the only one that I can actually use on my radio show. Thanks, Tom! (Whoever you are.) Nice work!!
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7 years ago, Daydreamer1075
Dose not work 😡😡
I tried to go on this app and it would kick me off every time thank goodness that this app is free.😡😡
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7 years ago, MikeD1423
Crashes every time
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11 years ago, Stubz304
Rad app
A couple things bum me out the "boo" sound effect last about 4 times longer than any of the others. The "laughter" sound effect cuts out mid chuckle which is pretty lame(but also can be funny if you lip sync with it then go dead pan in the face just when it stops....requires impeccable timing though. I give this app 4 stars simply for the fact that a well timed "gong" when an asian walks into the room is absolutely priceless.
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12 years ago, birdeggs24
Sure this app doesn't have the biggest COLLECTION of Sound effects, but they are amazing quality, and it never crashes. It always works!
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13 years ago, LBiggles
This is really cool!
I was looking for exactly this!!!! The only thing it doesn't have that I want is a cricket sound. I can easily see this being a hilarious addition to a conversation!!! 5 star!!!
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12 years ago, Lilwindows
Don't even dare call it 💩
The only flaw is it doesn't say whah 3 times but who cares? It's should get doesn't take up to much space either and once updated can function on the iPad
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10 years ago, JustMe-66
Great app!
I love doing all the sounds! My whole family has this app! I just wish that they could add a few more sounds then I would really love this app!
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14 years ago, Foxxer125
No Sound
My volume is turned up and all other sound producing apps work. I've restarted my iPhone 4 and still no sound from this app. Thank goodness its free and I can download from a different developer. Get the very configurable Sound Box app. I've been using it for two days now and it does everything I need. It's a much better user interface with better features.
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14 years ago, RSTWarren
Great app but they could slow down the charge sound
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12 years ago, Tazzcop
Sound effects
One of the better sound effects, could use more choices
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15 years ago, hiksperson
Really good and would like to see a pro version
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9 years ago, fatboyfun1
The app works good for me. I've even been able to use it while other music making apps play in the background ... A nice surprise. THx!
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14 years ago, bobby165324
This is great overall, but they could slow the charge sound down.
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13 years ago, iErc
How do you make the sound stops
How to make Los el sounds audio turns off
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13 years ago, Mr Badboy
I have become a hero to my 7 year old daughter from this app
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12 years ago, Steeelydan
Surprisingly, finding a good app like this took a while. These sounds are great.
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12 years ago, Nonamer8394
Its okay i guess
There isnt enough sounds to work with but the sounds they have are okay. Other apps i see have 250 sounds with this one though there isnt even half that much
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10 years ago, Mike Grushinski
Nice app
I like to use this app when I have nothing to do.
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12 years ago, Deemam64
Wished they would find a way to use them while talking on the phone with someone but its good for what it does
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8 years ago, 21478468g
It's Fine
Scramble is the best sound on this board, takes me back to the '90s. Other sounds work too, but there are better boards.
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10 years ago, JessicaBunny
Get it . Leave it on and it starts to come in handy and kids-it will annoy yours parents .
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9 years ago, Starkitten2002
Love it
I love this sound board and it has some really cool sounds on it.
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11 years ago, Bades girl
I hope it's good
I am downloading it right now and I hope it is good
Show more
9 years ago, Thelockedjaw
Good app
Had app for 2 years, simple but does its job
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11 years ago, Emilio320
Most of the sounds I want
I would say the only sound I am missing is crickets , and threat looney toons sound that you hear at the end of a cartoon , (ta tada ta ta ta, Tum Tum )
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13 years ago, Bchanelprice
Its great
Needs a cricket sound, I love it though it's perfect!
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13 years ago, B. Prince
I love it. I use this in class all day!!!
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11 years ago, Jsb_gambit
Fun to have for that right moment
Fun, simple app.
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15 years ago, BigRiggBlues
Not bad
The "charge" sound is too fast.
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8 years ago, flgent
Easy, Fun App
Funny sounds. Only wish there was more. Larger crowd, etc.
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12 years ago, donkeymansteve
I love it because I can annoy my wife with it.
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11 years ago, Llhgft
Stupid just stupid
You only get one page of sounds I deleted it as soon as I got it because it was so stupid don't waste your time getting it all It does is waste you storage
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12 years ago, DJ KELVINKLEY
Perfect Collection of sounds!
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14 years ago, perry the platapus7738
Best app ever. Got huge laughs in science class. The teacher flipped. Great app.
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11 years ago, Eagiusti
Exactly what I've been looking for
Great app
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14 years ago, CAC1997
Add more sound effects
R there any more for this besides a page
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11 years ago, itsnu2u
Nothing to write home about.
Show more
7 years ago, Sa22vh
Need to add baby crying!
The only thing going missing get is the sound of a baby crying.
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11 years ago, MMandley
Good clean fun
Silly sound effects that are fun to use. There could be more but it works great!
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