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2 years ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for SoundingBoard

3.5 out of 5
26 Ratings
2 years ago, ms.goff
Log in feature
Great app! Super useful in the classroom with nonverbal kids however I wish there was a log in system put in place so everyone could log into an account and have all the same boards. Would be perfect for the parents to continue using at home and super helpful we don’t have to make the same board 3 times on 3 different phones. Thank you!
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7 years ago, PlanetCrazy
Best Free AAC App You'll Find Anywhere!
This app comes with preloaded pictures, boards and sayings that are fairly generic and not PCS, however you can edit, link, record, and it's completely customizable. You can put a picture you take with your camera as a button, and record your voice to say what you want when it's pushed, and link that button to a separate page such as "I want" > "movies"> "Tangled." My son prefers this app over TouchChat currently because the borders are wider between buttons which makes them easier to see. Play with this first before you decide on paying for TouchChat, Alexicomm or LAMP! I've done 3 out of 4 and SoundingBoard is still top pick.
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3 years ago, CocoDFM
WONDERFUL. Worth a try
This is well worth downloading, and trying out. have been looking for so long for a free app, that gives a genuine chance for review before purchase. This is the first one ever. THANKS SO MUCH. This allows to explore the app’s capability, but more importantly to explore the user’s capability before spending money or being forced to subscribe, which not possible where I work. Efforts like this deserve support.
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2 years ago, DLninja296
Could be better
It’s a great app and my non verbal son can use it but it would be barter to be able to have a way to log in and save the boards across several platforms. Because when I add a picture now, I have to find allll the other devices and add it. No convenient.
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2 years ago, CarrieMartinez
Has potential to be awesome
I love that you can use your own pictures and voice, but unfortunately every folder I make the changes aren’t saved. I’ve tried redownloading the app etc. not sure why my files aren’t saving.
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12 years ago, Amomstar
Love the app, but i think it could use one little tweak
It's a wonderful app, very easy to use, one of the most useful ive seen so far for either verbal or non verbal children . however my son has been working on putting sentences together. It would be nice to have the option of a sentence strip, something they could place the pictures on if they flip through the pages, if you have for example food choices on a page and let's say your first pec choice is I want then they could line their food choice next to it and we add one for please after. so once he's made his choice he has a sentence he can look at and possibly say instead of having all the options that he doesnt want in between.
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3 years ago, Ooohprettycolors
Edit lock does not work
When my student touches a picture, it takes her to a screen to edit that picture even though we are not in edit mode and edit lock is on!
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5 years ago, vandymeares
Poor design
Bad UI and terrible UX for those creating boards. Don't get me started on using photos on the app. I have over 20k photos and it wants to download all photos In order to use it. Does not use google photos or Dropbox folders ... annoying.
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12 years ago, SusanSLP
Very pleased!
I downloaded this app to use with a 10 year old speech student of mine who is very unintelligible. We had looked into purchasing a very expensive augmentative communication device, and decided to explore other options. Another "free" version of a communication app (TapToTalk) was extremely limited. Then, when reading the reviews for TapToTalk, I noticed a user's suggestion to try SoundingBoard. I had to give it a try. I've only had the app since yesterday, and I've already made several boards specifically tailored to my student. He LOVES it! Pages are simple to make, and the ability to link buttons to other pages indefinitely is SUCH a plus. This free app does as much as I needed the very expensive aug comm device to do!! If I don't see any glitches as time goes on, I will be entirely thrilled! Thanks for making this free.
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14 years ago, jwiliff
No letters? Not enough symbols to be worth $50!
Bought this to help a 5 year old with CP. Very dissapointed that they don't offer letters as choices. No symbols for yes/no either. I thought there would be many more symbols than what they have... :( So sorry I spent $50 on this. I should also add that the navigation in creating pages could be much easier. There are many unnecessary extra clicks that have to be made compared to other AAC aps (I've been trying EVERY one I can get my hands on). When you take your own pics it does not give you the option of cropping/centering/zooming yourself, yet it takes your rectangular pic and converts it to a square for you, leaving off important info. Needs: Improved navigation, for quicker board design (like iComm) Some basic pre-formated pages Editing options for pics and boards (changing the size and placement of the it is you can only swa out designated spots) Basic communication symbols for yes/no, alphabet etc I'm going to just stop looking and give Proloquo2go a chance. Didn't want to pay the $189, but I've already been spending too much trying the cheaper aps like this one. I'm not sure the designers spent time looking at other aps. If they offer some good updates this could improve greatly.
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11 years ago, 22q11.2
Great App!
I am using this app for my seven year old that has DiGeorge Syndrome (22q11.2), global developmental delays and cortical visual impairment. I love to have the ability to customize boards for him for home and educational use. The new option to change the background color is one that I very much appreciate. The only issue that my son has while using this app is that when he touches a tile it does not always activate the sound and he has to touch it several times for the tile to respond. Overall this is a wonderful app for children with various abilities. A big thank you to the creators for allowing my son an app that he can achieve communication goals that he was unable to!!!
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13 years ago, onthelookouteducator
images are small
Although the application does function as stated, the cells are small. Unfortunately the program does not utilize the entire screen and it does not give you the option to change the size of the cells either. The Ipod screen is small to begin with and not being able to utilize the entire screen is not practical. I regret buying this app. You are better off with proloquo2go. It is also difficult to get back to the home screen. There is no clear button to lead you back. It should be clear especially since it is being used by special need children. I also made another mistake.....I should have read the reviews....the audio does not work at don't waste your money. It is also difficult to get support from this company....
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10 years ago, .Jul.
good but...
In the past in this app, I couldn't make my own boards, that is, I could make them but they were never saved and didn't show up above the preloaded boards where they are supposed to be. With this latest update, I can now make user created boards which show up! BUT the board I created has only one button that shows up--the first one I made. The other three buttons don't show up. I like that when I use other scripts on my iphone they show up on the board. eg. Mandarin Chinese and Cyrilic. I got it to make my own boards in languages other than English! ALSO I cannot record my voice over your preloaded boards. I record and it doesn't save. I need to change the language to be able to use this app. Please fix it! I love this app… if only it would work.
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13 years ago, spiderscar
Good starting point.
Bought this app for my son who has global developmental delays. While the picture choices are very limited the ability to add your own pictures is a definite bonus. Also enjoy being able to apply my own voice to the board layouts is a great feature. The price is more than worth it considering other apps can cost more than $190. Doesn't build sentences but if you are looking for the user to at least have a way to pick between certain choices than it is definitely worth it.
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11 years ago, Tautotes
Awesome app!
I use this app in a classroom setting with a non-verbal student on the autistic spectrum. It literally gives him a voice! I love the adaptability of the app. We use it for schedules, story boards, requests, etc. One of the best features is the ability to personalize boards using photos of the student and the materials he uses. Being able to link the boards together is very helpful. The new import/export feature is such a timesaver since I had been creating duplicate boards on three devices. Exporting the boards is also a great way to back them up in case the iPad has a problem!
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11 years ago, dclingenpeel
More Content
This app is somewhat easy to use. I would like to see more picture cards for kids, especially schools related. Such as simple questions and commands like "May I use the bathroom" or "No hitting" or "Stop running". This would be very helpful for young school age children. I work with children that have autism and things like this would be extremely useful. It just needs more content even if you group them together and sell them for $0.99 like the others. I would be more than happy to provide you with a list of commands/questions I use with students on a daily basis. Thanks!
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12 years ago, RMJohnston67
Best I've Seen
My 3 year old is non-verbal and is just learning to use the SuperTalker. I was told by an AbleNet representative about this app and decided to give it a try. This is a FANTASTIC app! It's very similar to the look of SuperTalker but without the paper grids and bulkiness of the device. My kiddo is just being introduced to the iPad, but I feel confident once he's good at it, this will be his communication app thanks to you. Kudos to your development team!!
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13 years ago, ATconsult
AT consultant
This AAC application is a great tool for families and teachers who want something simple and easy to use. The ability to create new board sets easily is key and is definitely available in this app. I like the pre set board creation templates as well as the ability to record your own voice for playback options. It is a great product to provide alternative communication options for people with communication difficulties!
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11 years ago, Riverreviewer
4.0 needs work
4.0 came with much anticipation. However, we've noticed, after using with several individuals in communication classes, that the arrow to go back is too small. The previous version was difficult, especially for those with fine motor issues but the 4.0 version is that much harder to manipulate. We like the 'boring' black and white background - but it would be nice if you could choose a different color just for those who need the visual guide. All around, SoundingBoard is still one of the best programs we've had the opportunity to use with our clients.
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12 years ago, Mewax
Loved this app. I just got it and was able to set up a simple board for a severely impaired high school student. It was soooo simple to make and bring other pictures into. I've tried other devices with her but she likes to keep pushing the same icon and will inadvertently change the page or the device will keep repeating itself. I think this will suit her needs perfectly. Yeah!!! Thank you.
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13 years ago, AAC Girl
Very user-friendly!
This app is so easy to use and to customize with their photo library or your own photos! I love the flexibility of having a choice of 1-9 grid choices. This app is your creation from the beginning and can be updated with ease. Only cells that have been created will show on the screen. Happy creating!
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12 years ago, Lchamber
Just what I was looking for!
I needed an app that was highly customizable, appropriate to adults or children, with natural-sounding voices and an array of symbols to choose from. I found it with this app and I'm thrilled! It is perfect for a range of people with mid-level disability and is so intuitive to use. Love the accessibility options and data tracking as well.. And free! I will be recommending to multiple speech therapy patients.
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11 years ago, Ccsarage
Older version better
I recently updated this app for my non verbal son. The older version was easier to scan and operate with his switch button. The boxes were bolder and easier to differentiate. I was wondering if there was a way to downgrade? Overall I love the program and how easy it is to use. Chris
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12 years ago, MVB29
Very impressed
I am an AT professional, and in my opinion, this is the easiest to use and easiest to program communication app available...even including the other high priced apps currently available! It is more customizable than the pricey apps and works just as well if not better!
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12 years ago, angel9229
grat for beginner
The ability to make your own loards is great! My son is almost 3 yrs old and is just starting with using a talking app. this is a great low cost app to start with until he has more ability and words in his vocabulary, I don't want to buy a 200 program right now... Thanks for this one! It's great!
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11 years ago, AnnaKayRay
Great AAC Device but Not Perfect
I'm a speech pathologist and I love using this app with my special needs preschoolers. It's customizable and the image gallery is extensive; however, the magnification is an issue. Because I use it on an iPad, I have to magnify it thus compromising the graphics. Is there anyway to make an iPad version to avoid this?
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11 years ago, normlbeyer
losing new pages
i would give it a 5, but on several of the ipads that my students use, I will save a page/icons, save each of several intermediate spots and even change the edit field. Then the next day the newly developed page is GONE. I hope to see an update that addreses this problem. Norman Beyer, SLP
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13 years ago, NorfolkPanthers
Works well but needs some improvements
I like the set up of this app but students need to have pictures with all the words including the page title.
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7 years ago, Mattmiz
Can't save anything
This app is supposed to allow you to create your own boards, but they never save. Even edits to the existing boards don't ever save. Not sure if this is an iOS 10 issue or something but the app is fairly useless without this feature. Shame, was recommended by our speech pathologist.
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12 years ago, Camillajoy
What happened?
This app worked great for a while, in fact it was the only communication app my daughter could use. But the last time we tried to add content, it didn't work and she wasn't able to tell her friend happy birthday. Please fix it!!!!
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12 years ago, DJiggly
I have only looked briefly so far but am very excited by the possibilities. I do wish there were a universal or iPad version however..
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12 years ago, SLP missjen
Easy to set up, but...
I am a speech therapist. The problem I see is that often 2 touches are needed to activate an icon/button. Many of my students lack the focus and motivation to keep touching the icons twice.
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8 years ago, Cheleshocked
Not compatible for IPhone 6s Plus
Love this app but I can't record over the informative icons because it's not compatible with IPhone 6s Plus or the IPad Air
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9 years ago, Fleewee67
Crashed over two weeks ago, still crashing
Try to purchase a new board and from that point on CRASHES, very disappointed since this was my son's easiest way to communicate. I have repeatedly deleted and reinstalled and continues to crash all because I foolishly wanted to add a new board.
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12 years ago, Bigakita
We need more px available on a page. Also black background with better contrasting pictures. It is very limiting right now. Love the auditory scanning capability!
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8 years ago, 7min beast
Thank you
Thank you for making this app! So helpful for my autistic 3 year old!
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10 years ago, JenDodgeOT
I'm an idiot.
I read the directions and have been able to make pages. Very nice for a free app! Thanks AbleNet!
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12 years ago, apres_ski
Some bugs
Good features, symbol library, and concept. only problem is that I cannot create new boards with new symbols. I keep hitting ' save' button to insert symbols but does nothing.
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11 years ago, Sdg715
Asst. Principals
My sound quit working. IPad two with OS 6
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11 years ago, Aulbrey's mom
Sounding board
This app does not work all the time, actually most of the time, when you add your own pictures and information. The idea behind it is great, but the application is lacking
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9 years ago, JAH1388
Not a comprehensive communication device
Icons are not consistent with Boardmaker or SymbolStix icons. I cannot see any of my students using this as a communication tool. It is ok as a free app but I would never pay for it.
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9 years ago, TimConfer
I did in app purchase now it won't stay open.
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4 years ago, pammyhalpert
Great for non-verbal kids
I love this for my non-verbal son but PLEASE add a user log in that will transfer all my user created boards to different devices! I have this on my phone and iPad and it’s a pain in the butt to have to do everything twice.
Show more
9 years ago, tiffanywithum
Please fix
It crashe's everytime I go into the app
Show more
13 years ago, mrkot
Buyer beware
This does NOT work on the iPod touch. The developer is well aware and claims to be trying to fix it. Very disappointing.
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