Speak Navajo Language Volume 1

2.3 (8)
37.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lance N Etcitty
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.6 or later
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User Reviews for Speak Navajo Language Volume 1

2.25 out of 5
8 Ratings
3 years ago, Sagebrushlovinfool
Need Health Care Provider Version
I wish there was a health care provider version. Struggling speaking Navajo working as a nurse and need to ask if my pt is in pain, where they are in pain, any chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, warm/cold, bathroom, hungry etc.
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3 years ago, JessicaJane
pretty good.
i haven’t delved too deep. I’m trying to learn Navajo on duolingo, so I think this will help a lot. Duolingo does not provide pronunciation after the first couple lessons. i hope this can make it a more complete experience.
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8 years ago, Kaiotikid
Unfinished App
This app shouldn't even be for sale. Most of the Navajo translations aren't even available. Only the basic words are available like numbers and colors. Everything else just says "word not available" in Navajo, just in English. Bought all four and am very disappointed .
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10 years ago, erlee31
Could be better
The interface isn't very user friendly. It's ok. Some of the words are missed pronounced and one guy sounds like he hardly speaks navajo. I will not be buying the other volumes until this one is improved. Also, why are you adding ads after we've already purchased this app? Remove ads and I'll consider getting more apps.
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5 years ago, Fern3800
Great app!
This app is very helpful understanding basic Navajo words. Great app! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Shelbz1992
Update Please
The app no longer works with apples latest version update. Please update the app so I can continue using.
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5 years ago, Randell602
This app doesn’t even work
This app doesn’t even work, every time I go on it it just closes out....
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4 years ago, Hastiin Nez
Does not work with newer operating system. get it right ... we need this!
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12 years ago, Vinnie deez
Ok app
Speaking Navajo is a choice. However we choose to learn, this is only one tool. It is far from perfect but I applaud the attempt to create an economical tool to help keep our language alive. Yes, I noticed that many of the Navajo words were repeated for many of the English words. One needs to keep in mind that most Navajo words have multiple meanings, some Navajo words are difficult to translate into English, and the sound of the Navajo word is different depending on what part of the reservation you come from. Things that could be fixed are: Having the correct spelling of the Navajo word, changing the title.."Navajo 1 " is a little confusing.. I was expecting more of just the basics, all basic colors, numbers, family member recognition, basic anatomy, animals, easy for the beginner and adding simple phrases to apply the new word would be nice.
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12 years ago, Shooter69
Amazing and Incredible!
This is the most awesome Navajo language program that I have ever used! It has everything for the beginning Navajo speaker to begin learning and understanding the language. The navigation is simple and all Navajo words are clearly spoken by a traditional Navajo speaker. I give this app the highest rating!
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11 years ago, Egissell
I like it
Been working with the Navajo tribe a while and find this app to be helpful. The Navajo women I work with have some different pronunciations, otherwise the audio is pretty good. I think you're going to have different pronunciations wherever you go no matter what language you're speaking.
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12 years ago, L0V3 4NGRY B1RD5
There is a lot of spelling mistakes and mispronunciations. If you can't pronounce it right, get someone who can. (the audio doesn't work either.)
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13 years ago, ~* LaBeth *~
Great App!
Thx for making Learning Basic Navajo fun and easy! Hearing the pronouns the words is very helpful as well as the "sound like". I hope you continue to update with new word and hopefully make full sentences!
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12 years ago, NavajoMom
Not a big fan
Good idea but I also noticed that the pronunciation was off also ex. for wolf or deer. Also didn't like that there we're 4 or 5 different English words for one Navajo word. This app needs a makeover, glad it was only 99cents.
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11 years ago, AZTraveler5000
I've been working in the Navajo Nation for a few months and I interact with the community on a regular basis. I do not speak Navajo and wanted to learn some basics. I bought the Vol 1 app and was very disappointed. The word Bathroom/Restroom is not listed. That's any language 101 stuff. Where's the bathroom? Not even listed. But...every word for "Coke" is listed. Don't waste your money.
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11 years ago, Grnturtle
I like but....
I like the apps. I have all four educational apps. I wish I could in put my notes in the note comment box. When will a medical app be developed?
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12 years ago, Sdhorsechick
Fun!! Can't wait to play with it more! Wish the audio worked...
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10 years ago, Jdb9990
You should take this down
You have a bug or something in this app. It is preventing iTunes sync. You should take this app down until you fix the issue.
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12 years ago, Xero0ne
intersting, but fail
This is a great concept, but most words and pronuciation is off. The spelling in Navajo is incorrect. Please Fix all incorrect translations and pronuciation on all versions. It is hard for people to learn the traslations if they are incorrect.
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12 years ago, Zuniedgewater
I agree, some words were off & mispronounced.
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12 years ago, RooGeorge
This app is totaly screwed up i am diné indian and this is insulting that they dont even know what they r doing and trying to sell it. Do Not Buy This Crap
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12 years ago, $LbEnNeTt$
Cannot get any sound
HOW do u get it to work with my ipad2?
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12 years ago, cmendez123456
Speak Navajo
Needs sounds and more words. phases needed.
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13 years ago, lusheen
Dine language
Some of the translations are incorrect I suggest redo it or off the iTunes. Rated with 0 stars
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12 years ago, SavageZombieHunter
Really!! This app is stupid real Navajo's teach there kids navajo not some stupid app made by a Na Navajo.
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12 years ago, MKBFF
Love this app.
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