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Ascendo Inc.
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for Spanish Translator + ©

4.71 out of 5
210 Ratings
2 years ago, mickASH$
Spanish on the job
I work on construction projects and there is a lot of Spanish spoken on the job. It’s really helpful to have so many apps available to help translate words and phrases on the fly. I like this app because you can translate several different ways depending on the context. For example, I can have somebody say a Spanish phrase into the app and it will spit it back in English. That’s so much better and faster than having to type in a phrase in a language I don’t even master. Another handy tool is being able to take a picture of something like a warning label and have the app translate the picture text. I show that to people on job sites who may not be native English speakers to raise safety. It’s not perfect every time but it’s a hundred times better than trying to explain it. The dictionary is helpful it I want to drill down on a word that has multiple meanings. It has usage examples to get a good feel for nuances, or explanations of how it is used in a saying or expression that may not be its literal definition. The paid version is like $10 so if it saves me 10 minutes on a job site it paid for itself but I use it several times a week so it’s a no brainer which is good because I need to save my bandwidth for other things. Makes my life easier and safer 👍🏼👍🏼
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2 years ago, MrLeonardo1452
I’m a linguist, and this is my review.
This app is amazing. I’ve had this apps in my phone for more than 4 years. I say app because I have the Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French one. Up to today, I still use them. Unfortunately some of the tenses are missing in the free version, but I guess they can’t give it all for free. The verb conjugation feature is the one I admire the most. The dictionary is one of the biggest ones there is (for free) lots of words, and definitions. I truly recommend this app. And maybe not just this app but most of the apps that they have. Suggestion for developers: it would be amazing to have the glossary of all the tenses explained and their use. I believe that will bring tremendous amount of linguistically value. Having a student go to your app to find out what is the Spanish present indicative is, it’s use, and a few examples. I signed up to the paid versions in the French one a few years ago but I don’t think I saw it. Not sure if you have it on all or a few of the apps now. But if you don’t, it would be great to have. Thank you for the great app.
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3 years ago, Sicou
Must have app for Spanish!!!
This app is amazing in multiple different ways. It comes with a great dictionary I can add pictures with words to. I'm also able to take notes for each word and record me saying them and then listen to the app voice say it so that I could compare myself to perfect spanish. There is a translator in the new version that rocks. Better than google because it gives more complete info for single words, lots of usage examples too. I can star my favorites and then they show up with dictionary words. Verb conjugation, perfect for high school Spanish class. I wish they would add Imperative but hey, this has all the basic tenses, so important to learn Spanish. Also a vocabulary quiz and new flashcards with this update. Learned a trick from support, you can limit flashcards to dictionary favorites by tapping on the settings icon on the flashcards screen. Would be good to have that for vocab quiz too. Now I can speak really well in Spanish and getting A in class. Can’t wait to visit Barcelona and try my new skills! 👻 The new photo and voice translation options in this version are stupendous!
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5 months ago, jazzy11225
Amazing app
I speak Spanish fluently but I like to have a translator handy in case there are some phrases in English or Spanish that I'm not 100% percent sure or. Or sometimes, I might hear some slang or lyrics to a song and I'm trying to figure out the true meaning. That's where this app from Vidalingua is really helpful, because I can translate a phrase that I type in or say, or even take a picture and get the translation immediately. But if it's just a single word, then the app has a dictionary too with lots of meanings and examples of how to use the word, which is really what you need sometimes. It works really well on iPhone and iPads too, especially the other tools like the verb conjugation and phrasebook which I don't use too much yet. There are flashcards and vocabulary quizzes to that could be very helpful to beginners. I just figured out that I can include my own pictures in the dictionary which is kind of interesting, like if you are on a vacation and you want to take a picture of a dish at a restaurant or something. This app has so much, still discovering.
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2 years ago, GrogMonster
Good translations, verb conjugations 🇪🇸
Downloaded a bunch of free apps for learning Spanish. This is one of the keepers. Translations seem just as accurate is google, bing, maybe better. Also really like the verb conjugations because so many words you see in Spanish are some form or a verb. This app has every verb under the sun fully conjugated if you upgrade or like half of the major tenses with the free version. Ads with free versions are somewhat annoying but I guess these app companies have to make a living too. One thing about the translator is to make sure you are going in the right direction, Spanish to English, or English to Spanish. If you get it wrong just tap on the flags to reverse the direction. Other than that, good app, would definitely recommend it to students or travelers or anybody that loves Spanish.
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2 years ago, mrpinaple
Best Spanish Translator ✈️
There are a lot of translators out there, Google and bing being the principle choices but this is the only one I have found that is specific to Spanish. That’s better for me because the translations seem of a better quality and there are additional features specific for Spanish learners. One of the most useful is the voice translator becUse I can use it to test my pronunciation. If I speak in a Spanish phrase and the voice translator transcribes it correctly I know my translation if accurate, else I tap on the phrase to hear it pronounced and try again. The photo translator is good for reading menus in a French restaurant. The phrase book could use a few more categories but being able to add phrases makes up for it. Should be on the app list of students.
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2 years ago, nevermadeit
Spanish for family
I use Spanish Translator to have better relations with my extended family across the southern border. They actually suggested it to me because it’s popular in Mexico for hispanics learning English. The translator is super quick because I can speak sentences in to the app and get the translation back immediately so I can even use it on phone calls if I get stuck. Lots of other great features in one app like verbs, phrase book, flash cards. The premium features are reasonably priced, a few bucks a year for better family relations. Easy. When I switched phones I didn’t know how to reactivate the subscription but tech support was super fast. Just have to tap restore button. Great app and fast support so I’m satisfied.
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3 years ago, addy2102
Overall Great App
User interface is very easy to use and I was quickly able to translate. I just updated to the newest version and the ability to translate text from a photo is absolutely phenomenal. Another awesome feature is the voice translation which has been so useful. I have not had any issues with not being able to translate something. This is a must have for traveling to a Spanish speaking country, learning Spanish or speaking with a Spanish-speaking person. I have been learning Spanish for a year and a half and I have used this app more than frequently to assist me. 10/10 would recommend!
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3 years ago, bolzano77
How many times do I have to pay!
I have paid for a subscription and the subscription clearly shows up on my list of Apple subscriptions. Nevertheless I am denied the subscription features and am repeatedly asked to pay again. In fact I did pay again on another device, but still it has not helped me. None of my many other apps keep asking me to pay repeatedly! This is not right. Apple should ask them to fix this!! When I press the restore Purchases button my phone goes into an infinite loop which disables even the basic app. It even effects others apps so I have to switch my phone off and start all over again. This has happened repeatedly and on different devices. Can you please do something about this on your end. Surely others have the same problem. You make me jump through hoops just to get what I have already paid for TWICE!
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3 weeks ago, tigercat67
Best Dictionary Apps
I originally downloaded the one for Italian to English when I was learning it in high school and spent literally an hour trying to find the one for Spanish when I started taking it in college. No other dictionary app out there has as good of a design as this one. It’s incredibly easy to use and convenient, especially if you are actively talking to someone and need to look up a couple words or even conjugations. If you’re actually trying to learn and understand a language or just traveling somewhere and need some help with vocab words, I highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, Emile Nitrate
My favorite Spanish dictionary
I had been using the free version for quite a while and had become quite reliant on it for quick single word referencing. Realizing that there was an extended verb conjugation guide with the paid subscription I decided to spring for it. Unfortunately, a bug completely crashed the app for me once I subscribed. The dev did rectify the problem but in the meantime I had to substitute other apps. Nothing laid the dictionary info out as clearly as this, I’m so glad it’s up and running again. Si tú estás estudiando el español necesitas otros apps tambien pero éste is el mejor.
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7 months ago, EmilyTM
So helpful
I have been systematically working at learning Spanish for the past four years. I use the dictionary a lot. Also, I am at a point where it’s good to know how to conjugate verbs, so this app is really helpful and convenient. In addition: I had a persistent technology problem. When I emailed for help, the Vidalingua rep was prompt and responsive in getting it fixed. I was pleased and impressed.
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2 years ago, 28471719474717171461173783
Fantastic, but way too much antiquated English!!
I’ve been using this dictionary app for years. My sincere opinion. Sometimes a little bit incomplete. A handful of times, there had been seldom-used words that were missing an English translation maybe due to rare regionalisms. The person responsible for translating Spanish to English is very pretentious and likes to use words that no one uses anymore. I’m a native English speaker and there are so many English words that I don’t understand upon translating from Spanish to English. If you don’t believe me, try taking the vocabulary quiz. They do however give you the option to open various dictionary sources simultaneously, which is very useful. The absolute best part about the app is all the different contexts in which a word is used. The translator is also pretty good at “reading between the lines” when giving a non-literal translations.
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3 years ago, Follow Twitter sarah_barnts
Good stuff!
I have been using this app for years! Absolutely no other app like it. It is so thorough and easy to use with sooo much knowledge! AND the CEO is extremely responsive and open to changes about the app. We had to have a couple communications because of some confusions I ran into completely on my own mistakes! Wonderful people running a wonderful app :) ❤️
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3 years ago, Bibes1949
Very useful
I have learned so much. After using Duolingo Spanish for one year, I tested out of four semesters in the local university’s placement exam. You should note, however, that the exam was entirely reading and writing, which Duolingo prepares one well for. There is, however, no substitute for speaking to a real person and I advise users to find someone to speak with regularly. My speaking ability was not nearly as advanced and I am trying to rectify that now. That is why 4 stars instead of 5.
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2 months ago, Manny5691
Building my Spanish vocabulary.
I have been using this app now for several years and it has been instumental in helping me expand my basic Spanish vocabulary. I have tried several other translation apps but this has been my favorite! I highly recommend it!
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1 year ago, Believe on Christ Stay Strong
Great app!
I have used the French one as well as the Spanish one. They have dictionary and translation apps but I really like the translation app because it also contains the dictionary. It is one of the best and the $10 a year subscription is well worth it. Helps me learn some new languages a whole bunch. 5 stars!
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2 years ago, No Mayo
Very handy
This is a very useful app, not only for the occasional use of travelers but also for serious students of the language. Such useful features like the ability to fully conjugate a verb with one touch make it a must for those seeking to master a language.
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5 months ago, gg1234567890x
Every time I use this app I learn something new
I have dictionaries and verb wheels…. This is so much easier to use and has so many different examples. Often I am trying to understand how we phrase things differently and the translation option gives me ideas on how to structure sentences or which word to use. As well, the support team is really responsive to questions I send in. So it is more than an app you are subscribing to. It is that team as well. So three years now subscribing, and I can’t see why I would ever stop.
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2 years ago, HmaDub
Very Helpful
I love the ability to keep track of words that you have looked up. I like to keep a list of the Spanish words that I have learned.
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2 years ago, DBSMD1
Excellent learning tool
The app is easy to use and very helpful. The addition of verb conjugation is a nice feature. My only complaint is that the English tends to be British rather than American. When taking to quiz, I sometimes don't know what the English word means!
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2 years ago, BilboYL
Essential Tools
I use the VidaLingua dictionaries for both Spanish and French every day. They have been essential tools to help me improve my ability to speak these languages.
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8 months ago, Knoble Knoel
Great app for Spanish/English translation
It's great for looking up words I have forgotten or didn't know. It is also useful for finding just the right word or phrase when writing or translating.
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12 months ago, reehldeal
Best Spanish Translator
This is hands down the best translator for Spanish translator app because is Spanish specific instead of generic translators like google or bing, so this app has Spanish verb conjugations, phrase book, etc
Show more
4 months ago, ccrider270
So far so good
Just started but it seems very straightforward, especially when conjugating verbs. Ask me again next week. 😉
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3 years ago, Tahseen Karim
Fantastic app especially for medical providers
I use this app almost everyday to communicate (un-officially) with patients and families. The best feature is the verb conjugation feature allowing users to learn advanced Spanish.
Show more
2 years ago, BillyTommy
Love using Translator!
This makes my reading and writing so much easier when I get stuck or forget a word in Spanish
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1 year ago, BartB1
It just works great!
My go-to resource for single-word translation and especially verb conjugations. Quick, easy and accurate.
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2 years ago, so_cal_believer
Helpful app!
I am from California and I am currently on a trip in Bogota, Colombia. I have used this app several times. It’s easy to use and provides good translations.
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3 years ago, Jimrix
Learning Spanish
This is a great app when learning Spanish. The words I don’t know and have to look up are saved for review. The conjugations are easily accessed during a lesson. The translator is also very good. Lo uso todos los días.
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2 years ago, Maxie12
Have used this app to supplement my Spanish. Very easy and helpful. Could have expanded vocabulary to be even better.
Show more
3 years ago, viejo aprendador
Senior citizen
I have been studying Spanish since I retired at 65. I love it. I'll never master the language. But I cannot imagine a day without consulting this app. It is wonderful.
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3 years ago, Macho y Embra
Learning second language
This app is very useful and has been a go to for traveling to other countries. Has a nice setup and is easy to use.
Show more
2 years ago, Twofiveking
Definitely good for traveling
Once I get the hand of the dictionary I believe this will help me tremendously in my Spanish learning adventure
Show more
2 years ago, EliGilland
I have used this dictionary and it has been helpful.
Show more
1 year ago, RKHMeek
Used often
I use the app often for miscellaneous translations- especially when writing.
Show more
3 years ago, gonard101
Wonderful tool! Love it!
It got conversation which help day to day life. It also have English/Spanish alphabetically which make it extremely easy. Love it!
Show more
3 years ago, jongemeid
Does what it’s supposed to and does it well. No annoying ads.
I am using this app to help me read a Spanish book and it works great. Am loving it sofar.
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3 years ago, Jjdl33
Very useful
I use this app nearly everyday while I am learning Spanish-for all the parts of speech. I particular find the verb conjugations helpful.
Show more
3 years ago, OnePounchBoom
Fast; Accurate; Clear; Simple
My go-to for instantaneous lookup. Sometimes don’t have the frase combo I ’d be looking for. But that’s alright.
Show more
2 years ago, brooketrout2222
not a huge spanish fan but WICKED good app
i love french more but this app is really unique + easy to use! glad i have it.
Show more
6 months ago, Not far to go
Good ap
Easy to look up when the correct word escapes you.
Show more
4 months ago, Ugg today TC go
Best English/Spanish app
I have tried numerous Dictionary apps. This is the most comprehensive and easy to use app
Show more
7 months ago, jakerock545
The best and most dynamic app for all types of translations
Get this. Don’t look further
Show more
2 years ago, Mailman365
Extremely helpful and convenient!!! I’m getting my Spanish up!!!!!
Show more
1 year ago, SeniorOnTheRoad
Great for learning Spanish verbs
I am comparing French and Spanish verbs and their conjugations. It is helping me understand better French verbs.
Show more
3 years ago, Los Olivos T
Easy and perfect every time
This app never lets me down! Love the phrase option vs single words only.
Show more
2 years ago, linlsd
Very helpful when using Duolingo, learning Spanish.
Show more
2 years ago, ABL1492
Most complete translation
Gives excellent precise definitions in various forms of use and all forms of the verbs!
Show more
3 years ago, Railinas
Really solid
Solid program, good detail. Interface is solid but not spectacular, but I’d definitely recommend
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