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Curiosity Media
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User Reviews for Learning

4.83 out of 5
159.3K Ratings
3 years ago, shahsjsjns
Best usability with the best translations...
Since this app is agragated from info by actual Spanish speakers who want to promote the best use of the language (as opposed to algorithms or data scientists), it consistently has the best translations (which will change dramatically as you input more of the sentence, and it understands what you’re ACTUALLY trying to say.) There are other translators that will give you words that technically work, but this seems to be the most intuitive as it pertains to true idioms of the language. It also gives the best explanations for language learners who need to better understand WHY one expression is better than the other (I use “X vs. Y” comparisons all the time to get a level of complexity similar to my native language.) Conjugation charts are thorough and concise (if you are a student, you could find yourself accessing them 100s of times per week- they are like ‘Quick Study Guides’ on steroids (which is why I finally searched for and downloaded the app, in order to have the most comprehensive ‘Quick Study Guide’ possible- although those are still useful, if you lose power or internet signal. ;-)..) This appears to have the full functionality of the website (simply cutting out the extra step of the browser.)
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7 years ago, Kristen 🌴
Lovin' it!
The app itself is amazing to use, and just like other dictionaries, it gives you the pronunciation and various definitions. Unlike other dictionaries, though, it allows you to listen to the differences in English and Spanish (when the words are exactly the same, like karaoke) and gives you multiple ways to conjugate and use the word, especially if it is featured in a common phrase. What would make it better would be if, like the website of this app, it included a short video of a native Spanish speaker repeating it and using it in a sentence, and more slang from other countries. You could make the argument that since it's a dictionary, it should only use real words from different Latino countries, but it would also be useful to know what someone else said when they speak informally. Plus, it would be interesting to know! I've been trying to better my Spanish for some time, and this app is extremely useful to me whenever I tend to forget something, not know something, or confuse one thing for something else. Would recommend it for anyone who wants to have anything to do with Spanish! Also a tip for other users: if you don't find something on the app, chances are it's on their website.
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3 years ago, Alexduran24
Basically flawless
If you are learning Spanish, I recommend this dictionary, whether you are a beginner or advanced. If you are a native, I also recommend this dictionary. Unlike Google Translate and other translating apps, SpanishDict avoids literal, fundamentalist translations that are often awkward or inaccurate. It also highlights all the different senses of a particular word, with enlightening examples that are always accurate (although some extra caption translations are sometimes inaccurate). Overall, it’s great, even when free. The lite version’s ads are never overwhelming, and there are many well-designed quizzes that really sharpen your vocabulary and conjugating skills. There are even full conjugation charts that come with practically every verb that you search up. IMO, the only thing that would make this app better is if we can have an etymology feature. Not for every word, of course, but for the main ones. That would be amazing, although it isn’t really necessary to learn the language. Overall, es increíble.
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2 months ago, Lorandrea
I Wish The Functionality was better
This is just a sort of takeoff on Duolingo. A cheap version without all the bells and whistles and childishness of Duolingo. The problem is they don't repeat the words to you a lot of the time depending on the context and it's almost impossible to type for some reason it doesn't seem to pick up on the characters and I have dictation for a reason – extremely bad arthritis – and yet it will not allow you to dictate a response which would be very good for speaking Spanish because the Spanish keyboard that you would have to install to dictate won't write just anything you're gonna have to pronounce it right. So they give you no pronunciation practice whatsoever and because of the way it's programmed if you start answering the questions before they're done talking they stop talking. And they do not repeat the answer once you've entered it. It's very so so. Purchased the subscription but the ads will not go away no matter what I do. I'm probably gonna cancel before my trial is up because this is too much trouble and I don't like being forced to look at ads when I've paid my dues. Bad programming pretty much overall on everything. Get the free version and use it as a dictionary.
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5 years ago, Frustrated by the bugs
Best electronic Spanish-English dictionary I've seen.
I've tried several Spanish-English dictionaries, and this is the best I've seen. When connected to the internet, it will translate whole sentences. It will show one translation, and then if you click the "other translations" button, you get three other possible translations, so you can have confidence that you're saying what you think you're saying. When not connected to the internet, it still does a great job of translating individual words. It gives plenty of example sentences in both languages for various uses. Another feature I like is that once you set up your preferred languages, you don't have to tell it which language you you are translating from or to. If I type in a Spanish word, phrase, or sentence, it gives me an English translation. If I type in an English word, phrase, or sentence, it gives me a Spanish translation, without me having to remember to switch modes. Love this app.
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6 years ago, brianajessicas
Awesome Resource & Very Practical
I’ve been using this app for almost two years and it’s has been a great source of reference for me especially when I need to write something formally in Spanish or refer to a conjugation of a word. My only complaint would be that recently, random ads keep popping up and play videos without me touching the ad. The ads typically appear as a banner which can be clicked, on either the top or bottom of the page, however, I have never seen them in the form of a pop-up that you have to manually exit out of. I am aware that there is an add free version for $2.99/year and I’m willing to make the upgrade, but I would like to be assured that the issue I’ve been recently experiencing with the ads isn’t just a temporary bug. I can tolerate the ads which appear on the bottom and top of the page as banners, but pop up ads are intolerable. Please resolve this issue if it is a bug. I’m expecting a response from the developer so that I may continue to enjoy the features of this app. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Student of Español
An EXCELLENT app to help learn Spanish!
This format of dictionary should be the model by which all other language dictionaries are developed. The conjugation and pronunciations of the words by native speakers is an invaluable aid if you aspire to be fluent in this language after a "do it yourself" sort of fashion. I have 100% confidence that I'm learning words precisely enough to speak them when they are demonstrated by a native speaker. A lot of these other apps simply use monotone robots that leave me feeling doubtful about my pronouncing of a word. The related website is also very helpful with its various articles and quizzes. I probably would not have the grasp I have today on this language without this amazing app. I am also always seeing new enhancements all the time. This app makes Spanish easily learnable. Also I can't thank these developers enough, this app is a true gift of knowledge, I have essentially learned Spanish for free!
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7 years ago, itsthealliegator
Forget Google Translate 😍
Forget google translate - SpanishDict is an amazing app that has saved my life on countless occasions. I am a student learning Spanish and you have no idea how useful it has been. The app itself is very well run, and features beautiful photographs of places around the world every day. It has a very nice search option, where you can enter any word in either Spanish or English and it will seamlessly give you a definition. The definition pages look very good and often include verb conjugation. The app even has a word of the day, so you can slowly expand your vocabulary. It would also work very well if you were visiting somewhere else or were in a situation where you needed to know Spanish, because the app allows you to type in whole sentences which will be perfectly translated for you. Overall, SpanishDict is a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, functional app, one which you should definitely download.
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2 years ago, JMizzleiggedybacca
The best Spanish language app for serious learners
I’ve been living in Colombia for 6 months and was at an A1 level when I arrived. I’m now at an A2/B1 level. I have been taking classes consistently, but not many hours per week. I’ve also used or tried most of the popular apps. I’ve found myself using 2 apps the most - SpanishDict and Google Translate. The more fluent I become the less I use Google translate and the more I use SpanishDict. Duolingo is good for people who just want to mess around, but if you really want to learn Spanish the lessons, tools, and cheat sheets/tools in SpanishDict can’t be beat. I just can’t say enough good things about SpanishDict. It’s worth upgrading to the paid version. My Colombian boyfriend even started using it because it contains a lot of the more nuanced parts of language translation like colloquial phrases, slang, and naughty words in both English and Spanish.
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7 years ago, Alaskan Progressive
Great adjunct to Google Translate
I've been travelling in Costa Rica for the past 3 weeks and this app has been indispensible while communicating with taxi drivers, waitresses, bus drivers and especially when asking for directions or assistance. It doesn't offer the Spanish to English translation that Google translate does, but it seems to do a better job translating English to (Costa Rican) Spanish. When I have the luxury of translating my questions ahead of time it really shines. It also has a very well organized sub menu of common phrases related to things like Time, Numbers, Colors, and common tourist questions like "what time does the bus arrive" or "where is the nearest restroom". It is geared toward someone trying to learn Spanish, as opposed to facilitating communication without having to learn like Google translate. I use both applications together and find that both are equally powerful tools in my quest to communicate here.
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2 years ago, Jesika Sunshine
Great app to learn Spanish on in real time.
Great app to use while learning Spanish! Has quiz’s you can take, gives you full translations of any sentence you type in and will repeat it back to you in Spanish so you see it written and hear it too. Very, very helpful! This app has helped me improve my Spanish reading, writing and verbal exponentially! I am a hands on learner, this app helps me to do just that while I am having real conversations with my Spanish friends. I type in what I want to say and it translates it for me and lets me hear it as well so I can learn to listen to my Spanish speaking friends better and pick out the words they are saying. Most Latin people speak very quickly so ‘listening’ is often challenging. Get it, use it, learn and have fun! Then go travel a lot and make lots of friends so you can practice your Spanish speaking and writing.
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4 years ago, Bloat this sail clam
A powerful tool for learning español
This review is really based mainly on my use of the website, which is wonderfully comprehensive, offering organized, coordinated ways to build vocabulary; complete information about verb conjugation; and a rich library of tutorials on a range of subjects related to grammar and usage. The app seems to have all of the same terrific features – I just am new to the app, whereas I have been using the website for months. Voice-based vocabulary flashcards is one really cool feature of the app that even the website doesn’t have:In sum, I strongly recommend both this app and the website. Also, although I am cheap and held off for many weeks, I finally bit the bullet and bought the premium membership, which is really pretty modestly priced for what you get and incredibly worth it (for me, at least) just in order to have an ad-free experience with these great resources.
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5 years ago, uliesesgirl
Wonderful app
I don’t usually review apps. But gosh. This is the best app for translating words. It’s more like a dictionary in the sense it gives you translations word for word instead of a translation for a whole sentence But it has everything at your fingure tips. It even gives you different websites that translated like google etc. so you can compare all of them at the same time to the words or sentence you gave. And gosh I can’t believe how off google translate it for example i had said fluent in my sentence SpanishDict was correct and when I searched the word google gave me, it was the word fluid.. haha.. and It helps you figure out the most accurate way to put a sentence together. Also I love the slow audio option to listen to the word. So you can listen to it better which google does let have and is often to fast to hear the pronunciation. I love this app! So well put together, Well done!!
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3 months ago, Aliyabe
Better than Duolingo
This is one of the best recourses for Spanish learners. I love how you can search a word and get much more information (regional usage, context, facts,etc) than other translation apps. The lessons are great, too. I only wish with the lessons that you could pick a region for the vocab or it would name the region when it’s used. I also wish there would be more context with the lessons. Example: the pictures above the lessons always just show two people. I wish that when I needed to use “ustedes” they would show the person talking to multiple people so it makes more sense, or to somehow indicate that we are talking about someone else instead of me speaking formally to someone so that others can grasp the context easier, etc. but other than those small things I really love this app.
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6 years ago, Kdove98
Okay But...
The app seems well laid out but one major drawback is not being able to save words or phrases to your list in the actual definition page of the word. So if you see a word you want to learn and you want to add it to your list for later viewing, say the word of the day, you have to go all the way to another screen and type the word in just to find it AGAIN. But considering this is a word in a different language that you’ve just seen for the first time ever, trying to remember the spelling and the word itself isn’t easy. What’s the point in making people exit the definition page of a word to head to another screen just to RETYPE the word in to find it again so you can add it to your list? That’s so impractical, especially in a language learning app. In every other app I have there’s a button on the screen that lets you save the word to your list while you’re viewing the definition for the first time. To have such a small but necessary feature overlooked is clunky and difficult to ignore.
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12 months ago, gnossos-Oly
Everyone needs a good dictionary
It drives me crazy that people depend on their translator apps instead of actually using a dictionary. I won’t go into my full rant right now, but I will say that this is THE ONLY dictionary that I recommend. Not only does it have all the words you could ever want to look up, but it has grammar lessons, vocabulary, drills, and lots of other cultural and historical information tucked away. if you’re serious about actually learning the language and not just getting through a transaction, you really must have this app. Every time you look up and a word, you can save it to a list and then drill them later to establish the memory of the new word. The only way to really learn new vocabulary is to practice and this dictionary gives you the tools.
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2 years ago, mitshuu
I live by this app
This is, by far, one of the best apps I’ve used in my life in general, but more specifically it is a fantastic dictionary that informs better than others, simply because they have example sentences that finish the work that definitions and translations can’t by themselves. Seeing a word in context is the greatest strength of this app. The picture of the day of different places in the Hispano sphere are all beautiful and the word of the day is always an off-the-beaten path choice compared to other word of the days that I have followed. And they are often seasonally relevant, too. And finally, it has a very informative grammar section which again, illustrates well through examples. It is my first go-to for anything I want to know about Spanish. I use it almost daily
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6 days ago, HeatherSales
Great personalized vocab study tool, asking for some tech help
Very cool app as a competitor to duolingo; I enjoy the search function and ability to make my own vocab lists! This app was recommended to me by a friend who has learned to speak fluent spanish. A problem I have with verbal practice is that the audio does not allow me to receive a correct score for what are apparently more than 3 syllable words. The related vocab words were "fullerías" and "donillero." At least the quiz allows me to transition from verbal response to text response, that's nice, but it would be pleasant to keep a flow of verbal practice. Thank you for your time. I enjoy your free-with-ads app experience. Request, could ya'll make an option for dark mode, black or dark gray screen, instead of white?
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5 years ago, CoruscantII
Suggestion: options to Practice Spanish words with English choices and vice versa
My language setting is learning Spanish from English as a first language. Right now in the app, to practice words it has the English word and a pic and then 4 Spanish choices underneath. It would help to also have an alternative option to practice the Spanish words and 4 English choices. I think you can just do this if you switch your language setting to learn English instead of learning Spanish, but I still can’t copy my word lists over. If learning words both ways was available for people learning either language I think it would help a lot to mix it up so it’s not always the same thing. Zooming in on the articles in the app about diff topics is messed up.
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6 months ago, Asanford05
App constantly reboots to home page
I really do love everything that this app has to offer, and I use it almost every day, but the only thing that really drives me nuts is when I briefly switch from the Spanish dictionary app to another app, and then return back to the app (without having even been out of it for 1 minute), and it has taken me out of the page I was looking at and taken me back to the home page. So then I have to go through the whole process of getting back to where o was. Sometimes I have to do this multiple times, because I like to make notes in my phone sometimes, so I am frequently going in and out of the app, and every time I do, it crashes and brings me back to the homepage. So I’ve gotten to the point where I just use their website instead of the app to avoid that incredibly annoying situation
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2 years ago, Lmgamboa225
Must have when learning Spanish
This app has helped me so much the past year I’ve been learning Spanish. It’s so much more than a translator. I love how the vocab quizzes can be spoken to make them hands free. I like to do those every day while I’m putting on my makeup or folding laundry. I’m up to 2600 words learned now! I also love the word of the day emails and all the examples you get with each definition. The only thing I can complain about is that sometimes the speech recognition on the vocab quizzes can be a bit off, but it only happens with certain words. Like I’ll say the wrong word and it counts it as right or I say it perfectly but it won’t take it. It’s not a huge deal and most of the time it works fine.
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3 years ago, aswewere
Best language app ever
Every day, I am more and more impressed with this app. It has been a godsend as a Spanish learner. It has everything in one. I no longer need to have a separate flash cards app to remember terms. Plus I can use any of the pre-made flashcard decks to study. I no longer need a separate conjugation app because there are quizzes within this app for conjugations. Plus I love the daily Spanish word feature which I have on the home screen of my iPhone. My only suggestion would be to include the countries that use that vocab term on the flashcard (since certain terms vary by country, ie. bus driver). That’s such a minimal thing though. I truly could not recommend this app more. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.
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4 years ago, aztek98
Una herramienta de la primera clase...
to have a look in depth at various meanings of individual words I Leo español, que es mi idioma segundo, con facilidad. Pero cuando encuentro una palabra que es nueva a mi, SpanishDict en my iPhone es mi primero recurso para aprenderla. La aplicación es excelente y fácil de usar. En inglés, I read Spanish, which is my second language, with ease. But when I encounter a new word, SpanishDict it frequently whenever I find myself uncertain in any way regarding a new word, and especially if a word I have seen is being used in a new way. There are many other interesting and valuable tools worth examining yourself, but the fact that it gives. ALL translations of each word, from not one but three authoritative Spanish-English bidirectional dictionaries is what really makes it about as useful a language app as you could hope for.
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5 years ago, Yelaheener
Best for Translation, Conjugation, Grammar
This is my go-to app for all Spanish language info! The translations are far more accurate than other translators because you can compare three different translations and what words each uses. PLUS you can look up conjugation for any verb in any tense, which is extremely helpful, AND notes about various topics and full detailed examples about how words and phrases are used. The only complaint/or improvement I would like to see is an option to quickly reverse the translation like other apps do so it’s easy to see if the Spanish then translates back into English properly. That’s how I double check all my translations! And I wish there was an offline version for traveling!
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4 years ago, JDMasterZ
I knew this app was great when I got it. But in truth this app is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I normally don’t write reviews unless I really have something that needs to be said. And this app is by far THE BEST RESOURCE for learning Spanish. Ever. PERIOD!!! Lo mejor aplicación para aprender español! This app allows to to TRANSLATE....CONJUGATE....LEARN GRAMMAR....VOCABULARY...and tons of it! And I recently discovered that they feature the 1000 most used words for the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels with VOICE RECOGNITION! This app is just the best and is TOTALLY dedicated to having you learn spanish. I can see that now! I would recommend this app in a heartbeat to anyone who is learning Spanish. Heck, even quicker than a heartbeat! Great app! Great Functions! Great Developers! Love it! LOVE IT! LOOOVEEEE IT!
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5 years ago, 🐆thy
Necessary download before going to Spain
I’ve been walking the Camino de Santiago for a few weeks now and SpanishDict is a necessity. I have a very limited Spanish vocabulary. I found myself in Leon today with a very specific hiking injury and I needed new shoes ASAP. I navigated myself to the best running store around and was able to use this app with the store owner who spoke no English to talk through my Metatarsophalangeal issues, my feet, my pronation, and my specific athletic needs with no friction. The app was so fast and so accurate. He was able to get all of the information he needed to help me and use the app to communicate back. I ended up buying a pair of shoes that immediately helped me, so it was a win for both of us. Thank you SpanishDict!
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3 years ago, lexaprozactivity
Great dictionary function - Usability decreased recently though
SpanishDict has been my favorite general-purpose English to Spanish or Spanish to English dictionary for years. Wiktionary is better for very low frequency words, and Wiktionary is also better in that it provides etymology, but SpanishDict is where I check first if I simply don't know a word. Wikipedia and then toggling between languages is best for technical jargon. SpanishDict provides good definitions, examples, and then a large volume of reference translations from sources like the United Nations. I don't mind the ads. In the past few weeks, using the SpanishDict app (but not the website) has become rather annoying. There are a lot of pop-ups about features I am not trying to use right now, and it loses my place if I switch between apps (often between SpanishDict and Safari). Not every time, maybe it happens after 60 seconds or something. It was clearly worth 5 stars a few months ago. Please address the pop-up suggestions and save the last entry I was viewing. Thank you, Curiosity Media.
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6 years ago, Knitter09
Great app but I have a suggestion.
This app has helped me learn a lot and was recommended to me by my neighbor. I like that you can add words to a favorite list for a quick reference and there’s also a word game. I do wish, however, that the word of the day would always have a translation in the app. I receive their emails and have noticed that any word of the day that doesn’t have a translation in the app is slang in a specific country. It would be nice if they could integrate that information into the app instead of just in the email. Example: August 3, 2018 word of the day was “Qué xopá” and did not show a translation in the app. I didn’t realize until later when I saw the email which explained that this phrase comes from Panama and translates to “What’s up?”
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2 years ago, Jimbolaua
Amazing learning resource, little buggy at times.
I really like this app. It’s the best resource I’ve found for learning Spanish. My only gripe is that the technology needs a little more polish. If I’m in the middle of a lesson and I put the app in the background, often when I come back the app closes my lesson and returns to the home page. This can be frustrating particularly when I’m in the middle of a long lesson and I have to stop to answer a text or something. There seems to be no way to save progress. I also find that sometimes the sound on the video lessons cuts out. And the drag and drop lessons freeze up occasionally. Overall these inconveniences are not enough to detract from the enormous value of this app.
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4 years ago, Memo Pete
A superior translation site
Maybe a year ago, after tauting a competative translation-service to a friend, he simply sugested I check out your service to make a comparison. In two minutes, I had to agree that your site is superior—if for no other reason that it always showns meanings in the CONTEXT of examples (which alone has helped me avoid using a wrong word or failing to use a correct (i. e., an “idiomatic” or better word) in a spoken or written sentence. Also, the ability to enter a word in English or in Spanish is decidedly more convenient than having to indicate the language first. One observatin (maybe even a question): I’ve never seen you having to update your site (as happened continually with the other site. Id it because you don’t have to or because you don’t advertise that? Finally, in reading some older classics (e. g., “Los Novios” by A. Mansone), I notice you don’t always have a number of the rarer words in your service. But do you ever consider putting them in if they are searched for? Anyway, thank you for your really helpful service. Memo Pete
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2 years ago, rsmith7
More accurate than Google Translate
I love this app because it offers you 3 choices of translations, and the ease in which you can look up the meaning of a word, and examples of its common usages. I wish it had more space to type a short paragraph, as I use it frequently for conversation via text messages. This App is more accurate in Spanish (Mexico) to English translation than Google Translate (GT). I have caught many embarrassing mistakes on GT by double-checking on this App. One time using GT, I almost asked my gardener to marry me. Luckily, I knew the translation didn’t look right and double checked here. Ever since then, I say “when in doubt, check it out!”
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6 years ago, cjcccjcc
Used App In Spain- Great!
this app saved my life when i thought 3 years of spanish class would be enough to survive a month in Spain. used this app on countless occasions when talking to my host family. my only improvement to this app would be to add more offline translations (when you don’t have wifi/data, you can still translate certain common phrases that the app knows without using wifi/data). there a few offline translations, like “i love you” or other common phrases like “where is the bathroom?” but i would love it if they added more. when you’re traveling to mexico/spain, it’s likely you won’t have a data plan and rely only on wifi to translate things. having more offline translations would be great if you couldn’t find wifi.
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9 months ago, ChrysanthemumJoy
Love this app. Incredible!
This app has been an INCREDIBLE tool in my Spanish learning. The dictionary is amazing and so helpful with day-to-day learning, and it is an accessible and reliable tool when I find myself in conversation with Spanish-speakers and I discover a new word I need to learn. I love that when I look up words in the dictionary, I can then add them to my vocabulary lists, so that I can study them later and really learn! Thank you SO MUCH for this app! And I am so grateful it is free. It is an invaluable tool, and as so much of my vocabulary and learning comes through SpanishDictionary, I truly don’t know what I would do without this app. LOVE IT and 20/10 recommend!!!!
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6 years ago, Missbvalid
Best app for conjugations and explanations!
I’ve been learning Spanish for a while now and as much as I already know, sometimes I forget how to conjugate an irregular verb! This app is perfect for times like that I can see all of the conjugations for all of the tenses which is awesome! It’s also useful if you don’t understand a grammar topic like forming commands in the usted/ustedes form. It’ll give you examples and also how to form it correctly when to use it! Not to mention if you don’t know a word in Spanish you can look it up in English and it’ll tell you the correct word with examples as well! You can also take quizzes to practice what you learned! Hands down the best app for Spanish grammar!
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1 year ago, Try any thing once...
SpanishDict is my go to app
I don’t usually write reviews. But this is so good that I have to do something to reward the makers of it because of how much it has helped me. My only regret is that I don’t have the $$ to actually buy into it. However there are so many benefits for free that I am progressing well in learning Spanish anyway. I like that they get their translations from 3 different sources, it helps to see the various ways it can be said. They also have excellent teaching aids to help you learn. 3 different people, all fluent Spanish speakers, have described the translations I sent them as perfect Spanish! You can’t do better than that!
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4 years ago, CharBookworm
Love This App But....
Love this App but when you are trying to listen to the verb conjugations on audio the font is so small that even a stylus has a hard time pressing the speaker icon that it closes the menu for example present verb conjugation. It is sooooo frustrating! You spend more time trying to punch the speaker icon than actually learning the correct verb conjugation. I donot believe this is what was intended. They conjugations are itemized nicely in a list. I just wish the font was larger or the list spaced out enough so that when you punch that sound icon the menu will not close and you don’t have to spend time tapping and retapping to get a sound of how a word is pronounced.
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2 years ago, Clay Carveth Dain
This is my favorite app for spanish, but it’s not perfect.
This is definitely the most accurate free app I’ve found for Spanish translation, dictionary, pronunciation, etc. However, the examples tab for each word has become obsolete (and at times offensive). Examples are not reviewed and there seems to be a huge surplus of examples for every word where the sentence is either offensive, grammatically incorrect, or simply doesn’t make sense. This makes the examples completely useless as you can’t count on the validity of them at all. I think the examples should either be removed entirely, reviewed, or limited to a select amount of correct examples only. Otherwise it really will just confuse people.
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5 years ago, MilleAnne101
I love this app. I love how much it helps. But dear baby Jesus, WHHHHYYYYYY are there ads with sounds on an app that gives you the option to hear how the word is pronounced? I don’t mind the ads. I understand why there are there. But at the same time, I shouldn’t have to struggle to hear how a word is pronounced just because the advertisement is fighting for dominance. It’s literally the most annoying thing in the world. If they could just have banner ads or ads that give you the option to just mute them, or something else other than the advertisement yelling at me to get a flu shot while I’m trying to conjugate. Other than that, the app itself is awesome.
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2 years ago, Timmothy flagson
I will be Subscribing
Your app is far superior to what my expectations had believed. If I had found your app before EWA I would be currently subscribed. Not only do they feature conjugations for any tense, they provide us with realistic human pronunciation! What SpanDict. can learn from EWA is to provide interactive vocabulary games amongst learners. Also, provide reading exercises with translations built into the side panel being just a click away. If these two features were added, I wouldn’t second guess my decisions in which app I’d invest in. Over all, I’m happy advising this app to my other Spanish- learning companions. Thank you.
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4 years ago, rspangl3
Issues with VoiceOver
Hello I use this app with VoiceOver which is the feature built in to iOS that reads the screen out loud and helps the blind interact with their phones. Starting with iOS 13 this app either freezes (or causes voiceover to freeze) to the point where it is unusable. Voiceover will become so sluggish that it takes seconds to respond when swiping or exploring the screen. I think this has to do with changes made in voiceover and/or iOS in iOS 13 that all apps need to account for. I have seen this behavior in a couple other apps and will be contacting their developers as well. Thanks for your attention to this matter.
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1 year ago, Future Dr. Lewis
The GOAT! 🔥
Even without a subscription (yes, I mean free of charge!), this is by far the best app/website for learning Spanish. Especially for those who already have a solid baseline. I’ve completed AP Spanish 4 in high school, 1 year of college, Rosetta Stone, Babbel, LingoPie… and I’m sure other… 😅, and never have I felt more confident in conversing in Spanish with natives, and I’m finally speaking in complete sentences; though I still have to work on my grammar. To be honest, I don’t think you ever stop working on grammar in Spanish! 😅 It is so tricky! It’s worth 3x the cost of a subscription, in my opinion. Thank you! I am so grateful for this app! 🙌🏾🙏🏾
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4 months ago, Blemmers
Like everything except the computer voice
At some point they stopped using the excellent persons who were pronouncing the words in both Latin American Spanish and Spanish the way it is pronounced in Spain. They started using a computer voice that actually pronounces the words totally wrong sometimes (even I can tell). It also does not seem to recognize where the accents go, which is very important, and even puts the accents on the wrong syllables sometimes. They need to redo a lot of the lesson explanations with actual native speakers. Or, if they are insisting to use computer voices, they need to use more advanced AI. I don’t want to learn to speak Spanish the way a robot would speak Spanish. Otherwise, it is a great app.
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2 years ago, DCMattreen
Truly impressive
I got this to look up Spanish words only, but then eventually tried the grammar lessons and vocabulary lists… then I discovered they have entire digital textbooks to use! The videos they use for grammar lessons are very high quality with pretty decent acting and videography (really surprised by that), and the structure of lessons and vocabulary lists is pretty amazing. I did the free trial and was impressed by how much is available and consider the full premium price to be a bargain for what’s offered! I can’t believe how much thought, work, and planning must have gone into this app. Gracias por la ayuda, SpanishDict!
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2 years ago, Hsuanjj
I love this app, but…
I am a paid subscriber and I have been using this app everyday to learn Spanish. It’s been wonderful and almost perfect. But there are two things that the dev and product team can do better: 1. Have night mode/ dark mode. It’ll be a lot easier for peoples’ eyes and they’ll probably stay in the app for longer period of time because of this (what a great win-win situation!). Please prioritize this feature! 2. This app had froze a lot and this particular problem has gotten worse these days. I often have to quit the app and start over multiple times a day. This is pretty annoying especially when you’re deep in the “learning mode”. Usually I make sure I have closed all the other apps that I’m not actively using, but it still wouldn’t solve this problem. Sadly, I have slowly getting used to the poor performance and lowered my expectation to a point where I would be delighted that if I didn’t have to quit and reopen the app in a given session… PS. I have already emailed to your support team a few months ago but have not gotten any reply. :(
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3 years ago, Omaha1995
Overall A Great App
This is an excellent App for Spanish learners. I use it in conjunction with Reverso Context. The pronunciation help is excellent. In most cases of a single word you clearly see Spanish syllable structure and the accent syllable. You can also switch between LATAM and Spain pronunciations. Use of the word in context is okay but much better in Reverso Context. It is also easier to find more suitable word choices in. Context is very important in Spanish when deciding what word to use for a situation Verb conjugation charts can’t be beat in Spanish Dict. Using Spanish Dict and Revero together is the best solution I have found. Nothing wrong with the other Apps. They just fall a little short.
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6 years ago, Terquad
Extremely helpful!
I’m studying Spanish while in college as a concentration for my major, and I absolutely love this app! I have trouble remembering certain irregular verbs in each tense, but I know I can always open this app and see all conjugations for nearly every verb. This app was recommended by my Spanish professor, and she encourages us to use it for studying. The daily word reminders have helped me expand my vocabulary. Unlike other translating apps, this uses the word in context, and suggests better words to use given the context; Google translate does not have this feature. I highly recommend this app if you need a trusty Spanish guide!
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6 years ago, Sarajsh
Love it!
How to conjugate verbs, games, real sentences, definitions....there’s so much I don’t know where to start. Before I stumbled across this, learning was a chore. Now it’s getting fun and soooooo much easier. Everything a language learner could ask for and free to boot. At the moment, I can’t think of how to make it better, but I’ll bet if I do and suggest it, they’ll do it! When I look something up, I find things so interesting I start jumping around and look/read so much more than my original quest. This makes my vocabulary climb faster than it had been. I’m still a super beginner, but this app should be on everyone’s list...beginner or not.
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2 years ago, JaidePentar1
Apple Widget Malfunction
I love this app. I especially love the examples of words/phrases in sentences that one can use to understand how to properly apply such words/phrases in real-life circumstances. However, recently this app’s largest apple widget is not showing me all the information. Specifically, the largest widget is supposed to show me the word of the day with two examples of it being used in a sentence. Unfortunately, I have been unable to see the second example for the past couple of weeks. Other than this, my experience with SpanishDict has been amazing. 10/5 stars!! ;)
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6 years ago, IceBlueLugiaas
App is very helpful in general, but has terrible stability
Alright, so the app itself contains a lot of useful information and it really helps me out in a lot of ways. In that regard, this app is great. However, I can’t give it 5 stars because of how bad the stability is. Many times when I type a word that isn’t in the dictionary, instead of saying that the word couldn’t be found, the app crashes. Sometimes when I’m reading something in Spanish and I don’t know what the word means, I’ll use this app, but for some reason when you switch to this app from another app, this app crashes, literally every single time. I don’t know what’s going on, I’m on the latest iOS with an iPad Air 2, so there shouldn’t be many, if any, issues.
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4 years ago, DigitalNomadSF
Great work! But word of the Day Needs Work
Keep up the great work. Substantially better than the other apps out their. Speech recognition is very good. I got my first word of the day and it’s a horrible word - cañaveral which means “reedbed”. Are you kidding me? This is what I hate about most words of the day - the words are useless and a waste of time and memory space. This word is so uncommon I’d never even heard in my own native language. Words do the day should be words that are used in everyday language but more nuanced, NOT advanced literary degree words. I’ll give this a few more days to see how it does. We should have words like “folder” “dye” “board game” “snowboard” “gutter” “drain” “overwhelmed” - words that we actually would use! Not cañaveral. This is just nonsensical.
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