Speak to Santa™ Christmas Call

4.5 (89.8K)
486.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
North Pole Command Centre Limited
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Speak to Santa™ Christmas Call

4.54 out of 5
89.8K Ratings
4 years ago, parisenglandarchcap
My kids love this app
Everyday my kids like to talk to Santa about what they want for Christmas and how they love! They ask him where miss clause is and ask about our elf on the shelf! My oldest child likes to text with Santa and my two youngest enjoy calling with him! I caught my kids at 5 am playing on my phone texting Santa and calling him! With this app I don’t see how it’s rated 4 plus because of all the adds it gives off I’ve found my kids not knowing how use the app when an add pops up! I’ve told them to never by anything from my phone so they’d know but I don’t get the adds! I recently found a trick to work around the adds. This trick works with any game! Just turn your phone to airplane mode. I know it might be silly that I am completely about something that I solved the problem too but before my kids were always asking for assistance! I hope this trick helps you guys too! This app has made my kids smile so many times I think I’m gonna start to feel there joy and happiness just from this app!
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2 years ago, chicanasol
dishonest developers are scrooges
I purchased this app many years ago (paid for premium version & extra features that were supposed to be “lifetime”) and my kids have loved it since they were little. I even had my children’s names added to the list because they are less common names. So this year, they ask me to call Santa, and I go to open the app. I am met with a notice that I need to upgrade because the previous version is no longer supported. But what the notice DID NOT say was that by upgrading, my children’s profiles would be erased and I’d lose all of the premium features I’d previously purchased, and that the “upgraded” app would now be riddled with ads! Worst of all, the previous call recordings for the past five years have all been erased. And no way to restore past purchases from the prior version of the app before the subscription. I work in digital technology and do reviews of many different applications for parents. I can honestly say I’ve never been so upset by a dark pattern before, and I have paid for a lot of apps by many different developers, but I will NEVER AGAIN pay these developers a single cent. It’s clear they have zero respect for their users. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
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4 years ago, Christmas Eve and day
To Santa
Hey Santa this is Gabe Christmas is my favorite holiday I hope you are having an awesome Christmas and I just want to say I want to be on your nerves trying my best sister my dad and let me tell you what I want for Christmas I want a computer just like my dad’s and I want millions of dollars and I want a Darth Vader costume and a Darth Vader light saber and four in my stockings I want while the money could go in the stockings and I have this new app on my iPod it is called Speak to Santa and I’m using it And I am and I am just I checked up on your reindeer and I want you I want to know how to get to the naughty nice thing to see if I have been good or bad I want I have a question for you so if you get this note I just want you to write me back so that I can ask you the question something wrong with my health I mean it’s staying at the old house it’s just not coming to my new house and that’s all I have to tell you today I will see you tomorrow because I’m going to see you I’ll see you tomorrow!
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6 years ago, Avalon Blu
A must get!!!!
This app is the best Christmas app! There are games you can play, you can call Santa, there is a countdown to Christmas, and more! This is so much fun, everyone should at least download it once and give it a try. My favorite thing to do on the app is play Elfball, which is for 1-2 players. It is so much fun because it is pretty much like elf soccer with some funny quirks. This app is so festive and so much fun, I can’t even express what a great app this is. I still use it even when it isn’t December because it is so wonderful! While there are occasional glitches, it is completely worth it! I recommend updating to the premium version because you only have to pay once (no monthly fee!) and it is for a small amount that will give you years of fun. It is a great app to enjoy with a sibling or someone close to you because everyone can experience the feeling of magic while using this app. I say give it a try; anyone who hasn’t tried this out hasn’t had fun!
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4 years ago, Its me Santa
Dear Gabe,
This is Santa a Claus! Thank you for such a kind message. You and I have something in common, Christmas is also my favorite time of the year- not just because of the surprise gifts we may or may not get, but it’s a time to think about the meaning of Christmas and also a great chance to spend more time with your family & it sounds like your family is AWESOME! So I hear you’d like a computer like dad, a million dollars and some Darth Vader things- great options Gabe! The only thing I’m hesitant about is the million dollars, that may be a bit too much money for a little-“big kid” to handle. You are such an AMAZING kid that I’m sure if you continue to listen to your parents and make great decisions maybe the million dollars will come to you as an adult!! Just so you know Gabe, all kids have “bad” moments but that doesn’t mean you’re a “bad” kid! In fact, your name is on my NICE list! What’s important is that if you have a “bad” moment, to learn from it and do better next time! I’m so happy to hear that your not so good health was left at the old house & I agree only your good health is allowed at your new house!! Gabe, continue to believe- Continue to make your parents proud- Continue to make Mrs. Clause and I proud! Ok, I gotta go see what the elves are up to.. But know that- YOU ROCK KID!! Love, Santa Claus
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6 months ago, Getdressedboutique
Update Santa Calls Please!
Our kids called and spoke to Santa while he was on his sleigh out delivering and he only spoke to one child, not the other but he says the same exact things when he calls, enough to where my one kid turned to me and said mom that’s a recording and my 7 year old saying yeah that’s exactly what he said to us last time. Over the years they’ve been using this app, it has hardly done updates. Theres so many options that need to be added like more options to pick from when updating their profiles. And why every year do we have to update their age? It should just automatically change because if they end up calling before we think to update, it’s going to say the wrong age. I don’t know, it’s a cool idea and our kids have loved it but technology has come so far and I feel this app has stopped progressing. I wish I had just let my kids call go to voicemail because now they are questioning things.
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4 years ago, ihfhfhfjd
Hi Yes🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
So good 😊 my sister was so happy that I got the game I always told her I was going to call Santa 🎅🏻 then she stopped being mean if you like as I recommend it but if you don’t like ads I wouldn’t recommendation should try it. LOVE IT ❤️💜there’s one think if you get the game to upgrade your game you have to pay 💰 also good luck finding the naughty or nice scanner it is so hard to find it I still can’t even find it and I’ve had a game for over two years but my little brother and sister love the gams that you can see Santa but the most fun part is testing the sled 🛷 and checking on the reindeer dasher dancer prancer vixen comet Cupid Donner and Blitzen Rudolph they’re always running around the house saying run run Rudolph Santa Gotta make it to town 🎅🏻🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🌎 they are so excited to leave cookies out for Santa 🎅🏻
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9 months ago, bluenote 1304
But this is your review from Michael Brusil I’ve been a good boy this year and I’ll are you in like for Christmas at the end of the year I want you to give me some stuff to color I am I am I am out and velvet in Internet a poster And we want to know for this coming Christmas Eve and Christmas day I want to say identify snowfall coming down from the sky because we deserve snow just 1 to 2 inches of snow for a Christmas Eve in Paul on that for Christmas day and he’s on the phone presents then I want I would like to get a losing weight brace it a lot more coloring like big big poster, small posters in Christmas. Ha ha hi greetings book and the new Halloween book Halloween coloring for Fourth of July coloring coloring books. I would like those are those are the best quality.
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4 years ago, Kinsleycline
No Good
I downloaded this app as a joke to get a quick video or two and I had to do a sort of survey,it was fine it was normal asked to access stuff I pushed yes no ect but when the survey said would you like to have like the same amount of adds or like less adds I chose less adds because who doesn’t want less adds? Am I right though so I clicked the,”yes,I would like to have less adds”. So I thought I’d have two adds for for the ten minutes I was going to have it I ended up have about 9 adds in the first two minutes. But I thought it’s okay because I was only going to have it for like 5 minutes turns out the Santa FaceTime thing was longer than I thought and I did three if those. But every time I got done with a call I got an add and after two call I decided to do the elf fighting thing but that was okay but then I got like five adds. So this is why in my personal opinion this is not a good game and doesn’t fit me but if you want to pay 3:00$ for no adds then go for it.
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3 years ago, Lizkath1990
Used to be 5 stars…
I spent a lot of money on this app. I purchased every feature you could buy. They then updated the app and switched it to a subscription service. Year it’s only $10 a year but what about the money I already spent? I don’t get a refund for all of that and it was well over $10 that I spent. If I remember correctly it was $7.99 for a certain call pack and then another $4.99 for another. The app updated and all of my saved stuff. My child’s name, her age, her favorite things. It all reset. Everything I purchased with real money, gone and it will not let me restore purchases. This was my favorite Christmas app. One that my daughter still likes to play on daily. I’m so sad about this. I’m not made of money. I had to save to buy those call packs and whatever else feature I purchased. I did it though because this was the best Santa app you could find. I’ve given so much support for this app only to get screwed out of money. That’s incredibly sad…
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2 years ago, zaybab
Scam! Do not trust!
Purchased $10 deal. Kids names were not there but you can request them and during 7-8 days you will get to set up. Sounds fair. I can wait a few days still have time… even 1 call would worth it. But Christmas is here and no name added . Today is 30th of December, Santa left to North Pole. Kids already got present from Santa and aware that they are on a good list. Checked if they added name and yes they did!! But just ONE! I received 2 confirmations on 12/09 that you will add their names really soon. As long as it was before 19th? Or something like that. I requested “Masha” and “Mila” and you add only one name AFTER Christmas after I complained. Also the present list is so outdated… my kids didn’t want anything but a bearded dragon. They wrote to Santa, they met Santa and told him what they want. So, with phone call Santa should know their names and what they want. However the list is not long… Teddy bear Play station Doll and few other things but you can’ customize.
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4 years ago, horse..gamer
So hi I guess, anyway I really think this app is great. I don’t use it for myself, I use it for my little sister and I got this app just for her. She loves video calling Santa and once she got on the naughty list! She was so sad and my mom was watching and started laughing! That’s besides the point but it’s pretty cool he says different things but once you do it over and over they start to realize it says the same thing over and over. So I kinda wish it says a LOT of different thing instead of like...two, three. Anyway I’m not sure how much the premium thing is😑. Sooo maybe could it be easier to tell? But I really love the excitement when kids see it’s amazing but anyway I love this it’s amazing totally recommend!
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5 years ago, you're so nice Santa
Best app ever
On video chat Santa is so nice and usually he will say you’re on the goodness percent chance he was there on the bad list I was put on the goodness I’m so excited because he said I am one of the spirit here’s her ever such a good app and he talks to you for about five minutes he is a very very very very very loving very nice guy and video chat Santa is so nice and usually he will say your only goodness percent chance he was there on the bad list I was put on the goodness I’m so excited because he said I am one of the spirit he is who’s ever such a good app and he talks to you for about five minutes he is a very very very very very loving very nice guy and is it a five star it is so good you can just like you don’t even have to login to the app it’s just so good and he’s a nice guy
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3 years ago, weidenmiller
Hi Santa how are you! I really wish I could meet you but I can’t because then won’t get presents please please please let me meet you in real life so if you can that would be the best! For some reason I feel like ive already met you! I really hope the elves are doing good please let me know if you need any help cause I would love to come to the North Pole! One question is how can you’re sleigh even work? I hope that both of my sissy’s are nice too I also hope I am nice!but I was wondering some times my friend Presley is kinda mean so if you could let her know to stop being mean that would be great! Um when I was 7 my dog Samson died and he really meant something to me so please say hi to him for me! Love Hadley!
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4 years ago, Sandy koski
Video chat.
This app is beyond amazing. Since COVID there are no Santa’s to visit. So I looked up an app to have my son reached Santa and I came across this app. Downloaded it paid the little extra to upgrade, which was well worth it. Just to see my sons face light up when he knew Santa Knew his name and what he wanted for Christmas. And of course I love all the features it comes with. You can manually change to naughty or nice and track Santa and help practice driving the reindeer for test drive before Christmas eve. I give this app more than the 5 stars. Thank you for making this COVID-19 Christmas brighter for my son and family. Without you guys my son thought Santa wasn’t going to know what he wanted. 🥰
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5 years ago, L.3 Lee
Hey! I download this 4 months before Christmas. And it’s great because you can call, days months hours and minutes before Christmas!! you can edit your childs profile if they are naughty there fav color ect!!! There are also games so it’s not boring! I know Santa isn’t real,atleast I think.....but I love to believe in him for the spirit and just because it’s fun! There are also other reason but it’s to many. You should download this app! Before bed on Christmas Eve,I always check the tracker and make cookies or something else sweet with a glass of milk! Last year, I gave him donuts!! This year I’m gonna give him Cinnamon Buns! Again,I love this app and I really recommend it! Have a early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’m gonna download it nowwww! :D
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7 years ago, Lila742003
Perfect Santa App!
This app is fantastic and the upgrade is totally worth every penny if you have a little one. Santa talks to your child and knows all about her. Parent section to fill out details about kids who will be using app. They will even add your child’s name if it isn’t already in the list to choose from! My daughter is so excited because we just video chatted with Santa and he called her by name, mentioned her favorite color, month she was born in, favorite fruit etc. There are so many fun things to choose from including a meter that your child can check to see if she’s been naughty or nice. I just scheduled Santa to call us this evening at 5:30 so she can talk to him again. I highly recommend this fun Christmas app!
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4 years ago, pspyaaa
I would recommend but there’s a lot of ads so if you don’t like that I wouldn’t recommend
This game is really fun but you can definitely tell that he’s not real so I have it downloaded this game if you want your kid or if you want to have fun with it because it tells you where is Santa‘s location is you can even see what he’s doing when he’s riding honestly like you can see the world cam you can see the Chase cam and you cam see in first person cam I love this game a lot I think it’s really fun but the only flaw is that it has a lot of acts so if you don’t like ads uuuu would not recommend
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7 months ago, straberry cøw
Disappointed to say the least
When i downloaded this app i was shocked to see that after all the PERSONAL information i gave “santa” it was completely wrong i said the name was Amanda for my grandma (she is 107) and it said Thomas and i said she was 10 and it said she was 87 and after i deleted the app it started playing Nicki and ice spice song (not going to lie it was kind of a bop) i was freaked out so i went to target and got a free cookie and the man said i should download that exact app i was so scared i fainted i woke up in Cuba and was paralyzed for 3 years 2 months 8 minutes and 24 seconds i have been waited to go to an aquarium so i went to a mall to go see santa and I confronted him and he punched me i got his phone number and he was kind of cute so we started talking and i met up with him and we had a boxing match until i realized i had ate a cardboard box it was about 687,792,341 inches square feet miles. Do not download
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5 years ago, fddghv
So I was looking back and saw this app, I remember playing this when I was very young and still believed in Santa. It was a good game and I would always play it near Christmas time. I always had fun with all the games as well when I was younger! I’m pretty sure this game hasn’t made any updates (maybe they did/not sure) But if they haven’t I would recommend parents letting their kids play this, because you never know if the update is bad. You can’t really take my word since I played this long time ago but either way just give it a try. (And unlike some games it doesn’t ask for person information) unless now they do. I still hope you take my word into consideration of trying this game/letting you kid try.
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4 years ago, Stella/Lucy unicorn
Best app ever
This app is the best! You can call Santa!!!!! And play games look at Santa’s list. You may want more stuff so you need the update. But who cares about that. He is super nice and will tell you a fact about the North Pole!!! He will ask you your name to find on his list! He will tell you if you are naughty or nice list. He would be on the nice list if I was him. Hope your review is as nice as this one not to brag which I a not. But just make it nice like mine. Do it because Santa is always watching. Well have a nice Christmas. Also get the app! Have a great day! And remember Santa is always watching. Have a merry Christmas. Bye!😀😄😁🙂😊🤗
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1 year ago, inv NM n
The best app ever
I love this app every day what time is Santa even asked me to help him I love the song I just got it yesterday is such a good app I can’t stand every day when I come back from school i quickly go to my phone and call him if he doesn’t answer I’ll just call again I love this app so much hopefully I get to keep this app forever maybe not but I hope so if I lose this app I’m going to download it again I don’t care if I’m too old I will still have it forever I love this app thank you for making it that much fun for me by Sophia.
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4 years ago, Deidre jo
I want to big baby doll for Christmas I hope you get this message my title is Nivea I do it I’m on like something a I don’t know but it it’s just I’m gonna leave the picture I have this game that where I can FaceTime you and is so cool but why can you like tell me if I’m in if I’m bad or not bad in your list I’m gonna write can you write M I’m good or bad so by Santa I hope you get this message I really love you and are you a fake Santa I know my mom tell me that on on stores that there’s a fake Santa that tell Santa what you want for Christmas but I’m just writing a book that I want for Christmas
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4 years ago, ciara shannon
So addicting pls read
Omg you don’t know how addicted I am to this I go on this app everyday after online school and before and every weekend! There is so much to explore like Santa sleigh tracker FaceTime calls audio calls and so much more! All my friends have this game and always say to me how addicted it is even on FaceTime me and my friends talk about it like ALL THE TIME! If this game wasn’t made I wouldn’t play my ipad at all. Whoever made this thank you so much this really brang joy into my iPad have a nice life and thank you! Byeeeee
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5 years ago, Lfish132
Magical app! But all my info got stolen hours after downloading
Such a magical and well designed app. Especially if you upgrade to the paid version. You can customize all the info for your child. My son had to call everyone to tell them about his talk with Santa! However, hours after downloading, all of my info got stolen, including my Apple ID, emails hacked, and credit card. They gained access to all of my info in my phone and I had to change everything and get new cards. Be careful with apps that require access to photos, microphone, etc. So sad the magic of it was ruined for my son.
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7 years ago, Best In The Bis
Santa 🎅 amazingness
I love this app it allows me to call santa, see where he is and play games I wish the upgrade was free though that's my only problem is getting a free upgrade other than that the app is perfect 👌 I got the because I wanted to talk to santa and see where he was and to my surprise it was way more cool 😎 things then you expect 😊😊you can see if your on the nice or naughty list it's a defiant yes to kids I'm a kid so I should know and you can play elfball and call santa every thing is just awesome 😊😊😊
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3 years ago, Reagan Whitley
Already paid for pro now it’s subscription?!
I paid for the pro version a few years ago and it was cool, I’ve used it the last few Christmas seasons and I added my kids names to their list since they have unusual names and they were there now. But I tried to just go on it now and it had ads…then I tried to go update my kids favorite things and stuff and it says I have to subscribe for that content…I already paid for the pro version to have that all unlocked! Not cool. It makes me sad because we used this all the time the last few years and my kids loved the calls and the scanner but I’m not subscribing for something I already bought
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2 years ago, SallyLex231
Truly amazing app, my sister loves it
My sister loves this, she’s been trying to call Santa non-stop, I just got this app yesterday. She’s been taking my tablet all day just to talk to him and wants to call him at all times, even before sleeping. She finishes a call and asks if we can call again. This app is truly amazing, from what I heard you can also call Santa once he’s on his sleigh, I can already imagine my sister’s face. Thank you for bringing this app to us.
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2 years ago, ticeeC9188
Just wanted something simple
Of course everything you click “upgrade to continue”. Sorry kids, you aren’t special like the other kids who get calls from Santa because mommy/daddy are broke. Could at least make a way for some to EARN a call for their kids. I remember when you use to get to see Santa for free. I just wanted something simple. Nothing special, no personalization or anything like that. Just a friendly “hi, hope you’ve been good, merry Christmas.” But even for something as small as that it’s “PAY THIS PAY THAT! Upgrade for $30!” Smh. People doing things just out of kindness or goodness does not exist anymore. Tis the season to empty everyone’s pockets I guess.
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4 years ago, emmaloves christmas
I love Santa
My favorite month is Christmas and that is why I love you and all the elves even the ones I don’t know that’s why I’m giving you a five star rate because I love Christmas and you and my elves and all the other elvesMerry Christmas Santa I love you and all my ells heart Hendrix Chrissy bubble sugar until all my offspring chippy and Minnie Hendrix is home with you I love Christmas and that’s why I love you and everything can you please call me back tomorrow thank you I love you Santa
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4 years ago, ashley playz yt and roblox
Hi Santa!
I just wanted to say that I wanted mini brands for Christmas, I’ve been a little naughty this year but I think I will get presents. For my review of this app, I think it’s nice but I didn’t have any audio when I tried to call, I’m thinking because it’s Christmas Eve today. I just couldn’t hear well, I heard a slight voice and it sounded like yours but it was hard to tell. I might have been dreaming. I never got the chance to make my Christmas list this year so I’ll make a new one for next year. I want, mini brands, chocolate, iPhone 12, AirPods, scrap baby costume that looks REAL! That’s all I hope it can work! Thank u 🖤
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4 years ago, Shoponthego
Merry hohoho
Dear Santa you change my life all because of you I know I asked for burn in my backyard but my father change my life and you but anything can change my life but you were the biggest one who did my dad said he would buy a farm and horses and by that you taught me a lesson I try to make it to my parents but I told him what I wish I would have done everything you did for me everyone should love Santa Claus he’s the best from Michaela to Santa I hope you get this Merry Christmas
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5 years ago, cutie Patootie Cat
Dear santa I hope I have been good this year I am a big fan I know me and Eliza get into fights a lot but I still love her I know she’s not always nice to me and sometimes I just want to get her back and she wants to get me back, and Beckett wants to get us back back and we’re just getting in fights but I want all of us to have a merry Christmas I want everybody in the world to have a merry Christmas, so we all can g wake up that morning and see fun presents that we can open sincerely Catalina
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5 years ago, CrazyFam535
It was ok, accept every time my kids wanted to do something different there were ads. When you clicked off of the thing you were doing more ads, so there was more ads then having fun. Also it was really expensive to buy the no ads. On Christmas Eve my children, and my niece and nephew ( they were 4&6) wanted to call Santa, but couldn’t because you had to pay a lot of money to talk to Santa on the slay. They ended up not being able to talk to Santa. Plus, your kids are probably online going to use it during Christmas time. It was also really glitchy, so all I am saying there are way better Santa apps then this. I personally think that they could’ve done way better.
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7 years ago, Amf unhappy
This game is absolutely so much fun
My kids are absolutely addicted to it they cannot stop playing with this App you can do at any time of the year on Christmas Eve he calls you on is sled if you parents have it hooked up if not go to the parent section and remember parents only so no kids allowed that's why they call it the parent section we hope you have happy holidays and hope you and your kids and children have fun. Written By- Adrianna age 8
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1 year ago, chelsthe7yearold
This is awesome
My FUTURE children will love this (not close to my future a bit more years..)this is crazy cause the rest of these and kidnapper/killer trackers so like the fake games would be like: set up ur profile saying: location name age and im like your so done like seriously done and so like those things that do that are not Santa trackers they track YOU (PARENT WARNING) IF U WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO BE SAFE PLEASE SUPERVISE THEM WHEN THEY ARE DOWNLOADING SOMETHING LIKE A SANTA TRACKER OR TELL YOUR CHILDREN TO ASK THEM FOR THE GAME PLEASE STAY SAFE GOD BLESS UUUU
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2 years ago, Dninemoons
This app is super cool! But it has one problem
This app is great for children! It’s like they feel that they can talk to Santa about anything! My 7 year old daughter Rosie, she loves this app! She likes how you can talk to Santa, know when Christmas is, when his sleigh is going to launch, and she also likes how you can see what the reindeer doing at that time. But, sometimes when you call Santa it glitches a little. That’s all! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I think this app is great 👍
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3 years ago, Alyssa and Malani and Hope
Best app ever
This is the best app I think that I have ever had and I really like it a lot because it entertains the little ones who like being on my phone and they really think it’s real so I just think it’s a really fun and silly game so I just think that they should make more like that so other kids can think the Santa is real and they can look forward to Christmas and be a good child all year.
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7 months ago, Oliekidxp
Best game ever
This is the best game of the season for the fans in this country right here and we need more players to come out to support the game in this league so far this year we need more of them in this season we are in a good team we are very proud to have a good squad we have been very proud to play for the past two years and I think this team has a great squad we have great football players
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3 years ago, Eating eating eating
Dear, Santa
I am a girl who’s favorite holiday is Christmas you work Really hard to make Christmas a great holiday and...FAIR! May you Please get me a puppy for Christmas Barbie ultimate dream-house and glitter that is all I want I am a sweet little girl and I donate to charity we are waiting for corona to end and we will start our business Charity helpers so please get us more food to donate we will be happy and in my stocking money to give to charity and I love helping Christmas and Bringing People Together I love Togetherness
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4 years ago, emerald#11
I love Santa!!
I love Santa because he does all this hard work once a year every year and we never really give him him any support or not even thank him which is why I wrote a note on a marker board that said “Thank you for all the stuff you do for us!” right by the cookies. I believe that we should always thank Santa for what he does for us so try to give him a little cheer on Christmas Day by saying “thank you Santa!” On Christmas Day! Thank You! Love- Dallas!
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7 years ago, Abby Buffalo, NY
AWESOME! Add another magic factor for that special, magical time of year for kids!
Soooo glad I downloaded this! It’s perfect for the entire month of December in my opinion, it has a Christmas countdown, talk with Santa on the phone, You can put your child on the naughty or nice list, also on Christmas Eve it tells you where Santa’s sleigh is and what percentage of presents he had delivered! My kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this app. Make the magic of Christmas just that much more magical for them!!!
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1 month ago, Animal.fun
Good for children, but fake
This app is very entertaining for children all around the world, but one thing that bothers me is that the call, and text is fake. When you text him something he doesn’t respond in a certain answer. Like if you ask him what his fav food his, he will say like ok, or that’s good. The calls are also fake because when your talking to him, he doesn’t listen, he just keeps talking. He also says the same thing every time you call him. This app deserves 3 stars
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2 years ago, 648297162538493
Amazing app
This app has been a blessing for me with my two girls! My youngest has been testing my limits lately and all I have to do is pick up my phone and go to this app! It’s a game changer!!! Thank you for such a great app for such a reasonable price! Esp around the holidays! Trying to afford Christmas and everything else this holiday brings! I highly recommend this app! It’s worth the $5!!! 100%
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4 years ago, childhood ghost
Good but sad🤫😢
This app is good just I wanted to know the real Santa because I wanted to tell him I want a $200 pony ride with wheels and then he said what’s your name I want to talk to a real person not a recorder He asked me what’s your list and he said that Ansley is your his favorite name but then I said a different one and he said that was his favorite name I just wanted to have a good Christmas but this Christmas I got a baby pony ride with wheels and I’m seven I can’t write it because I can only hold you can only hold... 73 pounds.😁😏😇😢
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4 years ago, buttheadfacebut
Never get it!
Okay, so, bad app, never buy it because you have to pay a lot of money to even call Santa. Also message AND track Santa! There is nothing good about this app! So I think they did the worst job. PLUS that may not be the real Santa on here! Okay, kids who are reading this…If you go to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap, that could be the real Santa OR it could be a man dressed up as Santa. I am not trying to scar you for life, but it is very much true, also possible. So, kids, please try to find a different app. I am 30 years old, I have kids who play this game, and it was awful because of all of those things that I just said…NEVER INSTALL! By the way, Santa is real! Love, Killa
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7 years ago, zozocats22
From a kids perspective!
I'm 11 and I know santa isn't real(at least I think he isn't?)anyways I went into the parent section and it was cool you could control a lot of stuff ex. Child's age,fav. Color, and were they live. But that's it and I don't think that's unuff. Also the outro and intro is the same every time witch might confuse little kids. But I do enjoy the tracker and the games. I want to download the money version of this app which seems cool but my dad won't let. It does seem a little over price($5.00). Overall pretty cute little app!:)
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4 years ago, marvin_is_joe
The best!!!
I love this app so much!! It really is magical. And when it says like 46 presents delivered or 55 presents left I really want it to like say Santa been to your house maybe that could be a new feature. It could also say like you been a little naughty today or you should go say sorry to your brother for steeling his cool toy car. I think those should be in this app! I predict it will be fun. Also it will be a new feature.
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4 years ago, ddttdbndgaj
Elfball and Elf wrestling
I got this app about 2 years ago. I would always play elf ball and wrestling with my friends and family. I accidentally deleted it but never realized until today. I re downloaded it and I was going to play the games just to find out that..... They are gone. I was devastated and I have no interest in this app whatsoever. You took away the best feature for little kids and for all the people that enjoyed it. If the creators are reading this.... please put the games back. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, Hgfjicyk
I love Santa Christmas it is my favorite holiday Santa even knows my name this is a an amazing app I recommend getting it this also sadly has a down side all I want is to be able to do every thing it is way to expensive for everything so please read this and fix that but over all this app is awesome so you should really get it thanks for reading this bye !! :)🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻
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